Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Condoms Come Out--the photos

A few shots of Juan's Breeding  (see the last post)
Rich fucking Juan
My cock in that hot, hairy ass.
The bookstore loads waiting to be added.
 His dripping ass--after I'd fucked my frozen load and the farmer's load up him.

I fucked him after the all the frozen loads were up him.  This is the remains of the cascade of cum that fell out of him as I pulled out.

After I'd felched all the cum up his ass--I added my own....

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Condoms Come Out (but not like you think)

My Playroom—September, 2012

 He wanted a gangbang.  Of course.  I tried.  In my tiny town it was not going to happen easily.  Juan, my great bathhouse load taker, was traveling past my house, and wanted a sex break at my place.  I contacted some guys and placed an ad.  There was interest, but all from guys who were way too far away, so I knew they wouldn’t show.  They didn’t.  Except for a guy who lives just a few blocks away.  He has seeded many a man in my playroom…

 I’m under the rim seat. Juan’s glorious, full, hairy ass is opened by the seat.  He has my tongue in it as deep as I can go.  Rich, the other top, straddles my chest and has his cock in Juan’s mouth.  He is telling me what a great mouth Juan has.  He does have a great mouth.  But not as great as his butt.  It’s made for cock. 
Juan has already taken my cock in his mouth and butt once before Rich arrived.  I am licking out my precum, enjoying the taste and feel of his hole.  Above me, Rich groans.  He can have a short fuse; I don’t want him to get off this quickly.  I tap Juan’s thighs and get him to stand up.

“You need to sample his ass,” I tell Rich.  He agrees.  Juan eagerly gets on all fours on the bed.
“Damn.”  It’s Rich.  He’s looking at the hairy bubble butt in front of him.  In no time he has shoved his rather average sized cock up him.  “Damn,” he says again.  “He’s talented.”  Juan is milking his dick as Rich fucks into him.  Rich pulls out and tells me to fuck him.  I do.  Hard.  The room echoes with the sound of my balls slapping that full butt.

Soon, it’s sling time.  Rich fucks him as I kneel by his side and eat out Juan’s pits.  I let him taste himself on my tongue.  I hear Rich grunt.  He’s shooting.  He apologizes for not having any staying power tonight, thanks both of us and takes off.
Juan is still in the sling.  I sink my cock into his cummy ass.  “You wanted some loads, right?”

He nods. 

“Stay there,” I tell him.  I make a quick trip to the freezer and I’m back in no time.  I have a Tupperware bowl filled with several different things.  “Well,” I tell him, raising a condom lined shot glass, “this is the load I shot last night.”  I peel the frozen load out of the black latex.  “It’s a big three day load.  Here.”  I insert it with my fingers.  Then push it home with my cock.  The cold pellet against my cock head, surrounded by the heat of his ass, is electric. 
Juan’s eyes are shining.  “Really?”

“Yeah,” I tell him.  And I fuck him until it melts in the depths of his bowels and on my cock head.   “Now,” I say, pulling out of him, “here is a load I sucked out of this 60-something farmer this morning.”  It’s true.  He’s a guy I’ve played with at my usual rest area.  “He has a thick, cut cock,” I murmur.  “It’s hooked down.  Great in your throat.”  I am holding a condom in the air. 
“He shot in my mouth and I spit it in here.”  Now I’m peeling this much larger pellet of cum and saliva free from its wrapper.  “You want it?”
“Shove it in.”

I do.  “With him coming over this morning, it gave me an idea.”  My cock is prodding this large, cold mass up his gut.  “I’d go to the bookstore, suck off some guys and bring their cum to you.”  I am fucking in his now sticky, cool downed ass.  I ram the cum into him until it is no longer frozen.
"You want the next one?”  He nods.  “Here is a big one, filled by three guys.”  I raise another black condom.  I begin peeling off the rubber.  “The first guy was this older guy with a huge, uncut dick.  He was a college professor, I think.  He hadn’t shot in ages.  The next guy in the movie theatre was this guy about my age.  He had no dick to speak of and shot off the moment he put it in my mouth.”  I hold the ball of cum and saliva against his hole.  “You want these guys to seed you?”

