Monday, October 14, 2013

A Night at Steamworks

Toronto—August, 2013

For the last 15 years or so, I have taken a trip to Canada as my busy summer finishes up.  This year was no exception, it was just more rushed.  I was on the road before noon and was in Toronto for dinner.  I ate.  I napped in my car.  I went off for a Saturday night at Steamworks…

I check in.  The cute man behind the counter tells me he likes Daddies.  Welcome to Toronto, indeed. 

It takes some time to find my room in the maze of doors.  It’s next to the DJ booth.  There is a speaker right above my room, blaring dance music.  But then, I will not be having sex there.  I change into my jock, my wrist band and put my boots back on.  I tuck the lube into my waistband and a bottle of poppers into the top of my sock. 
One of the entrances to the maze that leads to the sling and a fuckbench is right outside my door.  How convenient.  Except the area, the busiest place in the building on my visit last year, is empty almost all night.  I wander through it. 

I walk the corridors to re-acquaint myself with the floor plan.  At the far end is a gloryhole area of three or four small booths in a row. 
There are men everywhere—the steam room, the showers, the lounge, the play areas.  All types, all ethnicities.  Most are cruising the hallways. 

Then I hit the mother lode.  I go through the door for the maze near the entrance.  Everyone is there—on one side or the other of the slurp ramp.  The surge of men pushes me into the lower level.  I have a thick Black cock in my mouth in no time.
I sample others on the line.  Most with foreskin.

Then I go up the stairs and stick my raging erection through a vacant hole. 
A Hispanic twink chokes on it.

Several other guys take me easily.
The only man I’ve seen in leather approaches.  He looks like he left his bike outside—just removed his jeans from under his chaps.  He grins and swallows me down.  He’s terrific—varied with his tongue and suction.  Eventually, he pulls off me.  He cocks his head—wanting me to follow him.  I push my way down the crowded stairway.  I lose him for a minute.  He reaches out from a small booth and pulls me in.  He turns and offers me his ass, pressing his body up against the wall.  There is a hole, right by his mouth, connected to the upper ramp.  A cock comes through it.  He sucks the dick as I feel up his butt.  I have just enough room to kneel and lick his ass.  I stand and insert.

“Fuck me raw with that big cock.”
I do. 

When he’s had enough, he pulls away and I don’t see him again for the rest of the evening.
A guy pushes into the space.  He is down sucking on my cock before I can tell him it’s fresh out of an ass.  He doesn’t care.  Once I’m spit shined, I make the circuit.

I spend some quality time sitting on a bench, sucking off a hot cock sticking out of one of the cubicles in the small glory hole area.  The guy, who I never see, shoots a great tasting load down my throat.  As I sit, swallowing, a shadowy butt sits on my cock.  I fuck him, bucking up into him.  He shoots all over the floor, including my boots.  He thanks me and moves away.  I don’t know what he looks like either.
I get a lot of head at the slurp ramp.  I go down and fuck a guy fresh from the gym.  He’s sucking another big dick and arches his back, pointing for me to plow him.  I fuck him noisily.  He shoots all over the mouth and face of a Black man who has wormed his way under us.

I go back up to the top end of the slurp ramp.  A handsome young man, with shoulder length blond curls steps up to my wet cock.  His hair reminds me on a print of Sir Galahad that used to hang in my room as a child.  My new knight takes me down, but not quite to the root.  He keeps trying.  Soon he’s taking it all, my nuts slapping his chin.  Galahad is great.  When he finally pulls off, he asks if I’ll fuck him.  We go to the sling.  He’s a great kisser.  He gets in and he moans as I rim.  I stand to insert and he hands me a condom.  Not even a Magnum.  And I have none with me.  I struggle into it, but it’s too damn tight.  And then he complains I’m hurting him on the insert.  We try again.  My erection fades and we give it up, knowing we’ll both find the right person for our different needs here tonight.
I cruise the hallway.  Near the far gloryholes, an Italianate young man stops me.  “You want to fuck me again?”  He points to the dark hallway.  He must have been the anonymous ass I fucked back there.  He’s hot and young.  Of course I agree.  We go back to the same bench.  He lowers himself onto my erection.  He bounces until once again, he shoots all over the slick floor and my thigh, matting the hair with his last two spurts.

