Monday, September 28, 2015

What! No Bottoms?

Northwest Indiana—August, 2015

It was time for the house party again.  The host let’s men play in almost every room of his house—both levels of it.  Dark room, glory holes under the basement stairs and sofa beds everywhere.

I have a hot daddy dick deep in my throat.

Someone needed to get the party started.  And that was me, of course.  It’s a good turnout.  The host’s lawn was full of cars when I parked—but no one was playing.  Half naked men are drinking and roaming the place, wanting to see some sex.  So I sank to my knees and started sucking the Daddy next to me

He’s likely my age, but looks older.  He has a nice thick cock, though nowhere near as long as I am.  He seems to love what I’m doing with my tongue.  His hands caress the tightly cropped hair on my head, which I love.  But now he’s doing that annoying fiddle with my ears—fucking my ear holes with his index fingers.  I come up for air and go for his balls.

Since we are in a hallway outside a back bedroom, everyone has to pass us.  I inspire others to either stroke or play with another man.  My daddy turns my face toward one of our on lookers.  This new man is definitely older than I am.  He is stroking his massive dick, his underwear around his knees.  He’s about my length, but a good inch or more in thickness.  And he’s uncut.  I spend a long time on his foreskin before I try to deep throat him.  I can only get about half of that monster lodged in my throat.

He pulls off, telling me he doesn’t want to cum.  I only hope I am there when he does—or at least see him pleasure some man’s ass with it.

Ryan, of the blog Spreading My Legs, arrives.  We chat.  And become very aware that there are none of our usual butt boys in attendance.  We separate to go find some ass. 

I suck more dick, even rim a very cute young man’s ass, but he informs me he is a top.

I find Ryan playing with a cute Latino in the dark area—there’s a surprise.  I am introduced to Juan—a man who has bottomed for Ryan countless times.  He sucks me expertly.  Ryan hauls him to his feet, turns him around and has me bury my face in the brown skinned butt.  I think I’ve finally found my first hole.   But Juan is not wanting to get fucked in front of the crowd that has gathered.  I go back to eating his hole while he sucks Ryan.

Eventually, when the room has cleared, Juan sits on my cock for about 15 seconds.  He’s in total control.  I can’t thrust up into him at all.  Then he leaves the party.


A couple I know from here find me individually.  Each time in the dark area.  They are in their early 40’s and have been together for quite a while.  The ginger-haired one finds me first.  He sucks me, while I sit on the back bed.  We aren’t disturbed.  Soon I’m eating his ass.

“Fuck me with that big dick.  Put it in me raw.”

I’m finally allowed to fuck.  But barely.  He pulls off me all apologetic.  “I’ll cum.  I better not.”  

And scampers away.

His partner, hairy and dark finds me an hour later—in the same place.  I suck his cock, I eat his ass.  He tells me to fuck him—but reminds me I need a Magnum.  I fuck him covered—glad to just get some ass.  He, too, pulls away, thinking he’ll shoot.  He goes back to the bar.

I suck my friend Harley, the guy who looks like he just got off his bike.  He tells me he’s had no ass at all.


I am in the dark room—hoping to at least suck one of the daddies again.  The ginger-haired guy returns.  I think he wants more dick in his hole.  But no.  Instead, he gives me his load down my throat.

Ryan leaves the party—no fucking at all.

The tops are stroking to porn—the lucky ones at least have a guy sucking them. 

With no one to fuck, the crowd has thinned dramatically.

I find Harley and the cute young top I’d rimmed on a secluded sofa.  Harley is stroking the worked out chest of the young man.  I suck his cock.  Harley holds the young guy’s legs in the air for me to eat his hole again.

“Suck my dick,” the young top pleads. 

I go back to it.  Just in time.  He erupts with a gigantic load down my throat.

I figure I won’t do better than that.  So I go home. 

Balls in need…

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Rosebud By Any Other Name…

My Playroom—August, 2015

The very next day after my blueballing from the guy with the problematic clean out I had a play date that was the total opposite.  Ross was fun, superbly cleaned out, kinky, willing, and easy on the eyes.  He’d found me on Recon.  I told him, if he wanted to know how I play, to look at what I’d written in this forum.  He wrote back:  “I followed your suggestion and read parts of your blog last night.  You have written about almost every fantasy I have!  In addition to your topics, I enjoy your writing style.  Thanks for sharing.  Are you still looking for experienced bottoms to play with?  I travel to MI often and would love to meet sometime.  I stay in fistee shape by taking care of myself frequently.   Between self-fisting/punching and big dildo riding I keep my rosebud blooming.  It is time for a couple of hands other than my own, maybe you could help…and I love the story of your piss play.  You can fill my hole anytime.  Are you up for a visit sometime?”

