Friday, February 28, 2014

The Dark End of the Corridor

Upstate New York---January, 2014

 I was taking my time to get to my destination in upstate New York.  I left Cleveland surprisingly rested after the hours of play at the bathhouse.  I made it through Erie, PA a few hours before a mountain of snow was dumped on the area.  I couldn’t move into my company housing until Sunday, so I drove until I got to the second biggest town in the vicinity of the smaller one where I would be working.  The company was paying for an overnight—and I wasn’t going to submit my bathhouse receipts—so I got a motel.  I knew there was a bookstore with an arcade in town—one I’d not been to the year before.  The explorer in me was roused.
All the adult book/video stores in the area seem to be owned by one company.  All the arcades are basically the same.  The booths are set up in the middle of the room with a corridor surrounding them.  There are usually a dozen.  Sometimes more.  They all have white doors with pink trim.  Really.  The doors lock and the screen is a decent size.  All are dollar fed—with a selection of 40 porn flicks of every type you can imagine. On either side are buddy windows.  There is a toggle switch that raises a window shade if you want to see what’s happening in the next booth—and, of course, he raises his, too.  In all of the arcades, you seem to be universally left alone by the cashiers.  They don’t even seem to care if you spend.  There are plenty of closeted guys in the area who want to look and not touch—and they crank in countless dollar bills to watch guys like me play in the adjacent booth…where my partners almost always cranked in the money to let them watch.

I walked into the arcade about 9 o’clock on a Saturday night.  It looked like all the others I had visited the year before, but slightly larger.  There were 16 booths—eight doors on each side, with a corridor around the outside of them all.  The white doors were yellowed and rather grubby from sticky fingers opening and closing them.  But that meant there was traffic.  There were maybe four booths with the red light above the door glowing which meant the room was occupied.  One older man was surveying the cover art of the various videos that were playing.  It was fluorescently white in this area.  As I walked down the hall, the corridor got darker and darker.  One man lounged on the back wall.  It was now dark enough I couldn’t tell much about him.  Except that he was squeezing his crotch…


I pause and lean against the wall near the corner.  I am standing right next to the emergency exit.  I am lit by the red exit sign above me.  He unzips.  I can’t see the cock that I assume emerges.  His fist covers his entire dick.  He takes a step towards me.  His hand picks up speed.  Doors open on the far side of the corridor---the side of the ring I haven’t walked down yet.  Footsteps are headed in our direction.  I expect the guy to zip up and ignore me.  But no, two guys round the corner.  They stop—watching the guy play with himself.  One moves around to be close to me, the other stops across from the stroker.  I can’t see much about the new arrivals, though they seem slightly younger.  My cock is stirring.  I think the guy who’s moved near me will make a move.  But he simply leans against the wall, staring at me.
It’s the original stroker who walks over and feels my hardening cock in my jeans.  This makes the other guys start feeling themselves up.  The stroker unbuttons my fly.  I’m in shock.  I thought he would lead me to the nearest booth.  I have never played in public in a bookstore in this state.  My fly is open.  My cock is out of my jock pouch.  The stroker is now the sucker.  He’s on his knees and giving me expert head.  The guy nearest me twists my nipple.  The man farthest from me pulls out his cock.  He loves showing off for me—the new guy.  The nipple twister unzips, but doesn’t pull his cock out.

Out of nowhere, there is rush of air over our heads.  I jump, but the guys with me are oblivious.  An overpowering smell of disinfectant is in the air.  I look up and see the automatic dispenser.  It spits again.  I look at the guy working my nipple.  He is my age.  His hands are calloused and rough.  The sucker grunts.  I look down.  He has pulled off my cock to enjoy his own orgasm.  I hope he’s missed shooting on my pants leg. 
The nipple twister pulls me into the nearest booth, my hard cock bouncing.  He locks the door and goes down on me in one smooth move.  He’s good, but no match for the skills of the older man.  When it’s obvious I’m not going to shoot in the first four minutes, he struggles up.  He looks at me.

