Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Playroom--Porn

I like porn. 

I have always liked porn. 
Perhaps because when I was young it was so hard to get. 

I remember my partner and I daring to go into the one (at the time) dirty bookstore in the Ann Arbor area and purchasing one reel of the Al Parker flick Inches in Super 8.  (At least I always had good taste….). 
And then the thrill when my brother dubbed A Matter of Size for us on a VHS tape.

Well, today, I still like to have porn playing in the playroom.  I try to match the movie to the activities happening that session.  If I am hosting a gangbang any of the Treasure Island releases will work nicely.  If I am doing a piss scene, out come the Dick Wadd videos (usually either Pigs at the Troff or Pigs at the Zone).  If it is a leather-ish group than there are few titles hotter than Hole Hunters from HDK.  If it is a rather vanilla young man, I have some things from SX video that will suffice—though often those boys tell me to put in something kinkier.
We don’t sit and watch it.  It is mostly background noise—a great chorus of rutting men to fuck to.  Something for the guys to watch in anticipation as I change into my gear. I will occasionally notice something happening on screen and decide to incorporate it into the play.

When I was in upstate New York this winter, bookstores were everywhere.  This one chain, seemed to cater to all sorts of pervy variations.  There were flicks for any and every taste.  I was clicking through the offerings in a booth and suddenly hit an incredibly hot piss scene.  It was pretty obvious that the performers were European.  I watched with that pleasure of recognition mingled with surprise.  This was just how I played---hose him down, fuck his mouth until he begs for me up his ass--raw.  The next scene was an incredibly hot top fucking three bottoms, in quick rotation then adding a fist.  The next was with more piss and a toy….
I had to find out what and who I was watching.  Well, it was Open Season from Wurstfilm.  Fucking hot and pervy Germans playing exactly like I like to do.  That film and the perhaps even hotter Perverts series (also from Wurstfilm) are the best new porn I’ve seen in a long time.

You’ll find one of them on my wide screen lap top in my playroom as I type this…

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Tale of Two Couples

Near Home—May, 2013

I don’t think I’ve described the changes that have happened to the adult bookstore which is closest to my home.  The straight theatre has been remodeled.  The three rows of theatre seats are gone.  There is now a long couch along the back wall and about seven swivel chairs looking up to the flat screen television.  At the same time the owners built a separate theatre that only shows all male movies.  It also has a long vinyl couch and about 10 swivel chairs (though there are never more than four guys at one time on the gay side).    You can buy admissions for either theatre singly or purchase a reduced price combo pass.
The management has also decided to let couples in for the price of one admission on Saturday.  This has resulted in more men than I can ever remember bringing wives or girlfriends to the theatre.  Some couples do nothing but watch the movie.  Maybe they have a hand where it might not be at the local Cineplex, but they do nothing more than an occasional feel.  Other couples come to show off for the other men there.  That vibe of “Look at my wife going down on me—don’t you wish it were you?” can ignite the room.  No one touches either of them as they give each other oral sex or hand jobs.  Only once have I seen straight exhibitionists fuck there.  But occasionally a couple arrives who are looking for others to play.  Such was the case this Saturday night…

The parking lot is packed when I arrive, but the cars still contain their occupants.  It can only mean one thing—someone has posted on Craig’s List that he is bringing a playful woman to the theatre tonight.  The men are hanging out in the parking lot, so as not to buy a ticket in case she chickens out.  But once she’s inside, they will stream into the place and pack it.  I take the last parking space, go in and buy the combo pass.  I piss (in the bathroom—not some guy’s mouth) and then sit for a moment in the near empty gay theatre.  The video is of very young men doing condomed porn.  It barely holds my interest.  But I hear the door of the straight theatre constantly buzzing to let men in.  The couple must have arrived.

I go next door.  Yup.  The place is packed.  At least 13 men of all types are standing around or sitting in the available seating.  A man and woman are on the big couch.  Right now they have their eyes glued to the television screen, their hands in their own laps.  They are both, perhaps, just past forty.  He is balding, with strong features and just beginning to pack on a few extra pounds.  She is the best looking woman I have ever seen come into the theatre.  Her hair is cut in a short page boy, her make up is more natural than made up.  She is wearing a short denim skirt with a wrap-around top.  Her long legs are crossed and encased in thick black tights.  Occasionally, they turn to each other and smile when something happens on the screen that they seem to like—like when the girl in the movie chokes on a thick cock.
I sit in the last available chair, pushed against the side wall.  I have as good a view of them as I do of the screen.  A brave man leaves the crowd by the door and sits next to the couple.  We all watch the screen or watch the couple watching the screen.  None of the men in the room have their cock out.  Not yet.  There is a tremendous amount of off-hand groping of growing bulges.  The sexual tension in the room is amazingly high.  We all wait for some sort of signal—not knowing for sure what it will be.

