Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rough Fuck in the Basement

Northwest Indiana—October, 2015

I desperately needed some non-oral play.  I love to suck cock—but dammit, I needed to fuck.  From out of nowhere I got a message from the sub I had met for the first time when I worked in this area last year.  We’d played twice: once when I crawled through his window to “rape” him with another top and again in his basement.  I’d lost his contact info—but he wrote me out of the blue.  No crawling through his window this year.  He wanted a more formal Dom/sub scene. A rough fuck.

“I’ve bought more toys…” he told me.  He wasn’t lying.  I got to his farmhouse, and we went down to his basement play area.  Dildos and restraints were on three different tables.  His sling hung from the rafters.  He had put a tarp under the sling.  “Piss here,” he murmured, pointing at it.  “And I don’t care about that old chair.”  Now he pointed to a once over-stuffed chair, now in tatters.  “You could piss on me there too.”

I changed into my leathers away from the set-up, over in the shadows by an ancient furnace.  As I walked back into the play area, he knelt.  He’d shed his bathrobe and was wearing nothing but very tall boots and a Neoprene jock, edged in red.  He looked good.  5’8”, still very tan, not worked out, but nicely fit.  His dark hair was buzzed short.

I stood in front of him for a long moment.  Silent.  I picked up a wrist restraint.  “Give me your left arm…”

He’s trussed to his chains hanging from the rafters.  Normally they support his sling, at this moment they are supporting him.  Leather restraints are on his wrists.  He’s not going anywhere.  And I am flogging his back and ass.  Ten strokes in, I stop and check in with him. 

“You doin’ ok, boy?”

“Yes, Sir.  You can hit me harder, Sir.”

I rub my hand down his back and along his ass crack.  “It’s not about hurting you.  Not for me.  I don’t want to mark you—just want to get the blood circulating, warming you.”  And invariably, it makes a horny man even more so.

I run the handle of the flogger down his ass crack and work his hole with it.  He moans deep in the back of his throat.  I step back.  Two strokes to his back.  Two to his ass.  Repeat.  He’s writhing now.  Especially when I hit his ass.  I concentrate on that.

Finally I stop.  His cheeks are a fiery red.  But no skin is broken.  I move behind him—pressing my front to his heated back.  He groans again as I hold him.  And I start pissing.  I’m taller, so I’m above his ass.  It cascades down over his flaming butt cheeks.  He grinds against me.  I have to really concentrate to keep the piss flow going.

I step back.  “Now arch your back.  Thrust that dripping red ass out there.”

He does.  It’s a hot, hot sight.  I get on my knees and clean off every drop of piss with my tongue.  I am rock hard.  I enter him for the first time that night.  Pretty much all of it.  One thrust.  He howls—but it’s in bliss not pain.

I fuck him hard, with all my pent up frustration. 

I fuck him until he gasps out a “Thank you…Sir…”


I have fucked him in the sling.  I have pissed on his chest while I did it—arcing some up to his mouth, but mostly covering his chest before driving my cock back into him.  I have used an array of toys on him.  Big.  Small.  Oddly shaped.  Each has stretched his hole, getting it ready for my hand.
I help him out of the sling to stretch.  I also make him kneel.  He does.  “Now taste your ass on my dick.”  He swallows me down.  He only pulls off my shaft to clean my balls every bit as thoroughly.  I piss again.  Directly in his mouth.  He gurgles it down happily.  It’s coming so fast that he can’t swallow quite fast enough and piss splashes on my boots.

“Clean them,” I tell him.  He is down on all fours, tonguing my boots to a true spit shine.

“Stay there.”  I move around and get in the sling.  “Now eat my ass.”  He attacks my hole.  Truly attacks—it hurts, he’s so hungry.  I tell him to slow down and savor—not devour.  That does the trick.  He makes my ass crack sodden.  I even manage to piss—letting it spurt up in the air and then down over his face and my ass crack.  He licks me clean, thanking me endlessly…


I have a big toy up his butt.  He is small framed.  I worry about getting my medium sized hand in him.  I pull out the toy and grease both hands.  Surprisingly, my right—the slightly bigger hand—worms into him the first time he hits the poppers. 

Then my left.

I can’t get much depth—but he loves the stretch of my palm and the snap of his ass closing around my wrist.

I do it again and again.  Left. Right. Left…


It’s late.

“I need to get off, boy.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Where do you want me to shoot?”

“Anywhere you want, Sir.”

“In your ass?”

“Yes, sir.  Breed my piss cunt, Sir.”

“Yeah?  You like cum in your ass?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I want you to push it out later.  And eat it.”

“Yes, Sir.  Gladly, Sir.   Give it to me.”

I pull my dick out and slap the pouch of his jock with it.  I bend and taste his hole one last time.  I rise up, slip it into his gape and let go.  He squeezes down on my dick so that I think it might snap off.  He milks every drop, as I grab onto the chains and hang on…

Indeed, when I am washing up in his bathroom upstairs, I notice that the tiny blood vessel on the top of my dick has broken leaving a red mass under the skin.

A rough fuck, indeed.

Monday, December 28, 2015

A Trio of Feeders

Northwest Indiana—October, 2015

I was back at the bookstore full of couches, with its wide variety of video types and its wider variety of mature men.  Here are three more men who were, shall we say, the cream of the crop…

I am watching the gay flick.  It’s only ok during the fucking…but the director has instructed the top to actual breed this partner and then to felch his load from the bottom’s ass and into the bottom’s mouth. 

I am very aware of how quiet it is in the room now, but it’s been a busy afternoon.  I have sucked and been sucked by men who are now regulars.  A few of them have given me their loads down my throat, but no one has managed to get me off.  So I’m stroking to the third felch on this video.

The curtain opens.  A distinguished looking gentleman in new jeans and a cardigan comes in.  He sits in the chair nearest my sofa.  “May I suck that beauty?”

I nod.  My cock disappears.  He’s great.  His experience shows.  I know I am dripping from all the play and the hot moments in the video.  He swallows and looks up at me, pulling off me for a moment. 

“Do you like women?”

“I do, sure.”

“My girlfriend would love this dick.”

Here we go again, I think.  He talks and strokes my cock.  About how she loves anal and has always wanted a DP.

Well, to make a long story short…this time it actually happened.  Not until the next month, but he (and she) came through.  But it was less than ideal.  She was nothing like he described (blinded by lust?)  We did get to fuck in every hole and we got to DP her.  But the huge disappointment was, and he told me this only as we walked up the steps to the motel room, he was not out as Bi to her.  We couldn’t touch—much less do all the things I wanted to with my mouth while the two of them fucked.   
Well, there.  That’s all I need to say about that.

He never gets back to sucking me.  He gives me a load instead, so excited by the prospect.


Another day.

He’s a real blue color type.  His short, but thick cock juts out of his trousers.  He’s passed it around to two other men this afternoon.  Now he’s headed to me.  I have sucked off a couple of guys in front of him, so he knows I take dick.  I jerk as he stands in front of me.

“Suck it.  I saw you swallow those guy’s loads.”

Shit, I go from hard to super rigid.  I slide off the couch onto my knees and he thrusts into my mouth.  I suck.  He grunts.  He reaches out and holds my head in place.  He doesn’t fuck my face like I expect, just holds me still.

This Daddy unloads in my mouth.  Gallons.  His grip becomes vice like.  I can’t move.  Just swallow.
He grunts and thrusts once.  As far down my throat as his cock can go.

And I unload between his legs, just missing his work boots. 

He let’s go, pats my cheek and walks out.


