Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween (part two)

The party continues... 
I am fucking Tim. He’s on all fours. I am really ramming him. My cock is slipping through a mother lode of cum that I have reversed felched up his ass.

“Can you feel the cum?” I hiss in his ear.


I kiss him, feeding him the remnants on my tongue. He moans. I pull out of his ass and bring my dripping cock to his mouth. He hungrily swallows it, cleaning it all off. I bend and kiss him again. Then kiss slowly down his spine and lick the dripping hole. I spend long minutes there. We kiss deeply.

And the mood is broken as someone else walks into the room. We separate.

Most of the crowd is sucking or fucking in the area around the sling. There is a superbly ripped young Black man who has left on his blindingly white underwear. He is getting the attention of over half the room as he just stands there and lets mouths and fingers dance over his chest, ass and mound of hidden cock.

I find Dave back in the sling, taking four fingers from one of the drunks. Dave looks at me with a “get that jerk away from me” look.

“I think he needs cock,” I say, gently pulling the drunk away from the sling. I take his place. I dip, rim, suit up and slip in. Dave grunts loudly. The chains rattle as I fuck. Jerry, the cute young bottle blond, is there stroking Dave’s chest and kissing him. We are loud enough that the Black guy wanders over to stroke and watch. I rim. Fuck. Rim. Fuck. Finally I pull out, and walk around to where Jerry is playing with Dave’s nipples.
It’s time to get into this ass.

I pull him around so he’s standing as if he was going to fuck Dave. I push him over.

“Hold on to each other.”

They are face to face. They kiss, hold and stroke as I dive into his ass. I lick and suck on his hole which has only taken one very small cock all night. I suit up as I continue eating. I stand, slap his ass with my heavy cock. His head arcs back, away from Dave’s mouth. The tip has found his hole.

“Slow….” he starts to say.

But his body betrays him. I am barely pushing and his hole flowers open and I am buried to the hilt.

“Oh, fuck me, Daddy. Ram me with that cock!”

I start slowly, but it’s impossible not to build fast with the way his hole is welcoming my dick. Then there’s the visual picture of these guys making out as I do it. The Black guy strokes himself and then holds Jerry’s ass open for me. I fuck him as hard as I have fucked anyone all night. Long minutes later, I slow, pull out and bend to taste him. I feel the puffiness as my tongue invades his ravaged hole. He gasps. I don’t think he’s ever had someone’s mouth on his ass after a fuck. I can hear him moan into Dave’s open mouth.

I pull Jerry up. I get Dave out of the sling, holding him carefully, afraid that his legs may have gone to sleep. He’s fine. I unhook the feet chains and let the swing hang straight down from the top position. I have a hook hanging from the middle of the frame. I take Dave’s restraint clad wrists and hook his arms up so he’s standing there arms above his head. He’s so tall, I can pull him back so his ass arcs up--right in line with my cock. I push Jerry down on his knees to suck Dave as I change the latex and slip into his ass. It feels totally different in this position. Dave is supported only by his wrists--totally defenseless and he is totally digging it. Jerry mostly holds still and lets my thrusts force Dave’s cock into his mouth. I am fucking him as hard as I can. I want him to remember this one. There is a mirror on the wall reflecting it all. I think this would have been my cum shot if I hadn’t had the dreaded latex on….

We finally slow, unlock and separate. Dave kisses me telling me it’s one of the hottest fucks of his life. I smile and go find pig Tim. I have to piss. He eagerly gets in the bathtub, takes a hit of poppers and I unload in his mouth. All the water I’ve been drinking for the last three hours. He swallows most of it but lets some spill down his front and cover his cock.

“Let’s go fuck. Find me downstairs.”

Tim nods and starts to dry himself off. He finds me on the hide-a-bed near the sling. I want to watch others. I’m lazily stroking. Jerry is lying face up right next to me. He watches with wide eyes as Tim spits on my cock and sits on it raw. It’s my turn to moan. After all the fucking, I just lie there and let Tim do the work. His hole is still silky from the cum load I put up there. I am guessing I will be adding my own. He clenches and rides me expertly. The first guy to fuck Jerry comes over and stands next to the bed. He looks at us and shoots a nice load all over Jerry. With out missing a beat, Tim leans over, laps up the load and bends to snowball it to me. Fuck. We pass it back and forth. Surprisingly, Jerry leans in, turns my head to him and opens his mouth. I kiss him--giving him the remains of the load. Tim rises up and slams down on my cock as he watches us. I think this has to be it-- my cock is super hard, his fist is flying over his own cock…but it’s not. Neither of us can quite get there…

There’s lots more minor play. The Black man, Will, has told everyone he’s a top. Jerry and Dave keep handing him condoms, but he hasn’t fucked all night. I have given him some head. Now, when we are alone in the master bedroom, I convince him to let me rim him. He gets on all fours and I go to town. I can truthfully say I have never had such a hard body under me. There is go give to the bubble butt. If you touch his pecs, they are granite. Without thinking I rise and slap my cock on that firm, firm ass.

And two guys walk in…he scrambles away.

Later on, with most of the guests gone home, I coax Will into the sling for more ass rimming. Jerry and Dave crowd around and stroke him as I eat his hole. Finally I have just had enough….I rise up and cover his ass with my load. He’s that hot.

Relief. Not where I’d like it, but good. I’m staying the night so I go wash my cock in the small guest bathroom. A knock. It’s Bill.

“I gotta cum. Help me.”

And it’s confession time. He’s really versatile. He only barebacks--he knew he’d never stay hard in a condom while fucking. And--

“I want to come to your house,” he whispers as he strokes himself, “and have you work me over. Fuck me with that big…”

He covers my thigh and hand with the pent up load of the night. I feed it to him. We kiss. We exchange numbers. The next day he texts me a number of times--with suggestions of what I should do to him.

Happy Halloween, indeed.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween (part one)

South Bend--October, 2011

I literally just woke up from a nap since I went to an early Halloween party last night--the type where no one needed to wear a costume. I’d been thinking about celebrating the holiday somehow. I was on one of the hook up sites and found this photo of a guy with the most amazing chest. Developed, but not huge. A mega tribal tattoo that looked like it wrapped around one whole shoulder. Taller than my 6’ 3”. We talked. Doug liked my look. He and the host had each placed an ad for a Halloween party on Friday. Doug was reeling them in with his great body. And I was hooked. Somewhere early on, he told me he’d never been fucked in a sling. So we talked to the host and he found room for it. I’m pretty sure this will take more than one entry. Here we go…

It’s not nearly as far away as I think. I park in his drive. Already seven cars are there--and I’m there early to get the sling up. It’s a perfect Halloween feel of a night--crisp, lots of moonlight, clouds moving in a stiff wind. And leaves circling in little eddies on the paved apron. The host shows me in. He has a split level ranch. Upstairs are three play areas: a couch in front of a sizable flat screen TV playing porn. Around the corner is a fold out couch…and down the hall his master bed room. On the lower level there is another fold out couch, a glory hole corner, a bar, a huge projected TV porn room with comfortable couches and a weight room area with pillows and the machine benches. The sling goes right into a corner near the bar--at the foot of the stairs. We will definitely be the center ring….

It’s still early. I get the sling up in no time. I’m trying to talk to people--they all know each other. Most are around my age. Mid 40 to mid 50’s. Well put together. Various body types from tight to not…The drinks are flowing. I clutch my bottle of water. Doug arrives. He’s even better looking than those photos. We mill. Doug is more interested in his beer than getting started--though we’d talked about being the ice breakers.

A bell rings. We troop upstairs. The host hands out bingo cards. Oh, no--what have I gotten myself into? Anytime a number is called on our cards, we take a piece of clothing off. He starts the roll call. I have nothing. To hell with it. I just strip--down to boots, dirty jock and wrist band. Doug is naked--and caressing the only young man there. A bottle blond in his 20’s. I head downstairs, tucking my lube and Magnums into the waistband of my jock….yeah, this is a mixed party--some bare, some covered.

I stand near the sling. I let a number of guys go down on me. Soon, Doug and the 20 year old, Jerry, come down the steps. Doug sees my cock for the first time being Hoovered expertly by the oldest member of our gang. Instantly he leaves the pretty boy. And jumps in the sling. It’s all about his ass. I put restraints on his wrists and secure them to the chains above his head. His long, long legs are in the stirrups. I slip the blindfold in place so he can concentrate on sensation. I kneel in front of his ass. It’s slim, not full at all. My tongue touches his pucker. We both sigh. We are the first having sex. Instantly we are ringed with a group of onlookers. There are hands on his smooth chest, hands on his hairless legs. Someone is leaning over and kissing him. Someone else pushes my head into his ass--as if I’m going to leave that position any time soon. Everyone else is stroking at the living porn show. I tongue--stretching his yielding ass open. He tastes of Irish Spring and a little sweet sweat. As I eat him out, my hands are busy on my cock. It’s hard and ready. I expertly cover it with a Magnum as I continue to rim. I stand up. My cock head pushes into him rather roughly. The crowd eggs me on. Doug is panting and taking it like a man. Jerry watches us fixated. I just know I will have my turn up his pretty young ass tonight. I continue fucking in hard driving strokes. Soon, I stop, stand still and pull him onto my rigid pole. But damn, the sensation is cut in half with the latex. I pull again and again. I see a hot blue collar guy open a Magnum. And yeah, he should wear one. He greases up and I step to the side to let him up Doug’s ass.

I lean over and whisper into his ear, “Just ten minutes and here’s your second cock.” He moans in anticipation. The guy fucks energetically, but soon stops. I taste Doug’s ass. I want to feel how it’s changed in texture. The poundings have really opened him up. He’s starting to get a little puffy. I spit in his hole, rise and fuck him for quite awhile. Finally I pull out. I’d agreed to make sure everyone entered him covered. I whisper to him that I need to piss, should I take the blindfold off? Or get him up? He replies he wants to stay right there. I go up the stairs and hear the chains start to rattle--not sure who is up him now.

