Thursday, April 30, 2015

End of CLAW--and an excuse for pictures...

My Playroom—April, 2015

I packed up early on Sunday morning.  Marco and I helped Roger get things into his car and waved him on his way.  I packed.  Marco and I showered together.  I got on the road as he napped for another hour in the room.  I got onto the tollway and made it past one rest area.  By the next one I had to pull in—and nap.  I fell asleep to a swirl of naked flesh in the back of my head.  With one man in particular…

I woke up an hour later feeling much more rested.  I drove on.

Once I was home, I had to do some research.  I had told David, quite truthfully, that I had recognized him, but not his name and I hadn’t seen much of his work.  I don’t watch much mainstream porn.  So I surfed a little.  I found lots of pics that certainly reminded me of that night.  My dick thumped that tattoo...

I watched some scenes.  For some one fairly new in the industry, he’d done a lot of work.  And I hadn’t been misled when he was performing for us—in each scene I found, he really was the one you ended up watching. 

I also found an email address.  I wrote him a short note, telling him who I was (there is also a picture of me on that gmail account) and told him about the blog.  I asked if I could use his name—as he was working that night—or would he prefer I say ‘the hot porn star.’  I told him I would abide by his decision.  He graciously wrote back, almost instantly, telling me to call him by name.  And to send him the link when I published.

Which is exactly what I did.

And I’m glad to say he liked it…

Writing the piece was about all I could manage.  I was in bed just about the time the sun went down.

But what a great weekend…

Monday, April 27, 2015

CLAW Day Three: Asylum Turns Up the Heat

Cleveland--April, 2015

Saturday became a lazier day.  Marco, my friend with the muscle ass arrived.  I’d wanted to set up a fisting match for Roger and Marco.  So they fisted each other and I did them both.  It was a nice, relaxing afternoon and it kept my dick in my pants--saving it for the second Asylum party.

Marco, who had played most of Friday night at the main hotel, chose to sleep, hot tub and see who he could get to come to the room.  Roger and I dressed and left for the warehouse.

There’s a different vibe in the air.  We wait in line at least 15 minutes to get into the upper floor playspace.  It’s Saturday night—guys are pumped and anxious to get up the stairs.  We finally give them our tickets, strip down and head into the play area.

Men are much more restless and loud.  Roger finds a man he’s met the previous time.  He follows him to the sling on the platform and starts to get his hole stretched.

Two for One
I need to piss.  There is an older pig groveling on the wet floor.  “It may be a little strong,” I tell him.  I aim the pale yellow stream at his crotch and work it up his body.  He bobs his head down to get it in his mouth.  It must be good, for he swallows the rest of the stream.

I notice three men at the side by side fuckbenches.  The man astride the bench is a hot bear with a shaved head.  I am drawn right to the ass I see there. 

“Fuck my boyfriend,” says the attractive man who has his dick in the bear’s mouth.  It’s not to me, but to a shorter guy who also has a shaved head.   A cock, just slightly smaller than mine, is shoved into the glistening hole of the Bear.  He grunts around his Boyfriend’s dick.  The BF pulls out of his mouth and steps towards me.  He hunkers down and proceeds to give me some of the best head I’ve had at CLAW.  He pulls off me, looks in my eyes and says “Now this needs to go in my partner’s ass.”

I’m willing.  And tell him so.  But neither of us wants to interrupt the blow job or the royal fucking the current man is delivering.  Soon enough it’s my turn.  I surprise both by rimming the well fucked hole.  I revel in the matted hair that has picked up a lot of precum already tonight.  The bear groans again.  The BF must be back in his mouth from the sound of it.  I stand up and insert:  slowly, with a smooth glide in.  It’s a nice hole—and is very wet for so early in the evening.  I fuck.  The BF leans towards me.  Our mouths meet.  We make out as the Bear services both our dicks.

I am fucking a very young man in one of the slings.  A crowd has gathered behind me, watching a hot, hot man with truly artistic tattoos get fucked astride the hanging beer keg.  When my boy calls a break, I turn and watch the Mediterranean hunk take dick.  They finish and the hunk swaggers by me.  He hefts my cock in passing with a “Nice cock, Sir” and leaves.

I turn to my bud with ginger hair and vast amount of tats.  “Nice,” I smile.

“One of the porn stars,” Ginger Tats informs me.

I shrug and get GT into the sling.

While I’m fucking him, I can look directly into the piss area.  I watch a tall man with a biker look saunter into the tiled area.  He empties his bladder all over the prettiest boy there, and the next minute is drinking the piss of an older guy.  Just as fast, he’s out of my sightline.  I make a mental note and keep on fucking.

Living Up to my ScreenName
I need a break.  I’ve pulled out of the mouth of the Black guy with the swimmer’s build who I have played with so much this weekend.  His teeth keep grazing the flare in my cock head.  I get into his ass, but soon ask for a break.

I wander into Flex proper.  The sling room is crowded with guys on their knees giving head.  I skip it.  I walk to the new sling installation.  The slings are empty, but on the mattress, up on the top of the structure, the biker guy is riding a cock.  I stand transfixed.  He has a rather Amish beard which is totally hot on his angular face.  He has a half harness that shows off generous amounts of muscle and tattoo.  I can’t see it now, but I know there is a generous ass poking out of well-cut chaps.  I stand discreetly to the side and stroke.

Biker is hot—sweaty hot.  About to overheat kind of hot.  He tells the young man whose cock he’s riding that he needs to take a break.  He exits the area by passing me.  We smile.  Our eyes connect.  We know…

I let him go back to the warehouse.  I follow in a moment.  Yup, there he is watching a guy demoing a fucking machine.  I pass.  Making sure he sees me.  I go to the deserted piss area.  I haul out my dick.  Biker is right there in the door way.

I grin.  Biker’s cock is every bit as hard as mine.  I reach for it.  I piss on it, letting piss coat its full length.  He groans in the back of his throat.  I am on my knees and sucking him clean. 

I come up for air and we kiss.   I piss his cock again.  I clean it and bring all my piss up to his mouth for the kiss.  When we pull apart, he kneels.  I give him several quick spurts into his mouth.  I save a little piss in reserve—I know where I want it.       

“Lean against the wall.”  He does, his ass jutting out.  I empty the rest of my bladder down his ass crack.  Instantly I am there rimming and wringing the moisture out of the hair in the valley created by his butt cheeks.  I push some into his hole.  The Biker is squirming now.  So am I.  I can taste the precum of the previous man.

“You want to fuck me?”

“Fuck, yes.”  I slide into him right there to make my point.  I give him a few strokes and then we go up to the sling on the platform. 

I rim.  I fuck.  I eat his pits.  He is as scent and fluid driven as I am.

I am just building to a terrific, chain rattling fuck, when the monitor for the room asks us to clear the platform as the porn performers are about to perform. 

We go down to a vacant sling on the main floor.  I am just building again, when the young piss guy I know from previous years comes over.  He jerks and watches us fuck.