“Suck on this.”
He undoes the top button of his jeans and spreads them open. No underwear.  A short, thick cock juts out from his crotch.  I feel his hands on my shoulders pressing me down.  I take him to the root.  It’s a stretch, but a good one.  He grunts in pleasure.  I work hard.  My tongue finds his piss slit.  Jesus.  I go incredibly deep into it.  It must be huge.  He likes my tongue there.  Precum drips from it.  He pulls out of my mouth.  He fists his dick with his right hand.  With his left he works the tip of his pinkie into the huge piss slit.  He strokes his urethra, plunging his finger into himself, deep enough that most of his finger tip disappears into his cock. 

Then he sticks his cummy cock back in my mouth.  I suck.  He pulls out and does it again.
“Get up.”

I do.  He goes back to sucking me.
We trade blowjobs repeatedly—each time with moments of him sounding his cock with his finger.  We finally stop—knowing neither of us wants to get off so early in the evening.

I am back in the hallway.  New men have filtered in.  A young man in his mid-thirties, his hair buzzed short, his body hidden by a quilted jacket, makes his way into the dark end of the corridor. 

We look at each other.
We look at the two other men who are there with us.

He makes no move.
We wait for them to leave.

And wait.
Finally they amble off.

I go over to him.  He tilts his head to the end booth.  No public play for him.
He’s all business.  He’s unzipped and his cock out by the time I follow him into the booth.  He has a beautifully shaped dick, with a very wide silver cock band at the base.  He has no interest in my cock.  He wants a quick blow job and to get home before his boyfriend. 

His jizz is down my throat in record time.

There’s no one here.  All the guys have evaporated while I was playing with the cock ringed guy.  I wander out of the store and get a coffee.  I spend some time sipping and making notes about the night before for the blog.  When I am down to the dregs, I go back to the bookstore.  A very young man is the first person I see.  He’s at the arcade entrance himself as I walk in.  He moves quickly to the dark end of the corridor.  He’s maybe 26 or 27.  His designer coat is open revealing expensive clothes.  He is waiting under the exit sign.  The red light does odd things to his ebony skin.

I lean against the opposite wall. 
His hand brushes his fly.

I do the same. 
His hand lingers the second time across his crotch.  Kneading.

I make the move.  I open my pants.
He pretends not to look.  He studies an ancient porn poster on the wall as if it were 17th Century Master. 

I stroke.
He looks at me. 

I wait.  And stroke.  
He saunters over.

He leans into my ear and whispers “That’s big, daddy.  I’ll suck it if you will suck my big cock.”
I nod.

He hunkers down, careful to not let his knees touch the sticky floor.
He’s good.  I really need to blow a load and go home.  But I don’t want to shoot first.  I hold off.  I help him up.  His cock is big—but not all that big.  It’s a nice mouthful.  I deep throat him repeatedly, then change up by licking his balls.  That’s all it takes.  “Here!” he hisses.  And shoves his cock back in my mouth.  He explodes. 

I swallow all of his cum—which makes me shoot all over the floor.  He pulls me up and kisses me—something I didn’t expect.  I let him taste what little of his semen in still on my tongue.
I am suddenly exhausted—finally feeling the lack of sleep the night before.  I head back to the motel, pleased that the exploration found one more bookstore, and one where guys are willing to play in public…

Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Fuck Me Like You Did That Guy...."

Cleveland—January, 2014

Once again, I had a brief stint of work in upstate New York.  I was to be there for the entire month of January.    Last year when I did the same job, I had had to drive into the snowy Southern Tier on New Year’s Day—directly from the New Year’s Eve party.  This time I had a few days before I needed to report.  I packed:  clothes, the sling, books, the rimseat, CD’s and lube.  Just before I hit the road, I talked to Bob, my IML roommate, who lives in Cleveland.  We agreed I should use the bathhouse as my cheap motel en route.  He would meet me there and I would whore his hot ass out to anyone who wanted it.

The drive was uneventful.  I kept thinking about Bob.  I’d come home from Chicago entirely sated.  But that was three days ago.  I was hard just thinking about what I wanted to do to his hairy ass.  And how wet and sticky a Friday night crowd at the bathhouse might make him.
I got there first and relaxed in the sauna.  After the cold of the snowy weather, it was great to luxuriate in the heat.  Not to mention having idle daydreams about the Black bubble butt who was bending over in front of me to dry himself after his shower.

