Saturday, August 30, 2014

His First Fist

My Playroom—May, 2014

A few posts back, I talked about the fisting party I attended, where I ended up jerking off inside a particularly hot ass.  There was one man I watched all night.  He was the most in demand top there.  I can’t remember how many holes his gloved hands invaded.  He always used the sling in the corner of that basement play area.  The sling was in shadow, but the light bulb caught some reflection off his shaved head, giving him a kind of glow.  He was my age, and almost as tall as me, though he had more meat on his bones—all nicely worked out.  He seemed to be fairly hairless above the waist, but had a slightly furred butt that was enhanced by the jock he wore. 

Before the event, he had written me on the hook-up site saying that he wanted to talk to me at the party—and he would have a load of piss for me.  Neither happened.  He was way too busy—and then went abruptly to bed, in the guest room, with a bad back from how he was hunching over the men he’d been working on.

A month later, after some lengthy chat, he was in my playroom.  I’d been elected to open his hole.  Roger wanted to be more versatile.  He told me that no one had been past the knuckles.  He thought I might be able to do it for him.  He also told me he’d just started PrEP last month and wanted a cum load and a piss load shot up his ass.  How could I say no to that?

Roger is on the fuck bench.  His white ass contrasts beautifully with the black bench.  He has just given me a massive gut full of piss.  My already primed bladder is full and ready.  Drinking him down has made me rampant.  I love the look of my flushed cock resting against his ass cheeks.  I want to shove it right into him.  But I don’t.  I kneel and prep that ass with my tongue. 

Roger groans and says rather hoarsely, “That feels so good.”

My cock spits up pre-cum from the sound of the need in his voice.  And from the idea I’m about to do things to him that no one has done to him before. I smear my ooze over my cockhead, with my free hand as I continue to tongue him.

I can’t wait any longer.  I need to fuck him.  I push my cock head into him.

Roger grunts.  His ass resists for a second, but then I start to inch forward with just the slightest push.

He bucks back.  And I am in him to the hilt.

“That raw cock is so deep in me.”

“Feel good?”  I am holding motionless.  I can feel his gut work to accommodate me.

“Oh, yeah….

I pull out.  Slowly.  Letting him feel every millimeter of flesh exiting his ass.  I keep going until just the head remains in place. 


I push forward.  His ass is ready.  I slide home with little resistance.  Just the good kind.  Where you can feel the walls of his ass cling to my cock.

“FUCK me.”  It’s a command.  I don’t hold back, I accelerate into a jack hammering fuck.  My hips pummel his suddenly pink ass cheeks.

I stop.  And stand stock still. 

“Aw, fuck me, man.”

“Wait,” is all I say. 

He groans the moment he feels the first burst of piss deep in his gut.

“No one has ever done that.” 

I grunt at him.

“That feels so hot,” he moans. 

That’s an understatement.  His ass is on fire with the hot liquid.  I am suddenly bucking into him.  Still pissing.  Fucking him hard.  I pull all the way out; just long enough to douse the exterior of his hole.  Roger makes a sound of sheer pleasure.  I push back into him.  The piss flow is slowing. I fuck into the liquid in his gut.  I push deep.  I am pushing into his second sphincter.  It opens—just enough to drain some piss deeper into his body.  He groans again.

I settle down into a hard and fast fuck.

I fuck until he asks for a break.


He’s in the sling now.  We fuck here, too.  I take a picture of his hole.

There is a just a single drop of pre-cum clinging to the hair in his crack.

I know if my hand is going in there, I need to stretch him open.  I opt for the speculum.  I grease the prongs and slip it in.  I crank and crank.  I run my finger in and out of his hole—flesh on top and bottom and metal on the sides.  I crank some more.  “Good?”

“Oh, yeah.”

I snap a picture.

I lean over and suck his cock a little, taking the limp dick into my mouth.  When he starts to harden, I piss on his cock and clean it off with my tongue.

The speculum is cranked shut and replaced with my gloved hand.  The black nitrile glove looks hot going into him.  I grease liberally.

And yes.  In surprisingly little time his hole snaps around my wrist.  I’m home.  Repeatedly.  With both the left hand and then the right.

And Roger is ecstatic. 

“Can you still take a fucking?” I ask, as I ease my hand out.

“Breed me, stud.”

I don’t need a better invitation.  I slip into him again.  His hole is greasier than before.  I am more than ready to get off.  I feel my balls tighten up.

I explode.  Into a hole where no one has shot before.  The idea makes me spurt longer and stronger into his spasming hole.  I push my jizz into him as deeply as I can.

I pull out.  I lick up any of the cum that came out with me.

I take this picture of his cleaned up hole. 

Only now do I see I missed some down below.

If you look back at the party post, you may have been surprised that I did not play with the host.  It’s something I almost invariably make sure I do.  The good news is that the host was so busy with others that night that he had no time for me.  To remedy that, he visited the playroom just a few days after Roger.   And I did everything to his big ginger-haired ass that I did for Roger…just faster and deeper….

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Fill Up Your Fag...and Let It Flow"

My Playroom—May, 2014

Back in January, I’d started talking to a pig from a neighboring state.  We chatted a little each month.  At the top of May I got this exchange:

WSGuy:  How’s it hanging stud?

FP:  I’m good…and it’s hanging a little to the left and slightly tumescent…

WSGuy:  Love to see, feel and taste it.  Especially in a swollen state!

FP:  Suck it, swallow the piss, suck some more…

WSGuy:  You bet.  Won’t waste a drop of anything your big cock offers.

FP:  Great.  You might have to kiss me after each kind of load…

WSGuy:  Happy to share the treats.  Hope the world is treating you well, stud.  Headed thru your way Mother’s Day weekend.

FP:  That could be fun.

WSGuy:  Will have top BF with me.

FP:  That’s great by me—I love working with another top.  I have no plans that weekend currently.  I have a playroom for the three of us to piss in.

WSGuy:  He’s a bit pee shy but loves watching.  He’s also got great endurance.  Maybe a wet session Friday night?

