Tuesday, December 30, 2014

All the Tops in the Same Hole -- The Gangbang

Detroit—October, 2014

My third and final example of all the tops in the same hole came right at the end of the month in a much more traditional way:  A gangbang.

Bob has appeared often in these posts.  He has taken dick in Detroit, at the CLAW play parties and he was my IML roommate in 2013.  Each time we have met it has been with multiple guys using his hole.  He is worthy of the effort to find them.  He’s not a quick pump and dump pig.  It’s not about the cum for him—he wants a great fucking before the load is taken and appreciated.  Bob is just a little younger than I, with dark hair on his head and everywhere else on his body.  His ass is talented and he knows how to milk cock.  He is anything but a passive bottom.

So once again he decided to get out of his native Cleveland to find new cock.  He checked into a Detroit hotel at the airport.  I joined him by 8 o’clock that evening.

Bob is on all fours on the bed.  His jock frames the hairy mounds of his ass cheeks perfectly.  My tongue is deep in his hole.  I am naked but for jock and boots.  My cock has not been in him yet, but I’m tasting load.  I tell him so.

“Two loads” he corrects me.  “One right after the other just before you got here.”

“Were they here together?” I ask, as I lap some of their mixed semen out of his ass.

“N-no.”  Bob is beginning to pant. “One went out as the other came in.”  He moans in the back of his throat.  “Fuck their cum deeper up my gut.”

With one last lick and spit, I stand up an insert my drooling cock.  My dick loves a loaded hole—and the idea of it sliding through some totally anonymous seed is making me pre-cum even heavier than usual.  I pause with just my head pushing his tight sphincter open.  I lean forward.  My cock pushes through the cum that was too deep for my tongue.  I slide home, my forest of pubic hair grinding into the hair on his ass.  I hold.  And pull slowly out.   Really slowly.

This drives Bob crazy.  He starts begging me to fuck him hard.  I maintain the slow tempo but finally relent and start driving into his ass.

A knock at the door.

There are not too many guys coming tonight.  Maybe four more.  We are hoping for quality over quantity.

I pull out and, with my hard cock bouncing, go to open the door for the first man.  I let in a small framed guy with dark, curly hair.  He’s in his late 30’s or early 40’s.  He has olive skin and a Hebraic nose.  His beard is trimmed close to his skin.

Simon is a top after my own heart.  The moment he sees Bob’s round butt on the bed, he stops removing his clothes, gets on his knees and begins to eat the ass that he will soon be fucking.  He finally wills himself to stop rimming Bob and get the rest of his clothes off.  His white briefs reveal a hard seven incher, cut and drooling.  He pushes it right into Bob.  I move around and feed Bob my cock.  He sucks me, but is soon so busy working his ass, I pull out and stroke instead.

“Put him however you want him,” I tell the new arrival.

Simon nods.  Soon he asks Bob to get on his back.  Simon clambers up on the bed and hoists Bob’s ankles to his shoulders.  And pushes his wet cock right back in.

“That feels great,” groans Bob.

“You like that?” Simon asks.  “I just started fucking men.”  Bob’s eyes light up.  He likes this idea.  “I just got divorced…and found out I love a man’s ass.”  Bob must have given Simon’s cock a mighty squeeze with his chute, for Simon groans and re-doubles his fucking tempo.

A knock at the door.

I open it.

I recognize the guy but can’t quite place him.  He nods to me, comes in and strips as he watches the fuck on the bed.  It’s once I see the big uncut dick I know who it is—it’s the man from the double gangbang I called Mr. Uncut.  His hooded cock is every bit as big as mine.  He’s stocky, but not fat.  His short hair is rather ginger-ish.  He remembers my mouth cleaning him up after each of his two loads.  He puts a hand on my shoulder, so I’ll kneel and get him hard.  I do just that—paying a lot of attention to working my tongue under his copious foreskin.

“Do you want to fuck him?” Simon asks.

Mr. Uncut nods and gets on the bed.  I persuade Simon to let me clean his cock.  He’s unsure of this, but let’s me.  By the time he pulls out of Bob a second time, he understands the pleasure derived for both of us and presents it without any prompting. 

Mr. Uncut fucks hard from the moment he’s in Bob.  When he finally needs a break, he pulls out and I fuck my dick into Bob’s rather puffy hole.

So we go in rotation.

Simon, Mr. Uncut, me with Bob on all fours.

Simon, Mr. Uncut, me with Bob on his back.

Bob rides Simon, Mr. Uncut and me.  I lick Simon’s balls as Bob rides.  For a moment I think I have created too stimulation and he’ll blow, but he doesn’t.

Simon wants Bob on his back again.  He tells us he likes to see Bob’s eyes as he fucks.  I pull Mr. Uncut over to the other bed and eat his ass—giving Simon some privacy. 

That does it.  “Can I really cum in your ass?”

“Ye—” grunts Bob.  But he never finishes the word.  Simon is obviously, noiselessly, shooting his load into him.

When Simon rolls off him, Bob gets on all fours for me.  Simon watches me felch—a look of  awe and pleasure on his face.  “I’ve never seen that—even in movies.” 

‘He needs to watch better porn,’ I think as I dig my tongue in deeper.

I swallow.  “I’ve saved some for you to fuck in,” I tell Mr. Uncut. 

He grins and dives in.  Simon sits on the other bed and watches.  Mr. Uncut is bucking a load, rather noisily, into Bob in no time.