Another day.

It’s been business as usual.

And a kid from Notre Dame walks in.  Maybe 20 to 22.  Jeans and the college jersey show off his slender frame.  He makes himself totally comfortable in the bisexual alcove by taking off his pants and folding them on the back of the couch.  He removes a hot seven incher from his designer underwear and strokes himself to full hardness in moments.  It grows out of an extremely hairy crotch and has a wicked curve to the side.

I am sitting nearby.  He finally looks at me.  We smile. 

We watch the movie.

We look at each other.

“Great dick,” he tells me.  A pause.  “I’m not gay but I like to suck one every now and then.”

“Be my guest.”

He sits and thinks for a moment.  Then gets up and kneels between my spread legs.

He may like to suck—but I could wish he knew a little more.  “Cover your teeth,” I murmur.

“Sorry,” he mumbles around my dick in his mouth.  But he’s better now.  And it’s certainly hot watching someone so much younger working my meat.

He sucks me until his knees hurt.  He stands and stretches.

His cock is right at mouth level.

“You want some head?” I ask.

“Yeah, but I’ll cum…”

I lean forward.  He scurries back to his position on the couch.  I look at him.  He spreads his legs, invitingly.  I get up and kneel in front of him.  I will have to work on covering my teeth with his girth.  I sink down on his dick.  I work the top half of his cock.  Then I go lower.  I pause at the curve, but am soon able to take him to the root, my beard  and mustache entwining with his massive bush.

That does it.  Short and sweet time in my mouth, but a load like only the young can shoot.  He bucks into me and shudders.  He pries me off his cock—he’s too tender to let me lick it clean.  I offer him an extra paper towel from my pocket, but he jams his cum sodden cock into his designer underwear.

He kicks into his pants.  “Later,” he tells me and hustles out the curtained entrance.

I never see him again. 

I really wanted to see if he retained his cock sucking lesson…

Saturday, December 26, 2015

"You Need Help With That...?"

Northwest Indiana—October, 2015

I am restless by nature.  Sexually, I can be bored easily. 

My company had moved me out of the hotel where I was staying and into a house with my fellow employees.  I could no longer host.  I did not need the people I met at the company coffee maker to hear me order some hapless sub to “Drink my piss” through the thin walls of the new housing.

My new bookstore was also beginning to pale.  Each time I went, I was pretty sure who I would find—or at least the type of man who would be there.  I would want to go back to it—but I needed a change.  It was then I remembered there was one more bookstore in town.  It was time to explore again…

I am driving through harvested cornfields.   Can these directions be right?  I finally find it.  The parking lot is full—always a good sign.  It’s a sprawling one story building.  The front door leads to a small video rental/retail area.  Two doors are at the back of this room.  An arcade is on one side and a theatre on the other.  I am told I can do a combo pass if I want.  I opt to sit in the theatre—for me, arcades are too much walking and not enough sex.

I go into the theatre.  It’s dark.   And empty.  Obviously everyone uses the arcade.  There is a space just inside the door where you can stand and lean against a low wall to watch the big screen television.  There is a bench in front of this wall and I opt to sit on that, not in one of the folding chairs that crowd the rest of the tiny space.  I am sure most of the action takes place in the standing area.  There is just enough room for a man to sink to his knees or for a guy to get behind a man leaning on the partition, offering his ass.

That is, of course, if anyone ever comes to this side of the building.  I look up at the screen.  It’s a chick with a dick movie, which surprises me.  I am thinking I’ve made a mistake—that nothing feels right about this place.  But I haul out my cock.

And wait.

Not for long it turns out.  The smell of new meat must be strong.

A man pushes through the curtained entrance.  He’s decent looking, mid 40’s and olive skinned, dressed in sweat pants and zippered sweatshirt.  He sits next to me. 

“You need help with that…” and he’s on his knees in front of me before I can respond.  He has a velvet mouth.  He gives really great head.  “Nice cock,” he tells me as he pulls his sweats down to get to his own.  He jerks and sucks for another moment.  He stands, and in one swift movement, sits on my dick.  “Fuck,” he hisses.   “I knew that would feel good in my ass.”

The curtain opens again.  I recognize the new man—but I can’t think why.  He unzips the moment he sees the man on my dick.  He moves around in front for us and my cock rider bends to suck the new man as he continues to impale himself on my dick.  I look at the new guy and realize I have played with him at the bookstore nearest my home.  He must see the recognition flash across my face, for he gives me a crooked grin and thrust his cock harder into the man between us.

“Take a turn on his ass,” I tell the new guy.  Sweats obediently pulls off my cock and bends to offer his ass to the new dick, supporting himself by leaning against the bench.

The curtain rustles again as they fuck.  A large man enters.  He takes his dick out, stroking as he watches the three of us.  I bend to take him in my mouth.  This makes him shoot—just like that. It’s not a big load.  I spit it into my palm and grease up my dick for round two with Sweats.  I stand up and fuck him from behind.  My extra length, now that he can no longer control it, makes him get very vocal.  He shoots all over the floor.

And leaves.

“I didn’t think I’d see you here,” says the guy I’ve played around with before.  It’s not that far away from our usual hunting grounds, but it’s always a surprise to see a familiar face in a new location.  I tell him I’m working down here for a bit. 

Without really waiting for my answer, he’s gone down on me.  He seems to really love the taste of the load and ass on my dick.

A new arrival.  A cute little otter—young and thin, and once he yokes his t-shirt behind his head, very hairy.  He watches us for a moment, pulls his shirt up and opens his jeans.  He stands on the bench and feeds me a nice regulation sized dick.  My acquaintance stops sucking me and pulls the young man’s jeans down farther and buries his face in the Otter’s ass.

This makes the boy grunt with pleasure.  I really want him to turn around so I could taste his butt, too.  But I realize he’s going over the edge fast.   In moments, he is shooting a load into my mouth.
He pulls out fast, and with his pants around his knees, nearly stumbles off the bench.  He gets himself together and leaves with a quick, muttered “Thanks.”  My acquaintance is dropping his pants.

“Don’t move,” he says.  And he sits on my dick.  “I have waited so long to get back on this.”  I guess that answers my unasked question of what we’d done before.  “You gonna load me this time?”

“Yeah,” I grunt out.  “If you keep that up, I will.”

His ass is wet and hot.  And grasping.  He is kneading my dick with his ass.  I think I might be right there…and he pulls off me.

“I want to be on my back.” 

It’s tight, but he can lie down on the bench an angle and I can stand up and get into his ass.  I’m in control now.  My orgasm has receded.  I fuck him with long strokes.  He is beating his uncut cock.  I pick up the tempo.  My hips are making noise against his ass.  I am pretty sure they can hear us in the lobby.

But it’s not for long.  I shoot into his ass.  I buck my entire length into him and shudder.

In just a few strokes, he is covering his stomach with his load.

We mop up.

“Nice to bump into you,” he says and heads out the door.

I look up at the screen.  The chick with the dick has just shot, too.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Cocksucking Collage

Northwest Indiana—October, 2015

The pressure from work was great enough that it kept sending me back to this new bookstore to relieve my stress.  I sucked a lot of cock.  I certainly let men blow me in return.  I fucked occasionally, but most men there had not prepped for it—so oral was certainly a better choice. 
I am not going to talk about every man I did there.  Let’s say that I was a pig.  I made a lot of older men, who are often ignored, very happy and racked up lots of good sexual karma.  After all, I want someone like me looking for Daddy cock when I’m in my mid-seventies. 