I found Bob soon after.  We played for a moment in his room.  It took him a moment to get used to the size of my cock invading his ass. When his hole relaxed, we decided to go fuck in public…

It’s dark.  Almost pitch black.  We are in an alcove off the porn lounge.  Bob is on all fours on a padded bench.  I have moved it slightly so our shadowy forms catch a little light from the hallway, so we can just about be seen as I stand behind him and fuck.  I deliberately make my balls and hips make slapping sounds on each stroke.  Guys passing by can’t help but hear his groans or the smack of flesh on flesh. 

It’s working.  Guys in towels of all ages are stopping to watch.  Towels tent, then are opened.  Hands are all over cocks—sometimes their own, sometimes the guy’s standing next to them.  Guys fall to their knees.  Cocks are sucked.  Balls are stroked.  Bob has a series of cocks thrust in his mouth.  I can’t see the guys distinctly—and it doesn’t matter.  I’m there to inspire, to excite.

Hands are all over me, too.  Some on my nipples, some stroking my ass.  Most reach to feel if my cock has a condom on it.  There is always a sharp intake of breath when they realize I’m fucking him bare.  A couple has been watching us carefully.  The shadowy Daddy has his boy on the floor—his cock deep in the younger man’s throat.  I watch as he pulls him up.  The boy braces himself against the wall as the Daddy enters his ass.

Watching them fuck invigorates me.  I plow Bob that much harder.  I invite a Latino looking guy, who has just pulled out of Bob’s mouth, to fuck but he shakes his head.  I move a hand off my butt.  Whoever it is back there is insistently trying to put a thick index finger up my ass.

There is a tap on my shoulder.  It’s the Daddy.  “You want some of this?” I murmur, gesturing to Bob’s hairy ass.

“Yeah,” he whispers back.  “If you will fuck me while I do him.”

My cock spits some precum into Bob as I take that statement in.  I pull out.  “I have a new cock for you,” I tell Bob in full voice.  It sounds very loud over all the moans of mansex.  The Daddy steps up and inserts a thick cock.  Bob grunts.  I let the new top find a rhythm before I start playing with his ass.  He’s thoughtfully greased his hole for me.  My finger glides in.  He fucks back on it. I pull it out and replace it with my cock.  The Daddy has paused as I insert.  Once I’m in his furnace of an ass, I let him do all the work. I stand stock still as he fucks forward into Bob and then impales himself on the backstroke.  His boy moves around and sticks his cock into Bob’s mouth.  The boy never takes his eyes off his Daddy using another ass.

The Daddy is talking dirty.  “Take my thick, old dick, boy.  Milk a load out me.”  The Daddy has increased his tempo.  He’s stopped talking.  He is bucking back on me harder and harder.  I think it’s too much for him.  He clutches Bob, in total silence.  I would never know he was loading Bob’s ass if my cock was not feeling the contractions of his orgasm.  Without ceremony, the Daddy pulls out and hustles his boy away.  It’s like a signal.  The room empties.  Bob is up before I can clean his ass of any stray cum.

“Let’s get in the sling,” he sighs contentedly.


I have my cock in Bob’s cum filled ass.  The sling room, too bright for many, has become a tourist destination, but no one is playing with us beyond an occasional nipple tweak on Bob.  And there’s this hung Black man who doesn’t want to fuck Bob.  He wants my ass.  I wonder if he was the insistent finger in the dark area...

I kneel and felch the cum my flared cock head has pulled from Bob’s butt hole.  When I stand up, swallowing the jizz, a young cub is standing there.  He’s jacking a very respectable 7+ inch cock. 

“Can I fuck him?”

I nod.  I watch him go up Bob.  I watch Bob’s face as he opens his eyes to see the new man up him.  He grins.  I kneel again, right by Bob’s ass and watch the new dick enter him.  This cub must read my mind.  He pulls out and shoves his cock into my mouth.  “Clean me good.”  I get every drop of cum off his cock.  The cub plunges back into Bob.  Then my mouth.  Then Bob again.  “Now I want that.”  The cub pulls out and steps to the side. 

