Friday, June 28, 2013

My Playroom--Fuckbench to Fistingbench

One of the things that made me buy this fuckbench was its adaptability.  The middle section can be lowered by removing a single bolt so it forms a flat, padded bench .

There are stirrup attachments that connect to the legs of the bench, so the bottom's legs have support.

A shot of the stirrups, but with the middle section back up.  I found I could leave the stirrups in place and revert back to the fuckbench mode.  This shot also shows the head rest at the back for the flat position.  

The one thing I didn't get for this pretty incredible piece of fuck furniture are a set of hooks.  They would allow me to unscrew the legs, screw in the hooks and then hang the flat bench from my sling frame. 

Something to save for....

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Felching That Ex-Military Ass

My Playroom—April, 2013

Clark, my young ex-military guy, and I wasted no time in meeting up again.  He was headed home at the end of the month.  He told me he how he lived and worked between two military bases near his home town.  He couldn’t wait to get back there, post a Craig’s List ad and get fucked by his former military brethren.  “On a good night, I can have hot Navy cream pouring out of my hole.”
I believed him.  He was hot.  He was talented—he knew how to work his ass. And he knew the guys.  “Maybe you could come visit me sometime,” he added.  “I’d love to have some of those guys over for you to felch.” 

I agreed.
For now, we made do with the other top in my tiny town.  He’s dependable and fun—and loves to share men as much as I do.  Cam is slightly older than I, though his profile says he’s younger.  He has a good sized cock and is in decent shape.  He had seen Clark online and really wanted to sample that ass.  We set up a time.

(I had gotten the fuckbench in the mail between the time we’d been up at the bookstore and now.  I’d gotten it pieced together.  We took the picture you’ve all seen of Clark astride it

I had slipped up his ass for a couple of minutes, but the bench really played no part in our scene—it was set too high for the significantly shorter Cam.)

We are naked.  Clark is on his knees going back and forth between our dicks—lavishing more attention on the new one.  Cam is hard.  Really hard.  He grasps Clark’s ears and fucks his mouth and throat.  I lean down and twist Clark’s nipples and, once he can breathe again, pull him onto my cock.  He swallows me effortlessly.  Clark pulls back and spits a huge glob of that deep throat spittle onto my cock, then Hoovers it down.

He gets up and kneels on the edge of the bed.  He wants dick in his hole.  I supply my tongue instead.  He groans as I work it deep.  Cam scoots in front of him for more head, splaying his legs on either side of Clark’s knees.  I don’t waste much time.  I have been up his hole briefly on the fuck bench.  Now I want to sink in deep and stay there.  I stand up and insert.  He feels great, as always.  His hole clutches at my cock, squeezing it down the entire length as I bottom out in his ass.  I hold for a moment.  Then I begin fucking. 
I am fucking hard enough that I push Clark forward onto Cam’s dick.  It’s Cam’s turn to groan.  After a time, he almost regretfully pulls Clark off his cock, and comes around to try his hole.  I pull out and let Cam in.  “Damn!”  Cam holds a long time.  I’m afraid he’s going to shoot on the spot.  Then he gets it together and starts slamming against Clark’s full butt.

When he’s done, I’m right there to clean Cam’s cock.  His rigid dick is a great mix of precum and ass lube.  I swallow greedily and enter him again.  Cam lies down at a right angle on the double bed, in front of Clark.  Clark swallows his cock, but it’s a rotten angle for him to take it deep.  I stop. 
“Sit on that dick.”
 Clark climbs on.  He loves to ride a good cock.  I watch and stroke.  I can’t resist kneeling down and sucking Cam’s balls, with that bouncing ass inches from my face.  Then my tongue is on the shaft as it is revealed on the upstroke.  My cock drools—I fucking love my face plastered against the men.  Clark calls me a “dirty fucker.”  But he loves it as much as I do.  It’s my turn to stop stroking—I’m that close.
Then it’s my turn for Clark to ride me.  He settles down onto me and grins at me from above.  Cam gets a hasty drink of water and watches my big cock cleave into the fullness of Clark’s ass.  The hole is milking me hard.  I meet his ass, fucking up as hard as he is bouncing on me.  Finally, he pulls up too high and I plop out of his hole.

