Monday, June 30, 2014

Four Pigs--Toys, Fists and Cum

West Michigan—March, 2014

This picks up immediately after the last entry.

Joey asks for a break.  We take a moment or two to get a drink.  Chat.  Look at the porn playing on the big screen television.

Toys:  I start with two of my toys—a medium to large butt plug and a ribbed cone only a couple of my partners have taken.  They slide into Joey with ease.  As do my fists.  Repeatedly. 

I break out my speculum.  Something new for Joey.  I crank it slowly.  I finger the upper wall of his manhole.  I open it wide enough so I can fuck him with it in place.  Ryan fucks him, too.

I work through a set of Joey’s toys.  Each bigger than the next.  The final one is about the largest thing I’ve ever put up an ass.

When I pull it out, I do a series of punch fucks.

Jerking off:  The punch fucking gets me hard.  I work my right hand up him.  I add my cock.  Joey gasps and takes a hit.  I slide my cock between my fingers.  I move my fist over my rigid cock.  I am jerking off inside him. 

“You like that?” I ask.  “You like me jerking inside your manhole?”

Joey barely nods.  He’s lost in sensation.  Jack is jerking watching from the couch.  And I think Ryan has stopped touching himself—afraid he’ll explode.  I have to stop, too.  The mental fuck takes me right to the edge.

The gloves:  Another break is called.  Joey wants to be on his knees for a bit.  There is an air mattress upstairs.  We all troop up.  Joey gets on all fours.  He tells me he wants me to wear some special gloves, instead of the black nitrile ones I have been using.  Jack hands them to me.  They are huge, industrial gloves of thick rubber.  I grease them up and slide right in.

Soon both fists are up him.

I want to feel his hole.  I strip off the gloves.

I fist him bare handed.  Then fuck him.  Again.

I can’t go any longer.  I pull out, bend and take his ass lips into my mouth.  Joey pushes out and unfurls the entire rose bud in my mouth, groaning. 

I cram my cock back into his ass just in time to shoot.

As does Ryan.

And the dripping result….

 Of course, my face and tongue were right there…

As before, Ryan used two posts to cover this section.  You will find many more pictures and a play by play….

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Four Pigs

West Michigan—March, 2014

The night after the breeding at Bob’s, I’d agreed to meet my friend and f-bud Ryan at the home of a couple.  I knew Jack.  I had raped his hole in his semi cab quite a while ago.  Ryan had played with both Jack and Joey and encouraged me to come.  It was a terrific, varied night of sex with four sex pigs.

I packed the sling and rimseat.  I drove into the setting sun on a Mid-March Saturday.  I found their house near the Michigan west coast easily.  I had the fuck furniture set up in their living room as Ryan arrived.  Jack, who’s a little older than Joey, played in a jock.  Joey clumped down the stairs wearing a football jersey, shoulder pads, ass-less shorts and, making all the noise, cleats. Ryan stripped to his designer underwear, and I broke out my chaps on a special request from Joey.

Ryan has written a terrific play by play of the event with even more pictures.  I can’t compete with that.  I want to just mention a few moments that turned into highlights for me.

Getting Started:  Immediately, we are getting great head from the boys.  Jack is on his knees in front of me, his hands instinctively going behind his back in a gesture of service.  Joey is kneeling in front of Ryan on the couch.  I get Jack into the sling.  I slide into his experienced hole.  He clutches my cock expertly.  Ryan bends Joey over so he’s clutching the side sling as Ryan pushes into him.  And the boys kiss.  I immediately fuck Jack harder.  I love to see partners with each other.  They can’t get enough of the other’s mouth as the two different cocks pound into them.   

Jack pulls off me.  I step back to let him out of the sling.  I do the Pig Test.  I offer Joey my cock dripping with Jack’s ass juices.  There is not a moment of hesitation.  He devours my cock, cleaning every millimeter of it.  Joey passes the PT with flying colors.

