Thursday, January 22, 2015

Motel Party -- Sandwiched

Northern Indiana—November, 2014

In the entry ‘MotelParty—An Unexpected Felch’ I mentioned that the host, my friend Cam, had such a good time, that he threw another gathering just two weeks later.  He decided on a new city to attract new men.  I was the only common denominator. This time we were in a slightly more upscale motel room.  The two double beds were constantly busy.  In the three to four hours I was there, I think about nine men came to get their rocks off.  Here are several moments from that day—where I helped many of the participants achieve their goal…

I am sprawled, naked but for my jock, getting sporadic head.  I am watching Cam, over on the bed nearest the door, where he rims a hot Hispanic young man.  I push my man’s head down on my cock.  He wants to stay just working my head—when he’s not checking his phone.  I need my whole shaft worked.  I look over.  Cam is reared up and tying to insert.  The young man rolls away as he feels Cam’s rampant cock poke at his ass.  I tell my cock sucker—a man who was once handsome—to lick my balls.

I look at Cam again.  He’s convinced the Hispanic to take his bare cock.   The young guy, getting fucked on his back, jerks his own cock furiously.  I am sure I will never get to sample that ass—he will cum any second now and leave.

My cocksucker is still distracted.  Then it hits me.  He’s high.

The young man shoots.  He is dressed and out the door instantly.  I suggest the high cocksucker leave as well.  He does, leaving a couple articles of clothing behind.


A bottom who I’ve fucked before shows up.  He’s mid 30’s, with dark blond hair which is just beginning to thin.  His face has the requisite stubble.  His barrel chest has little hair, but he’s a forest below the waist.  He carries some extra weight—but it makes for a great mound of ass.  I fall in, eating Brandon’s butt as he sucks on Cam’s cock.  On the other bed, two men are 69-ing—lost in each other and paying us no heed.

Cam and I change positions.  I have gotten Brandon’s hole wet enough for Cam’s spit slicked cock to slide in.  He fucks him slowly—relishing the tight hole I know this man possesses.  I don’t have to guide Brandon—he is constantly slurping on my cock.  He is taking full advantage of being spit roasted.

“You need to fuck him.  His hole is so tight.”

Cam and I change again.  Brandon has no issues with ass to mouth—he can’t wait to clean Cam’s cock.  I taste the ass Cam was just fucking.  The texture of the hole now feels totally different.  It makes my cock spit up a huge dollop of pre-cum.  I wipe that on Brandon’s hole, too.  I stand up.  My cock head starts in, but Brandon tenses.  Cam grabs poppers off the bed and feeds them to the bottom.  Magically, my cock glides in as he relaxes.  I hold stock still.  Only when Brandon looks at me over his shoulder do I begin the first of countless fucks I throw him that day.


Brandon is feeling really proud—and he should.  He has become the only bottom.  Four guys have fucked him.  The third one gave him a load—which has made another man (who usually bottoms) stiffen up and fuck Brandon’s load slick ass.  He grunts out a second load into Brandon as I answer the door. 

I let in the hunk of the party.  He’s a tall, incredibly built, African-American.  When he strips down his large dick springs out of his white shorts.  Every man in the room wants to go down on him.  And he lets everybody do just that.  When it’s my turn, I note that my cock may be longer, but his is thicker.  Throw-your-jaw-out thicker.

And the new arrival can’t wait to get into Brandon’s ass.  The moment I pull off his dick, he is feeling up Brandon’s hole.  He’s up him in no time.  Brandon huffs poppers again and the big, black cock glides into him.

“I’m gonna cum too fast,” the BBC pulls out of Brandon.  I offer to clean his dick.  I do.  The mix of cum from the hole is amazing.  And that’s when BBC grabs my cock.  “Nice,” he sighs, hefting it.  “Let me suck it.”  We spend a long time, me fucking his mouth and Brandon sucking the cock that has just been up him.  BBC squirms around, so his mouth is next to my ear.  “You fuck with that?”

I nod.

“Show me.”  He pulls Brandon off his cock and tells him to get on all fours. 

I push into the well fucked hole.  I plow him.  Hard.  Showing off.  I want BBC to whisper in my ear that he wants me to fuck him. 

He does one better:  “I want you to fuck me while I’m fucking,” he announces to the room in general. 

I slow down and pull out.  BBC pulls Brandon to the side of the bed.  He stands on the floor and enters Brandon roughly.  He fucks a little, then bends over Brandon’s back in an open invitation for me to open his hole.  I surprise him with my tongue first.  This makes him fuck Brandon with long, slow strokes, grinding his ass into my face on the back strokes.  I tongue and spit, lubing my cock as I stroke it.  I stand up.  BBC pauses and bends.  My head plays on his hole for a moment and then I push into this top’s ass. 

BBC does all the work—I stand stock still—Brandon gets fucked as BBC presses forward—and he fucks himself on me as he pulls out of Brandon’s ass.  It’s the perfect fuck machine.  I want a video camera.  No one else is fucking—they are all watching us.

Amazingly, Brandon pulls away first.  I stop fucking BBC.  We re-position—this time Brandon on his back, BBC sliding into him on the bed.  I have to scramble up on the bed, too, to insert into BBC.

“I want you to seed this Black ass.”

This makes me want to start thrusting, but I let him control the scene.

“I’m gonna seed this boy—and I want you to breed me.”

But Brandon’ legs are cramping and he rolls out of it.  He grabs the big cock, not realizing how close BBC is to cumming.  It spurts a huge load all over him.  I am pushed out of BBC’s ass with the spasms of his orgasm.  Once he’s shot, He can’t take me in him again.

BBC promises to look me up on the hook up site.  And leaves. 

It takes another hour—but eventually I shoot my load in Brandon.


BBC never did follow through with me online.  But the good news is that Cam is throwing a party at the end of January.  BBC wrote Cam and asked if I would be there. 

For some reason, I think I’ll go…

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