Monday, May 4, 2015

In Charge?

My Playroom—March, 2015

It’s back to business as usual here.  Well, at least until IML at the end of month where I will report daily once again.

The final hook up of February was with two guys who I have played with a few times.  It was at one of their houses for a change.  He had a sling, so I took the fuckbench.  Sexually, it was a pleasant evening.  I fucked them both.  And then the younger one and I took turns working our hands into the host.  It was also slightly odd—before we got down to the sex, I had to watch more reality television than I had ever witnessed.  I am still in therapy…

March started out with a very hot young man approaching me online.  All was going well until I casually dropped some remark about making sure his clean out was deep enough.  He informed me he NEVER had to clean out.  I informed him we were not so compatible after all.

Roger let me know that he had recommended me to a couple from Indiana.   In due course, I got a message from them.  They were going to a fisting event in Chicago, but they would like to come to my house on the way in to the city to “warm up” their asses.  I agreed.

They checked into a local hotel in the middle of the afternoon.  I got a whole series of texts after they checked in.  The top was sleeping after several very long days of work. 

“He should be up in an hour.”

“He’s just waking.”

“He’s cleaning out—wants your dick, too.”

“Leaving in 10”

“Leaving in 5”


“Leaving in 10”

And this time they did leave the motel.   It was still early enough in the evening they would get back to their bed after our play and get a good night’s rest before they continued on to Chicago.

I leave the guys to get undressed and stow their clothes in the chest of drawers in the playroom.  I like what I see.  The sub bottom (Henry) is maybe 5’9”, slender, and out-going.  His partner, still tired, is the same height, a good 50 pounds heavier (mostly muscle) with a regulation sized cock.  And, I was soon to learn, an attitude. 

I arrive back in my chaps, harness and boots—full leather having been requested.

“Get on your knees,” the top tells Henry as I shut the door.  “Get these big cocks hard.”

Henry does.  He doesn’t need his partner’s hand on his shoulder pushing him into place.  But maybe this is the role play they like.  I stand to the vacant side of Henry.  He gets his partner hard in no time.  I am plumping in my jock watching him work the other dick.  Henry is in a jock, and a leather vest.   The top, Matt, is in the same, with a harness under the vest and a pair of very high boots. 

Matt pulls him off his dick and grinds Henry’s face against my jock pouch.  “Get him hard, I said.”

Henry pulls me out, swallows my growing cock in a single movement.  I erect in his throat.   It feels great.  When I pull out, I am almost fully hard.

Henry inhales deeply, needing air.

“Suck that dick.”  Matt pushes him back on to me.  Henry gives great head.  Eventually I pull him off me and Henry slobbers over Matt.  “Good and wet,” Matt reminds him.

I look to Matt.  “Fuck bench?”

“Yeah, let’s see him spread his ass for us.”  I help Henry up and get him in position on the padded knee rests of the bench.  Matt has moved around so he can still fuck Henry’s mouth.  I kneel and get my first taste of ass.  It’s shower fresh—but it’s the feel I concentrate on—soft, nearly hairless cheeks on my cheeks  and a hole that eases open with the first prod of my tongue.

I burrow in going deep.  Henry grunts--sounding like I’m hurting him.  I pull back concerned.  It’s not me.  Matt is drilling his mouth, needing to show off his dominance.  A hand comes down with a stinging blow on Henry’s cheek—the cheek where I can see his cock is lodged.

I stand up.  I look at Matt for the go ahead to mount his boyfriend.

“Fuck him.  Fuck him raw like he likes it.”

I have lubed my cock while I was rimming.  I slide it in.  I have to be slow.  It’s a steady progression, but it takes time to bottom out in him.  Matt has stopped thrusting and is watching my dick disappear into Henry.

“Take it, boy.  Make me proud.”

And with that word, Henry’s hole opens and I’m in him to the hilt.

I fuck slowly.  Deliberately.  Henry is grunting—he is loving it.  Matt comes back to life.  He cuffs Henry on the chin and face fucks him twice as fast as the slow, steady stroke I’m using to open him up.

Before I can build in tempo Matt orders me out with “I want some of that.”  We switch places.  Matt drives his cock into the hole.  I fleeting wonder about ATM with Henry—but there’s no need, he cleans me off lovingly and I inch in to his mouth.

I finally have to pull out.  Matt is fucking him so hard it’s making Henry’s teeth scrape my cock.  Matt is actually making the bench jump.  I kneel and hold on to Henry (and the bench), my face pressed to his.  Matt’s brings his hand down with a resounding smack on Henry’s ass.  My head shoots up to look at him.  He’s oblivious to me and to Henry’s whimpering.  No role play now.

Matt fucks him as hard as he possibly can.  I just hold him.  When Matt pulls out and flops down on the bed, I move around and lick the puffy hole.  Of course, I’d be doing it anyway, but tonight it means something different—my tongue soothes his ravaged ass.

“Get over here and suck my cock.”  I stand up to give room for Henry to get off the bench.  He does.  A little shakily.  But he’s game.  He kneels on the mattress between his partner’s spread legs.  He sucks his cock down.  I move into place behind him and work my dick back into his hole.  Gently.  He groans in appreciation around his partner’s cock.

Matt watches me.  He then focuses on Henry and controls how deep Henry is taking his cock.

“Enough.”  Matt rolls out from under Henry.  “I want your ass.”   Henry is on all fours.  Matt moves behind him and pushes him down flat on the mattress.  Matt’s full weight is grinding him into his mattress.  I can tell when cock meets hole.  Henry grunts in pain.

“Easy,” he hisses softly.

“Take me, bitch.”  Matt is stage whispering into his ear.  “I am the one who decides what you are going to do and what you like.  Now squeeze down on my dick.”

I am standing by the fuck bench watching them.  Sure that Matt is showing off for my benefit.  Hips are slamming against ass cheeks.  All to show who’s in control.

I sip my water.  And watch.  And listen as Henry becomes more and more distressed.  At the moment I decide I have to do something, Matt grunts as if he’s shot a load.  He grinds into Henry’s ass and lies still.

Henry has teared up again.

Oblivious, Matt rolls off him and stands up.

“Get back on the bench for him,” Matt tells him, pointing at me.

“I think you should get fucked. I don’t want to hear all the way to Chicago that you didn’t get any of that.”

Matt smirks and gets on the bench.

I eat his hole briefly.  And work my way in slowly.  Surprisingly, he’s far more ready for my big dick than Henry was.  I fuck.  I decide it’s time for a little payback.  I work up to a blistering fuck tempo.  Henry has gotten off the bed and watches.  His cock, for the first time is growing.

“That’s enough,” Matt barks out.  I consider ignoring him, but I’m a good alpha boy and do as he tells me.  I pull out.  Matt actually says “Thanks” and flops down on the bed.

And is asleep almost instantly.

I look at Henry.  He smiles, rather ruefully.  I kiss him.  He responds—hungrily.

We have a great 45 minutes of fucking and fisting in the sling.

Matt never rouses. 

So I just seed his boy. 

Whether he likes it or not.

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