Here are is a sampling of the most memorable…

I can’t believe my good fortune.  On one of the couches is a man, stroking, who is straight from his construction site—boots, overalls that still have sawdust on them.   A handsome working man, stroking a slab of beef tight in his fist.  I sit near him.  He pats the vacant spot next to him on the couch.  My cock is jutting from my pants.  There is a third man around, but he leaves as I walk to the construction worker.

“Nice cock,” he says.

“As is yours.”

“Can I suck it?”   This surprises me still—after all these years.  Men who look like him should want to be serviced. 


He leans over and swallows me down.  The angle is bad.  He moves around to kneel in front of me.  Now it’s feeling great. 

When I don’t shoot right off, he stands up and sticks his uncut beercan in my mouth.  And he starts talking.  “My wife would love your dick.  We do this swinger’s club in Chicago.  You like women?”
I grunt an assent around his thick man meat.

“I love watching her with other men.  I’d love to see you in her.”  He pulls out and sits down next to me.  His phone comes out.  He shows me pictures of his pretty and petite wife—some in lingerie, some with nothing on, some spread-eagled on the bed, and one with a load dripping from her.
I agree that the three of us would have fun.

“Give me your phone number.”

I do.  My phone is locked in the car.  He dials, to leave me his number on my call list.

“I have to get back to work,” he says apologetically.  “Do you want my load?”

I try not to act too eager, but say I do. 

It takes no time with him still talking filth of what the three of us will do together.  I swallow and he goes back to the house he’s re-modeling.  I watch his full ass, bound in tight denim, leaving the room—thinking about the things he wants me to do to him in front of his wife.

I check my phone first thing when I get to my car. 

There is no trace of any call coming in at all.

Another day.  The place is full.  Men are playing in all four spaces.  Don, the ginger haired cocksucker, arrives.  We kiss.  But he won’t play.  There are too many men here.  “I’ve turned down most of these men in the past,” he whispers in my ear.  “I can’t let them see me do anything—much less get fucked.”

He settles on stroking his dick while I play with others.  Don gets off as I suck a tall, rangy guy in his mid-forties.  His dick is long and thin.  I have seen him feeding other men numerous times, but this is our first play.  “Damn you’re good,” he tells me loudly.  And cums.   Buckets.  The jizz won’t stop.   Don stands up and wants to feed me, but I am still swallowing, so Don erupts all over the floor.  And scurries back to work.

My feeder pats me on the head and tells me he’ll look for me.  But we are never there at the same time again.


Another day.  I am alone in the bi-sexual area.  There is a guy kneading the crotch of his polyester pants  in the gay area who has no interest in me.  I jerk lazily.  I have had several loads down my gullet, I don’t need anymore.

A tall man enters, ill at ease of where to go.  He sits in the tranny section.  He is well built, with a full head of brown hair—greying at the temples. He opens his jeans, pulling his carefully tucked Western style shirt out of his pants.  I can’t help myself.  I get up and sit in a chair near to him on the couch, my flared cock head redder than ever.

The guy looks at the screen—then at me.  He pulls his hard dick out.  “My buddy says, just start jacking and someone here will blow you.” 

I stand up.  “I guess that would be me.”

He seems surprised, but pleased.  I kneel in front of him.  My mouth replaces his hand.

“Oh, yeah.  Suck my dick.”  I swallow him to the root.  He’s sizable, but not so big I can’t show off all my tricks.  And he can’t stop talking.

“My buddy has sucked me a couple of times.   You two are the only guys I’ve let go down on me.  Oh, yeah.  Let me fuck your throat.”  I hold still and he bucks into me.  “Damn, that’s hot.”  He pulls out of me.  Long strings of that deep saliva connect us.  “Oh, yeah.  Look at that.  Just like in the porn my buddy has.”  He grabs the strands of saliva with his jerking hand and coats his dick.  I dive for his balls.

“Oh, yeah, buddy.  Nobody has ever licked my balls before.  Lick ‘em.  Get ‘em good and wet.”

He may like what I’m doing with my mouth, but I like his babble just as much—I’m jerking my own cock like mad.  I get under his balls and lick his perineum.  He edges toward the edge of the couch cushion.  “Oh, God— are you an ass eater?  I’ve never had a tongue there. Oh, fuck.  Fuck, man….”

My tongue has found his hole.  It burrows into his straight man hole.  I lick and spit—and jerk my own dick.

“Fuck, man.  No wonder you guys like to get fucked—that feels fantastic.”

Finally his words and my tongue are too much.  “Oh, shit man…”

I just get my mouth up there to catch his load.  All of it.  Another big load.  He shudders with each spurt.  I start shooting all over the floor after his first few shots.

He jerks himself out of my mouth and collapses on the back of the couch.  Neither of us can move.
He is gasping.  I am licking at his dick head—wanting every drop.

“Incredible man,” he pants.  “You just did two things to me no one else has done.”  I finally move up and sit next to him so he can stand up and pull his pants up.  “I want your mouth on me again.  Do you come here often?"

I tell him I’m here on Mondays. 

He thanks me again and strides out of the room.

I sit, watching him leave.  I can’t decide if he really was that much of a virgin to man sex or whether it was all part of a vocal fiction.  And I don’t really care.  He managed what many have not.  He got the cum out of my dick.  

Saturday, December 19, 2015

“I Shouldn’t Let You Fuck Me Bare…”

Northwest Indiana—October, 2015

Don, the ginger-haired cocksucker from the new bookstore was coming over to my hotel.  We’d been texting at odd moments ever since we’d met three days ago.  He would tell his partner he had to “go see a client” and I got undressed and prepped the bed—getting rid of the endless amounts of duvets and odd pillows that covered it.  He knocked on my door right at 2pm.

He stepped in with a soft “Hey” and we kissed.  We talked for moment, but we get right down to business—he has to get home to the boyfriend.  No frills, no kink, just a good suck and fuck…

I approach the bed, my cock swinging pendulously.  “Jeez, your cock is bigger than I remember.  I swallowed all that?”

I assure him that he did indeed.  We stand at the foot of the stripped bed and kiss—deeply this time.  Don’s cock stands up and presses into my balls.  He’s a good six foot tall, just beginning to carry a little more weight than he’d like, but you can see he’s at the gym regularly to fight it.  Maybe 40—no more than 45.  The ginger hair is thick on top—and there is a dusting in all the right places.  He sits down and devours my cock.  That over worked cliché of “devouring it like a starving man” flits through my brain—well, there’s a reason it’s a cliché—for it can be true.  He takes me to the root hungrily. 

“I love your dick,” he says, some ten minutes later when he finally pulls off it.  I kneel between his spread legs and suck his cock for a moment.  He is drooling copiously.  I lick it up and swallow it down.  I don’t spend a long time there…I want to finally taste his ass.

“Get on all fours.  Right here,” I tell him, patting the edge of the bed.  He obliges.  His ass is full—two gorgeous mounds of hairy flesh.  I wet the entire crack and then zero in on his hole.

“Jeez!”  Don groans loudly.  He grabs one of the remaining pillows and buries his face in it.  I get busy—making this tight hole as wet as possible.  He’s been undecided about me wearing a condom or not.  Either way the slicker I can get his hole the better.  I pull his cock back and swab the leaking head with my tongue.  I apply it to his hole.  When he realizes what it is I’m doing he groans again into the pillow.

I stand up and beat my cock on his upturned ass.  I run the helmet head of my dick down the sopping crack.  I push ever so slightly at his pucker and then continue the up and down movement between his mounds of ass.