I fuck Biker hard.  It does the trick for the boy—“Can I shoot on your ass?”

Biker grunts a yes.  I pull out and let the boy unload all over the Biker’s ass crack.

“Now watch me fuck it home.”  The Biker’s eyes shine as my cock pushes the load into him.  The piss boy stands, eyes wide and swallowing rapidly.  I push it all in.  I fuck in the slippery load.  I eventually bring my dripping dick up to his mouth.  Biker cleans it.  I go back to his ass and felch two mouthfuls of cum and happily swallow it down.  The third is snowballed into his mouth as we begin a deep kiss…

The Biker and I have stopped, simply because neither of us want to cum yet.  I can still taste him all over my beard.  I watch the porn performance going on.  They have moved the two fuck benches near the fucking machine.  A massive Black man has a younger man on each bench.  He is going back and forth from ass to ass.  One of them is the man who spoke to me earlier.  The performers seem to feel the mood of the room tonight and there is a great sexual tension in the air.  I stand and idly fist my dick as I watch the Mediterranean hunk get plowed.  He’s one of those performers you can’t take your eyes off of.  He loves what he’s doing.  And it communicates to the audience.  I’m sure the other bottom is a handsome man, but I can’t remember anything much about him.  I remember the hunk’s body language letting us know just how deep he is getting plowed.   

“Do you know his name?” I ask the guy next to me.

“David Benjamin.”

I am about to say thank you but the lights focused on the benches go out.  David, the hunk, is grabbed by the Black top and led to the sling on the platform.  They pass me.  David grabs me.  “Fuck me when he’s done.”

He doesn’t have to ask twice. 

David gets in the sling.  I help stirrup him up and move to the back side.  My cock beats his perfectly sculpted chest.  I watch the black tool disappear back into him.  My cock is in David’s mouth. 

Another big dicked man joins us on the platform. 

The Black performer leaves.  I move around.  I dip down and lick the slightly swollen hole.  I could get lost there, but I know that’s not what the crowd wants to see.  I stand up and slide into David. 
I fuck.  He’s good.  Even after all the abuse his ass has taken, he is clamping down occasionally on my dick.

I fuck some more—the other guy is in David’s mouth.  I ask if he wants a turn.

We shift around.  The guy enters David, rather roughly.  He fucks him for just a few strokes—and David explodes all over those chiseled abs.

The performance is done…

Quite a bit later, I find the first couple I played with back in area where we first met.  The Bear is still taking cock.  The BF sucking dick, getting them ready for his partner’s ass.  It seems so right that I should get off with them.  I ask.  He’d love my load.

I give it to him, holding onto the Boyfriend for support…

Sunday, April 26, 2015

CLAW Day Two: First Asylum Party

Cleveland—April, 2105

Roger arrived soon after I got home from getting off and we went to dinner.  We napped, dressed in our leather/fetish gear and then went off to the first of the two Asylum parties.  Recon was no longer sponsoring the event so they had a name change, but it was held in the same warehouse space at Flex.  We checked in.  The cute coat check boy from last year actually remembered me.  It warmed my…heart.

At first glance, the space looked the same.  There was a sling on a three foot platform. Two couches were close to the door, with a mattress between them.  There were the two bathrooms (where a glory hole had been cut between the two stalls).  On the back wall, a shower and the water sports area.  But gone were the chicken wire cubicles on one side of the room that housed each piece of sex equipment.  There were still multiple slings, fuckbenches and crosses, but it was a much more open look. But there were not as many play stations.  I soon found out where the equipment had gone.  The video seating area in the bathhouse proper had been ripped out.  There were three slings there in this new installation and a mat, high on a platform for public fucking.

It was a smaller crowd.  But it seemed playful.  I smiled at Roger and we went our separate ways…
Three hours and 30 minutes of sex later.  Here are some highlights…

Deep Spit
“That looks like quite a cock you have in there.”  A body builder in a military cap and little else has been chatting with me about the porn performers due to start anytime, but now, the conversation has turned personal.  He kneels in front of me, digs out my cock and stuffs it greedily into his mouth.  I love the sensation of getting hard in his throat.  My dick lengthens to its full size.  He chokes.  And likes it.  He pulls off me and dribbles that viscous, deep spit we make in the back of our throats onto his rock hard cock.  He jerks himself with the slimy stuff as he takes me to the root again.

And again. 

More deep spit slides onto his cock.

He jerks and does a little tongue action on my cock head.  And down the full shaft he goes.  He chokes.  And holds me there impaling his throat with his face growing red. I pull out.  He hawks and spits a great gob onto his cock.  You’d think I’d blown my nut from the amount of ooze on his dick.
He repeats the whole process again.   And again.  Until I realize that’s the extent of our play.  I move off, leaving him on his knees and another erect man moving towards him.

Ginger Tats
He’s in the sling.  And that’s how I think of him.    Not helping me gangbang Jayson Park, but offering his ass up for me.  He’s a hot cub:  ginger haired, thick PA in his cock and great tattoos.
“You need to open me up.”

I fall to my knees and get lost in his hole.  I have eaten many a load from it.  But tonight, I’m the first man in.  I take my time eating his ass.  I can feel it open under my probing tongue. 

“Fuck me.”  I keep eating him out.  I stand up.  I push.  I watch his eyes widen.  Then roll up.  He’s there—that moment when it’s all about cock in your hole.

My hips slapping his upturned ass has brought out the jerkers.  They watch and stroke.  One plays with GT’s nipples.

I make sure the audience can see my cock.  I pull it out and slap his balls with the wet head.  Then it disappears back up Ginger Tats in one smooth move…

Green Jock
I have found the old sling room in Flex.  A tall, 20-something man with a hairy chest is working over his equally good-looking partner in the sling.  If I thought I had an audience before, it was nothing compared to these hot young things.  I can barely push my way into the room.

But I do.  The top catches site of my cock.  “Fuck him.  Fuck my boyfriend.”

I surprise the crowd by moving in and licking the Boy’s hole.  I don’t think he’s been creamed in yet, but it tastes heavenly.  I stand up and show off the length of my cock on the pouch of the designer green jock the boy is wearing.  I sink into him. 

I fuck.  I fuck in time to the relentless house music piped into the room.  The top watches his partner intently.  So do I.  He’s not used to my size.  But he takes it without anything more but an occasional whimper.   The top starts scouting for more cock amongst the jerkers.

I stand still.  I pull and push the sling onto my cock.  It’s a show off move.  But one that never ceases to get a reaction.  And it does.  Especially from Green Jock.  He is right where he wants to be.  This moment is why he traveled from who knows where to get to Cleveland.  Every man in the room wants to fuck him or be him. What a fucking head trip.  

Our eyes meet.  He knows I know just what he’s thinking…and he grins up at me and grunts out a “Thank you, Daddy.”