Joey’s ass:  I thought Jack was talented—and he is—but his partner is incredible.  Ryan has been fucking him in the sling.  I take his place.  But I give him my tongue first.  His hole tastes of nothing but ass juice and precum.  When I stand up, I spit some in Joey’s mouth.  I insert.  It takes him a moment to adjust to my size.  I watch his face.  And one hit of poppers later, I can fuck him at full speed.  Slamming into his juicy, round butt.  And I do just that.  Now I can’t give him enough.  I pull out and Ryan is right there to fuck.
We alternate.  Jack is bent over kissing his boyfriend.  This makes me so hard, I all but pull Ryan out of Joey and slide back into his dripping hole.  I can hear Joey grunt into the open mouth of his boyfriend.  At that moment, I have to slow down or lose my load.  I slow down.

The Dildo:  I pull out the old reliable—the eggheaded dildo.  I grease it and slip it up into Joey.  He barely grunts as I push it in.  Not so when I add my cock.   It’s a stretch.  But one I know he can take.  He hits the poppers.  The magic happens.  His ass opens and takes the two invading objects.  I give a DP fuck he’ll remember.

The Rimseat:  I eat the well-fucked holes of both men.  Enough said.  I mean, look at my cock as I eat Jack’s ass…

Joey, piss giver:  Joey has to piss.  I don’t let him leave the room.  I take him carefully into my mouth.  I am careful to keep my over active tongue away from his cock head.  It takes a moment, but soon there is a dribble out of his cock.  It picks up and soon he is pissing a torrent down my throat.  It sputters out.  Now my tongue is all over his cock head and up his piss slit, collecting the last of the sweet piss drops.  Joey exhales—having held his breath for the duration of his piss.  “Finally,” he says.  “I have always wanted to feed a guy my piss.”

The first load:  I have unhooked the sling at the back and let it hang by just the front chains.  I have wrist cuffs on Joey.  I lead him to the middle of the frame and hook his wrists to the middle of the sling frame cross bars.  This arches his back and gives us a different feel.  I’m up him first.  Then Ryan.  Then me again.  Jack feeds Joey poppers and jerks his own dick.  I am truly pummeling Joey’s ass and he keeps telling me to do it harder.

From behind me I hear “Let me breed him.” 

I step out of the way and Jack pushes in his big cock.  Almost instantly he shoots deep into his boyfriend.  I clean Jack’s cock, felch some from around the edges of Joey’s hole and pound the rest of the load deeper…

More to come....

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bill Hosts a Hot Otter

Northern Indiana—March, 2014

Bill has appeared in these posts occasionally.  He is in his early 40's, has a nicely fit body from doing manual labor and a fun, twisted mind.  He can be a demanding, even sadistic, top when working over a sub.  He can be a very versatile player in a three way situation as he was when he came over to Ryan’s.  And there are times he wants to sub out for me.  When I saw his name on the text message I wondered “which Bill” wanted to meet.

I clicked the button.

“Looking to gang a hot guy from Chicago,” read the text.   “You available at 8 tonight?”

I wrote back that I was.  Bill gave me a profile name on BBRT.  I trust Bill, so it was rather gratuitous, but of course I signed on and looked at his profile.  The man to be used was indeed hot:  a lithe, toned man in his early forties.  A self-described otter, he had a worked out, furry chest.  He looked rather tall.  I liked his cropped hair, his aquiline nose and his knowing smirk at the camera.

“See you at 8pm!” I responded.

When I got to the house, the centerpiece of the action was still working the hose in the bathroom.  Bill told me they’d played at the area’s gay campground the summer before and Bill and his partner had promised him a gangbang if he ever came out from the city to visit.

So here we were:  Bill, Bill’s rather overweight partner and me.  A gang?  Not quite, but quite enough dick for one hungry bottom to deal with.  While interest had been shown by other tops to several online ads, the tops in question never materialized.

