Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Good-bye Group

Lansing—September, 2103

This was my evening of the same day as the last post.
My fuck buddy Brad was moving back to his home state of Alabama.  He has appeared a couple of times in this blog—most notably in PackAttack and as my travel companion to last year’s New Year’s Eve party in Chicago.  We agreed we wanted to fuck one more time.  And as we both really love group play, we decided to meet at the bookstore/lounge in Lansing.  Brad had seeded my ex-military guy there.  Now he wanted to go and be seeded himself.

This was my first trip back since the owner had expanded the playspace.  The television lounge was still there with the rarely used fuckbench between the screens.  Behind the seats, a large cubicle with several gloryholes cut into its walls, was in the same position, but the sling in the back corner was was gone.  A wall had been opened up behind the cubicle.  The first room was dark.  Really dark.  There was wooden cube in the middle of the room, just high enough for a man to grab onto as he was fucked.  This opened up into a large warehouse space where there was more light, but still nice and shadowy.  A slurp ramp dominated the room.  There were several alcoves where men could retire for some slight privacy.  At the far end, the sling had been re-hung.  There was also a bathroom behind the sling. 
Brad (tall, thin and hung) and I arrived at the same time.  We paid our admission and went our separate ways as soon as we were in the warehouse area.  He went behind the slurp ramp.  I was soon in one of the alcoves where two hungry cock suckers shared my cock…


I am now good and rampant.  I go to find Brad.  He’s watching a guy get blown.  I pull him toward the sling.   “Let’s show off a little,” I tell him.  He gets out of his jeans and folds them up to be a pillow in the webbed sling.  Once he’s in, I kneel on the cold concrete and start licking his hairy crack.  We start collecting onlookers as Brad begins to moan.  I stand up, lube my cock and find his slick hole.  I’m in.  A hand comes out of the group of four or five men watching us and tries to grab my cock.  “It’s raw,” I tell him. 
“Fuck him good,” the guy tells me.

I pick up the pace of my thrusts.  My hips slap his upturned ass—with the sound filling the warehouse.  One guy in the group, who’s about my age, though with a lot more meat on his bones, is openly stroking.  I ask if he want to take a turn up Brad’s hole.  He nods.  I pull out.  I bend and spit on the man’s cock.  He pushes right into Brad’s tight hole.  Roughly.  He fucks Brad at a terrific pace. 
I feel a hand on my cock.  A really good looking man, about 15 years younger than me is fondling me.  “You must be the guy the owner told me about,” he whispers in my ear.  “Jeez.  It’s bigger than he said.”  I shrug.  He tugs me away from the sling.  He leans against the slurp ramp’s back wall.  “I used to live here, but live out west now.”  He’s pulling his pants down as he talks.  “Fuck me.”  He turns, arching his back, holding onto the wall for support.  It’s a bubble butt that could be in porn.  I kneel and run my tongue up and down his hairless crack.  Soon, I’m digging it into his hole.  “Damn, you know how to eat butt.  Give me your cock.”

I stand up and push in.  Oh, fuck.  Beautiful and talented.  I have to grab my balls and twist them to slow me down.  I hesitate for a long moment, and then I begin a steady rock into him. I pick up the tempo.  His head starts hitting the thin paneling of the wall.  It makes a thumping sound every time I drive home.  He doesn’t care.  In fact, I think he gets off on it. 
I look over at the sling.  Brad has moved on to a young Hispanic top.  The older man, who was fucking Brad, is walking toward us.  I let him up my young out of towner—who barely glances back to see who is fucking him now.  He just wants cock.  Any big cock.