Dark Corner
I watch the new man fucking Green Jock.  I swear I know him from somewhere.  He’s short, buff and has more cock than you would think for someone of his size.  He’s slamming into Green Jock—but seems put off by the attention of the on lookers.

I have been up the boy three times, spelling the Boyfriend.  I move on.  I feel a hand on my elbow.  It’s the short guy.

“I want some of that cock.”

“There’s all those slings in the TV room…”

“Follow me.”

He leads me to the corridor behind the TV room.  There is a small partitioned room with a bench in it.  He drops his towel and bends over.  “Please eat my ass.”

I am already kneeling on the floor.  No one has been in this hole tonight.  I make sure it’s extra wet.
“I want to sit on it.” 

I sit on the bench.  He impales himself on my cock.  Micro inch by micro inch.  He takes forever to settle his butt down onto me.  We wait.  But then he’s a wild man.  He rides me like the most experienced cock hound.

He rides me until he shoots all over the floor in front of us.

“I Have Five Loads”
A thirtyish guy I have fucked in years past is talking to me as I take a break.  He’s wearing his gladiator kilt.  His hair is a Mohawk.  He casually mentions he has taken five loads tonight. 

We stop talking and go find a sling.  The only one not in use is the one on the platform.  Neither of us care.  I am felching him from the moment he is positioned in the sling. 

I slide my cock in.  Jeez.  It’s amazingly smooth and creamy in there. 

I fuck.  Hard.  We draw some of the audience away from the porn stars doing their thing over on the mattress in the seating area.  Sperm is dripping out of this boy.  It’s becoming slick under my boots.

I stop fucking. 

I bury my face into his cum churned hole…

The young Black man I loaded yesterday is here.  I bend him over the fuck bench.  A series of guys use his mouth as I fuck.  I offer his hole to several.  They spell me.  I step up to make sure he tastes his ass on my cock.

A man I fucked and loaded last year is here.  He can’t get enough of this Black kid.  He doesn’t care whether it’s ass or mouth.  Whichever hole I’m not in, he happily sticks his dick in the other. 

As we rotate once again he says, “I want some of that myself.”  We step to the side and let an onlooker get his first chance to fuck the boy.   My man falls to his knees and slurps noisily on my cock.

“Sit here.” He indicates a platform where pissers stand to piss on the boys below.  I sit.  He sits on me.  Not like the other boy—he takes me in one fast movement.  A friend of his feeds him poppers.  He begins a fast bounce.  On and on.  Poppers and cock.  Cock and poppers. 

He only stops because he doesn’t want to blow his load.

Getting Off
It’s late.  I know Roger is ready to go home.  I think I am going to get off fucking an incredibly young looking man, also with a Mohawk, but he proves to be not prepared for my size of cock. 

The crowd has thinned.  I really don’t want to go home blue balled.

And there’s my man from yesterday.

“You want my load again?”

“Do you have to ask?” he grins.

We find a sling in the new area of Flex.

I enter him easily after all the cock he’s had tonight.  I take a hit of his poppers.

And I am over the edge.  He’s full of my cum once again…

Saturday, April 25, 2015

CLAW Day Two: Afternoon Double Fuck

Cleveland—April, 2015

My roommate, Roger, wasn’t due in until dinner time on Friday.  I had a lazy morning of breakfasting at the hotel and getting the room set up with the sling, etc.  I took some items to the main hotel to be sold in the silent auction to help the CLAW charities. I ate lunch, I wrote up the post about the Cum Dump from the night before…and that made me horned.  I was ready for more.

There were three men who had talked to be before I arrived: 

A Puerto Rican Cub

The lithe Black man I had helped gangbang last year

A man who had the most beautiful tribal tattoos I’d ever seen.

All had given me phone numbers to text them.

I started at the top of the list.

The Cub was ready and willing.  His room was unavailable.  I volunteered to pick him up (avoiding the long shuttle bus times) and play in my sling.  As I was leaving the parking lot my phone went off.  Would I be ok with a three way?  Of course.  He gave me a room number. 

I continued to the host hotel.  It took forever to find parking but I was soon in the elevator and found the room.  It was literally across the corridor from where I was last night.

I knock. 

The young Black man who was at the cum dump party last night answers.  “He’s in here.  He just took a load.”

A tall, massive Black man is standing in the middle of the cluttered room, toweling his better than average dick dry.  “I shot a big old load up there.”  He gestures to the man on all fours on the bed.  
“Have fun.” 

The full tan ass looks just like his pictures.  As the massive man dresses, I get on my knees and begin licking the dripping butt.  The young Black clambers up on the bed and feeds his cock to the Puerto Rican.  PR is a text book Cub; he’s chunky but hot chunky.  Maybe 35, furry, tatted, and cock hungry.

The other top is slender, younger than the Cub, has a nice dick and, as I soon learn, into everything I love.

I give one last lick to his cummy hole and get naked.  The other top comes around and dives in.  He felches.  He obviously loves it every bit as much as I do.  When I am done stripping, I kneel beside him.  He gives me a long, lingering and cum soaked kiss.  Oh, fuck yes…

“I want to see you fuck him.” 

I stand and insert. 

The Cub grunts and reaches for the poppers.  I look down.  I can’t believe what I’m feeling.  The other top’s mouth is plastered under my cock, licking it with each stroke I take.  Fuck, it feels good.  The top soon stands up and kisses me with all the juices he’s collected.   He tastes even better.
I let him fuck.  I eat the top’s ass on the back stroke.  I share the acrid taste on my tongue with him.  It makes him fuck the Cub harder.

It becomes more and more about our mouths—with our dicks happening to be in a hot, wet ass. 
We clean each other’s cocks.  We lick sweaty pits.  We rim each other.  But always in conjunction with one cock or the other in the Cub’s hole.

“Let’s double fuck him.”  The top slaps the mattress, right by edge, indicating that’s where he wants me.  I lie on my back.  The cub gets a knee on either side of my chest and lowers himself down on my slick cock.  He bounces.  The top slows him down and pushes into the already filled hole.  With all the cum still in there, he slides right along the underside of my cock.

I lie still and let him do all the pumping.  And it works.  Most DP’s are clumsy and hot for about two seconds before one or the other cock pops out.  Not this one.  We are both rock hard.  The Cub is moaning about how he can’t believe how full he is.  And he is.  His ass is now so tight, I wonder if the two of us might shoot.  It is an incredible mind fuck moment for all three of us.

It finally has to end.  The top pulls out.  The Cub rolls off me.  The top sucks my dick of every drop of cum and ass juice.  He brings it all up to my mouth and kisses me.  I melt…

“Is that the time?”  The Cub looks at the bedside clock.  It’s an hour ahead.  “I have to volunteer at 5 o’clock.”

We nod and stick out cocks back in him.  I’m in his ass, with the Cub on his back.  I can stand and pile drive into him.  His hand jerks his own dick.  In moments, I am fucking the jizz out of him.  There is a spurt with every thrust of mine.  The other top leans down and catches most of it on his face.  I mop up what he’s not wearing, and smear it on my cock and fuck it into the Cub.

