Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cumunion in Madison (Part Three) Great Ass and a Surprise Top

Madison, WI--March, 2012

Immediately after the last post.

I rise from drinking his piss with my usual piss induced rock hard erection.  I push him towards the chair where I’ve been sitting.  “Hang on,” I instruct him.  “I’m gonna plow you good….”

The leather clad guy with the big PA, kneels on the seat of the chair, and hangs onto the back.  “Give me that cock, stud,” he tells me.  “Give me that dick that has been up all those fuckers.”  I  don’t rim much, my cock is so anxious to open him up.  I lick and spit, rise and drive forward.  He grunts and takes the full length of my cock in one quick stroke.  “Yeah, that’s the cock I needed.  Fuck me.”

I am pounding his hole.  He is feeling really good on my cock.  As much as I like showing off, it’s hot that there is no one around us.  I fuck him as hard as I can for a long time.  When I need to slow, I slow way down, do a slight knee bend and fuck up into his canal on an angle.  He likes this a lot.  I reach under him.  There seems to be copious amounts of pre-cum running out of his cock head and coating the PA.  My hand jerks his cock a little.  I cradle his balls in my hand--then swat up at them with the back of my hand.  He grunts louder and calls me a “Fucker.”  I get his pre-cum on my fingers and lean across him to make him lick them clean.

I slow my motion.  I see a shadowy figure, stroking as he watches us.  I dip down.  Now I linger licking his ass--lingering in the taste of freshly fucked hole.  I stay put, my mouth plastered on his hole, and motion the watching guy closer.  He comes over, his cock catching some light from somewhere.  It glistens with pre-cum.  I deep throat his inches, swirling my tongue all over his cock.  I pull off, keeping all the pre-cum in  my mouth.  I plaster my lips around PA’s hole and reverse felch it deep into his ass.  He moans, letting me know he figured out what I just did.  The new guy is totally turned on.  He’s stroking fast.  I invite the new guy to fuck him, still staying on my knees.  He mounts him, inches away from my line of sight.  The new guy fucks him hard with shallow strokes.  In just a few moments, it looks like he is shooting a load.  He pulls out and takes off--without letting me taste his cock.  I dive into the hole.  It tastes great, but I don’t find any cum.   I rise.  I pull PA up and kiss him--so he can taste his hole.

I nuzzle his ear.  And promise I’ll come find him when it’s time to return the piss he gave me.

I wander off to the porn area.  Karl is sitting there with his boyfriend’s head in his lap.  I sit with them for a moment.  Their bond with each other is palpable.   I love that.  A lot.  I almost feel like an intruder.  Karl reaches over and kisses me.  Bob watches.  I can see his cock grow in his designer underwear.  I bend over and nuzzle Bob’s ear.  “Can I fuck your boyfriend?”

“Yeah.  Do that.  Then I’ll be ready for you to fuck me, too.”

Karl and I choose the mattress area--mostly because both slings are busy.  He is lying on top of me.  Our mouths are plastered together.  We can’t seem to stop kissing.  It’s oddly tender in the heat of this all out rut.  And, frankly, just what I need.  Without touching my cock, I’m still rampant and ready to go.

“Eat my ass like you did last time.”

I grunt approval and dig the poppers out of the waist band of my chaps.  I take a huge hit and lie back.  Karl swings around, facing my feet and settles his ass on my face.  It seems to be surprisingly free from loads, considering how frequently Bob can pump them out.  It still tastes terrific.  I get it as wet as possible.  I am stroking my cock now, occasionally pulling Karl back to an upright position--he doesn’t need to bend to taste my cock.  I want his full weight on my face.  When I think his hole is good and wet, I tap twice on his under thighs.  He gets off my face--just.

“Ride my cock.”

He turns around and settles down on it.  Fuck.  I hated this position in the years when I was wearing Magnums.  Now it is some of the best fucking of the night.  Karl grabs my cock with his hole repeatedly.  It’s still too early in the evening for me to cum, but it feels like I might be able to…but, as so often happens in group play, the moment is broken.

It’s PA-ed Leather guy.  He wants to double fuck this hot ass.  Karl is eager.  He bends forward, our chests grinding together.  I can feel the PA on the underside of my cock--but it never slips into the hole--or at least not more than an inch.  The positioning is just not working.  There are legs and thighs in places making it a strain for all.  We give up after another moment.  Karl rides me for another minute, but both of us want to change position.

And Bob is right there.  “Hey, the sling’s free.”  He scampers off and climbs in.

“He really likes to get fucked?”  I ask as we move to the sling area.

“Sure.  Just let me go first to open him up.”

I smile--I had no idea Karl has a versatile bone in his body.    But Karl is right there, eating his boyfriend out.  I stick my cock in Bob’s mouth.  Before you know it, Karl is fucking him.  I watch his cock disappear in the boy I only know as a multi-orgasmic top.
“Here, Daddy,”  Karl grunts.  “I want you to fuck in this.”

And he shoots up his boyfriend's hole.

“Eat it out,” Bob tells me.   “Then stick that big cock up me.”

I kneel and lick at Karl’s cock, his sweet cum covering it.  I look at the frothy ass he left behind.  I tentatively clean up the surrounding area of his hole.  Bob is moaning.  Then my tongue goes deep.  He’s loaded alright--he pushes out a huge load into my waiting mouth…

More to come…

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cumunion in Madison (Part Two) The Human Dildo

Madison, WI--March, 2012

Immediately after the last post.

I slip away and go sit in the dark area. Perhaps an hour has gone by. This Cumunion is shaping up nicely. I close my eyes for just a second. When I open them I can just about see a tall man getting head in the shadows from the boy who was the first to suck me. The sucker notices me watching. He makes a great show of servicing the cock in front of him. He finally deep throats it. Long trails of spittle are just visible in the light. The top pats his head and moves away to find a fresh mouth. The thin man half smiles and crawls toward my splayed legs and swollen cock…

He nestles between my legs, lifts my cock out of the way, and gently starts licking my balls. It’s great to relax with his hot mouth after the fucking. He gets up on all fours as he switches to tonguing my cock. A handsome man in a harness arrives and slips up my cocksucker’s ass. He groans. The force of the thrusts is forcing him farther and farther down the shaft of my cock. I enjoy it for a moment. Then pull out, afraid of uncontrolled teeth. I hold him as he is fucked. His head now bounces against my chest. He’s lost in sensation--oblivious to the world except for the inches up his ass.

The top leaves. I hold the well fucked bottom for a moment, then rise with him in my arms. He kisses me, turns me so my back is against one of the shelf units, then, bending over impales himself on my cock. He slides expertly back. My breath is truly taken away. After the easy access of the older hole, this man is super tight, even after the pounding I know he just took. His ass is moist and every inch of it clings to my cock. He begins panting over my larger girth--and I know I’m pounding on his prostate. He’s in total control. I can’t thrust back--I can only stand there against the wall--and let him have his way with my dick.

He works my cock tirelessly. He’s begging for me to seed him. I am pretty sure I’m no where near, but it’s unlike me to not be in control. Soon the position is too much for his legs. He pulls off my cock, turns and hugs me. While I’m holding him, I feel him pushed slightly to the side. One of the guys who was watching us, has backed himself up on my cock. I can’t even see who it is. He doesn’t last long. He shoots all over the floor, pulls off and thanks me.