We try the sling, after I lower it.  But it’s not doing it for us—Cam is still on his toes as he fucks and I’m doing deep knee bends
Clark jumps out and gets back on all fours, ass right at the edge of the bed.  Cam is up him instantly.  He fucks and suddenly stops.  He holds and holds.

“I was bad.  I just shot a load up there.”  Silently.  Without a sound of any kind.
He knows the drill better than anyone.  He pulls out slowly, the moment I kneel at Clark’s ass.  His cock goes right into my mouth.  It’s frothy with cum.  I clean him—every scrap of load goes down my throat.  I find a little on Cam’s balls and lick that off as well.  Then it’s the main course.  A strand of semen is leaking out of his ass.  I start low and scoop upward with my tongue, capturing it all.  My hands pull his cheeks slightly apart.  My tongue pushes into his hole.  Fuck—Cam shot big.  I lick and swallow a large amount.  I clean and savor it all. 

The rest of the clean-up starts slow.  I polish his hole with my constantly moving tongue inside and out to get all of the cum.   I swallow again.  I keep finding more.  My speed picks up as I stroke my cock and eat him out.
I’m there—on the brink.  Shit!  I stand up and push into Clark roughly, but just in time.   I glide home on the remnant of Cam’s load.  I unload, holding onto his ass for dear life….

“You don’t get to eat this one.  I want this one to go home in me.”
I am in total agreement.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Loading Ex-Military Ass at the Bookstore

Near My Home—April, 2013

“My boy and I will be back at the video club by 10pm tonight.  He wants both his holes used, while I will need to be serviced when he’s busy with others.  See you there.”
We were going back—back to the bookstore/video lounge/playspace in the biggest city near us.  Both of us wanted his ass used.  I really wanted to eat some load from that hot butt of his again.  I posted the ad on BBRT mid-day.  I proceeded to chat up a number of guys who I thought might like to use Clark.  After I’d picked him up at his residence motel, he told me he’d been texting to a few tops in the city.  Now, if they would just show up.

We walked in five minutes after 10pm.  The set-up had changed slightly.  The round table in the corner was still there for conversation.  There were still two televisions.  But no longer did one play straight porn, now both were gay—one rather vanilla and one rather leatherish.  The small cubicles had been taken down and a sling hung in that back corner.  The large cubicle with gloryholes was still there.  There was also a three foot high wooden cube against the back wall which was suitable for Clark to be bent over and plowed.
Maybe twelve guys were there:  a few to play, many to watch.  Clark went to have a cigarette and I had my cock sucked by an older man who had more enthusiasm than technique.

I sucked a hot guy from the local university.   He shot down my throat while his fists pounded on my shoulders and the wall behind me.
When I stood up, I found Clark around the corner, his mouth on a thick beer can of a dick.  When the guy moved off, Clark got up and joined me.  I smiled at him.

“Take your pants off.”
He did.

My tongue is up his butt.  I revel in his freshly showered taste, while counting on the fact I will taste the progression of dick after dick in his hole.  That thought makes my cock drool.  I stand up and swipe my cockhead down the valley of his ass.  Clark is naked but for his shoes, his clothes tucked neatly between the cube and the wall.  We’ve drawn a crowd to watch the fuck.  I bend to spit on his hole, then let a long strand of drool fall on my hard cock.  I coat myself with it.  And push into him.

“Fuck.  Yeah.”
I fuck him noisily.

The beer can dicked guy, who Clark was sucking earlier, pushes his way through the crowd and sticks it back in his mouth.  Our thrusts sync up.  We look at each other across the naked man, our hips pumping in rhythm.  I offer him Clark’s ass.  He looks down at my cock savaging Clark’s butt.  He nods, but as he pulls out of Clark’s mouth, he shoots.  His cum spurts all over the grubby, tiled floor.  Wasted.  He swats Clark on the back and moves off, shoving his dick in into his designer shorts and buttoning up his jeans.  I fuck for a time, then Clark wants a break.
I watch porn.  Idly jerking.