We finally let him shower.  The top and I make out.  We take turns sitting on each other’s faces.  Eventually I get him off in my mouth.

And he goes to clean up to do his volunteering stint for the weekend.

I dress.

On a whim, and because my balls are so heavy, I text the lithe Black man I gangbanged last year.

He would love to meet.  I do down one floor.

We kiss in the door.  “This has to be fast,” he tells me.  “Dinner plans.”

I eat his hole. 

I fuck and unload in plenty of time to keep him right on schedule.

Friday, April 24, 2015

CLAW Day One: Tight

Cleveland—April, 2015

I open the door to my room at the Hampton Inn, the overflow hotel at CLAW (Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend).  It’s huge.  It’s a suite.  I had forgotten.  It was the only room to be had as I’d had to make my reservations rather late. There is a sitting room that can easily take the sling and rimseat and keep the bedroom for sleep.  Or not.

Today I’m on my own.  By Friday night I will have Roger with me—the fisting top who gave me his hole for his first fist.  I unpack the car—two suitcases (one of leather, the other filled with the rimseat and toys), the sling bag, the poles, the tea maker.  Leather men don’t travel light.

I went off to the main hotel to register before they close for the night.  It's just own the road from mine.. 

“What color lanyard, Sir, for you badge?”

I looked down at the table where they were bunched in groups—mostly black, a few green, a few blue, a few red…

“It better be yellow.”

The cashier grinned and fastened the deep yellow lanyard to the name badge.

It’s always a slow start on Thursday night, but I like to be there from the beginning.  I didn’t have the room set up yet, so I spent no time online looking for a bottom.  I had clicked on the BBRT party section.  Three men were looking for loads.  I chose the one where two partners were both available.  I found the elevator and went up.  The room number was tucked into a back corner—but they had thoughtfully put a sign out in the main hall:  Cum Dump and with an arrow pointing to where to turn.

It’s tight.  There is just enough room at the end of the bed to fuck him.  They have set up a sling, but the beautiful young ass is on the corner on the bed, on all fours, with a hood covering his head to make it totally anonymous.  His older partner sits at the desk.  He nods to me and tells me to go ahead.  Another man I recognize is there too.  He has stripped down to as jock.  I just take off my leather jacket and tuck it under a chair that is wedged between the wall and the bed.  I open my jeans and kneel, sticking my tongue into the proffered hole.

“Has he taken any loads?” the other man asks.

“A few,” the partner answers. 

If he has, they are deep in his gut.  I can’t taste them.  The other man thoughtfully spreads the Boy’s ass cheeks apart so my tongue can go deeper.  The Boy grunts into the bed clothes.  My cock erects.  I stand up.  The Boy is maybe 30, likely Hispanic, with a deep bronz skin tone.  His bubble butt is full and inviting.  The picture I had seen of his front showed beautiful abs.

I slap my cock against his hole.  The Boy grunts.

“Put it in,” says my helper.

I do.

He’s tight.

The Boy gasps.

“Fuck him hard,” hisses the helper.

I fuck, my hips making slapping sounds on the full butt.

The partner never even looks at me.

The door opens.  A 30-something Cub in a hoodie comes in.  He opens his fly and strokes as he watches me fuck.  I make way for him by pulling out and sitting on the wedged in place chair.  The Cub bends to taste the hole.  He must like what I’ve done in there, for he kneels and rims him a long time.  Eventually he sticks his rather average cock in the boy’s ass.

We share him—back and forth.

“Can we use the sling?”  the Cub asks.

The partner nods, and finally pays attention to what we are doing to his boy, and not look for more cock.  I let the Cub use him first.  The change in position does it for the Cub.  He fills the Boy with seed.

I let the helper clean the dick of the Cub.   The helper and I share a moment of mutual felching, our two tongues taking turns on poking into the cummy ass.

I fuck in the newly seeded hole.

With it now frothing, it inspires the helper’s erection.  He takes a turn on the Boy in the sling as I stroke.

“I’m available,” the partner tells me, “if you want.”

“I came for the both of you,” I tell him.  We fuck noisily on the bed as the other two use the sling.

When it’s my turn again in the Boy, the helper whispers to me that the Boy loved hearing his partner used.

A Black man of about 30 comes in.  “I saw the sign and had to see,” he says as he sticks his cock in the spermed hole.  He adds more in no time.

A hot daddy has arrived.  The helper is fluffing him to readiness.

We change back to the bed.  On all fours, the cum oozes out of his ass.  I bend, catching it on my tongue before it hits the bedspread.  I know I’m ready.  I stick my cock in, making sure that the Daddy who’s being fellated sees it all.

I cream a nice four day load into him.

“Come felch some of this,” I tell the helper.

He does—and takes a mouthful of our mixed seed to the Boy’s mouth. 

The Daddy steps up and sinks his cock into the remains of my cum…

And I go home to bed.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Agony and the Ecstasy

In the Middle of Nowhere—February, 2015

I came home from St. Louis totally sated.  I didn’t need any fun until the next weekend.

I looked at the flashing on the screen—a message had arrived on the vanilla hook up site. I clicked it open.  It was from an elderly man who occasionally hires me as a companion.   I hoped he might want something; I could use the cash right now.  But not exactly.

“I have a group of guys coming over.  They would love your big dick.”

I’m a sucker for a group of guys.  I said yes.  He gave me details and I drove north into the country, nowhere near anything.

I find his house easily.  Three cars are in the drive—a good sign.  I go around to the front door of the farmhouse and knock.   I am shouted in.  I open the door and step in out of the cold, wintry twilight.  Inside are four men in various states of undress.  The host sits in his recliner, the farthest away from the door.  His flannel shirt is open.  His pants are on.

On the couch by the door sits a hot young man in his mid 30’s naked but for a shirt.   It’s a dress shirt and he has rolled the sleeves ever so carefully halfway up his thick arms.   He is introduced as being bi—a man who likes men to suck his big cock.  And it is big—every inch as long as mine and thicker. He nods to me and keeps on stroking.  A young man in his 20’s is also on the couch.  He is totally naked and was obviously getting head as I walked in.  He has a tiny, but very hard cock and a body that is rather soft and covered in tats—including a very prominent bio-hazard tat on one pec.  The man who was fellating him is on the floor, cross-legged in front of the young man and now looking up at me.  He is a guy about my age, rather thin and quite hairy.  He returns to sucking after our quick introduction.

I strip down.  The Big Dicked Guy watches as the youngest guy leans over and sucks me to hardness.   BDG strokes.  Eventually the host asks to suck him.  He stands up and goes to his host.  I watch the face of BDG.  A grimace.  The usual toothy blow job from the host.

This young guy is fun.  The guy on the floor is now licking my balls while the young man continues to suck my cock.  BDG sits back down, his cock half the size of when he got up.  I go get sucked by the host.  He’s actually a little better with me.  But there is just enough tooth action to make me have to think about hotter things.

