Sunday, March 1, 2015


Chicago—January, 2015

It was piss party time again.  So just 10 days after the New Year’s Eve trip, Ryan and I went back to Chicago.   It was a smaller, drier event what with the cold, cold weather in the Windy City.  But it made the men who braved the elements all that much more playful.  And there was an out of state leather group in town—many of whom showed up and got to indulge in play that is growing increasingly hard to find…

I am standing in the shadows, behind one of the screens that give the back corner a hint of privacy.  I look down the side wall where a dozen men are undressing to get ready to play.  They are shucking jeans, adjusting jocks, adding arm or wrist bands (or both), tucking poppers into a sock or into the deep cut of their Neoprene singlet. 

At the end of the line of men is a familiar figure.  He is undressing next to his partner (a tall, once buff, construction worker type).  Nick is thinner, defined and retains enough of the beauty of his youth to still make heads turn.  He gives incredible head.  I have to watch myself with him—he’s so good.   And he has an ass I love to get lost in.

He is also the first man I ever fucked at the piss party.

I don’t know how long ago that was, now.  Maybe 10 years.  I know I was still fucking with Magnums.  I know it was back when the former group organizer didn’t want anal sex to happen during the wet event.  It did, of course.  You can’t put 50 to 80 mostly naked men together having wet oral sex and not have it lead to more.  But it was usually hidden away in the back corners.  And it was all bareback.

And Nick was always in the middle of it.  His partner brought him to be used by as many cocks as he could take.  He would suck me until he made himself gag and turn around, begging me to shove my big, dripping cock into his ass.  I would eat him out instead and grab another willing dick and direct it up his hole.

But the night of the cage the fucking moved center stage…oh, fuck, that cage…

The cage sat in the middle of the room back then.  One party, towards the end, Nick was put in the cage by his boyfriend.  It was about a three by three by three square of bars and with a wooden floor.  It was supported by legs that raised it to about three feet off the ground.  I was guessing Nick would be curled up in it for us all to piss on him.  I was only half right.  Nick maneuvered around so he was lying on his back on the floor of the cage, his ass half out the door.  His toes were hooked into the bars above him.  Hi ass was at the perfect level for guys to come up and fuck him.  Immediately, three guys lined up to enter him once Nick’s partner was done with him.  Others saw what was happening and ringed the cage, sticking their cocks through the bars.  And they began pissing on him. 

Nick’s partner pulled out.  The next man stuck his bare cock up Nick.  I watched mesmerized.  I wanted to be next up his ass—but I’d followed the rules and not even brought condoms.  Instead, though he was ringed with pissers, I saw where I was needed.  I scrambled up until I was standing on the top of the cage, six feet in the air.  My feet were spread the width of the bars—Nick saw me.  He stopped suckling on the cock to his side and looked right at me.  He opened his mouth.  It was a direct hit.  Piss poured out of my hard cock directly into his mouth from above.  The sight of the piss waterfall caused the man fucking Nick to shoot his load.

I didn’t fuck him that day—but I made sure I had condoms for the next party.  But while I didn’t fuck raw yet, I was very comfortable with felching.  I got down and sucked the loads out his ass before we let him get out of the cage.

“Helloooo.”  It’s Nick, bringing me back to the present.  He’s totally naked but for some ancient tennis shoes on his feet.  We hug.  He kneels and digs my cock out of my yellow jock.  With his tongue and teeth.  Nick is the perfect way to get the party started.  I am hard and face fucking him just moments later.

“Stick it in my ass…”

Nick gets up and leans against the barrel in the back corner.  I hose his hole.  I kneel and lick it clean—poking some of it into his ass with my tongue.  I add my cock.  I am the first guy fucking—what a surprise.  I do attract some of the visitors over to watch us rut.  I direct Nick’s head to the biggest hardon being stroked.  His mouth replaces the man’s hand.  Both of them grunt their satisfaction.  When I tire of fucking Nick, I beckon the guy in his mouth to move around to his ass.  He does, sticking a fat, foreskinned cock into the wet hole I just left.