I felch again, but not for long.  I rear up and deliver the third load—the fifth overall.

Mr. Uncut has never gone soft.  Once again, he’s good for two and gives Bob number six.

I look at the clock on the computer.  We’ve been playing for over two hours.  No one else is likely to show up.

Bob rolls onto his back.  “I want to shoot. Somebody stick their cock in my mouth.”

Mr. Uncut is right there and does so.  But Simon and I join him.  We slap our spent dicks on Bob’s face.  And Bob shoots his pent up load into all that hair on his chest. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

All the Tops in the Same Hole -- House Party

Northwest Indiana—October, 2014

The next weekend and another party—and once again, one ass ignites the room.

I am back at the house party where the host lets men play all over his home.  He has various couches and sofa beds scattered around the house.  A guest room bed is available upstairs.  Downstairs in the finished basement is a bar, two gloryholes tucked under the stairway, and a dark area.  Porn is playing in two locations.  One is on the lower level where it is projected on a wall in a room crowded with oversized couches.  The other is on the living room television which sits in front of a good sofa (swathed in old towels to protect it.)

The guest list is long—there could be anywhere from 35 to 60 men scattered around the house when I arrive.  Many of the men I have seen at past parties—and quite a number of them I have played with before.  On my first cruise through the basement I am stopped in the hall by the sight of the hot young Latino, Alejandro, on his knees sucking my fellow blogger Ryan.  Also standing in the circle of jerking men who are gathering around them, is Harley.  I had repeatedly shared hole with him the last time I was here.  He is slightly younger, stocky and with a scraggly goatee and a couple of random tattoos—a man who looks like he has just parked his bike outside.  We both seem to have matching sex drives, wanting to fuck as much ass as possible.

Other men get on their knees to service the guys jacking and watching.  Alejandro is pushed by Ryan onto my cock.  He gets it to go from slightly swollen to fully hard in no time.

Into this circle of cock sucking comes Tad.  Mid-thirties, a gym built body without going overboard, a great cock and a magnificent ass.  He is all top until he lets a man fuck him.  Once that first cock is up his hole he can’t get enough.  And everyone wants to fuck him, and after the first few dicks, everyone can.

Ale switches his attentions to Tad.  He pulls Tad’s black briefs down.  Tad’s cock bounces up into Ale’s waiting mouth and is immediately down his throat.  I kneel behind Tad and pull his cheeks apart and stick my tongue into his ass crack. 

We all move to a bed.  It’s one of those great oral moments where you lick whatever is in front of you.  Harley is there too.  My cock is passed back and forth.  I suck all the dicks and eat Tad’s ass again.  So does Ale.  Eating Tad out makes him want to fuck.  He pushes his uncut dick into Tad and fucks him with rapid strokes.  I’m right there to clean Ale’s cock when he pulls out.  This makes my cock ache for Tad’s hole.  I slap it against his crack.

“No, man.  I need to open up a lot more before I take that thing again.”

I nod.  I can afford to wait.

The young guys troop off to the bar.  I settle back and let a new crop of men go down on me…


I go upstairs and into the living room.

Tad is entertaining on his knees in front of the television.  Ringing him are Ale, Harley, a dark haired college kid, and a tall, good looking Latino with a big dick.  They make room for me in the circle.  Ale pushes Tad off his cock and onto mine.   I reach down and stroke the big dick on the Latino, who begins to feel up my ass—thinking I want to be fucked.  I pull Tad off me and direct him onto the Latino.  Once all of us have gotten our cocks wet, the impatient College Guy pushes Tad onto all fours.  He gets behind him and mounts him roughly.  Harley kneels to give Tad a cock to suck as he takes the hard anal pounding.  The College Guy has no stamina.  He blows a load into Tad’s ass in just moments.  This excites the hot Latino.  He gets into Tad the moment the College Guy pulls out.  Ale cleans off the College Guy’s dick and comes to kiss me, giving me my first taste of cum that night.  Ale and I watch the hot Latino fuck.  His brown cock is pulling out gobs of cream from Tad’s ass.  Suddenly, he is over the edge, too.  He shoots a second load into Tad.  This time I clean the cock and share it with Ale.  When I pull out of the kiss I see Harley has laid claim to Tad’s dripping ass.  Ryan joins us.  This is just his scene.  He is hard and stroking. 

“Ah, shit, it’s just too good…”  Harley, usually a marathon fucker, is shooting into Tad.  It is Tad’s third load in 15 minutes of getting fucked doggy style on the carpet.

Tad crawls to another handsome young kid who is sitting on the couch and has been watching the show.  Tad deep throats his sizable dick.  Ryan gets down and starts felching the three loads in Tad.  He lets out a little moan of pleasure as he tastes the mix of cum from the three guys.

“Fuck him.”  It’s Ale, telling Ryan to get his dick into Tad.  Ryan moves up and sinks ball’s deep into this impromptu cumdump.  Ryan loves nothing better.  I know he’s going to shoot fast.  He starts breathing hard. 

Tad lifts his head off the fat cock.  “Breed me.  Breed my hole, man.”

Ryan does.  He can’t stop seem to stop shooting.  His body is literally shaking as he unloads.
It’s my turn.  Four loads should let me sink into this pig easily. 