Fifteen minutes go by.  The woman glances at her husband.  He nods.  She stands up.  The wrap around top is undone and comes off revealing a black brassiere.  That comes off too.  Her husband reaches up and undoes her skirt.  All three articles are placed on the back of the sofa out of the way.  In nothing but her tights and high heels she sits back down.  14 men unzip or at least grab at their cock through the fabric of their trousers.  Her husband’s hand, his wedding ring glinting in the reflected light from the screen, idly reaches for her crotch.  He fondles her for a moment through the fabric of the tights, then she leans over and takes his exposed cock into her mouth.
I watch her suck.  She seems to be pleasing her man, though it’s a lot of manual stimulation with just the cock head in her mouth.  The guy who is sitting next to her, a man who looks like he does heavy manual labor from the pecs I can see outlined in his t-shirt, opens his trousers at the waist.  He is exposing a thicker piece of meat than her husband’s by quite a bit.

It looks like her husband is going to shoot.  You can hear his breath go ragged.  He stops her, pulling her off his dick.  “Suck him.”  He indicates the man on the couch.  She leans over him.  Again her husband reaches for her covered crotch and plays with her as she takes the stranger into her mouth.  It’s not his finest hour.  He shoots instantly.  She stops, spits and her husband takes out a wet wipe from his shirt pocket.  She cleans the hand that held the man’s penis.  The laborer pulls himself together and leaves. 
An older man sits in his place.  She is back on her husband.  As soon as he has sat down, she stops and waits for her husband to decide if it’s a cock she should suck.  He nods.  She turns and takes on the older man.

The room is now in full jacking mode.  One man across from me shoots at the same time as the new man cums in her mouth.  It’s the same routine—a spit and a wipe and back to her husband.

This time before she goes back down on him, her husband gets her off rapidly by just rubbing her clit through the nylon.  She cums noisily.  I wonder if that’s the end of the show.  No.  Another man, much younger than I, sits in the now vacant seat on the couch.  You can tell she really wants this one, but she waits for the nod.  It comes.  She sucks the short cock presented to her while the young man plays with her breasts.

Another man pushes over from the doorway.  He reaches for her crotch.  The husband slaps his hand away.  Hard.  “No one touches her there.  But me.”
The new man starts jerking off in front of her, hoping she will switch from the young man to him.  She pointedly ignores him.  He shoots on the floor in front of her and leaves.

And so it goes.  She takes on at least 8 of the men in the room.  Others cum from watching the men have sex with her while waiting for their turn.  A few don’t want any actual contact and get off in their chairs.  The husband gets her off at least twice more.  I watch and stroke, fascinated by the dynamic between the partners.
It’s now the four of us left in the room—the couple, the guy who shot in his chair early on and me.  The woman’s eyes are riveted to my cock.   She leans close to her husband’s ear.  She whispers—but loud enough to include me. “I want that big one.” 

The husband looks at me.  I consider.  I think about her technique.  Or rather, the lack of it.
 I shake my head.

She leans in and gets her husband off in seconds after all this play.  Then he rubs her mound one last time through the tights.  She cums—the noisiest yet.  They go. 

I check out the gay theatre.  No one.
I go back to the straight side.  The man in the chair is still there.  Two men are sitting on the sofa—as far apart as they can get.  One is maybe 25, blond, pale white skin with long bangs of the blond hair all but covering his eyes.  He’s thin.  On the other end of the couch is a man in his late 30’s.  His skin is as dark as the boy’s is pale.  He has a long, thick dick in his hand.  They watch me sit back in the same chair.  I haul out my meat.

So does the blond. 
We all watch a girl on the screen take on two men.

“You missed the show,” I tell the two newcomers.  “A man brought his wife and she blew most of the room.”  Their hands move a little faster over their cocks.  “She gone,” I continue, “but…”
I let it dangle—knowing that they get the fact I can help them with that.  The Black man spreads his legs invitingly.  I kneel between them.  The guy in the chair ignores us.  I deep throat the cock in front of me.  It makes my eyes water.  But I keep going.

The blond pulls me over to suck him.  I do.  His dick is thin and slightly bent.  He goes soft after a moment.  I look over.  The Black guy is softer now too.  I start to go back to him, when he stops me.  “We don’t want that.  We want to do you.”  He stands and pulls me up beside him.  The blond pulls my jeans down.
Jeez, they are partners.  I had no idea.  The black guy swallows my inflated cock.  The blond nuzzles into my ass crack with an active tongue.  I am turned by hands on my hips— now it’s the blond sucking me and the Black guy licking my ass.  I look down and they are both rock hard.

I get pushed down on the sofa.  The men are on either side of my splayed legs.  They take turns on my cock.  They are incredible.  They can both take me to the root, hold it, come up for air and swallow me again instantly. 
I eventually shoot in the Black man’s mouth.  I spasm and buck.  I watch as the men kiss and share my seed. 