“How shall I go in?” I ask, leaning across is back, getting my mouth as close to his ear as I can.

“I shouldn’t let you fuck me bare, but I really want to feel your dick in me raw.”

I kiss his ear.

“And I’m sure it will go in easier,” he adds.

“Yes,” I agree.  “The head is already in you.”   And it’s true.  I’ve distracted him just enough that instead of clenching up—he’s just flowered open.  It’s slow going.  I do pull it out once, eat his hole again, and the next time, I’m balls deep.

“Yessss….” He hisses into the pillow.  “I feel so full.” 

I am standing still. 

“Fuck me hard, Daddy!”

I begin a slow in and out. 

“So good.   Sooo good,” he croons into the pillow.  “I’m a fucking size queen and I don’t care who knows it.”

I ramp up the speed.

“And Daddy knows how to fuck me.”  Don is panting now.  He occasionally touches his dick---but he is zeroing in on the pleasure of me hitting his prostate.

I finally stop and pull out.  “Let me taste myself.”  I bring my cock to his mouth.  “Oh, fuck,” he grunts as he cleans me.   “I’d forgotten how hot ass to mouth is.”

I fuck him some more on all fours.

I fuck him with his heels on my shoulders so we can kiss.   Wet and sloppy.

I ask him to sit on my face.  He rides my tongue that way.  And moves down to ride my dick as well.  Now he is openly beating his cock.

I look at the time.  It’s 3:30.  We’ve been at it longer than we’d planned.

“Where do you want my load?” I ask Don as he bounces on my cock.

“I want it up my ass,” he pants, “but shoot it on my face.”

He rolls off my cock, knowing I’m close--feeling the swelling of my cock head.  I spin around to the side—my wet cock right by his nose.  With three quick flicks of my hand I unload all over his open mouth, his nose and his chin.  He shoots the moment the first splash of semen hits him.  He hits his own chin on the first blast—the rest hangs from the gingery hair on his chest.  I lean down and lick the biggest puddles of cum off his chest—and clean his cock.  Don sucks mine as we both deflate rapidly.

We kiss.

“Worth waiting for…?” I murmur as I swing around so I can hold him.

“Oh, yeah…totally.”

I hold him for a long time.   Silent.  Both us enjoying the warmth.  Finally, I have to remind him of the time.

“Shit.”  Don sits up—having been somewhere very far away.  “Can I shower?”

I let him clean up—but I keep the taste of him in my beard for the rest of the day…

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Giving In

Chicago—October, 2015

I had a text from Don, the ginger haired cocksucker I met at the new bookstore, on my phone by the time I got to my car.  He wanted to get fucked as soon as possible.  What with my work and his curious boyfriend, we had to put it off for several days. 

The next day was the second Saturday of the month.  It looked like I had to work—which meant that while living closer to Chicago—I was going to miss the piss party.  At the last minute my meetings were cancelled.  I sent a text to Don, but he was at work.  I threw my lube and yellow jock into a gym bag and took off for the big city.

I am on my knees, my face pressed into a muscle butt that has just been coated with a pale stream of piss.  The man is a hot, tatted, muscular daddy.  His equally hot partner is chewing on his nipples.   A really cute young man is sucking his cock.  We are all exactly where we want to be.  Another random passerby hoses down the cock being thrust into the young man’s mouth.   The boy groans deep in his throat and redoubles his efforts on taking the dick.  I stand up.  I hose the ass crack I’ve been eating.  Still dripping, I enter his tight butt.

“Oh, fuck me!”

I do.  I fuck him hard.  It sounds even harder with my moist flesh slapping against his wet ass.  I fuck him hard enough that the boy sucking him stops so as not to be impaled.  I slow and pull out.  The boy is right there to clean my dick.   Pervy—and so young.  I offer up a silent thank you to whoever might be listening.  I have inspired the partner to stick his dick up Daddy’s ass, too.  I watch him get fucked as the boy deep throats me.  He only stops sucking me when it’s my turn to fuck again.  I keep him right next to me as I enter Daddy ass.  Once I find my rhythm, I find the young one’s mouth.  We kiss deeply.  As do the partners.  All of us break our lip locks only when more piss is sprayed on my cock by the young man.  I fuck it into the willing hole…


Random cock sucking.

A little piss drinking.

A lot of piss feeding.

A back corner fuck with a piss party regular sitting on my cock.


After he has cleaned my dick, the bottom sits next to me on the sawhorse. 

“I just wish they’d do something.”  He indicates two men in their late 30’s at the end of the bar.  One is muscular, with a shaved head and wearing a yellow jock.  There is a dusting of hair between his pecs I want to wet down.  The other is thin, dark and in an assless singlet.  “They just watch and drink beer.”

“I’ve been fed once by the guy in the singlet.  He had to arc it into my mouth—he didn’t want my lips touching his dick.”

“Fuckin’ nervous Nellie,” my momentary partner mutters and takes a long swig.

I grin and open my water bottle.  “True.  I’ve rarely seen him do anything else.  I don’t know the other one.  If they are friends, I’m guessing they are both latex only guys and like to watch.”

“You should bend him over in the middle of the room and breed him.”  He sniggers to himself and goes off for another beer.

I watch the pair at the bar for a moment.  They talk softly, intimately into the other’s ear.  My cock emits a pearl of precum at the thought of getting either one on my dick. I swipe it off with my left hand and bring it to my mouth.  I taste myself…and go off to fill my water bottle.


I am back in the darkest corner.  I have just fed a waterlogged boy yet another load.  He staggers away from me. slightly drunk, and goes to lie down in the wading pool.  I turn around.  Right next to me is Shaved Head from the bar.  “Damn, I wanted to give him my piss,” he says of the retreating figure.

“I’ll take it,” I tell him.

“You drink piss?”

I nod.  And kneel.

He pulls a thick, uncut cock out of his jock.  I open my mouth.  He rests his cock on my lower teeth.  I make sure not to start sucking it in case he can’t piss hard.  The piss starts flowing fast—he needed this.  It goes on and on.  I savor every sweet drop from this ridiculously hot man.  When the stream sputters down to nothing, I suck his dick for just a moment.  He grins, pulls out of my mouth and pulls me up by the armpits.  He initiates a kiss, but my full on hard cock pokes him in the abs.

“Damn, man.  That’s one great cock.”

“Nothing gets me harder than drinking piss.”

“Not even my ass…”  He turns and shows me his hot butt framed by the yellow straps.  It is indeed glorious.

“Can I lick it?”

“If you fuck me, too.”

I slither down and run my tongue down the entire length of his ass crack.  I find the hole and root into it.  He bends forward allowing me better access.  I rim him.  I want to be there longer, but I’m afraid he’ll change his mind about the fuck.

I stand up.  My wet cock pokes against him.  I wait for the condom reminder.  None is coming.  I push into him.  He backs up onto my dick.

“Fuck,” he hisses.  “Great dick.”

I grunt something approaching thank you.

“Great dick and it’s fucking me raw.”

He is holding onto the wall as I thrust into him.

Out of nowhere the guy in the singlet is right at our side.  I stop fucking but every inch of me is still buried in the hot ass.

Singlet just looks at us.  I wait.  Not sure what is about to happen.

“You have his dick in you?” Singlet asks.

Shaved Head nods.  Then adds “Look at it.”

Singlet squirms between us and the wall.  He can’t see my imbedded cock.  “Pull it out,” he tells me.
Oh, fuck I think.  I don’t need this drama.  I pull out slowly—revealing my bare cock.