We continued to write back and forth—but it was still during the time the playroom was down.  Then I was back in business and had the unresponsive, dirty boy.  That night, Ross wrote that he was leaving Camp-It, a gay campground, in the morning and returning to his out of state home.  He would have to travel within miles of my house.  It was too good an opportunity not to grab it…

I watch him strip down, stowing his clothes in the chest of drawers reserved for my fuck buddies.  He’s tanned and fit, and his hair slightly shaggy.  He’s younger than I am, but not by much.  He held an extremely athletic job for a number of years—and his body is still taut and defined.

As soon as the last drawer is shut, he is on his knees, sucking me to hardness.  I can’t wait to get him on the fuck bench.

I dive into his ass.  It’s evident that he plays with big toys—his ass hole is muscular—and he has not lied about his training it.  He can open it or shut my tongue out at will.  When my tongue is in deep, he pushes it out slightly, filling my mouth with his engorged sphincter.  My cock drools.  I smear the precum on my fingers and then on his very open hole.  I tell him just what I’m doing.  He groans, mid popper huff.

I stand up and insert.

My dick pushes into him—slowly, steadily.  I am balls deep and holding.

“That feels so good,” he mutters into the padding on the fuck bench.

I pull out of his ass.  He is eager to clean my dick.  I move around and let him.  I bend and kiss when he’s done.  Not for too long.  I want my cock back in his hole. 

We spend a long time working this rotation—fuck, clean, kiss, fuck, clean, kiss…

I pull out of his ass—he’s expecting me at his mouth.  Instead I shoot a stream of piss over his ass crack.  And another that coats the small of his back.  I lick it off his ass.  It’s not strong, but stronger than how I want it for a feeding straight to Ross’ mouth.  I fuck in his hole again.   And take the ass flavored cock, now tasting of a hint of piss, to his mouth.  He devours me just as hungrily…

I get him off the bench.  I add wrist restraints.  I attach his arms to the top of the sling frame. 

His body is sloping in a graceful arc before me.  I kneel.  Eat. Fuck.  Piss down his crack.  Eat. And fuck some more.

Now in the sling, I introduce the egg headed dildo to his ass.  He takes the toy easily. 

My dick slips in right alongside it.

“That feels so hot.” 

I nod in agreement.  And thrust harder.

“Incredible,” he mumbles—his eyes focused on the mirror above him—watching the two objects invading his ass.

Soon, it’s just my dick in his hole.

We fuck.

For a very long time…

We take a break.

“Up for something a little different?” I ask.


“I have a condom of cum in the freezer.  It’s from a man I sucked off at a rest area.  It was supposed to go up a visiting pig, but it never worked out.”

“Give it to me.”

I go down to the freezer.  We take a pic of it.

I cut off the knotted end.  I turn it inside out in his guts.  Ross shivers as the cold nugget of cum goes up him.  My cock follows it in.  It has slightly cooled his ass canal.  Then the head of my dick hits the hard lump of cum.  Fuck!  The temperature change makes my dick harder.  It also makes me fuck harder.  His hot ass melts the lump of cum.   Soon it is clinging to my cock on the out stroke.  I bring it around and make him taste this unknown man’s semen. 

His ass is sloppy with the cum.

I bend to clean up his hole—savoring the taste again of the man I sucked off a couple of weeks ago.

We fuck.

“Rimseat time.”

I take a hit of poppers and get under.  He sits on the seat.  His ass is dripping with the cum.  I clean him up externally.  With a sift hard tongue flick, I am into him.  Deep.  So much deeper than any time today.

Ross grunts.  And pushes.  Cum flows into my mouth.  Down my throat.  And he pushes again.   His cum saturated hole is pushing into my mouth.  His rose bud is blooming as I lick it.  He fills my mouth with his dripping ass.  I instantly stop jerking myself.   It is the hottest thing I’ve had happen in weeks.  Then he retracts it.  And with another grunt—my mouth slowly fills with his insides.


And I clean every drop clinging to him.