“Yessss…” he hisses.
“The last guy I spit in this condom was this fat lawyer type.  He took no time either.”  It’s in.  I push it deep with my finger.  Then my cock.  It’s a huge cold mass, but melting fast.  I fuck.  I push it deep.  I bring my cum covered cock out of his ass, and, moving along the side of the sling, up to his mouth.  He greedily licks my cock clean.

“Thank you,” Juan moans.
“I have one more.”  I pull the last condom from the bowl.  “I stopped by the rest area on the way home from the dirty bookstore.  There was this obviously gay guy there…with a faux hawk.  I blew him behind the latrine---spat it into a condom and hurried home to get ready for you.  You want one more?”

“You know I do.  Fuck me with it.”
I insert the last load.  My cock follows the slimy mess up his ass.  I pump it home.  The loads are making his butt feel incredible.  I fuck until I have raised the temperature of his hole.  All six loads have melted.  All six loads now feel as hot as if they’d just been shot into him.  I think I may shoot the seventh into his ass—but I stop myself.

I pull out.  A waterfall of cum slips out.  I help Juan out of the sling.  “Over here.”
I’m back under the rimseat.  He sits and my mouth finds his slippery hole…

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Personal Best

My Playroom—September, 2012

After the trip to Canada, I started trying to catch up with a number of boys in my stable.  One was Kurt who is a huge piss pig and loves large toys.  The few toys I own aren’t anywhere near big enough.  He brings his own.  You’ve met him twice before in these pages, once when I managed two hands into his ass…

 He’s kneeling on the tarp in front of the sling, squirming, impatiently looking at the Dick Wadd piss video playing on my computer and wanting the real thing. Kurt is tall and quite hairy.  Except for his head.  He’s shaved off his brush cut since I saw him last.  (You should know that Kurt has asked to see if I could round up another guy.  I have—another tall, lanky top.  And that guy has brought a very young, newly out, cocksucker without really asking me.  I mention them because they were there.  After a moment of initial mutual sucking, the added two stayed by themselves on the bed and watched with mingled horror and admiration as Kurt and I finally stopped trying to involve them in play and just did what we do.)
I get my cock into Kurt’s mouth.  I discretely give him my piss load, so as not to frighten the newbies.  He swallows it down greedily, never showing he is doing anything but seemingly sucking my cock.  He grins up at me.

The moment of mutual play happens.  Everyone has everyone else’s cock in their mouth in the first five minutes.  The newbies gravitate towards each other and trade blowjobs on the bed.  I get Kurt into the sling.  He can’t give me much time today so we get right to it.  I rim for a moment, so my cock is at its hardest.  I slip in.  His ass is hot and muscular.  I fuck.    He loves my cock, but he wants more.  I slip two fingers of my left hand into him along the shaft of my cock.  He grunts in appreciation.  The added stimulation causes my cock to swell—thicker and firmer—and to drool into his ass.
I keep a can of Crisco in the refrigerator just for Kurt.  I have it out on the table next to the sling.  I put on black latex gloves on both hands.  I reach for an 8 inch dildo as thick as my wrist.  The boys on the bed watch---the young one with a little apprehension.  The white grease covers the black silicone of the toy.  My hand masturbates the dildo, showing it off to the room, giving it a twisty hand job.  I slap it against Kurt’s hole, and start to insert.  His ass swallows it down.  No real pressure applied, it just disappears up his ass.  I leave it in place and grab the next up.  It’s a good 10 or 11 thick inches of a pink color not found anywhere in nature.  My hand covers it in grease.  I remove the first and insert the bigger one.  This time he grunts as it hits home.  I work it slowly in and out.  Then twist it slowly in his gut.