I piss. And join in a mass of bodies on the upstairs hide-a-bed. Five of us are all a tangle. Mouths on cocks and asses. At one point I am on my back. My head is ringed by three guys slapping cocks at my face. They all want to sample the talent of the new man. Someone is on my cock--ah it’s blue collar. He sucks. I get lost in serving the three cocks by my mouth. A condom is now on my cock and Blue Collar sits on it. Fuck--I thought he was top. He rides awhile, but it’s too much for him. I spend a lot of time with a slim man, about my age who loves my oral skills. It’s a long but slender cock, so my tongue can be on all sides of it. But he has a slight upward curve so it’s real work to deep throat him. But I enjoy a challenge. Finally I stop--knowing we’ll meet again.

The sling is empty as I return to the basement.

“Will you fuck an old guy?”

It’s the older gentleman who gave such terrific head. He, too, has never been in a sling. I get him in. He becomes very vocal as I rim. By the time I insert my covered cock, he can’t stop his mouth. He has a nice ass--not nearly as talented as Doug‘s, but I learn he rarely gets fucked. He gets a good fucking tonight. He can’t stop thanking me every time we see each other for the rest of the night.

New arrivals have filtered in. We now have about 18 guys there. All playing but two loud drunks.
One of the new recruits ambles over to me at the sling. I know I know him--but can’t place him. As he gets in the sling he mentions the town we met in. Of course--that four way in Niles with the bisexual Hispanic! Tim is slim, hairy and a pig. I lean over to kiss him. But he stops me and whispers: “If you put a condom on, I’ll kick you in the balls.”

We kiss. Deeply and wetly. I tongue his ass. I swear he’s already had some one up him. But he swears not. Just his natural lube. I get harder than I’ve been all night as I slip into his raw hole. Fuck. That’s how it’s suppose to be. We fuck. I rim. I let his taste his hole on my tongue and beard. We fuck. I rim some more. Guys watch. They leave we are so into each other.

Finally, we both need a break. I go upstairs. The guy who loves my mouths says he wants more. I drop to my knees. He’s close to cumming. I can tell instantly. He was doing a steady drip before--now it’s running out of his cock. I do all my tricks. He fucks my face.

“Do you want it?“

I grunt a “Yes.”

Suddenly it’s there. He tries to get it straight to my throat but I pull back--I want to taste it. A large load, sweet and ropy. He thanks me. I smile. He has no idea I haven’t swallowed. Where’s my pig? I finally find Tim on the pillows in the weight room, ass up, hoping for a cock. Instead he gets my mouth on his ass. I pull his cheeks apart and reverse felch the load into him. He can feel it. He knows.

“You fucker.”

“Yeah,” I mumble around his ass lips.

I push it as deep as I can with my tongue. I pull him into doggie position.

“Now I’m gonna fuck it into your guts.”

And I do.
More to come…..

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Near Home--September, 2011

This one starts at the same out of the way rest area, but it doesn’t end there…

Hot. It might as well be August. It’s one of those days where your slightest movement can make you sweat. I’m sitting at the picnic table, reading, keeping an eye on the door to the men’s room. There has been traffic, but lots of families on the way to or from the beach, business men who don’t seem to be looking or just men I can easily ignore. The sun is blazing. I am in the shade. But the heat has given me a semi down the right leg of my 501s. (Oh, I’m far too butch to wear something weather appropriate, like shorts…)

A big rig pulls in. A tall, very blond man opens the door and slides to the asphalt. He glances at me and lopes toward the restroom. He’s in there only for the regulation time it takes to piss. Now he’s walking towards the water pump. No, he’s not. He’s walking towards me.


“Hey.” You’d think I’d be better at this by now.

“It’s hot.”


Long pause. He looks at me. I look at him, then away. He’s older than I thought--but very well maintained. That blond hair may be from a bottle…

He’s focused on the tree behind me as he says, “I see the sun effects you the way it does me.”


His head swivels from the trees to my crotch. “It looks like you’re ready.”

I glance down. Damn. Even I like the look of that. “Yeah.”

“I won’t do it here,” he says showing me the outline of his own cock thru his work pants. “Follow me.”

And he’s gone. None of that ‘What are you into?’ or anything.

I get to my Focus and pull out after him. Where the hell are we going to park a semi truck?

I soon find out. The back parking lot of a McDonalds. I park in the regular lot, and hike towards it across the all but steaming asphalt. As I get there, I see his arm snake out and unlock the passenger door. I take that big step with ease, trying to look like I ride this rig all the time, and enter. He’s behind the drape in the back of the cab. He’s turned on the TV and it’s some talky teenage girl/older man porn. But it is air conditioned. The rush of cold air is heaven. I open the curtain. He’s already half stripped on the fairly sizable bed. I stand to drop my pants and shirt.

“I’m glad to see you again.”

Huh? I have no idea who he is. But I grunt affirmatively.

“You know just what I like.”

Oh, brother. Is he going to give me a hint?

I drop my underwear. He grabs my cock and jerks it a little. His hands are calloused and it is slightly uncomfortable. His dick is standing up. He’s thick and long. Unsure of how to proceed, I do the obvious, and begin to suck his cock. That seems to work. He lets go of me, and I kneel on the bed between his splayed legs. I can deep throat it. And he’s precumming. I suck for quite a while. He pulls me up and goes down on me for a moment, but it’s not something he does well. I squirm free and go back to sucking him.

“Go on, lie back.,” he finally says. “Like last time.”

I do. I stretch out on the blanket. He stands up, well, as high as he can in the back of the cab. He‘s astride me. Right above my cock. I know I have never fucked someone in the cab of a semi. As he starts to lower himself, his ass goes right to my face. In surprise I open my mouth to speak and get hot flesh. But hot clean flesh--so we are fine. More than fine. Nature takes over and I start eating his ass with relish.

“That’s it. You are the only person who will eat my ass.”

I mumble something.

“I don’t even ask the wife--but guys won’t either.”

I vaguely recall tonguing a trucker butt years ago in the back of a cab. Jesus, he remembered me.
He’s jerking away as I eat. I am jerking myself, but frankly spending more time with the meaty ass on my face. I am pouring with sweat. The air conditioner can’t keep up with our rutting. All too soon, he shoots. The first stream hits my penis and my hand. That makes me jerk harder. I shoot as he puddles the rest of his cum onto my chest.

The rest is cordial, but embarrassed on his part. I wipe down with a paper towel and dress as fast as I can. He has cleaned himself off--but is just sitting there naked.

I tie the second shoe, rise and pause at the curtain. “Well, good to see you again.”

He can’t meet my eye now that he’s gotten off. But he sounds cordial enough. I let myself out of the semi and step into the baking noonday sun.
A week later he’s back for more. He tells me he’s driven 150 miles out of his way hoping I’d be there. And I was. We play. I’ve not seen him again.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bonus Picture

I am slightly under the weather--

and it seems I can't put words together with a congested head....

So no post today, but--

A gratuitous picture of me fucking....

(It is the ass of the boy featured in The Sling post.)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Top to Bottom

Battle Creek--October, 2011

On Friday, in passing, I mentioned I had just returned from working over a leather top who needed to sub out.  I have been thinking a lot about him since then…

We have known each other casually for a number of years.  We have seen each other at the Leather Weekends, but we only did the smile and nod thing.  Or the same on an occasional bar night.  Lately, though, he’d found me on BBRT where, frankly, I thought I’d never find him.  We talked about sharing a boy.   We talked about him being an alpha boy in a three way. I’d spoken with his boyfriend on other occasions.  And finally, on Friday morning, he asked if I’d just come put him through his paces.  We won’t have long, he typed, since he has to go to work late afternoon, but do you want to?  Fuck, yes…

I’ve changed into my leather in the hallway--boots, jock, chaps, harness, left wristband.  I knock on the door to his play area.  I open the door.  The red light shines off his shaven head.  He’s kneeling.  Wearing a harness and chain metal posing strap that covers the plastic chastity device that covers his cock--for he doesn’t trust himself.  He doesn’t want to get off too soon--and the tight covering will keep his cock totally soft.  His hours in the gym are obvious, even in the dim light.  He’s younger than I, just, and I love the idea I’m about to do to him what he normally does to another boy.

“Get me hard.”  My voice is low.  But there’s authority there.  I pride myself on that.  I have a way that makes men want to do what I say.  His mouth goes for my balls through the fabric of my jock.  I tap his arms and they go behind his back.  It’s just his mouth that wets the pouch, works my balls out and leaves trails of saliva on them.  I tap the back of his neck and he moves up to my lengthening cock.  I slip it out.  He sighs.

“Is that the cock you wanted?’

“Yes, Sir.”  But the “Sir” is cut off as I start to fuck his handsome face.  Just the first few inches.  Then a little more.  And more.  His mouth is really ovaled now.  He chokes.  I relent.  He recovers.  I fuck it home.

I pull him up.  We kiss for the first time.  Christ, it‘s good.  It’s what we both want.  I can taste my cock on his tongue.  Finally, we separate and I really look around the room.  It’s a laundry room on one side.  On the other is a fuck bench, sling, weight bench with dildos and a nicely waterproofed floor.  The red lights are a string of former Christmas tree lights that give us just enough illumination, and a beautiful glow to our pale white skin.

I have him kneel on the fuck bench. It’s an erotic sawhorse, his knees are on the lower supports, his chest on the top of the A frame.  All padded.  I make him wait.  My hand runs down the length of his back.  I stop at his tail bone.  I don’t touch his furred crack.

“Beautiful.”  My voice is hoarse.  And he is.   I have wanted to bend him over for at least three years.  And now I’m here.

“Thank you, Sir.”

My cock is very hard.  It slaps his ass once.  It lingers near his hole, but the cod piece strap is in the way. 

So I piss on him.

He moans.  Sexy and intimate.   I fall to my knees and my tongue snakes out.  He does a sharp intake of breath.  I think it is the last thing he expects.  I clean my piss off of him.  I rise and piss again.  Kneel and clean--this time opening the strap to get to his hole.  And again.

“Thank you.  You are such a good Sir to me.”