And I do.  I glide right in.  I am instantly churning cream.  Ale squirms under us to lick my nuts and suck Tad’s cock as I fuck into the cum filled ass. 

After a good ten minutes, Tad asks to get on his back.  I pull out.  A huge glob of mixed cum falls onto Ale’s chest.  He wipes it up and swallows it down.  I get Tad lying on his back on the couch.  I can push into his hole that much more easily.  Tad becomes aware of the dozen guys watching him get used.  His cock stiffens.  I build the pace until I fuck the cum out of him.  Tad spews all over his chest.  I slow down and pull out—leaving just my head in his hot ass.  I smear some of his cum on my cock and shove it home.  He groans and asks me for a break.  I pull out and help him up.
Ale spends a lot of time cleaning my cock.


Later in the evening, it happens again.  This time Tad takes three more loads in the back bedroom before a thick cock fucks a cum shot out of him and makes him stop.  This time, I get to felch the results.  Heaven.

For the record, sometime later I make out with the Hot Latino top under the stairs in the glory hole area.  He admits that I have a cock that makes his ass itch to get fucked.  But suddenly we are no longer alone, so we settle for a lot of oral with the three guys who have crowded into our space.
Much later, I fuck three guys in the back room. 

And it’s cute little Ale who gets my load…

Ryan has posted his take on the party here—with links to pictures of Ale and Tad and how we fucked them in the past...

Saturday, December 20, 2014

All the Tops in the Same Hole

Chicago—October, 2014

I attended two parties in October with my friend and fellow blogger Ryan (of Spreading My Legs!).  Both parties, rather surprisingly, had a scene that I don’t see very often outside of an organized gangbang :  guys using one man to take all the loads.

The one I’ll talk about today was at the October piss party.  It was a very wet gathering.  About 60 men were pissing on each other, drinking from the tap and sucking each other’s cocks.  But there was not a lot of fucking.  And I didn’t mind.  I was having a great time with letting any and every one suck my cock.  Sometimes we traded off.  Sometimes I gave them a gullet full of piss.  Sometimes they let me drink my fill.  Sometimes I would piss on their hardened cocks and then do a deep throat cleaning—this gave me more than one cum load down my throat.

But right at the end, a man bent over and began taking dick up his ass.  He was a young man.   He was new to the party, maybe in his mid-30’s.  His face was quite handsome.  He had an average (or slightly above) body and a lightly haired ass I could get lost in.  Earlier in the evening, he would jut his ass out while leaning on the bar talking to his partner.  I would walk by and play with his ass for a moment.  He’d smile and suck my dick, then straighten up and continue talking.  Near the end, I found him again—his ass jutting out.  I made eye contact with his partner who grinned and nodded as I slapped my cock on the ass mound in front of me.  I pissed his crack, knelt and licked him clean.

“I think we need to fuck him.”

His partner leads the young man away from the bar, to one of the benches that are slightly out of the way.  He is older than the young man by at least 10 years and is just beginning to go gray and rather soft around the waist.  But his cock is a ramrod.  He bends his ball capped boy over. 

“Eat his hole out some more.  Get it good and wet for me.” 

I am already hunkered down on the damp floor, with my face buried in his boy’s piss flavored hole.  I eat and slurp, leaving lots of saliva behind.

“I better go first or you’ll split him open.” 

I stand up and step to one side.  The ball capped bottom looks over his shoulder and watches his partner slide into him.  The top sighs and the boy grunts as cock and hole connect. 

He is fucking him hard in no time.  Attracting a crowd, too.  We are ringed with men, watching and jerking.  I reach over the back of the bottom and twist the top’s well worked nipples.  He groans in appreciation.  I twist them again, a little harder.

“Shit!”  The top is shooting up his partner. 

After he pulls out, I bend and do a quick lick at the cum oozing out of the boy.  The top sticks his deflating cock into his partner’s mouth as I stick my cock in the slimy hole.  There is a lot of cum—I glide in easily.  The top reaches for my nipples.  I feel a hand on my ass.  I look at all the cocks jerking to our scene. 

I explode.  I let it marinate in his hole for a moment and pull out.

Chad, a man about the same age as the bottom, can’t wait to fuck in my load.  He pushes in.  And shoots fast.

Ryan is up next.  As he fucks, one of his friends shoots a load on the upturned ass.  Ryan scoops it up and covers his own dick, fucking it into the boy.

That makes Ryan adds his load, too.

The boy has five loads inside of 20 minutes.

The right time and the right place.

And the right ass.

Ryan and I go off to get dressed, but the boy is still bent over and busy. 

I wish I knew his final load count.

Next time:  Another hot ass ignites a house party.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Pest

The ABS Near Home—October, 2014

He won’t leave me alone.

I have only just walked into the dark theatre.  While there was no one in the gay theatre when I checked, here on the straight side there are several men.  They are all at least groping themselves.  One is flogging his s very small cock—I can only see his large ball sack—any shaft and head is covered by his fist.

I sit on the right side of the theatre.  I hang my coat over the back of the chair and spread my legs wide.  My right hand slides between the waist band of my pants and begins to knead my jock.  Soon I pull my hand out and unbutton the waist band.  Slowly, I unbutton the four buttons of the fly, aware of a least one pair of eyes across from me.  I spread it open and the jock pouch swells with its new found freedom.