In no time, Clark is back from outdoors, with a fuckbud of mine.  Joe, is slight, with a generous cock.  He is just younger than I, and is happy to bottom for guys who are older than he, while he tops guys who are younger.  His hair is thinning.  His mouth is in a perpetual grin.  He has introduced himself to Clark outside.  Clark strips down again while Joe and I hug.  I suck his cock a bit.  As soon as Clark’s bent over the cube, I push Joe in his direction.  Joe stands back—a look of admiration for the furry butt in front of him is all over his face.  I’ve left a lot of spit on his cock and he enters Clark easily. 
“Oh, yeah,” sighs Joe.  “Where did you find him?”  I shrug as I move into Clark’s mouth.  Guys start filtering back to watch the live porn instead of the stuff on the tiny screens.  I let Clark take as much of me as he can down his throat.  His mouth is hot; his tongue is in constant motion around my flared cock head.  Joe has his head thrown back, as if he doesn’t dare watch his cock go up Clark’s grasping butt.  There are hands tweaking my nipples through my shirt and hands on my ass.  One of the spectators is kneeling, watching Joe’s cock open Clark up.

“Switch.”  I grunt the word.  Joe nods and pulls out.  He waits for me to get to him.  He knows I love to clean his cock when he pulls out of a hot, clean hole.  I am right there.  I take him to the root.  I love the taste of the hole I’d started rimming, now awash with precum, spit and ass lube.  As much as I love it, I don’t linger.  I stand up and slip my cock up him.  Joe pushes into Clark’s mouth at the same time.  Clark is in pig heaven.  He slurps noisily.  I hear someone shoot behind me, but I don’t know who or where.  We find a different kind of fuck rhythm—Joe is all the way in as I am pulling out.  Shit, this is exactly what I wanted.
“Let me back up him.”  I pull out and take the taste of his ass right to Clark’s mouth on my wet dick.  He greedily cleans my cock.  He pauses as Joe sinks home in his butt.  We fuck into him relentlessly.

We switch one more time before Clark asks for a breather.
I spend the break eating Joe’s ass.  Smoother, flatter, but with a lot of hair right around the hole.  While my face is buried up his butt, I feel a mouth on my cock.  Someone has wormed their way in down there between me crouched over and the cube—and is sucking the best he can in the cramped space.

A group of twenty-somethings enter with a bottle of wine.  I can’t see them, but I can sure hear them.  They want to do no more than drink at the round table by the door.
Clark comes back and strips.  Joe is up him first.  I continue to eat Joe’s butt on the back stroke, until I’m afraid he’ll split my lip with the brute fucking he’s giving Clark. 

I get back up him.  Joe’s phone goes off—he has to go home.  Now.  With no load.  I sigh.
I can get no one else to fuck him. 

They all want to be in his place.
“Let’s do the sling.”

He jumps up into it.  I am just entering him, as the owner brings the twenty-somethings on a tour of the playspace.  One of them shrieks in mock terror as he sees me fucking.  Another covers his eyes in a grossly exaggerated manner as he goes by us.  Two others stop and watch---until the fifth one pushes them to follow the two queens.
The whole mood has changed.  “We need to leave,” mumbles Clark. 

I nod.  “Give me a minute and you can have my load.  I have to concentrate very hard with the sounds of slightly sloshed laughter now coming from the front of the room, but eventually I unload…deep in that hot ex-military ass.

This was taken our first meet---but just a reminder of his hot ass....


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sex in Four Quarter Time.