As I’m about to move, one of my favorite Chicago players steps up. It’s Carlos, the gorgeous Latin man with the massive shoulder tattoo. He bends over and backs up slowly, taking me to the hilt. He settles there. But only for a moment. Soon he is pushing back expertly on my cock. I think the top in the harness is back and in his mouth. I am still trapped. Nothing but a fuck stick, a dildo, suction cupped to the shelf unit. And still holding to my side the man who initiated this moment.

Carlos pulls off me to try Harness Top’s cock in his ass. They can barely move away with the crowd of men around us. I try to move toward the sling area, but I can’t. Another man, blond and rather Aryan, has bent over and impaled himself on my cock. He seems to be with a friend or boyfriend. He never takes his off his otter boyfriend. Before I know it, the Aryan has pulled off and the boyfriend is backing his ass on to me. I’m sure this ass is loaded. It glides across my cock with ease. I want to bend and taste it, but it’s impossible in the press of flesh around me.

Just as fast, the two of them are gone. Karl is next to me. I have no idea how long he’s been there.

“I want that,” he whispers in my ear.

He works his way in front of me, bends and slides back onto my cum slicked cock. The tall thin man watches the sixth man on my dick with a look of lust and maybe a little envy. I turn his face to me and we kiss. Two tongues fight for control. Wet. And hot. I pull back and spit down his throat. He reacts like I’d just shot a load in him. He dives back into my mouth to share it all with me.

Karl has pulled off my cock. I feel more than see him clean my cock. And then he is standing, leaning into a threeway kiss with the two of us--bringing the taste of my cock and all those holes up to our eager mouths. We can’t get enough of this. We kiss and paw each other.

The crowd thins as action at the sling draws them all away. I lose Karl. Then slowly let the thin man go. It’s nice just to stand alone--letting some cool air hit me. I lean back and just breathe for a minute--tasting the traces of so many men in m mouth.

The hot leather guy with the massive PA arrives. I grin crookedly.

“I got piss. You want it?”

I smile. “Sure.”


“Right here--I’m not gonna spill any.”

I kneel. His cock is right in my mouth. I try to protect my teeth from the metal. There’s no waiting with him….an immediate strong flow. It’s stronger flavored than I expect. But I swallow. He is grunting with the effort of pissing. And it just stops, no real tapering off at all.

“Thanks,” I mumble.

“Yeah. Hot. Now you owe me a fuck.”

I rise with my usual piss induced rock hard erection. I push him towards the chair where I’d been sitting. “Hang on,” I instruct him. “I’m gonna plow you good….”

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cumunion in Madison (Part One) Piss and Fuck

Madison, WI--March, 2012

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, but I’m not thinking about the Irish.  I drove all morning and into the afternoon to get from Michigan to Madison in time to take a nap, eat dinner, clean my leather and go to my second Cumunion Party.  I had been in touch with a number of people who are waiting to meet me there.  I got on  line before I napped and flirted with the bottom who’s boyfriend had insisted that I fuck him at the December party.  This time both wanted to take my cock--and Karl, the bottom, had promised that he would drink up lots of water and beer for me to recycle….

I find the row of warehouses again with no problem.  It’s about 10:30pm or so.  The parking lot is quite crowded.  I go in and pay my $20.00, then strip out of my flight suit, down to my leather.  I instantly recognize a hot man in leather with a huge PA as one of the men I’d been talking with before the trip.  He’s watching me strip very intently. I check my bag, and tour through the dimly lit play space.

I go up and over the slurp ramp with several glory holes in the wall next to it.  I pass the first sling and head in to the dark area.  All seems to be the same.  I follow the path around a high shelving unit and it leads me to the improved piss area.  There is now a shower floor with a drain--easier to cover guys in it than the old tub.  The mattresses next to the two slings are gone, but the televisions showing porn are still there.  I loop back past the slings and go to the other side of the slurp ramp.  Two mattresses have replaced the cross that no one used.  Then a couple of couches and more porn for moments of rest.  The rim seat is now out in the open--a little exposed if you have any modesty.  Which, of course, I don’t.

I talk to the older couple who have spoken to me on line.  Then the young couple breezes in. They all know each other, of course.  Karl tells me pointedly to come with him--he has to piss.  I follow him over to the drain, but I don’t expect to waste a drop.  I hunker down.  His soft cock goes in my mouth.  And we wait.

And wait.

He takes it out of my mouth, thinking it will be easier if it’s not touching my tongue.  That does the trick--he begins a tiny trickle.  I mange to get it all in my mouth but the first few drops.  It’s sweet.  And the stream builds.  And builds.  He wasn’t kidding.  He is a now a fucking fountain.  It pours straight down my gullet.  My cock erects.  I stroke it a little, but have to think more about swallowing.  Eventually he slows.  And runs off to find his boyfriend.  I stay on the floor.  We’ve attracted a crowd.  The PA-ed leather guy, hairy and dark, thrusts his cock in my mouth.  I suck.  A thin young man crawls between us and takes my cock out of my hand and gives me some expert head.  A late 20’s man is stroking a long thin cock.  Eventually Mr. PA pulls out of my mouth and deep throats him.  He does it bending over, which means I can tongue his ass.  I hear him gasp around the cock he’s sucking.  At least ten men are now in various stages of oral sex around us.  Once again, the I’ve broken the ice…

The older couple are both in the throng of guys giving and getting head.  I fellate both of them at one point, as they do me.  Soon I pull the bottom of the couple towards the sling.

It’s time to fuck.

I get him situated and kneel.  My tongue opens his pucker easily.  A very experienced hole.  He sighs.  “Someone who knows how to eat ass.”  My tongue goes deeper and deeper.  I lube my cock as I lick and chew.  “Your beard is driving me crazy.”  I stand and slap my cock onto his ball sack.  “Fuck, you are even bigger than the pictures.”  I notice we’ve gathered quite a crowd as I slip into him.  I’m met with no resistance at all.  But he can clamp down when he wants to.  I waste no time with letting him get used to me.  I start long, slow strokes.  He is verbal--and loving it.  I notice one of the spectators is Mr. PA.  I motion him over.

“You want that big PA in you?”  I ask.

“Oh, fuck, yeah.”

I pull out, bringing my cock around to his face.  He hungrily cleans it.  I watch Mr. PA slide in.  The bottom’s face contorts around my cock.  I think he mumbles “Jesus.”  He’s being fucked royally.  I move around behind the top and wrap my arms around his chest, pinching and massaging his nipples.  He soon pulls out.  I want to clean it, but I’m good.  I point up to the bottom’s mouth--  “Let him clean you while I taste what you did to his hole.”

His hole was good before, now it’s glorious.  It’s loose and incredibly wet from his own natural lube and everything the two of us have left behind.  I spend long minutes, licking and swallowing.  At one point, he extends his hole into my mouth--a beginning rose bud.  It surprises me, but it is also fucking hot.  I rise up and fuck him with a vengeance.  Mr. PA has to get out of his mouth, I’m rattling the chains so hard.

As I slow, a burly truck driver type indicates he’d like a turn.  I slip out and watch this hirsute man fuck him silly. The chains rattle again as another man steps forward to work the bottom’s chest.