Only then, do we settle down to over an hour of fist play…and a load of mine in his ass to take home.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Long Set-up for a Big Let-Down

My Playroom—August, 2015

My summer houseguests left on a Saturday.  By the next Sunday, I began setting up the playroom.  I had the sling up in no time at all, the fuck bench positioned properly next to it and the pillow under the rimseat.  I was in such a hurry I didn’t put down the padded floor and the plastic waterproofing which goes under it.    After my long summer of not being able to entertain, I had the first guy coming over to get used on my home turf.

He’d been after me for a long time.  For over a year, we’d sporadically tried to make a meeting work.  He seemed ideal—early 30’s with a scruffy face, nice body, biggish cock and a smooth ass.  But one or the other of us were either too busy or too booked up for the one hour drive our meet would entail.  And he needed to come to me.  A boyfriend back home, I assumed, or a nosy roommate at the least. 

So after all our talk, I made it a point for him to be the first on the list when I could entertain again.  We talked and he was free on Sunday.  At the appointed time, he sent the text he was leaving.  I showered.  Added  the jock and laced up the boots.  He was right on time.  And he was cuter, in my doorway, than in his pictures.

We greeted each other.  His eyes were full of desire.  And apprehension.  I asked if he need the bathroom before we went upstairs.

“I should be good to go.”

So off we went upstairs…

He’s naked and on his knees.  My cock is wet with his saliva and pointing straight up.  His cute face is buried in my balls.  “Lick them, don’t suck them.”  Soundlessly he obeys.  “Try to work your tongue between my balls and the cock ring.”  Again he does.  And he hits the right spot to make my cock drool.  “Lick up this pre-cum.”  He does.  Without a sound.

“Get up on the bench.  I want to taste your hole.” 

I help get him in place.  My hands pull apart his cheeks and my tongue dives in.  Irish Spring and a little sweat.  I burrow into his butthole.  I wait for any kind of sound of enjoyment, but I get nothing.  I lick the full length of the crack, my beard massaging it all as I go back up it.  I zero in on the hole again.  It begins to relax and let me in.  I lube myself as I eat.

In one easy move, I stand up and insert the head of my cock into him.  I hold—I hear the smallest grunt of acceptance.  I pause, waiting for any kind of encouragement to proceed.  None.  My dick inches into him.  I bottom out in his smooth, hot ass. Not a sound.

I begin to fuck.  I want to hear something from him.   I fuck him slowly.  Not a peep.  I jack hammer into him.  Nothing. 

I pause.  “You doing okay?”

“Yeah, you feel great.”

I begin fucking again and he goes back to being eerily quiet.

I pull out.


I hand him the bulb and I take him down to the shower.   I clean up in the kitchen sink so he can have the bathroom.

Soon he’s back.  We try the sling.  It’s the same problem—this time after only a few strokes.

We clean again.

Back to the fuck bench.


I’m pretty sure it was a rushed clean out at home.  And likely too much water while doing it.

He is embarrassed and decides to go home.

I tell him I’d be happy to have him back another time.

Once he’s gone, I log in to say it again on Adam4Adam. 

He’s already blocked me.

The good news, the very next day, I had one of the best hook-ups of the year…

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cum-Union Chicago: Old Friends and Fuck Buds

Chicago—August, 2015

(This picks up right where the last post left off…)

I am sprawled on Juan’s bed.  He is standing astride me; my hands are reaching up and stroking his hairy legs.  He wiggles that brown butt and slowly brings it down to my face.  His ass cheeks are full enough to seal off any air.   My tongue pokes at his moist hole.  He opens himself for me.  I lick.  I prod him with my tongue.

And then the avalanche of cum begins to pour out of him and into my mouth.

I try to groan, but can only keep swallowing.  The flow just keeps coming.  I push some into his ass again, but it drips right back into my mouth.  When I can’t breathe any more, I tap his thighs.  He knows me well enough to raise just enough to let me gasp for air, then to grind his wet, hairy ass back down on my face.

When his legs have had enough, Juan stands up.  My beard is matted in cum and ass juice.  He steps off the bed, bends down and we kiss.  My cock is rampant.  Juan’s hand grasps it.

“I need to sit on this.”

I grin.  And in moments, Juan is impaled on my dick.  We both love how wet the fucking sounds of each thrust.  He rides me until his legs can’t take anymore.

“Did you fuck that guy on the fuck bench?  The one on this floor?” 