Singlet pauses a long moment.  He looks at Shaved Head and all but whispers, “That is so hot.”

“It feels so much better raw,” he whispers back to Singlet.

Singlet turns to me.  “We’ve been on PrEP for two months now.  We decided to finally go raw today.”

I sigh a sigh of relief mixed with some admiration.

Singlet reaches down and guides my dick back into his partner.  “Fuck him good, but don’t cum—I want to try it on for size, too.”

I alternate on their asses for the remainder of the party…

Monday, December 14, 2015

Bookstore Bonanza

Northwest Indiana—October, 2015

So after the mini-orgy at the new bookstore, of course I went back the first moment I had a chance.  Naturally it was a bust.  There were a few people there, but to a man they were either toothy cocksuckers or the kind of guy who likes to grab my cock and twist it—as if that is somehow supposed to feel good.  I also fucked a man—a man whose hole was so loose, I couldn’t feel it.  At all.  I went home much quicker that day.

Third time was the charm…

I am sitting on the sofa in front of the screen showing a bi-sexual video.   The man thrusting into my mouth is the third dick I’ve had in the last 30 minutes.  The moment I walked in, a man who I blew last time I was there, fed me a load.  A man jerking off while watching me suck the other guy, stood up and replaced the first spent dick.  He came in my mouth instantly from all his manual work. 

I didn’t have long to wait for my third—the man who is in my mouth now.  He parted the curtain at the entrance and strode into the room unzipping his pants.  He looks like he just got out of his big rig.  He came right at me.  I’m sure the man at the front desk told him I was a cock sucker.  He is standing still now, and letting my tongue do its work on his beer can of a dick. 

He grunts each time my tongue runs around his cock head.  “You swallow?”

It’s my turn to grunt ascent.  The sound of my voice acts like a switch.  He is instantly spewing a large, ropy load into my mouth.  He shudders and shakes as I clean his cock, my hand around the base, not letting him pull out.  “Damn,” he finally grunts and pats me on the head.  “Don’t go away, I’ll have another.”

He watches the next one get off in my mouth—a man who only watches straight porn and won’t let anyone touch him until he is ready to explode.  Then he finds a mouth.  I’d watched it happen last time.  Today I’m the only guy sucking—so I get load four. 

I check the clock.  I’ve been here 45 minutes.

A mousy middle aged man enters.  I make a show of jerking to the porn.  Soon he’s on his knees in front of me, licking my balls and slowly working up the shaft.  The trucker comes back from the straight screen and watches the show.  He tries to find my nipple through my sweat shirt.  When that’s too much work, his hand tries to squirm under my butt to play with my hole.  I shake my head.  But the idea has gotten him hard again.

He straddles the man on the floor, to get his cock back into my mouth.  Just before the trucker gives me his second load, my cock sucker squirts all over the old linoleum.  Of course he stops blowing me and leaves.

I swallow hard as the trucker unloads in me again.

And I’m suddenly alone in the room.  Easily 30 minutes before the next man come in.  And I’m glad I waited.  The man coming through the curtain is tall, well built and 35 to 40.  He has very neat, rather short, ginger hair.  And expensive clothes.  At least for this place.

He sits in the transgendered section on one of the two sofas there.  I move to the other one.  We pretend to watch the movie—but we are both checking out the other.  He solves the expensive slacks issue—he stands up and simply removes them.  And walks over to my couch.  “I want to suck that big thing.”


He settles down between my legs.  He starts on my balls, too.   Where the first man sucked them urgently, this man is in no hurry.  He’s great, rolling them in his mouth, pulling off one and leaving it sopping and moving to the next. 

His expert tongue finds my piss slit.  Heaven. 

He swallows me down.  I let him go to work, only occasionally fucking up into his throat—making him gag.  As he works on me, he has pulled a very respectable dick out of his designer underwear and is stroking it.

He takes a break on my cock, when he realizes I am not going to blow a load any time soon.  He sits next to me.  We kiss.  I stroke his dick—then I do all the same things to his cock and balls.  I also work down the perineum towards his ass.  He groans but stops me.

“I want you to fuck me, but you can’t today.”

I thank him for being sensible.  He tells me he is Don and puts my number in his cell.  For once, I’m pretty sure we will actually meet up later.  When he hits save, he gets back on his knees and starts on me all over again.

As, a little later, I do him.

“I have to get back to the store.   Are you going to cum?”

I shrug.  It feels so good, getting off is the last thing on my mind.

“You want mine?’

I nod and he stands up and shoots a great tasting load all but down my throat.

He pulls himself together and tells me that he will text me after seven tonight.  And goes.

I’m alone.

Late in the afternoon, a man arrives.  Unkempt and reeking of beer.  Nope.  He jerks behind me as if that is going to get me to change my mind.  I move back to the bi-sexual porn, mostly to get away from him.

A young Latino comes through the curtain.  He is short, and barely 20, with dark good looks.  He makes a beeline for my cock.

“You fuck?”  I can’t believe my good fortune…then worry he isn’t prepped for it.  I ask and his response is to drop his pants (no underwear) and sit on my dick.  Jesus, he’s tight.  He can’t get more than an inch or two in him, even in that position.  The drunk comes over and scares the boy not only off my dick, but out of the room.  The boy runs to the bathroom door and locks himself in.  The drunk sits next to me.   I get up and move to  a chair in the straight section—so he can’t sit next to me.

The boy comes back out.  He sees me and grabs the handles of the chair next to me and bends over—wriggling his cute bubble butt at me.  I stand up.  I get half my cock into him—slowly—inch by inch.  I hold forever.  I hear poppers open.  I wait.  I start short dicking him the moment they hit his system.  He is jerking, talking to me is Spanish.  I’m sure he’s saying that he’s about to cum.

But the surprise is that I beat him to it.  I unload deep in his ass. 

He pulls off me slowly and must be able to feel the river of cum leaking from his hole.  One last drop is still in my dick and it hits the linoleum between his spread legs.  He turns to say something to me—and the drunk comes at him, dick in hand, positive the kid is going to blow him.

The boy literally squeals and runs back to the bathroom.

I mop up and head home, very happy…

Friday, December 11, 2015

"Ram It In Me, Sir"

My Hotel, Northwest, IN—October, 2015

So here I was in a new place and I should have been the new meat in town.  I got some interest online, but it was largely from cheating married men who thought the height of decadence was offering to suck my cock, but cautioning me I had to blast my seed on their chest.  Or there was the man who wanted me to jack off across the room as he stroked himself while sucking a dildo of my choosing. 

Some hot, sleazy men found me—but universally they were over two hours away. 

But there was one who found me on the most vanilla of sites, but read between the lines and was pretty sure I could offer what he needed:   A big cock, a raw breeding and piss to drink.  “Take charge.  Make me do exactly what you want.”  He went on so long in this vein, that I became convinced he’d be a jerker and we’d never meet.

I was wrong.  He showed up.  But it was a meeting full of potential—and not quite true fulfillment.

I am waiting for him in my dirtiest jock and combat boots.  I have stripped down one of the two beds in my hotel room.  I really wish I had the sling for this encounter.  I want to string him up to the sling frame and work him over. 

He texts me he’s in the parking lot and coming in. He makes it safely past the front desk and knocks at my door.  I let him in.  He eyes me appreciatively as he steps through the door.  He’s a good deal older than his pictures.  He claims to be my age, but if he is, than it’s been a hard life.  But there’s no issue here—I like my daddies. 