I lean back, panting and exhausted.  I know I made the right choice to save my load for couple number two…

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hot Mystery Guy

My Playroom—May, 2103

 He must have given me a name somewhere along the line—but after instant messaging for days on end and finally arranging a date for the middle of the month— by the time he arrived at my door, I no longer knew it.  I watched him get out of his car.  He looked exactly like the man you’d take home to your parents:  tallish, good looking, gym-fit, dark hair, obviously successful with the car he was parking in front of my house.
As I answered the door, I ran through his last email to me.  “I will be there right at 2pm so I can get home B4 my BF gets home from work,” he’d typed.    “Use me hard, BB only.  Do whatever you want to me.”  I got him up to the playroom, told him to strip and went downstairs to put on my boots and jock.  Once I was ready and I opened the door, he was right where I wanted him—astride the new fuckbench.
 I stand in the door just looking at that ass.  It’s a thing of beauty.  It’s so white, beautifully shaped with just the right amount of hair down the crack.  I kneel behind him.  The only sound in the room are some moans coming from the porn playing on my laptop and his deep breathing as he waits for me to touch him.  So I don’t.  I just look at his ass.  His breathing becomes more rapid.  I slowly lean in.  My beard brushes his perineum.  My tongue hits his hole. 
He whimpers.  “Oh, thank you.”  He grunts as I push deeper.  “Yes.”  He pushes back onto my face.  “Use my ass.”

I’m stroking my cock as I’m eating him out.  His hole is responding to my tongue’s insistent probing by becoming more pliant.  I stand up and start to insert my cock.  I stop to take a picture.

And another.
As I push forward he squeezes down on me, milking my cock.  It’s my turn to grunt.  I am balls deep.  I listen to his heavy breathing for a moment, and then begin a long, slow pull out.  When I see the flare of my cock head, I shove it back in.  Deep.  He grunts a low, rumbling sound of pleasure.

I fuck him as hard as I can.  I love the view of him below me, clutching the handles of the fuckbench.  He is bucking back on almost every stroke—showing me he can take the hammering I’m giving him.
I stop.  I pull out and taste his hole.  It’s sweet with lube and pre-cum. 

“Let’s get you in the sling.” 
I enter him hard this time.  One long stroke.  He grunts.  I pound his ass again--just as hard, reveling in how flipping him onto his back gives us both whole new sensations.

Eventually I stop fucking and blindfold him.  My hands play with his nuts, his sizable cock, his nipples, his sweaty pits.  I cover his ass crack with piss.  I lick it clean, spending a long time working some up his open hole.

“That feels amazing…”
I stop him from talking with a kiss.  My beard full of my pale piss.  He succumbs in a pleased whimper.  I work around the side of the sling and eat his right pit.  Then hose it down with piss and clean it with my tongue again.  Now I’m on the left side.  He expects the same thing, so I concentrate on working his left nipple with my tongue and teeth until it stands up pink and angry.  Then I piss on his left pit and clean it.

We kiss once more.  I help him out of the sling, still blindfolded.  I add wrist restraints.  I clip him, facing forward, to the sling chains, so his hands are above his head.  My tongue is all over his nipples, his pecs, his pits.  I piss on his hard cock and suck it all off.
“I’m going to turn you around.”

Still blindfolded, I turn him 180 degrees so he is facing the sling, his hands re-fastened above him.  I stand behind him.  My cock rests at half-mast between his butt cheeks.  My arms are around him.  I am working his nipples again.  I feed him some poppers, and work them until they look angry and swollen.
Back into the sling he goes.  I eat his dripping hole for a moment—savoring the piss.  I fuck him slow and easy.
“I’m going to crank you open.”

I warm the speculum in between my hands.  I lube it up and slip it in.
“What is that?” he asks, still blindfolded and stroking. 

“Just concentrate on your hole.”
I begin a slow cranking open.

“Oh, my God!” 
He’s never felt anything like it.  It is pushing the walls of his ass out to the sides.  I run a well lubed finger along the exposed flesh of the top and bottom of his ass canal.  I connect with his prostate.  He jumps.  His cock drools.  I lick it up.  And kiss him.

“Do you want to see your ass?”
“Yes.  Please.”

I take off the blindfold and grab a small mirror from the bureau.  He’s blinking at all the light.  I hold the mirror at an angle so he can see his wide open, red hole.  He stops blinking and gapes.

“It feels so good.”
“I got you pretty wide.  Look.”  I point up to the overhead mirror.  My throbbing cock is entering him, speculum in place.

It feels terrific.  It’s hot on the top and bottom, still cool on the sides against the stainless steel.  I push all the way in. 

We fuck.
He’s jerking furiously.

I calm him long enough to get the speculum out.  I know it’s time to get him on the road and back to his boyfriend.
“Please give me your load.”

I’m already in him, aiming to do just that.
“You want it?”


“In my ass.”

“Up my hole.  Please…”
I shoot up him with a low howl.

He shoots big white arc across his chest.
“Now we go to the rimseat.”

I get under.  His loaded ass descends onto my face as he sits.  It’s an incredibly intimate moment.  We both feel it.  But it has to end…

Hours later, as I’m making tea after dinner, I get a two word text:  The Best.
My cup of Earl Grey beside me, I start to down load the photos, in complete agreement.  Still not remembering his name, I label the photo set ‘Hot Mystery Guy.’

Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Playroom--the Floor

My playroom is an upstairs bedroom.  It has a hardwood floor.  For years I’ve made sure I have covered it with a tarp and a drop cloth (as I like my piss play right there) to protect it.  But I haven’t done anything about protecting our knees.
One way or another, people are on their knees a lot in my playroom.  My boys almost invariably start by sucking my cock, kneeling on the hard floor.  I spend as much time, maybe more, on my knees as I eat the ass on display on the bed, sling or fuckbench.  I sometimes fuck them on the floor before we move to another place.  I have put up with it for several years—but when I got the new bench I finally did something about it.

That something was a padded mat.   I opted for a rubberized exercise mat that comes in 2 foot squares.  It has jigsaw shaped edges so I can add more to it as I see fit.  Right now, I have enough to go under both the sling and the fuckbench.  It sticks out far enough for me to be on it at the business end of the sling and bench.
I started by putting down a sheet of plastic to protect the wood in case any moisture ever found its way through the cracks of the join.  Then the mat was placed on top of that in a 6 by 8 foot area.  Eventually I will do the whole room.  I would definitely like it under the rimseat.  I still put down a tarp (thinner now) for the predominate piss area under the sling and a cotton sheet to catch any run off.
The first time I used it, I was amazed how much a simple half inch of cushion helped the knees.   

The boy of the moment liked it too.  I couldn’t get him off his knees—not that I tried too hard…

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Filling the Fluid Pig

My Playroom—May, 2013

“I’m an all purpose top into WS, bondage, FF with a portable sling.  I love to play one on one or in groups.  I love to eat a fully loaded ass.  I love to play in long (but chem free) sessions.  I love to play in leather with my cum and piss stained jock buried in your face.  And I love guys who know how to clean out so well, that they can give me back whatever I give them up their ass…”
Some of you likely recognize that as my BBRT profile.  It’s gotten me a lot of sex.  But I don’t often find a pig who is determined to give me everything back…


He’s visiting Michigan on business.  The Pig has made a point of staying in a town near me.  We have chatted and chatted.  Our pervs seem to be in total sync.  I have invited Harry from Chicago to fuck him, too.  But Harry watches it all…and really does nothing during the encounter.  He lies on the bed, stroking as I work the Pig over.  I may not mention Harry again.
The Pig is naked but for a red jock and white socks.  I am in my leathers at his request. He  is almost as tall as I am.  He certainly has more meat on his bones.  And a great pelt of fur covers his chest, legs with only slightly less on his ass.  He is maybe 10 years younger than I. 

“Suck my cock.”
He is on his knees instantly.  I am standing in front of the sling.  The pouch on my stained jock is swollen with my burgeoning cock.  The Pig inhales the aroma.  I have worn the most highly stained one I own.  It hasn’t been rinsed since the last piss party—it’s been sitting in a Ziploc bag for a man like the Pig.  He can’t enough of the scent.  He inhales deeply.  He licks at my balls through the fabric.  Finally I get them out of the pouch, so the Pig can suckle on them.  My cock sticks out of the side of the pouch.  I pull the Pig off my balls and guide him up to the dripping head of my cock.   He murmurs something—it might be “Fuck”—as he takes the cock head in his mouth.  He is gurgling happily as he swallows it down. 

He’s a great cock sucker.  I let him have his fill.  I pull him up.  We kiss hungrily.  I want to taste myself on his tongue.
“Get on the fuckbench.” 

He does.  It spreads his generous ass beautifully.  The framing by the red straps of his jock complete the picture.  I toss a towel under the bench.  And piss a short blast on his ass crack.
He grunts in surprise and pleasure.  I am right there, kneeling and licking his crack dry.  Then he gets wet again with my saliva. I love the taste of my pale piss mixed with the sweat of his ass crack.  The Pig looks over his shoulder at me.  “Can we move to the sling?”

We do.  I go back to eating his hole as soon as he’s comfortable.  I eat him out until my knees are tired.  I stand up and send an arc of piss out of my hard cock that hits his nipples.  I direct the stream down his torso until it’s covering his jock.
“Yes, Sir.  Fuck my hole.”

I lean in, giving his chest a quick lick, then my lubed cock is ready for his ass.  And his ass is ready for me.  I enter him easily.  He takes me to the hilt.  I fuck him hard—stopping only after I become winded.  My cock goes into his mouth—with his perfect clean out.  HE savors the taste of himself on my swollen meat.
We break. 

The Gatoraide comes out.
“I have piss, Sir.  You want it?”

I kneel.  He pulls a decent sized cock out of his jock and gets it into my mouth just as he starts to piss.  He’s prepped for me.  It’s hot and wet and diluted.  Perfect.  I swallow fast.  The Pig is just letting it all flow out.  And he has a huge load.  I begin swallowing faster and faster so as not to spill any on the tarp under the sling.  Finally, his piss runs down.  I swallow and begin to suck his cock.  He hardens, but he abruptly pulls himself out of my mouth and gets back in the sling.
I am up his ass instantly.  I revel in his silky canal.  And how he can milk my cock.  I slow my strokes until I am barely pumping into him.  I suddenly have a huge bladder full from all his piss coursing through me.  I hold, pull out slightly so only about 4 inches of me is still buried in him and let him have it.

