Sunday, May 25, 2014

IML--Friday Night Sex Party

Chicago—May, 2014

After dinner I cleaned up and got into my leathers.   I had been cruising the party ads on BBRT.  There were maybe two ads for true sex parties.  All the others were cum dumps demanding instant loads.  I wanted to play longer than that.  The hosts of the parties never responded so I set out to the open house/sex party held by another hook-up site.

The elevator spits me out on the top floor of the building.  I find the suite easily.  In the large main room, guys are standing around drinking and eating snacks.  Two slings are set up.  One is empty; the other contains a man waiting for the action to happen.  I notice an open doorway that seems to lead to a dark room.  Bingo.  I walk in.  20 or so guys are half naked and rutting like pigs.  The beds are pushed against the wall and form an L shape.  A sling is in the far corner where a noisy fucking is happening.  A bathroom door is open with the light left on—the only light in the room.  I find my way to the wall and lean against it.  I massage the bulge in my jock.  My hand is replaced by somebody else’s.  And then another.  I can’t quite see who falls to his knees to pull the fabric pouch to the side—and gets slapped in the face by my hardening cock.   He sucks it for a bit. Then stands and pulls me towards the bed.  I can see him now—a young Latino.  His pants are pulled to half-mast as he kneels on the bed.  I slide into his hole—no rimming, no lube….well no lube needed—he’s had a busy night. It’s a nice hole—but nothing like the talented one I just had in my bedroom a few hours ago.
My eyes are getting used to the darkness.  The bed to my right is lined with men on all fours--their asses in the air and waiting to be fucked.  A cocksucker sits on the other bed with two leather men standing in front of his face.  I pull out of my Latino boy and slip into the ass next to us.  It’s beefy leather guy—hardly fat—all muscle and an ass that is round and full.  He grunts his surprise and pleasure.  And milks my dick like it should be.  When he rears up, I pull out and push into ass number three.  Another boy here just for the sex not the leather.  He’s young, and he can’t take me.  I move on to number four.  He’s bigger and beefier and in Neoprene from head to toe—only his ass crack is exposed.  He’s a great fuck.  He fucks back and gives my cock a true work out.  He convulses under me—I think he’s cum—for I never see him again.  At the end of the line is a man in his sixties on his knees on the floor.  He is on clean up detail.  He takes my cock lovingly into his mouth to taste all the juice. I let him lick and suck.

“All four,” he murmurs to me as I pull out of his mouth.  I nod, with a shrug that says ‘I can’t help myself.’

I move to the wall again.  A rock solid man with huge pecs and wearing only a leather kilt and boots is next to me.  A nice thick dick is jutting out from the leather panels of the garment.  He seems to be strictly trade—a lot of guys have been sucking on that cock but he’s just stood there.  I kneel in front of him.  He starts fucking my face.  The leather panels slap at my chin as I swallow him down.  He is trying to choke me with that cock.  I open my throat and let him do what he wants.  Eventually he pulls me up.  I would love to kiss him, but that’s not in the cards.  He cradles my cock in his right hand, hefting it and really looking at it for the first time.  He looks at me.  Back at my cock.  And then my face again.  He leans over and tries to suck me.  It’s a terrible angle.  His teeth do a number on my over worked cock.  I move away.

I push back into the mix of men on the plastic coated floor.  I let countless men suck my cock.  I fuck the Latino boy again.  And the beefy leatherman.  And several new ones.  I look up.  There is Ginger Tats from CLAW—who I played with so much there.  I fuck him braced against the wall by the bathroom.

I go out into the big room for some air.  It’s not just a reception room anymore.  Guys are using the slings.  I fuck a lanky leatherman on an ottoman, sharing him with another daddy.  We go from ass to mouth, moving around him.  He whimpers a “Thank you, Daddy” anytime his mouth is free.

I go back into the dark room.  I guess I was wrong about the kilt guy being trade—there he is bent over and getting plowed.  I move towards him.  I want that ass.  But I am pulled onto the bed by a younger man in a rubber vest and jock.  He slobbers on my cock, then presents a beautiful ass framed in red rubber for me to fuck.  I do.  And almost get off. 

I watch the kilted guy take a load.  But he makes a beeline for the bathroom and the room is suddenly black as he shuts the door.  I have just pulled out of the rubber guy.  Is that his mouth on my cock?  Or some other guy who loves the taste of ass?  Hands are on my ass, caressing the hairy cheeks.  I feel another man’s mouth on me.  It hurts.  I pull away.  I stumble back out into the bigger room.

I find a chair over by the food and away from the action.  I need to sit for a moment.  I take a long pull on the water bottle I’ve brought with me.  A young man in jeans and t-shirt—looking like a tourist with all the kink wear—kneels before me.

“May I suck you, Sir?”

I nod.

A man of about my age, but built much thicker comes over and sits next to me.  He strokes his regulation sized cock rather off handedly as we chat about the ass we’ve fucked.  All the time the boy is sucking away---and doing a damn good job.

“You look familiar.  What’s your name on BBRT?”


“I thought so.  We’ve shared a boy in common.”  He goes on to tell me that one of my piss boys had served him on a visit to Arizona.  I chuckle when he tells me he couldn’t feed this guy enough piss during their long session.

I push the cock sucker over to my fellow top.  The boy likes the idea.  A lot.  His cock is now being stroked as he goes from cock to cock.  The Arizona Daddy leans down to tell him what a good sucker he is—and finishes with “Do you want some piss, boy?”  The boy is up and away so fast I have to laugh. 

“Well I want it,” I tell him.

I kneel and take his cock in my mouth.  I get a long drink, chugging it down.  “Save some to bring up to me,” he commands.  As I feel the flow diminishing, I stop swallowing and let my mouth fill.  I stand up and yellowball the piss to him.  We kiss long and deep.

“See you tomorrow at the piss party,” he tells me, before disappearing into the crowd.


I’ve been here over two hours.  My cock is feeling a little sore.  I need to get off and go home.  The muscled ass leather guy is still standing by the bed, waiting for the next dick. 

“Do you want a load?” I whisper in his ear.

He doesn’t answer, but just gets on the bed on all fours and takes a huge hit of poppers.  I surprise him with rimming his ass.  While slick, I can find no evidence of cum in his hole.  I rise up, fuck and fill him noisily. 

He has some now.