Just as I’m ready to pull out my dick, the door opens.  We all glance at the new arrival. He’s quite good looking, and in his early 40’s.  His body is trim in jeans and sweat shirt with the MSU logo emblazoned across it.  He sits on the chair next to me—closer to the screen.  I let my cock out of my jock with a slight exhalation of air.  I spit in my hand and start to stroke lightly, pulling it away from my body—just to get it to hardness.

“Can I suck that for you?”  It’s the new guy.  He has his cock out, too, but he is rampant and dripping.  I guess he’s just come from sucking at the glory holes at the other end of the building.
“A little later, yeah,” I tell him, keeping my voice quieter than his.  “I just walked in and want a little time.”

He nods.  And strokes and feigns interest with what is happening on the screen.

In less than five minutes, he turns to me again.  “I can get a load out of that monster in no time.”
I just shake my head and say, “Later.”  I am now hard and just beginning to precum.  I’m enjoying the smearing of it over my cock head.  The cocksucker pulls up his pants and goes to the back corner where a young Mexican has been standing.  I hear him more than see him get on his knees and suck a load out of the young man.

The Mexican leaves swiftly.

The cocksucker comes back and falls to his knees in front of me.  He goes for my cock unasked.  I catch him by the shoulder.  “I said I’d tell you when.”

He sits on the couch now at the back, next to the guy with the small dick.  The cock sucker reaches for it, stops and says something to the guy I can’t hear.  Whatever it is makes the man pull himself together and exit hurriedly. 

I suddenly don’t think I’ll let him suck me after all.

The cocksucker reaches to the guy who’d been watching from the opposite wall.  The sucker is on his knees again.  He can’t get this one off so easily.  It’s a long, noisy process, but he succeeds in getting the load. 

He crawls toward me.  A look of pleading in his eye.

I beat my stiffened cock into my left hand.  I make a show of stroking it, and pretending to look at the screen not at him. 

He comes closer. 

I turn to him.  Our eyes meet.  I shake my head.

The cocksucker stands up in a snit, zipping himself up and storms out the door.

The only other guy left in the room chuckles. 

We stroke in peace.


It’s much later.  I am getting excellent head from the gym built Latino who likes how I eat ass.  He’s on his knees today, his ass not ready for my tongue.  We are the only men in the room now.  He is sucking very well and looks hot doing it.  I stand up to fuck his face.

The cocksucker walks in. He stands at the back watching for a moment, then walks towards me as he snidely says “Well, if that’s what you like…”

“You wanted this?”  I pull my cock out of the Latino’s mouth.  The cock sucker falls to his knees and pulls his own cock out, sure he’s going to get it.  I only mean to wave it at him, but instead it slaps the cocksucker across the face, leaving a trail of spittle of his cheek.

He gasps.

“You think you are so good?” My voice is low—a tinge of contempt.  “Suck it.”  I shove it into his mouth.  “Show me how good you think you are.”  The cocksucker almost gags, but I’m already pulling it back out.

“Please,” he gasps.

I grab the cocksucker by the ears and begin pumping into his mouth.  This time he does gag.  I don’t give him time to recover, but just keep fucking his face.  I see he’s frantically beating his meat.  I move my hand around to the back of his head and keep face fucking the shit out of him.  Heavy drool is coming out of the corner of his mouth now.  His eyes are watering.  His breathing is ragged.

And he’s shooting.  The first spurt hits the floor.  I move my boot to catch the rest of his load on the black leather.  The cocksucker tries to twist away from the throat pummeling I am giving him.  I pull out.  The hand on the back of his head pushes him down.  “Clean up my boot.”

He hesitates for only a fraction of a second before his tongue snakes out and licks up all of his cum.  He gives me a spit shine.

“Now get out.”

He does, stuffing his still drooling cock into his jeans.

I turn to the Latino.  “Now…where were we?”

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Forced Entry

Amish country, Indiana—October, 2014

The text came in at 5:00am.  Really?  So soon? 

I squinted at the screen:  “Will you be joining me this morning?”

I grabbed my reading glasses and sent back a “yes.”

The phone binged again with another message—one sent before he could have possibly read my answer.

“Address I gave you.  @ 6am.  Look for the open window.”

The person giving the instructions was Bill, a versatile man who has appeared a number of times in these posts.  He is mid 40’s, with a shaved head and a fat dick.  And he is the most sadistic top I know.  He had a new sub.  A man who craved sex that he would feel for the rest of the day.  And Bill wanted me to help give the man something he’d remember. 

We were “breaking into” his house and “raping” him.

I didn’t bother to shower.  I dressed in my dirtiest jock and zipped myself into my flight suit.  I was going to make it a zippered fuck.  No fumbling with taking off boots and jeans, nor tripping with clothes down around my ankles.

I was working here in Northern Indiana for a few weeks.  I had mapped out the way to the “victim’s” house.   It was not far, but out in the country.  My headlamps cut through the early morning fog.  I was in my own corn maze as I went through field after field of brown and withered cornstalks.  And then I saw the number on his mailbox—big reflective numbers no trick could miss.

I parked behind Bill’s pickup.  He was here before me.  I got out, making sure I had nothing but lube in my pockets.  I went around behind the house as instructed.  Sure enough, there was a low window open.  I looked through it.  The room was dark save for a shaft of light coming in from the bedroom’s doorway.  I could quite clearly see the man on the bed and Bill in front of him.  The man was on all fours his ass towards the window.  Bill was fucking his thick cock into the man’s mouth.  The man was whimpering and doing his best to take the dick.