(The guys on the bed shoot.  And leave.)
 There is an even bigger ebony colored toy that gets the same treatment.

It’s back to me for an instant.  For all the size he’s just taken, his ass tightens back down to make me feel good.  I stop, knowing what he really wants.  I grease both fists…
I start with two fingers of my left hand, pulling them out as I insert with two from my right.  Then three with the left, three with the right.  Four.  He takes me faster than almost any man I know.  The lips of his ass soon clasp around my wrist.  I hold for a long time….and then slowly pull free, the hair on his ass looking even darker against the white of the Crisco.
I’ve learned I fist in a slow 4/4 time.  In, hold, twist and out.  Repeat.  Now use the left.  Then a slow lateral stretch with the fingers of both hands.  Once he takes me the first time, I can insert my whole hand each time with no hesitation.  I trade hands each time. 

I look at his box of four billiard balls, but decide not to use them.
My left hand is in place.  We begin talking about the guys who have left.  My fingers are slowly, relentlessly, moving forward.  I discover the next opening, the next turn, the path of his colon.  I inch my hand ever deeper.  Quarter inch by quarter inch.  He huffs some poppers.  He prattles on about a guy he met at the bookstore.   I creep around the next slight bend in his guts.  We hit the middle of my forearm.  I mention some of the guys I’ve seen lately.  I’m now deeper than I’ve ever been up him.  He tells me about his non-playing boyfriend.  He takes another popper rush---and I’m there.

“Look up.”  He squints at the mirror on the top of the sling frame.


I’m up to the elbow.   I flex it to show the joint is half hidden in his ass. 

Kurt smiles, staring up at the image of him impaled on my arm.
“That’s as deep as I’ve ever gotten with anyone,” I tell him.

“With your arm,” he assures me, “I can take you half way to your shoulder.”
A challenge for another day.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Meeting My Readers

Chicago—September, 2012

The day after we pissed on (and up) a hot piss pig, it was the monthly Chicago Watersports Party.  I was in my usually yellow jock (dirtier than usual thanks to that pig) and boots.  It was one of those last days of summer outside and there were not as many men inside.  But the pigs who did come, wanted to play hard and wet.  I was pissing on several of my old fuck buds almost instantly and, eventually, guzzling some piss myself….

It’s dark in the back bar after the September sun.  The piss video is grunting and splashing on the back wall.  In the darkest corners, men are on their knees wallowing in each other’s juices.  I have had some great butt, usually awash with piss while I rim it and fuck it.  It’s now the last frenetic hour.  People are looking to get off, dry off and go home.  I am sitting on the back ledge, water bottle in hand.  One of my two favorite bottoms approaches me.  He’s younger than many here, with ginger hair and the most engaging grin.  And an ass every top in the room wants.

“Hi,” he says, “I thought I saw you back here.”  He bends and deep throats my already hard cock effortlessly. When he surfaces for air, he grins up at me.  “Damn that tastes good.  You’ve been busy tonight.”
He’s left my cock dripping.  He turns and settles his bubble butt down on my entire length.  Damn.  He squeezes and massages my meat with that talented ass while he just sits there.  Soon he’s bouncing on it.  I stand up, still in him and bend him onto an onlooker’s dick.  He takes the hint and swallows the proffered cock.  From behind me, someone aims a piss stream directly at my cock pile driving into his ass.  I fuck the piss load into his eager ass.  My boy is beating furiously.  When another piss stream lands on his back, it’s too much--he spurts all over the floor.

My ginger haired bud pulls off and waves goodbye as I sit back down on the ledge.  Instantly, a hot versatile man, who I’ve played with on and off throughout the evening, comes over and sits on my cock.  He’s my age, fit and trim, with a great expanse of hairy chest.  He’s one of those distinguished looking men you would never think would be such a great cock and piss hound.  I’ve seen him fuck men senseless and I’ve loaded him in the past.  He pats me on the shoulder and starts to bounce on my dick.  We fuck.  He is in control.  I can’t even thrust up into him.  Two guys approach with full bladders.  We are hosed down—our entire bodies are covered in piss.  As the piss runs out, he slows.  And then stops.  Has he cum in that torrent of hot liquid?