The older guy is fucking the 20 something.  Raw.  The young one is on his back, his ass hanging off the couch.  It’s a crazy convoluted position as the couch is not the right height.  I pull out of the host’s mouth and try helping BDG get back to full erection.  I succeed when I lick his balls.

The fuck is over, and the older guy gives the host a suck of his cock.  I move over to the young man.  I slide in.  I can’t fuck with any authority at all.  But my partner is loving it and BDG can’t take his eyes off my big cock sliding into raw ass.

A sixth arrives—someone I know from the bookstore.  He never removes his clothes at all.

I pull out of the young ass. 

I have gone too deep.  I find my way to the bathroom to wash.

When I return, I find I have missed the cum shot.

Somehow, the young one has gotten off and the other older guy, who brought him it seems, is jerking off like crazy.  Once he shoots on the chest of the young man, we all suddenly have things to do, errands to run and people to see.  We are dressed and out the door in no time.

I am still swollen and want release.

I drive to the bookstore…

Near Home---February, 2015

It’s a sparse Friday night.  I have managed one blow job in the back corner of the straight theatre.  I can still taste his acrid cum in the back of my throat as go and I sit in the gay theatre. 

Alone.  No one.

And the porn is only adequate. 

Then the whole frustrating evening changes.  The door opens.  In walks a stranger.  Not a regular.  He looks at me.  I look at him, barely slowing the stroking of my cock.  I guess his age at hovering near 35.  Great shape—you can see the pecs under the heavy sweatshirt.  His jeans show off a plump butt, not much basket.  He’s blond with it cut short and tight. 

I hold his gaze.  There is the tiniest smile, before he moves to the chair next to mine, unzipping his pants as he walks.  He sits, pulls out a slightly above average cock and strokes it.  He doesn’t watch the screen, he watches me. 

I stroke.

I stand.

I kneel in front of him and take him easily to the root.

“Damn,” he says. 

I suck.

I stand and feed him my cock.

When I know he can take it, I face fuck him, holding onto his ears.

I know I’m doing something right.  His cock is pinker than ever.

I pull out.

“Please,” he grunts out, “let me sit on it.”

I sit back in my chair, my legs spread.  He stands in front of me.  I see the hairy ass descend.  He lines everything up perfectly.  I glide into the very core of his being.  All hot, wet and sticky.

He bounces.

After all the oddities of the night, I am not going to last long.

He pumps my cock and milks it.

I shoot.

A good five shot orgasm. 

I am gasping a little.

He just stays still, on my cock, but jerking his own.

I reach around and play with his balls.  My fingers stray down and play with his cummy hole.  My softening cock slips out.  My fingers catch all of my cum.  The blond tilts a little in my lap.  My fingers work my load back into him. 

He reaches down.  I put a third finger in him.  He presses my hand in.  I glide in to the wrist.  I’m a fisting him with my own cum as lube.

He is breathing fast. 

I inch into him slightly. 

With my hand still in his guts, he shoots all over the stained linoleum…


I leave for CLAW tomorrow.  As always, I will be reporting each day, writing up within 24 hours about my stay in Cleveland:   the men in the three leather hotels and the two huge play parties in a dungeon space.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

St. Louis Orgy: Young Men Taking Daddy Dicks

St. Louis—February, 2105

The adequate and ill-prepared sex of the bathhouse and the odder and dirtier coupling in my hotel room were forgotten the next night when my friend and fuck-bud Will threw his yearly fuck party in my honor.  I mean, how great is that?  It would be more than enough for me to be invited to play with this hot man and his big dicked partner.  Instead Will rounded up about 25 men—some who were veterans of previous years and some who were brand new to all of us—to fuck away the night.

Will and Brian live in an older, Victorian section of the city that looks like it is straight out of the film ‘Meet Me In St. Louis.’  We play on the second floor of their beautiful house.  There is a large room to relax (or fuck) with two couches in front of the big screen television showing porn.  There are three bedrooms.  One has just a sling.  Another has a large, ornately carved bed and a brand new fuckbench.  The last bedroom has both a bed and a sling.  I made use of the bathroom on this floor, too…

Will is a barrel-chested hunk.  He has classically handsome features.  The hours he spends in the gym are apparent.  And his ass is one of the most talented I know.  Brian loves to fuck as much as I do.  He invariably shoots more than once—and makes sure I get to felch and fuck in his seed.

It’s start time.  Maybe seven or eight men are sitting around the porn lounge, either naked or having left on a pair of ass-less briefs or a jock.  Will has picked his men carefully.  It is Daddies and boys who love Daddy dick.  Well, fuck…Yes!

I am talking to Brian.  A friend of theirs from a big town in the East is here.  He points him out.  I go talk to the visitor—and moments later I am the first man having sex.  I simply tell him I want his dick in my mouth, sink to my knees and take his hardening cock deep into my throat.  All around the room, the guys go from nervously feeling up their bulge as they watch the porn, to sucking someone.  There are several duos and a trio in the back corner.  More guys are coming up the steps.  They stop, look at the men having sex and add into the various groups.

Cocks are sucked.

Asses explored.

Partners change.

I eat ass—my man bent over the couch as his face is being pummeled by a thick dick.

Brian is the first to fuck.  He plows a cute young cub.  “Fuck me harder, Daddy.”  And Brian does.  I stand up to watch a little.  “I love Daddy dick,” the cub grunts out.  It quickly becomes the theme of the party. 

Condoms are stacked on every available table.  I don’t see a single one used.


I find Will in the lone sling room.  He is being pounded by a tall, thin Black man.  The BBC is pulled out of Will.  “Let him suck it,” Will tells the man.  I fall to my knees and clean Will's ass juice off the long and slender dick.

“That is hot.  Nobody has done that to me before.”

When I stand up, he steps to the side to watch me slide my drooling cock into the host.  The other top slaps his cock on Will's chest.  Then his mouth.  Will squirms around so he can suck cock in the sling.
A pair of new arrivals:  a white leather daddy and his young Black boy.  They watch and stroke as I fuck Will.  When I pull out, Leather Daddy pushes his boy to lick my cock.  When he’s done, I bend and lick Will's ass, then spit on Leather Daddy’s cock. 

“Fuck him,” I tell him.


“Then you can fuck me,” the young man says, pulling me into the next room.

The bed is full of men rutting side by side.  “Let’s use the fuck bench,” I suggest.

(It’s a beautiful wooden one.  The very bench I have been sending out the building specs on through the blog.)  

He kneels on the bench.  His ass is presented to me in all its fullness.  I take a look at him lying there.  He’s thin and wiry, but his ass is full and round and mostly hairless but for the crack and around his hole.  His big dick is hidden now.

I kneel behind him.   My tongue touches his hole.  “Oh, yeah…” he groans.  “Eat me out!” 