FP:  Perfect.

WSGuy:  You can really piss with a hard on?  Love to feel it piss when it’s down my throat.

FP:  Sure.

WSGuy:  The BF really enjoyed your pics on here.  Thought it looked like a great cock for me to swallow.

FP:  Hot…I’m very oral, too, on top of all the ass play.  Just nothing but a tongue goes up my ass.

WSGuy:  Partner is the same way.  And he is quite a voyeur.  Anything special you wanna do to me?

FP:  Nothing set in stone.  I like to sort of see what develops as we play.  I have a ton of interests…So anything you guys like, I likely will, too.

WSGuy:  Great.  BF is a bit more vanilla but loves to watch me get used and help out, to be sure.  I bet it’ll be fun exploring.

FP:  If I know you love piss, we’re set.  I’m very piss driven.  I will tank up (even if I’m up all night later).  I love to feed.   I love to pull out while fucking and cover you in the sling, love to piss fuck.  (I have also used condoms for piss fucking—it becomes like a huge inflatable dildo…)

WSGuy:  Tank up, man.  I wanna see how much I can take.  I pester BF and follow him around to the bathroom when we are beer drinking.  Will be fun to have an aggressive pisser.

FP:  That’s me.  Do you feed piss as well?

SWGuy:  Yes, if you like.  Can be shy to start.  But I’ll do my best if you want it.

FP:  Nothing makes me harder…but not required.

WSGuy:  Can’t wait to see you piss with a hard on up close.  Be fun to recycle our piss.

FP:  Great.  I will gladly swallow it down.  I’ll be pissing hard after the first few minutes…

WSGuy:  Do you like to be rimmed while you piss?

FP:  Yeah---and I hope you do, too.

WSGuy:  I like to get any of my holes worked.  Can’t wait to be stuffed at both ends at once.  Been a long time.

FP:  Hot.

WSGuy:  You bet!  Just fill up your fag…and let it flow.

FP:  It will be a pleasure.

WSGuy:  And I know BF is hot to see me used by another hung top.

FP:  What do you want me to wear?  Jock and boots?

WSGuy:  I know we’ll have jocks and boots.  BF has a HUGE boot fetish.  He likes tall boots.

FP:  Perfect.  I have a “flavorful” jock for your hungry mouth.

WSGuy:  Yes!  I will have a five day load to shoot.  Hope you can push my limits.

FP:  I like a challenge.

WSGuy:  Turn this piglet into a hog.

FP:  You just named my mission in life…

And we exchanged names, an address and phone numbers.

Ernest looked to be about my age, in great shape and sported a chinstrap beard as dark as the short hair on his head.  I liked the look of his partner, too, as I met them at the door.  A little younger than Ernest, sporting rather bookish eyewear and a big bulge in his jeans.  We hugged and trooped upstairs.  And amazingly the play was almost just as we had talked about.

Ernest is on his knees and takes my first load of piss down his throat.  The BF, in about the tallest boots I’ve ever seen in person, stands to one side and strokes a thick cock.  The swallowing triggers Ernest’s need to piss.  I kneel.  And after a minute of adjustment, I’m rewarded with a huge flow into my guts.

“Up here.”  I nod towards the fuck bench.  Ernest climbs up.  I stay on my knees and sink my face into his hole.  Perfect.  Tight and hairy. 

I eat him until I have to piss again.  I stand up and spray his white ass cheeks.  The BF, drooling cock in hand, moves around to my side to get a better look.  I lick it off Ernest’s back and ass crack.  The BF sticks his cock in his partner’s mouth.  I stand up and look at the BF.

“Do you want me to fuck him?” 

He nods.  No words.  But it excites him enough that he pulls out of Ernest’s mouth so as not to shoot.  His eyes never leave my cock splitting his partner in two.  Finally, the BF sticks his dick back into Ernest’s mouth.  We pump in rhythm into the man on the fuck bench.

I nod at the BF.  He understands and we rotate around the bench.  Ernest pauses for just a second before he takes my cock, directly from his ass, into his mouth.  But he does.  And loves it.  He slobbers noisily.

It’s my turn to watch a big dick go into an ass.  But I’m already fucking the throat in front of me.  I remember the comment about pissing with a hard on into his throat.  I slow a moment, than give him the piss he wants.  Deep.  By passing the tongue.  He sputters like he might gag, but he doesn’t.

“Good boy,” I tell him as I pat the damp hair on his head.  He mumbles what I take for a ‘thank you’ around the dick in his mouth.

“Switch.”  It’s the BF giving the command.  I’m surprised and pleased.  “Here, right from your ass…” he tells Ernest.  But this time Ernest is hungry for it.  No hesitation at all.


Round and round the fuckbench we go.  I think it’s the third time I’m in his mouth when it happens.  The BF is now pounding his partner’s ass.  The sound fills the room.  I actually wonder if I need to close the window.

And suddenly Ernest shoots.  Handsfree.  All over the padded floor beneath the bench.  He arches up, pulling off both the cocks in him. 

And that’s it.  I’d been warned he’s a once and done.  The BF will get off later.  I don’t try.

The next Monday:

WSGuy:  Hello!

FP:  Hey!  So did you have fun?

WSGuy:  Absolutely.  I should know better than to let my BF get me from behind.  It pops me every time.

FP:  It was hot to see you go over the edge.

WSGUY:  The BF sure did enjoy watching your big cock disappear in me…A lot!  I wish we had gotten to do more—but I can’t go on after I cum.

FP:  It will just give us a good reason to meet again…

Saturday, August 23, 2014


My Playroom—May, 2014

He was a business visitor to my side of the state.  In his first message to me on BBRT, he made it clear he loved sex, that he was not a sub and that he wanted to indulge as a versatile for piss play.  When I told him that sounded great, he replied:  “I just think you’ll fuck me harder if I give you some piss to drink.”  Damn.  He knew me in less than three email exchanges.