He turns to me, still attached and says.  “I love your blog.   Keep writing.”
And he’s gone…

Who knew??  He’s certainly my target audience…


One of the summer hook ups I have yet to write up involved a hairy versatile guy named Ryan and another top who worked over a hardcore sub.  I’ll get to it—it was hot. And then I met Ryan again when we both attended a large fuck party—and he was the best ass there.  I don’t think I’d mentioned the blog to him.  So I was certainly surprised and pleased when he spoke up on the last post, chiming in how hot a fuck a mutual pig is…
Not only that, but he’s been inspired by us sex bloggers to write one himself. You should check out his fledgling effort:  Spreading My Legs.  He promises to not only detail his hook-ups but post pictures from past ones.  He’s off to a great start….

And then there’s the hook up that never happened.  A piss pig from the south was up visiting his family.  He told me he loved my blog—and aspired to be in it.  We set a date to meet, but his family obligations took over all his time.  But he cancelled correctly—in plenty of time and with true regret.  Then he wrote me the hottest letter.  I have disguised his city and added some punctuation…but here it is:

Hey FP ... I am back down south where it is warm...thank God. Have to say I am very disappointed I did not have the chance to be your piss boy. I don’t meet many people as uninhibited and free as you seem to be. I have to tell you that thinking about you on my trip got me very turned on. I had a 2 1/2 layover in Chicago. I decided I had to go feed somewhere to relieve the pressure on my balls ... so found a semi deserted bath room, sat in the stall, opened your pics on my phone, pissed all over myself and whipped off a HUGE load in your honor, SIR. I am sure that a little smell had to be still left on me when on the flight home.  Maybe that is why the sexy straight guy sitting next to me talked to me the entire fight home. So I may not have had the privilege of being in your sling and taking everything your tanked up bladder had to give me--but I left one huge load in Chicago with your name on it.

We will meet up soon I know and can’t wait to read the story about our encounter in your blog. Drop me a line whenever you feel like it.  And if the mood hits you, I’d love you to take a pair of sweaty, cum and piss soaked underwear, seal them in a plastic bag, send them to me and I will wear them with pride... thanks for being so cool ... your piss boy

 I am honored there is a load somewhere in the maze of O’Hare that was inspired by me.

Now, you’ll have to excuse me, I need to find a pair of briefs and a Ziploc bag…

Monday, September 17, 2012

On the Tracks--the New Photo Shoot, Pt 2

If you remember, I was getting head on the tracks under a viaduct....
 We took this right after the engineer cleared the curve of the tracks...
A good boy, he does what Daddy tells him...
A little spit...

More to to speak...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Night of Firsts

My Playroom—September, 2012

The house was mine again.  Within 24 hours of my return from Canada, the playroom, which had been packed and stored under my bed, was in the process of being set back up.  While I got the sling stand pieced together, I left the hook up sites on to see if I could luck into some playtime.  Almost instantly BBRT flashed.  A young man from a big gay city was visiting his parents who lived close by to my tiny town.  We talked—he didn’t need any fetish work.  Even the sling scared, but intrigued him. (I didn’t mention the rimseat).  He wanted to be fucked bare, but made some comment that sounded like he didn’t want my load shot in him.  
Then he opened his pics.  He was adorable--short, early 30’s, with shaggy dark hair.  His body was toned.  His ass was amazingly full for such a thin young man.  His wire rimmed glasses made him look rather bookish.  His smile for the camera was terrific.   I gave him the address and went back to work on the upstairs bedroom’s transformation. 