“Suck it, faggot.”

Bill saw me.  He held up a finger—signaling for me to wait a second.

“Get my dick good and wet.  It’s going up your ass.”

Bill pulled out of his mouth.  “Now turn around.  I’m taking your ass.”

The man complied.  His head was buried in his arms.  Bill grabbed his hair and pulled him up so he was on all fours.  At that moment the man saw me at the window.  He yelped.  Bill slapped the hapless man’s ass and entered him roughly with no more lube than the spit left on his cock.

And I climbed through the window hearing nothing but the man’s whimpering and the slap of Bill’s hips against the full butt.

I stand before him.  Bill still holds the man by the hair, forcing him to look at me.  I pull the zipper of my flight suit down slowly. My neck, chest, waist and finally my crotch are revealed to him.  My cock is swollen, making the dirty jock look particularly obscene.  I grind it into our victim’s face.  He inhales with one long breath.  He starts licking at it like I’d just given him poppers.  I work my balls free of the pouch.  He worships those, leaving them awash with saliva.  I push the head of my dick into his mouth—still in the jock.  He gags—but with his eyes shining with lust.  I peel the damp pouch aside.  My cock springs free and slaps him in the face.  He whimpers again.

“Fuck his hot mouth,” orders Bill.

I do.  Soon, Bill and I are thrusting into him in rhythm.  I finally pull out of his mouth.  A long strand of that thick saliva still connects us.  My hand catches it and I smear it on the victim’s face.  He grunts and his head hits the mattress.  I thump the back of his head with my cock.

“Take his ass.”

I turn him roughly so Bill and I don’t have to move.  “Clean his dick, fucker,” I bark out.  The victim gets Bill’s thickness into his mouth, just as I line my cock up with his puffy, used hole.  I insert.  One long stroke.  Balls deep.  And hold.  The man in the middle grunts and begins to whimper again. 

I am fucking fast and hard.   It’s all about me.  And the man doesn’t want it any other way.

Bill has pulled out of his mouth.  He slaps the man, telling him to shut up and take it.  When that doesn’t stop the noise, he rummages around on a night table, pulls out a sizable butt plug and shoves it into the man’s mouth.  The noise stops.

I keep fucking.  Bill twists the butt plug out of the victim’s mouth, turns around and grinds his butt into the man’s face.  I guide his head so his tongue is going right up Bill’s shit hole.  Bill strokes himself and calls him a faggot again.

We turn him once more.

“Taste your ass," I tell him.  

Bill puts the plug into the man’s ass.  Then adds his own cock alongside it.  The man arches his back, pulling off of me, and howls.  But he takes it.  He even mutters a “Thank you, Sir.”

When Bill pulls out, I turn the man in the middle once more.  I pull out the plug and toss it to Bill.  He feeds it to the victim.  I spit on his hole and sink in.  “I’m gonna shoot,” I announce. 

I do.   It’s not a big load, but a damn satisfying one.  Bill gets off the bed for the first time.  He comes around and pushes into the cummy mess I’ve left.  In three swift strokes, he shoots deep into our play toy.  Bill holds for a moment, then pulls out.  He grabs the plug.

“Wear this to work,” he tells the man as he slides it into the slimed hole.  “Keep our loads inside you all day.”

The man, plug in place, curls into a fetal position as we dress.

I go out the window first.  I have one leg out when I hear the used man on the bed whisper to Bill “That was the best.  Thank you, Sir.”

And I drive away, back into the fog.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Fluid Pig Lives Up to His Name

Ann Arbor—October, 2014

I have only written about this man twice.  But he has been read about (and seen in some rather hot pictures) by more readers than any of my other partners.

Let me explain.  For the longest time, a piece I’d written about my first CumUnion was the piece that had the most hits of anything I’d published.  It was linked to the official CU site for almost a year, so many, many guys found their way to my blog by reading that piece. 

But this fall, a reader re-blogged a piece to the gay kink subdivision of Reddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/gaykink).  Overnight the page count on “Fluid Pig and the Cum Harvest” went through the roof.  A post that had had several hundred views, moved up to number two in no time.  Two days later it passed the CumUnion post and shows no signs of slowing down.  The good news, of course, is that while many have read that post and nothing else, my general readership numbers have gone up.  Which, of course, is a good thing for someone who writes about a side of sex that is not for everyone.

So in early October the Fluid Pig was traveling back to Michigan.  We’d missed each other when I visited Toronto, so I was more than ready for a Pig fix.  I packed the sling and rimseat.  He sent me a text of his hotel room number.  And told me he had a surprise for me.

I am set up.  The sling is up with drop cloths beneath.  The rimseat is at the foot of the double bed.  I’m naked and watching porn on the Pig’s laptop as he finishes up in the shower.  He emerges on cue—tall and hairy—just as my cock is stiffening from watching the most recent Treasure Island gangbang.  The Pig gets right up on the bed, ass up.  I bury my face into his furry ass.

That’s the moment surprise number one happens. The door opens.  The man has his own key.  He isn’t Fluid Pig’s partner, but his favorite Ann Arbor fuck-bud.  And he is a man I’d just met a few days ago at the dual gangbang.  So the Versatile Cub tells me to keep getting the Pig wet while he strips down.  I do.  And stick my cock in him.

