Saturday, April 25, 2015

CLAW Day Two: Afternoon Double Fuck

Cleveland—April, 2015

My roommate, Roger, wasn’t due in until dinner time on Friday.  I had a lazy morning of breakfasting at the hotel and getting the room set up with the sling, etc.  I took some items to the main hotel to be sold in the silent auction to help the CLAW charities. I ate lunch, I wrote up the post about the Cum Dump from the night before…and that made me horned.  I was ready for more.

There were three men who had talked to be before I arrived: 

A Puerto Rican Cub

The lithe Black man I had helped gangbang last year

A man who had the most beautiful tribal tattoos I’d ever seen.

All had given me phone numbers to text them.

I started at the top of the list.

The Cub was ready and willing.  His room was unavailable.  I volunteered to pick him up (avoiding the long shuttle bus times) and play in my sling.  As I was leaving the parking lot my phone went off.  Would I be ok with a three way?  Of course.  He gave me a room number. 

I continued to the host hotel.  It took forever to find parking but I was soon in the elevator and found the room.  It was literally across the corridor from where I was last night.

I knock. 

The young Black man who was at the cum dump party last night answers.  “He’s in here.  He just took a load.”

A tall, massive Black man is standing in the middle of the cluttered room, toweling his better than average dick dry.  “I shot a big old load up there.”  He gestures to the man on all fours on the bed.  
“Have fun.” 

The full tan ass looks just like his pictures.  As the massive man dresses, I get on my knees and begin licking the dripping butt.  The young Black clambers up on the bed and feeds his cock to the Puerto Rican.  PR is a text book Cub; he’s chunky but hot chunky.  Maybe 35, furry, tatted, and cock hungry.

The other top is slender, younger than the Cub, has a nice dick and, as I soon learn, into everything I love.

I give one last lick to his cummy hole and get naked.  The other top comes around and dives in.  He felches.  He obviously loves it every bit as much as I do.  When I am done stripping, I kneel beside him.  He gives me a long, lingering and cum soaked kiss.  Oh, fuck yes…

“I want to see you fuck him.” 

I stand and insert. 

The Cub grunts and reaches for the poppers.  I look down.  I can’t believe what I’m feeling.  The other top’s mouth is plastered under my cock, licking it with each stroke I take.  Fuck, it feels good.  The top soon stands up and kisses me with all the juices he’s collected.   He tastes even better.
I let him fuck.  I eat the top’s ass on the back stroke.  I share the acrid taste on my tongue with him.  It makes him fuck the Cub harder.

It becomes more and more about our mouths—with our dicks happening to be in a hot, wet ass. 
We clean each other’s cocks.  We lick sweaty pits.  We rim each other.  But always in conjunction with one cock or the other in the Cub’s hole.

“Let’s double fuck him.”  The top slaps the mattress, right by edge, indicating that’s where he wants me.  I lie on my back.  The cub gets a knee on either side of my chest and lowers himself down on my slick cock.  He bounces.  The top slows him down and pushes into the already filled hole.  With all the cum still in there, he slides right along the underside of my cock.

I lie still and let him do all the pumping.  And it works.  Most DP’s are clumsy and hot for about two seconds before one or the other cock pops out.  Not this one.  We are both rock hard.  The Cub is moaning about how he can’t believe how full he is.  And he is.  His ass is now so tight, I wonder if the two of us might shoot.  It is an incredible mind fuck moment for all three of us.

It finally has to end.  The top pulls out.  The Cub rolls off me.  The top sucks my dick of every drop of cum and ass juice.  He brings it all up to my mouth and kisses me.  I melt…

“Is that the time?”  The Cub looks at the bedside clock.  It’s an hour ahead.  “I have to volunteer at 5 o’clock.”

We nod and stick out cocks back in him.  I’m in his ass, with the Cub on his back.  I can stand and pile drive into him.  His hand jerks his own dick.  In moments, I am fucking the jizz out of him.  There is a spurt with every thrust of mine.  The other top leans down and catches most of it on his face.  I mop up what he’s not wearing, and smear it on my cock and fuck it into the Cub.

We finally let him shower.  The top and I make out.  We take turns sitting on each other’s faces.  Eventually I get him off in my mouth.

And he goes to clean up to do his volunteering stint for the weekend.

I dress.

On a whim, and because my balls are so heavy, I text the lithe Black man I gangbanged last year.

He would love to meet.  I do down one floor.

We kiss in the door.  “This has to be fast,” he tells me.  “Dinner plans.”

I eat his hole. 

I fuck and unload in plenty of time to keep him right on schedule.

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