After a bit, I slip away and go sit in the dark area.  Perhaps an hour has gone by.  This Cumunion is shaping up nicely.  I close my eyes for just a second.  When I open them I can just about see a tall man  getting head in the shadows from the boy who was the first to suck me.  The sucker notices me watching.  He makes a great show of servicing the cock in front of him.  He finally deep throats it.  Long trails of spittle are just visible in the light.  The top pats his head and moves away to find a fresh mouth.  The thin man half smiles and crawls toward my splayed legs and swollen cock…

More to come...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Motel Breeding

Kalamazoo--March, 2012

“We’ll be in the cheap motel--the usual one.”  Cam, the married top who loves to watch me fuck, is typing away on Adam4Adam.  His favorite Boy, the one from Wedding Band Fuckfest has been asking and asking for more cock.  I agree to go help breed him--not sure who all will be there...

It’s a motel that used to be part of national chain, but no more.  I park, nod to the Pakistani owner and find room 219.  It’s around on the inside of the motel wing--looking out over a concrete courtyard.  I knock and Cam is right there to let me in.  I open the door, and I see Jerry plowing the Boy.  I go over, give his ass a friendly whack and start to strip.  The boy is always prettier than I remember.  A good thing.  He’s late 30’s, maybe 40, but trim, buff and insatiable in situations like this.  As I get my 501’s off, I see Jerry pull out and let Cam go back up him.  The last time I saw Jerry, he was bottoming in A Bookstore Full of Fuck Buds.  He’s close to my age, truly versatile, married, with a little more weight than he’d like, but carrying it well.

I flop on the bed and get my swelling cock in line with the Boy’s mouth.  He grins up at me, and takes it down easily.  My dick immediately begins to swell and cut off his oxygen.  He pulls up and settles for licking the head.

I pull out, letting Jerry take my place.  Cam is still fucking.  And telling us all about what he feels.  I stroke, watching both ends of the Boy get used.

“Are you expecting more guys?”  I ask.

“Naw,” Cam grunts.  “This isn’t enough?”  The Boy makes a non-committal sound around Jerry‘s cock.  “Here.  Fuck him good.”  Cam pull out.

I sink to my knees.  I lean forward and taste.  It never gets old to me.  The men have been up him awhile.  I can taste precum and lube.  Cam uses God awful lube--from his wife’s bedside drawer, I swear.  I don’t linger as long as I might.  I stand.  I run my cock head down his ass crack.  The Boy groans.  I slip in.  I inch in ever so slowly.  He may have been getting fucked for awhile, but I’m thicker than the other men.  He’s opening for me.  Slowly.  I keep up a barely perceptible push forward.  Cam’s eyes are glued to my cock--aware of every millimeter I sink in.  Even Jerry has leaned forward over the boy’s head to watch me take his ass.  Soon my unruly pubes are plastered on his butt cheeks.

“You want me to fuck you?”  It’s rhetorical.  He grunts again around Jerry’s cock.  I pull out.  Almost as slowly.  Then inch it in again.  Jerry gets off the bed and comes around to watch.  Then I pull out.  Then in--just the tiniest bit faster.

“Please,”  he whimpers.  “Fuck me hard.”

But I don’t.  Not yet.  I’m having too much fun.  I keep up the slow in and out for as long as I can stand it.  Without warning, I smack his ass hard with the back on my hand and begin pounding it with my cock.

This inspires Cam.  He bends Jerry over, so the men on the bed are side by side.  He is up  Jerry in a flash, and matching me stroke for stroke.  The bottoms are grunting in unison.  It’s hot.  And I love how the bed thumps against the wall.

We keep it up for quite awhile.  I eventually catch Cams eye.  He knows what I want to do.  We switch off, sliding home into the other man.  Jerry bucks forward as the bigger cock enters him, but then is right with me.  We fuck and fuck.

Both men ride me and Cam.

We try a less than successful DP on the Boy.

I fuck both kneeling on the bed.

But I love standing, with either of them on all fours.  As does Cam.  Surprisingly, I hear him unload in the Boy.  I felch a little, then let Jerry in to fuck.  It’s just what he needs to get back into top mode.

“Damn your cum feels good,”  he pants.  And then he’s shooting his own into the Boy as well.  When he pulls out, I’m kneeling and waiting, slightly poppered, to clean his cock and dive into the hole.  No taste of bad lube now, just a frothy mess of mixed man juice.  I lick and swallow.

I’m not really ready to shoot, but I’m guessing not much else will be happening so I will myself to cum.  “Do you want another load in you?”


I insert just my head.

“Please, what?”  I mutter.

“Please, Sir.”  I thrust home.   And in a matter of just a few strokes, I shoot.

Now I just need to learn the Boy’s name.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The String is Broken

The Playroom--March, 2012

I met him at a motel party.  He was a fun group bottom.  He was always eager to jump into any combination of guys.  But I wasn’t sure that there was enough there for an extended playtime at my place.  But he wrote repeatedly.  He begged.  He said really nice things.  He told me he had more of a kink side than he could show at the motel.  He hoped for piss in the ass…

Well, that did it.  Sure he could come over.  We had to work hard to make our schedules mesh--I’d had all that travel for work, and an incredible amount of play.  But we found one.  Finally.  He drove in and arrived mid day.  I took him upstairs. He undressed as I went back down to my bedroom to change.  Soon I am clumping up the stairs…

He is on the floor, right where he should be. Kneeling.  Looking expectantly at my bulging jock.   He is carrying more weight than he should, but I concentrate on his fine ass.  It is framed in some sort of ass-less brief, now all the rage.  The large globes of his ass look delectable, framed by the fabric.  

I stand before him.  “Get my cock hard.”  He leans forward.  His mouth is all over the pouch.  He moans.  I am getting hard quickly from his hot breath and his eagerness to serve.  Soon the big head of my cock pokes around the fabric.  His mouth is all over it.  I push the fabric back. My shaft springs out, slapping his face just below the eye.  He swallows it down.  Ah---yes.  I remember that mouth.  He’s good.  He knows how to  suck creatively.  I am hard and dripping on his tongue.

And I’m ready to fuck.  I get him on all fours on the bed.  I kneel ready to rim…

But there’s blood.  Not coming out of his hole, but in a ring a half inch around it.  I grab some paper towel.  I dab at it.  It’s still bleeding.  There is no way I can bury my face in his ass.  I slip on a Magnum and try to fuck….but the moment is totally broken.

I tell him.  He is devastated.  I explain that if I can’t rim, I’m not going to be any good fucking.   And he knows that from our previous play.  I try again, but there is even more blood  flowing.

We try to talk as he dresses.  Neither of us know what to say.

Empty promises are made about playing another time.

Then he’s gone.

And my string of great play dates screeches to a halt…

Monday, March 26, 2012

Four Pigs In a Room Fucking

Chicago--March, 2012

Immediately after the previous post.

So there was no way I was not going to Warren’s after the piss party.  We toweled down, got in our clothes and he rode with me to his apartment that might as well be on Lake Shore Drive.  He has a beautiful apartment, but the moment I walked in I only had eyes for the sling which was squeezed into place next to Warren’s double bed.  He’d invited a regular play bud, Harry, a man about my age and build who had enthusiastically sat on my cock at the piss party.  And Mark, my older piss bud from Michigan, who had fucked Warren in the back corner of the bar.  Four older guys, three true versatiles and me, but all four with some major meat...

We are the first to arrive.  We both rinse off in the shower.  (I never think I smell of piss after the piss party until I step out into the fresh air.)  We don’t wait.  I get Warren into the sling.  My mouth is instantly plastered between his generous ass cheeks.  His hole is still slightly puffy from our two cocks fucking him at the bar.  I work deep very fast.  He’s moaning--and telling me it’s been way too long.  I spit into his hole,  stand up and slap the head of my cock against his hole.  I glide into place.  All the way to the hilt.  In a single thrust.