He stands in front of me, all but shivering, though it’s a warm September evening.  Blaine’s left a dark blue jock on, that outlines his magnificent bubble butt.  He has a nice piece of meat swelling under the cloth pouch.  I am naked but for boots.  No piss stained jock for this boy.  We kiss.  We are both hungry for what the other can give.  He sinks to his knees and takes my lengthening dick in his mouth.  I smile.  He knows what to do—he can take it deep with no teeth.  His tongue is working overtime.

Eventually, I pull him up.  We kiss again.  I sink to my knees and surprise him by taking his cock deep in my mouth.  He is a copious precummer.  My mouth is full of it.  I get up and get him to the bed.
“Get on all fours so I can taste your ass.”  He does.  My tongue swabs his hole, pushing the precum I’ve collected up it. 

“No one,” he stutters, “no one has eaten me out so deep.”  Then he grunts and purrs as I lick and swallow.  His hole opens easily.  I add a finger—still licking.  I’m grunting myself now as I try to get ever deeper into him.  I can pull his cock back and lick it and suck it again for a moment, before I go back to his hole.

He’s ready.  I stand.  I start to insert. 
“Oh, God,” he grunts. 

I stop and hold.

“Fuck me.  I want you deep in me.”
I fuck all the way in.  He has a grasping hole.  He milks me effortlessly.  This is a terrifically talented young man.  I fuck with long, even strokes.  I pull out reluctantly and bend to taste his hole again. 

“Oh, geez….”  His breath is short and raspy. 
Eventually I stop eating his wet hole and flop down on the bed.  We kiss—he hesitates for a moment, knowing his ass is on my tongue.  My hand on the back of his head, gently brings his mouth to mine.  He tastes my tongue—and relaxes—my mouth is delicious, fresh from his hole.  I press him down.  He hesitates again, but then takes my cock into his mouth.  Suddenly he is sucking it ravenously.  He can’t get enough of how it tastes.

“Time for something new,” I tell him.  “Will you sit on the rimseat?”
“Sure.”  The hesitation is barely there.  I get under and lower the lid.  He sits gingerly.  My tongue invades.  “GOD, he pants.  “I thought you were deep before…”  He stops and just revels in the experience.  His ass is producing lube like crazy.  It feels like I’ve already loaded him, it is just dripping out onto my tongue.  I lick and swirl my tongue deep into him. I stop when I think I might actually cum if I eat him out anymore.

We lie on the bed.  “Well, how was that for something new?”
“Oh, man—you’d already done that.  I’d never done ass to mouth.  But it’s great.” 

I hug him and nod. 
Soon he’s riding me.

Then without my asking, he moves up to sit on my face.  A quick learner.  His bubble butt is so full, it actually seals over my nose and mouth—I can’t get a breath of air.  I rim until I feel faint. I tap his thighs, and he gets off as I heave deep taking oxygen back into my lungs.  He kisses me eagerly.
“Ok,” I say, “it’s sling time.”

He pulls himself up by the chains, leans back and is about 6 inches too far back from the edge.  I adjust him into place and get his feet in the stirrups. I am lined up perfectly with his wet hole.  I slip right in.
“Oh, wow….”  He’s sold on the sling instantly.  “I’m floating right onto your cock.”

I grin.  And fuck.  Hard.  My thin hips smack his full ass filling the room with sound.
I fuck. 

I rim. 
Blaine looks up.  “That’s a mirror?”  I nod. “Give me my glasses so I can see your cock go in me.”  I do.  “Oh, wow.”  He’s back to looking 18 and adorable. 

I fuck. 
I rim. 

I lean across him and kiss him.    
“Where do you want my load?”

Blaine suddenly looks stricken.
“I’ll do whatever you want,” I tell him.

He pulls my hand so I lean across him again.
“I used to play totally safe,” he says in a measured but faraway voice. “I was stealthed by this guy.  It’s the only time I’ve ever taken a load and it…” He leaves it unfinished.  “But I’m undetectable now—like I told you.”

“I don’t have to,” I murmur.
“No.  I want you to.”

I stand back up.  “Sure?”
“Yeah,” he nods.  “Breed me.”