“Strip and kneel right here.”  I point to the spot at the end of the bed.  His hair is cropped.  What there is of it is salt and pepper.  He is about 5’8”, slender, with a once defined chest beginning to show signs of neglect.  But his ass, as strips out of his jeans, has a nice curve to it.  My cock is swelling in my jock—always a good sign.  He kneels.  His hands instinctively go behind his back without my telling him.  I stand in front of him and grind the used jock in his face.  He inhales.  His tiny cock erects.  “Mouth the pouch.  Make it wet.”

Fuck, he’s good at this.  I’m sopping in no time.  His tongue finds its way around the edge of the fabric occasionally and connects with my balls.  My cock is straining to get out.  I hold the back of his head into the growing mound of flesh, cutting off his air for a moment.  I let go.  Let him catch his breath—and then do it again.

It makes his cock drip all over the worn carpet.

“Peel back the pouch.”

He does.  My cock springs to full hardness.

“Now suck it.”

I let him establish his own rhythm.  He’s good, with some expert tongue action.  He takes two thirds on my dick with no issues.  Finally, to change things up, I hold his head still and fuck his face.  I go shallow for quite a few strokes.  I begin fucking slightly deeper with each thrust.  He’s keeping pace with me. He hasn’t choked yet.  At about the ¾ mark he gags on it.  I pull out, let his catch his breath and do it again.   And again. And again—until he can take that depth without the gag.

I pull out.  He looks up at me.  Our eyes lock.  I give him a nod of approval.  He blushes.

“Get up on the bed.  Ass right here,” I tell him pointing to the edge of the bed.

I kneel and eat his butt.  It’s great.  But my tongue is battering against an unyielding hole.  I stand up and poke my lubed cock head against him.  I’m just teasing his pucker.  I know I’m not going in, but he tenses, making his hole even tighter.  I go back to eating.  He can’t relax.  He’s wound too tight with how he wants to play.

I use tongue.  I use a lubed finger.  I get in.  Just.  I try for two, but he winces.  I pull both out and go back to eating.

“Just ram it in me, Sir.”

I grunt in acknowledgment, but I know that is not going to work.  I go back to eating him out.  He seems to relax his hole a little bit more.  I go back to a finger.  Now two.  Now three.  I try for the dick.  I get in about halfway.  I hold and let him adjust.  But he doesn’t.  He tenses and pulls off me.
Round and round we go.  More tongue, more fingers, some cock. 

I get an adequate fuck going, but only giving him about half my dick.  I stop.

“Try riding me.”

I lay flat.  He straddles and tries to mount me. 

“Take your time.”  But the continual resistance is taking a toll on my erection.  And maybe being slightly softer does the trick.  He slides down to the base.  He gives himself a moment, than begins riding, not the full length, but enough to make me stiffen up again.  It’s too much and he pulls off me.
“Come here.”  I’m wishing for my sling big time now.  I hate the run to the bathroom.  “In the tub,” I tell him.   He kneels and I let fly.   The look on his face is the same as when he took more of my cock down his throat.   He is beating his own dick fast and furiously under the stream of piss pouring out of my dick.  I bring some up to his chin.  “Open.”  He does and I splash some on his tongue.  I think he would drink more, but I cut it off, I want some on his ass.  “Turn around.”  He scrambles up and turns.  “Bend.”  He supports himself against the tiled wall.  I empty the rest of my bladder down his ass crack.  He whimpers appreciatively.  I bend and lick him clean right there, then toss him a towel and we go back to the problem of getting my dick where it belongs.


We fuck more, but it’s never all of it and never easy for either of us.  When I finally realize I’m never going to really get it up him, I get him on his back and jerk off all over his hole.  Only then, with a little pressure, do I slide easily into him.

He gasps, reaches down and covers his fingers with some semen.  He brings them to his mouth.  He sucks them clean as he jerks.  And cums.


I am watching him dress.  He is slightly sheepish.  I thank him for making the trip.

“You should have punched me in the face, Sir.  Bloodied my lip.  That would make me take it.”
I just look at him.  That’s not me.  But I don’t tell him.  At least, not now.

“Thank you for breeding me, Sir.” 

And he lets himself out the door.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The New Bookstore

Northwest Indiana—October, 2015

I had a day off almost immediately after I began working on the new job.  I was free all day.  The two men online in my area were not people I needed to play with—so back I went to the bookstore in the nearby (and bigger) city.  Not one car was in the parking lot.  I took myself to lunch, dawdled over coffee, and went back to check the parking lot.  Still empty.  I was not happy.

I was sure there were other places in this area.  I pulled out my old Damron Address Book.  (Yes, I actually have a paper copy under the front seat of my car…)  There were two additional porn palaces; places that I had never visited.  I now had a mission—I needed to explore.

I found the older store on the other side of town.  It was a small building.  A small parking lot to one side was jammed, as well as the on street parking around the building.  I went in.   It was a small, but standard movie rental store with a few toys and lubes.  A curtained archway was in the back wall.  I asked about the lounge.  It was not an arcade I was told, but a viewing area with different films playing.  I paid the admission price and went through the curtain.

There are maybe a dozen men in the room.  All eyes turn to me.  

Four big screen televisions are mounted on the wall in four areas, defined by grouping of over-stuffed chairs and couches.  I can see a chick with a dick movie on the far right.  Straight fucking is on the screen closest to me on the same right hand wall.  I step in a little more.  On my left is a gay movie and a bi-sexual flick is farther down on my left.  I am next to a bathroom door.  I step in and piss.
When I come out I look around again.  The men are pretty evenly divided around the room—three to a screen.  And not one cock is out.  No discreet hand in someone else’s lap.  The most overt thing I see is a man watching the movie and kneading his cock through his pants.  Another man watches him do it and not the movie.  So I head to a vacant chair near them. 

There are now four of us in the chicks with dicks area.  We watch our movie.  But the other men are watching us.  I feel myself growing hard.  I really want to take it out and stroke it—but I don’t know the ‘rules’ here.  I wait.  And watch. 

Our group of four is busy with hands on their own crotches now.  Other men are milling around behind us.  I feel like I’m totally on display.  New meat.  But a stranger could also mean a cop.  I look around behind me.  They watch.  They wait.  I make the decision.  I unbutton my fly.  Slowly.  Deliberately.  I make a show of reaching in and freeing my straining boner from the pouch of my jock.  My dick stands tall.  I spit in my palm and slide it down the column of flesh.


The two men in my area unzip.  In the Bi area, I see a man bent over the back of the couch—reaching for a dick to suck.  And in moments everyone is involved with someone—or at least asking to suck or offering a dick.  I let an older man suck me for a bit.  He eventually goes on to the youngest in the room—a mid 40’s cub.  A trucker type stands up and asks gruffly if I suck dick.  He gives me an uncut slab to suck.  Out of the corner of my eye I see the two guys in my area move so they can stroke each other off.

The trucker shoots down my throat.

The guy bent over the couch is getting fucked now.

I service another daddy.   He seems to like the idea that he just watched me swallow a load.  The daddy sticks a super hard, but undersized, cock in my mouth and I am soon gulping more seed.
I look up as he wipes my spit off his cock.  The room has cleared as guys have gotten off.  The guy I watched get fucked is still on the couch in the bi area, his pants around his ankles.  I get up and go over.  He’s early 40’s, with a decent body.  He gets up as I come towards him.  He kneels on the couch, supported by the back.  I bend and taste his ass.  I smile.  A man who came prepared to be fucked.  I tongue his fucked hole.   The cum must be deep—I can’t find any.

