Thursday, June 4, 2015

Following Daddy's Lead

Chicago—March, 2015

We are back to business as usual here at From My Side of the Sling.  I’ll be picking up where I left off before I stopped to report daily from IML.  My summers, as they have been in the past, are very work intensive, but I think I will be able to keep up my posts of every three days or so.  I have enough encounters to write up—which is good, for the dick goes into moth balls for at least part of the summer.

In the grand scheme of the exploits I record, the night before this piss party I entertained the young man who came late—and came early, leaving me unsatisfied.  I took off for Chicago, sling in tow, the next day.  I knew I’d find a way to lighten my balls there.

I look around the dimly lit room.  And sigh.  It may be a piss party, but today it’s pretty dry.  Lots of playful men are here and not one of them has hydrated enough in advance.  It’s all about cocksucking and fucking, not piss play.  Of course I have fed some, but I think that at three hours into it, I have only been fed piss just once.  And guys have gotten into the sling to get fucked by me, but no one has used it without me around.

I move behind the screens.  There, kneeling on what should be a damp floor is the first man I got in the sling.  He’s also the first man I ever fucked at this gathering, years and years ago.  He’s still good looking.  Still as slutty.  Still very sub—with a BF who wants you to use him hard.  And he can still make most men cum in his mouth before they know it.  He takes another hit of poppers as I watch.  He stands and bends over for the man he has been sucking.  I watch the spit covered dick go into the hole I fucked relentlessly earlier in the night.

I look around for the second man I fucked, but I don’t see him.  Short, compact, trim, Hispanic—and a man whose eyes were bigger than his ass.

“Fuck me, Papi, with that big dick?” 

I eat his tiny, hairy ass, then enter him carefully.

He howls.  Which brings an audience to watch us fuck.

I wait for him to tell me to fuck before I move again.  I build it slowly.  He doesn’t ask me to stop, but he never looks like he enjoys it.

He’s nowhere around now.  I wonder if he’s gone home.

I look around for a new man to fuck, but none of my regulars are here.  I stand in the darkest corner and let some man lick my balls after he’s pissed on them.   This makes him shoot his load on my boots.

I piss on a sub in the pool.

I turn around and suddenly the party heats up. 

Newcomers.  From Palm Springs, I learn as we chat.  If they tell me their names, I don’t remember them now.  They both are muscled, tanned and tatted.  They could easily step into those early releases of Hot Desert Knights.  The top has a full head of silver hair—the bottom’s head is shaved.  The tattoos on both of them are works of art—no random, unrelated inkings  here—but beautiful tribal swirls that swoop around their bodies and highlight a pec or point to an ass.

“You got any piss for my boy?”

I gulp from my Gatorade bottle and tell the man I do.

“Get on your knees,” the top tells his partner.  “Give this man some service.”

He’s a great cock sucker.  I let him go to town.  I finally pull out and arc a stream of pale piss onto his extended tongue.  Still pissing, I stick it into his mouth so he can suckle it all out of my cock.

“You fuck with that thing?” asks the top.

I tell him I do and that the sling is available.

“Open me up first, Daddy, for this big cock.”

I look at the top’s cock.  It’s gotten hard with watching me piss his boy.  It’s short and fat---with a huge PA on the end.

We get the bottom in the sling.  I can’t resist eating his spread hole.  The top behind me leans in and sucks his partner’s cock.  I rim and spit.  And suddenly there is stream of piss from the top.  Strong and dark.  It sluices down his partner’s ass crack.  I gulp some and push some into the hole in front of me. 

The moment the piss stops I hear, “I need to fuck him.”

I move out of the way and watch that PA disappear up the wet ass.  He fucks.  I beat my cock on the bottom’s chest.  I move closer to his head and let him bend around in the sling to suck me.  He groans, being filled at both ends.

“Your turn.”

I move around to the business end of the sling.  I dip and taste his hole.  Daddy is a copious pre-cummer.  I eat some, but leave most of it to fuck in.

I slip in easily.  The top hugs me from behind and begins working my nipples.  I fuck—and feel the top’s dick resting against my ass crack.

“You like to get fucked?” he asks.

“Not really.”

He grunts, slightly disappointed.

We change around again.  I watch him fuck.  I follow his lead and move in close and play with his nipples.  My wet cock is sliding up and down in the cleft of his ass.  The top grunts, and bends so he is chest to chest with his partner.  It’s an open invitation.  I work my flared head into his damp hole.

“Argh!”   The top arches his back up, pulling me out of him.  And it suddenly becomes obvious that he’s shot in his partner’s hole.

“Fuck in my cum.” 

I do.

It feels wonderful.  I fuck hard.  And shoot.

Daddy lets me recover for a moment.

“Get on your knees.”  I do.  Willingly.  He joins me down there.  He’s the first to lean in and get a mouthful of cum from the wrecked hole in front of us.

We kiss.

We snowball.

My turn. 

Lick and kiss.

We repeat until the man in the sling is empty.

“That is so hot,” the bottom mutters.

I had almost forgotten him, I am so wrapped up in the mutual felch.

I stand.  I grab my cock—and a perfect arc of piss lands on his chest.  I push slightly—and it lands where it should—in his open mouth…

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