“Fuck!” he groans out.  “Fill my fuck hole with your hot piss.”
I try not to give it all to him, but I have a hard time stopping.  As it slows, I fuck some deep into his guts.  He tells me he can feel it flow deep.  I pull out and kneel.  I lick around his hole, tasting my piss there.  

“Do you want it?”  He doesn’t wait for me to respond.  He pushes.  A blast of my piss comes shooting into my mouth.  It’s my turn to gasp.  And swallow.  Just as the first load is gone, he shoots a second load out of his ass.  Most goes into my mouth, but much of it lands in my beard.  After I swallow, I get up, lean across him and kiss him.  We explore each other’s mouths.   He licks the piss out of my beard.  I go back to rimming him.  He seems to have got the last of it out.
I fuck him until I’m on the verge of cumming.  I stop right on the edge and enjoy the feeling as it subsides.

“Get on the rimseat.”
I help him out of the sling and then crawl under the rimseat.  He sits gingerly, then takes a hit of poppers.  My tongue probes his well fucked butt.  Then gravity does its work.  There is still a huge load of piss up his hole.  It cascades out of him and down my throat.  I sputter and swallow.  His clean out is still good.  I have to swallow repeatedly and then dive into his butt with my tongue as deep as I can go.  His mouth is spewing obscenities as he tells me how hot it is for me to drink it straight from his ass. 

I rim more—his ass going from piss hole to fuck hole.
I tap the underside of his legs—the signal for him to get up.

“Sling.”  It’s all I can muster.
The Pig jumps in.  I begin to fuck him hard.  He takes his cock out of his wet jock and begins beating in time with my thrusts.  In no time he shoots a load into all that hair on his chest. 

I look at Harry.  He signals for me to go ahead and shoot.
So I give the Pig my cum up his pissed out hole.  Enough that it drips out onto the damp tarp. 

I kneel and clean him up. 
I stand, shaky and spent, but lean across the Pig for a great, fluid-swapping kiss.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fucking the Hot Top

My Playroom—May, 2013

I met Jerry at a Halloween party in Northern Indiana.  I watched him fuck a couple of guys.  He watched me fuck a lot of guys.  We kept smiling at each other.  Eventually he pulled me aside and said he’d like to feel my cock up his ass sometime—but he wasn’t about to do it there.  (I have linked the two parts of the party above.  I called him Will back then--as I didn't have a name yet....)  I suggested he just let me eat his ass.  He agreed.  I remember getting lost in his full, ebony ass—blocking out all the noise from around the bar, the chatter from the guys not having sex and the inane music playing on the sound system. 
We exchanged numbers.

He sent me pictures.
I sent some to him. 
I saw that Jerry fucked my fuck bud Ryan—you can read about that encounter here.

We would chat by text or on Adam4 Adam fairly often, but it took almost 18 months before we finally met up one Saturday afternoon…

He’s nervous.  We talk for almost half an hour in my living room before we go upstairs to the play room.  We talk about us.   About my little town (and how he had not seen any black people anywhere near this area.)  About what I was about to do to him.
He strips down and puts his clothes in the tall bureau in the corner.  I use the hook on the back of the door for mine.  I glance over.  He is as well built as ever—maybe even a little more defined on his chest and arms.  Jerry gets right to his knees and starts sucking my cock to hardness.  It doesn’t take much work.  My cock responds to his mouth and even more to the idea of this hot top about to give up his ass to me.

With that thought, I pull out of his mouth and sink to my knees. We kiss briefly before he stands up.  I take his long, thin cock deep into my mouth.  He bucks against me.  It’s the perfect thickness—I can still breathe with it in my throat.
“Eat me out like you did at the party.”

He jumps right into the sling.  I help him get his legs in the stirrups.  I kneel down onto the hard wooden floor.  I look at the full black globes in front of me.  Slowly I pull them apart.  My tongue hits home. 
I hear a whimper from Jerry.   “Oh, yeah.  Eat me out.”

My tongue works deeper.  He’s starting to perspire.  His ass crack in only moderately hairy—but it’s enough to make the little beads of sweat cling to him—before I lick them away.  I spend quite some time on his hole.  He’s very tight.  My right index finger squirms into him.  It looks so white against his dark skin.  He is only beginning to open up when I stand.
I lube my dick up.  I push the head against his hole.  Jerry breathes deep.  His hole opens a little—just enough to get my flaming red cock head into him.  Jerry moans.  He reaches for his cock and, though it’s losing its super hardness, he begins to flog it.  I can’t move he is so tight. 

I inch forward.  He’s opening.  A little more.  I am almost there.  Jerry groans again, as my pubes mash up against him. 
“Damn, you are tight.”

He just nods and beats his cock.  I pull out a little.  Then push back in.  Then back out a little more.  I fuck him slowly and steadily.  I am now pulling back most of my length.
Jerry gasps out “You feel great.”

“So do you,” I tell him.
And he shoots.   His white spunk is all over his chiseled black abs.  One shot has hit right below his left nipple.   I know I need to get out of him—and I do.  I lean down and lick him clean.  He is delighted and chagrined he shot so fast.