Alec was about 6’ tall.  In his pictures, his chest was lightly haired.  His dark blond hair was cropped close.  It was a handsome enough face, but my eye was drawn to a picture of his ass:  full, pale and all but hairless.  I couldn’t wait to get him on the fuckbench.

I open the door, a bathrobe covering my jock.  He’s right on time.  Maybe even early.  His first words are:  “I have to piss right now.”  I point upstairs.  He bounds up them, unbuttoning his shirt as he goes.  His pants are open and he’s digging his cock out of his AussieBum jockstrap as I ditch the bathrobe and kneel in front of him on the padded floor.  Alec just manages to get it in my mouth before he is gushing a clear stream of piss down my throat.  I gurgle appreciatively and swallow as fast as I can.

When I have the last drop, he grins.  “Oh, and hello.”  He pulls me up and kisses me.  Deep and long.  It’s going to be a good night. Alec finishes getting out of his clothes and gets them into the chest of drawers.  He climbs up on the fuck bench, taking a hit of poppers.  I kneel and taste his hole.  He’s cleaned and showered at the hotel and I can taste the rather floral soap around his hole.  I stand up and give him some of his piss back, letting it sluice down his ass crack.  I kneel.  Much better.  Now it tastes like a man’s hole should.

“Damn, that felt good.  Hose me down whenever you want.”  Then he grunts as I poke as deeply into him as I can.  “Fuck, yes.  Fuck me with your tongue.”  I do.  I work his hole wider. 

“You want this raw cock up you?”

“That’s what I’ve thought about all day.  Give it to me.”

I stand up and push in. He’s tight, but open.  I don’t stop until my untrimmed pubes are brushing his ass cheeks.  I pause.  I listen to his breathing change.  And then I start working out.  Slowly.  So slowly.  When all I really want to do is pull it out and slam into him.  But I don’t.  I fuck slowly and steadily.  I wait for him to tell me to “Fuck me harder!”

And I do.


We move to the bed.  He rides me like a champ.  His cock is hard and poking out of his AussieBum jock.  I like watching it as he impales himself on my cock.


Working for a cum that is still hours away.

We move to the sling.  I take a few pics. 

With his face still covered, I work his nips with my fingers.  My fingernails.  With my tongue. I coat them with some piss and slurp it off noisily.  As always, the piss makes me rock hard.  I fuck him, making the sling stand shake.

When I feel I might be close, I pull out.  “I want to taste your hole again.  But over there.”  I point to the rimseat.  I help Alec get out and over.  I get under the seat and take a hit of Jungle Juice Platinum.  Alec straddles the seat.  All I can see is this gorgeous ass slowly lowering towards me.  It blocks out the light as my tongue connects with his hole.

“Ohhh…”  Alec squirms in delight.  “That is so good.  So deep…”

I can’t talk.  My mouth is full of freshly fucked ass.  I lick and swallow his slick ass lube.

I work his hole for a long time.  Then I get to that moment of almost claustrophobic panic.  I need to get up.  I tap his under thighs.

“It’s no fair,” he says as he rises.  “You’re doing all the ass eating.  I want yours.”


“Start with the sling.  We’ll work up to the seat.”

I get in the sling.  It has been awhile since anyone has eaten my hole.  I look up.  It’s my playroom, but I always forget there is a mirror above the sling.  I watch Alec kneel, take a hit of his poppers and dive into my hairy ass crack. 

And, Jesus, he’s good.  I take a hit, too.  Having my ass eaten while on poppers always makes me talk dirty.  I blather on as he tongue fucks me, only stopping when he stops licking to take another hit of poppers.  My cock is raging and dripping precum.  I swab some off  with my fingers and smear it on my hole.  Alec likes this.  He dives back in, grunting his appreciation.

Alec finally stops and stands up.  “You’re cock is huge.  You need to fuck me right now.”

I swing out.  He swings in.  I’m up him in a heartbeat.   I fuck him to the point I’m sure I’m going to blow. 

Alec senses it.  “Wait.  I want you on the rimseat first.”  I slow down and pull out. 

When he gets positioned, I sit ever so slowly.  “Give me that hairy ass, man.  You taste so…” And my ass silences him.  He goes deep on the first lick.  His cock swells—and pokes out of his jock again.  He reaches down and jerks himself as he eats me out as hungrily and as I ate him.  

I try to shoot some piss across his torso—but my cock is in over drive.  It wants to dump a load.  As good as the ass eat is, I want to blow my load in his ass, not across his chest.

I stand up.  “On the bench.”  I open the rimseat and step aside.  He senses my urgency.  He’s up and in place.  I slide into his wet hole.  I pump a few times…

“Pull it out and cover me,” he pants.  It’s all I can do to not blow inside him, but I pull out.  Just.  I erupt all over his crack.  And those gorgeous globes of ass flesh.  Alec shakes.  I’m pretty sure his hard cock is spewing on the mat under the bench.

It’s only after he’s rinsed off and gone back to his hotel that I find his AussieBum jockstrap hanging on the shower rod.  I take it upstairs and use it to mop up his cum from under the bench.

Monday, August 18, 2014


My Playroom—May, 2014

The rest of April was all about CLAW.  I posted my escapades daily—within 12 to 18 hours of the sex.  If you missed them, you can fine the first one here.  I love CLAW— where you have literally 100’s of gay men in three hotels all looking for sex all the time—but even better for me, are the play parties in a great dungeon space.  CLAW is well worth a trip to Cleveland at the end of April.

When I came home, I really didn’t want to play—the sex had been that good.  I didn’t hang out much on the hook up sites.  I did check them each morning, but anyone I saw on there was not inspiring me to set up a meet.  One gentleman was always on Asspig whenever I checked for overnight messages.  We chatted.  I had a history with this man.  We’d met once about 7 years ago.  I tag teamed him with a top I was playing around with at the time.  I was less than impressed.  There was no real kink (if a jet Black guy and a pale white guy sharing one man’s hole is your everyday occurrence.)  He wanted to meet again.  He was now into fisting.  And he was begging for my piss. 