I’m almost out of piss so I hold a little in reserve. I burrow deep with my tongue, pull him up and see if he’ll pass the test.  Oh, yes, he’s eager to kiss me.  Taste my piss.  And his ass.  And likely some precum.  I lead him to the sling.  I put restraints on his wrists and fasten them above his head to the chains.  He’s standing in front of it, unable to move.  Motionless.  I remove the cod piece, leaving the device. I’d brushed his pierced nipples during the kiss.  I need to spend some time on them.  I work one with my teeth and tongue, then the other.  His pits, then back to his nips.  His cock is leaking through the slit in the chastity device.  I kneel and taste his precum oozing out of the plastic.  Finally I undo him and let him settle into the sling on his back.  His legs are in the stirrups and I eat his ass for a moment more.  I can get deeper here.  I finally rise.  My cock slaps his hole.

“Please, Sir.  It’s been since May.”  He whispers it.  It’s both a caution and a secret admission.

I move forward slowly.  At the same moment he pushes out with his ass.  He grunts in pain.  I retreat and go for one of the smaller dildos to get him warmed up.  He takes the familiar toy with no problem.  I’m only slightly bigger round,  but oh, that extra quarter inch… I spend several minutes going deep, pulling it out on the slightest of angles to stretch his ass.

I taste his hole again, rise and enter slowly.  I’m sucked into his butt as if I’ve fucked him countless times.

“Oh, fuck, Sir.  I love you are fucking me raw.”  And I do.  Long slow, mostly shallow strokes.  Then deeper.  And harder.  My tongue wants to know what his stretched out hole feels like now.  I rim deeply and he says something that I can’t make out.  But I know it’s good.  I piss on his crack. Watching the look on his face.  I ignore it  this time and my cock is back in him.  We fuck.  Both of us lost in the sensations.  I lean forward, smashing the chastity device to him as I kiss him again.  My cock is moving with the tiniest thrusts.

“Sir, can I take it off.  Please.”

I take this as a sign that we must be close to needing to wrap it up.  He unscrews it.  His cock pops up.  Free at last.  And hard in moments.

“I want to cum as you drill me.  Please, Sir.”

I just nod.  My strokes are long and hard.  Chain rattling strokes.

He shoots almost instantly.

I slow the fuck until I’m just holding my cock in place.

“Sir, you said I could taste your cum.”

I nod, withdraw slowly and go around to the side of the sling.  I stroke.  For a moment, I just look at him in the pale red light.  How fucking lucky can I get?   I bury my face in his pit.  Then I shoot across his shoulder.  It lands in a long line on his handsome face.  Enough in his mouth, for us to kiss and share.

And say we’ll be doing this again.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Even on the more mainstream hook up sites, I use that leather picture of me sitting in the sling, waiting for my boy to crawl over to me. So I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at the requests of those who contact me. I have become pretty adept at figuring out where things are leading. And I know something about role playing. This is a instant message exchange that I saved. I always change names on here--so I certainly have on this one, but I have not changed his spelling….

Arabboy: hi
FP: hey
Arabboy: how r u
FP: ok, I guess. You?
Arabboy: am fine as lon as ur happy sir
Arabboy: long
FP: Nice.
(I flip back and look at his profile. No picture. Stats of a petite young Arab man in his 20’s. And, of course, he’s somewhere on the East Coast.)
FP: you like servicing older, bigger cocks--don't you?
Arabboy: yes sir
FP: good boy.
FP: do you let them pound you raw or covered?
Arabboy: depends
FP: On?
Arabboy: ur american ?
FP: yes
Arabboy: i wanna be filled with a filthy american cum
FP: You want me to cum in your hole?
(I am not in the middle of anything else--I can supply a good jerk off session for him. But then he does almost all the work.)

Arabboy: yes
Arabboy: how will u treat an arab boy ?
Arabboy: when i knock ur door ?
FP: I will treat you like a cum rag
FP: made to take my cum in both your holes
Arabboy: whats a cum rag
Arabboy: ?
FP: It means that you mean no more to me than the towel I would use to wipe my cum off of me....
Arabboy: aha and what will u feed me when am hungry
FP: cum and piss
Arabboy: cool
Arabboy: i want to suck ur sweaty cock
FP: Hot
FP: You better want it up your ass, too
Arabboy: !!!
FP: and you better like sucking it right after I pull it out of your ass
Arabboy: if i was bending over and i told u plz put condom before u fuck what will u do?
FP: I might use one if I thought you really wanted it that way
Arabboy: then u should ignore and slap that cock to my face
FP: i see....
FP: you like it rough--I should fuck you however I like it
Arabboy: yes i do read my profile sir
(there is next to nothing there, of course.)

Arabboy: u sure have one hot smelly cock
FP: yes
FP: it is quite large
Arabboy: cool
Arabboy: and i was looking for a big white cock
FP: of course, I'm 700+ miles away...
Arabboy: am coming to michigan after tomorrow
FP: oh?
Arabboy: what will u do when ur done from me ?
FP: eat my cum out of your ass and spit it into your mouth
Arabboy: ?
Arabboy: and then how will u make me leave ?
FP: when I'm good and ready
Arabboy: will u kick me from ur house ?
FP: with your underwear torn--where I ripped them open to get at your ass
FP: remember, you ARE nothing but a cum rag....
Arabboy: can u sign on my ass before u kick me
FP: yeah, something like Cum Dump
Arabboy: i want u to do me that i never forget u
FP: you will be fucked hard and left dripping
FP: where will you be in MI?
Arabboy: first ill meet my friend then he will take me to your town sir
Arabboy: r u a redneck ?
FP: no
FP: but I am a very dominant man
Arabboy: then
Arabboy: cuz i met a redneck who is very dominant
Arabboy: a truck driver
FP: yeah.
FP: I'm a different type
FP: but I look like my pics
Arabboy: aha cool
Arabboy: what shall i call u ?
FP: Sir
Arabboy: and what will u call me
FP: boy
FP: slut
FP: whore
Arabboy: cool do arabs have special treatment ?
FP: I have barely done any
FP: the one I fucked in Toronto wanted me to call him all sorts of names, too
Arabboy: aha
Arabboy: am always thirsty when i fuck
FP: for my piss, I hope
Arabboy: u will only offer me piss ?
Arabboy: ?
FP: Drink it from my cock
Arabboy: dam you are sick
(and he was gone..)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday's Picture #3

Lost and Found

I had limited expectations of what a blog would do for me.  I certainly never thought that it would bring back the lucky, lost cockring I wrote about on Thursday.  No, I did not have a reader in Canada write me and say they'd tripped over it in the woods along Lake Ontario. But as I wrote up the entry, it did make me remember that the tent I'd used for that trip was still sitting in the trunk of the car.  I took advantage of the warmer temperature today to finally get it out, air it and pack it away for the season.  Guess what fell out as I opened it on my side yard?

I also found these photos which showed it off to better advantage.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Rest Area Reverie

Near Home--August/September/October, 2011

I stopped by the rest area off the under-traveled state highway this afternoon on the way home from fucking a leather top who’d wanted to sub out.  I wasn’t looking for action there.  It was sort of a good-by-for-the-season visit.  It has been unseasonably cold and wet, I wondered if it would be gated shut for the winter already.  It wasn’t.  But the wind of the last day and a half had done it’s work.  The hickory trees were skeletal against the overcast sky.  The yellow leaves were down and mostly blown clear of the park.  The hickory nuts themselves had fallen earlier in the month.  With their double shell, they are the size of tennis balls.  The first time one had fallen on my car, I jumped since it was such a loud thud on the metal.  I’d been reading and was sure some state trooper had arrived and had just pounded his fist on the roof of my car--thinking he was going to surprise me there jerking off.  Today, they have been either crushed by cars--or gathered by the squirrels who have taken over the park from the cruisers.

I sat with a cup of coffee, thinking about what I’d just done.  But then without really meaning to, I began reviewing how much fun the park had provided for me during the last eight weeks.  I thought of Bill first.  Well, since we’d first connected at the end of August, we’d met fairly often.  He was in a black pick-up.  A work pick-up, not one for show.  He got out of the cab.  A tall rangy man of 65 or so.  All jeans and work boots and flannel shirts.  A handsome weathered face with a fringe of grey hair.  In other words, every thing I love in those older than I.  Our eyes met that first time--me reading at a picnic table--he on the way to the pit toilet.  He disappeared, then, ambled over to me, still zipping up and in no time we had driven to a secluded boat ramp area and were exchanging blow jobs.  I discovered a big, thick cock with a downward curve.  I loved how perfectly it fit in my throat--he loved me to sort of batter the back of his--who could ask for anything more?

I rarely fucked at the rest area--or any of the places we took our activities.  I don’t trust the clean out of guys who just decide to stop by.  But there was one.  I knew him from years past.  He had a shaved head, a slight beer belly and was a good eight inches shorter than I.  He favored short shorts.  But you forgave his clothes when your cock was in his mouth.  He liked to suck.  No, he lived to suck cock.  I occasionally sucked his very small dick.  But usually I would finger his ass until he came, and often added my cock.  He loved the danger of being found behind the fiberglass restroom.  Not my favorite place, but I knew I could get him off incredibly fast.  One day, we waited to be alone there.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally he told me to follow him.  I did.  He drove in the opposite direction from the poison ivy road.  He took a few confusing turns, then parked right on the dirt road.  He opened the side of his van, vaguely covering us and I fingered and fucked him on the side of the road, all the while listening for the distant sound of wheels on gravel to give us a heads up.  Crazy.  I know.  I know.

The hottest moment of the summer was in a panel truck.  He was a delivery man for a parts firm.  He was younger than I, cropped brown hair, sunburned and dressed in a grimy coverall.  He was the perfect grease monkey fantasy I always have when I get my oil changed….

It’s been an uneventful morning.  I look up from my reading at the sound of an engine.  A parts van has parked next to me.  The man gets out, makes eye contact and heads up to the rest room.  He’s in there much too long.  My cock wakes up.