The Otter emerged from the bathroom, radiating the heat of the shower.  We chatted a moment—but Bill led him quickly to their canvas sling which was set up in the living room.  The yapping dogs were hustled into the bedroom and I knelt behind the man’s gloriously mounded ass.  I buried my tongue into him as deeply as I could…

I love the warmth and taste of him.  My cock springs to life.  Bill is stroking his soft cock, watching me eat the Otter out.  I lap and spit into his hole.  I stand up and let Bill take over eating his hole.  I move along the side of the sling and stick my cock in the Otter’s mouth.  He grunts in appreciation.  I look around for Bill’s partner.  He is sitting in a chair, legs splayed lasciviously, kneading his crotch.

Bill stands up and works his cock into the Otter.  Or tries. 

“Damn, you’re tight.”  Bill goes back to eating the hole. I beat my cock on the Otter’s right nipple.  When I notice a drop of pre-cum on my dick, I put it back in his mouth.  He licks at it.  I lean over and kiss him.  He’s a good kisser.  It also seems to loosen his hole—for Bill works his cock in.  Our kisses are jarred by the hip thrusts at the other end. 

Bill pulls out fairly fast.  I move around to the business end of the sling.  I taste the Otter’s hole after Bill’s fuck.  Just the idea that Bill’s cock had just been in there gets me harder.  I stand up and try to insert.  I can’t get in.  I try again.  I have to move a little higher and then enter on a downward angle.  Once I figure it out, I’m sliding all the way home.

“Whoa!  That is big.  Give me a minute.” 

I do. 


I pull almost out.  Extremely slowly.  And revel in his tight hole.  Then I plunge in to the hilt.  My pubes grind into him.  The Otter’s eyes are rolled up into his head in a blur of sex and poppers.  Bill comes around the side.  He feeds the Otter his cock.  Then he holds onto the top cross piece of the sling and swings up so he ends up sitting on the Otter’s face.  I pump into the hairy ass as I watch Bill get eaten out.  
We rotate again.

A break is called.  While Bill and the Otter get a drink—I’m called on to fuck Bill’s partner bent over the coffee table.  I do.  I’m a good guest.  He seems to enjoy it much more than I do.

The dogs are yapping in the bedroom.  The Otter finds his way back to me as Bill and his partner stay in the kitchen.  We have a long make out session, standing by the sling.

“Fuck me hard, before they come back.”

The Otter hops in the sling and easily gets his feet in the stirrups all by himself—truly a man who knows his way around a sling.  I eat him a little more, but just enough to wet his hole.  It takes me an extra second to enter him, but soon my hips are smacking at his ass cheeks.  The sound of fucking brings the partners back in the room.

I fuck him.

Bill fucks him.

The partner tries—and ends up jerking off on his hole.  Bill fucks the load in. 

“Fuck!”  Bill is shooting now.  I kneel—prepped to clean Bill’s cock.  He pulls out and flops it into my mouth.   I can taste the double load.  I save some in my mouth and snowball it to the Otter.

“Cream me, Daddy.”

I slide my cock into him through all that cum.  I fuck.  Hard.

I concentrate on getting off. 

I know it won’t take long with all the cum I’m churning.

And I’m right…

Bill's dick.  He had to remove the PA to get it in the Otter.
pic courtesy of "Spreading My Legs"

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cum In His Ass=Cum In My Mouth

Chicago—March, 2014

This picks up immediately after the piss party of the last post.

Ryan, Carlos and I left the piss party and got something to eat—opting for a drive-through as we reeked of piss.  (I never think I do until I step outside into the fresh air.)  Back at the motel we all showered.  I was last under the hot water and I heard a knock on the door as I stepped out dripping onto the bath mat.  It was Juan.  I poked my head out.  I had to bend a little as we kissed.  I was all heat and steam from the shower and he was cold from the March night air.  He wasted no time in stripping down to his jock as I toweled off a little more and put on a fresh jock.

“So how did you do?” I asked him.