But I was sated.  I didn’t feel like it for a guy I was only marginally attracted to—so I kept saying no.  Finally he asked me what he could do to make me change my mind.

“I don’t know.”  I could think of nothing.  “Pay me,” I finally typed out.

“How much?” he shot back.

We agreed on a generous figure for my time.  And a date in two days time. 

I unpacked the sling after all.

Fritz is at the door.  He looks trimmer than I remember.  He admits to 65, and has the white hair to support it.  He is a big man, tall and wide, but the weight does not seem sloppy.  I knew that he still did manual labor—and it shows.  He is eager.  We go right upstairs.  He is naked and kneeling in front of me before I can get the Dick Wadd disc playing on my laptop. 

“Here.”  I pull my cock out.  I shoot out an arc of piss.  Fritz opens wide and catches it all.  I put my cock in his mouth and let him suckle the rest out of me.

“Up on the bench.”  I pull his butt cheeks apart.  I taste his hole.  And decide I’d prefer it with some piss.  I stand up and let fly a short burst down his crack.

“Damn, Sir.  Piss me.”

But I have already run dry for the moment.  I kneel again.  Much better.  I push some into his ass with my tongue.  I waste no time in getting the head of my cock in his wet hole.  I let his hole suck me in, but I don’t push in the rest of the way.  I stay for a moment then bring my cock around to his mouth.  He cleans me carefully.  I pull out with some of his deep, stringy spittle.  I move around and plunge back into his ass.


Ass to mouth.  Check.

Bigger butt plug.  Check.

Egg-headed dildo. Check.

Add my cock with it.  Check.

Speculum.  Check.

Move to sling.

My fist slides easily into him.

Left fist.  Check.

And the right.  Wait, I have to work for a moment with that one.  Check.

Lateral stretch.  Check.

Piss all over his chest.  Check.

Arc some up to his baby bird mouth.  Check.

Speculum back in and add my cock.  Check.  And double check.  I love the way the cool metal and hot ass feel on my dick.

“May I eat my Master’s hole?”

I pretend to consider.  “I don’t know…”

“Please let me get under the rimseat.”

“Ok, for a little bit.”

He gets in place.  I sit down.  His mouth is right there.  He is probing me deeply.  I take a hit of Jungle Juice Platinum.  My mind flies away. 

When I come back to reality, three or four hits later, I stand up.  Fritz gives the most contented sigh. 

There is only one thing left on my mental checklist. 

I get him back in the sling and give him a huge load in his ass.  A week’s worth of jizz. 

Fritz is delighted with the two hours of play.

And tips me 20% over what we agreed.


There’s a sequel of sorts.  At the end of the month Fritz is back.  He’s brought a fisting top with him.  I have made myself available for I want to meet this new transplant to the area.  He’s tall and rangy.  A former leather title holder. 

And a man after my own heart.  We look at Fritz, all expectant in the sling.

“Do you want to go first?”  I ask, ever the gracious host.

“Let’s flip for him.”  He pulls out a coin from his leather vest.  “Call it.”


“Tails.”  He reaches for the Crisco and begins greasing his massive, hairy paws. 

No losers here.  I feed Fritz piss as the Leatherman hunkers down and opens the hole in front of him.

Friday, August 15, 2014

"How You Should Always Jerk Off"

Northern Michigan—April, 2014

I have mentioned elsewhere in these pages that I joined Asspig in December.  I had cut back on fisting for a time.  I still did some, but nothing like what I had been doing four or five years ago.  For whatever reason, I was ready for it again by the end of 2013 and finally joined the site which is more about the hand than the dick.

I played with a few people off that site—who I have written about on here.  By the middle of April I noticed a party being formed on Good Friday in a town to the north of me.  If you are reading this, you know I love to play in groups.  I asked for an invite.  They were happy to take a chance with a new (to them) guy.

I volunteered my sling—but they already had three.  So I suggested the fuck bench and the rimseat for variety.  It was a group of about twelve men.  Most were my age or a little older.  Three men were younger than I, one in his 20’s, one in his 30’s and one in his 40’s.  Most knew each other.  There was much talk centered around the snack filled dining table—but that was in the kitchen.  The play area was downstairs in a clean but stark basement.  Three slings were lined up next to each other.  On the opposite wall I set up the fuck bench and the rimseat, with each positioned so the man on the bench or seat could watch the sling action. 

The youngest of the men was one of the guys I had played with in the bookstore in Lansing.  He was thrilled that he could be shared between me and his regular fuck bud.  Being such a good bottom I was surprised to learn that he was a fisting top much in demand as he had the smallest hands of the group.

The play was very segmented.  Two couples would go downstairs at a time while the others ate and chatted.  Occasionally, I would fuck the guy I knew while holes were being worked on at the other end of the room.  Eventually guys trusted me to take a turn on their holes. 

The first man wanted hand only, no cock.  I gloved up and got him talking in tongues.  Literally it seemed.  His wails of pleasure and gibberish were heard throughout the house. But I don’t need to record that scene.

Nor do I really want to write about the top who sat on the rimseat and asked me to eat him out.  I did.  He splattered a huge, runny load all over my chest in no time.

I took turns fucking the guy I knew along with his older fuck-bud.  Then the older man surprised me by replacing my friend on the bench and asked me to plow him.  I did—until he came.

No, the scene I want to record happened after pretty much everyone had left.  The four of us who had come the farthest were staying the night.  After we said good night to everyone I ventured down into the rather chilly basement with the oldest man there.

“Do you want just my hand or my cock as well?” I ask.

“I would be a fool not to get fucked by that monster.  Both, please.”

I had watched him take two different guy’s paws very deeply at different times that night.  I glove up and grease up my cock.

“You don’t have to rubber up your dick.  Fuck me raw.”  I toss the unopened Magnum onto the linoleum.
I look down at the man in the sling.  He’s a very fit 66. Handsome, rather chiseled features with iron grey hair.  His nipples are pierced with silver rings.  He can’t stop touching them in anticipation.  I kneel.  My tongue sinks into his well worked ass. 