“Hey, Mister.”  The voice comes out of the shadows.  I can’t see who it is.  I move towards him.  “You been fucking that ass bare?  I bet you’re thirsty.”  Now I know who it is.  He’s a local young man who I only managed to play with once due to a controlling boyfriend.  He’s a big piss pig.  We hug.  He pushes me down to my knees.  He starts pissing almost before I get it in my mouth.  “I tanked up the moment I saw your ad,” he tells me as his piss gushes down my throat.  I swallow.  It’s sweet, but I have no time to savor it, I just keep swallowing.  The moment he is done, he pulls me to my feet and kisses me deeply.  Then he disappears into the crowd of men now ringing the sling.
I go back up Brad.  I fuck with a nice steady rhythm.  I watch the wiry Hispanic fuck the out of towner still in the dark behind the slurp ramp.  I fuck Brad until he asks for a break.

I go back to the out of towner, but he needs a break, too.  I let a friend of Brad’s suck my dick through the gloryhole.
Soon, I fuck both men again, starting with the out of towner.  Then two new ones.  The first is a fit guy, about my age, who topped my ex-military bud the last time I was here.  Tonight, he’s all bottom and he’s great.  A nasty talker.  The other is a 40-ish bottom who likes to clean the cock of whom ever pulls out of Nasty Talker before the top goes into him.  They know each other, and work as a team all night.  I really get off watching them.  I just make sure I kiss the bottom after each cleaning.

“Drink time, Daddy.  On your knees.”  It’s the piss boy.  We don’t even make a gesture of taking it into a dark corner this time.  I just fall to my knees and drink him down.  This time, with the stream is not so urgent, I can really savor his piss.  And he fills up my bladder.  He pulls out, and starts to leave.  It’s my turn to catch him by the shoulder.  I pull him toward me.  We kiss.  My hands push him down.  He takes my dick into his mouth, just sucking my dick.  I concentrate and the piss pours out of my hard cock.  He gasps and guzzles me down.
A Black top is currently savaging Brad’s hole.  When he pulls out, I eat Brad’s ass.  The man didn’t cum, but he was a big pre-cummer.  I stay on my knees until I’ve eaten every drop.   It makes me piston fuck Brad. 

Eventually, the Hispanic and I line the four bottoms up, all holding on to a chair or the wall or their own knees.  We fuck them right down the line.  He starts at one end and I the other.  We watch each other.  We match each other thrust for thrust.  We pull out at the same time, as if someone told us to do it.  We each move in, so we are now next to each other.  Stray fingers from the group of watchers are on our nipples.  We are both getting off on being an exhibitionist.  Then we turn to each other and kiss.  Still in our second hole.  It’s good enough to make us stop fucking.  For a moment.  Then we switch places.  My cock slides into the ass he’s just left.  It’s incredibly wet.  We both grin at each other. We change into the last man.  We’ve both had all four bottoms in quick succession.  The out of towner has a cock in his mouth as well as my dick.  I have to work not to blow up him right there.
I let any number of guys suck my dick.  No one seems concerned it’s been up four asses in a row. 

Brad finds me.  His slightly nerdy friend wants me to fuck him.  I look over to where Brad gestures.  It’s the same guy who sucked me at the gloryhole earlier.  I find him, bend him over rather roughly and fuck him.  There is little artistry now.  I’m in rut.
I can see Brad get back in the sling.  The first tall, but thicker guy is back up him.  From across the room I see the top jerk and spasm as he shoots up Brad’s hole.  I get over there as fast as I can—just as the top is pulling out.  He lets me clean his cock.  Just.  He’s almost in pain it’s so intense.

I go for what’s in the ass.  Damn, he shot deep—I can get just the smallest taste of it.  I stick my drooling cock in his puffy hole.  My flared head pulls a large white drip out.  I catch it with my hand and taste it. 
Oh, shit.  Suddenly, I’m pounding.  I shoot up Brad.  Long and hard.

I stay in place as he jerks off.  I love how his ass clamps down on my slowly softening cock as he shoots.
What a nice way to say good-bye…


  1. Wow... Epic night. But then, where you're concerned, their all epic, huh? - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. This night was amazingly "epic"--it reminded me of the kind of play I get at one of the leather conventions. But no, they are not all I write up my next meet....