“You can shoot in me,” he grunts as I stand up and insert.  I may not have tasted it, but I sure can feel it.  I fuck.   This will be the perfect way to get off.  We are now the only two people in the room.  I slap his ass and go for it.

“Damn,” my bottom grunts and shoots all over the couch.  He arches up and pulls me out of his ass.  “I can’t take anymore dick once I get off,” he pants.  “Sorry.”

He pulls himself together and pushes through the drape into the store.

I am alone—where 35 minutes ago was a veritable orgy of older men.

I am pretty sure I have found my playground for the next few weeks.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Working the Booths

Northwest Indiana—October, 2015

I was leaving town.   Work was taking me to Northwest Indiana for about five weeks.  I did the same job in the same place last year—but this time I was staying longer.  I was excited to explore new bookstores, find new men and get away from home.

I went a day early.  I moved into the hotel I would be living in for the first couple of weeks, changed my clothes and went out to the first of three adult bookstores I wanted to visit in the next few days.
I started with the one I had been to before.  It’s the biggest in the area and the one Ryan mentions when he talks about bookstore visits in his blog Spreading My Legs.  It has a major arcade with state of the art technology.  It’s a series of booths—none with glory holes.  The method of cruising here, I knew.  You simply went into a booth and, if you wanted company, you didn’t lock the door when you started a video.  The red light reading “occupied” outside the door was a beacon for horny men, cocksuckers and butt boys.

I arrived at lunch hour.  It’s a traditional “good time” to catch horny business men.  I wandered the aisle down the middle of the booths.   A number were lit, but all with locked doors.  I selected a corner booth, left it unlocked and fired up a video of some bi-sexual porn.  I splayed open my button fly and got myself hard.

My door opens.  A man comes in.  I hear his sharp intake of breath when he sees my dick.  I turn to look at him.  He’s a good 20 years older than I, wearing really ratty clothing, his grey hair long on the collar and rather greasy.

“That’s a big one.”

I nod.

“Would you like to rub that between my thighs?”

I just look at him.

“Not in me, but between my legs…”  He begins to unbuckle his belt.

“I don’t think that’s quite what I am looking for…” I tell him truthfully.

“Oh, one of those guys.  You want to suck dick.  Want to suck mine with a rubber on it?”

I make my excuses and, thankfully, the video stops at that moment.   He doesn’t budge.  I close my pants and push out the door.  I settle in another booth.

And no one else shows up.  Not one.

I go to lunch and try again.


3:00pm seems to be the time.  I open the door of the booth in the farthest back corner.  A bear of man has his pants around his ankles and is stroking a short fat cock.  He’s hairy and all man.

“Lock the door and suck it,” he tells me.  Who am I to say no?

I have to work for his load.   Every trick I know.  He loves to slap my face with his erection.  He loves that I pay attention to his balls and below them.  He loves how whenever I get precum in my mouth I swallow it noisily as if I’ve just been fed ambrosia.  I love the smell of motor oil under his fingernails.

“You swallow?”

I grunt a yes—little does he know how much I want his load down my throat.

And he gives it to me.  Thick, viscous and delicious.  He lets me clean him thoroughly. 

He pulls out a handkerchief to mop up and puts it back in his pocket as I pull off his cock—there’s nothing left to wipe down.


I stay in the booth—watching the last of his straight gangbang movie.

A truck driver type opens the door.  He can smell the sex in the room, and with a sigh, pulls out a small, uncut dick.  He barely gets it into my mouth before he cums.  And goes.


I open the door to the booth I started in before lunch.  It’s a hipster college kid.  Cropped hair, bookish glasses and a full, incredibly manicured, beard.  Expensive clothes, slightly rumpled. And a long thin cock in his fist.

I stand for a moment—uncertain—thinking I’m too old for him.

“Looks like you have a big one,” he tells me.

I lock the door.

I spend the longest time of the day feeding him my cock.  He encourages me to use him.  “Fuck my face with that monster.”

How can I refuse?  He takes it all but the last inch.  He knows to cover his teeth.  He squirms on the floor as I hold him by the sides of the head and relentlessly plow into his mouth.  Or pull out and push my balls into his panting mouth.  Or smack the side of his head with my engorged dick.  I wipe the dick head across his tongue.  He swallows.  And I begin a slow fuck into his mouth.

It’s too much.  He shoots all over the floor and on my boots. 

He gets all self-conscious.  I pull myself together and leave him alone to clean up.  Exiting the booth, I all but bump into another college kid.  He’s medium height and wiry, with great arms sticking out of his t-shirt.  His black skin looks even darker against the white fabric.

No pretense here.  Right in the hall, he grabs the obvious bulge in my pants and leads me into the closest empty booth.

He falls to his knees and gives me great head.  But he wants some head in return, too.  His cock is the black equivalent of mine.  I have to work to not scrape him as I suck him deep into my throat.  He pulls out, afraid he’ll shoot.

He drops to his knees and takes me to the root.  I know he’s getting my load.

Moments later, I explode.  He shoots the moment he tastes my jizz.

We both go home happy.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cock Sucking Bitch

It was shaping up to be quite a week.  I usually play two, maybe three times in a typical week.  This split week of the end of September and the beginning of October was full.  I had had the premature ejaculator on Monday and then went off to the playroom of the bearish couple on Tuesday.  Now I had men booked for every day for the rest of the week.

Wednesday was Jake coming to my playroom—a silver haired kinky man who I wrote about in Sex in Four Quarter Time.  I was ready to do a little CBT with him and sink my fists up his muscled hole, not to mention my dick.  An email changed things slightly.   Cam, the married man who hosts the motel parties I attend, was looking for something to do—was I playing?  I explained what was on tap.  Cam had always wanted to learn how to fist.  With Jake’s permission, I invited him over. 

We both fucked Jake.  And then I demoed the technique of getting my hand in Jake’s butt.  I would show him the cupped fingers and slight twist that allowed my fist to enter.  Cam would try.  Both Jake and I would tell him to slow down.  And while it was fun (and even educational) neither top came—though I gave Jake a sling shuddering anal orgasm.

And Cam learned that a fisting bottom needs to be the one in charge—at least until you know your way around his ass.

Thursday was a re-match of Jerry and I (leather tops) working over mild mannered Tyler.  Once again, I took my sling to Jerry’s Victorian house and set it up in his living room.  It was almost exactly the same session that I wrote about in Blindfolded.   So much so, that I don’t need to write it up again.

Friday, well, the luck couldn’t hold.  Two men were to come to the playroom, give me their asses and stay over for a second round on Saturday morning.  They had to cancel.  Food poisoning.  I think I even believed them—though none of us have made any overtures to try to re-schedule.  I was fine with not playing at all on Friday.  By Saturday, I kind of wanted to find some ass, but got busy and didn’t bother.

By Sunday I needed play.  So, with no one on line, I went to the bookstore.

Near Home—October, 2015

I sit and stroke.  The gay theatre is empty.  But the movie is good—and I can hear no activity on the straight side through the vent in the shared wall.  The video is bareback which is unusual here.  I play with my pre-cum absently, smearing it around my red cock head—hoping I’m not going to be here all alone all night.

The door opens noisily.   I am sitting off to the side where I can’t see who just came in.  But I can hear the person who has just entered.  A long unzip of a zipper and suddenly a jacket is tossed on the nearest chair.  Then, a moment later, a shirt.  Finally the man emerges.  He has been ditching his male clothes to get down to a skin tight maroon teddy which stretches tightly across his rather portly frame—worn with a regular pair of Wranglers and cowboy boots.   It’s an odd ensemble—but you can see he thinks he looks pretty as he makes an Entrance with a capital E.