I love the taste of this boy.  It is equal parts soap and sweat.  My tongue is making him open up quickly.  He’s hungry for dick.  And I can’t wait to push it into him.

I stand up.  I slide in in one long stroke.

“Oh, God, you’re big,” 

I pause giving him a moment.  He poppers up.

I fuck.

He’s great:  tight, with an ass that clings to my cock.

I fuck and fuck.  Slowing the speed, and then accelerating.  Encouraging him to give head to one of the guys watching us fuck.  I finally have to stop.  I catch my breath and sink to my knees.  He’s a self luber.  His hole is frothy with all the lube he’s made.  I lick him clean.

I get so hard, I feel like my cock will burst.  I stand up and fuck him some more. 

I let the guy he’s sucking fuck him.

I go back up him, until he calls a break.


I fuck the guy from STL who I met in Indy.  I have wangled him an invite.  We use the sling in the back bedroom.  There are guys fucking on the bed next to us, but he has eyes only for me.

He loves how I rattle the chains.

He loves it even more that I get one of the Daddy tops to take a turn on him, too.


I have mentioned it to a number of men—“Don’t waste your piss.”

It’s late in the evening when I finally get some.  One of the tops, who’s all swagger, orders me to kneel in front of him in the bathroom.  He has a hard time getting started, but finally makes it happen.  It’s good.  Strong, but good.  Watching us is a delicate young bottom.  He is young and looks about as innocent as they come—his eyes wide.

The innocent watches how hard my cock becomes when I am fed piss.

He waits until we are alone in the bathroom.  “You really like that, don’t you?”

I tell him I do.

“I have more if you want to take it from me.”

I’m back on my knees.  He’s the last person here who I ever thought would feed me.  We have to really work to get him going, but when he does, it’s a sweet, pale torrent of hot piss out of the cutest man here.  When he’s done, he thanks me for letting him try something new. 

I thank him.  And promise to fuck him later.


I spend some time fisting Will along with Brian.  We alternate fists.  When Brian has his hand up Will, I move around and stick my cock right into the fist that’s buried in his partner.  Brian jerks me off in his partner. But I’m still not ready to shoot.


It’s a pile of flesh on the bed.  The Leather Daddy is fucking the Innocent who fed me.  Daddy’s on his knees on the bed, the boy on his back, legs on shoulders.  I am fucking his slender Black partner again.  We are doggy style, with me standing on the floor.  The boys are kissing each other.  We pull out of the respective asses.  I look at Leather Daddy.  He nods and we switch partners.  Both of us devour the hole just vacated by the other’s cock.  It’s an amazing mix of lube and cum.   The Innocent has taken at least five loads over the course of the evening.

My cock slides in.  I fuck him hard, still on his back, but by the edge of the bed so I can stand.  I think about making it a sixth load in him, but I hold off, knowing I should load the host.  From behind me, a voice whispers in my ear—“Will we be reading about this in the blog?”  I turn, but there are several men there.  I don’t know who spoke. 

But it makes me fuck the boy harder.

The Innocent's ass is a cummy, frothy mess when I pull out.  The Leather Daddy and I kneel down and take turns felching him.  We snow ball the cum—one to the other.  I can’t think of a more intimate act…


It’s late.  Most have gone.  I have no idea how many men I played with—but more than half.  I need to breed.  I look for Will.  I find him picking up lube in the empty sling room.

“Thanks, but my hole is done for night.  I’m sure there’s somebody who wants it.”

I grab my slender Black bottom.  He is on the verge of leaving, but asks his Daddy if they can stay for my load.  Leather Daddy’s only sign of agreement is his licking his lips.

It doesn’t take long once I’m in him again.  My load has been building for close to four hours.

I fuck and fuck.  I know he won’t be able to take much more.  I feel Leather Daddy’s hand on my ass, his finger gliding over my hole—and I shoot.  Five, six maybe seven spurts.  I can’t stop.

My new friend takes every drop for his Daddy’s dining pleasure.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quickie--Be Prepared, Part Two

St. Louis—February, 2015

After my night at the baths, I took Friday night off from the hunt.  By Saturday I was ready for more.  An intriguingly hot man was in my local area.  We talked.  He told me he would be ready to sit on my cock when I got back to my room at 9:00pm when I returned to my hotel room from the conference I was attending. 

Of course, he was not online when I got home.

At 9:30pm he sent me a text saying he was just leaving his mother’s house. 

At 10:00pm he was just starting his clean out.

At 10:30pm he was on his way.

A knock.

I look at the time on my computer as I start up the porn.  10:45pm.

I answer the door.

Fuck.  He is so much better looking than his good looking pics.  He tosses his leather jacket onto the bed that is still made.  We kiss, deeply, before we even say hello.  His arms are spectacular—and my weakness.  He is wearing an unseasonable tank top that clings to his full pecs.  There is a nice bulge in his jeans but I am drawn to the jutting ass that fills every inch of denim in the seat. 

I open and drop my jeans.  My shirt is unbuttoned already.  Rich falls to the floor and works my cock out of the jock.  His mouth is all over my head and shaft.  He works his cock out of his own jeans.  He hooks the waistband of his briefs under his ball sack.  He strokes as he sucks me.

He pulls off me and looks up from his position on his knees in front of me.  “You like my mouth?”

I nod.  And slap my wet cock against his cheek.

“Wait until you feel my ass.”

“I need to taste that hole…”

Rich stands up and shucks off his jeans and briefs.  His ass cheeks are full and show off a great tan line even in February.  I step out of my jeans and throw them on top of his on the made up bed.  Our shirts follow.  I steer him to the other bed and onto the cool white sheets.  He gets right on all fours and buries his face in the pillow.

I bury my face in his hairless ass.  I love how the full ass cheeks feel on my face and beard.  He’s moaning into the pillow.  I am using my beard—my chin moving up and down his ass crack.
I can’t wait.  I spit in my palm and cover my dick with my spittle.  I press the head up against his pucker.  It slides in—with just the slightest pressure.  He wants it.  Needs it.  And takes it to the hilt.

“Now that’s a dick!” Rich grunts out.

I fuck him happily, with my balls slapping against that full round ass.

I pull out—wanting to taste his ass again.

Disaster.  He is spectacularly dirty.  He makes the men at the baths look spotless.

“Guess I rushed clean out,” he mumbles.

We wash.  Tons of soap and hot washcloths.

“I’m fine with your hot mouth,” I tell him.

I stretch back out on the bed.  Rich crawls between my splayed legs.  He licks my cock.  Suddenly he moves forward and sits on my cock again. 

“What…?” I start to say. 

He is riding me, stroking his cock.

His ass strokes my cock maybe five or six times.

He shoots all over my chest.

He is up and out of there before I can even clean up for a second time. 

No mention of getting me off. 

It all takes less than 25 minutes.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Be Prepared!