We repeat the pattern, with the cub kneeling and cleaning me on alternate strokes.

“Fuck me like you did that guy in the dark.”

I hadn’t seen the cub there, but he must have seen me mount the top.  I let him get into Bob, then I push into his hole.  He’s not lubed—so it’s a good thing my cock is still wet with the remains of the Daddy’s jizz.  Again, I let the man in the middle control the movement.  Into Bob.  Back on Me. 

Faster and faster.  

Louder and louder. 

We get an audience now.  A black dick is in Bob’s mouth—as he leans a little out of the sling to take it.  The cub fucks.  I am loving this.  We only stop because Bob wants a break.  I get the cub in the sling.  I fuck him at my speed now.  Amazingly, watching us gets Bob hard.  He fucks the cub, too.

We rotate between the two of them in the sling most of the night.  We get cocks of all colors in one or the other or both of them. 

Sometime in the evening the Daddy of the dark room finds me.  “Would you fuck my boy so he’ll get off and we can get out of here?”  I look at Bob.  He is totally happy with the cub, and waves me away.

The Daddy leads me to a mattress I didn’t even know was in the dark area.  His boy is on all fours.  Waiting.  “Now fuck the cum out of him.  Fuck him as hard as you fucked me.”  I enter him.  No finesse now.  It’s brutal. 

It takes no time.  The boy explodes all over the mattress.  The Daddy pulls him up and leads him away.  “You aren’t showering here—I want to get home,” I hear him tell the boy. 

“But I have cum in my ass…” And they are gone.  I feel my wet cock.  The boy is right.  He has somebody’s cum in his ass—and it’s now on my cock.  I go back to the sling room where I find Bob still getting fucked by the cub.  I stick my wet dick into Bob, telling him just what he’s getting.  His eyes roll up into his head with the idea of the totally anonymous load…


Bob has left.  A Black cock has seeded him and he knew I wasn’t close yet.  He leaves happy.

The cub and I play. 

Then go our own ways. 

I find some mutual oral.

When I get to the point that I recognize that if I don’t get off now I won’t be able to shoot later, I find the cub.  He willing gets in the sling.

“Say the words,” I tell him.

“Give me that load.  Give me that huge load you’ve been working on all night.”

I dip down to taste his hole.  He’s found someone to seed him while we were separated.  I lick a long drip of jism just beginning to leak out of his butt.

It’s all the trigger I need.  I stand up and push into him just in time.  My body convulses and I fall onto his hairy chest, still unloading into his ass.  His arms crush me to him…

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fucking and Felching into 2014

Chicago—December, 2013

It was the end of the year.  I was so ready for our annual New Year’s Eve party.  The invites were out:
“We are in room number 223 at the XXX  Motel.  It is one of the corner rooms, sort of behind the stairway.  We are gathering between 9 and 10pm tonight.  We will play until no one has any cum left to shoot.  There are the two beds, a sling and a rimseat.  I have a few garbage bags for clothes, extra towels and some water.  Please arrive prepared to play. This is a no PNP event.”

It had been sent to everyone who had attended in years past.  Rod and Brice, a couple I’ve known for several years, used to host the gathering in their basement playspace.  When that became unavailable, I didn’t want the tradition to die and got a motel room last year where we had a very memorable evening.  This year, we are battling lousy weather.  Guys are cancelling with each new inch of snowfall, so Ryan (of ‘Spreading My Legs’) and I are online looking for few last minute replacements. 

8:57pm. A knock on the door.
It’s a man I don’t know—one who Ryan found.  He’s young, Latino and, as soon as he sheds his puffy jacket, nicely built.  We get him out of his clothes.  The young man sucks us both.  As soon as he pulls off me, I bend him over the edge of the bed.  He sucks Ryan as I lick his smooth ass.  The newcomer will not stop huffing poppers.  I stand up, a slight slick of lube on my cock and burrow into his ass.  He’s tight. 