My Playroom—April, 2013

I thought I’d written about him before.  Jake is a great fisting bottom, a guy who also loves for me to pull his nut sack tight— until the skin goes all shiny— and then for me to hit the taut flesh as hard as I can.  But I if I have spoken of him, I didn’t code it correctly, for when I call up “fisting” in the topic cloud, there are no entries that deal with him.  No mention of his thick PA-ed cock, or his huge, pierced nipples or all the bejeweled piercings on his balls and perineum, which must surely set off alarms at airports the world over.
He is likely my age, but he could be five years or so, on either side of it.  I first got a fist up him in a bathhouse in the early 1990’s.  We have no real history—beyond almost 20 years of sporadic play.  At first we always met in the sad excuse for a bathhouse in Grand Rapids.  I’d see his shock of prematurely grey hair in the sling, and know I was in for some good hole work that night.  He loved my cock, of course, but needed more.  I could get into his hole with ease after I fucked him and used a couple of his large toys on his ass.  He especially loved the finale--where I used alternating hands. 
“You do it in rhythm, you know,” he told me afterwards.  “You are the only man I know who fists me in 4/4 time.”  I had to think about it, but damned if he wasn’t right.

After I was a widower, the play happened at my house.  I would get a text every six months or so and he would ask if the sling was up and if I had free time.  I was pretty sure I was a good escape (perhaps from a very vanilla boyfriend)—just as I’d used those Grand Rapids bathhouse trips to escape my partner’s drinking binges.  We’d meet, catch up, play and promise to do it again—sooner rather than later—but it always seemed to be at least half a year before we could arrange schedules again.
Then I heard nothing from him for a whole year.  But at the top of April I received a message:  could we meet on his way home from a meeting in Detroit?  We could…

I am in the playroom, idly watching the fisting porn I put on for background noise.  Jake is just out of the shower.  In moments I hear him on the steps.  The door opens and he sits next to me on the bed, still slightly hot and damp from the tub.  I reach for his cock.  He stops me.
“We need to talk.”

“A year ago, my Doctor told me, almost as an afterthought, that I’d tested positive.”  He looks at me in the mirror across the room instead of turning towards me.  “I didn’t want to play again until I’d gotten my viral load down to undetectable.”

I nod.
“You’d always said you played with a lot of undetectable guys.”  Jake pauses a moment.  “Are you fine with this?”

I nod again.  “It’s safer for me to play with guys who have things under control.  The dangerous ones are the guys who claim to be negative, but are so petrified they never get tested and have no real idea of their status.”
He finally smiles.  “I would love to finally feel you bare, but I understand if you don’t want to…”

I don’t answer.  I pull him over on his side, his ass by the edge of the bed.  I slip to the floor.  I pull his cheeks apart and my tongue finds his hole. 
“Fuck, I’ve missed that,” he mutters into the pillow.

I can’t get deep enough.  “On your knees,” I tell him.  He complies and my tongue sinks to new depths.
Jake groans.  I grease my dick slightly as I eat him out.  I can’t wait to have him feel me raw in his ass.

Seemingly, he can’t either.  “Stick that raw cock up me.  Fuck me with that big raw dick…Aw, FUCK!”

My dick is home.  I hold it in place.  Slowly I pull it out. Leaving just the head.  I push in.  I hold again.  I pull out, even slower. 
I start fucking fast and hard.  Jake is breathless in his pleasure.  The sound of my hips on his upturned ass fills the room.

“Fuck me in the sling.  I want to watch your face as you plow me.”
That’s an easy request to obey.  But first, I spend a long time on my knees, tasting his freshly fucked hole.  His ass is pink and hot.  He is a copious self-luber—and I love the taste of his hole after I’ve been in it.  I eat him until my cock demands to go back into Jake.

I slip into him.  He barely grunts now.  But the look on his face is ecstatic. 
I fuck him harder.  I give one smack to his balls, but he pulls them from me.  They don’t seem to be on the menu today.  I fuck until I need a breather.

And damned if I don’t finish him off with alternating both hands into him in 4/4 time.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ex-Military Guy Takes On Two.