“Can you take anymore?”
Jerry shakes his head.  He’s up, and into the shower and out the door.  Maybe 30 minutes in the play room—just as long as our pre-fuck discussion.

I don’t shoot.  But, surprisingly, I feel fine with it. 
Yeah, he was that hot.

Though, that night, I shoot a large load into a devil’s dick I have forming in the freezer.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Mystery Fuck...and a Small Group

The rest of my April sexual adventures have been detailed in the posts I wrote daily from CLAW.  I know I took quite a few days off after I returned home in order to rest my weary dick.  So it was the top of May before I played again.

With some time to write today, I opened the file where I keep a list of my encounters (in the order they happened) and other ideas for blog posts.  The first entry for May was “Visitor from Texas.”

Well, it had to happen.
I have nothing.  I quickly searched through the hook up sites to see if I could find correspondence.  It had all been auto erased, it’s been so long.  There were no stray photos in any email account either.

Often I make notes, but there is nothing else for this entry.  I can picture all the other names that are still in limbo on that list.  I can conjure up no mental image at all for Texas.  Did we just fuck?  There are no notes about covering him in piss or working my hand up him, or that he brought a bag of toys.  I am pretty sure that it was good encounter, for I always make notes if things go wrong.
I hope he’s not a reader of this blog—(though that would likely have been a note I’d have made.)  I really hate the time lag I currently have from fucking to writing about it—especially as I had a very busy spring with the two leather conventions and many more people than usual interested in making the trip to the playroom.   I hope that I will be all but up to date by the end of summer.  I haven’t been able to write a lot, but I have barely been able to play at all, so the list grows shorter…
A rule I try to live by is that playtime has to equal the round trip drive I make to an encounter.  I try to make that true for the men who travel to me as well.  I have always preferred a longer session than a 10 minute quickie.  Quickies can be great, but not if I’m in the car for two hours to get there.
My next May encounter had me driving farther than usual.  A top/vers who I had played with years ago in one of Michigan’s larger cities wrote me on BBRT.  He and his partner had invited a young leather bottom to fuck all afternoon and evening.  Would I like to join them?  Well, I liked Dennis.  I had never met his partner or the bottom, but it sounded like it would be well worth the trip—with plenty of potential for extended play.  They had a sling and a playspace.  I, for a change, could leave my equipment at home.
I found the house easily.  Dennis showed me in, taking my bag of lubes and restraints.  It was a house in flux—the partners were doing all the work on this fixer upper.  I sat down in the living room, one of the few rooms on the main floor which was finished.  Dennis is a tall, patrician man with a year round tan and a big dick.  We are contemporaries in age and body type.  His partner, Max, is Latin and several heads shorter than the two of us.  I guessed his age as a few years younger.  He couldn’t take his eyes off the bulge in my 501’s.
We chatted awhile.  The bottom was nowhere in sight.  Eventually he emerged from a back bedroom. Bill was a cute otter, short and with a decidedly sub streak.  He was 30-ish; maybe just 40.  He curled up on the sofa next to me and began playing with my bulge as we continued the talk about Dennis and Max’s renovation.  Soon Bill was on the floor.  He unlaced my combat boots.  He pulled them off, shoving his face deep into each boot, inhaling deeply.  Then my thick wool socks were peeled off.  I hoped he’d go for my toes, but instead Max asked me to stand up.  While we talked of the dry rot in the dining room, Max and Bill knelt and slowly undid my button fly and my belt. I stepped out of my jeans.  Bill began tonguing my jockstrapped bulge.  Max moved around, pulled my cheeks apart and stuck his tongue as far up my hole as he could.  Bill simply smiled, played idly with his cock that was hidden under crimson running shorts.  Eventually he stopped the boys and told them to take me downstairs…
The space has two single beds and a sling hanging from the rafters off to the side.  I have put Bill in the wrist restraints and fastened them behind him, right at the small of his back.  His mouth is ovaled and he is taking me deep.  I pull out long strands of thick saliva. 
Dennis is sitting in chair next to us. “Fuck his throat.  Make him take it all.” 
I buck into his mouth, then hold it until he almost chokes.  I pull out and spit in his open mouth.  He grunts a sound of surprise and approval.  We repeat the action.  Then I pull him up and have him kneel on the edge of the bed.  I push him forward.  He has no arms available to catch himself.  His head goes into a nest of pillows.  I kneel and stick my face into his hairy crack.  He moans into the pillows, then tells me to do anything I want to him.
I spend a long time eating his hole out.  I ask Dennis if he wants a turn, but he tells me he just wants to watch me work him over.  He flogs his still flaccid cock.  There is no sign of Max.  I rise up and insert.  My cock glides into him fast.  I grind my pubes into his spread hole.  Bill feels terrific.  He knows how to squeeze my cock.  I hold for a bit, then begin a slow pounding into him.  He moans, muffled by all the pillows. 
I pull out, wanting him to taste his ass on my cock.  But I can’t.  I am dirty.  Really dirty.  I undo him, and tell him to go clean up.  I make for the bathroom on this level and wash and wash and wash.
Max eventually comes downstairs and gives me some head.  He is uncomfortable with me rimming him—and even more uncomfortable when I try to fuck him.  He says he wants it— but his body is telling me “no.”
Max asks to rim me.  He is really good.  His tongue is all over my ass.  I am back to having a good time.
Bill arrives.  Soon I go back up him.  He asks me to pull out almost instantly.  He races upstairs. 
Max and I play for a bit more. 
Bill tries again—this time in the sling.  I get up him and he asks instantly for a break.  Dennis is upstairs now, never having managed an erection.  Max goes up to join them. 
The writing on the wall is now in focus:  the upstairs bedroom holds more interest than sex. Whatever drug it is makes no difference—it is changing the potential of great play into three minute bursts of sexual energy and incredible lengths of time with me on my own, left watching bad porn.   I should have known sooner….
I stick it out for a bit longer, then make an excuse and leave—my playtime severely shortened.  Bill and Dennis never even know I take off.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Playroom--A Fuckbench for You