“Fuck me hard, Papi!” 
I pull most of the way out and begin to pound into his ass.  He feels great.  I can’t wait to watch Ryan plow this boy.  Then it all goes wrong.  Really wrong.  He has not cleaned out at all.  And, perhaps worse, his nose starts to bleed from the poppers.  Blood is dripping onto the sheets of the bed.

Wet washcloths are produced.  We send the Latino boy packing—with the caveat he’s welcome to come back if properly cleaned out. 
9:15pm. A knock.

A beefy younger Black man has arrived.  Once naked, you can’t take your eyes off his cock.  He is thick.  Beer can thick.  So thick I can’t get much more than the head of his cock in my mouth.  He’s long, too, but it’s the thickness that puts my cock to shame.  I suck him the best I can, rim his full round ass and stick my cock up him after he asks me to do so.  He greedily cleans my cock as Ryan answers the door.
Rod and Brice arrive.  Rod is shorter, with graying hair, a good body and is totally versatile.  Brice, darker and bigger, tends to bottom more, but the right ass can make him remember his days as a top.  Once stripped, they hop on the bed offering their asses to myself and Beer Can.  We fuck them side by side, each bottom bent over the bed.  We switch holes, taking a turn on the other. 

“Let me back up Brice.”  I nod and Beer Can and I switch once more.
A very button down business type arrives.  He strips, revealing a nice gym build.  He doesn’t hesitate to get on the bed.  We literally line up to fuck this new arrival.  He takes all five of us.  Beer Can is last and fucks the cum out of him.  Businessman cleans up, but doesn’t leave.

Two tops arrive.  Both Black.  Both regular fuck-buds of Brice and Rod.  I know the first one.  He’s slightly younger, slim and hung.  His dreadlocks swing in rhythm with his fucking.  The other is new to me.  He is built, late 40’s and has a large cock.  He strips and is hard from the moment his jeans hit the floor.  Both men take every willing ass in the room. 
The party is in full swing.  The sling is busy.  There are men on both beds.  I get under the rimseat.  Rod is first.  I eat his well fucked hole, deep and long.  He is super wet at this point in the night—though I don’t think he has a load yet.  Brice sits on the seat next.  Then Beer Can.  I am on over load.  I need to fuck.  I tap Beer Can’s thighs.  He gets up and I push him onto the bed and plow him for the fourth? fifth? sixth? time.  Dreadlocks, at the sling, groans deeply.  He’s shot his first load into Rod.  I go over.  He knows the drill.  I kneel.  He pulls out ever so slowly.  I clean the thick load off his cock until he can’t stand it.  I move around and felch more of his spunk out of Rod.  I share some with Ryan, letting him kneel beside me.  I snow ball a little to Beer Can.  I deliberately don’t get it all out--keep enough in Rod to make my cock feel wonderful as I slide into the remains of Dreadlock’s load.  I fuck until I think I might cum…but slow down and twist my balls.

Dreadlocks watches the action—and eventually gets Brice in the sling and gives a load to him as well.  I felch and share and fuck.
11:45pm. A Knock.

The party has lost the Businessman and Beer Can.  And another couple arrives.  They are in their 30’s.  Greg is slim, smooth and wants to check his clean out.  His friend is slim, and very hairy.  I get to rim his hairy butt for a moment, but as he continues to text on his phone while I do it, I stop.  After he comes out of the bathroom, Greg and his friend talk—and the otter leaves. 
Sloppy wet kisses are exchanged at Midnight.  Rod and Brice leave soon after, cum soaked and happy.

Greg becomes the centerpiece for the second half of the night.  The ever hard black guy and I take turns rimming this new ass as he lies on the bed sucking Ryan.  Everhard is up him first. 
“Fuck you need to get in here.”  Everhard pulls out and I sink into him.  We share the hole for a bit. 

“Let’s do the sling.”  We get the young one into it.  We circle up.  Someone is always on his nipples, another on his mouth, and the third fucking him.  I go first, then Everhard, and then Ryan.  We do it again, Ryan and me concentrating on tasting the juices flowing out of hole.  On the third time around, I shoot deep into Greg.  I cling to the chains.  And collapse on the far bed.   
Greg is hustled out of the sling and on all fours on the other bed—Everhard fucking and Ryan in his mouth.  Everhard fucks loudly, his thick cock slapping into the juicy hole and shoots.  It’s his third of the night.  I think Greg comes, too.  Ryan moves around and quickly adds his load with the other two.