“You got two loads for this Pig, like you did for those two boys?”  I ask.

“Yeah, I think so.”

I pull out and let the Cub into the jockstrapped ass of the Pig.

Surprise number 2.  As the Cub pulls out to let me back in, the Fluid Pig announces that he has 8 loads of cum saved in a cup in the refrigerator from the 6 guys who fucked him last night.  I crank him open with the speculum as the Cub goes to get the cup.

And I pour it directly into his gut.

And I know it’s blurry, but I need to post this picture of him awash with cum.

The fucking starts in earnest.  Everyone in the room is all about Ass to Mouth.  I make the guys take turns on cleaning my cock when I pull it out all sloppy and cum covered.

I get to do most of the cleaning on the Cub’s uncut cock after he fucks him.

We both felch a little out of his hole and snow ball it back and forth.

Suddenly the Cub can’t contain himself.  He shoots his first load into the Pig.  I’m there to clean up his cock.  The Cub relaxes on the bed as I get the Fluid Pig to sit on the rim seat.  It is amazing eating.  The Cub is hard enough to stand astride me and shove his semi hard cock into the Pig’s mouth.

I don’t want to eat all the cum out of his ass.  I tell him he should get up.  He does.  The Cub replaces him.  I wanted to eat his ass at the Gangbang and never got more than a slight taste.  Now he is wallowing and stroking himself back to hardness above me.  Fluid Pig knocks my stroking hand off my cock and rides it as I eat out the other top.

“Sling time.”

I let the Cub fuck him first.

“Make him clean your cock,” I tell the Cub as we switch around.  I am fucking with deep long strokes.  The Cub grabs my camera and crawls under the sling.

Suddenly I feel the Cub’s tongue on my pumping dick.  It is right there between my balls and his ass lips—to be mashed by my balls as they hit home.

It sends me over the edge.  I shoot a tenth load into the Fluid Pig.

The Cub stays right down there.  An occasional drop of the churned jizz falls on his face as I let my cock marinate in the cummy ass above him.  He’s stroking, working just the head of his cock—making sure he does not strip the foreskin back.

He shoots.  He scrambles up.  He’s saved all his cum in his foreskin and he’s pinching the tip closed.  He brings it to the Fluid Pig’s mouth and releases it.  His second load of jizz gushes onto the Fluid Pig’s out stretched tongue…

Monday, December 8, 2014

Wet Inside and Out

My Playroom—October, 2014

The request came in over BBRT.  He was going to be alone at the top of the week.  Did I have time to work him over during that time?  I did.  I was pleased we’d finally get to play as we had been chatting for almost a year.  I looked at his pictures again.  He was so familiar looking—where did I know him from?   I ran the rolodex in my head.  Nothing.  I shrugged.  It was likely just because we’d been chatting off and on for so long.

I typed out my usual question:  “What do you want the focus of the session to be about?”

The answer came back swiftly:  “I want to be wet inside/out and fucked as hard as you can.  Push some limits for me.”

I grinned at my computer screen and set the date.

Kerry is right on time.  I open the door for him, very pleased.  He is yet another of those men who need new pictures—they had showed a good looking enough man, but in person he is downright handsome.  I take him upstairs and tell him to strip.  Kerry could be anywhere from 38 to 48.  He is a self-proclaimed bear, but really only because he has lots of hair all over and a broad chest.  He carries some extra weight on his 6 foot frame, but it’s anything but sloppy.  The hair is sort of blondish red.  An elaborate tattoo of Celtic design is revealed on the small of his back as he strips out of his boxer briefs.  He digs in his bag and puts a black jock on, covering a sizable cock that is swelling in anticipation.

“The floor is still cold,” I tell him, “you might want to put your boots back on.”

He does.  And an intricate leather arm band on his right bicep.

I heft my cock in my discolored jock.  I am getting hard just looking at him.  I am in my boots and the bull dog harness, having hung up my robe behind the door.

“Up on the bench.”  I skip any preliminary cock sucking.  I want to taste to his ass.  Kerry settles into the bench.  I kneel behind him.  His ass is incredibly full.  I pull the cheeks apart and connect with his pucker.  Kerry, mid popper huff, gasps and almost drops the cap. 

“You are so deep in me, Sir.”

I mumble into his ass.

“Tongue me hard, Sir.”

I do.  And have been.  He tastes great.  Showered, but he’s beginning to sweat as my space heater is cranking out hot air.

I stand up.  The piss erupts from my cock.   It hits him in the small on his back, giving the visible parts of his tattoo a good wash.  I direct it down the crack on his ass.  The piss clings to the hair in the cleft, then drips to the towel on the floor.  Kerry is moaning into the popper bottle.  I swipe my cock down his wet crack, kneel and bury my face in the hot, dripping piss.  I slurp and swallow.  Lick and spit.

Piss a little more.

Clean him up.  I work my cock head into his now sopping hole.  I hold it there.  And pull out.  I move around to the front of the bench and offer my cock to suck.  His first limit test:  ATM.  He passes.  He takes me into his mouth and sucks all the piss, spit and ass juice off my cock head.

I go back for more.  I bend and spit into his hole.  I work the first three inches in.  I spit on my shaft, pull it out and offer it to him again. 

When my cock goes back into his ass, it has nothing but his saliva on it.

And now I fuck.


So hard the bench shakes.

“Look in front of you.  Look in the mirror.  Watch me fuck you.”

“Fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk…” is all the answer I get and the only answer I want.


We are now in the sling.  I am doing the same wetting of his ass crack with more piss.  I don’t want to flood his gut until the end. 

I piss and rim.

Rim and fuck.

Rim again.

Kerry is watching it all in the mirror above his head—bungee corded to the sling stand.

I blindfold him. And have him hold onto the sling chains above his head.  I am all over him with my hands, tongue, and fingers. 

I play with his nipples—working them hard with fingers and teeth.  Then lick the pain away.

I get his cock out of the pouch of his jock.  I suck it.  I piss on his hardening dick and go back to sucking it.

I move to his pit.  I tongue it.  I piss a little there too.  Kerry moans and opens his mouth.  I splash some on his tongue.  He swallows hungrily.  I clean his pit.  I push his chin down with my thumb and spit in his mouth—the mix of the acrid sweat and the sweet piss.

“Fuck,” Kerry mumbles.

I do the second pit in the same way.

And I fuck. 

I make the sling stand shake.  So hard I crack the mirror above the stand.

I get the blindfold off of him, offering my ass-juice flavored cock for his oral pleasure.

Just before I get him up, I drench his ass crack again.

“Now sit on my face on the rimseat.”


I am so deep up his ass.  The piss clinging to the hair in his ass crack has all but been wrung out with my constantly moving tongue and lips.  I am as hard as I have been all day.  I feel like the thumping blood in my cock could burst out of the over swollen skin. 

I touch his thighs.  “Up. I need to breed.”

Kerry gets up in one movement and is astride the bench before I am out from under the seat.

I insert.

I pump.

I shoot.

Kerry clamps down and milks me.

I try to piss his ass—wash out all that cum I’ve just shot into him.  But I’m dry.  Finally.


I lick Kerry’s balls as he jerks.  He shoots.  I think about licking his furry chest clean, but it doesn’t sound nearly as hot post-orgasm.

After his shower, Kerry is dressing to go.  He mentions his boyfriend in passing.

“So there is one?” I say.

“Sure, you know that…”

And it falls into place--why he looked familiar.

Kerry is partnered to one of my regulars.  I have seen them together only once socially.  They have a Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell policy about playing.  They do it separately, never together.  I am quite sure that neither knows the other has been in the playroom.

I can’t help but smile and nod and change the subject.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Motel Gangbang -- Two Holes - No Waiting

Detroit—October, 2014

I was about to work out of state for a few weeks.  I needed to see my Dad before I left, so I headed into Detroit on a Saturday.   Of course I checked to see if I could combine my rather depressing visit to the Metro area with anything fun.  BBRT listed a motel party that evening.  I asked for an invite.
I got an answer immediately.  The young man was looking for as many tops as possible.  Well, nothing new there.  What intrigued me was that he told me that two bottoms had banded together to see if two willing men would lure more guys to stop by and fuck them.  In the course of our talking, he wondered if I would act as doorman/bouncer.  Or in the words of the young man—“to be sheriff for the night.”  I love watching men at groups like this, so I would have been among the first to be there anyway, and as it takes me forever to get off, I knew I’d be there for a long time.  So I agreed.  They gave me the name of one of the cheaper hotels by the airport and I told them I would be there just before 7pm, their starting time.

I park in the hotel lot.  I am glad they picked a place with outside doors.  I check the text again to make sure I am going to the correct room.  Bottom floor.  Easy access.  I knock.  I hear hushed voices and in moments the door is opened by Blake, the man with who I’ve corresponded.

“Come in.  We’re almost set.”

Blake is naked.  And cuter than his pictures.  He is in his early 30’s but looks younger.  His dark hair is rather long.  He’s smooth from the waist up, but quite hairy below.  As he moves away from me, I can’t take my eyes off his ass.  I can’t wait to stick my face in his furry butt.  He’s seen the gym, if not regularly, enough to begin to define his chest and arms. 

And he’s the only one in the room. 

Just as I am about to ask, the bathroom door opens.  In walks a young cub.

“This is Pete,” Blake tells me.

Pete grins, and also fully naked, flops down on the one double bed in the room.  Pete carries his extra weight quite well.  He’s a true cub—sandy blond hair everywhere.  If Blake’s ass looks furry, Pete’s is an over grown forest.  He’s a little younger than his friend.

I strip as Blake fills me in:  “There’s lube on both end tables and the desk.  Water is in the fridge.  The bourbon is mine, but you’re welcome to some.” 

The moment I’m naked and hard, Blake stops talking and gets on all fours on the bed.  Pete does the same.  They are side by side.  I kneel behind Blake.  I sink my tongue into his hole.  I’m the first one there, but I swear the boy is loaded.  My right hand plays with Pete’s furry ass as I eat out Blake.  Blake groans, then reaches over to kiss Pete.  When he comes up for air, he tells his friend how good my tongue is making his hole feel.

Then I switch and lick the hairier ass.  Pete gives a startled moan as my tongue goes deeper than he’s used to—and he tells me it’s the deepest he’s ever been rimmed.  I finger the wet hole of Blake.  My finger comes out, covered in cum.

“Do you have a load already?”

“Yeah.  One guy didn’t want to meet anybody else.  He fucked both of us and got off just before you got here.”