When I bought my fuckbench last April, and posted a picture of it, I received a very polite email from a gentleman I had never met.  He was in the process of drawing up plans for a wooden fuckbench.  He didn’t really want to create a website to disseminate the instructions, but thought my blog might be the place.  Would I be interested in seeing his work?

Well, of course I would.
When I opened the attachments, there were meticulous designs for three different benches. The instructions were clear.  The illustrations were great and really clarified the construction.  They look similar to a sawhorse, with padded top bracing for the stomach and padded leg supports.

I agreed to send them to anyone interested in adding a piece of fuck furniture to their playspace—whether it’s a dungeon or the guest bedroom; the attic you have cleaned up for play or that spot behind the furnace that you were never quite sure what to do with…

 Here is a sample of the instructions:
Part Designation:
A1  Beam                    2x4  1 piece at 9 inches
A2  Beam                    2x4  1 piece at 20 inches
B  Legs                        2x4  4 pieces at 32 inches
C  Diagonal Bracing  2x2   4 pieces at 24 inches
D  Horizontal Brace    2x4 2 pieces at 25 inches
J   Arm Rest Support 2x4  2 pieces at 14 inches
K  Arm Rest Bracket 2x4  2 pieces at 20 inches
L  Hand Grasp            2 pieces of 1 inch diameter dowel at 10 inches
1.      Cut Beam (A).  A1 is 9 in. long and A2 is 20 in. long.
2.      Cut 4 legs (B).  Top of leg should be angled at 75o and bottom at 15o, both across the narrow side of the 2x4 board.  See Fig 1.  Height of bench is determined by the shorter distance between the beveled edges of the leg.  For each 1 inch change in bench height add or subtract 1 1/32 inches in leg length.  For each leg board, beginning slightly in from one end at a point “a” (Fig. 1), draw a line across the narrow side of the board at a 15o angle to a point “b” on the opposite edge. From point “b” measure along the length of the board the distance calculated to be the bench leg length to a point “c”.  From point “c”, draw a line across the narrow side of the board at 75o to a point “d” on the opposite edge.  Lines “ab’ and “cd” should be on the same edge of the board and inclined in opposite directions.  Cut the boards along these lines..........etc.


What I can’t show you are the drawings—Blogger won’t let me either cut and paste them, or upload them since they aren’t photos.  Trust me, they are great.

To be clear, he is not charging for these.  Nor am I.  Just send an email to me at and I will be happy to forward them to you.

We both believe that there is actually furniture that can make sex better. 

It’s time to get out your skill saw…



Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Final Group Fuck--a fitting way to say goodbye to my ex-military man

Near home—April, 2013

He was going home.  My hot butted, ex-military guy, Clark, was leaving town at the end of the month for his home down South.  We had one weekend left to play.  We decided to go back to the bookstore/lounge/playspace.  It proved to be our best visit yet.

 The sexual energy is palpable from the moment we enter the darkened lounge.  The sling is still up, but unoccupied.  There are several men in the play cubicle.  Two guys are getting sucked by two men on the floor.  They stop the moment we round the corner.  I unbutton and push Clark to the floor.  I am in his mouth and getting hard.  The other men go back to sucking the dick in front of them.  One of the men reaches toward the chest of the other man getting sucked and gives his nipples a twist through the fabric of his t-shirt.
Clark is getting me very hard.  A shadow of a man appears beside us.  Even in the dark you can see he’s built.  He unzips, digs his cock out and begins stroking as he watches us.  I push Clark over to the new cock.  He doesn’t need much encouragement to start deep throating the newcomer.  I can see him a little better now—dark blond hair, maybe late 30’s, the chest showing hours of work at the gym through the cheap cotton fabric of his tee.  And this newcomer’s cock is definitely bigger than average.  I find that out first hand as I kneel beside Clark.  We trade his hot, wet meat back and forth. 

I am deep throating the guy.  Clark takes the opportunity to stand up and get out of his jeans.  The moment he has tossed his underwear on the floor, he pushes his bare ass towards the man.  The guy plays with Clarks’ butt for a moment, then he concentrates on the blowjob.  I stop sucking and pull Clark’s ass towards me.  I spit on his hole and then tongue it for a moment.
“Fuck me.”