“Oh, God,” he hisses, “kiss my hole.  Make love to it.”

I do.  I part his ass lips easily and stick my tongue into him as deeply as I can.  He squirms.  I can hear the poppers open.  Hear the intake of breath.  The moment the cap is back in place he starts a whispered chant of every obscenity he can think of:  “Eat my man handled man-cunt.  Make it sloppy with your spit.  Put that big cock in me.  How many asses did you have it in tonight?  Fuck the shit out of me like you did that boy…”

I stand up. My cock is drooling.  I tell him so—as I wipe it across his ass lips.

“Stick it in me.  Please.  I want to feel…..”

He leaves it unfinished for the sheer girth of it entering him is more than he expects.  He’s silent for the first time—but his eyes are shining.  A low moan now replaces the whispered imprecations.

Poppers are opened as I saw in and out of his ass.  He huffs.  And a new string of words emerges.  “Fuck me as hard as you can.  Deep.  Just like that.  Fill my ass with that big fat cock.  Fuck me…”  On and on he goes.  Until the poppers wear off.  Another hit and his mouth spews out more filth. 

I dip my hand into a convenient can of Crisco strapped to the sling stand.  I pull my cock out, rather roughly and insert two fingers into him smoothly.  Right in the same rhythm I’d been fucking.  Out and in.  Then the third finger.  My cock spits some precum out of the slit.  I add that to the stew of lube deep in his ass.  My entire right hand slides into him.  I hold it for a moment, then twist it out.  My cock goes back in.  I fuck as I grease up the left hand.  I repeat the same pattern, now with the left. 

Left.  Cock.  Right. Cock. Left.  Cock.  Right. Cock.  Left.  Right.   Now four fingers from each hand in a lateral stretch.

That makes him huff the biggest intake of poppers, yet. 

“Fuck that feels good.  Do anything you want to my hole.  Stretch the shit out of it…”

I am close to a double fist, but I don’t quite fit it in.  Instead I pull my left hand out and sink my right all the way in.  I lean over him and slide my cock into his abused hole.

“Oh, SHIT!  Is that..?”

“I am fucking my fist in your hole.”

And I am.  My cock is gliding through my encircling fingers. 

“Jerk off in my ass.  Let me feel you do it…”

I stop thrusting and stand still.  I slowly slide my hand up and down the slippery shaft.  I am truly jerking off in his butt.  He huffs some more and tells me he’d love to have my load in his guts.  My hand moves faster and faster.  I think this might take me over the edge after the hours of play.

“Cum in me.  Please.”

My hand in hitting the right spot inside him.  His anything but erect cock is seeping more and more fluid and pooling it around his belly button.

“Fuck!”  My voice is as low as his has been.  I lean across him.  We kiss—my hand still jerking inside of him.

The moment our tongues touch, I shoot.  I shake as each jet of cum rips out of my cock.  His arms encircle me and hold me in place.

It feels like hours later, but I’m sure it’s only a few seconds.  My hand and rock hard cock are still deep in him.

“Now,” he whispers in my ear, “that’s how you should always jerk off.”

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Five Pigs in Pictures

South Bend—April, 2014

(Immediately after the last post.)

I slept for a bit at Steamworks.  I’d done four hours of piss play and fucking at the piss party then almost as much at the bathhouse.  My body told me it had to rest.  Despite the giggling in the hall, the pounding music and the noisy rutting next door, I drifted off fairly fast.

I awoke in time to get out before I had to renew.  I drove to Ryan’s house, met Alejandro (who was watching a movie with Ryan) and fell into Ryan’s bed.  They would wake me before the others arrived.  I must have slept soundly for I never heard the fucking happening upstairs.  Only later did I learn Ale had left a huge load up Ryan.

They woke me—all smiles.  We set up the sling next to the double bed just before the last two arrived.
Ryan had invited three men, all of whom happened to be Hispanic.  Alejandro—25ish, short, cute and worked out.  When I said hello to him earlier, I couldn’t help but notice how his jeans clung to his hot looking ass.  Miguel and Luis have shown up in these pages before.  They are both in their mid-40’s.  Miguel is one of the most voracious bottoms I’ve met.  Luis has a great cock that keeps his boy happy between the times when he whores him out.

Ok.  I’ll admit it.  I was tired enough, that I don’t remember any kind of blow by blow of how this went down.  Ryan has it all down on his blog “Spreading My Legs” in four installments.  I know he’s right—for it is documented with four times the number of pictures he has kindly allowed me to use here.  All I remember is:
A constant back and forth between available holes. 
Everyone wanting to suck a cock pulled from the latest ass. 
Five creative guys twisting into any and every position to have great sex.

So here’s a photo essay of pigs in heat.

I do remember this moment quite distinctly.  Luis was fucking Miguel.  I warmed up in Miguel’s mouth.   And we went right into the side by side fucking. 
  I love watching other men fuck.

And we switched asses.  I also love watching bottom's kiss as we drive into them.

Fucking Ale.

Ale riding me.

Miguel's turn to sit on me.

Ale and I clean up Luis--fresh from someone's hole.

Rimming Ale before I dive back in.

Miguel sling fucked.

Heaven.  For all concerned.

Getting ready to shoot.

That's my cum.  I felched it, of course.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

David Gets Filled

Chicago—April, 2014

Three group events happened back to back.  The first was the piss party.  My F-bud David, the hot Hebraic piss boy from the East Coast, was to be in town visiting his family.  He would meet me at the party for some piss in his hole and then wanted to do Steamworks afterwards for some cum in his hole. And the next day Ryan wanted me at his house for a small group.  Of course, I said yes to all of them.

Here are moments from the first two:

I arrive 30 minutes before the piss party starts.  I am alone; Ryan has concert tickets.  I have brought the sling.  The organizers think it could be an asset to the party.  It’s odd seeing the back bar with all the lights blazing as the staff set up the place.  I drag the duffle bag to the back corner by the oversized television screen.  There is just enough room to set it up.  I make a note not to fuck too hard and get the sling swinging—and drive the bottoms head into the cinder block wall.  I put away the bag and get undressed.  The lights switch off.  It’s dark now.  I have to grope for my clothes to get them together.  My eyes have adjusted by the time I get my bag checked and my water bottle filled.