I move back to Blake.  I lap at the cum I’ve pulled out.  My cock is rock hard.  I stand up and work it slowly into him.  Blake squirms and grabs at Pete’s hand.  He squeezes it, his knuckles turning white.  And then he relaxes—and I glide into him balls deep.

“Oh, my God!  You are so much bigger…”

“Well,” I say as I thrust into him again, “I just pushed that load deeper into you.” 

I fuck him slowly. 

“You have got to feel this dick,” Blake tells Pete.  I take my finger out of Pete’s hole, where it’s been all the while I was fucking.  I move over and stick my dick into Pete.  He takes it, but never quite easily.  I fuck him into submission—literally—he goes from all fours to flat on the bed ever time that night I hammer into him.  But he can never evade my cock until I decide to pull out.

Just as I re-enter Blake, the first knock sounds on the door…

During the next three hours I open the door to 11 more men:

A Big Bear of a man who comes to all my parties, too.  He sticks around to give each boy a load.

Mr. Uncut—a stocky guy with a hooded cock every bit as big my dick.  He’s good for two loads as well.  He can’t get enough of me cleaning out his foreskin of ass juice/cum after each fuck.

A Dom I usually see with the Cum Hound stops by to fuck both guys.

A very Hebraic looking man with a curved cock.

A vers Cub.  I let him suck on every cock in the room to get them hard—or to keep them busy as others are fucking.  He is a two load man, too, out of a nice uncut dick.

A hairy Trucker type.  He was going to go after one load.  The cub sucks him into hardness again so he can load the other bottom.

A couple of bottoms who come in thinking they will highjack the party.  One leaves in no time as I stop him from getting fucked.  The other I make jack off on Blake’s ass.  I scoop up the load and fuck it into Blake’s squirming butt.

A man as thin as myself—and almost hung as big.  He made the boys squeal with his jack rabbit fucking.

A young man who is really a cock sucker, but valiantly tried to fuck both.  He is the only other man who leaves without shooting a load or two.

And one I can’t remember at all now.  My notes say “uncut with glasses.”  No idea…


I have never seen guys stick around and play for so long at this type of party.  To a person they will start on the “free” ass—whoever is not getting fucked at the moment.  If both holes are filled I direct them to the vers cub.  Occasionally, I act as fluffer as well.  Everyone wants to try both holes.  The guys are taking cock like champions—it’s non-stop.  The rest of us are sticking cocks in other top’s mouths or having the guys suck us as they get fucked.  The bed is a mass of bodies writhing and sweating.

Every load is announced.  Action all but stops around the top about to explode.  The vers cub and I take turns on cleaning up the top’s cummy cock as he pulls out.  I push in after each load is shot and fuck it deeper into the ass of the moment.  Once it’s happened once or twice, the tops actually start telling me it’s my turn to pile drive the load they just shot as deep as possible.

Amazingly, the two guys are neck and neck on loads.  No jealousy here.  They both want the other to get loaded.  Everybody fucks both—and then they decide who is better for them and unloads accordingly.  Since Pete can’t take my cock as easily, I spend slightly more time with Blake. 


Two and half hours go by quickly.  Finally the room has thinned.  It’s just the major players left:  The Bear, the Trucker, the versatile Cub and Mr. Uncut—all the two load men who want to see the final cumshots.

The Trucker is fucking Pete, working hard to shoot his second load.  The Cub is on one of his nipples, twisting and biting.  I am on his other.  His whole body stiffens and with a shout, he shoots into Pete’s cum churned hole.  I go to my knees—as does the Cub.  The Trucker pulls out slowly.  The Cub and I lick at the sides of his cock.  Soon we are kissing as the Trucker just stands and lets us clean him off.  I look at the Cub—Does he want the felch?  He shakes his head—he’s gotten off twice and looks exhausted.  I move in and clean up all the frothy mess around Pete’s ass lips.  Pete is whimpering as I lick and soothe his puffy hole.

“I’ve never had so much cock and cum,” he mumbles to us all.

I stand up.  I’m the last man left.  These guys want to see me shoot.  I push into Pete and the Trucker’s fresh cum.  I go ball’s deep with one easy motion.  And Pete collapses.  “I can’t.  Please…”

“He’s taken seven loads,” says Blake, a little wonder creeping into his voice.

“How many do you have?”  I ask him.

Blake shrugs.

“He has five.”  It’s the Cub. “Lucky bastard,” he adds under his breath.

“And you took one before we began.” I remind Blake.  “That’s six.”

Blake nods.

“Then you need mine.”

Blake gets back up on all fours.  My tongue grazes over his sticky hole for a moment, but it’s all about my cock now.  It’s still covered with the Trucker’s cum I was just fucking in.  I insert.

“Fuck me,” Blake grinds out.

“Shoot, fucker,” says the Trucker, right in my ear.  I can feel his damp cock on my thigh.  He twists my right nipple.  I accelerate the pace.  The Cub goes around to my other side.  His hands graze my ass on the back stroke, his mouth on my nipple. 

And I’m over the edge.  I shoot and shudder. 

I stay in place and marinate in Blake’s incredibly wet hole.  Finally I let go of his hips and he falls forward.  He and Pete kiss as the Cub cleans up my cock and the remnants of all those loads.



I talked with a lot of the tops on line after the event.  To a person they were glad that they had more than one guy to fuck.  They loved the choice of holes and how different the two bottoms looked and felt. 

It’s something to keep in mind when you want to throw that motel gangbang…