Sunday, February 1, 2015

Different Is Good

Chicago—December, 2014

Ryan, of the blog “Spreading My Legs,” and I went off to Chicago for the monthly piss party.  We had a great time.  I took the sling, so we arrived early to get it set up.  Ryan had never seen the bar in full light—all cinder block and chipping paint.  It looks so different than the dark, wet place it becomes during the party.  We’d been cautioned by the organizer that it might be a smaller gathering, but it turned out to be a great mix of regulars and newbies—all of them playful.

I could talk in this post about rimming a very hot Hispanic both along the back wall and later in the sling.  He would lift his legs for any man’s tongue on his hole.  But that’s all he wanted.  Even knowing I couldn’t follow up with my dick, it was a joy to eat his furry ass.  I loved watching the pleasure creep across his face as someone’s tongue invaded his hole ever deeper.

I could also talk about my f-bud David, he of the magnificent ass pushing out of his neoprene singlet. Hebraic, dark and sexually driven, David and I have a long history (click on David in the cloud of topics to the right).  He loves me to fuck him and to piss inside that hot hole.  He crops up in what I want to talk about, but the usual whoring out of his hole was done before my story begins.

The f-bud with the dark Red Hair who I often mention in connection with the piss party was also there that night.  He took a very wet turn in the sling.  I kept pissing his ass crack, and then fucking it.  Sometime towards the end, RH made a suggestion…

“Would you like me to eat your butt?”

I look at him.  It’s happened before, so I shouldn’t be surprised.  But I am.  Guy’s go for that thick schlong of mine; few think anything about this rather flat ass.

“You should get in the sling so I can really do it right.”

I shrug and get onto the only slightly damp leather.  He carefully gets my boots into the stirrups.  My ass is feeling terrifically exposed and vulnerable.  RH hands me his bottle of poppers.

I take a hit. 

RH kneels.  And his tongue is right there.  He is drilling as deep as he can.

“Jesus…” I grunt.

RH redoubles his efforts.  He licks, he spits, he grinds in as deeply as possible.

My cock is rock hard.  I am actually afraid to touch it.  Different is good.  Hell, different is making me precum like I did at 18.

RH stands up.  I huff some poppers.  I am just closing the lid as the piss hits my ass crack.  The temperature of the liquid is so hot on my exposed crack.  He directs his piss up to my cock, my balls and back to my hairy hole.  As his stream slows, he kneels and licks me clean.  He lingers on my crack, but he cleans my cock and my balls and the stray splash in my naval.

Just as he’s finishing, a f-bud of his, a handsome man with grey hair comes up behind him.  The look in his eyes says it all—he can’t believe what he’s seeing.  He stands close to RH and let’s go with a mega-flow of piss.  RH is slurping piss as fast as he can as it sluices down my ass crack.  His tongue is poking some of it into my hole.  The moment the new man is done pissing he kneels beside RH and they begin working in tandem to clean me up.  It’s first one tongue and then the other in my ass.
They kiss.  They yellow ball piss back and forth.  One of them spits it back onto my crack for them to do it all over again.

My eyes are screwed shut.  I am beating my meat again and soaring with the poppers.

Just about when I feel dry, another load of piss makes me open my eyes.  A donor is spewing a perfect arc of pale gold at my dick.  It creates a beautiful waterfall for the two kneeling men.  This sends them into a frenzy of piss slurping and licking.  A fourth man soon does the same thing.  His is not so much of an arc.  It just erupts from his dick and hits me in the balls.

My eyes are closed again.  I can feel three distinct tongues working my crack and ass cheeks.  Finally I open them.  Up stands David, with large cock rampant.  For a second, I am sure he is going to plow my ass.  It’s lined up perfectly.  He bends to kiss me and gives me a mouthful of piss.

And the next thing I know David is climbing onto the sling.  Still facing me, he gets a boot on either side of my chest and slowly sits on my cock.  He balances by holding the frame above him.  I do a quick calculation.  My weight + my guess at David’s weight = less than the 350 lbs. the stand can supposedly hold.  Then I stop math and concentrate on the incredible ass sinking down on my dick.  David fucks himself slowly—letting every muscle in his canal squeeze my over excited cock.  RH re-doubles his efforts on my ass crack, but now his tongue snakes up to lick at my cock going into David.  I can only imagine it looks hot as Hell—but it getting uncomfortable really fast.  David’s legs are tiring.  He is smashing against my stomach in an odd way. 

“Let’s do this right,” I tell him.

David carefully lifts off my crimson cock and steps down.  I get up with RH’s help.  We kiss a moment so I can taste my ass.  We get David into the sling.  I sink into him.  I am so in need of release.  I fuck.  I think I am going to cum.  And just as fast, the feeling passes.  I fuck him harder.  I slow and pull out.  RH and I go down to lick at David’s fucked hole.

Ryan comes over.  He fucks David and gives him a load.  This inspires RH, usually all bottom at this event, to fuck David.

Then it’s my turn.  I’m back up his muscle hole.  I pause.  I think I might shoot again.  Instead, it’s a flood of piss that goes up David’s gut.  David grunts the moment he feels the hot liquid start filling him up.  And he shoots—a huge load all over his singlet.  His ass clamps down on me, milking every drop of piss.

He hops out.  “Now remember,” David tells me and RH, “I’m the one who is supposed to be in the sling.”

I nod.  But I look at RH and smile.

We both know that something different can be very, very good.


I did get off in Chicago David, a hot businessman type.

And I get to sleep with Ryan in his bed—exhausted and sated.


  1. That was a hot scene and everyone in the bar took notice when you were in the sling...something we don't see very often. Both Davids have incredible asses and it was a good time. You are always welcome in my bed as well! ;)

    1. I did cause a few raised eyebrows, didn't I...