I stand and get my big cock up him with no problem.  The newcomer is really stroking hard as he watches me plow Clark.  I turn Clark’s body slightly so the guy can get a better angle.  I look down at my swollen cock entering into the perfect cleft formed by Clark’s ass.  The guy reaches towards me and touches my nuts.  His hand travels back and feels for my hole.  I bat his hand away playfully.  He reaches back, more insistently, and tries to work his index finger into me.  I pull away.
“Fuck him.  Not me.”

Clark grabs my shoulders and again presents his ass to the stranger.  This time, with his cock hard and dripping, he manhandles it into Clark.  He fucks him hard.  I brace myself against the wall, so as not to be knocked backwards with his thrusts. 
“Shit that’s good.”  The man is fucking harder and faster.   “I need to pull out.”  Thrust. Thrust.  “Or I’ll cum.”  Thrust. Thrust. “You want this cum?”

Clark doesn’t answer, but I am sure he’s squeezing his ass down on the man with all his might.
“Shit.”  I can just see the guy’s face contort in the half-light.  His body is jerking.  Clark milks him, then spins around to clean his cock and give me the loaded ass.  I drop to my knees and start reaming his ass out with my tongue.  I can only guess that the guy’s sensitive dick is being swabbed down by Clark’s tongue.

“Shit.”  The guy pulls out of Clark’s mouth and watches me eat his load from Clark’s ass.  “You guys are real pigs.”  He stuffs his cock back in his pants and leaves.

Clark has a cigarette. 

When he gets back he finds me sprawled on the fuck block, letting a slightly stocky Cub lick my nuts while the Cub’s boyfriend (thin, nicely defined, olive skinned and with jet black hair in all the right places) is taking my cock effortlessly to the root.  Clark jumps right in.  He crawls on the floor to get to the Cub’s thick cock.  Soon he’s on the Boyfriend’s longer, thinner dick. 
Then all four of us trade blow jobs.  A fifth guy joins.  He’s my age, a tall thin mostly top guy I recognize from the hook up sites.  He’s an avid cock sucker.  I really want to eat his ass, but I never quite get the chance. 

The other three go smoke.
“I saw your ad,” the tall guy says as we move out of the play area and sit by the never used fuckbench.  “Do you remember?  We met a long time ago at a motel party.”  I nod a ‘yes’ but I don’t remember.  “I really want to fuck your boy.”

“Good.”  I smile.  “He should be right back.”
But he’s not.

I’m sure he’s found something good.  Eventually the Cub comes to  find us.  “Come on.  We know the owners.  He lets us play back here.  He leads the way into a room with a large ‘Do Not Enter’ sign.  It’s an office.  And there, hunkered over in a chair is Clark getting plowed by the Boyfriend.  Clark beams. 
The Cub tells me how hot Clark’s ass is. 

I agree.

The boyfriend pulls out and asks me to fuck him.
I don’t hesitate to get my cock out.  The BF gets down on all fours on the stained rug.  I eat his hole.  It’s very hairy.  I am now dripping precum.  The Cub moves around to put his cock in his Boyfriend’s mouth. 

“Use lots of lube.”  I do.  I have to work to get in him, but it’s worth it.  His ass is super tight.  I have to work for every inch.  I look over.  Clark has the tall, thin top up his butt.  I watch them plow for a moment, then I concentrate on getting the last three inches up my man.   I’m home.  I hold for about a count of ten.  I begin a slow fuck rhythm.
“You are one big mother fucker.”  I ramp up the speed.  “Fuck yes!  Give it to me.”  Then he goes back to sucking.

The tall, thin top starts panting.  He drops a load up Clark.  He won’t let anyone clean his cock—though we are all willing.  I stop fucking and eat some out of Clark’s ass.  Then fuck in it for a moment.  Then the Boyfriend fucks Clark.  I clean some load off his cock with my tongue.  Then the Cub takes a turn.  Clark licks him clean as I go back to fucking the Boyfriend.
“Give me your load, you fucker.”  I am close.  I look over at Clark sucking the Cub. 

And I shoot.  I make more noise than I should in this office off the retail area, but none of us care at this moment.
I pull out and just sit down, hard, on the carpet.  The Boyfriend gets up.  He runs to the Cub.  It’s obviously a ritual for them.  The Cub gets on his knees.  I assume he’s going to felch my load, but I’m wrong.  The boyfriend, barely able to contain himself, jerks off all over the head and face of the Cub.  Clark rises and joins him, shooting a huge load on the Cub’ face and open mouth.

Names and phone numbers are exchanged.
Clark and I head home—sated.

“Maybe you can come visit.”  We are parked outside his motel. 

I nod. 
Then he tells me all the reasons why a visit to his place would be hard.

I think about kissing him goodbye, but the moment passes.
Maybe we’ll meet again.

Some year. 
He’s up and out of the car.  A quick wave, then he concentrates on the cigarette in his mouth, not on me.

 I start to wave but he’s turned to shelter the match from the wind, so I stop myself. 
I sigh.  Then grin.  And pull out of the lot and head home.