“Well…” drawled Juan.  “I’ve been doing some fucking while you all were pissing…and I have at least seven loads up there for you.”

“Bend over.”

Juan bent over the corner of one of the double beds and I sunk to my knees on the old motel carpet…

My tongue finds his slightly puffy hole.  This second he tastes just of Juan, a taste I know so well.  Juan groans as I start to burrow deeper with my tongue.  He flowers open and gives the tiniest of pushes.  Cum drips onto my tongue.  My cock is aching from the four hours of play with no release.  Now it’s dripping.  I mop some up with my index finger and wipe it down Juan’s ass crack.  I push it in with my tongue to replace what I just swallowed.  I stand up, my cock swinging in front of me.  It brushes his ass.  Juan shivers in anticipation.

“Fuck me.  Push all that cum deeper in me.”

My cock head finds his hole.  My entire length glides into him.  I don’t bother to hold to let him get re-acquainted with my cock.  I can’t stop myself from pumping in the slippery canal of his ass. 

A knock at the door.  Ryan let’s in, in quick succession: 

Bryant—the boy I love to eat and fuck at the piss party who often is in red trunks.

Sam—a top from Juan’s stable who is new to me.

Rick—an older top with a thick, wide cock, who Juan introduced to me years ago.

While I’m fucking Juan, I watch Bryant and Carlos on the bed.  Bryant had promised he would show me his top-side, well he has been fucking Carlos with skill and a passion you can feel at the other end of the bed.  I gesture to Ryan, who comes around to Juan’s ass.  I pull out.  Ryan rims and felches him a little and is soon fucking him.  Juan cleans my cock.  Sam and Rick are now naked and take a turn up Juan as well.

The sex play becomes a blur for me for a time.  It’s just about hole—I have a lot of it.  Carlos, Bryant and Juan.  Someone is always up Juan, but Bryant and Carlos get plenty of fucking, too. 

Juan takes a break.  He looks and asks me “Do you want to…?”  He points to the rim seat.  I can feel my heart rate actually go up at the idea.  I crawl under.  Juan sits and the seat spreads his hole. Instantly a huge glob of the seven original loads falls into my mouth. I am jerking my dick faster and faster.  I feel a hand knock my fist away from it.  Someone sits on it and begins riding me.  For a minute I’m afraid that doing my two favorite things at the same time will be too much for me.  I master it, and settle back for the ride.  Juan’s hole is wide open and dripping.  I plunge my tongue into him deeper and deeper each time.  I clutch the waist of the man on my dick and figure out it has to be Bryant.  I pull him down harder and harder on my pulsing cock.

When we get up from the rimseat, we all switch partners—new holes, new cocks—the tops in rotation. 
I’d promised Bryant a sling fuck.  It feels like the time.  I get him up and eat his slick ass.  I fuck him hard enough to make the chains rattle.  I watch Juan now feed Ryan on the rimseat. 

When I let Bryant out of the sling, Carlos is finally ready to top.  He grabs Bryant and pushes him face down on the bed.  Carlos is up him in a flash.  Sam scrambles up on the bed and sticks his dick is Carlos’ mouth.  Rick lines up his dick with Carlos’ ass and slips into him on each backstroke.  With three men on him, Carlos convulses in pleasure and shoots a huge load into Bryant.  I know it’s big, for Bryant wiggles out from under Carlos the moment Carlos is done and takes me to the rim seat for me to clean him up.  For the second time I get under it and cum drips out of an open hole into my mouth.


About an hour later.  Guys are getting off.  Rick shoots in Juan doggy style.  As does Sam.  Watching them get off gives Carlos a second wind.  He pumps a load into Juan as well.  I fuck the cum out of Bryant—but I don’t let it go to waste.  I scoop it up and fuck it into Juan so Bryant’s cum is up him, too.