“Shit!”  he moans.  “Fuck the hell out of me.”

I start slowly.  I am just up to a good speed as the door buzzes.  We stop and let in Harry.

“I see you two waited for me,” he grins.  He bends and licks my cock.  “Oh, yeah.  I taste Warren.”

Harry gets naked fast, throwing his clothes out of the way in the living room.  I am pounding Warren again in the sling as he comes into the bedroom.  He stands, stroking and watching me fuck.  I look at him questioningly.  He nods.  I slip out and he enters his friend’s ass.  His cock is thinner than mine, but almost as long.  Warren sighs and closes his eyes as he takes the familiar cock.  He is stroking his fat dick all the while.  I sit on the bed, but can swing around and work his nipples with both hands.  Soon I’m on the floor, cleaning Harry’s cock, licking Warren’s hole, drinking Harry’s piss and slipping my dripping dick back up Warren.

Warren, I know, is an excellent top, but for these first 30 minutes, he is luxuriating in not having to be the ubiquitous top of Chicago.  Harry and I take turn’s up his hole.  Once I slide up Harry as he fucks Warren, but there’s not quite room to do that--a corner of a bureau keeps catching me on the back stroke.

Mark arrives.  He kisses me--and asks if I want any piss.  You gotta love friends….I drink long and deep.

We’ve all changed positions.  Mark is fucking Warren  doggy style on the bed.  Harry is in the sling.  His feels delightfully different, not quite as velvety, but he’s very skilled as he milks my cock.   Soon Mark and I switch hole.  He plows Harry and I move over to taste what he did to Warren.  His hole now has precum from the three of us in it.  I get so hard swallowing it, I know I need to insert my cock up him right now.  I do.  It makes him jump.  For a moment, all finesse is gone.  I’m just an animal rutting.  Eventually I slow--or I’ll blow.   And it looks like no one else is close.

We rotate again.  Now we are all taking turns on Mark.  Warren, in particular, is taking delight in reversing the fuckings he’s gotten from this muscle man.  I work nipples--on Mark in the sling--on Warren, standing behind him as he fucks--on Harry who, when it’s not his turn, is spread eagled on the bed.  Soon Harry pulls me around and buries his face in my ass.  I sit down on his face--reveling in a rim job--something I don’t often get.

Finally, Mark is out of the sling.  I get up off Harry’s face and lean over to kiss him, tasting myself on his tongue.  Mark crawls up and sits on Harry’s cock.  I work my way around to the sling and get Warren back into it.  I slip easily into his overused hole.  Suddenly there is a loud grunt from the bed.  Harry is shooting up Mark.  I pause the fucking and kneel  down on the floor--my eyes level with where his cock is slowly exiting Mark’s overflowing hole.  Mark knows me well.  He get off slowly.  Letting me lick Harry’s cock.  He elevates his ass, so he’s on all fours to let me eat out the load.  It’s thick and very white.  I stand and insert my cock in the load.  I sigh.  Fucking heaven.

Warren comes over.  I let him fuck in the load for a bit, too.  I lick the froth off Warren’s cock.  And it’s too much.  I need to shoot.  I roughly enter Warren and breed him for the very first time.  I collapse on his back…

Some how I’m in a different place on the bed, being held tightly by Harry. Mark and Warren are working each other to shoot.  My mind is a blur as to what they do.  But I know they shoot on to stomachs and thighs and I let it stay there.  “ I must  be exhausted,” I mutter mostly to myself.  “I just can’t clean you up….”

Piss Party Reunion

Chicago--March, 2012

The second Saturday of the month was the Chicago Piss Party.  I made it in in easily--even taking some back roads to avoid the toll road.  I got there an hour ahead of the party.  I parked behind the bar, and, while hydrating constantly, read my book until just before starting time.  The joke with the organizers is that I am always the second person to sign in.  Today I was first.   I guessed it would be a small crowd.  I was right, but it was a very playful one…

I’m stripped to my yellow jock, wrist bands and combat boots.  My cock is barely contained in the jock, making me look bigger than usual.   It’s one of those unseasonably hot March days, so it’s actually warm in the bar.  There are only about ten guys in attendance at this point--and no one is playing yet.  I need to fix that.  An older daddy with just a fringe of white hair is leaning on one of the tables, sipping his beer.  I head in his direction.  We talk--about the weather--his foreskin-my lack of one--foreskin restoration--which leads us to Al Parker.  He tells me about the time he shared a shower with the legendary porn star, right after Al’s restoration surgery.  And before you know it, I am down and sucking his small, super hard cock, luxuriating in working his foreskin with my tongue. I rise.  I piss into his foreskin.  He squirms with delight.  I kneel and suck my piss out of it.  This makes him piss.  I get the entire first bottle of recycled beer.  And when I stand back up I see that we’ve gained 20 more people and they are almost all having sex.  I wave to Mark, my older piss pal from Michigan across the room.

It’s a day of drinking.  I seem to constantly be sucking cock and drinking piss.  And it seems to keep happening in groups of three or four.  I will be getting piss from a guy, another man will shoot his stream on the cock that’s in my mouth.  Another will join him.  And some man hoses me down from the back---what a fucking waste!

I get out of the back corners for awhile and walk over to the inflatable pool.  Two men are 69ing in the pool.  I watch as they go from sucking cock to eating ass, to back again.  The pool is ringed with men.  We each piss on them as they play.  Some guys aim their stream right at the asshole that’s being licked.  Some just cover them.  I aim mine at the cock sucker’s mouth.  He stops to catch some of my hot piss, then goes back to the cock, as I play my endless stream on his face, his hair and back to his mouth.

I’ve not seem Mark since we waved to each other early on.  I finally locate him in the back corner.  I look closely.  I can’t believe it.  He’s fucking Warren.

When I first started going to the piss parties six years ago, Warren was the hottest man in attendance.  He knew it, but played well with absolutely anyone who showed interest.  Warren is just under my height, gym built, tattoos on each shoulder and truly versatile.  He loves to plow hole as much as bend over for it.  In the old days, we would play in all sorts of ways--either sharing hole or just drinking from each other.  Occasionally I’d fuck him.  But he would always end his evening at my feet.  He loved to jerk off his final load with my cock in his mouth.  I haven’t seen him in over three years.  Except in some piss porn he’s made where he takes huge things up his glorious ass.  And here he is, bent over taking my hot, 60 year old friend.

I  go up to them.  Both smile at me.  I grin back.  And piss on Warren’s ass. I piss long and hard, so that it flows down over Mark's cock as it enters him.  Warren is jerking himself.  Fast.  He suddenly grunts.  He’s shooting all over the floor.  Mark slows his fucking, then pulls out.  I sink to the floor and he sticks his cock in my mouth.  I clean it--then dive into Warren’s ass.  No load--but it tastes incredible.

He finally stands up.  So do I.  We kiss.  Long and hard.  He tells me he needs recovery time, but to find him later.

I continue to play.  Drinking and giving.  Pissing and swallowing.

As the party winds down, I find Warren at the bar.  He is leaning over it, talking to the bartender.  I walk up, piss on his ass crack, lick it up and work my cock up his battered hole.  He grunts.  He knows it’s me without looking.  I am balls deep in him.  I want to breed him.  I don’t think I ever have.  I’m fucking him hard enough now to make him stop talking.  He turns his head back to me.

“Why don’t you bring that cock back to my house.  I’ve asked a couple of guys over…”

I nod yes.