I have done a good job hydrating on the drive in.  I have to piss.  I look at the arrivals in various states of undress.  No one is ready to take this load.  Damn.  I don’t want to waste it.  Wait.  There.  All but under my sling is the pig I need.  He will stay on his knees all night.  He guzzles piss from anyone who will feed him.  I often use him for my first unloading, when I am not sure how strong my piss will be—as this man doesn’t care.  He just wants anything that comes out of a cock.  I saunter over.  I tilt his head back—his mouth falls open.  His eyes plead with me to use him.  I haul out my cock.  It falls heavily onto his chin.  He cranes around, trying to get it into his mouth.  I don’t let him.  I grab it.  It’s swollen but not hard.  The piss starts almost instantly.  I aim for his open mouth.  He swallows and gurgles rather nosily. I direct some at his pierced nipples and bring the stream back up to his mouth.  After a moment of that, I push his head forward and let the pale yellow stream splash down his back and into his ass crack.  I’m back in his mouth now—holding my cock just out of his reach.  As the piss slows, I relent and let him suck me to full hardness.

Bryant, in his red swim trunks, emerges from the group around the blow-up pool.  Last month we’d played at the party—and then he’d topped at the motel orgy afterwards.  He’s young, cute, has a trim body and an ass I can’t get enough of.  His eyes widen at the sight of the sling.

“You brought it.”

“I did.”

“First one in.”  He jumps up and gets his legs up on the chains. 

I kneel to lick his hole. 

It’s a great warm up fuck. 

I wish I was ready to piss, but I’m not.  I take a swig from my bottle.

David arrives.  All eyes are on him as he checks his bag.  He spots me and comes directly to me.  We kiss.  He’s looking hot in his yellow singlet with the ass and crotch cut out. 

“Want a drink?”

I just nod and kneel before him.  He’s been drinking something with a high sugar content.  I feel like I’m drinking soda from his thick, cut cock not piss.  He doesn’t try to help me modulate flow—he lets it all out in one huge gush.  I manage.  I don’t let any spill out of my mouth.  He pulls his cock out of me and pulls me up.  His tongue replaces his cock in my mouth.  Now I let myself be sloppy.  Spit and remnants of piss fleck both our chests before we’re done.

“Fuck me.”  David gets up in the sling, in one easy move.

I kneel and eat his hole.  I think about pissing on it, but I save it.  I know he likes it deep inside him.  I stand up and enter him.  I fuck.  Guys crowd around.  Two of them unload on David’s singlet and cock as I fuck.  The wet slapping sound draws more spectators.  Others piss on us as I plow into him.

“I have some for you.”  I slow my pumping and hold still.  My cock head gets bigger.  My piss gushes into him.  I have so much more than I thought.  I pour it all into his ass.  His eyes get bigger as his gut fills.  When I’m finally done—I fuck it into him.  I am still erect and ready.  I fuck him hard.  I fuck him until he begs me to stop.  I fuck him until he tells me he’ll cum if I don’t stop.  Reluctantly I slow down.  I have fucked the piss so deep into him, there is not a drop as I pull out of his puffy hole.


Four hours later we are at Steamworks in the public sling.  I am fucking David, showing off, hoping for others who’d like to fuck him, too.

Many gawk.  More feel up the front of their towels.  Some even drop the towel and show us their cocks, but no one seems to be top enough to fuck.

Until he walks in. 

My opposite. 

He’s short.  I’m tall.

He’s Black.  I’m White.

He’s young.  I’m old—at least in front of this late 20’s stud.

His cock is a beer can.  Thick as fuck.  I’m long and look thin next to him.

He tosses his towel into the corner the moment he sees us.  I let him go right up David’s spread ass.  David starts moaning louder.  Guys ring around us.  My opposite number understands sharing a hole.  He pulls out after just a few strokes and lets me back in.

Back and forth.





David’s breathing has become fast and hard.  His cock has hardened.  His eyes are riveted on the two men taking turns on his ass.  I can’t imagine what he’s feeling.  How deep I go—and then in the next moment how wide the stretch is.

But we keep at it.

Back and forth.



Pounding the hell out of him.

It’s my opposite’s turn.  He thrusts in.  Roughly.  David grunts and shoots a pool of cum on his singlet.  This convulses the top into firing a load into David.  I kneel.  The top keeps bucking into David.  When he finally notices me down there, he grins.  He pulls his dripping beer can out ever so slowly. 

He knows where I want it.  He pushes into my mouth.  My tongue pulls back the foreskin.  He’s still dripping as he gingerly fucks my face for a few strokes.  He reaches down and catches a large drip of cum draining from David’s ass.  He pulls his sensitive cock out and shoves his finger in.

“Clean my finger.”  I do.  When he pulls it out he turns me enough so I am looking right into David’s dripping hole.  “Now eat him out, you dirty fucker.  Every drop.”

He doesn’t have to tell me twice.  Or hold my head in place.

But he does.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Dean Visits the Playroom

My Playroom—April, 2014

My busy summer months were approaching and even April and May can be hectic what with attending both CLAW and IML.  Dean, the good looking top who likes to bottom for me, also goes to the leather events—but often in a capacity where he doesn’t get much play time once he’s there.  We both wanted a session before those long weekends and before I would barely be able to play at all in the summer.  It was hard to schedule, but I got him to the playroom one morning before he was due in for a meeting.

And here is Dean, fresh from the shower, and ass up on my fuckbench. 

“This is nice.  It puts my wooden one to shame.” 

I don’t answer him; I just push my face into his crack. 

“Eat my hole out,” he moans into the padded chest support.
I spend long minutes sucking and kissing his ass.  Drilling him deep with my tongue.  Spitting into his seldom used fuck tunnel.

Dean is panting as I stand up and my cock zeroes in on his hole.  He always has trouble taking me at first.  But not today.  My big flared head goes in easily.