Everhard makes Greg suck a fourth load out of him—as Ryan and I feast on Greg’s dripping hole.

Happy 2014 indeed.

Friday, February 14, 2014

A New Pig in the Sty

My Playroom—December, 2013

 I came home from my Chicago trip hurting.  I’d played hard for 4 hours at the piss party.  I then went to the bathhouse where I fucked and fisted for another 4 hours.  My cock was tired—more than that, it had a slight abrasion on the shaft right behind the head.  I gave it a couple of days.  I tried to go to motel party early in the next week.  I had to leave.  I got hard rimming a hot black ass, but it hurt too much to fuck him.  I went home and gave myself two weeks to heal—oh, and have Christmas with the family.         
For some reason, three days before I met those fisting boys in Chicago, (who I wrote about in The Man in the Sling) I had joined Asspig—the online hook-up site for fisting.  I had resisted for a long time.  I certainly have enough men in my stable who like things bigger than my cock up their hole.  I think I had never joined for I didn’t want fisting to become the sole activity of a hook up—I have talked to a number of fistees who want to skip the dick and get right to the knuckles.  That is just not for me.

But for some reason—maybe I just needed to be fresh meat somewhere—I joined in early December.  When I came home from Chicago, the boys I’d played with there, found me on the site the next day and befriended me.  I have now spoken to many potential men who want more than just my hand. 
And I had one of them coming to the playroom by the day after Christmas. 


I look at him kneeling before me.  Gordon is a little older than I and more than a little shorter.  His head is shiny from a fresh shave.  He’s compact and wiry.  There is hair on his chest that I long to mat with piss.  Right now though, I just stick my dick in his mouth.  He takes me to the root easily, his teeth carefully covered.  The look of need on his face makes the hot, wet sensations even better.  He suckles me until I’m red and raging.
“Lick my balls,” I tell him.  “So many guys forget about them when they start on this big dick.”

“Mmm.”  He nuzzles into them.  “They’re big, too.”
“And full of cum.  I haven’t gotten off in a long time.”

He makes a sound of lust in the back of his throat.  Deep and needful.  “Either hole, Sir.  Wherever you want it.”
“Not yet,” I tell him.  “Get up on the bench.”

His knees sink into the padded sides of the fuck bench, his chest rests on the top of the A frame.  I move behind his spread legs.  I smack his exposed hole with my engorged dick.  The thwack of flesh on flesh sounds very loud in the quiet room where the only noise is coming from Dawson as he gets fucked in Meat Rack.  My dripping cock head rests on Gordon’s hole.
“Stick it in me, Sir.”

I grunt agreement, but I don’t do it.  Instead a spurt of hot piss shoots out of my hard cock.  It coats his ass and runs down his crack.  I kneel behind him, licking and swallowing most of it, but pushing some into his hole.  He groans again.  I stand back up and piss some more.  This time a small puddle collects in the small of his back.  I coat my fingers with it and reach around him, sticking them in his mouth.  Gordon cleans them hungrily. I pull them out of his mouth and kneel again to lap up the rest that is clinging to his hairy ass.
My cock wants his hole.  Now.  I spit directly on his puckered opening.  My piss and my pre-cum are all the lube we use.  Gordon grunts as the wide helmet head pushes into him.  He has one of those asses that just envelop your dick.  I don’t feel like I’m pushing it in, but more like he is pulling it into his body.  I pause for a moment, letting him feel how full he is now.  His breath is ragged.  He turns his head and lifts it up, catching himself in the mirror.  He can see me standing behind him, my cock imbedded to the hilt in his ass.

He moans.
I take it as my cue to begin a slow withdrawal. 

“Fuck me hard.  Make it hurt.”
I slam back into him.  If that’s what he wants, I can do that.  I pull all the way out and roughly re-enter him.