He finally comes back out of the toilet.  He ambles to his van and pretends to answer his cell phone.  I  get out, lock up and go piss--making sure my cock runs down my left pants leg.  I come back out.  He is still sitting in his front seat--with the window rolled down.  I walk to my car--making sure I’m nearer his vehicle than I need to be.  Yup.  He has his cock out and is stroking.  I look up.  He gestures with a slight nod of his head towards the side doors of his van.  I go around, open, and step in.   He moves back from around his front seat.  His coveralls are zipped down.  His cock is bigger than average and hard as fuck.  I slam the door.  My jeans are dropped.  I lean against the side wall.  I know the drill--as soon as he sees my cock, he’ll be down on it.

We stare at each other for a long moment.  I can see him weakening.  That “I don’t do this” face.  Suddenly his hand leaves his cock and he swiftly pushes me down by the shoulders.  Hard.  My knees hit the van floor.  His hard cock smacks my cheek.  It leaves a trail of precum there.  Fuck--he’s just turned the tables…

His cock is in my mouth.  He’s grunting.  A finger snakes out--wiping up the precum.  He pulls out, wipes it on his cock and sticks it back in my mouth.  I’m totally into the reverse roles.  But I know enough to look like I’m not sure I want to be on my knees.  He’s getting off on that.

He is really fucking my face now.  This makes him talk dirty.  He grunts and spews.  A huge load.   I clean his cock.  I’m so close to cumming, but not quite there.  And he’s done.  I think.  As soon as I have swallowed the last drop, he lays down on the floor of the van.

“Jerk off on my face.”

Jesus.  I need no encouragement.  I move over on my knees.  It takes no time. His eyes are screwed shut; his mouth tightly closed.  At the last moment he opens wide and my load lands right in his mouth.  It’s my turn to smear my still dripping cock across his upper lip…

Thursday, October 20, 2011


You can just see it in this picture.  If you can stop looking at his ass.  Or my cock.

It’s my cock ring I’m looking at right now.  It’s gone.  It never returned from my trip to Canada this September.  

I started wearing a leather cock ring in 1991.  Those snaps gave me a sense of security--that I could get out of it easily.  I started wearing one, not because I couldn’t stay hard, but because I liked the look.  And,  more importantly, to keep my balls in place.  Whatever that muscle is that makes your balls pull up into the abdominal cavity, mine is very, very strong.  And I want those balls slapping on a chin or an upturned ass.

I bought my first full harness several years later.  It was all hand crafted by a Nashville leather artist. As a harness, I soon realized it had far too much chain on it--and cold Michigan winters made it terribly impractical for leather bar nights in January.  But I loved the bottom cock ring.  He’d sized it exactly to me.  Fiddling with the fit longer than strictly necessary.  Soldered it in my presence.  It was nowhere near as wide as those massive chrome ones you often see.  It was made from a round steel rod, maybe a quarter of an inch thick.  It was sized to be tight, but not too tight--my cock could “breath” in it.  I could wear it all day.  And did.  It was actually beginning to rust on the lower edge from all the piss sex.

It became a talisman.  It was always in my pocket.  You could sometimes see it’s outline in my left front pocket if I was wearing 501’s.  It was practical to carry it .  (You never know when ass is going to present itself.)  But it also became a lucky piece.  And at times, I used it as some sort of kinky worry-beads replacement.  Only once did I have a co-worker ask “What the hell are you playing with?”

On my recent trip to Canada I was spending a lot of time in a park:  reading, walking, enjoying the view of Toronto across the lake and, um, in the woods.  For some reason, I didn’t have it on all the time.  I can only surmise that it fell out of my pocket and is on one of the countless cocksucker trails there.  I only hope the right person picks it up.  It won’t fit just anyone.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October Piss Party

Chicago--October, 2011

My  yellow jock is still hanging on the shower head, limp and twisted.  I’ve showered with it hanging there, this last week and a half.  It reminds me of the great time I had--but also that I’ve not written it up yet.  So here goes, trying to condense four  hours of play into a couple of pages….

I’ve paid the man to get into the back bar and I’m stripping out of my gear.  It’s hard to see in the darkened room after coming in from the bright, hot October afternoon.  I unzip my flight suit, revealing my yellow jock.  I work the legs off over the rounded heels of my second best pair of combat boots.  I am third in.  No one is here yet…but it starts to fill fast.  I recognize many regulars and also several new faces.  The room can hold 80 guys--but with the gorgeous weather outside, I’m guessing about 50 will show up.  It seems none of my regular bottoms are here…h’mm…

I fill my drink container with tepid water from the huge thermos.  I find water at room temperature goes through me faster.  I sit on a shelf along the side wall and watch the video playing on the back wall--a mainstream porn company trying for the fetish market with mixed results.  I lounge, drink, knead my cock thru the jock.  Just plump it.  No need to be hard.  There’s lots of time.   I chat with several regulars--the weather, the size of the crowd, ‘I missed you at the last one’ type stuff.  A hot young man in boots and a black jock is watching me.  He’s had his eye on me from the moment I pulled off the flight suit.  He has a beer and is sipping.  I meet his gaze and, after a moment, I go sit next to him. He tells me he’s new to this.

“New to piss?”  I ask.

“Naw.  I’ve just never attended this group.”  He looked around at the various men getting undressed.   “Does it take long to get going?”

“I think guys are still hydrating.  I tried to do some before I got here, but I had to drive in.”

“So…” His cinnamon colored hand starts to pull at his jock.  “Where do you piss?  Just in that blow up pool?”

I smile.  “No.  Anywhere you want.  The pool is really for those who want too roll around in it.  Most guys either drink or just like it to play over them as they have sex.”

We chat a little more--but he doesn’t make the first move.  I don’t either.  I keep thinking he wants to fuck me.  He excuses himself for more water.  I look over at the door.  There is a fuck bud from Michigan--Mark--one of the few I’ve found near home who loves watersports as much as I do.  He’s older than I, with a chest that I envy, a thick cock stuffed into a yellow jock and a dragon tattoo winding over his bicep, back and shoulder. I go over to give him a hug.  We’ve recently played--but he’s never been here.

“I didn’t think you were coming.”      

“I got away from work.“  He grins.  “I need to piss so bad.”

I drop to my knees.  Next to no other play is happening.  So all eyes are on us.  A new face.  Center of attention.  I take his meaty cock out.  I can barely get it into my mouth before he starts to piss.   His flow is huge.  And he’s not doing any starting and stopping to help me breathe and swallow.  It cascades down my throat.  Sweet and clear.  My own cock, which had been filling with blood, stands up.  I stroke.

I swear, it just takes some one to start.  The room is suddenly awash with guys sucking and pissing.  In one corner I see the hot new guy cover the chest of a man who’s been sucking his large cock.  The man rubs it into his pecs, concentrating on his nipples.  I walk over.   The sucker rises and goes for a refill.  I kiss the full lips of the new man.  Immediately, he’s down on his knees, working my cock--hand on shaft, head in his mouth.  I’m almost hydrated, but not quite. I take a long slug of water as I revel in him now sucking the full shaft.  He stands.  His cock is as long as mine, though slightly thinner.  It fits perfectly down my throat.  I suck, my two hands squeezing the globes of his bubble butt.  I know he has no piss, so after a moment, still on my knees, I turn him around.  My tongue sinks into the rounded mounds of his ass.  I have to pull them apart to get to his hole.  He sighs.  And bends--giving me full access.  He tastes slightly metallic and something  tangier I can’t quite place.  I rise.  I place my cock in his crack.  He looks wonderingly over his shoulder.  And I piss.  His head jerks back in pleasure.  It coats his crack, the mounds.  I play some directly on the hole I was tongue fucking.  I stop, saving a little in reserve, kneel and begin cleaning every inch of wet flesh with my tongue.  My piss, made from tea and tons of water, mixes perfectly with the taste of his skin.  When he senses I’m  done, he pulls me up--and does the best thing possible--he kisses me.  It’s long, deep, roaming, searching for the taste of his inner self on my tongue.

We separate.  I watch him from time to time as the hours progress.  The next two hours are all about mutual oral with or with out piss.  I play with several regulars and welcome a few new ones.  Without the usual posse of bottoms, no one is getting fucked yet.  No, I’m wrong.  In the back corner is this hairy, nicely proportioned middle aged guy who I find out later, has a killer French accent.  I watch a muscle bear bend him over and fuck him hard.  Always helpful, I go over and piss on the bear’s cock entering his hole.  They respond enthusiastically.  Eventually they slow, stop, kiss and separate.  This group is not about getting off.  It’s all about edging.  Enjoying the ride.  The top tells me to make sure to get some of that ass later.  I tell him I will.  He complains about the lack of bottoms.  Do I know any here?  I look around.  My friend Mark is kneeling near the bar, getting piss from three different guys.  I tell the top he should try his ass. I was there last week and it was great.  When the scene at the bar plays out, I go over to Mark and tell him there’s a guy who wants to fuck him.  They look at each other from across the room.  Mark looks at me and I nod.  The top gestures to us and we head to a semi private spot along the back wall.  The three of us kiss.  Then it becomes all about the two of them.  Mark arches his ass back and up, towards the top.  I do nothing but stand in front of Mark and hold him as he receives a vicious battering.  I can feel ever thrust as his whole body is shoved against me.  The muscle bear fucks long and hard.  He doesn’t cum but--

“You want piss?”

“Yeah.”  Mark’s breathless.  “Fill me.”

Mark clutches me as he feels the man unleash in him.  After just a few seconds of internal release, he pull his still pissing cock out and finishes hosing the crack of Mark’s ass.  I turn Mark around and rim the piss off his hole and ass cheeks.  Mark has the top’s cock in his mouth.  Eventually we share a communal kiss.

I don’t know for sure what happens for the next hour.  More of the same, certainly.

I watch a man who’s kept on a white t-shirt and  a pair of jeans, climb into the pool.  Like a magnet, about ten guys ring it, I’m one of them.  He kneels.  He gets piss from all directions.  He goes from perfectly dry to covered in a matter of seconds---all his clothing clinging to his body.  He  lays in the pool on his back, fighting to get his cock out.  He finally does.  I aim directly at it.  My piss hits his dick as he fists it.  He shoots an arc of cum all over his stained t-shirt.