“You know,” he pants, “I’m on PrEP now.  If you want to finally seed me.”

Oh, Jesus.  I have to stand stock still.  I could shoot with those very words.  I reach down and twist my balls.  Hard.  My cock stays erect but forgets it was on the edge of spewing a load into this man’s guts.  To make sure, I pull out and tongue him some more.  I mention I can taste my precum in there.

“Stick that big dick back in me, Sir.”

I stand.  I push gently.  His hole is so ready for me.  I have half my length in him before I notice.  I stop for a moment, then slide all the way home.  Dean grunts appreciatively. 

“Is that what you drove all the way here for?” I ask.  I know the answer.  It is just for this, of course, but also for a connection we both love.

Dean nods mutely.

I fuck a few strokes.  All the way out.  All the way in.  His cock, while not hard, is drooling onto the rubber mat below.  I catch some of his precum with my left hand and smear it on the shaft of cock.  I fuck it into him.  I tell him what I’ve done.  And that I now want to taste his ass again.

I kneel.  And get lost in the heat of his hole.


We’ve moved to the sling. 

He’s blindfolded.  The leather covers a third of his handsome face, but I want him to concentrate on how his hole feels.   I have been going back and forth a lot.  Eat.  Fuck.  Eat.  Fuck.  Eat.  Spit.  Fuck.   
I want to go deeper.  I unbuckle the left leg stirrup from its standard position and fasten it behind his head.  The same with his right. 

“Shit, I that feels hot.  You’ve never done that before.” 

I grunt and slap my cock on his ass crack.  Piss erupts and coats the cleft between his cheeks.  Dean moans.  I go to work cleaning him up with my tongue.  He is barely damp after I finish.  My cock is at its biggest.  I plow into him.  I fuck him hard.  I am going so much deeper with his legs higher and his ass tilted.

And then I’m too deep. 

We stop and clean up.  But more clean-out is not helping—his ass is now off limits.  His breeding is put on hold for another day.

We are on the bed.  We revel in the change of back to basics.  We are both excellent cock suckers.  He starts, between my legs, taking most of my cock deep into his throat.  He can read me.  I direct him grunts and sighs as to what feels the best, how fast to go and when the suction is just right.  I love watching my big dick disappear into that handsome face.

We reverse.

I go down on him—but he pulls me off.

We lie side by side and kiss.  Deeply.  Then he’s back between my legs.  This makes his cock rage.  It’s red and swollen.

“May I cum on your chest, Sir.”

“No,” I rasp out, “my mouth.”  He gets it close to my face, straddling my chest.  And I am suddenly covered in cum—some landing in my mouth, but most on my beard…


Dean is off to his meeting.  I’m washing up downstairs.  I look in the mirror.  I look at the cum in my beard.  I decide to splash just enough water on it to get rid of the matted hair.  I want to smell him the rest of the day.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Bareback Underground

Cleveland—April, 2014

I’d seen a group listing on BBRT that intrigued me.  I sent the organizer my email as he requested.  And here was his answer in my inbox.  It certainly made me sit up take notice.

“Hey Jizz Pigs!

Just a brief email to let you know the flashmob location announcement for the April 5th, 2014 - BBU:Bareback Underground sex party will be cumming the end of this week!  The requests for information about this new sex party are flooding in daily so we want to include as many guys as possible when we release information.

In the mean time, get your piggy athletic/jock gear ready and be prepared to CUM FUCK!

BBU Code for Cruisingbaseball cap forward = you are a TOP looking for a bottom; baseball cap backward = you are a BOTTOM looking for a top; baseball cap sideways = you are a VERSATILE and anything goes!

Dick Jizzerman - BBU:Bareback Underground

And at the end of the week they announced that we would be mobbing the local bathhouse and a start time of 9 pm.

I wrote my Cleveland fuck bud who had roomed with me at IML 2013.  He was convinced it was sponsored by the bathhouse, but that they did not want to actually join Cum-Union, the bareback sex party in many other cities.  I wrote back to my bud that I didn’t care, as long as a lot of guys showed up from all over the Great Lakes area to fuck bare. 

I couldn’t talk him into joining me there, but I made the drive.  I checked in an hour early to change into my sports gear and relax.  This consisted of a fairly new white jock, a white A-shirt and tennis shoes.  I made sure that my Tiger’s ball cap was bill forward. 

I left my dressing room and went exploring.  The management had added two public slings on either side of the screen in the video room.  There was also one in the public playroom where it had been for years.  Otherwise the bathhouse looked the same—maybe a tad busier. I sat in the sauna—which had a large window so you could sit in the heat and cruise the guys streaming in to the showers and the toilets.  I began counting baseball caps.  The cruise system seemed to be working.  I saw one other top, one worn to the side for a versatile and any number of bottoms.  And it was still 30 minutes before the “mob” was to flash….

At 9 pm on the dot I walk into the dark area behind the video room.  There are maybe 15 of us that ‘mobbed’ at the given hour.  I eventually estimate a group of about 50 to 75 or so dressed in some sort of sports gear and ball caps.  I dig my cock out of the jock and stand against the back wall of the dark room.  I carefully find the one shaft of light in the area and position myself to let it fall on my cock. 

Like bees to honey.  I have a series of cock suckers get my dick wet.  I can’t really see them, and I don’t really care.  As my eyes adjust to the lack of light, I notice to my left that two mattresses have been placed on the floor.  On one of them, I can dimly see a man on all fours.  I pull out of someone’s mouth and go over and kneel behind the man on the mattress. I lean in and taste his ass.  Clean.  Fresh. Unused.  I stick my tongue in deeper.  He moans. I rear back and carefully stick the head of my cock in him.

“Jesus.  Easy.”  And he squirms away from me.  I go back to rimming. After a while, I try again. He takes the head, now, but still pulls away.  “I need to get on my back,” he tells me.

“Let’s do that new sling in the video room.”

