Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Professor Bends Over at the Bookstore

Near Home—November, 2013

The Professor had mentioned he’d like to see some of the places I cruise.  We decided to go to the bookstore that is the closest to me—the one with the two theatres.  I picked him up at his motel so we could arrive there in time for the lunch time crowd…

 The Professor buys our tickets.  (He is a very generous man.  I haven’t paid for a dinner since he’s been in town.)  We go into the gay theatre.  It is perfect—just the kind of scene I hoped we’d find.  We interrupt a young Cub giving head to an older man.  I recognize the man being sucked.  He has a bigger than average cock.  The Professor and I sit in front and off to the side of the two men in the back row.  I get out my dick.  The Professor opens his pants and kneels in front of me.  His mouth is soon filled with the fullness of my cock.  It takes no time at all for the two men behind us to come and look over my shoulder to see what’s happening.  The Professor stands up, pulling his pants to his knees, and bends to take my cock back into his mouth.  The older man, whose dick is still wet from the Cub, gets the message.  He fingers the Professor’s ass.  He likes what he feels and slips his cock right in.  The Cub watches, strokes and shoots on the floor.  I stroke, watching the Professor lean into his chair and give himself to this anonymous cock.  The older guy smiles at me.  He is picking up speed.  For a moment I wonder if the Professor is about to be seeded, but the guy slows down, pulls out and with an off hand gesture, asks if I want to take a turn.
I do.  I stand up and, after a quick taste of his hole, I slip into the Professor’s freshly fucked ass.  It feels warm and wet.  I fuck him full force, once making his head hit the back of the chair.  We stop only because the Professor is feeling the heat of the room.  He pulls himself together and goes to the restroom and says he might check out the arcade.  The older man follows him.

I am now alone in the Gay Theatre.  It’s twink condomed porn—passionless and with scenes that just go on and on.  I button up and go to the straight side.  There is one lone man.  He sits against the wall jacking his cock.  I love the fact that he makes no move to hide it when I come in.  He has a shaved head and seemingly a fit body under his maroon sweatshirt.  I sit down on the opposite side from him and unbutton.  My cock is out.  He seems to be unmoved by my erection.
Then:  “I don’t suppose you suck cock, do you?”

I walk across to him.  It’s a thick piece of meat he shows me.
“Please,” he adds.

I kneel and get him into my mouth.  He sighs.  He must have been working on it for a while, for he fires down my throat in no time.   He thanks me as he digs for the ubiquitous fast food napkin to clean himself up.  As if I’d left any semen on his dick…
I am alone again when the Professor finds me and sits beside me on the couch.  A crowd trails him into the room.  My friend Cam, a married top who often hosts motel parties I attend, comes in.  He sits between us, all but demanding the Professor suck his cock.  Cam pulls the Professor’s head into his lap.  A rather Skinhead-y looking Skater Boy comes in with one of the regular onlookers.  The Skater pulls out a long and thin dick as he leans against the wall, watching me stroke.  I motion him over.  He falls right to his knees.  He’s skilled for one so young.  He has a rhythm of up and down on my cock for about ten strokes---then will pull off it to look at it.  I love the look of admiration on his face.

I look over at the Professor.  He is panting heavily, and I don’t think it’s from sexual excitement.  I usually find the theatres quite chilly—but for whatever reason they are much warmer than usual.  He finally pulls off Cam and, excusing himself, goes out into the store.  I pull the Skater boy off me, kiss him and put him on Cam’s cock.  I button my fly and go find the Professor. 
He apologizes.  He tells me to go back in—he’ll join me in a bit.  I tell him we can go if it doesn’t get better.  He agrees.  I check in on the Gay side.  A better movie is playing.  I sit for minute.  Almost instantly a new arrival comes in.  He’s maybe 30, with close cropped brown hair.  There are huge tufts of hair visible at the collar line.  He sits opposite me and opens his jeans.  He pulls out a hard, hooked cock.  The door opens.  Cam comes in, followed by the guy who fucked the Professor, and then a regular I know by sight.  This last guy is my age and has a large cock—one you are only allowed to touch if you are under the age of 40.  The Professor comes in and sits beside me.  Every man in the room is sitting, with his fly open, stroking their cock, hoping the young one will choose him.  The young one is getting an eyeful.  He considers each cock in the chairs around him—staring—squinting, really—and stroking ever harder as he pictures himself playing with each one.

I win.
He kneels in front of me, but not before he takes his pants off and throws them into an extra chair.  “Damn,” he hisses.  Then gets to work on my drooling prick.  I play with the hair on his head and neck.  I can just make out his hairy legs.  The other three men have clustered around us.  They stroke themselves with one hand and touch the boy with the other.

Soon the 30 year old comes up for air.  “Do you fuck with that thing?”
I just nod.  He turns and bends over.  Cam is right there to hold him in place.  I kneel and spit on his incredibly furry ass crack.

“Fuck him,” says the guy who fucked the Professor.
I get up and slide my cock into him.  The guy who usually gets all the young ones is furious.  He scowls at me, but keeps jerking as he watches.  I fuck him hard—showing off for the Jerk.  The boy is no longer stroking himself.  Someone else’s hand is exploring that hooked cock—for it continues back to feel my balls.

It’s too good.  I shoot.  It’s rather silent for me.  I simply slam home and let my balls empty into him.  Cam knows I’m shooting.  He holds the boy in place, even pushing him onto me.  When I’m done, I pull out and pull the boy up. 
“I just loaded you,” I whisper in his ear.

“Fuck, yeah!” he grins and bends to clean my cock.  His ass is pointed right at Cam.  Cam slides in.  The Jerk is now even angrier that he wasn’t next.  I look at the Professor.  He smiles and nods that he’s fine to go.

That night, while I was at work, the same young man as the night before drove over and fucked the Professor in the temperature controlled settings of his motel room.  I saw the Prof after he was done and we had our final drink together—as he had to leave first thing in the morning.  He thanked me repeatedly.  He also left me the rest of the bottle of Chivas and gave me ‘Rob’s Bareback Pre-Party’ (the porn that had been playing when we last met in Nashville.)

A gentleman.
And a pig.

They truly are not exclusive…


  1. Mmm, fuck yea. Love swallowing porn theatre cum. And this ficklest just made me so fucking hard.

    Love the blog man, keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much for speaking up. I'm glad you enjoy it!

  2. I can empathize with the Professor. I can't stand overheated places.
    Another great post. Love your blog too and look forward to each new post.

    1. Thanks, Stan. And

      I agree over heated is never good. Don't ask me to fuck for long in a sauna or steam room....

  3. The Professor himself adds: "Wonderful entry--I really enjoyed reading it and it brought back that very horny day vividly....Sorry not to have responded sooner, but I have been off line for about ten days."

    I'm glad you thought I did it justice.