Saturday, November 23, 2013

House Party--Part Two

South Bend—October, 2013

The house party continues from Part One...

After fucking JD, I head upstairs for more water and refill my bottle in the kitchen.  I let several men sample my cock—first standing by the snack counter and then on a chair in the living room.    
I venture into one of the upstairs bedrooms.  A daddy is fucking a younger Hispanic man.  They are totally alone, which is surprising, as fucking at this party always seems to bring a crowd.  I watch, making no move to join.  Almost instantly the daddy convulses and shoots his load up the younger man’s hole.  It’s the first breeding I’ve witnessed all night.  The top pulls out, covers himself and walks to the bathroom.  I look at the bottom.  He’s on his side, his fingers lightly touching his hole.

“Get on all fours.”  His eyes grow big, but he does.  “Right here.”  I tap the edge of the bed.  “I want to fuck in that load.”
He groans his consent, deep in his throat.

But first I felch a little.  There’s a lot of cum and it’s not very deep.  I eat some.  Then push some of the load much deeper with my dick.  He whimpers and beats his meat.  I taste his hole again, my cock head having pulled a long string of semen out of him.  I love the taste and feel of it on my tongue. My cock re-enters him.  I jackhammer his ass.   Swift, long strokes.
And it suddenly goes bad. My cock has opened his second sphincter.  I can tell instantly he hasn’t deep cleaned.  I bend over and whisper in his ear that he needs to clean up.  He heads to one bathroom, and I go wash in the other.

I jerk lazily watching the big screen porn—and a blow job happening on the opposite couch.
I go back up to the bedroom.  Tad, likely the hottest man at the party, is there getting fucked by a series of men.  I catch Ryan’s eye.  We both jerk as we watch him take one guy, then another.  I want to be the third up him.  He eyes me and tells me he can’t take that kind of size. 

“Try it.”
“Just go slow, dude.”

Tad is on his back, his legs splayed wide.  I crawl across the mattress, so I can lick a little at that well used ass.  I don’t linger long, I just leave him a little wetter.  I get up on my knees between his legs and inch in.  “Oh, fuck,” he groans.  Another inch.  He is jerking like crazy.  Another small thrust forward.  “You’re gonna make me cum, man.”  Another.  And I’m home.  I don’t move at all.  I bat his hand away from his cock.  I do a slow pull out and then a slow deliberate glide into him.  Tad’s hand goes right back to his generous sized dick and flails over it.  “Yes, fuck the cum out of me.”  I keep to a slow, steady fuck.  “Do it.  Fuck. Fuck me…”  Tad shoots all over his stomach. 
I grin and Tad moves around, disconnecting us.  He lies there panting. I thank him and go back downstairs. 

In the dark room, I trade blowjobs with two guys who seem to be a couple.  I want to suck some cock.  And they want mine.  I like it when they both get on their knees and push my dick from one to the other’s mouth with nothing but their tongues.  They like it when the heads of both their dicks are in my mouth at the same time.
I go back upstairs.  Ryan and a stocky daddy are standing in the center of the living room.  A new arrival is on his knees, servicing them.  He’s late 30’s, thin and tattooed in all the right places.  He’s hot.  I stand next to Ryan and work his nipples while this new guy blows him.  Tad arrives—still rock hard.  He plays with the new guy’s ass as the sucker takes me into his mouth for the first time.  He’s good and obviously loves what he’s doing.  We circle up around the cocksucker.  He goes back to the first daddy, switches to Ryan, then me and ends up on Tad’s cock.  He goes around the circle of all four of us one more time.  The daddy moves off, but the three of us want this new guy’s ass.  Tad goes for lube—but I have mine in the waistband of my jock.  I pull the boy up and I bend him over the arm of the sofa.  I start eating his hole.  He is hairy and tight.  I rim until Tad comes back.

I stand up.  I lean in, my hard cock pressing against the length of his ass crack.  My mouth is right next to his ear.  “You want this bare cock up your ass?”  He nods.  I kiss him as I reach back and adjust my cock head so it’s against his wet pucker.  He resists for a millisecond then I’m in.  I stand back up.  Ryan and Tad jerk as they watch me fuck. 
I gesture for Ryan to go next.  He fucks him at a much faster tempo.

Ryan gives way to Tad, whose foul mouth feeds the heat of the scene.
I’m back up him fucking him hard. 

We all take a second turn.
Then a third.

Ryan shoots in him this time.  He doesn’t make a sound.  I can only tell from watching his face.   Tad jumps in the moment Ryan pulls out.  He fucks him furiously, with loud, hip smacking strokes.  He pulls out and shoots all over the newcomer’s back.  I clean Tad’s cock then stand up and sink back into the hole.  Now I am sure Ryan shot.  My cock is pushing through the churned cum.  I smear Tad’s load all over his back, massaging it into him with each stroke as I fuck.  I know I’m going to add my load, too.
But the boy asks for a break.  I help him up, hug him and send him off to clean up a little.

Guys are leaving—and I can’t find anyone I want to fuck and breed so I can get home. 
I say goodbye to Ryan, and we set the time I’ll pick him up tomorrow for our trip into Chicago.

I make the circuit of the house.  And again.  This time when I go back to the dark room, I find the chunky Latino, my first fuck of the night, riding a good looking Daddy.  The Latino is talking dirty. I watch, stroking, thinking this might be the one to get me off.
The daddy catches my eye.  “You want that big dick, boy?” he asks the Latino.

“He’s so big,” he whines.
“You took me before,” I remind him curtly.

“I want to see that cock go up your slut hole.”  The top stands up, forcing the boy to rise with him.  “How do you want him?” he asks me.
“Doggy is good.”

“Yeah.  Clean this cock while he fucks you.”  The top flops down on the mattress.  I notice he has a hefty PA in his cock.  The Latino obediently gets on all four and takes the cock that was just fucking him into his mouth. 
I don’t bother to rim.  My need to fuck is that strong.

I slide into the man.
His vocal response is muffled by the thick dick in his mouth.  I am in in full rut.  The need to breed is paramount. 

“Do you want my cum?”  I ask.  I am not sure I can pull out if he were to say ‘no.’  I really need to shoot. 
The boy pulls off the cock.  “Shoot it in me.  Fill me, daddy.”

I push forward one last time and let loose.  I shoot spurt after spurt into him.  A four hour build up to this moment.
I collapse on his back for just a moment.  Then work my cock out gingerly.

“Sit on me again,” says the Daddy.  “I want to feel his load.”
I watch for just a moment.  I am pleased with the symmetry of the evening—it somehow feels right to breed the first boy who I fucked that night.

I thank the host, dress and go out into the crisp night air.
What a great Friday night.

And the piss party is tomorrow…
I smile and start the engine.  And Mozart’s Great Mass in C minor fills the car…


  1. That was by far the hottest party I had been to at that house. Enjoyed sharing all the ass with seemed to set the mood for the night!

    1. Aw......thanks. I had a great time myself!!