We get up and go in—and I can see him for the first time.  Likely late 30’s, a gorgeous bubble butt on a well worked out frame.  His face is handsome enough, but I only have eyes for his ass.  His ball cap is Cleveland, so I assume he’s a local.  We are the first people to use the slings, so quite a crowd gathers.  It doesn’t seem to faze him—and I love an audience.  I go back to eating his ass.  He jerks his cock as I rim him ever deeper.  I stand up.  My cock lines up perfectly.  A hand snakes out of the crowd and grabs at my dick—checking the girth and likely to see if it’s latexed.  I poke at his hole.  This time it welcomes me in. 

The man in the sling is now loving my cock.  He is jerking himself faster and faster.  I try to bat his hand away.  Almost instantly he shoots.  He points his cock away from his stomach.  His load covers my cock—the cock that never stops fucking him.  I am breeding him with his own jizz.  He pleads with me to stop—but I don’t— until I fuck the last drop of his cum up his spasming manhole.

He thanks me. 

The other sling is now in use.  I go over and watch a burly man fuck a rather punkish looking, heavily tattooed young man.  I work the boy’s pierced nipples.  The burly man gives me a turn up the punk.    His tight hole is hot from the fucking.  I pump for a while, then let the burly man back up him.  When I spell him the next time, I taste the puffy, well fucked hole.  I hope I might get some seed from the burly guy, but we all move on before anyone is close to shooting.

I cruise.

I suck some cock.

My cock gets sucked.  In the sauna.  In the dark area.  Through the gloryhole.

I find one of the fancy hotel-like rooms that line the outer walls of this particular bathhouse.  It has its door wide open.  A crowd is pressing into the room.  It parts for me.  A hot looking Latino man is ass up and getting fucked.  His tall, thin boyfriend is choosing who gets to fuck the Latino.  The thin man gets my cock wet.  “You’re next,” he tells me and the spectators, looking up at me from his knees.  A thick chested African-American is the current cock of the moment in the Latino ass.  He is fucking him extremely hard.  He finishes, but not with a cum shot.  He stops and just pulls out, grabs his towel and leaves.  No ball cap for him.  I taste the hole.  It is sweet with cum and sweat.  I tongue him deep. 

“How many loads?” I ask the boyfriend. 

“Maybe three.  But like ten dicks.” 

I stand up.  All eyes are on me as I push into the puffy hole in front of me.  Only then do I notice that the Latino is wearing a blindfold.  I push into him.  Oh, fuck.  This is the ass I’ve been waiting for—warm, talented and loaded.  I fuck him with long slow strokes. The boyfriend is right there, watching every move.  A moan escapes from the man on the bed.  The boyfriend bends over right beside him.  A twinkish young blond fucks the boyfriend.  We grin at each other as we pound the asses in a synchronized rhythm.

“Please switch,” grunts out the boyfriend.  The young man pulls out and we change partners.  I fuck some of the cum his partner has taken into this new, much tighter hole.  The young man in the Latino is suddenly breathing hard.  He’s going to shoot.  He screams out his orgasm.

I stop, pull out of the boyfriend, and clean the twink’s cock.  I spit the cum on the BF’s hole.  I watch him finger it into himself as I stand up and push the twink load deeper into the Latino with my cock.

It’s wide open fucking now.  There is a new man up the BF.  We switch.  Twice.  He cums in the BF.  I reverse the clean and spit—and push some load into the Latino manually, as I fuck the new load deeper into the BF.

Another man steps forward.  He goes up the Latino.

I stay until I’ve had enough of both of them.  Several loads (by others) later, I am once more wandering the halls.

Late that night, the management is opening the play area in the old warehouse part of the building that I know from CLAW.  It’s not usually open as part of the bathhouse.  They are handing out domino masks if you want to go back there.  Of course I do.  I add the mask, feeling a little foolish as it is silver plastic.  But the men are hot to play.  Some who are in towels are confused by the slings and bondage tables.  No one does any piss in the WS area—and I wouldn’t trust it being chem free tonight anyway.

But there is the perfect scene at the fuck benches.  They are set up, facing each other.  A bottom is on each one.  They hold on to each other and occasionally kiss.   One is very young with hair cropped close to his scalp.  “Raw only” is scrawled on his butt cheeks.  The other is in his 40’s good looking and beefier.  And much, much hairier.  I watch a man I recognize from previous years at CLAW fuck the young one.  With his incredibly long and luxurious beard he’s hard to miss.  He has ditched the mask.  I follow suit.  He smiles at me as I kneel to eat the unused, hairy hole of the older man.  He’s had a workout tonight somewhere.  There is load dripping from his hole.  The bearded wonder gives up the young hole to another top and comes to kneel beside me.  We take turns eating out the sloppy hole and snowballing the cum back and forth.  He’s the first to stand and stick his cock in the remaining cum scum.   He fucks for only a minute.  He wants me to lick his cock.  I do.  Then I stick my cock into the man so the bearded guy can clean my cock.

Back and forth. 

Pig heaven.

We soon include the young bottom as well—one of us in each of them—and leaning across them to kiss.  It’s then that he whispers to me—“Would you consider loading me?”  I nod.  It’s getting late.  He’s a man I’ve only seen top—I’d love to seed my fellow snowballer.

We fuck until the young man has to get up and stretch.  I pull out of the hairy man and let an older guy with a very thick cock take over in him.  Mr. Beard and I wonder a little away from the main area.  Neither of us want to negotiate the tire sling.  Mr. Beard finally just leans against the back wall and sticks his ass out towards me.  I rim him deeply.  He’s had no cock tonight and is tighter than any ass I’ve had in ages. 

Once wet enough, I lube a little and slowly enter him.  He clamps down on me.  When he lets up, I start a slow fuck.

I build.

I am so ready.

Suddenly, he shoots.  This sends his ass into waves of contractions.   

I shoot.  Tons of cum after all the play.

He gets his wish—his own ass is dripping.

He grins.  “I know just the man to clean me up.”  He goes off to find the right pig.

I lean against the cold brick of the wall, letting my cock drip onto the concrete floor.