I nod.

“I couldn’t stop eating his ass,” Juan continues, “his ass lips are so juicy and swollen.”

“I’ve been there twice.”

Juan adjusts his jock.  “I’m going to see if I can get some more cock.  I’ll look for you.”

We hug and go our separate ways.

Instantly I bump into Daniel.  We had met twice at the Madison Cum-Union gatherings, where he was the main attraction of the party—taking a load from about every top there.  We have not seen each other since, though we write occasionally on BBRT.  Like Juan, he takes great delight in feeding me out of his hole.  He’s taller than I remember—but I do remember his dark, swarthy, Hebraic looks.  We hug.

“I saw you on the guest list,” I tell him.

“I was hoping we’d meet—though I don’t have any loads yet.”

“I don’t care.  I just want to fuck that hot ass.  The sling?”

We go down a flight.  We both love showing off in the public sling.  His ass tastes and feels as great as I remember.  He can milk a cock with the best of them—and with his good looks, it’s no wonder he gets so many loads.  We draw a crowd as we fuck.  So many hands want to stroke one or the other of us, but I cannot get anyone else to fuck him.  A few bend to suck Daniel as I fuck, but he hates this and pulls his dick out of their mouths. 

We agree to take a break.

I find my lithe, fun Black sub I’ve had at both CLAW and IML.  We fuck in the corridor of the third floor, with him holding on to the wall of the maze.  But it ends with both of us needing to wash. 

I step back into the congested corridors of the third floor.  There is the young man from the piss party I usually refer to as Red Trunks.  He is on his knees giving head to a massive cock on a massive man.  RT doesn’t see me as I walk up behind him.  I kneel and reach my hand down those red trunks.  My middle finger grazes his hole.  On cue, without bothering to look who might want to fuck him, RT gets up so I can eat his ass while he continues to suck the big cock.   I eat his hole.  I lube my cock as I force a ton of saliva up his tight pucker; I know he always has to adjust to my size.  I stand and start to insert.   RT stops sucking and says “Fuck, that has to be you…”  He turns enough to kiss me and then spreads his ass cheeks farther apart.

But he’s not ready for my dick yet.  “Let me get some smaller guys up me first.”  He goes off.  (He must have found just who he needs—I never see him again.)

“Well, hell,” the bruiser says, “If he doesn’t want that cock I do.”

I heft his massive meat and look at him quizzically.

“Put it in my ass.”  And this guy, who looks like he’s a bouncer at some bar patronized by unruly Marines, bends over and takes me easily.  To the hilt.  Instantly, other guys are crawling under him to lick his big cock as I fuck him.  Another guy is trying to tongue my ass as I fuck.  It feels great, but it’s just too crowded to give him a good fuck.  The bruiser stands up, pulling me out of him and takes me to his room.

We do it right for the next 30 minutes.  He’s only disappointed that I am not flip fucker.

I go back for the last time to the guy I started with on the fuck bench.  His ass lips are now indeed as puffy as Juan indicated.  I tongue them gently and give him one last fuck.  He cranes his head to really look at me as he cleans my dick afterward.  When he pulls off he says, “You have no idea how many anal orgasms you’ve given me tonight...”


In the dark area on the second floor, a cute Hispanic top decides to bottom.  A big mistake.

Back on the third floor, I give head to an amazingly thick Arab cock.  His thick foreskin will not retract.  But he loves how determined my tongue is to try.  He loves it so much he gives me a load—and takes my BBRT screen name.  (He writes later that he wanted me to fuck him but didn’t know how to ask!)

I find Daniel again.  “I have two loads—come to the sling.”  I rim, I felch and I fuck in the velvet of his cummy ass.   This time we find an older man who takes turns with me on that wet ass.  He loves to clean the previous dick up Daniel as much as I do.

I think this is my cum for the evening.  But as soon as I decide that, my orgasm recedes to nothing.   We make Daniel shoot all over himself—me in his ass and the man in his mouth.  Both tops lick his ripped chest clean.


It’s past midnight.  I have been here for over four hours.

Guys are leaving.  It’s a weeknight and the space is clearing fast.  I really want to drop this load I’ve been working on all night.

“Hey, Stranger.  I saw you earlier.”

I turn.   It’s Warren.  (Shaved head, worked out, occasional porn actor Warren).  I haven’t seen him since he moved out of downtown and into the suburbs.  We hug.