St. Louis—February, 2015

It was Thursday night and I was in a hotel in a suburb of St. Louis.  It was a new hotel for my convention.  I was used to being downtown.  I wondered if it would help or hinder hook ups.   I got my answer fast.  There were very few men online on a Thursday evening and all the men I’d spoken with in advance of my travel, who had told me how excited they were about my coming to town, were nowhere to be seen.

When I saw how things were shaking out, I called the front desk and ordered a cab.  I would spend my first night in town at the baths.  It was my plan to arrive there just after dinner.  I have had good luck in the past finding the guys who work out there after work—and then need to get off before going home to the Boy Friend.

I missed them all.  My cab didn’t come.  The cute desk clerk, who would have been a fine substitute, kept calling.  Over an hour later my cab arrived.  I told him where to go.  The driver feigned ignorance of any such place on the street I had told him.  I gave him the exact street number—“Oh, yeah, it’s like a health club…” he mumbled and took me right to the door.

I am stripping at my locker.  I put my boots back on.  My jock.  My leather wrist band is snapped in place. My towel slung over my shoulder.  I look in the mirror.  My cock is mounding in the pouch of the jock nicely in anticipation.  I make the tour.

No one is here. 

Well, that’s not quite true.  A couple of men are lounging in out of the way rooms.  No one is in either the steam room or the sauna.  I sit in the sauna for a bit.  When I feel thawed out, I go to the communal play area.  The sling room is empty.  Just as empty are the two booths with a gloryhole between them.  But on the raised double bed mattress of faux leather a man of about my age is writhing as he watches the television screens mounted on the wall opposite.  I go into the room.  He’s used the gym here—nicely pumped up.  His legs are in the air; his very average cock is rock hard as he strokes it.  I walk in.  He looks at me slightly sheepishly.  I bend and replace his hand with my mouth.  He likes this.  I don’t spend long on his shaft, I work down to his nuts.  Then lower.  I want to taste that firm, worked out ass.  I pull back to get a good look at it before I dive in. 

A diamond is winking at me in his asshole.  It catches the light from the TV screen and glitters up at me.

I am caught by surprise—I am not quite prepared for faux gems in situ. 

I lick around it.  It is soon revealed that it is embedded in the base of a black butt plug.   I work the plug out and into his hole a few times.  He stops me.  He doesn’t want to shoot yet. 

I circle the building again.  Even the few open doors are now shut. 

Sauna.  Relax.  Wait.

I go back to the man in the play area.  He’s there, with a much bigger black toy sticking out of his ass.  When he sees me, he flips over onto all fours.  I work the toy into him—hoping I will soon replace it with my cock. 

But I make him shoot into the towel he’s been lying on. 

“You were good,” he tells me as he collects his things and toddles off to the showers.

I relax and stroke to the porn.  (It’s good and it’s bare—Raw Fuck Club, I think.)

Then in he walks.  The boy I am pretty sure is going to be mine for the night.

He has an average build with quite a lot of unruly dark hair on his head.  He is likely 15 years younger than I am.  There is an occasional tattoo on the shoulder, on the hip, and a tramp stamp.  He’s naked but for his towel and a harness.

“Hello, Sir…”

I pat the mattress next to me and take my hand away from my cock.

He jumps up on the mattress and gives me some really skilled head.  I relax.  This is it.

I pull the boy around so I can eat his ass.

Whoa.  He’s totally unprepared to be rimmed, much less fucked.  I send him to the shower.

He comes back all apologies.  “I wasn’t expecting anyone here tonight who’d fuck me.” 

I tell him I understand, but neither of us wants to chance a dirty fuck .  I can at least lick his ass now, and do. 

I make him suck another man of about my age as I rim him.  The older guy asks if he can fuck the boy.  We explain the lack of prep. 

Next a ripped, young Black stud arrives.  He wants to fuck him, too.  He gets some head as I continue to rim the boy.  The stud considers fucking him anyway, but then decides not to.

An older Black man arrives.  “You letting guys fuck your boy?”

I make the boy tell him about lack of prep. 

This is four dicks he could have had seed him tonight.

This time the boy and I take turns on the older Black man’s cock.  I end up with a mouth full of cum.  I reverse felch it into the boy.  This makes him shoot all over the mattress.

He thanks me for being understanding and takes off.

I stroke.

A very large man arrives.  I let him go down on me.  A cute, short Hispanic man stands in the shadows and strokes as he watches us.  My sucker is fine.  Until I catch a whiff of his breath. 

It’s bad enough to make me go wash my cock.  One more unprepared man; I mean, a simple mint…

The Hispanic has followed me into the bathroom.

“My room?” he asks.

I nod and follow.

There is no other talk.

He sits on his bed.  My cock is in his small mouth.  This is not going to work—he’s scraping me.

I make him stand up and suck him.  He turns around and presents me with his ass.  I get up and get him on all fours.  I tongue his hole for a moment, but there is so little room in this cramped space.  I push in. 

Instantly I know he’s not prepared either.  But it’s too late.

I fuck.

I will myself to shoot.

I am almost there.

The Hispanic’s ass contracts as he unloads on his rumpled sheet.

It’s enough to milk my cock into loading him.

Oh, where is a boy scout when you need one?

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Couple of Ass Eaters

Detroit—February, 2015

I was leaving in the morning on my second business trip of the month.  This one was to St. Louis.  The weather in Michigan was not great—there was a potential snow storm headed for Detroit—so I went in the night before my flight.  I was alone in an airport hotel.  And horned. 

And there, on BBRT, was a hot man looking for loads at an airport hotel.  I wrote him and told him I was across the street and would love to seed him sometime that night.  He opened my email.  And never wrote back.  Ah, yes…nothing is ever that easy…

I went to dinner.  I came home and hopped back online. There was a man I’d played with a few times, but not for years. And never alone.

“Hello,” he typed.  “Good seeing you on here.  In town?”

I explained my circumstances.

“I remember your big cock in my hole and eating that sweet ass of yours.  What time?”

I love it when it’s simple…

He’s on all fours—right on the edge of the big bed.  He’s a tall man, big boned and carrying a little extra weight.  His legs and ass are hairy.  There’s a tiny patch on his chest as well, and some end-of-the-day dark stubble on his cheeks and chin.  I’ve seen him top and know he has a nice sized cock.  Jacob keeps apologizing that it won’t stand up.

“I don’t care,” I tell him truthfully as I remove my tongue from his hairy ass crack.  “As long as you like what we’re doing.”

“Oh, yeah…Eat my hole out.”

I don’t need much encouragement to stick my tongue back into him.  It swirls deeply into his very essence. 

Jacob pulls away from me.  “Let me taste my ass.”  He spins around on the bed and grabs me into a kiss.  Our tongues push.  I let mine surrender to his oral onslaught.  He groans, deep in the back of his throat.  He pulls out of the kiss and resumes the position.  “Fuck me.”

My cock is wet—from his spit when he sucked me; from the lube I use to jack as I eat his ass; from my saliva that I have let drool onto my cock as I stand up.  My cock is fully engorged.  It feels heavy in the palm of my right hand as I line it up.