“Good,“  he continues. “You should breed me in my sling.”

I can’t fucking wait…

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Waiting for the New Pig

I’m not going to apologize for not having written much this month.  I have had so much play, it’s actually taken my time away from writing.  And as much as I love my readers, I am afraid plowing ass will come before writing it up.

But I have a lot in the works:

The March piss party

A fantastic four way after the piss party

A rotten hook-up

A motel four way that lead us all to breed one boy.

My last trip to CumUnion Madison

And a bondage scene in Detroit.

And as I was typing up the first paragraph of the piss party post, a very handsome pig who I don’t know wrote to me.  He’s in a town that is close enough for him to drive here for what he craves.  So once again--I will be pissing instead of writing about it.

And what does the picture have to do with anything?  He asked me to put on the used jock.  So picture this one--and then add all of the above meets into how it smells and tastes….

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Real Guys Doing It.

Jackson--March, 2012

There are times that after long (and good) sex sessions, I’m sated for a couple of days.  And there are times I’m sated for just a couple of hours.  I stayed the night in Detroit after Kevin’s gangbang in a bottle--and fucking in Tom’s loaded ass.  My motel room smelled of men and cum.  I slept soundly for the first time in a week--breathing in the heady aroma--and started back to west Michigan feeling sated and refreshed.  That feeling lasted for the first 60 miles.  I was fucking horned and ready for more by the time I hit Jackson.  I decided to stop at the bookstore--the one with all the sofas and televisions blaring different types of porn.  An early Sunday afternoon--I thought that might be a busy time there.

I was wrong.  Two cars were in the lot.  And one I was sure was the cashiers.  I guess it shows how horned I was--for I went in anyway…

I go down the chipped concrete stairs to the booths before I spend the money on the lounge.  There are two men--where the hell did they park?--loitering around the booths, pretending to look at the boxes of the videos playing.  Neither were interesting to me or vice versa.   I go to the back wall.  One booth is busy--the “Occupied” sign glows in the dim light.  The door is shut.  I touch it carefully.  It stays put.  Locked.  I listen.  I’m fairly sure the guy is alone in there.  I lean against the back wall, staring at nothing.  In moments, I hear sounds of a zipper and belt buckle being fastened.  The door swings open.  A younger guy steps out.  On a busy day, he’d get totally ignored; today he has a cubbish charm.  He looks at me.  Longer than you’re supposed to.  Then takes off up the stairs.  I follow.  He goes into the lounge. I pay the admission, and follow him in.

The  place is deserted.  There is no one in the lesbian porn area, or the transsexual.  Yup.  He’s sitting, pants around his ankles, stroking a fairly hefty cock, while watching the side by side porn screens--one showing straight and the other showing gay.  I sit across from him.

“You suck?”  he asks.  There is no reason to be coy.  No one is here.

I shrug.

“Get me off.”

It’s no surprise that after all the hours of fucking on Saturday that I’m in an oral mood.  I kneel before him, praying he hasn’t used some God awful tasting lube on his cock.  I oval wide--and take him to the root in a swift stroke.

“Jesus.  Do that again and…”  He doesn’t have time to finish the sentence.  He spurts in my mouth.  He pats me on the head, pulls himself together and is gone before I get up off the floor.
And nothing.  No one is around.

I’ve paid enough money for this day pass, I am not about to leave.

I wait.

I get a late lunch.

Still no one is around.

I go out to the car and get my laptop.  I find a table in this old strip club and begin working on the second part of the St Louis orgy post.

Still no one.

I am having fun typing away--remembering Will in the bedroom.

The door swings open.

Quite an old man appears.  He gropes his crotch as he passes me--I’m lit by the laptop.  He goes into the gay/straight room.  He’s gone for awhile.  I keep typing.  He comes and checks out the lesbian porn.  He opens his fly and starts stroking.

Soon he moves around behind me.


Then from out of the darkness:  “You really go to an orgy?”

“Yeah.  I write about my sex life.”

“And you fucked a guy?”

I turn slightly to him.  “Yeah, I’ve fucked a guy  before.”

He‘s flogging a pretty limp cock.  “That’s what I want.  I’ve only tried it once. And it hurt like hell.”

“Then you don’t want me.  I’m too big.”

“You got a big one?”

“Yeah.”  I open my picture file on the computer.  I show him the picture of my cock that is on the masthead of this blog.



“You got pictures of you fucking?”

“Yeah.”  I click open another file.  It’s a series of pictures of me taking my first raw ass. There is a picture for every inch of my cock going in.  And pulling out.  And of me licking the cummy mess of his hole.  (The cameraman--the third in a three-way-- had had a great time detailing it all.)

“Jesus.  That’s hotter than anything in here.  That’s what I like.  Real guys doing it.”  He is erect now and stroking.  He can’t take his eyes off my pics.  “Shit, you’re gonna make me make a mess.”

For what ever reason I turn around, more to keep it off the back of my shirt than attraction.  I am just in time.

I didn’t let him make a mess at all.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Got Anything Left For Me?”

Detroit--March, 2012

This picks up right after the last post.

I shut the motel door on Kevin and Mikey.   I flop on the bed for a moment, sigh deeply, get up and click off the piss porn playing on the computer.  I restore BBRT and, as I’m about to log out, I get one more message.

“Too late,” I think.

It’s Tom.  He talks to me whenever he is in Michigan.  (It’s particularly appropriate he caught me today since he was the bottom who took the last few guys in the 2010 gangbang after Kevin wore out.  I mention him in the comments section of the post The Breeder wrote.)  And here he is online…

“I am in Detroit tonight.  I saw you had a group.  Got anything left for me?”

I am about to type “no” when my cock does a little jump.   I write back a more ambiguous reply.

He answers with “I have three loads up my ass--and thought of you.”

I think I typed back one word:  “Where?”

I am dressed and out the door in no time.  His hotel is only a few minutes from me.  I find it easily and go in.  He’s in a much nicer place than my cheap one.  The elevator is easy to spot and I get out on the fourth floor.  He opens the door naked.  He is one of those men that is so good looking, I can never figure out why he would want me.  Yeah, for my cock--and it starts hardening just looking at him.  Dark blond, a body nicely worked out in his Chicago gym.  He’s a good ten years younger than I.

“You have some good cock tonight?” I ask.

He shrugs.  “All three gave me loads.  That’s all I care about.”

He gets on all fours, near the edge of the bed as I get out of my clothes.  I toss my jeans on the desk chair and kneel behind him.  I can smell the cum leaking out of his ass.  I take a hit of my Jungle Juice Platinum and dig in.  The earlier cum up Kevin had been freezer burned.  Here was fresh delivered cum from back to back fucks.  The fist lick of his hole delivers a large dollop of mixed loads on my tongue.  I grunt in pleasure and dig deeper into him.

“Eat my hole, you hot fucker.”

I do.  And swallow.  I pull his furry cheeks apart, getting every drop I can.

Finally, I stop and rise to insert my cock.  My beard is a mass of semen.  I spit on my dick and the head just slides right in.

“That’s the dick I love,” he grunts.  “Fuck me.”

I do.  I fuck him hard.  I have to actually tell myself not to cum.  He is pushing back.  Hard.  And squeezing down on me.  I drill deep.

Finally I stop.  I bring my cock around to his mouth.  “Taste that cum.”  He is such a good cocksucker.  He cleans it all, sucking and licking on my thick shaft.  I go back around to his ass.  I have pulled a massive amount of cum out of his ass.  I sink back down and lick it up.