I need to fuck.  I find Mark already in the back corner.  He getting fucked by a young studious type.  The Frenchman is there too.  He bends over, holding on to the same back bench Mark is leaning on.  I slip up the Frenchman’s ass.  Side by side with Mark.  I see that the muscle bear has a third bottom who he is plowing, but I can quite tell who it is.  But we are all in a row.  All fucking hard and deep and noisy.

It’s the muscle bear who says  “Change.”  He comes down and slips into the Frenchman, I move to Mark.  It feels like home.  At this point he’s extremely well used and open.  The studious boy moves down the line into--holy fuck….it’s the new guy.  The beautiful boy who’s ass I covered--who I thought wanted my butt.  Studious boy is just bouncing off that bubble butt.  Mark clenches his guts  and almost makes me cum.  I hold off.  The next shift, we just sense.  No one has to say anything.  The bear plows into Mark, the boy goes round to the Frenchman and I slip into the wondrous cinnamon colored bubble butt I’ve wanted all night.  He doesn’t even know who’s in him at this point.  I smack his ass.  He turns.  It only takes a second before a huge grin crosses his face.  He steps up the milking of my cock.  I change up and do short strokes.  Then I’m back to long dicking that wondrous butt.  He clamps down hard on my cock.  Shit, I’m so close.  Instead, I realize that I’m making him cum.  He is shooting his load all over some pig who’s worked his way under us.  Oh, fuck he’s gonna ask me to stop in ten seconds.  That thought sends me over.  I shudder.  Burst  after burst.  I can’t stop. He’s says something but I can’t make it out.  I hold still, marinating my meat in his sloppy hole.  Without thinking, I piss.  He turns to me.  Our lips meet.  I can’t stop.  It’s a huge, huge load.  The pig who took his cum, senses what’s happening.  He squirms around a little at our feet and is in position for when I pull out.  I slowly pull my swollen cock out of his ass and piss cascades out and onto the pig who shoots his own load.

I lean into the new boy’s ear and whisper. It’s just one word.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Cleveland--September, 2011

Since I’ve been between jobs since the end of August, I’ve had lots of time to travel and get caught up with a lot of my regular fuck buds who were all left hanging during my impossibly busy summer.  Juan is one of the best.  Short, hairy, originally from Central America and now going to grad school in the Windy City, he had suggested he stop by the play room on his way to a weekend in Cleveland.  His travel times changed and he had to cancel.  But being an excellent fuck bud, he suggested I  join him on his final night in Cleveland at the bathhouse…and he would give me all the loads I could eat out of his ass.  He loves to walk around the tubs, take as many loads as possible and give me a veritable feast.  What I find interesting, that while that was fun and hot--and fucking him while loaded was even better--it‘s not what I really remember about that night...

I am fucking Juan in the sling.  The bathhouse has a play area with bunk beds and a sling. There is plenty of room around it for guys to watch the action unfold.  His hairy butt is working my cock, clasping and massaging it down the entire length.  He’s one of the few men I really have to watch myself with, his ass can milk cum out of almost anyone before you know it.  Two couples are watching us.  One set is absently playing with each other as I fuck.  The other is more adventurous and playing with Juan’s nipples, sizable cock  and reaching down to feel my cock--to see if I’m really fucking him raw.

“How many loads do you have in there?” I ask.

“Three,” he smiles.  “I only had an hour.”

Eventually I notice we have one more spectator--a man in his late 60‘s.  He is on all fours on the floor, ass to the door.  I guess that he would like some of the same.  I keep pumping into the very moist hole of Juan.  If I increase in tempo, I can even make his hole froth a little.  That calls for me to stop, and lick up the jizz my big, flared cock head has pulled out.  As I lick, suck and swallow the mixed cum from Juan’s hole, the man on all fours rises and begins to caress Juan’s feet in the stirrups.  I stand, look enquiringly at Juan, but he’s just fine with it.  I go back to fucking Juan‘s juicy ass, and the older man starts licking  Juan’s toes.  Soon, I invite one of the guys who’s been playing with Juan’s chest to fuck.  He moves around and slips into the dripping hole.  The foot man takes all five of Juan’s toes.

The stud now fucking Juan looks like he’s ex-Marine.  Built.  Everywhere.  His big cock looks great slamming into Juan.  Suddenly he glances down at his cock, a look of disbelief on his face.

“I’m cumming.”

And he does.  His whole body shakes.  The foot man withdraws and disappears.  The Marine shudders, stands still and tries to catch his breath.  His partner looks none too pleased that Juan just got the load. The marine starts to withdraw.  So I kneel, clean his cock and then go for the mother-lode in that tight, pliant ass.  Slick, copious and wonderful on the tongue.

Juan gets down, but not until after I’ve licked my fill and pounded the rest deeper into his gut.  He wants some private time in his room to reload--with the shy guys who won’t play in public.  I reluctantly let him go.  I love to watch him get filled, but I totally understand.

I go off to the TV room.  It is large, with tiered, carpeted seating for ease of stroking and full on sex.  The screen is small--with no more than a large laptop size image. I settle in.  My cock is still rampant and will not remotely fit in my jock.  It’s rather shiny from all the cum it fucked in.  Just as I’m about to wrap my fist around it, a young man asks if he can suck me.  I nod.  He kneels a step below me and starts slurping at my dick.  I ruffle his shaggy blond hair.  He’s good.

Then I feel it.  Pressure on the toe of my combat boot.  I look down.  It’s the foot man.  He looks up at me, his eyes full of fear.  Does he mumble “Please, Sir?”  I can’t tell.  I nod.  I can take or leave feet.  But he wants it so much.  Why shouldn’t I let him?  I curtly nod.  I expect him to start unlacing.  But no.  He decides I need a spit shine.  The boy is working my cock--and the man is swabbing huge strokes across my black boot.  I can feel the pressure of his tongue through the leather.  His stroke is heavy enough to feel good not tickle. He does the entire toe area of the left.  Including the ridge where the leather joins the sole.  He looks up at me wondering.  I point to my right.  He immediately goes for the new boot.

The cocksucker has tired when he realizes I’m not going to blow.  He’s left.  I sprawl back, luxuriating in the feel of foot man’s tongue thru the leather.  In all my years I’ve never had anyone clean my boots so well, while I’m in them.  He’s reached under his towel and I know he’s playing with himself.  He looks up at me.  I think he wants my feet.  But I’m not quite ready.  I thank him and leave, telling him I’ll be back.

I find Juan.  Success, but he won’t feed me yet--nor tell me his load count.  I find and fuck a hot man in the sling who is literally covered in tattoos.  Head to toe--and cock.  I get him off…and head back for my feet.  I can’t get the man’s look of longing out of my mind.

He’s still there.  He instantly kneels before me.  He unties my boots with his teeth.  With another person I might have smirked.  But he did it with such precision.  Ritual.  His rite of worship.  If he needed an idol for a few minutes, I’m happy to oblige.  He opens my left boot.  The foot comes out in a wool sock.  Instantly it goes to his nose and is pressed against his open mouth.  He inhales.  His towel opens and falls away.  His smallish cock is rampant.  A mumbled “Thank you.”  He sops the toes a little in his mouth, then removes the wool covering and goes for the toes.  Delicately, but never with that light, annoying ticklish sort of tonguing.  It feels like he is memorizing my feet.  How they feel on his tongue, taste in his mouth, how they smell pressed tightly against his face.

I’m not sure how long he takes.  I’ve slumped back and closed my eyes, reveling in the new and different.  He moves to the right and repeats the process.  Laces.  Boot.  Sock.  The swabbing of the flesh.  His tongue tracing the lines of my insole.  This time his hands are also on my right foot.  I’m ticklish--but not with him.  They are massaging the wet sole, cupping the foot.  I feel his mouth go around my toes as if he were deep throating a cock.  My feet are too big.  He gags.  And shoots his load.  I  open my eyes and see him convulsing.  Hanging onto my foot and cumming with no hands touching his cock.

“Thank you, Sir.”

I nod and tell him how good it was.  He flushes.   Suddenly talkative, he tells me he rarely gets anyone who really understands.  But he’s come out about his foot fetish and doesn‘t care if people here look oddly at him.  He comes here each week to try to get someone to let him perform.  Mopped up, he thanks me again and disappears.

I lean back on the bleacher.  Soon I collect my boots and socks and move up to the top level, stretching out. I feel so sated--just like after a good massage.  I  think I actually doze.  I come back to reality as a hairy ass sits astride my face.  I’d know Juan anywhere.  My tongue snakes out--connecting with this puffy, stretched out hole.  I can taste the cum.  With his infinite control he lets the cum flow out in small  increments.  I grab his hairy thighs and dig.  Another dollop.  Fuck!  I burrow deeper as a third flow hits my tongue.  My cock  is drooling.  

From somewhere high above I hear him say in that soft Spanish accent, “Seven more.  Clean me up good.”  This time he releases the entire accumulation of multiple loads into my mouth.  I can barely breath.  I can only swallow…

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Request

Near Home--October, 2011

The email was brief and to the point.  “I have a hot bottom coming in from the Saugatuck area.  We are meeting at the east side Bookstore at noon.  Come and work him over with me.”  I think my email back was briefer:  “See you then.”  This married, older, Bi top loves to include me so I can spell him from doing all the work.  He has a great track record of getting guys who are lots of fun.  We were to meet at the Bookstore on the other side of town.  This one has a large theatre showing straight vids, then a lounge with a couple of ratty overstuffed chairs, ottoman and a sofa showing gay videos, and a few booths which are all closed as they re-fit them for high definition.   I arrived, bought the combo pack for both spaces and entered through a drape into the gay section…

I go into the lounge.  On the ottoman on all fours, totally naked but for dress socks,  is a cute otter of a man:  spiky hair, furry chest and, I learn later, a terrifically hair butt. And he’s getting fucked by my friend, Cam.  Another guy about my age, who I recognize from other playtimes with this top, is buck naked but for a shirt, sitting in one of the chairs, stroking an average sized cock.  The bottom is facing me.  He looks up and smiles.  Cam must have sent him my profile link.  I  ditch my jacket in a corner and open my jeans.  I shove the jockstrap pouch in his face.  He sniffs and begins tonguing it.  It takes no time for me to get hard watching Cam fuck this boy.  The guy in the chair, comes over and puts his dick next to mine so the boy can go back and forth on the two drooling heads.  He does just that.  He’s a good cock sucker.  Certainly hungry for cock.