I start to fuck in earnest.
I build to a full pounding, chain rattling fuck. 

“Shit!”  he’s shooting—a spurt landing just shy of his chin.

Seeing him cum flips my switch.
“Argh.”  I cum noisily.

“Oh, my God….I can feel you shoot.”
He is tearing up.  In  happiness.  I collapse on his chest.  My mouth near his.  We kiss and just stay joined together for as long as we possibly can…

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

End of Trip--The Third Time is the...

Bay area, MI—September, 2012

I crossed the bridge from Canada back to Michigan with absolutely no problems.  I had a custom officer straight out of porn casting.  His dark hair was high and tight.  He filled out his uniform so that it was skin tight.  The short sleeved shirt cut into his tanned biceps.  His loosened tie exposed a mat of unruly hair poking out from the neck of his undershirt.  It was a hot day so his pits had begun to stain the kahki shirt—enough to make my cock jump.  I was on my way after three questions—no strip search needed.
I was still horned from sex almost every day.  I didn’t go home.  I went to a motel near the great Adult Bookstore in the Bay area which I wrote about here.  One admission gets you in to a “theatre” for straight porn, a “theatre” for gay porn and 14 or so booths—half straight, half gay.  I napped in a real bed, had an early dinner and went to seek what trouble I could get into….

There is a decent crowd, considering that it is Labor Day.  I get head from several older gentlemen.  I suck a good looking guy who is exceedingly nervous. 

Now, I’m stroking, watching the straight porn in the theatre.  I am sitting alone in the back row of the plastic lawn chairs, near the door.  I am hard.  Dripping.  My precum, a little lube and a little residual spit makes my hand glide easily over my fat mushroom head—the head that had just made some hapless man gag.
The door opens.  I don’t even bother to look.  Or to hide my cock.

“You’re back.”  I instantly recognize the accented voice.  It’s my hot young man from the last time I was there.  I look over to him lounging against the wall.  Today he’s wearing a tight T-shirt--with a band’s name I’ve never heard of.  He’s opened his jeans and his cock is sticking out above the band of his white briefs.  He slowly pulls the waistband of his Jockeys’ down and exposes his long, thin uncut cock.  He moves toward me. 
“You want?”  He doesn’t wait for an answer, but sticks it in my mouth.  I suck on it, digging under the foreskin.  I finally reach up with my hand and peel back the skin.  He sighs as my tongue connects with his exposed dick head.  The door opens.  We make no move to recover.  It’s one of the older men.  He leans against the wall, watching us and groping himself. 

All too soon my young Hispanic friend pulls out of my mouth and bends over.  He takes three quarters of my cock down his throat.  He moves around, kneeling in front of me.  Now he can take it all.  I reach out to stroke the longish black hair.  The older man moves to me and offers a fat cock for me to suck as I get head.  I do.  When he sees what I’m doing, the young man stops.  Shit, he’s pissed I am playing with someone else.  But no, he joins me, sucking the man’s balls while I swallow his length.  Soon, we are doing that porn thing of lips on either side of his cock—running them back and forth.  Our movements keep sliding off the man’s cock and ending in long, deep kisses.  He is fumbling in his pocket.  He pulls out a black Lifestyles condom.  He desperately tries to roll it down my cock.    I dig in my pocket and hand him a Magnum.  He gets it on me.  I sink to my knees as soon as I’m suited up.  He bends over, presenting his ass to me.  The older man enters his mouth as I lick his thickly haired crack.  I add lube to my covered cock and stand up to enter him. 
“Fuck,” I hiss.  He’s tight.  But I’m in.  And the sound of my hips smacking his bubble butt fills the theatre.  He grunts.  He moans around the cock in his mouth.  And he shoots in no time.  It’s a massive load, coating the stained linoleum of the back row.  He goes to have a smoke.  I peel off the condom and continue my jerk.