When I’m done, I lie down on the bed.  “Sit on my face--then sit on my cock when you’re ready.”   Tom stands above me, straddling my chest, his hairy legs rising up to his gorgeous butt.  Slowly he brings it down to my face.  I lick.  He sighs.  I grunt. He wiggles down to get me in deeper.  He has the muscles to be able to push out just a little cum into my mouth.

Eventually he rises, moves down my body and sits on my cock, facing away from me.  He sinks down on my cock, milking it for all he’s worth.  I thrust up to meet him.  The sound of my hips slapping against his full ass fills the hotel room.  Again he takes me to the edge.  I’m about to blow my load--and he slows to a stop.  Can he feel it?

I push him slightly forward.  Keeping my cock in him, I get him back up to doggy--with me kneeling behind him.  I lean across his back.  “I have to cum,” I whisper in his ear.”

“Give it to me.”

I am pumping.  Hard.  Literally slamming into his ass--as if I haven’t had sex for ages, instead of the long hours of fucking I have done today.

I can feel my cock swell.

My load spews into his ass.

Tom is moaning--milking my cock.

I can’t stop shooting---and he won’t stop squeezing.

Finally I have to pull out.  My cum gushes out along with my cock.  I fall back on the bed.  Tom turns and slowly, carefully, takes my deflating cock into his hot, wet mouth.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Gang Bang In a Bottle

Detroit--March, 2012

“We have to do it again,”  my fuck-bud wrote.  The “It” he was referring to was the gangbang I hosted where he took more than 16 loads from 18 or so guys.  (The last six loads went up another guy--after Kevin wore out.)  This was the GB the Breeder attended and wrote up--and the post where I let Rob know I knew he was writing up his sexual encounters.  

So I got busy.  I emailed everyone who attended the last one.  I wrote several tops I’d met since the event.  Kevin let several of his regulars know.  And two men came.  Out of the 20 who had agreed to show.  And bottoms wonder why I don’t do this more often…But that’s not the point of this post.  After I stopped listening for the door or for the phone to buzz, I had a great time…

He’s lying on the bed, his ass perfectly framed by his jock.  He knows I’m watching.  He reaches back and let’s his index finger play with his hole.  This man is in his late 40’s, but looks younger.  His ass is Italian perfection.   He’s a former dancer--full bubble butt, incredibly limber.  And good looking on top of all that.

“Did I tell you I okayed an odd one?”  I ask, turning back to the computer.


“This guy who just wants to watch.”

“That’s cool. There will be plenty of other dick.”

Little did we know.

I minimize BBRT on the computer, start the porn and kneel at the foot of the bed.  I lean in.  My face lands in his upturned ass.  He tastes of Irish Spring.  He’s trimmed his hair in the crack of his ass so it’s stubble--a little rough on my tongue.  I get a bristle stuck in my gum line-and it stays there for the entire play time.  I tongue his hole, pulling the full cheeks apart.

He sighs.   “It’s been way too long.”

I grunt into his ass.  I lick some more, then rear up and slowly stick my cock in him.

“Fuck, that’s nice.”

And then there is a knock at the door.

“I think it’s the watcher,” I tell Kevin.

I open the door.  And I’m stunned.   Even though I’ve seen a picture of a well defined chest on his profile, I am not expecting him to be so good looking.  Voyeur conjures up all sorts of pejorative terms and pictures in my head.  He is anything but the leper in the trench coat, in the back row of some porn palace.  I guess his age at 35 to 40, 5’ 10” or so, a gym built chest with tufts of hair showing at the collar.  He is excited.  And nervous.

I tell him our names.

“You guys okay with me doing this?”

We both assure him that we are.   He unbuttons the waistband of his jeans, but makes no other move to strip.  I go back to Kevin’s hole.  I bury my face in it.  Very aware of the new set of eyes on me.  I lick, pull Kevin up to all fours and enter him.  The Voyeur’s hand instantly starts kneading his jeans as he watches me fuck.

“You go deep man.  You gonna breed him?”

I just grin at him, as I slam my cock home.

There’s a knock at the door.  I pull out and answer it.  It’s Mikey, the Breeder’s older brother.  We hug.  First names are given all round.  I slip back up Kevin‘s hole.  Now I have two people watching.  They never take their eyes off me.  The Watcher sheds a shirt.  His chest is magnificent.  Hair curls up from it in every direction. The Watcher and Mikey know each other.  They compare notes from a previous meet as Mikey drops his shirt on the chair.

Then we get down to fucking.  Mikey takes over from me as soon as he’s stripped.  He keeps Kevin on the bed, on all fours, as he stands and drills him. Soon I replace him.  I make the Voyeur get down on the floor so he is lying under my legs, looking up at my cock entering this beautiful ass.  He likes what he sees.  He opens his fly and pulls out a just slightly larger than average cock. He beats it.  Fast.  Mikey moves up behind me.  He holds me tight.  His cock nestles in my ass crack, his strong arms hold me tight as I thrust.  The Voyeur must have an incredible sight.  Maybe too good.  He stops stroking and wiggles out from under our spread legs.  I pull out, turn, and suck Mikey’s cock, getting it dripping with saliva for him to re-enter Kevin.  In another few moments, it glides home.

Eventually we move Kevin to the sling.  It just fits in this cheap motel room.  I am up him first, fucking fast and furious.  Mikey is to the side, tweaking nipples and beating his cock on Kevin’s chest.  The Watcher now trusts us enough to have removed his pants.  He is everywhere.  Behind me looking over my shoulder.  Under me--even easier now to squirm below the sling and watch the penetration.  He sometimes stands to the side.  Sometimes, if I spend too long rimming, he watches the porn…he’s all about bare cock entering wet ass…

But he’s never in the way or intrusive.  It’s like looking up and seeing a hot jock spying on you in the locker room.  The three of us really like performing for his pleasure.

.Mikey takes another turn fucking Kevin.  I check BBRT and my phone one last time.  No one else is showing.  And I don’t care.  I’m having a great time.  I move next to the Voyeur’s ear and whisper “It’s time.”

I go back to fucking Kevin.  Mikey is getting his tongue up my ass on the backstroke.

“I have something for you.”  The Voyeur has appeared at my side.  He brandishes a large prescription pill bottle.  “I froze my cum when I knew you guys were doing this.  You wanna fuck in it?”   We all love the idea.  Mikey has risen and is watching closely.  Voyeur uncaps the bottle.  It’s no longer frozen but a creamy sludge.  It must be a good 10 to 12 loads.  I pause and pull out---just leaving the head of my cock in Kevin.

“Pour it on my dick.“  The Voyeur’s eyes widen.  But he does.  Just a dollop.  I slowly fuck it into Kevin.  Once I have churned it into him, we do another.  And another.  Kevin is becoming a frothy mess.

Some is poured on Kevin’s lips.  Mikey and he kiss.

Some is poured on Kevin’s cock.  I lick it up and reverse felch it into his hole.

I fuck.  Harder and faster.  I slowly stop and let Mikey feel how good the new lube feels in his ass.  Mikey revels in the cum, then pulls out, and knowing me so well, has me clean his cock off.  This sends the Watcher into orbit.  He’s talking a lot now.  But it’s hot.  It’s spurring us on.

Soon I sense the Voyeur needs to cum.  I suggest we get Kevin on the bed.  He’s on all fours again.  I fuck.  The Watcher strokes right by my side.  Mikey on the other.