And better yet—he gives great warm up head:  wet, lots of suction and not in a hurry for my load.  He is on his knees for a long time. 

A Daddy type joins us.  My cock sucker tries to get up, but I hold him in place.  The Daddy whips out a fairly small dick, and sticks it in my mouth while I’m still sitting there getting blown.  The new man shoots in my mouth almost immediately.  As he puts his spent dick away, the cock sucker gets up and dresses.   Both leave, never to be seen again that night.


Later that night I eat the ass of the boy who likes to strip naked as he strokes.  His knees are on the chair, his chest resting on the chair back.  I’m on the floor—my face buried in his fine, lightly haired butt.  He’s watching the porn and stroking as I eat him out.  Occasionally, I wrest his cock out of his hand, swirl my tongue around the wet head, and poke his precum into his ass.

About the third time I do this, he grunts, spins around and just manages to get his cock in my mouth before he explodes.

He grins, dresses and leaves.

I go check the straight side.

It’s darker in here.  The porn is in credits on a very dark background.  I can’t really see.  But I am sure a man and a woman are sitting on the sofa.  I fumble to the chair nearest the door.  I can hear the sound of stroking.  Is she doing him?  Or is he stroking himself as he looks at her?  I get myself out of my jeans.  I am so fucking hard, with the taste of that boy’s ass still on my tongue.

I turn.  Both people on the sofa have dicks in their hands.  The woman is a man—this one in full, passable drag.  His panty hose are pulled down around his balls as he strokes.  The other man is a mousy older man who looks fascinated and scared of the person next to him.  I turn, showing off my cock to the two, just as the room brightens and we are into the movie proper.  The guy in drag licks his lips while looking at my dick—something I usually find a turn off, but not tonight, dressed as he is in some 1970’s house dress.

I hesitate.  But then I get up and stand in front of the cross dresser.  His mouth is all over me.  I look down.  Damn, it’s been a long time since I’ve had lipstick on my dick.  The head is nowhere near as good as the first man, but it’s looking like this is my only real choice.  The other man on the couch has put his dick away and contents himself with an occasional squeeze as he watches us.

I face fuck the drag queen.  I mess up her carefully coiffed red wig by holding on to the sides of her head and plowing into her mouth.  Eye make-up begins to run.  I think about easing up a little, so I pull out.  But he hisses “Use my mouth, Daddy.  Make me your cock sucking bitch.”

So I do.  I’m sure he’s going to cum first.   I want to shoot in his mouth.  But I want to use him first.  I want to see that make up ruined with tears and sweat and lust.

That thought sends me over the edge.  I explode in his mouth.   Cum squirts out of the sides of his mouth and drips onto his dress.  He’s not swallowing.  I pull out and the last squirts hit him just under his nose and drips onto the ruined remains of the once lipsticked mouth.

And he spits me out.

The fucker daintily turns to the side and lets the rest of my load drool onto the floor.

I want to make a point.  As he turns back, his hand still busy with himself, I kneel and knock it away.  He covers himself again with a manicured hand.  My mouth isn’t going on his tiny cock.  I lick the exposed balls.   The contact makes him shoot and he shudders, no longer in control.  I am able to take his load, as he tries to push me off.

When his body stops shaking, I stand up.  He can’t take his eyes off me.  I show him the load in my mouth. For moment, he’s sure I’m going to spit his bitter semen all over his face.

But I swallow.  Swallow it all.  Make a show of it.

“That’s what cock sucking bitches do,” I say as I button up my pants.  “If I ever let you suck my dick again, don’t spit my cum on the floor.”

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Plugged Hole

West Michigan—September, 2015

The very next night after the young man with so little self-control, I went back to the basement playroom of Derrick, the tall bear, and Jacob, his cute and incredibly hairy cub.  It was becoming a monthly meeting—and that suited all three of us.  We were dressed in our leathers.   Derrick lost his chaps early on as the room heated up.  I ditched my harness so Jacob had easier access to licking my pits.  I could just pull aside the strap on Jacob’s cod piece to get my tongue into his hairy butt.

We’d begun slowly—kissing whoever was closest and moving to the next mouth and back again.  I paused occasionally to just watch the other two.  How much they cared for each other radiated from how they kissed, how they touched and how they would turn their partner to my waiting mouth.  We were totally in tune.  Relaxed and horned.  At home, but on edge for the sex to come.

Jacob was soon on all fours, mouthing his Sir’s cock.  I was behind him, getting his ass crack as wet as I could make it with my mouth.  His hole gave way to my tongue easily.  I could slip right in.  So I tongue fucked him hard enough to make him pant around Derrick’s dick in his mouth.  We came up for air at the same moment…

“I’ve been horny all day,” Jacob tells me rather breathlessly.  “Ever since I knew you were coming I couldn’t stop thinking about you fucking me last time.”

I smile, not quite sure what to say.

“So I kept myself plugged while working and would fuck some toy up there into me whenever I took a break.”

“Easy access,” grins Derrick, sitting on the couch.  He tugs Jacob’s wrist. Jacob settles right on his lap, cock sliding right into hole.  I get back on my knees and spend a long time licking Derrick’s balls and the base of his shaft –well, when he pulled enough of it out of his boy’s hairy ass.

I need to get off my knees.  I get up, and move there wooden fuck bench into the middle of the room.  It is more of a padded sawhorse than my rather luxurious metal one, but we’ve never used it, and I don’t want the boy in the sling yet.

“Get up there, boy,” Derrick tells him. Jacob scrambles to kneel in place.  I dip a little to just taste how Derrick’s dick has flavored Jacob’s hole.  I am more than ready to fuck.  I sink into him.  One long stroke—and buried to the hilt.

“Damn,” Jacob all but croons.  Derrick moves around and sticks his cock into the boy’s mouth.   He lets me do the work.  I fuck Jacob hard enough that it all but impales him on Derrick’s cock on the other end.

Then we switch.   I’m in Jacob’s mouth.  He groans aloud at the taste of his ass on my dick.  That makes my cock head flare and likely drool.  I love watching Derrick fuck.  I reach across the boy and twist his partner’s nipples.  Derrick grunts his appreciation and increases the force of his thrusts…


We move to the sling.

We both fuck Jacob.

I fuck Derrick, too.

And then I am tossed into the webbing of the sling and have two mouths licking every exposed area of skin on my body.  Jacob remembers to find my mouth after each sortie into my pits…

We get Jacob back into it.  “I was hoping, with all my playing with myself, you’d try putting your hand into me.  Derrick’s is just too big.”

“I have medium hands,” I tell him, pausing in my rimming.

“I’ve only ever had one small one.”

Derrick bends down and hands me the Elbow Grease.  I keep eating, but lubing my hands under the sling, out of Jacob’s sight.   When they are covered, I stand up and insert my dick.   I fuck a few strokes.  Enough until he closes his eyes.  I work my right index finger in with my dick.  Soon I add another, and pull out my dick.  Now all four fingers are twisting into his worked out hole. 

I add the thumb. 

Jacob is panting and jerking his dick.  Derrick is beating off to the side, as he watches his boy submit.
A little pressure and I am in, his sphincter snapping shut around my wrist.

“Yes!”  Jacob grunts out. 

And sprays his jizz all over his hairy chest.  I work my hand out as Derrick mixes his cum with his partner’s.  I lean over and collect as much of it as I can in my mouth.

I spit the combined loads on my cock—managing to just get the coated dick into Jacob before I shoot where no one can see it…