It’s my turn.  I’ve been fucking for hours at the piss party and now here.  With all the new loads in Juan’s hole, I can no longer keep from spewing my own into.  It comes in huge waves of gut shattering pleasure.  I collapse on Juan’s back and hold him.  Ryan is behind me, kneeling and looking at the cum leaking out of Juan’s hole.  I roll off the boy and let Ryan pound out his own load into Juan.

My boy arrived with seven.  H got five more delivered by cock and one extra fucked into him by me.

We all agreed it was a good night.


Ryan wrote up a blow by blow description of this group likely with more details.  It's here.  And if you are not reading Spreading My Legs, you really should be...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Wet Trip to Chicago

Chicago—March, 2014

I came home from St. Louis and didn’t want or need to play.  I knew that the Chicago piss party was coming up—so I saved my jizz.  Juan, the Hispanic bottom who loves to feed me loads out of his ass, wrote me around the same time.  He was hoping we could meet up after the piss party.  We considered meeting at Steamworks.  We finally decided on meeting at the good hook up motel close to the piss party site.  Juan explained that while Ryan and I were off pissing and fucking at the piss party, he’d get some of his regulars to load him or invite them to come to the motel to play there.

I picked Ryan up and we proceeded into the city, filling each other in on our exploits since we last met.  We checked into the motel and set up the sling while starting to hydrate.  I assembled the rimseat as Ryan got on the phone to find tops for later.  The pickings were slim; funny how that’s almost always true.  So we took off to go get wet.

It’s dark in the bar.  There are a number of men already milling around in the back corners, sipping their beer.  I can’t wait to get out of my clothes.  I strip down to my stained and faded yellow jock and the battered combat boots I save for this party.  I really need to piss.  It’s hard standing in line to check in bag.  My bladder is bursting—and I don’t want to waste it. 

I take a swig from my water bottle as I move to the corner out of the glare of the television screen.  He’s there.  One of the regulars.  A little light glints off his shaved head.  He’s on his knees, in perfect submission.  Piss is all about subservience to him.  That’s fine by me right now.  I barely get my cock out of my jock before piss shoots out.  It splats right on the top of his head.  He glances up to see who is dousing him.  I can see the gratitude in his eyes.  He bends back down letting the piss cascade down his back and down his ass crack to puddle on the floor under him.  He raises his head and opens his mouth.  My piss arcs perfectly into him.  He swallows hungrily, but messily, enjoying letting some splash out to drip down his chest and across his heavily pierced nipples.  I can’t seem to stop the flow.  I don’t want to empty myself completely—I always like to have some piss in reserve.  But I just piss on and on—back in his mouth, across his face, down his chin.  I push his head down with my free hand and concentrate on his lower back and ass crack for a moment.  This makes him whimper.

I pull him back up.  “Suck it.  Get me hard.”  He ovals obediently and I push in.  My cock lengthens and pushes down his throat.  He starts to gag but works through it.  He is a master cocksucker—and I have used his throat at this party for ten years now.  He slurps noisily.  And takes me repeatedly to the root.  Other men come by.  One unleashes piss on my cock.  The sucker swallows as much as he can with each stroke that I fuck into his mouth.  He gurgles happily.  I pat him on the shoulder and go refill my water bottle.

Maybe an hour of piss guzzling has gone by.  I’ve mostly fed—but I have taken a few piss loads myself.  I am in the back corner.  Any number of men have sucked my cock.   Everyone wants to drink from the tap today.  Someone is on my cock.  I let him suck me but my eye is on a hot Latino who is sucking Ryan’s cock.  The Latino is bent over and getting plowed at the same time.  The fucker is fucking him hard enough to push him down on Ryan’s cock.  As I watch, the top pulls out and the Latino, who is dressed in a leather vest and a now wet jock presents his fucked hole to Ryan.  I move away from my cocksucker and go stick my dick in the Latino’s vacant hole.