“Yeah.  Fuck him.  Fuck in my cum.  Oh, fuck……”

I pull out.  He moves over and shoots a huge load on Kevin’s puffy hole.  He moves, never taking his eyes off me as I use my cock head to gather his load and push his cum into Kevin.

“Do it.”  He tells me.  “Fuck in my load.”

Ever so slowly, my cock sinks deep into the creamy mess…

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So when you have no time to write a blog entry, what do you do?

I explore my inbox.

And look what I found:  My cock about to go up a sleazy fucker.

I had shared his boyfriend with him while we spit in each other's mouths. 
I ate his cum out of his partner.
And then he wanted a turn in the sling.
I obliged.
And finally gave him my load.
Felched it.
And snowballed it.
Yeah, I'm a sleazy fucker, too...

Two years ago....Wow...really?

tempus fugit....

(I have quite a backlog of entries.  I promise they are in the works...)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

As Big as My Arm

My Playroom--March, 2012

I had not seen Kurt since the December when I put my cock, arm and both fists up his experienced hole.  My travel schedule for work and play had taken me away for large periods of time.  And, frankly, while I love hole play, I don’t need a steady diet of it.  But we were both more than ready to meet up again…

My hand is in his ass. His sphincter clamps down on my wrist.  I’m tapping on the fourth steel ball bearing I’ve shoved up his ass.  So far while lying in the sling he’s drunk my piss, taken my cock, sighed as my fist popped in and now, after very little stretching, I’ve been adding the 2” ball bearings.  My tapping makes them rattle together.  He sighs again, and takes a huge huff of poppers.  They rattle again.  I work my hand out slowly.  My hard cock glides in.  It travels across the cool surface of the steel in his ass.

“Oh, yeah.  Fuck me hard.”

I deliberately don’t.  I do long strokes.  All the way in.  Almost all the way out.  Then it’s all the way in and all the way out.  I use my ramrod cock to slap his tender balls.  He’s only just revealed to me that he likes some CBT.  I tighten my left hand around the top of the nut sack, tightening down until the balls are tight and shiny in their sack.  My cock slaps them again.  He grunts in that mixture of pleasure and pain.  I slap with my dick one more time and slide into his over lubed chute.  Now I fuck him hard.  So hard he’s panting.  So hard I have to take a breather.

I have not let go of his nut sack the entire time I am pummeling his ass.  My right hand comes down hard on his taut nuts.


That one truly hurt.  I massage them for a minute with my greasy black gloved fingers.  He’s breathing raggedly.  And my right hand smacks them again.

“Shit!”  My cock is back up him the moment the word is out of his mouth.

“Take it,”  I tell him.

And he does.  Another hit of poppers, with me slowing the strokes so he won’t slop them, and another hard fuck attack.  This time when I slow, I dig the balls out.  I replace them with my dildo with which I like to double fuck.  He knows the drill on this one.  Once he feels the egg shaped head go in, he starts begging me to add my cock.  I do.  He feels full.  But not tight.  I slap his balls once more.  Lightly.  His ass contracts around both invaders.  I fuck quite contentedly in his tighter hole.

He’s brought a new toy.  Balls on a string.  A set of four rubber balls spaced apart with a plastic coated cord.  These balls are slightly larger than the ball bearings.  I push the first one in manually.  The next one I get half way in, then push it the rest of the way with my cock.  I fuck around the two balls.  The third goes in.  Then the fourth.  My cock feels resistance as I try to enter.  Then the last one slips into place and I glide over it.  I can feel the difference in the rougher material and in the size.  And in the tighter hole.  It makes for a very hot fuck.

I  pull a chair over.  I sit.  It’s time for the black monster.  The dildo that takes both my hands to support.  It’s 15 inches long.  I can circle both hands around it’s circumference.  Just.  The head is greased, my gloved hand adding Crisco.  I bring it up to his hole.  He swallows it instantly.  No fuss, no seeming stress.  I glob on more grease.  I keep a steady pressure and the entire length glides home.

I don’t know why it surprises me.  These are the toys he uses on himself when he can’t find a play partner.  I pull it out.  Sink it all the way home again.  This time I strike the heel of my hand against the base of it.  It shakes and drives a miniscule bit deeper.  He audibly groans.

I repeat.  This time when I pull it out, I hold it up to my arm.  It’s thicker, but the same length as from the tips of my fingers to my elbow.  Last session, he took my forearm when he was on all fours.  I decide to see if he can do it in the sling.  I grease myself.  My hand is up him before I know it.  I keep a slight pressure.  I move ever so slowly up him.  He huffs poppers.  On cue, his insides relax and I slide to the elbow.  I am leaning over him, held in place by his ass.  He sighs.  Relaxes.  And I start the slow withdrawal.  I can’t get over how his slick, smooth insides have raised my temperature.  It is so warm.

As my fingers pull out (and Kurt comes back to earth) he tells me he wants both fists again.  I get him up and out of the sling.  He kneels on the bed.  My left slips in.  I have four fingers of my right up him.   But no more.  I work the left out, and start with the right.  It’s soon buried up him.  I stretch with my left--and it disappears.  We both hold our breath.  I barely move inside him.  Then slowly do a tiny lateral stretch.  He sighs.  Then tells me his hole has had enough.  I work myself slowly out of his hole.  He starts to get up.

“Wait a minute.”  I hold him down.  My hard cock goes up his battered hole.  “Here.”

He expects me to shoot.  But I piss.  On and on.  He’s fucking full.  “Yeah, he croons into the mattress, “Fill me with your piss.”  Finally I stop.  He gets up, keeping it all in him, and kneels in front of me on the tarp and starts to jerk.  He’s close.  I stand in front of him.  My pissy cock slapping his nose.  I’m stroking too.  I shoot across his face.  He erupts all over the tarp and his stomach.

He showers quickly and leaves.  He sends me an email later in the day:

“Hey Buddy!! Thanks for the awesome play. My hole felt so wonderful after being fucked by your huge schlong and being double fisted. LOVED the fact that you pissed up my ass and sent me on my way. Got called into work on the way home. Worked for six hours while the ENTIRE time your piss was running down my leg!!! Was SO HOT!!! Got hard a couple of times thinking about it! Needless to say I did not step from behind my register. Keep in touch and let me know when you want to use my hole!”

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Will Throws a Party--In the Bathroom (Part Three)

St Louis--February, 2012

“I have something for you,”  the older top whispers in my ear.  I’m taking a breather, sitting, watching some barely adequate porn.  The crowd has thinned a little.  I have fucked the cum out of the Handsome Black Top.  I have put my fist up Will, the host, making him drool copious amounts of precum and piss.  I have been playing pretty much non-stop for three and a half hours.  And I need to sit for a minute.

Or maybe not.

I look at the older top.

He nods.  “Come on.”

We go into the bathroom.  I kneel on the small mosaic tile--a tiny black and white checkerboard.  He hefts his sizable cock and walks over to me.  He puts his semi-erect dick in my mouth. I let it rest on my bottom teeth, covering them carefully with my bottom lip.  It’s such an automatic response to start sucking--or using my tongue.  But I just let it rest there.

“You want it?”

I nod my head slightly.  A look of tremendous concentration crosses his craggy face.  We wait.  He can’t quite make his cock do what he wants.  I am salivating--there is something so primal about taking his piss.  I’ve sucked his cock.  I’ve eaten his cum out of the host’s ass. Now I want this one more thing--I want  to feel that cascade of hot, hot liquid over my tongue.