My Playroom—April, 2013

I have already recorded my experiences at the end of April when I went to CLAW, but I had a lot of other play during the month before I took off to Cleveland.  My Ex-Military guy was still in town.  Clark and I wanted to hook up again, but he really hoped we could find someone else to fuck him, too.  I was not opposed to sharing his hole—I loved to see him loaded.  I was certainly up for a good felch before I added my own load to his hot ass.
The problem was that we were playing at my place and I only know two other tops in the area.  We were playing in the evening--so that eliminated Cam, the cheating husband.  I sent a text to the other man.  Ron responded enthusiastically.  He’d seen Clark online and wanted a crack at his ass.

We are all naked.  Ron has his cock in Clark’s mouth.  Clark is on his knees, sucking noisily.  I am standing behind him.  I beat my cock on his shoulder, on his cheek, and on Ron’s cock as I wait for my turn in Clark’s hot mouth.  Ron is almost giddy.  He can’t believe his good fortune.  “It’s been weeks since I got off.  I’m gonna shoot buckets.”

I remind him we are in no hurry.
It’s my turn in Clark’s mouth.  I hold his head and fuck into him.  This makes him squirm.  He really wants these cocks in his ass.

Ron lies down on the bed, stroking, as he watches me fuck Clark’s face.  His hand is moving rapidly over his very average sized dick. 
“Go sit on that,” I tell Clark, pointing at Ron.  Clark straddles him, standing on the mattress, and slowly lowers his generous ass onto the red dick below him.  He gets his legs under him, and then begins fucking himself.  I kneel down by the edge of the bed and lean in to lick Ron’s balls.  In no time I move up so I am licking at the shaft disappearing into Clark.  My cock drips.  I am so fucking turned on by seeing him used by another man.  Not to mention the taste of Clark’s ass all over Ron’s enflamed cock.

When Clark rolls off Ron, I pull him around so he’s on all fours, with Ron’s cock right in face.   I enter his ass roughly.  I fuck him hard.  Ron shoves his cock into Clark’s mouth.  I fuck hard enough to make Ron’s dick go deeper down his throat.
We break.  I take a long drink from my water bottle.  Clark is getting in the sling.  Ron is right there to get him into the stirrups.  Clark takes a hit of poppers and tells Ron to fuck him.  I watch for a moment.  Then grab the camera and take a couple of pictures.   

I even crawl under the sling and take a couple of shots from below.

When Ron pulls out, I’m right there.  My tongue goes deep into his fucked hole.  I savor the taste and swallow.  He tastes so good it makes my cock ache.  I scramble up and insert.  Clark grunts his pleasure.  “Ram it, fucker.”
Ron is standing at the side of the sling, stroking.  I am now standing still—pushing and pulling Clark onto my cock. 

“Shit.  I’m gonna cum.”   Ron shoots all over Clark’s chest.  I sigh.  So much for a good felch.  I mop it up with my right hand and smear my cock with his jizz.  It changes the feel of Clark’s hole.  It was good before, but now it is truly silky.  It’s my turn to sigh.  I have slowed my stroke, long dicking him each time.
Ron dresses and leaves, having been there for  under 30 minutes.

Clark wonders if Ron might have a second load and calls after him.  I shrug, and tell Clark he would have stayed if he did.  Clark laughs and decides he was kind of boring. 
I shrug.  “I’m fucking in a great load.”

And I am.  I fuck and rim for a good hour more—tasting the frothy mix regularly— until I shoot my own load up his grasping butt.

Friday, June 7, 2013

My Playroom--The Fuckbench

 The newest addition to my playroom is the fuckbench.

Notice the extra padding.  Even I have tried it out for a good rimming session.  It really is comfortable.  Also, I like the handles for the bottom to grip onto. 

A fuck bud volunteered to show it off for you all.  Here he is in classic position.  I hung the mirror right at his level so he could see me working his hole.

He told me he really felt cushioned and supported.   The aluminum construction makes it easy for me to shift and to store it in pieces.

