Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Two Exploits at the Bookstore: An Audition and A Surprising Sub

Near Home---December, 2014

I started the month of December with two separate visits to the bookstore.  The moment snow falls in Michigan, guys seem to be wary of heading to my playroom.

The first was an afternoon session.  I hadn’t been there for that “getting out of work and getting off before I go home” crowd in what seemed like forever.  It was good to see a new crop of faces.  I was looking for one in particular.  A new arrival to the area had spotted me on the vanilla hook up site.  He made it very clear, after he’d asked what my fetishes were, that he really wanted to meet.  But we couldn’t work out a day to get him as far as the playroom—so we decided to have “an audition” in the gay theatre.

I buy my ticket and head to the bathroom to piss.  No use for it here.  When I step out, there is Myles, buying his ticket, his winter coat slung over his shoulder.  He’s slightly younger than I, but not by much.  Work has kept him toned—you can tell by his tight t-shirt.  He smiles as he recognizes me.  I nod and go into the gay theatre.  Four guys are sitting around watching the video.  One has the fly of his pants splayed wide and is openly stroking.  Two others are glancing at him and kneading their crotches.  One other must have his fly open but his hand totally obscures what must be a very tiny cock.  I move to a chair on the side and unbutton, pulling the mound of my jock out. 

One guy immediately unzips and pulls out his dick.  Myles walks in and sits next to me.  He pulls off his snow boots and drops his pants.  The other guy, who has yet to pull out his cock, does so now.  I work mine out of the pouch.  I like the way it swings heavy—waiting for service.  Without a word, I turn to Myles and point to the floor between my legs.  He slithers to place and starts giving me some impressive head.

The idea that I haven’t even spoken to Myles, but just expected his cock worship, inspires the jerkers.  The two late reveals reach over and begin stroking the other’s cock.  I manipulate Myles’ head, shamelessly showing off.

“Get it good and wet for your ass.”

My words cause the man with the minute dick to squirt into the handkerchief I have only just noticed in his hand.  He leaves—as I pull Myles up and gesture to him to bend over the chair where he left his pants.  I kneel behind him and stick my tongue up his ass.  Myles let out the sexiest sounding moan.  The mutual jerkers speed up.  One after the other, they stand up and spill their seed on the ground—finishing themselves off with their own hands.

They clean up and leave as I stand up.  “You want this bare cock up your married hole, right?”

Myles nods.  I insert.  He is wet from my tonguing and I slip home easily.  He grunts and takes me like a trooper.  The man in the back corner is watching us now, not the movie.  I make a show of pulling out and slapping my cock on his upturned butt. 

I insert again.  This time I fuck him hard.  It sounds particularly loud in the small room.

I fuck him until he can’t stay bent over any longer.

I sit back down.  He rides my cock, never taking his eyes off the buy in the corner.  When his legs can’t take that position any longer, he asks me quietly if he can go suck the cock in the corner.  I nod, thinking I will take him from behind as he does it. 

But the guy has seen too much, he shoots almost the moment that Myles kneels in front of him.

We fuck a little more, but Myles is pretty uncomfortable being bent over, with one knee up on the chair. 

We agree we want to do more, but in the comfort of my home.  We both go off to find new men.

The audition is a success.


I liked the afternoon time so much, I went back again.  This time I was in the straight side.  I had my cock out and was stroking—the only man in the room.  A good looking, rather distinguished and slim man came in and sat next to me.

“Sorry,” he whispers. “But…but do you write that blog?”

I nod.

“It’s so hot.  Love it.”


“I want to be a sub like those guys you write about.”

“Then get on your knees.”  I point to the floor between my legs.  He hesitates.  And then gets down and takes my cock into his mouth.  Once again, I am treated to some excellent head.

I am pretty vocal with him.  “Now, my balls.  Come on; get your tongue all over them.”  I pull my cock towards my stomach.  “Try to get your tongue between my cock ring and my balls.”  He does.  It’s my secret spot.  Hard before—now I’m rampant.  He has undone his pants.  His hard cock is being fisted in one hand as he balances the other on my leg.  Soon I let him get up to stretch.

“Show me your ass.”

“I don’t get fucked,” he says, truly worried.

“That’s fine; just show me your ass.”

He drops trou and bends, showing me a shapely butt.  I stand up and stroke his downy cheeks.  A shiver runs through him.  I pull him up and push him down to his knees.   I hold his head by the ears and proceed to fuck his face.

The door opens.  He makes to get up, but I push him back into place hissing “Stay.”

The man who has walked in, comes right over to us and unzips.  I pull the Blog Reader off my cock.  “Get him hard.”  And push him onto the newcomer’s lengthening dick.  For half a second I can see him fight with himself—but he gives in the moment the newcomer groans.

I spend the next few moments directing his ovaled mouth back and forth between our dicks.  If I needed any proof I’m doing what he needs, his hard dick can’t lie.  It is amazingly red and wet.  His hand either jerks it violently or he touches it not at all as he’s so close to cumming.  The door opens again.  Our extra man pulls his pants shut and leaves, doing them up, suddenly embarrassed.  The new man is an older Black man I know by sight.  He sits on the opposite wall and watches the movie.  But I catch him looking surreptitiously at my cock sucker.   And often enough that he pulls his cock out.

I’ve sat down, never letting my man go.

Finally the Blog Reader pulls off me.  “May I suck him?”

I nod.

The Reader crawls across the floor.  I worry that the man won’t go for it, but he does.  The Reader gulps him down.

The door opens.  Two guys come in.  Almost instantly it buzzes again and two more enter.  My Reader panics and is gone.  Followed, moments later, by the Black man. 

I sit back and stroke…


I never saw him again that day.  Or since.  I got off in somebody’s mouth that afternoon, but I wanted so much to give the Reader a taste of the cum he’s read so much about…


  1. It'd be hot to read from the blog reader's perspective and how much your intuition was on or off. Yes, I'm totally egging the reader to comment here with his own account of the afternoon. :-)

    1. I agree. I had encouraged him to talk to me using the email account listed in the column to the right. He didn't. Did he hate it? Or just embarassed? Just a one time itch that he got out of his system? Does the Black Daddy have him chained up to the hot water heater in his basement? I would love to know, too...

    2. I just got am email, from our missing man. It was titled "Escape from the Basement." Here it is:

      "Just got the bolt cutters working to cut myself free from the water heater. While hanging there I had a lot of time to think (at least it was warm). Conflicted. Not sure what is next but truly appreciate being good enough an experience to be written about. Heading up the basement stairs now to see if I can bust through the door....."

    3. And later, on a more serious note: "I truly want you to know that my time with you was memorable - in a good way. I had been thinking about it prior to reading your blog post. Your strong but gentle control of me still makes my pulse elevate. Loved how you talked to me and expected me to follow your guidance. I know that when a sucker is servicing a cock that it is all about the cock but it was so good to get your verbal feedback on what you wanted, what pleased you. So often guys don't say a word. Hey, just telling me to get down on my knees and suck it was a turn on. Yes, part of me was embarrassed to have other guys seeing me on my knees but at the right time and with strong guidance I believe that I would get off on you pimping out my mouth to whomever you choose at the abs. Thank you, Sir."

    4. Contemplative with a bit of frivolity thrown in. Something about that makes me want to mash my junk against him...