I feel his cock twitch.  Then just the tiniest spurt of piss.  My tongue welcomes it.  I swallow hungrily.  It’s sweet.  He’s been drinking beer all night just for this moment.  He looks down at me, silently checking to see if it’s all right.  I meet his gaze.  He can see it in my eyes.  Fucking imploring him to let go…

Yeah, this is the moment I can totally sub out.

Looking up at an older daddy.

His cock in my mouth.

Waiting for him to feed me.

And I don’t care whether it’s cum or piss.  What ever he feels like…

Fuck, man.  Give me your piss…

And he does.  At least a couple of good spurts.  I swallow the first one.  I let the second roll around my mouth for a second.  None of those silly fine wine similes.  I want his taste to linger on my tongue.  I want to savor this man, I’ll likely never see or taste again.

Another bigger, longer squirt.  His pipes are opening up.  I chug it.  His cock is growing slightly.  I hope he can piss hard.  With the next spurt, I’m having to swallow quickly.  He has it going now.  I love this moment.  I am gulping and sweating.  I swallow it all.  No slopping.

“Oh, you dirty fucker.  Take my piss.”

I am, oh, fuck, I am.  It is now a torrent crossing my tongue.  I swallow and swallow.  My lubed hand has been working my cock.  I have to stop or I’ll shoot.  I’ve reached that moment where you hope his flow will stop, and yet you don’t really want him to…but he does.

It slows.  A tiny trickle.

Then stops.

I keep his cock  in my mouth for a bit.  It swells a little more.  But the older top grabs me under the arms, and pulls me up.

We hug.

He kisses me.   Exploring my mouth.  Tasting what he gave me.

“Damn.  That’s good.”  He looks down where my rigid cock is throbbing against his leg.  “And you sure liked that.”

I nod.

He turns and goes back to his partner.  I race to the sling.  Will is back in it.

“I have something for you,” I choke out.  I mange to get my cock up his abused ass--and shoot a thick load of cum deep into his puffy hole.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Will Throws a Party--In the Bedroom

St Louis--February, 2012

This continues immediately where we left off  HERE.

I am in some sort of heaven reserved for pigs.

I’m brought back to reality as I feel a thick finger work it’s way up my spread ass. I look behind me--the African-American top slaps his large drooling cock against my butt cheek and reaches for the lube…

“Whoa.” I step to the side, pulling out of Will’s ass and getting the finger out of my butt in one motion. “No way.” He grins at me. “You should fuck your host,” I tell him.

He does. His thick cock disappears up Will. His balls make a terrific slapping sound against Will’s ass. I watch for awhile, then go sit for a moment in front of the porn. Instantly the bottom half of the older couple is between my legs. He is treating my cock to the perfect blow job. He licks. He swallows. He nuzzles. He worships. He deep throats it. When he comes up for air, the long mucous strands, glint in the light from the porn. I get him up, and bend him over the back of the couch.

“Go slow. Please.”

I slap my overly wet cock against his hole. He reaches back with his right hand and pulls his cheek to the side. Now I have to stick my tongue up his tight looking pucker. I kneel, and pulling the other cheek back myself, I flick my tongue across his hole. The effect is electric. He shivers. I work the point of my tongue into him. He flowers open. I’m deeper, faster than I expect. He’s all soap and sweat, his smell makes my cock drool. I don’t rim for long--I can’t wait to slip into his ass. I rise, my cock head pushes in and he lets out a groan of pleasure that the entire house can hear. I work the length of my dick in slowly.

“Fuck me hard.”

He’s changed his tune. I pull out almost the entire way. And slam it home.

“Yes! Fuck me.”

Trussed Up Cock arrives. He stands on the sofa and sticks his cock in the bottom’s face. He natters on about spit roasting. I am truly pummeling his ass. Grunts of happiness are unmistakably coming from his cock filled mouth. I slow after a time and invite Trussed Up to take a turn. I let the bottom clean my dick, but then I go find Will and the new recruits.

Two more Black guys, both quite short, are taking turns up Will with the first Black top. One shoots almost on entry and takes off. The other newbie steps up and inserts…

Brian comes up behind me and tells me he wants me in the far bedroom. I fuck a new arrival--someone I can barely remember anything about now. I hate that, but it’s the truth.

An hour has passed. Will is out of the sling, letting the older bottom stirrup up. Will has sprawled on the bed in the far bedroom. When I put my head around the door, it’s obvious the older top has just unloaded deep in his host. Will notices me and motions me over.

“I have more for you.” I get up on the bed and dig into the fresh load in him. The top watches, stroking his all but spent cock. It’s thick and ropy. With a sizable amount in my mouth, I move up Will’s barrel chest and snowball it into his mouth. He groans, lapping at my mouth hungrily. The top bends in for a three way sharing of his load. We become a mass of tongues and mouths; saliva and cum.

I fuck Will with the remains of the load.

I am on the brink of cumming, but can’t quite manage the load drop.

I pull out, winded, and sit on a couch near the bed.

Fresh from the sling, the handsome Black top enters our room. He sticks his sizable cock in my mouth. I stroke and I try to swallow it all. My eyes screw shut. He pulls out. I lean back into the couch. My swollen cock smacks against my stomach. I need the moment just to sit.

I feel a hand on my cock. I don’t open my eyes. Someone is sliding their ass down on me. I’m about to tell Will I need a moment--I open my eyes to do so. And it’s the handsome Black top, impaled to the hilt.


“Fuck me, man. I knew I couldn’t take you until I got a small cock up there. And a load.”

My feelings of being rather spent vanish. He’s in control of the thrusts, but I concentrate on squeezing my ass shut to expand my cock head deep in his guts.

When his legs give out, I get him up on the bed, doggy. I eat some of the load left (I’m told) by the short Black guy. I fuck some more.

Brian joins us. “Now that’s the last thing I expected. Let me have some of that.” I pull out. Trussed Up Cock is right there to clean me. Brian fucks the Handsome Top, moving the entire bed across the floor.

I fuck him again.

Trussed Up Cock fucks him. And explodes up his ass. “Shit,” He groans. “Take my swimmers.”

I’m there to clean him up. The handsome top hasn’t moved. He knows what I want. I lie down on the bed.
“Sit on my face,” I tell him. He swings around, until he is standing over me. He lowers his full ass slowly to my face. I can see the white cum glisten against his ebony skin. Will quickly feeds me some Jungle Juice Platinum. My head whirls and his ass is on my face. It’s sealed shut with the fullness of his butt cheeks. I tongue. I swallow. I lick. I dig deep for the load. I think I hear moans, but I can‘t really hear. It’s all about tongue and hole.

I gasp. I need air. The poppers and lack of oxygen have taken me right where I love. I’m stroking, but it’s habit. My hand is pushed away and a mouth replaces it. I tap his thighs. I need him to get up.

I need air. Now.

He doesn’t move.

My head is swimming. Muddled with sex and a seed of panic.

I push against his thighs. He adjusts slightly.

And air rushes into my lungs. I gasp.

“Eat the rest, baby.” And he settles on my face once more.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Writing sex or having it....

I apologize for the silence of what is obviously a story meant to continue...

Work has been all time consuming.  The work from all those business trips came due...

And today, when I had time to write, I chose to have sex--real, live, hot, wet sex.  Instead of write about it...

And now I have a couple of hot stories to tell in the near future.  But I promise to get back to the St Louis party...

Maybe tomorrow morning.  If the house boy brings me my coffee early enough...