The extra uprights here and in the picture above are a bondage frame that can be attached. 
The middle section can be adjusted up or down to the size of the man on it or the height of the top doing the fucking.

I then stopped taking pictures and slid my cock into that hot hole.

I will look at the bondage attachment the next time I write about my playroom.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The White Master and the Black Boy

Northwest Ohio—March, 2013

“My Master is looking for others tops.  Do you like the look of my Black ass?”
I was chatting on the rather vanilla hook-up site.  I clicked on the picture from the sender.  I did indeed like the full, round ass that winked back at me.  His dark skin looked even darker with the white shirt he was wearing.

“Absolutely,” I typed back.

He gave me the time and location of the motel. Then:

“I like my Master to call me names.  U ok with that?”
I was pretty sure I knew where this was going.  “Oh?”  I responded innocently.

“I serve him better if he calls me a Black bitch.  Or a fucking N------.”
“If that’s what you like, I’m fine with that.”

“U think you can do that 2?”
I sent back a sentence loaded with racial name calling.

He replied with:     : - )  !!!!
I signed off and went to pack my lube….


The Master answers the door.  He’s a big bear, about my age or just slightly older.  He is big, but it’s not fat.  He’s stocky in the best sense of the word.  Hair swirls all over his barrel chest—the kind of unruly hair I want to comb with my teeth.  He is wearing a leather vest, boots and a leather jock.  He grins when he sees me. 
“That’s the faggot there.”

He points to the far bed.  The boy is on all fours, his voluptuous ass pointing towards me.  I walk over to him.  I shift my bag to my left hand and let my right run down his ass crack.  He looks around at me.  He is about 30.  He’s is also stocky but a little softer than his Master.  He smiles.  I swat his ass playfully, but with enough sting to hear it reverberate in the small room.
I drop the bag under the clattering hangers of the closet rod.  I start to strip.  The Master can’t take his eyes off me.  He watches, playing idly with the boy’s ass crack as I get down to a jock and then put my combat boots back on.

“Get him hard, N------!”
The boy springs to life.  He gets on his knees and begins mouthing the pouch of my jock.  He’s hungry for my cock.  The Master leans in and twists my all but nonexistent nipples.  With all the attention, I am boning fast.  I pull myself out of the jock.

“Open up, boy,” I tell him.
I plunge my cock into his mouth.

“Take that man to the root, boy.  Suck him like you mean it.  Use those big lips of yours…” 
The boy is eager enough, but when anything derogatory comes out of his Master’s mouth, he re-doubles his efforts.  I am soon hard and dripping.

“Get on all fours,” I tell him.  I want to sink my face into those cheeks, just as I first saw him. He gets back up on the bed.  I pull his cheeks apart and begin rimming him. 
“Can I use poppers, Sir?” 

The Master grunts his assent.  I hear the bottle open.  He takes a huge hit.  Now his foul mouth starts going.  “Eat my Black mancunt.  Spit in it.  Tell me it’s good and hot….”  He only stops when he inhales another hit from the big brown bottle.
I stand up before the litany begins again.  I watch him screw the cap on—then I push my cock into his wet and sloppy hole.

“Sir, YESSIR!” 
His Master grabs his neck and holds him in place for me.  “Pound his Black hole.”

I don’t need much encouragement.  He’s a great fuck.  I am fucking him with long strokes--savoring the feel of his hot tunnel.  I can’t get in as deep into him as I like, his voluptuous ass cheeks won’t let me.  He is still howling or telling me to cum.  Really?  He must be used to pump and dumps.  I pick up the pace and really fuck him hard.  The sound of my hips slamming his soft butt cheeks fills the room.  It makes the Master grope the front of his leather pouch.
“I want to see you fuck him,” I tell the older man.

He works his cock out of the leather as he comes around to my side of the bed.  He has an average cock.  The head is as red as I’ve seen on any dick.  He’s more than ready.
Words come out of the Master’s mouth (which make me silently wince) but the boy eats it up.  He reaches back and spreads his ass cheeks, telling him to fuck his “big white dick into him.”  I watch and stroke.  The boy is so busy doing poppers I don’t want to get in his way trying to put my cock in his mouth.