And he invites me back to his room.

He’s ass up instantly—he wants to get home, too. 

I lick him.  I’m pretty sure he’s been busy, but he tells me he only has one load as he’s topped all night.  I rise up and sink into him.

Oh, fuck, I’ve missed his ass.  He squeezes me tightly. 

I am right on the edge in just a few strokes. 

I shoot.   Big.  After all those holes I’ve fucked tonight.

I come back to reality slowly.  Warren pulls off me and flips, legs up, hand on his own dick.  He tells me just what to do….

“Felch me while I get off.”

I do.  A snowball of my cum at the crucial moment sends his jizz flying…

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cum-Union Chicago: A Buffet of Hot Ass and Wet Hole

Near Home—July/August, 2015

My bookstore summer continued.  But it was really going downhill.

I went three more times in July.  My extensive notes are:

Friday ABS:  Ugh

Friday  ABS:  Eh

Monday aft ABS:  Please!!!

Nothing but frustration and bad head.

Let’s move on to August.  The first entry is more promising:

Friday aft 8/7 ABS:  Fucked the older guy.  Too big for hot one’s ass, but got his load. 

It had to have been better, but I can’t picture either of the men.

So I finally said “Fuck it,” took time off work and went to Cum-Union in Chicago.  YES!!

Chicago—August, 2015

I am at the check in window at Steamworks.  I ask for a room.

“Are you here for Cum-Union?” asks the clerk.


“I’m sorry there are no more rooms on the third floor.”

“I’m not going to be ass up in mine—I don’t care where it is.”

The clerk’s eyes dip to the bulge in my jeans.  “Here’s one downstairs.”  He shoves me the towel, the TV remote and the key.  “Have fun.”  And he finally smiles at me.

I find it, strip, add my leathers and am ready to prowl right at the 8pm start time.  I head up to the third floor—the unofficial area for Cum-Union.  There are very few people with doors open or out and about yet, but I can hear guys getting ready behind the closed doors I pass.  I twist through the maze to where I know there is a fuck bench.  I turn the corner—and there is my first ass of the night.

The blue jock frames a gym built ass.  He’s about my age, I guess.  I can’t see his face—and I don’t care.  I fall to my knees and sink my tongue into his hole.  He’s startled and moans.  His ass is fresh from the shower—I am the first man touching him tonight.  He tightens his hole down on my invading tongue.  He actually squeezes it.  And that makes his ass start to lube up.  I am suddenly lapping and spitting his juices back into him.  My dick is raging.   I stand up and insert.  Slowly and deliberately.  He moans—which make men in the gloryhole/slurp ramp maze come up to the platform level to watch the first public fuck of the night.  I am pumping into him at greater speed now.  Fast enough and hard enough for my hips to slap on his butt cheeks.  The noise fills the area.
“I need to taste your ass again.”   I sound very loud in our enclosed area.  His ass is gloriously wet.  I swallow more than I spit back this time.  I stick my cock back into him to coat it, give him a few pumps and then take it to his head.  It takes him a moment to sense what I want—then he cleans me off, vigorously and with obvious delight.  Another man is waiting to fuck.

“I’ll be back,” I tell him and mean it.  I push past the new top and stop at the first open door.  A young man is ass up.  His butt is nice enough, but my eye is drawn to his fully inked back.  I realize both arms are covered as well.  His hair is long—and he’s blindfolded.  It’s not as easy to get behind him on one of the single beds, but I do.  I bend to lick.  The hole has been used.  He’s taken a load in these first 20 minutes—or been fucked by a copious pre-cummer.  It’s my turn to groan into his very hairy ass.   This makes him moan into his pillow.

“Use my hole,” he whispers.  “Make me your cum whore.” 

I rear up and stick it in him.

“So big…” he murmurs into his pillow.  Then: “Don’t be gentle.  Just fuck me.”

I follow his instructions.  I fuck until someone, who acts like a boyfriend arrives and stands in the doorway.  I pull out, licking up the frothy mess on his ass.

“Now clean my dick,” I tell him, guiding his head onto my cummy cock.  He does.  I leave.  The BF shuts the door.

I wind through the corridors of open doors and asses on display.