I cruise. 
I suck.

I get sucked.

I am back at the far gloryhole corridor.  The middle one, which has a plexi-glass door, is occupied by a man about my age.  He’s in shape and hungry.  I watch him suck a cock coming through a hole on his right.  When a bigger cock pushes through the hole on his left he changes to sucking it.  The guy on his right leaves, once his cock is no longer being serviced.  I go in the door.  I don’t bother to lock it.  I stick my cock through the now vacant hole.  I can’t see the sucker now, but I must have caused enough movement for him to notice me, for his lips are now wrapped around me. 
He’s good.  He gets me good and wet.  His mouth leaves my dick.  I kneel and watch him suck the other big cock, who is still there.  Back to me.  Back and forth.  This time when he leaves my cock, I look again.  I’m met by his ass cheeks pressing up against the hole.  I lick him through opening.  Then I stand and insert.  The middle booth is just big enough for him to bend and get the other cock in his mouth as I fuck him.  He is being spit roasted by the two anonymous dicks.  He is in ecstasy.  He is grunting loudly around the other guy’s cock.  He pulls off and reverses, impaling himself on the other guy and taking my dick into his mouth again, straight from his ass.  He is being bucked against me by the dude fucking him.  I can hear the wall creak from the fuck.

Suddenly it stops.  His mouth goes off my cock as he hisses “Breed me!”  I withdraw and kneel, watching.  He milks the cock behind him for a long time.  Then he turns around and presses his bred hole against the gloryhole.  He expects my cock—but he gets my tongue.  “Felch it, man!  Eat that load.”  With the wall between us, I can’t get as much as I’d like.  I want it all.  Then my own cum is rising.  I stand up.  I am just able to insert into his cummy ass before I blow my load.  “He mutters a “Shit….” And milks my cock expertly.  Slowly he withdraws off me.  I will myself to let him clean my dick.  The moment his mouth touches it, I hear his own climax through the wooden wall.  He’s no longer paying attention to my cock, wrapped up in his own orgasm.  I pull out and stagger back to my room. 
I check my watch.  Four hours since I checked in…

I sleep---even with the music pounding above me.

I awake sometime around 4:00 am.  I still have an hour before check out.  I wander the halls.  There has been a grand exodus.  But a knot of guys are ringing the fuckbench in one of the rooms near the slurp ramp.  And with good reason.  All I can see is a Black bubble butt getting pounded by a much older Black man.  The top is talking trash to the bottom, telling him how he’ll breed him good.  I push my way in through the guys who are just watching and stroking.  I touch the bottom’s back as the Daddy announces “Here’s your fifth load.”  He contorts and obviously shoots up the boy.  He swats the ass and says to the room “Next.”

I move around.  I’m not sure I can get hard again after all that play.  The moment I kneel and taste the loads in his hole, my cock achingly erects.  The tourists, the boys who just watch, all chatter about my eating his full, cummy ass.  I stand up and slap my erection onto the moist crack.  They shut up.   I enter the boy roughly.
It’s not a long fuck.  The loads squishing around my cock gets me off in no time.

I thank the boy, shower and check out.
The cute clerk is still there.  He smirks “Did Daddy find some fun?”

I nod.
“I saw you in the shower, Daddy, you must have made a lot of boys scream.”

I shrug.  Then nod.  “More than my share.  Yeah.”
I go out into the warm night.  It’s a beautiful night to walk the 15 blocks to my car.  I tilt the front seat back, curl up and sleep until the morning sun (and breakfast) wakes me up…


  1. Have heard a lot about how hot Toronto's gay scene is and I need to get my ass there... See you on my side of the sling, ;-)

    1. I ALWAYS have a great time in Toronto. So much so, I went back--but to another bath--at the end of m trip. Thanks for speaking up...

  2. I was at steamworks the month after you for my trip to Toronto. I bet I found the same black bubble ass you had, he had a couple of loads in there when I got to it. He got the first load of the night from me (others had already deposited). Than a very nice asian guy short and nice body sucked me off in the video room twice. Took his time and nursed two loads from me. I was amazed at the younger guys in Toronto who like daddy cock.

    1. I found guy's in Canada were simply not as hung up about sex as so many Americans seem to be....

      And you're right--I have a feeling the bubble butted guy is a regular. He couldn't get enough!