I’m ready to fuck--and Cam knows it.  He pulls out.   A condom is hanging on his 7 inches.  Damn, but ok.  I do believe it’s the bottom’s choice.  I now see that the table next to the TV showing the porn is loaded with latex--obviously brought by the boy.  I grab one.  The boy swings around, presenting his ass to me.  I go down on his hole.  He’s spotless and so far there is no annoying latex taste to his hole.  Cam comes around and pushes my face into his hole.  I can’t breathe.  I love that moment of fighting for air, deep in some nameless ass.  He lets go.  I continue to eat his hole as I slip the condom on.  I use the lube I brought in my jock’s waistband.  I’m in.  God, he feels good.  But it is definitely deadened with the Magnum in place.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see Cam sitting in the chair stroking.  The other man sits on his raw cock.  The boy sees it, too.  I fuck for a bit.  Then pull out and slap my latex covered cock on his ass.  The boy reaches back and feels my dick.  Relax, I won’t take it off.  He clutches at the rubber--and slowly peels it off.

“Fuck me raw, guys,” he whispers.

I am instantly back in his hole.  Jeez, the difference.  My cock responds by swelling to it’s largest. He fucks back on me.  The guys have gotten up.  I pull out and move around to the boy’s  mouth, expecting Cam to go up his hole, but the other guy is already in.  And fucking hard.  Cam reaches down and works the nips on the boy.  I pull out of his mouth.  I walk around behind the man fucking, as Cam starts to fuck the boy’s face.

I slip my cock up the current top man.  He grunts.  I barely do any thrusting.  I stand still and let him go deep in the boy and then be impaled by me on the backstroke.  He can’t keep that up for long.  Silently he shoots in the boy’s ass.  The otter is so busy on Cam’s dick, I don’t know if he even noticed.  I pull out of the versatile guy.  He holds his cock in place--then steps to one side.  He knows the drill.  I lick his cock clean and then plunge my tongue up the boy’s insides.  It’s not a large load but I felch every drop I can find.  I look up at Cam.  I think he sensed what happened and comes around to fuck in the man’s load.  I stay on my knees next to the boy.  The curtains part and we have a new man in the room--but he just toys with his cock through his clothes as he watches us.  Cam pushes in.  The hairy ass swallows him up.  He fucks a few strokes, pulls out and presents it to me to lick.  There it is.  His cock is glistening with shiny jizz in the glow of the porn.  I clean it.  It goes back in the ass.  Repeat.  After the third or fourth cock clean, I lean over as Cam’s cock disappears and drool a veritable waterfall of cum and spit for him to fuck back in the hole.

I stand.  I move around.  He’s sucking my cock.  I think Cam is close. The curtains part again.  A middle-aged banker type has arrived.  His eyes light up.  He reaches behind the curtain and pulls a 20 something blond woman in.  She is dressed in a plaid skirt and white blouse:  Daddy’s Catholic school girl.  Oh, my.  They settle into the other chair.  She’s on his lap.  Her skirt is hiked up--no underwear.  His fingers disappear into her as he watches us.  I continue to fuck his face.  My hands hold the boy’s ears.  Not because I need to, but my arms block his range of vision.  He can’t see the new spectators.  Cam starts to  grunt loudly, then remembers where he is and cuts it off.  He is unloading up the boy.  I pull out of the boy’s mouth to go eat the load.  And our otter boy sees the girl.  It takes him a moment, but just as I’m leaning into his ass to felch, he figures out it’s an actual woman and bolts for his clothes.   The three men I’ve been playing with dress.  The boy at a lightening pace and is gone.  The versatile just needs to add his shoes.  Even Cam dodges me cleaning his dick and is into his boxers.   The girl stares at my cock.  Then turns and buries her head into her partner’s neck making guttural sounds as his finger’s fly.  In moments I’m left alone in the semi darkness, with rotten gay porno, a wet cock and nary a soul to get me off.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday's Picture #2

I know.  Do you even recognize me if my cock is covered?  If you've read any of my posts, you likely don't need to be told about  the yellow band on the cod piece.  The large link chain is one I save for a very particular boy.  I use it as you would anal beads.  You need to check to make sure the links are smooth--many from the hardware store have rough joins.  My boy loves me to insert it slowly with a ton of lube.  It's the weight in his ass as it coils up that makes it special.  It's about 18 inches long--so a lot can go in, but there is still enough for me to hold in place.  And then there is the long, slow process of pulling it out link by link by...

All right boy, where do you want it, on all fours or in the sling?

Friday, October 14, 2011


Detroit--October, 2011

I sometimes worry that readers will think my sex life is one high after another.  I think I do have lots of fun times and some really great adventures, but I do have my share of down right bad sex.  I was talking to Ace of Ace’s Wild just before I left for the drive to Detroit last week.  “This will be great,” I told him.  “It’s a mini gangbang, I know the bottom boy and his prime top and likely some of the others he’s invited.  I will be able to write it up, with the smell of his used hole still on my beard…” 

I drive into Detroit, it’s on the far side of the city from me, of course.  The Breeder has written about the two of them in an early post.  I make a mental note to ask if I can use the names he devised for them in mine.  The overlap idea makes me smile.  I arrive right on time. The room is easy to find--in a higher priced motel than what I use for this type of event.  I knock.  There’s always that tense moment as you wait--who’d be there, how would things go.  It takes forever for someone to answer.  Maybe that’s a good sign---busy already.  Eventually the boy opens the door. Fully clothed.  As good looking as I remembered.  We hug.  I go in.  One man is lolling on the bed.  Fully clothed.

“I think we’re it.  Sir can‘t make it.”

Okay….not a gangbang, but this can still work….

We talk a bit.  The young man excuses himself to the bathroom.  The other top and I try to make small talk.  Fully clothed.  Sitting on the bed.  The boy emerges from what I assume is a final touch up of his clean out.  We strip.  He sucks the top’s cock on all fours as I eat  the boy’s ass.  This boy is tight.  I have fucked him before but it takes a tremendous amount of rimming and patience for me to get up him.  So I let the other gentlemen go first.  Fucking in his load will only turn me on and make entry easier.  His thin long cock works his way in as the boy sucks me.  Then it happens.  The boy has rushed his clean out.  No adjectives or descriptions here.  I would have pulled out instantly.  This top soldiered on and, almost instantly, shot a load.  Massive clean up for all.  The boy is gone for what seems like forever--but that’s good. The top and I swap some cock sucking.  The boy emerges.

It’s my turn.  I rim lightly.  My cock will just not go in his hole. Great amounts of lube later it finally pops in.  The look of true pain on the boy’s face makes me move slowly.  Then the problem starts in earnest again.  More clean up.  I try once more--but with no rimming I barely get in.  He is so tight it hurts both him and me.  After all this he can’t relax.  And there is still an issue.  My cock deflates from the pain and mess.  I throw in the towel--well, I would have if there was one we hadn’t already used to mop up things…

After more clean up we try to keep it oral.  I eat the top’s ass as he sits on my face.  He jerks off a second load into the boy’s mouth--I guess, since I can’t see and there was no load on my chest. This gets the boy close.  We manipulate him to orgasm.  I don’t even try--basically deprived of all the things that are my buttons to get me off.

Maybe I should have fled the moment things went bad, but I genuinely like the poor guy.   I tried to be a good guy--and a patient top.

When I started writing on my blog I’d said to myself --it’s the truth or don’t bother.  My “I’ll have a great story to tell” bravado had blown up right in my face.

Well, perhaps, all over my dick….

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Unexpected Response

Near Home--October, 2011

Late Monday morning I went to the rest area.  It was a gorgeous day.  It was Monday--a great day to catch guys who had spent the weekend with the family and “needed some time away.”  And I was ignoring writing up the piss party.  As luck would have it, the county crew was mowing the grass.  Impossible to read or to cruise.  I decided to go on the Adult Bookstore in the closest “city” to me.  After all, the Monday rule holds true there, too...

It’s pitch black.  Truly.  Once the door swings shut on the mini theatre I can see nothing but the screen.  A skinny Asian woman is squealing as a massive black cock is fucking her in the ass.  I can’t step back to the wall for fear of stepping on men.  But I can’t see enough to grope my way to one of the 14 seats in the theatre.  So I stand still.   There is no smell on earth like an Adult Bookstore:  man sex, stale cum, stale urine and disinfectant vie for being the dominant odor.  Soon my eyes adjust.  Well, no worries about stepping on feet.  There is no one in the place but one older man.  He’s obviously hiding his cock under his shirt tail.  He’s sitting in the prime cock sucker seat--on the aisle by the door in the back row.  I move into the row ahead of him.  I unzip--but just knead myself through the fabric of my grey boxer briefs.

I’ve timed it for lunch hour. The place should be crawling with men.  The parking lot was close to full.  They must all be working the gloryhole booths.

“She sure can take it.”  His voice is loud, partly because I’m not used to small talk in here and partly, I guess, from some hearing loss.  “He’s been fucking her for a long time.”

I nod and grunt--sounding non-committal.  

“I’ve never been fucked.  But with the right guy, I’d try it.”

Oh, my.  I turn slightly toward him, over my right shoulder.  My guess is he’s 65 to 70.  But trim, well groomed, and polite.  He goes back to rather loudly appraising her clit.

I have no age bias--I’ve played quite happily with many men of all ages--men who have respected their bodies and stayed fairly fit.  My dirty secret is:  I want to suck the cock of those I perceive as older--and fuck men I perceive as younger.  As I age, finding a Daddy to service gets harder and harder…

On screen, there’s an internal cum shot-- up the woman’s ass.  This starts him off again about how you don’t see that very often--“Sure hope she squeezes it out.”  He stands up mid speech.  He holds his shirt tail out of the way.  His cock is large,--actually quite large and rock hard--and does a sharp curve to the floor.  I literally gulp at the sight of it.