“Make sure you try his ass, too,” Ryan tells me.  He pulls out.  The bottom obligingly turns around and I push in.  He has a velvety, wet canal.  He feels great.  I fuck him as deeply as I can, then pass him off to another Leather Daddy.

Billy is here.  Young and cute.  His ass is sticking out of his backless designer briefs.  He is leaning across the bar, talking to the cute cub of a bartender.  I walk over to him and piss on his ass crack.  I’m kneeling, licking it off, before he bothers to turn around.  I’m pretty he knew it was me.

“Stick it up him,” says the guy next to him.  I do.  I fuck him for a long time, putting on a show for the guys at the bar.

Somehow I missed Carlos arriving.  The gorgeous, gym built Latino who has often appeared in these pages.  I recognize his shoulder tattoo—with the tribal pattern spilling onto his back and chest.  He eagerly sucks Ryan’s cock.  And then mine.  As he is bent to taste me, Ryan moves around to eat his (I think) unfucked hole.  I am the first cock up him at this party.  But definitely not the last.  We pass his ass around to a large group of men…


The last hour is always the busiest.  Guys are super hydrated so the piss is flowing.  And guys need to get off, dry off and go home.  I exchange blowjobs with a slightly older Daddy.  We piss on each other’s cocks, and then suck them.  I watch Carlos ride Ryan over in the corner.  I fuck an ass—without really seeing who has presented it. 

And then, I’ve just had enough.  I can’t drink another drop and my cock tells me he’s done.  I don’t get off—but that’s ok.  We have Juan coming over.  And not just Juan.  I’ve asked both  Carlos and Billy to join us.  Carlos and Juan are old friends and f-buds—and Billy says he wants to show me his top side—something I’ve never seen.  We all dry off and head to the motel and a cum-filled Juan…. 

More to come…

Of course, Ryan wrote this up for his blog, too, Spreading My Legs...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

St. Louis Orgy--Fucking and Felching

St. Louis—February, 2014

Picking up from the last post

When I come up for air, Will, our host is bent over the end of the bed.  His muscle ass is being eaten by someone I can’t see.  I let go of the trucker, who grabs Joe and leans him over next to Will.  The Trucker kneels and begins to eat the ass I love to fuck.  The handsome man pulls me towards Will.  Will’s ass licker backs off, leaving the hole exposed and wet.

The handsome one looks at me and says “Now fuck our host,” quite loud enough for the room to hear.    He all but inserts my bare cock up Will’s hole.  The all oral moment is broken as my dick sinks into the muscle butt.

And phase two starts—the room is suddenly all about fucking.

I sink into Will’s ass—a hot hole I haven’t had for a year.  He groans.  I sigh.  Next to us Joe is grunting in rhythm to the pounding the Trucker is giving him.  The room is suddenly alive with rutting.

One of the young ones is taking daddy cock, bent over and holding onto the nightstand.  Another couple uses the bed with us—the bottom’s on his back with his legs in the air.  He croons the word “fuck” repeatedly as a heavier top pummels his ass.  To my right, a man is on all fours on the floor.  He has a man in his ass and the other young one in his mouth.

Damn, I love group sex…

I pull out of Will and let the handsome man up his experienced hole.  Will all but howls as that downward curved cock hits home.  I watch them fuck for a moment, than go to the group on the floor and take over fucking his ass.  The previous fucker remembers me from last year and sticks his cock, pulled straight out of the hole, into my mouth— just as I slide my cock into the bottom’s ass.  I keep fucking as I clean the cock of the ass juice and precum.  I keep some in my mouth for I’m sure he’s going to kiss me.  He does.  He pulls his uncut cock out and bends over to stick his tongue in just about as deep.  I snowball the juices into his mouth.  We kiss deeply as I continue to plow—then he goes off to fuck Will. 