Thirty to forty minutes later (after totally unmemorable play) he’s back.
“Fuck me again, Papi.”  I dig out a second Magnum.  This time we are alone.  I eat his hole.  He’s washed it for me, thinking I would hate the taste of the lube from the first time.  I go deep and he holds onto one of the chairs, putting a knee up on the seat to give me better access.  I roll the condom on as I eat his hot, hot hole.  I rear up.  I’m in him.  He reaches back to check for the condom.  “I fucked you raw last time,” I whisper in his ear.

“I know, but….”  He leaves it unfinished as the waves of pleasure from me pummeling his prostrate take over.  He lasts longer, but soon he is shooting as big a load as the first on the seat of the chair.  Immediately he’s off to watch Pawn Stars in the hall lounge.
I play some more, rather half-heartedly with the guy who had been with us before.  I resign myself to not getting off.

An hour later, I have to go to my motel.  I have to meet my Dad in the morning for his Dr.’s appointment.  I am literally at the door to the back room, my hand on the knob, when he’s there.  “One more time?”
“I’m out of condoms.”  It’s the truth.

“Do me bare like last time.”  He’s pulling me to the end booth.  We lock the door.  He wants no one to see him taking raw cock.  I am so ready.  I pull my pants down, he sits on the bench in the booth and gets my head and shaft very wet.  I pull him up.  No rimming this time.  I enter him easily.  Not so tight the third time—and with skin on skin, I slide home easily.

“Did you like when I fucked you like this last time?”
“Yes, Papi.”

I am losing all control after over three hours of play.  “Where do you want it?”
“Breed me, Papi.  Shoot in me like you did last time.”

Jesus, that’s all I need.

I shoot up his ass. 
I can’t stop.  I buck and shoot and groan into the nape of his neck.  He may have stroked out a third load, I’m too lost in my own orgasm to know.

I slowly pull out of him.  I sink to my knees.  He looks over his shoulder, still leaning against the wall, concerned.
I look at his ass.  It's a forest of black hair in his crack.  I pull the full cheeks apart.  A single drop of white semen hangs outside of his puffy hole.  I just stare at it.  I start to tell him how beautiful it is…but instead, my tongue snakes out and licks the outside of his hole clean.

The perfect ending to my trip...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

On the Tracks--the new photo shoot

I am by the tracks.  A cruising place?

Yeah, It is.

More to come.....

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Canada--Sunday Deep in the Forest

On Lake Ontario—September, 2012

 I didn’t want to pitch my tent all over again for my final night in Canada.  As luck would have it, Bill, the man I’d met at the sauna on Friday, had invited me to his cottage after I was through with watching my final evening performance.  I called him.  He was still up for my visit.  He offered a free bed and some breakfast if he could suck me off tonight.  I got on the highway, and then any number of dark country roads, to find him.  I finally did, and dodged the marauding skunk in his driveway.  I knocked…

The unfinished cabin is dark—except for the huge flat screen.  On it are four guys working over a young woman.

“That lucky bitch gets to take all their loads,” he tells me as I toss my bag on the floor by the couch and settle down next to him.  He’s ready.  More than ready.  He has my pants open and my dick out in no time.  He deep throats me.  I work my hand down the back of his cutoffs to play with his ass.  He grunts around my cock
I go down on him.  We sixty-nine.  I eat his ass.  Soon, we move to the bed for more room.  He wants me up his ass.  He sticks a dildo up himself—much too roughly in my book.  He decides he better not try my cock.  We sixty-nine a little more.  He rolls off me and starts jerking. 

He asks me about my deceased partner.  I tell him a little.
He keeps humping his hand.  He asks about my porn shoot.  I tell him about Jayson in much detail.

He talks about a good straight bud, who used to come over to fuck him.  Now his wife keeps his friend  too busy around the house to visit.
He tells me how he had a three-way with a male/female couple.  How he was able to sneak a little cocksucking of the other guy under the guise of tasting her juices on the other man’s cock. 