And the door buzzes--announcing it’s about to  unlock and admit someone else.  The older gentleman hurriedly sits and covers.  I look behind him to the door to see who is coming in.  It’s a mid 30’s Hispanic man I recognize from previous visits.  He’s good looking--but has no manners.  Whether it's not understanding the word “no” while others are having sex he wants to horn in on or letting his smart  phone ring in the enclosed space.  Constantly.  And sometimes answering it, standing in the back corner, his hand furtively cupped around it, trying to block out the sound of on screen sex--for he certainly stops anything real from happening.  He smiles and nods at me and sits in the front row.  He digs a fairly small dick out from his boxers, stroking it blatantly.  I finally get my  thickening cock out.  He is turned, craning to see my package. Once I’m hard, I rise.  I move out and stand against the wall, finding a spot where my cock is highlighted in the gloom from the glow of the screen.  Both sets of eyes are on me.

And his phone rings.  He slowly decides to check it.

“Turn it off.”  It’s out of my mouth before I can stop myself.  To my surprise, he does.  He also gets up.  He strokes my cock. I had expected him to be a grab and twist kind of guy.  But it feels good.  He kneels and I let him take me in his mouth.  Here he’s only adequate. Daddy has joined me against the wall.  His hand is on my balls.  The Hispanic scrapes me once too often and I pull him off and up.  Daddy removes his hand.  I fist Daddy’s uncut cock, stroking it carefully around the curve.  I kneel.  I take just the head in my mouth.  My tongue plays with the foreskin, diving in and out between skin and head.  Soon I’m deepthroating him.  He sighs.  The Hispanic man has played with Daddy’s chest.  But soon he turns and tries to get the older man’s fingers up his ass.  Daddy is having none of that--he’s totally into what I’m doing.  Soon the Hispanic is on the floor, pulling my hand off my cock.  I resist.  And again. He grabs for it. A third time. Then he does it.  He twists and pulls.  I stop and tell him “No.”  For a moment he retreats.  Then he’s back again.  This time he takes my left hand--the one I  have against the wall for balance and pulls it towards his generous ass.  I pull away with a hissed “I don’t fuck here.”  I go back to the dick in front of me.

And the door buzzes.  A quick scramble and we are all leaning against the wall as a larger middle aged man walks in.  He walks right to the Daddy, kneels, opens the man’s fly and starts sucking his cock.  The Hispanic sees the change and senses victory.  He grabs for my hand and actually gets my index finger in his ass up to the first knuckle.

“Look, I don’t fuck here.”  I don’t.  Usually.  Unless I arrange it ahead of time.  How do you know if guys clean out before a bookstore trip?  No spur of the moment ass for me.  But he has hold of my wrist like a vice.  I glance at Daddy.  He’s thrilled for all the attention.  I look back at the Hispanic.  My aggressive side rises out of  nowhere. My left arm reaches around his neck and pulls his ear close to my mouth.  “Look,” I hiss,  “if I fuck you, you’re gonna get bred.  Is that what you want?”  His response is to let go of my wrist, bend over a seat in the front row for balance and push his ass out.

My finger is clean.  I get harder.  I drop a small bit of lube on his hole---no rimming for him.  A little lube on my cock and I’m very hard.  The two men have stopped cock sucking.  Watching it all.  “You want this in your hole?”  My voice is low, menacing.  I’m not sure where it came from.  I walk over to his upturned ass and slap my cock head against it.  He looks at me over my shoulder.  I slip in.  He feels good.  I lurch forward.  He has all of me.   I’m bigger than he counted on.  He starts to speak, but my left hand pushes his head down.  I  fuck a few strokes and force him down to all fours on the cold floor.  This will take no time.  I am slamming his ass hard.  He is making sounds of pain and pleasure now, all from around my hand which is still covering his mouth.  My mouth is against his ear. “You told me you want it.  You want a load in you?  You want those men in the arcade to fuck in my spunk?  Do you?”  The other two men in the room are stroking.  I glance over at them.  Daddy drops a load on the tile.  That makes me step up the slamming. You can hear my balls beat his ass over the noisy woman getting it on the screen.  I am shooting in him.  “Take it.”  A last thrust flattens him to the grimy floor.

Did he cum?  No idea.  The 4th man in beats a hasty retreat to the last row of seats.  Daddy is pulling himself together.  I pull out.  Flecks of shit, of course….For a second I think about smearing it on him.  But I just wrap my still dripping cock completely in a fast food napkin and head for the public bathroom--back into the now blinding light.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's National Coming Out Day

To commemorate the day--I will fly the leather flag.

Yes, that really is me.  

A friend and fuckbud had a lot of time on his hands...

and access to photoshop.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Return of the Jock Thief

I returned home from the piss party, slightly bloated, pissing every 45 minutes--and very happy.  I had played for 4 hours, but had never gotten off.  I thought I’d be writing it up today, but I found I needed some time to process it--to distill all those hours of sex and all those men.  As luck would have it, I got a note on BBRT from Gary (who I wrote about in “Bike” )  as soon as I signed on in the afternoon.  He wanted to meet--and I needed to shoot a load.  He arrived slightly early, went straight to the playroom and began stripping off.  He was down to some designer underwear as  I entered the room.  The young cub immediately dug into my jock with his hands and my mouth with his tongue.  This boy was hungry…

I return the kiss.  Deep, long, wet.  He’s on his knees.  No jock worship this time.  He wants meat.  My cock springs up as if it had not had a marathon the day before.  He sucks happily.  He can take it deep twice in a row--but always gags on the third.  I pull him up, kiss him and sink to my knees.  With one pull, his underwear is on the floor.  He sighs as I take him easily to the root. After a moment, I stand and we head for the rimseat.  I’m under, and ready.  The seat is lowered.  He pauses as he straddles the stand.  I look up the well worked out thighs to his shapely, hairy ass.  Almost as if he knows the show he is putting on, he carefully lowers himself onto my face.  My eager tongue plunges in.  He groans.  I get lost in licking ass.  I have no idea how long I lick and suck and chew.

“I want to sit on your cock.”  We move to the bed.  I lie dead center. And he slowly lowers himself, his back towards me, onto my rigid cock.  He groans deeper.

It’s my turn to sigh.  “That looks so hot.“  And it does.  My thickness disappearing into a nicely tight hole.  He rides for a bit, then rolls onto his side.  I hold his left leg and slowly re-enter.  It’s my least favorite position, but he loves it since I can’t go as deep--at least this early.  I fuck, working his nipples and kissing the back of his neck. The playroom is heating up with the last heat of the sun and our exertion.  We are both delightfully sticky.

Soon it’s the sling.  I am on my knees with my face buried in his butt.  My bearded chin is working his hole as I lick his taint.  His ass is making lube on over drive--defending itself from my onslaught.  I dip down and sample.  I rise and slowly insert.  Soon I’m making the chains rattle.  He needs me to slow.  I do.  I fuck--barely moving.  Then stop, three quarters buried.  He bucks toward me in the sling.  He is fucking himself.  He jerks his body forward--shoving it towards my unmoving dick.  It sets the sling in sling in motion.  My cock gets harder at the unexpected.  I can feel it drool.  He has found the rhythm that keeps the momentum going. I stand stock still and feel him impale himself on me.

When it finally stops rocking, I bend to see if I can taste my pre-cum.  It’s too deep, but his hole is sweet.  I spend long minutes swabbing out his hot ass.  I grab my water bottle.  I take a swig, swallow and stick my cold tongue as deep as I can into him.  His vocal lets me know he loves the feel of it.  I take another swig.  This time I hold some water in my mouth.  I open his hole with my tongue and push the water into him.  He gasps and jacks his cock harder.  I rise and stick my cock into the slightly cooled channel. The temperature difference is great.  I fuck it back to it’s natural temperature.

My hand is covered in lube and precum.  I smear it across both nipples.  He loves that.  Gary’s nipples are his chief pleasure points.  His hands never rest, gently massaging them or just running his fingers across them, teasing them, lightly rubbing them.

“Do you have any piss?”

I pull out.  I am still pissing easily from the day before.  It takes a second for the plumbing to switch and then my hard cock spits a short blast on his cock and balls.

“That’s so hot.”

But I’m barely listening, I’m deep throating his cock  and drying his balls with my tongue.  My piss is still clear and sweet.  I send another short burst on to his ass crack.   My tongue follows.  My cock swells and I re-enter him.  A short blast in his guts.  Just enough to feel as I fuck.

“On my chest.  Piss on my nipples.”  I love that on this visit he’s asking for it.  Converts are hot.  I slow the fuck, withdraw my sticky cock and shoot a stream that starts at his naval and then arcs up to his nipples.  His hands flutter across his hairy chest, smearing it across himself.  I come around to the side of the sling and slurp noisily.  I have pissed the lube away from his nips.   I take my right hand away from my cock and smear some of the stickiness across his  right nipple.  His hand goes to it.   Then his left.  I massage this one.  Gary’s cock is  being jerked hard and fast.  I move around and re-enter him.  I reach back down for his nipple.  I’m afraid he may be shooting too soon.  My other hand tries to stop his frantic motion on his cock. It’s too late.  He shoots.  The first strand hits his clavicle.  Then another and another.  I slowly withdraw my cock--I know he can’t take it after he cums.  I dip to lick his cum off his cock but he’s too sensitive.  After no release on Saturday--I have to get off.  I smear some of his load across his nipples, then with most of it on my fingers, I swipe it across his ass.  I bury my face in it’s wetness.  It takes no time once I tell myself to shoot.  I rise, stroke and explode onto him.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Playroom--The Sling

While I am traveling home this morning from the Piss Party in Chicago, I thought I might begin a series of pieces about my playroom.  In recent years, I have really grown to like the idea of having separate rooms for sex and for sleep.  The playroom's not fancy.  But it is a room devoted to promoting good sex.  I adapted an upstairs bedroom--for the house I rent has a basement that is impossible to use.  The sling dominates the room.  As it should.  I think there is absolutely nothing like the sheer pleasure of fucking in a sling.  Of course, you can have great sex on a bed.  And I do. There's a double bed in the room as well.  But  I like variety.  An awful lot of people are hesitant about the sling--before they try it.  I have never met a man who didn't like it once he was in it.  I think it is truly freeing for both the Top and the Bottom.