The moment he feels the bare head of my dick brush against his hole, he pushes back.  I let him.  He impales himself in one smooth thrust.  And with a groan that will wake the trucker next door.

“SHIT!!!  Yes!”

I’m home.  All the way in.  Pubes grinding against him.  I keep it slow.  Slower than Jacob wants.  I hold his hips in place.  I’m in charge now.  I fuck him—relentlessly slow.  It’s driving him crazy, but in a really good way.  He is milking my cock repeatedly with every stroke.

I build the rhythm.  He begins to whimper.  He’s whispering “fuck” as every stroke hits home.  I work up to full speed.  Now there is no space between the words in his litany of cursing. 

Just as swiftly, I stop and pull out.  I scramble up on the bed.  “Suck my dick.  Taste yourself.”  Jacob eagerly swallows my really wet cock straight down his throat.  He groans again. I pull out.  He keeps his mouth open.  I bend down and around to kiss him.



I have fucked him again and again.  Rimming his ass each time. 

“Now it’s your turn.  Let me eat you hole.”

I lie on my back, legs in the air, ass on the edge of the bed.  He’s on the floor.  He looks at my ass for a long time.  I feel the hot air from his breath.  Jacob’s tongue lightly flicks my tight pucker.  He stops and tosses me his poppers.  I take a hit.

Jacob drives his tongue into me.  My hole lets him in.  Wanting it.  Needing it.  It’s been so fucking long since anyone has rimmed me.  His tongue is fucking me.  Deeply.  Jacob can’t get enough of my ass.  He licks and spits.  He does everything to me that I love to do to an ass in my face.  Finally, he pulls back, stands up and leans in to kiss me.  His cock is now at full erection.  It slides right along my wet ass crack as his weight presses me down into the bed.  His erect cock rubbing on my throbbing dick. 

We kiss again.  Just as long.  As wet.  As deep.


Jacob is riding my cock.  I am sprawled on my back.  His ass is impaled with a downward shove by him and an upward thrust by me.  We pause only to let him popper up occasionally.  I hope there are no close neighbors.  Our bed is alive with squeaks and groans.  And neither of us are monitoring our vocal noise levels.  We are in full rut and don’t care.

In a graceful move, he lifts himself off my cock and sits down squarely on my face.  I can only just a grab a ragged breath of air before his ass cheeks seal it out.  His hole is now open.  And loaded.  If I didn’t know I hadn’t shot, I would swear he was feeding me cum out of his hole.  His ass has been working overtime—making an incredible amount of extra lube for me to gratefully swallow.  I have to stop stroking my dick.  I’m that close.  I concentrate on getting every last drop into my mouth.
He lets me up for air.

And to kiss me.  Jacob loves the ass juice as much as I do.  Then he settles down on my face again and cuts off my air.  Really cuts it off this time.  I work his hole until my lungs are screaming for oxygen.  I push him off, gasping for breath.

I roll onto him. 

Mount him.

And shoot my load into his overly wet hole.

Jacob lets my breathing calm down.  “Now,” he says rolling away from me.  “Live up to your screen name.  Felch and feed me.” 

He gets up on all fours.  My load is rolling out of his over-worked hole. 

But I catch the first river of cum with my tongue before it hits the sheets.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Full Circle

Fort Wayne—February, 2015

It was cold.  So cold, that even with a space heater running for 24 hours beforehand, I couldn’t raise the temperature enough in the playroom for a naked guy to feel comfortable.  I sent Roger a text.  He was due here to continue the stretch of his hole.  He suggested I come to him.  I tossed some things in a bag, packed the rimseat and headed south into the wilds of Indiana.

His house is new—and looks like the decorator just left.  Well, maybe not the study where there are various stacks of papers, books and magazines. And where there is a sling hanging from a steel frame in the middle of the room.  We secure a tarp under it.  “I want a piss fuck,” he tells me.  I set up the rim seat in the far corner.

Roger stops stripping.  “Do you need to unload?”

I nod.  We head into the bathroom.  Out of habit for him, I think.  He hunkers down.  My cock is slightly plump but not hard.  I wait.  I can feel my cock adjust from sex mode to piss mode.  The vessels open—and my piss starts.  It’s a sputter—spraying the inside of his mouth.  He groans—making it sound like I’ve served him a fine wine.  And truly, I have hydrated the entire hour it took me to drive to his house.  The flow is gaining momentum.  It is quickly becoming a gusher.  It fills his mouth.  The piss eddies around the head of my cock before he swallows it down.  I pump a huge, sweet load down his gullet.

We waste no time in stripping the rest of the way and getting Roger into the sling.  I eat his hole.  I am actually able to piss a little more on his ass crack as I eat.  He loves the hot liquid stream down the valley of his ass cheeks and my hotter tongue lapping it up.

I enter him easily.  No slow inching in here.  The piss load has turned the rather proper man into a whore.  He is begging for me to slam into him—to fuck him without mercy—to fuck him as hard as I am able.

I do just that. 

More rimming.

“I need to give you back some of your piss.”

Roger is out of the sling all on his own—no help needed.  We stay right in the study this time.  I kneel and take his half hard cock in my mouth.  He feeds me every drop I gave him.  And more of his own.  Full circle.  When he’s done, I take a huge swig of Gatorade.  I know just what I want to do with my next piss load.

We fuck some more.

I go under the rimseat.  “Make me felch the load today,” I tell him.  But now I’m more than happy with his natural ass juices and the precum I’ve left behind.  And that hint of piss from earlier.  My cock is so damn hard.  I jerk as I eat him out and slurp noisily.

“I need to fuck,” I tell him as I tap his thighs to get him up and off the seat.

Back in the sling.  And in just a few strokes I feel it rising.  In moments I shoot my load.

Again Roger is out of the sling.  “Eat me out like you promised.”

I am under the seat.  I lick and eat my stringy load.  I love the taste of my cum.  The very act of felching is not letting my cock go down.  My cock is as hard as if I haven’t shot yet. 

I lick.

I stroke.

I eat.

I swallow.

I am ready for what I want to do.

“Sling…” I mumble into his butt.

Roger is back in it.  My angry red cock is up him—fucking in the remnant of my cum.
“You wanted it,” I grunt out.

And I’m pissing.  Deep in his hole.  I hold still—with my cock still spewing out the pale yellow liquid, I begin fucking.

“Oh, God,” mumbles Roger.  “Give it to me.  Fuck that piss into me.  Fuck.  Fuck me!”

I fuck until there is not a drop left in my bladder.  It’s the biggest load of the day.  My load, his load and a whole lot more of Gatorade. 

I pull out.  My cock finally is softening.  I bend to taste his hole.

Roger squeezes.  Just one tiny spasm.  A splash of piss shoots out of his ass and into my mouth.

Full circle.

Only then do I grease up and start using my hands on his pissed out hole.