Thursday, January 16, 2014

Friday Night Free For All

Lansing—December, 2013

I was on the prowl again.  I wanted more than one guy in my playroom.  I wanted to play with a small group of men—and I knew I would never get them all to my place.  I posted an ad on BBRT for where I’d be at 10:00pm that night and wrote a couple of local guys that I was going up to the bookstore that is half video lounge and half play space.  I was determined to keep the sling there busy that night…

 I arrive just before 10pm.  No one is in the TV lounge.  I see a few shadows in the blue lit play area.  I’m pretty sure there are blow jobs being given in amongst the alcoves of glory holes.  I walk around the maze-like walls.  Behind the slurp ramp I find a young, just post college-aged guy giving head.  He’s doing a young Latino.  I watch him suck—he gives special attention to the copious foreskin.  I can’t help but unbutton, stroke and make my cock available.  The sucker pulls off the Latino and samples me.  The Latino kneels and soon they are sharing my cock—pushing it back and forth with their tongues into the other guy’s mouth. The first sucker stands up.  He is wearing a Cape Cod sweatshirt.  His pants fall around his ankles.  He bends over, pointing his ass at me.  I want to taste him before I fuck.  I am beaten to it by the Latino.  His face is buried deep in Cape Cod’s cleft before I can kneel.  But the sharing continues.  The Latino pulls away so I can rim the ass, too.  I kiss the Latino before I dive in, so my first taste of that full ass in front of me is on the Latino’s tongue.  He responds with a groan.  I leave his mouth and taste the pucker.  I pull away, we kiss and I let him take over.  I stand.  The Latino moves to my cock, getting it incredibly wet.  I push in.  Cape Cod huffs poppers and flowers open.  I’m deep in him in one smooth glide. 
I fuck.

Cape Cod groans.
The Latino strokes.  And tells me to let him taste my cock.  “Pull it out of his ass and put it into my mouth.” 

I do just that.  He cleans me to the root, then manhandles my cock back into Cape Cod’s butt.
I fuck.  The Latino’s hands are all over me.  He tries to lick my hole as I’m pile driving into Cape Cod.

“Let’s go to the sling.”  It’s Cape Cod.  He wants a break.  The Latino is there first.  He shucks his jeans and jumps in.  I eat his ass, as Cape Cod plays with the prone man’s nipples.  My dick head pushes him open.  He’s tighter than Cape Cod.  He feels much more like I’m fucking muscle than soft flesh.
Cape Cod gets in the sling.  I go first, but I’m pleased that the Latino pushes his thick uncut cock up him once I take a break.

Guys I know begin to arrive.  Each hops in the sling:
A small framed bottom with a sexy, goofy grin who has traveled almost as far as I have.

A stocky leather pig whose hole I eventually flood with piss.
The tall high school Teacher, who I’d sucked off here on my last visit, now wanting his ass plowed.

I rotate through them all in the sling.  When they aren’t getting fucked by me, they either stroke the current bottom or go find some oral action off  in the shadows.  The Latino and the Teacher both are versatile enough to take a turn up the current hole.
I lose track how many times we do the rotation.  My cock is always busy…

We’ve lost the Latino.  With good reason.  He’s bent over in the slurp ramp getting fucked by a drop dead gorgeous young man.  I take a break from the sling and stick my ass flavored cock in the Latino’s mouth.  The Handsome Man smirks at me.  He has a fuse as long as mine—he can fuck for hours.  The Latino is slurping loudly, getting all the ass juice he can down his throat.  Finally, he stands up pulling himself off the Handsome Man.  “Follow me.”

We do.  The Latino leads the way to the bathroom.  He kneels and takes both our cocks into his mouth at the same time.  I love pushing my fat helmet headed dick against the other man’s cock.  We then take turns fucking him. 
“Let me taste your dick,” I ask HM.  He looks at me quizzically, but lets me swallow it down.  I must do something right, for he begins a rhythm of pumping into the Latino for two or three strokes and then into my mouth for the same.  The quizzical look is gone— a look of sheer lust has replaced it.

I take a turn in the juicy ass still bent over the sink.
“Let me piss,” says HM.  He goes to the bowl.  The Latino grabs him and brings him back to where I have hunkered down in the corner.  “He’s a drinker—give it to him.”  Again HM looks skeptical, but I nod.  He has no problem letting fly a long, sweet load down my throat.  The moment he’s done, he’s back up the Latino.  He grunts and spews his cum load, then holds himself in place.  I don’t make a move.  I know the Latino wants to clean up his Top—so I let him, while I lick out a little of what was shot into his ass.

They leave together.  I hope it’s for round two.

It’s late.  It’s time to get off.  The Teacher has become just a top after his clean out has gone bad.

“Do you want to suck me off?” he asks.
I nod.  It takes very little time until I have a mouthful of his semen.  I don’t swallow.  Cape Cod is in the sling, waiting.  I lean across him and mumble what I have.

“Give it to me!  Push it in!”
I kneel and reverse felch the load.  It’s even more than I thought; it drips and clings to the hairs on Cape Cod’s ass.  I stand.  My cock mops up the strands.  I fuck them into Cape Cod.  The warmth and silkiness of fucking in cum makes me shoot.  I explode with a loud grunt.

Cape Cod jerks off—with my softening cock still up his ass.  I mop it up with my hand and feed some to him.  He suckles my fingers clean...


  1. Thanks for your welcome from your previous post. This was a terrific story and I'd love to be part of the group cleaning off all those dicks as they come out of the wet holes. Oh baby! I don't think I mentioned in my previous comment that I drink piss. My favorite is for a guy to either cum and then wash it down, or for a guy to give me his piss load and then have me get his cock hard and shoot me his load.

    Paul, NYC

    1. Thanks, Paul. It was a fun night--with all the variety I could ask for, both in men and sexual acts. I'm glad you like piss...we can be a hard breed to find...