For the Bottom, you are supported all across your back, head and neck, your legs are up and comfortably out of the way in the stirrups.  You are floating.  There is no strain in maintaining your position.  For the Top you have an incredible range of motion.  And the Bottom's legs are not on your shoulders-- pushing you back and out of his ass. Since I rent, I chose to get a frame as opposed to hang the sling from the ceiling.  I'm very glad I did.  Not only is it easier to take down and put away if I need the room for other purposes,  but it can pack in no time to take with me to a hook up's home or motel.  I bought a tall frame.  I'm 6'3".  I have hit my head on standard 6' frames.  This one has an extra 6" inches.  If you look carefully in the picture to the left you'll see I bungeed a mirror to the top of the frame.  Bottoms love to see my cock going into them--and I love to watch their face as they watch it.  There is a tarp below the sling--so WS action can happen right there--none of those mood destroying runs to the bathroom tub.  I usually have a piece of  fabric on top of the tarp to prevent run off.

Sling are not cheap--but worth the expense.  It was the first piece in the playroom that changed my house (in an out of the way little town) into a "destination"--that added incentive for men to make the drive.

Many thanks to one on my favorite boys to allow his pic to be used in this post...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday's Picture

I am traveling to Chicago today for the Waterbuddies Piss Party.  Expect a wet post in the near future!

I have written about this party in the past.  It was one of the entry's the Breeder was kind enough to publish on his "A Breeder's Journal."  If you need your daily dose of smut--here's a link back to March of this year:

Now--on your knees....

Friday, October 7, 2011

Meeting the Boy Friend

Marshall, MI  October, 2011

It only took a little over a year--and a couple more clandestine meetings with Dan--for him to invite me up to meet the Boy Friend. “Come fuck me tonight," said Dan when he called.  “Kerry really wants to meet you.   I want you two to DP me.  He told me he’ll felch your load.”  I smiled to my empty living room.  “I‘ll pack the sling,”  I volunteered.  “Naw, I have one now.  But bring your rim seat.  I think you two will really like each other.”   How could I say no?  I  hung up and got in the car…

We’re in the basement.  It’s a new house to me--Dan has obviously moved into Kerry’s home.  On one wall is a huge screen television--the projector is across the room behind the couch playing fairly new Treasure Island  porn.  Right at the base of the stairs is the new Fort Troff canvas sling package with a concave mirror attached to the top frame.  I set up the rim seat right next to it.  I throw down a tarp, a big towel over that and put the legs in the seat and add the pillow.  After all, we want a comfortable butt munch.  There is also a large square ottoman in the middle of the room, covered with several towels.  I strip.  The boys are in nothing but high end underwear.  Dan slips out of his, sits on the couch and absently starts kneading Kerry’s bulge through the fabric.  Kerry is late 30’s, so 8 to 10 years younger than Dan.  He is well built, about the same height and the bulge in his underwear is growing nicely.  Soon Dan peels them off for him, as I ditch my  clothes in a corner and sit on the other side of Dan.  His back is to me for he’s now fellating a nice sized cock.  Dan kneels on the couch-- making sure his ass is in the air towards me.  I lean over and stick my tongue up his tight-for-the-moment hole.  I turn to really get my tongue deep.   The pressure of my face pushes him deep on Kerry’s cock.  I stand up and beat my cock against Dan’s hole.  Kerry leans forward, grunts appreciatively and licks the head.  He looks up at me.  “I keep hearing about you.  Show me what you can do to his ass.”

Dan murmurs approval and I quickly kneel  again to lick the hole just a little more.  After all, we’re barely using lube.  Dan is now stroking Kerry’s cock.  He looks over his shoulder.

“Fuck me, stud.”   I stand.  My large cockhead is right in line with his pucker.  I press forward.  Dan’s hole opens and I slide in--all but effortlessly.  His ass clings to my cock.  I stay in place for just a bit.  Then slowly retreat. When just my head is left in his channel, Kerry leans forward again and licks the length of my cock.  A man after my own heart…

I set a steady pace.  For a time Kerry and I match rhythms--driving our cocks into him at the same time, one fore and one aft.  Soon Kerry rises and  comes around behind me. He presses his wet cock against my ass as his arms go around me and starts twisting my nipples.  I tense.  A cock near my ass always makes me clutch, but it’s soon evident that it’s resting there vertically not trying for entry.  Soon I suggest he take a turn.  I pull out.  Kerry steps to the side and engulfs my cock, making appreciative noises.  He soon rises and his seven or so inches disappears up Dan’s butt.  I start to take my cock around to Dan’s mouth, but he’s head down on the couch, lost in sensation.  I just watch and stroke.  Soon I sit on the ottoman.  If I move just right in the TV beam, Ian Jay is projected on my body.  Oh, I wish…

Dan gets up, kisses Kerry and sits on my cock.  He rides it.  Soon he bends towards me, sprawled on the ottoman.  Kerry pushes my legs together and straddles them.  His cock is about to enter Dan along with mine.  He’s lubed it.  It takes a moment, but he’s in with me--sharing the chute.  Dan has stopped bouncing, letting Kerry do all the movement. Dan groans.  It feels good to me too, for a few moments--the sudden tightness of hole, another hard cock stroking the underside of my shaft, the mixing of precum as Kerry copiously leaks onto my cock.  Then all to soon, Kerry fucks too actively and I’m pulled out of the hole.  I just hold Dan as Kerry pounds.  For a moment I think Kerry’s going to cum--but he slows and stops.

We stop for a moment.  Drink. Watch Ian Jay get loaded.  Then I get under the rim seat.   I suggest Kerry gets rimmed while Dan sits on my cock.  Kerry settles on my face.  There is always that ‘first time’ moment as my tongue goes into a new crack. The seat opens his hole, so I’m in deep very fast and stroking myself.  Dan bats my hand off my cock, and in an easy motion settles down on it.  This is as good as it gets for me-- a tight top ass on my face and an experienced bottom on my cock at the same time.  I let Dan ride, holding my hips still and concentrate on eating the ass above me.  He’s naturally smooth, with just a little hair in the crack.  I slobber into his hole.  He’s opened some poppers and seems to be passing them back and forth between them.  Both become more vocal.  After a long time, Kerry rises.  I think he may want to fuck Dan, but before I can say anything he is more concerned with freshening his cocktail.  I stay in position.

“Dan, let me taste what I did to your hole.”

Without hesitation, he pulls himself off my cock and up to the seat.  Heaven.  It’s a totally different feel on my tongue than when we started.  Softer.  Looser.  And the taste.  Tons of precum deposited  by two cocks.  And a copious amount of the most delicious natural lube.  I am lost in an over load of sensations.  Then I feel  my cock being stroked.  Ah, Kerry’s back.  I revel in not having to jerk as I eat.  Fuck, it’s suddenly not his hand.  He’s sitting on my dick.  His ass will not give at first.  I can hear the effort in his breathing.  I can feel his clenching hole against my cock head.  Suddenly he’s in and Kerry sits all the way down.

“Jesus, you’re big.”

My cock swells at the words.


Kerry bounces with abandon as I go back to giving my full concentration on eating out Dan’s dripping hole.  After long minutes, the partners rise at the same time--my face is suddenly exposed and cold air hits my cock.  I raise the seat, sit up and…it all becomes awkward for a moment.  Kerry hasn't cleaned out or if he did, not enough.  I head to the sink--he’s off to hose out his insides.  The price of spontaneity.

When I return, Dan is in the sling.  I kneel, and eat his hole to get my erection back.  Pretty much one taste of dripping ass makes me rise to full rigidity.  I stand to fuck.  I am soon slamming into him.  He becomes verbal--a sign I recognize as my having gotten him to a very good place.  He begins that litany about how he’s a cum dump.  Kerry returns.  He crawls under the sling.  He contorts himself so his mouth connects with the underside of my cock and Dan’s hole.  The feeling is incredible. I will myself not to cum.  And I don’t.   I slow and invite Kerry into Dan’s hole.  But he’s a top no more.  He replaces Dan in the sling.

Dan looks at me.  “Fuck my boyfriend.”

It’s an easy entry now.  I fuck slowly.  Increase speed.  Dan sits on the couch watching the live porn.  He hit’s the poppers over there.  Kerry takes up the verbal barrage about wanting my cum up his ass.  Dilemma.  Who gets the load?

The rest of the evening is about who’s in the sling.   I alternate quite happily between two greedy asses.  Finally I know I’m close.  Dan is in the sling taking my long strokes, Kerry is under it again.  I bark at Kerry to stand up.  He does. I pull out of Dan, step back  and  push Kerry down into the sling so he and Dan are face to face.  Kerry is bent over holding on to the sides, Dan’s arms are around his boy friend.  I enter Kerry roughly.  He gasps.  I had been building up nicely.  And I let fly.  With piss.  Kerry thinks it’s cum at first.  He starts babbling about my seed.  He quickly realizes it’s piss as I continue and continue to hose down his hole.  I tell Dan just what I’m doing.  When the bladder is empty I fuck a little in the incredibly hot liquid.  He can’t take much and stands up.  I slip into Dan.  It takes just a few strokes and suddenly I’m the one who’s vocal.  I’m shooting my cum deep into his guts.  I hold for a long time, unable to move. But there’s Kerry.  He’s on his knees next to the sling.  He slowly pulls me back--exposing my cream covered cock.  His tongue snakes out.  Fuck, he’s cleaning my cock inch by exposed inch.  Soon I’m out and he swallows me whole.  I can’t take it.  I shove his face into his Boy Friends jizz dripping hole.  My knees buckle and I’m kneeling next to him, watching him eat it out.  He slowly becomes aware of me there.  He turns to me.  Our eyes lock.  He smiles a look of welcome and our mouths meet in a cum sloppy kiss.