“Yes.  Just like that!”  he pants.
My hand strikes his right haunch, leaving it red.  On the next stroke, I smack the left.  I fuck until I need to stop to keep from spewing my load—it’s been forever since I got off.  I bring my cock around to his mouth.  He pauses for a fraction of a second, then he devours it hungrily.  When I am dripping with his spit, I move around and plunge it back into his hole.

We repeat the whole process.  And then a third time.  His hole is getting wetter and wetter.
“I want you on the rimseat.”  I get under it and lower the seat.  I watch him stand astride it and slowly lower his ass to my face.  He tastes totally different now, with the piss, my precum and his own natural lube.  It’s my turn to be hungry.  My tongue keeps going deeper and deeper.  Gordon tells me how good it feels, that invading tongue.

“Eat me out.  Please.”
I am jerking as I tongue fuck him.  Once again I feel like I might shoot.  I tap the bottom on his thighs.  He knows to stand up.  “Get on the bed.  All fours.  Right there,” I bark out, pointing to the foot of the bed right in front of us.  He scrambles into place.  I stand and enter him roughly once more.  His ass convulses around my cock. 

“Argh,” he moans.  From the sounds, I’m pretty sure I’m giving him an anal orgasm.  His hole is clenching involuntarily around my cock.  I push deeper and explode into him.  I grasp his hips and grind it deeper and deeper into his guts.  “Yes, Sir.  Yes, Sir…” he moans.  I just hold on.  I am still bucking with the strength of my shooting. 
Finally we are both still.  I pull out, ever so slowly.  I kneel and lick up the cum I’ve pulled out of his hole.  Slightly shaky, I stand up and let him clean the cum off my cock.  I think he thinks I’m done.

“Sling time,” I tell him.  “Let’s open up that hole.”
He clambers into the sling himself—an old hand at them it seems.  He even getting his ankles into the stirrups without any help.

I lightly grease the speculum.  It slides through all the cum I’ve left in his ass in one smooth insertion.  I start the crank to open it wide for maximum stretch.   It’s already wide enough to let me stick my slowly deflating cock into him.  I love the feel of the cool metal on either side—and his hot flesh, dripping with my cum, above and below.  It makes me hard again--a rarity so soon after I shoot.   I fuck for a bit.  I let him taste more of my cum covering my cock when I pull out.  I push back in.  The cool metal end is pressed into my pubes.  I grind against him.  I will myself to cum—but it’s too fast.  I pull out, crank the speculum shut and then clean up the pearls of cum around his puffy hole with my tongue.
Gordon is panting.  I spit some of the cum into his mouth.

“Now” I say, sliding on the black latex glove, “let me fist the last of my cum deep into your gut.”
Gordon can’t find the words to reply.  He just nods.  But his eyes tell me that’s exactly what he wants.

And it’s exactly what I do…

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Quick Dick Pic #3

I beat the ice storm that has hit the south—I got out of Memphis and Charlotte, NC  just as the remaining flights started to be cancelled.  I made it home from Detroit and fell into bed after my six long days of business.

I have been a vegetable all day today.  I have continually avoided opening the blog post I have started.   So that brings us to Quick Dick Pic #3.

This was the very first picture I used when I got online for sex.
It got me a lot of ass…  

Friday, February 7, 2014

Quick Dick Pic #2

Hell--I have only half a post written.  Ok.  Make that a quarter.  Work here in Memphis is taking all my time. 

So here’s another pic form a half-remembered fuck from 2010.  Yeah, this one is BB (Before Blog), too.

It took me a minute but then I realized this is from a session with Bill, the top who beats and fucks my piss boy.  Here he is bottoming out for me.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Quick Dick Pic

I have been traveling.  I have been working (and shoveling snow) in upstate New York.  I’m home now (where it’s actually snowier).  I have not had time to write a post as I have had to quickly repack (and shovel more snow) and head off on my yearly business trip to Memphis (if we can take off with all the snow….)

 I found this as I was sorting through some old pictures.  This is from 2010 BB.  (That’s Before Blog.)    This is a favorite sub who has great skills with handling big cock…