Then he goes into great detail about eating out her cum filled pussy.  How it would get him so hot, he’d cum in her instantly after he was done.
I tell him about my first felch—and what it did to me.

All the while we are beating our cocks—but it’s relaxed, pleasant, a great change.
Out of nowhere he squirms around and fires his load into my mouth.

I am nowhere close to cumming, but will myself to get there.  I succeed and cover his chin and tongue with my seed.
We sleep soundly.

The next morning, the eggs are great, swimming in butter.

He makes me promise to look him up next year. 
I agree.

I get in my car and start the long 6 hours home.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Canada--Saturday and his Boy Friend is Away

Toronto—September, 2012

I was back in Toronto for the evening.  Arturo and I had met two summers ago at a BBRT organized orgy in that city.  He may be diminutive in height, but he has an oversized sex drive.  He’s originally from somewhere in Iberia.  His darker skin always looks hot and sexy on the white sheets where we play.  Last year he organized a sex party for my visit. This year,his boyfriend is away, so we are meeting one on one—and inviting others over after we have a little alone time.

He lets me into his apartment.  He’s just home and cleaned up—wearing nothing but pajama bottoms.  His bare chest is the color of cinnamon.  We kiss.  It’s been a year…
We catch up.  I shower.  We talk a little more.  I love his sense of humor.  And how we recognize and celebrate each other’s sex drive.   We move to his bedroom.  I sprawl out—it feels so good to be on a real bed after a week of air mattress and sleeping bag.  He takes my semi-hard cock down his throat.  He swallows.  I grow thicker.  He does it again.  I grow longer.  I roll him over and fuck his throat.  I pull up long gobs of spit.  He’s panting.  And has a huge smile on his face.  I suck his long, thin cock—it looks huge on his petite body.  He is drooling pre-cum.  I bend him up so his ass in in my face and spit it all on his hole—and use a finger to work it into his ass.

“Your pre-cum needs to lube your hole.”
He shivers at the words.  I continue to lick his ass.

“Get on all fours.”

He does—right at the edge of the bed.  I kneel on the floor and really bury my face in him.  I can pull his cock back to keep swabbing it with tongue.  I spit again.  I eat and chew on his pucker.  Another swipe of his cock with my tongue.  I spit again.  I rise and slap my cock head against his hole.
“It’s been so long,” he grates out.

I mutter agreement, but I’m too busy working my cock head into him.  He’s loose now. And I sink all the way in.  And hold.
“Fuck, you feel good,” I murmur.

I’m fucking slowly.  Long strokes.  I all but pull out.  Then just lean into him and sink it slowly to the hilt.  And again.

I finally build to an athletic fuck. 
I pause, pull out and roll him onto his back.  He holds his legs up by the knees, as I sink down and taste what I’ve done to his ass.  The mix of his ass lube, his pre-cum and mine is heady stuff.

I rise and sink into him again.
I fuck.  Hard.

We pause, both feeling a little winded.
We break, to see if either of the two men he’s talked to are online again.  The top cancels—I’m too kinky for him—never mind none of that is coming out tonight.

“Wait until you see the ass I got for you,” Arturo tells me.  “I’ll rim it and you fuck it.”
There is a lengthy back and forth with the owner of this truly beautiful ass.  We give him the address—and he never shows.

We go back to the bed.  He gives me a terrific massage, loosening the shoulders that have got so tight from the nights in the tent. 
I relax.  He leaves me alone for a bit.

When he comes back, I get him back onto the bed.  I want to drill him.  Drill him and seed him.
“You want my cum?”  I ask as I enter him roughly.

“Yes.  Fill me up.  Fill me with your cum.”  He continues to ask for it as I fuck.
I pull out for a second and lick his wet hole.  I slip right back in.  I fuck.  I lick once more.  I enter him roughly—just in time—I shoot my two day load into his clasping butt.

“Fuck!”  He moans.  “Yes…”
And I get to sleep in a bed tonight.  With my arm wrapped around him.  Tight.