Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Bookstore Surprise--Number Two

Near Home—December, 2014

A second surprising night at the bookstore.

Another night.  Another hole.

I’m on the gay side.  One of the men who I usually meet at the local hotel parties is here.  He looks way younger than his years though he is actually in his 40’s now.  He has dark hair, cut short around his ears and rather long on top.  His jeans are around his ankles, his flannel shirt pulled up around his neck.  His still youthful face is contorted as I have him bent over one of the chairs and am fucking him hard.

To my surprise, a tall, thin Black man is there and stroking.  He is standing by Ron’s head, but not close enough to stick it in Ron’s mouth.  And the man keeps stepping out of the way each time Ron reaches for his dick.  Ron really wants that beautiful big Black dick in his mouth.

I pull out.  I bring my own cock around to Ron’s front.  The Black guy is a little agape that someone is sucking a cock straight from his hole.

I turn to the watcher.  “You wanna fuck him?” Even though I know the answer.

He looks at me.  He looks at the ass bent over in front of him.  “Yeah, I do.”

He steps around behind Ron.  He gets out a mini bottle of lube from his shirt pocket.  He pours a lot of lube on his thick, dark shaft.  He digs in his back pants pocket.  Damn.  It’s a rubber.  He rips it open and carefully unrolls the latex down the length of his cock.

I grin at Ron and suddenly the rubberized cock is pounding his ass.   It’s a loud fuck—the lean man’s hips are making loud slapping noises on Ron’s upturned ass.  I am afraid the noise will attract someone from the next room—not that Ron or I mind an audience, but I don’t think this new guy wants to be seen fucking a guy.

Just as suddenly as it started, the fucking stops.  The top has given no indication that he shot, but he pulls a wilted dick out of Ron.  The top moves to the waste basket and removes the condom. 

I go back up that freshly fucked ass. 

In moments, I fuck Ron’s load out of him.   He shoots all over the seat of the chair where it puddles and some drips to the floor.  I slow and he pulls off my unsatisfied cock.  Ron thanks me and takes off.  I head to the rest room to wash up, but the Black top has beaten me to it.


An hour later.

I have watched straight porn and gotten some indifferent head.

I head back to the gay side, hoping for anyone new.

The only man in the place is the Black top.  He hasn’t left.  He is watching a mega hung Black on the screen taking turns on two White boys.  The top’s cock is as hard again as when he was watching me fuck.  I sit in a chair on the opposite wall, right across from him.  He smiles sheepishly at me.

“Did you get off before?” I ask.

“No.  I hate condoms.  They make me go soft.”

“One of the reasons I don’t use them.”

He nods.  Then says, “I have to.  My girl.”

It’s my turn to nod.

We stroke in silence.

I break the silence:  “You want any help with that?”

He looks at me.  I can see the indecision all over his face.  “I can’t,” he falters.

“That’s all right,” I say, standing up.  I walk over and kneel I front of him.  “Just let me watch you stroke that monster.” 

He likes this.  He applies more lube to his sticky cock.  His hand moves swiftly over the shaft and head. 

I inch closer between his splayed legs.  I make sure that he can feel my hot breath on his balls, as I jack my own cock.

He speeds up.

“Damn,” I murmur.  “You smell so fucking good…”  And he does.  The sweat from his crotch is an amazing aphrodisiac.  I jerk harder.

He makes a point of showing off the length of his cock.  His hand is moving faster now.

“You should let me lick your balls.  That’s totally safe.”

He doesn’t say anything for a moment, but then he just leans back in the chair and scoops his hand into his blue briefs where his balls are half hidden.  He pulls them out.  My tongue connects.  He groans, deep in the back of his throat.  I lick and nuzzle them like a puppy, making sure the heady smell gets all over my goatee.

“That’s…fantastic.  Put your mouth right there.”  He’s lifts his ball sack and I lower my tongue onto the wiry hairs covering his perineum.  This tastes even better.  I wonder for a moment if he’s going to push me down to lick his ass.

But it’s too much for him.

“Here.”  He struggles to stand.  I rock back on my haunches.  He points his dick right at my mouth.  I open wide—and spurt after spurt gushes out.  On my tongue.  In my beard.  On my nose. A tiny drop on my old Army shirt.  But none is wasted on the floor.

Instinctively, my tongue flicks out for the last drop hanging from his cock slit.  He hoists his shaft away at the last moment, but shakes the pearl of cum onto my tongue.  I swallow the last drop of his sweet, perhaps straight, load.

I can taste and smell him on my beard all the way home.   


  1. Wow, absolutely luv your adventures. Wish were close to Atlanta, we have a few hot bookstores that I know that you'd luv. I think you and I would get off together well too! Thanks man, hot vers large dick blk guy here...

    1. Thanks for taking the plunge and writing a comment. I love hearing from readers. I have not been to Atlanta in a number of years--and never to any of the bookstores...though I had a really great time at one of the sex clubs....