Friday, December 26, 2014

All the Tops in the Same Hole -- House Party

Northwest Indiana—October, 2014

The next weekend and another party—and once again, one ass ignites the room.

I am back at the house party where the host lets men play all over his home.  He has various couches and sofa beds scattered around the house.  A guest room bed is available upstairs.  Downstairs in the finished basement is a bar, two gloryholes tucked under the stairway, and a dark area.  Porn is playing in two locations.  One is on the lower level where it is projected on a wall in a room crowded with oversized couches.  The other is on the living room television which sits in front of a good sofa (swathed in old towels to protect it.)

The guest list is long—there could be anywhere from 35 to 60 men scattered around the house when I arrive.  Many of the men I have seen at past parties—and quite a number of them I have played with before.  On my first cruise through the basement I am stopped in the hall by the sight of the hot young Latino, Alejandro, on his knees sucking my fellow blogger Ryan.  Also standing in the circle of jerking men who are gathering around them, is Harley.  I had repeatedly shared hole with him the last time I was here.  He is slightly younger, stocky and with a scraggly goatee and a couple of random tattoos—a man who looks like he has just parked his bike outside.  We both seem to have matching sex drives, wanting to fuck as much ass as possible.

Other men get on their knees to service the guys jacking and watching.  Alejandro is pushed by Ryan onto my cock.  He gets it to go from slightly swollen to fully hard in no time.

Into this circle of cock sucking comes Tad.  Mid-thirties, a gym built body without going overboard, a great cock and a magnificent ass.  He is all top until he lets a man fuck him.  Once that first cock is up his hole he can’t get enough.  And everyone wants to fuck him, and after the first few dicks, everyone can.

Ale switches his attentions to Tad.  He pulls Tad’s black briefs down.  Tad’s cock bounces up into Ale’s waiting mouth and is immediately down his throat.  I kneel behind Tad and pull his cheeks apart and stick my tongue into his ass crack. 

We all move to a bed.  It’s one of those great oral moments where you lick whatever is in front of you.  Harley is there too.  My cock is passed back and forth.  I suck all the dicks and eat Tad’s ass again.  So does Ale.  Eating Tad out makes him want to fuck.  He pushes his uncut dick into Tad and fucks him with rapid strokes.  I’m right there to clean Ale’s cock when he pulls out.  This makes my cock ache for Tad’s hole.  I slap it against his crack.

“No, man.  I need to open up a lot more before I take that thing again.”

I nod.  I can afford to wait.

The young guys troop off to the bar.  I settle back and let a new crop of men go down on me…


I go upstairs and into the living room.

Tad is entertaining on his knees in front of the television.  Ringing him are Ale, Harley, a dark haired college kid, and a tall, good looking Latino with a big dick.  They make room for me in the circle.  Ale pushes Tad off his cock and onto mine.   I reach down and stroke the big dick on the Latino, who begins to feel up my ass—thinking I want to be fucked.  I pull Tad off me and direct him onto the Latino.  Once all of us have gotten our cocks wet, the impatient College Guy pushes Tad onto all fours.  He gets behind him and mounts him roughly.  Harley kneels to give Tad a cock to suck as he takes the hard anal pounding.  The College Guy has no stamina.  He blows a load into Tad’s ass in just moments.  This excites the hot Latino.  He gets into Tad the moment the College Guy pulls out.  Ale cleans off the College Guy’s dick and comes to kiss me, giving me my first taste of cum that night.  Ale and I watch the hot Latino fuck.  His brown cock is pulling out gobs of cream from Tad’s ass.  Suddenly, he is over the edge, too.  He shoots a second load into Tad.  This time I clean the cock and share it with Ale.  When I pull out of the kiss I see Harley has laid claim to Tad’s dripping ass.  Ryan joins us.  This is just his scene.  He is hard and stroking. 

“Ah, shit, it’s just too good…”  Harley, usually a marathon fucker, is shooting into Tad.  It is Tad’s third load in 15 minutes of getting fucked doggy style on the carpet.

Tad crawls to another handsome young kid who is sitting on the couch and has been watching the show.  Tad deep throats his sizable dick.  Ryan gets down and starts felching the three loads in Tad.  He lets out a little moan of pleasure as he tastes the mix of cum from the three guys.

“Fuck him.”  It’s Ale, telling Ryan to get his dick into Tad.  Ryan moves up and sinks ball’s deep into this impromptu cumdump.  Ryan loves nothing better.  I know he’s going to shoot fast.  He starts breathing hard. 

Tad lifts his head off the fat cock.  “Breed me.  Breed my hole, man.”

Ryan does.  He can’t stop seem to stop shooting.  His body is literally shaking as he unloads.
It’s my turn.  Four loads should let me sink into this pig easily. 

And I do.  I glide right in.  I am instantly churning cream.  Ale squirms under us to lick my nuts and suck Tad’s cock as I fuck into the cum filled ass. 

After a good ten minutes, Tad asks to get on his back.  I pull out.  A huge glob of mixed cum falls onto Ale’s chest.  He wipes it up and swallows it down.  I get Tad lying on his back on the couch.  I can push into his hole that much more easily.  Tad becomes aware of the dozen guys watching him get used.  His cock stiffens.  I build the pace until I fuck the cum out of him.  Tad spews all over his chest.  I slow down and pull out—leaving just my head in his hot ass.  I smear some of his cum on my cock and shove it home.  He groans and asks me for a break.  I pull out and help him up.
Ale spends a lot of time cleaning my cock.


Later in the evening, it happens again.  This time Tad takes three more loads in the back bedroom before a thick cock fucks a cum shot out of him and makes him stop.  This time, I get to felch the results.  Heaven.

For the record, sometime later I make out with the Hot Latino top under the stairs in the glory hole area.  He admits that I have a cock that makes his ass itch to get fucked.  But suddenly we are no longer alone, so we settle for a lot of oral with the three guys who have crowded into our space.
Much later, I fuck three guys in the back room. 

And it’s cute little Ale who gets my load…

Ryan has posted his take on the party here—with links to pictures of Ale and Tad and how we fucked them in the past...


  1. This was the hottest party I have been to at the house. Tad has an amazing hole and I love to fuck in all the cum that he gets up there. It is always nice to find a hot looking guy who is willing to share his ass for all.

    1. Those scenes with him were incredible and the rest of party pretty damn good...I look forward to next year's crop of group play there.