When the Master pulls out, I clean his cock.  He smiles, then kisses me.  We have a moment.
I plunge back into the upturned ass of the boy.  He reaches under the pillow and sprays some Maximum Impact into a cheap wash cloth.  He huffs.  His speech is slurred as he tells me to breed his black hole.  He reaches for the poppers—and he slumps over.  I pull out of his hole.  He’s out.  The Master moves around to his head and calls him by name.  We get no response.  I lightly slap his cheek.  Still no response.  The Master shakes him.  The boy says something that neither of us can make out.  He rolls over and begins to babble in some language of his own.  The Master holds him, all role play gone.  In a minute or so, he is back with us—not remembering anything about what just happened.

But he has a splitting headache.  He curls up.  We tell him to rest.  I think he actually falls asleep.  The Master takes my hand and leads me to the double bed nearest the door.  “I want to eat your hole out, hot man.”
I don’t object.  I get on all fours.  He eats me loudly and enthusiastically.  He is terrific. 

I sit on his face.  He gets his ever moving tongue deeper up me yet.
I take a turn eating his hole, through the forest of fur.

We clean pits.  And kiss.  Deeply.  Tasting the depths of each other’s mouth.

We have a great time while the boy dozes.
A knock.  A local school teacher has come to breed the boy.  We rouse him.  He seems totally recovered.  He’s had this man many times before.  We watch the teacher’s bigger than average cock take the boy from behind.  He cums fast.

The boy cleans his cock as I felch some of the load.  I share it with the Master in a wet, sloppy kiss.  This makes the teacher get hard again. 
He fucks another load into the boy.

I don’t felch this time.  I want to fuck in the creamy load, looking extra white as it leaks out of his Black ass.
I push some escaping cum back into him with the head of my cock.  My shaft follows.  I am more than ready.  I unload noisily. The Master holds me from behind as I let my cock marinate in his hot ass.

The teacher leaves as I get dressed.  I turn down an offer to spend the night.  As I leave, I hear the Master tell the boy to get his fat Black ass up and to sit on his face.   I close the door as the boy lets out a deep sigh.  He thanks his Master over and over for letting those white men breed him.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Farewell to IML & FelchingPisser this Summer

Chicago--May, 2013

I had to get up early the next morning, after just 2 and a half hours sleep, to settle the hotel bill and get Bob on the road.  I tried to sleep after he left, but I could only doze fitfully.  I finally gave up, packed and decided to hit the road.  The Gladiator had hoped I’d come back to his room to say goodbye, but I was sure he wouldn’t be up at 9:30am.  I had left him at 4:00am still fucking and looking for loads.

I followed my luggage down to my car and got it packed.  The doorman insisted on lifting the sling bag.  He muttered to himself from the moment he hefted it to the moment he slammed the lid of the trunk.  Leather men don’t travel light.  (I’d met another IML-er on my arrival who had told the crowd waiting for the elevator that he “had to get a lighter fetish” as he wheeled his three giant suitcases amongst us.)
The sun was trying to peer through the clouds as I got behind the wheel.  I started the engine.  The disc in the player trumpeted the triumphal opening to a Vivaldi Gloria.  And I did feel rather triumphant.  I’d never done a full on IML and I’d had a great time with more hot men than I could possibly count, with a lot of varied play.  I smiled and kicked up the volume a notch as I merged into traffic with my personal ‘end credit music’ blaring.  And damned if the sun didn’t came out on cue, too.


The summer is my busiest time of year.  It will be harder to post (and worse) to do much play.  The good news is I had a very active April and May which I have not written up yet.  I have also taken a lot of pictures of the improvements to the play room—So, I think I’ll have plenty to write about.  I hope you will all stick around for that.


I found this picture by accident this morning.  It was taken May 28, 2008.

It is the moment before--

--and the moment I fucked my first ass bareback since 1983.