There is a shift.  The handsome man comes to take over from me.  I move to the pig’s mouth—keeping an eye on Joe.  I want to be up him next.  The young one on the night stand finds his young partner and they fuck on the other side of the bed.  The trucker has turned Joe over, so he’s on his back, with his legs in the air.  He’s intent on getting Joe off.  I watch him fuck him harder and harder.  Joe explodes all over his abs—his cum fucked out of him.  And he’s gone before I can say goodbye.


I am back up Will.  We are now at the sling. I am taking turns up his hole with a dark Latino I hadn’t noticed before. We are both addicted to ass to mouth, and clean the other’s cock as we pull out and rotate fucking.  I fuck home a few more times and pull out.  I let him clean me.  He does it lovingly, jerking his long, thin dick brutally as he swallows me down.  When he gets up and inserts into Will, I move around to the side and beat my cock on Will’s worked out chest.

“You’re needed.”

I look to the archway.  It’s the Trucker sent with a message.

“Brian wants you to come clean up the kid he just creamed.”

Will grins up at me.  “Go clean up my man.”

I follow the Trucker.  On the couch in the porn lounge lies the cute young one on his back.  Brian, Will’s partner, is still deep in him.  They are kissing and grinding hips together.  When Brian becomes aware of my presence, he slowly pulls out.  “I know you want this.”

I kneel.  Brian talked about this kind of moment in the car on the way over—how he loves to watch me eat his seed out of whoever gets it that night.  And he does.  He doesn’t take his eyes off me as he gets up and sticks the dripping dick in my mouth.  I have to oval big to take him all.  I lick and lap and swallow.  When he can’t take any more to his hyper sensitive cock, he pulls out of my mouth and pushes my face into the mess he’s left behind.

Jizz is everywhere—seeping out of the puffy ass, clinging to the hairs of the cute butt and some even on the ball sack.  I clean the outer area thoroughly—then plunge my tongue deep into his hole.  The boy gasps.  He’s not used to this kind of attention after he’s loaded.

“You like how that feels?” asks Brian.

The boy can’t put a coherent sentence together.  He just moans as my tongue pulls out a thick glob of cream.  I swallow it—I don’t think the boy has likely ever snowballed cum from his ass.

“Lick it out.  Nice and deep.”  I feel Brian’s hand on the back of my shaved head—pushing me deeper.  “I must have shot a gallon up there.”  I can feel that my beard is coated in cum and lube.  Brian holds me buried in the boy’s ass until I can’t breathe.  Only then do I come up for air.  Panting.  My dick is rock hard.

“I’m going to fuck in what’s left,” I tell the cute young man.  He’s in no position to protest.  His partner comes over to watch the biggest dick of the party slide up his boyfriend.


Somewhere in the evening, the Trucker finally worked up a load of piss for me to swallow.  I did gladly, groveling for it from this burly fucker in the bathroom.

I fucked a lot of ass that night.  But I was a good guest.  I saved my cum for my host….

And the hot Latino felched every drop of it…

Monday, June 9, 2014

St. Louis Orgy--Oral

St. Louis—February, 2014

I can’t believe I still have to write up one last February encounter—well, large group.  But here we go…

Will and Brian open the upper floor of their beautiful Victorian home each year for an orgy in my honor. There are always at least a dozen men invited on the last day of my business trip to St. Louis.  This year was no different.  I got to play with about 15 men.  Most were somewhere between 35 and 60 in age.  There was one couple in their early 30’s.  I fucked.  I fisted.  I sucked cock.  And I stuck my cock in the mouth of every man there.  Often, guys come in very piecemeal, so you start playing with one man and when you next look up, the room has five more naked men in it.  This year almost all of us seemed to arrive right at the start time. We stripped off in the formal dining room leaving the carved mahogany chairs littered with jeans, shirts and underwear. And off we trooped up the stairs.  There were two beds set up in two different bedrooms.  Will’s sling was in an adjoining alcove.  There was also a sitting area with a couple of couches for porn watching.  Without a word we all gravitated towards the darkest room at the end of the largest bed…

Guys instantly begin pairing up.  A handsome man with greying hair and great cheek bones pulls me into a deep kiss.  I feel another man on the back on my neck.  I turn.  We kiss just as deeply.  A third man doesn’t go for my mouth but right to my hardening cock.  He kisses it through the rough fabric of the jock.  He pulls the cloth aside— just enough to make contact with my balls. The handsome man pulls me back to him.  He grunts in pleasure at the taste of the other man on my lips.  The second man kisses the back of my neck again and then moves around to tongue the handsome man’s thick nipples.  He can only get one of them, for I’m rolling the other between the finger and thumb of my left hand. 