I slap Nick on the ass and go to refill my water bottle.  I fuck him three or four more times in the next few hours.


“Can I sit on your cock?”  I turn around.  It’s the dark red-haired bottom—a regular here.  “I want to warm my hole up.”

I nod and we go off to find a spot along the ledge.  He kneels between my splayed legs and gets my cock good and wet.  He fingers some of his own saliva into his hole while he’s sucking me.  When my cock is wet with excess spit, he stands up, turns his back to me and impales himself on my cock ever so slowly.  It is an exquisite torture.  I am so ready to fuck as he finally settles all the way down, grinding himself against my wooly pubes.

He holds that for a moment.  A squeeze.  And he starts fucking himself.  Slowly.  Pulling himself off me until just my head is left in his clenching hole.  Then sitting back down. 

But faster now. 

I can feel his ass flower open.  He does, too.  He is really bouncing on me.  I am thrusting up into him ever so slightly—matching the pounding down of his hairless butt.

From our left, someone decides we need to be pissed on.  A heavy stream splashes onto my boy’s thick cock, his chest and my stomach, crotch and thigh.  It’s a hot stream.  I buck up into him harder and harder.

But moments later, the piss turns cool and we stop to dry ourselves off.

We meet a few more times over the four hours—and I get to watch him top one of the hot visitors—something I rarely get to see.


I am being kissed by the man with the dragon tattoo.  It covers his entire back and the tail and legs reach around onto his thighs and over his shoulder.  He is an excellent kisser.  Especially if your mouth happens to be filled with piss.  There is an uncut bear of a man on his knees between us.  He leaves off sucking me and I hear him slobber over the Dragon’s hard cock.  The Bear puts our two cock heads tip to tip and licks at both of them.  I will myself to piss.  I can’ get much out—but it’s enough to send the Bear into a frenzy of sucking and licking.  It makes the Dragon squirm out of my embrace.  He joins the Bear on his knees and they yellowball my piss back and forth.   The Bear ends up with some in his mouth.  He stands and brings it up to me.  I swallow—completing the circle. 

Time stops when I am with these two.  We all get lost in each other’s mouths, our cocks, our asses.  Everything is open to be licked and shared.  I kiss the Bear hungrily.  I soon move to his arm pit, pulling his left arm up into the air.  The Dragon stands up and does the same for the right.  We lick and clean the fresh sweat off him.  The Dragon and I kiss.  We both love the rather acrid taste on our tongues.  When we finally break it off, it’s only so the Dragon and the Bear can taste my pits.  First one and then the other bring the taste of them to my own mouth.  First the Bear.  He spits it into me and sinks to my drooling cock.  The Dragon takes his time.  He cleans every millimeter of skin with his tongue.  We kiss, our tongues fighting to see who can get deeper down the other’s throat.

“I have to piss.”  The Bear stands up.  The Dragon and I sink to our knees.   He gets most of it, straight from that thick, uncut cock.  But I know he will share.   He does.  I can’t believe how much is in his mouth and being given to me.  I try hard not to swallow.  I finally have to gulp some of it.   I hold just enough to stand and yellowball it to the Bear.

As he and I kiss, the Dragon stands and pisses on my ass crack.  I am locked in the Bear’s embrace.  I can’t move.  And I don’t want to.  I know what’s coming.  The Dragon’s long tongue is licking off every drop—from my ass crack and on my furry cheeks.  His tongue is drilling into me.  The Bear grinds himself against me.  I am awash with sensation.  And suddenly, more piss from the Bear covers my jock and cock. 

Others are watching.  I have been unaware of them until two of them start to piss on me.  One on my ass where the Dragon is still eating me out.  Another aims for where my cock is grinding against the Bear.  For the next few minutes I am nothing but a piss rag as the men cover me.  The Bear has joined the Dragon on the floor.  They lick every drop from me.  They lick the precum from my dripping cock. 

And I get to taste it all.  We join in a communal kiss, closing our circle to others and swap fluids in and out of each other’s mouths.

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