“Hey!”  It’s a 40-ish guy who wrote me on BBRT having seen I was attending tonight.  I go in.  “Leave the door open.”  I had no intention of shutting it, but say nothing.  He is slim, tanned and sitting on the bed, so he can lean forward and pull my half hidden cock from my jock.  I’m hard easily and he twists himself around so his ankles are behind his head...he’s very flexible.  His ass is at the perfect height.  I fuck.  And start slipping.  There is so much silicone lube on the floor my boots can’t get a grip.   We try again, with him doggy on the bed.  I am all but sprawled on top of him in a few strokes.   We try my standing on a towel, but that almost makes it worse.  I finally excuse myself and roam the hallways. 

Guys are getting plowed in public.  Just bent over in the hallway.  I wait for a big bruiser to finish with a young one.  I fuck him next until he needs a break.  Then the bruiser shows back up and bends over for me.

I go back to the initial guy on the fuck bench.  He’s still there.  He’s been busy.  His hole is slightly puffy.  I don’t taste any loads.  But he knows me by my tongue.  “You brought that big dick back,” he mutters.  That makes me want to stand up and fuck him hard.  So I do.  A man arrives and slithers between my legs.  He begins licking my balls and my shaft as I fuck.  I slow down to let him get a good taste of the ass I’m drilling.

“Fuck…” the new arrival hisses to no one in particular. 

I pull all the way out and push into the man’s mouth.  Just a couple of strokes and then back into the ass. We repeat this a number of times.  All three of us are loving it.

“I wanna fuck him…” the man from below tells me, scrambling up.  I am pretty sure he’s close to cumming.  I step aside, in the tight space and let him stick his dick into the wet hole I’ve been plowing.  I let them rut and step out of the maze.

I stop by my tattooed boy’s room.  He’s being worked over by a couple.  They gesture me in, but it becomes all about them sucking my dick and nipples—not about the boy I want to plow again.  I finally get my cock into the boy, but it’s somehow not as good with the distractions of the other two.

I take off and explore the lower floor.  There is a very cute young man on the fuck bench down here.  I eat his hole.  I fuck.  He makes no move.  No sound.  Nothing.  Like I’m not there at all.  I leave.  The sling is empty.  I head back up to the action on the third floor.

“Hello, stranger.”   It’s my friend and fuck bud Juan standing at the top of the stairs.   He is the man who loves to get fucked—and then bring all the loads to me for my felching pleasure.  “I saw you were coming on BBRT.  You should have let me know.”

I apologize and tell him, truthfully, it was all on the spur of the moment.  “Had any luck?” I ask.  My hands are all over his petite, but hairy ass. 

“Just four, but huge,” he tells me, leading me to his room. 

I don’t know if he means huge cocks or huge loads.  In moments, I am sprawled on his bed.  He’s standing astride me; my hands are reaching up and stroking his hairy legs.  He wiggles that brown butt and slowly brings it down to my face.  His ass cheeks are full enough to seal off any air.   My tongue pokes at his moist hole.  He opens himself for me.  I lick.  I prod him with my tongue.

And then the avalanche of cum begins to pour out of him and into my mouth.

End of Part One—the first 2.5 hours of Cum-Union.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Fluid Pig and the Unexpected Load

My Hometown—July, 2015

I got home from the rest area and popped the cum-filled condom in the freezer.  The hard nugget of jizz, after all, makes for easier insertion.

Around 4pm (our play date was after dinner) I started getting messages.  The Fluid Pig (early 40’s, good shape, cropped hair with a full goatee) was done with work early.  He had a guy on the line who wanted him in 30 minutes.  Would I like to join?  I believe in being flexible—and I love taking turns on a hole.  I said yes.   I decided not to take the condom, not wanting to potentially freak out the other top.  I got in the car and drove across town.   That took seven minutes (I’ve told you it’s a small town.)  It’s exactly 4:30pm as I park.  I realized I’d never fucked at this hotel—so I was glad I was christening it…

I find the room with ease.  I knock.  The door doors; it’s a top I know who lives about 30 miles away.  He grins at me sheepishly.  “I’ve just shot in him.”

“When did you get here?” I ask, taking off my boots.

“Ten minutes ago.  I really needed it.”

So much for sharing hole.  But he has left a hole full—that’s something, at least.  I move into the room.  And there is the Fluid Pig on the bed.  On all fours.  A pearl of cum oozing from his ass crack.  I lick his butt clean before I say hello.  Then I strip and enter the cum filled ass.  The other top is watching, jerking at his spent cock.  I pull out.  My cock head is coated with cum.   I feed Fluid Pig the glistening seed off my cock.  He loves ass to mouth, but with cum involved, he eats me ravenously.