My ball licker takes my cock out.  He sucks it for a bit, leisurely, with deep, moist strokes.  Then he is gone, moving on his knees to another rigid dick.  I pull out of the kiss and sink to my knees.  The handsome man’s dick is arching up with a slight downward curve.  His foreskin is thick and still covering a juicy cock head.  I pull back the skin and take the red knob into my mouth.  The man working the handsome one’s nipples, sticks his cock into my face, too.  I move back and forth between the two dicks, deep throating one and then the other.

I look across the room.  Joe is here.  I’d invited him after our ottoman fuck the other night.  He is sucking a burly truck driver type.  Joe grins at me, and crawls over to join me.  We kiss—with the handsome man’s cock jutting between our mouths.  We run our lips in tandem back and forth on his shaft.  I let Joe deep throat him.  He comes up for air and passes the dick to my mouth with his tongue.  Back and forth.  Sharing the pre-cum.

I stand up and force my dripping cock into Joe’s mouth.  For a moment he has two thick cock heads in his battering his face.  His groan is audible and kicks up the heat of the room.  Everywhere I look are men.  In twos.  In threes. In an oral heaven.

I feel someone behind me—his face in my ass crack.  He reaches up and pushes me slightly forward into the arms of the handsome man.  A tongue is invading my hole.  It’s my turn to groan.  The handsome man kisses me and the last of the sound is muffled by his tongue.  Joe is working my cock.  I have three tongues tirelessly licking at me.  I feel my cheeks spread by thick meaty hands.  I don’t know or care who it is—I just know he loves eating hole as much as I do.  He is going deeper than most men and obviously can’t get enough.  Joe switches back to the handsome man’s dick.  Then he’s lying flat on the floor sucking my ass eater.  The handsome man jerks me and then my cock is being docked with his.  His thick foreskin is quite big enough for him to slide the skin over my cock head as well.  He holds them in place and stokes both dicks so the two covered heads keep hitting each other.

My ass eater stands up.  He pulls me around to kiss me.  It’s the burly trucker.  His lips mash mine and I can taste my ass on his tongue. 

When I come up for air, Will, our host is bent over the end of the bed.  His muscle ass is being eaten by someone I can’t see.  I let go of  the trucker who grabs Joe and leans him over next to Will.  The Trucker kneels and begins to eat the ass I love to fuck.  The handsome man pulls me towards Will.  Will’s ass licker backs off, leaving the hole exposed and wet.

The handsome one looks at me and says “Now fuck our host,” quite loud enough for the room to hear.    He all but inserts my bare cock up Will’s hole.  The all oral moment is broken as my dick sinks into the muscle butt.

And phase two starts—the room is suddenly all about fucking.

More to come….

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Post IML

My Playroom

I think am still recovering from IML. 

I know that I came home and didn’t want to play.  At all.  I’d had such great and varied sex that my cock was content.  I was on line occasionally, but the guys who contacted couldn’t hold a candle to Marco.  I just wasn’t interested.

After six days I did head out to the bookstore on a Saturday night.  It was a very mixed bag.  I was excited about a new fist pig coming back to the house, but he had to cancel.

And then there’s work.  Readers who have been reading these posts for some time know that my summers get very busy.  If the last few years are any guide, I won’t have much time to hook up.  The good news is I have a computer filled with notes of the hook ups I had in March, April and May. 

Many with photographs....