I fuck deeper.   I pull out to feed him again.  But no, he won’t be licking that.  I ‘ve fucked too deep—or the Fluid Pig has had a hurried clean out to get ready for Mr. Impatient.  The Fluid Pig goes off to the shower, I wash, then stroke to the porn playing on a lap top and the other top dresses and goes.  I can only think about all that wasted cum….

He must be having clean out issues, as I am by myself for a very long time.  And when he does hop back up on the bed, his ass is tender from too much cleaning.  I fuck him, with just half my length to get him back and ready.

“Can I ride it?”

I stretch out.  He lowers himself down on me gingerly.  I’m on the edge of telling him to forget it; we have four more days to play.  But he’s taking me full length now.  And his cock is erecting.  He grinds down on me and clenches. He milks my dick as he slowly gets off it.

“Let me try on my back.”  He lies down right at the edge of the bed, knowing how, with my long legs, I prefer to stand.  He crooks his knees to the chest.  I kneel and spend long minutes licking the ass I just fucked.  It’s begun to make lube.   I suck it into my mouth and spit it back into his hole.  I stand.  I enter.  Slowly.  Smoothly.

It must feel good.  He’s erect.  And jerking.  And shooting.

Damn, it’s a huge load.  I pull out of his ass and mop him up with my tongue.  He is moaning and thrashing as I clean him up. I don’t swallow.  I kneel and reverse felch his entire load into his used ass.  I linger for a moment, making sure I have loaded him as deep as my tongue will go.

“Oh, God, you’re going to fuck me with my cum, aren’t you…”

He doesn’t quite complete the sentence for I’m up and in him.  The ass felt great before with the other guy’s load---but now he has twice as much.   I know he can’t take much more, having just shot.  I will myself to shoot. 

One stoop to taste his frothy hole does it.  I stand right back up and fire off into his ravaged butt.

I checked in with him the next day.  He was giving his hole a rest.  I totally understood. I reminded him of our deal to send me a text when his ass got a load.

I never heard from him the rest of his stay in town. 

I know him too well, I'm pretty sure he didn't go three days  without anyone.  


Friday, September 4, 2015

Cruising with a Purpose

My Hometown—July, 2015

The day before my friends arrived from Chicago, I got an email from the Fluid Pig—the man who loves cum and piss in either hole.  He told me that he was coming to the area again—and this time he wanted to stay in my hometown.  We chatted back and forth.  He’d arrive the Sunday after the guys from Chicago left.  I’d see him on Monday night, when I was pretty sure to have a little time off.  He talked about how hot it would be to see each other more than once.  I suggested he text me after he took any evening load—and I’d see if I could get away for a quick clean-up and a fresh load replacement.  He loved that idea.  So did I—and it was even doable at this point in my summer.

On Monday afternoon, I suddenly had unscheduled time off.  I went off on a reconnaissance mission for the Fluid Pig…

I am sitting in the shade of ancient Hickory trees. I’m at the rural rest area that is fairly close to home.  It has “unimproved” facilities and people only stop here when they have no other choice.
Or to cruise.

I have been out to it only a few times this summer—but never played.  The State Troopers, who patrolled the place into a wasteland the year before, are gone due to budget cuts.  There are still a few truckers, local farmers and guys who drive in just for the thrill of cruising.

A semi arrives.  I watch the tucker, so large he can barely get out of his cab, make his way across the parking lot to the pit toilets.  I give him a pass.

And wait.

A hot young man arrives.  He’s dressed in next to nothing with the hot weather.  He marches into the stall and slams the door—locking it tightly.

No chance there.

I wait—and read, alone again.

A car appears, big—from the 90’s—but impeccably cared for.  A man I know steps out.  The same could be said for him—he’s impeccably cared for as well.  I have no ideas how many years older than me he might be, but a good ten.  His grey hair is always in place, his tanned and toned skin glows.  He’s nattily dressed in crisp slacks and a white dress shirt.  His wedding band is as wide as the tires on his car.

He sees me.  He grins and goes behind the stalls.  I follow.

His dick is out and hard.  A beauty—the head still covered with a succulent looking foreskin. 

“I was hoping you might be here,” he tells me.

I don’t answer; I just get on my knees and suck.  I attack the foreskin with my tongue, working it inside, looking for pre-cum.

The man groans.  He opens his slacks more, to give me access to his full balls.

Between his need, my skill, and the danger of discovery—he shoots in my mouth in no time.

He thanks me and does himself up.  He has no need to wipe his dick down.  I have cleaned him completely. 

I hang back behind the toilets.

As soon as I hear his car door open, I pull a condom out of my pocket, rip it open and spit his load into it.  It’s sizable and very white.

I grin to myself.

Lube for the Fluid Pig tonight.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

That's What Friends Are For

My Hometown—July, 2015

July was shaping up to be pretty sexless—and then out of the blue, friends wrote me that they’d like to visit.  It was Rob and Brice from Chicago—the men with who I fuck in the New Year.  They were coming to Michigan for a mini vacation and wanted see me.  They understood I was busy.  They would get a motel so we could play…I couldn’t believe my good luck.

Thunder rolls as I open the door to the house. I want to clean up after work and get over there.   I’m in luck—no one’s home; I can actually get to the shower when I need it.  I start to strip.  And with a terrific clap of thunder, the lights go out.  I call the guys—they have power on their end of town.  I’ll shower there. 

And I do—but after we spend some time happily catching up.  I stand under the steaming spray and wash the week away.  When I turn off the water, I can hear the unmistakable sound of fucking…

The lights are lower now in the motel room.  They aren’t fucking on the bed.  Brice is on all fours on the coffee table in the conversation area of the motel room.  Rod is behind him and fucking his long, thick dick into him.  My dick elongates without my touching it.  I squeeze Rod’s ass, trace a lazy pattern up his back.  I finally get fully hard feeling his butt grind into me on the backstroke of his fucking as my fingers knead his shoulder muscles.  I move around and hold Brice’s butt open for him.  The sound of his hips slapping into Brice increases. 

I kneel, facing Rod.  He knows.  The look of need must be all over my face.  He pulls out of his partner’s ass and sticks it right into my mouth.  I lick it clean and he inserts back into the wet hole.  Two strokes in the hot ass—two strokes in me.  And again.  And again.  I’m no longer just hard, my cock is an angry red and it’s drooling.

“Stick that thing in him,” Rod tells me.

Brice whimpers encouragement as I lick at his hole.  Warm and sloppy.  I don’t linger.  I line up my dick and push into him.  Rod has opened him perfectly.  I have an easy glide all the way—and the whole ass is particularly wet and clingy on my dick.  Rod moves around and Brice hungrily cleans his cock—if I left anything for him to taste.

I fuck him hard.  I pull out and rest my cock on the top of Brice’s butt.   Rod leans over his partner’s back and I stick it in his mouth. He makes loud slurping sounds as he cleans me.

I fuck some more.  Rob moves around to stand behind me, his hands twisting my nipples.

I pull out and let him back up Brice.  It’s his turn to kneel and lick out the hole I have left wetter and stretched.  Rod licks up what he can, comes up to kiss me and plow into his partner.

I watch.   I know what I want.  I push Rod down—still attached to Brice— and roughly stick my cock into him.  I am fucking for two now.  My thrusts force my own cock into Rod and his cock into Brice.   It feels so hot, it can’t last long.  Rod shoots his load.  I pull out.  When Rod finally inches his cock out, I’m right there to taste the load all over his cock.  I stroke and clean.  I turn to Brice’s ass, dripping with cum.  I clean up all of the jizz on the outside, but don’t go exploring inside with my tongue.  I want to do that with my dick.

I stand and fuck him.  It’s an incredibly sweet, wet sound.

“ARGH.”  Brice is fisting his own cock.  He surprisingly bucks me off him.  He stands up and manhandles Rod around, so Rod is leaning on me.  Brice just gets his cock inside Rod’s ass before he shoots.  “Dinner!”  He announces, cuffing me playfully.  I drop to my knees and clean out every drop I can reach inside Rod’s ass.  He leans against a chair and lets me go to town.  Brice climbs back up on the table.  It’s clear just what he wants.   I switch and taste his hole for a moment.  He contracts his chute, and a huge dollop of jizz shoots into my mouth.

I swallow. 



And inseminate.

“Fuck, that was nice,” sighs Rod, summing it up for all of us.

We kiss.  In twos and threes.  We hug.  And kiss again.

Short, but incredibly sweet.