Thursday, October 29, 2015

Jerking My Dick Inside Ross

My Playroom—September, 2015

I had no other sex in Canada on my trip this year.  The cruising park I had often used had a huge construction project happening next door to it and it was technically closed, scaring away any potential cruisers.  I did meet up with a man I’d met in previous years in the park.  He showed me where to park and we walked into the deserted woods, but the blasting that was happening next to us un-nerved both of us enough that we called a halt to the mutual alfresco blow jobs.

When I got home, it had been long enough since Steamworks, that I was terrifically horny again.  I spent what seems to be a productive night at the bookstore.  My notes indicate I sucked off three men and “had a threeway”—but what we did and with who is lost to the far hotter memories of Canada.  I obviously go to the bookstore and fuck with the same men there far too often…

I do remember my next encounter with pleasure.  Ross was making another trip from West Michigan to his home south of Michigan.  (His first visit was last month’s ‘A Rosebud By Any Other Name…’).  I love repeats, but I am always concerned when I play for a second time with the same man (or men) with so little time after the first meeting—will a second session live up to the first time?  I needn’t have worried.  We did much the same play as before—using all the playroom’s equipment. 

We fucked on the bench and I covered his ass and back with piss. 

We moved to the sling.  I did something he’d wanted me to do the time before—to piss up his hole.  I did it mid fuck.  And Ross loved it—how hot it made his ass and how full his butt felt. 

I fisted him.  Left and right hands.  Several toys.  The speculum.  I ate his rosebud—licking until Ross pushed it into my mouth.  I find that so hot.  It makes my cock drip.

He fed me his rosebud on the rimseat, too.  I expected to be awash in all that piss I’d put up his ass—but his body had absorbed it.  But his rosebud went deeper into my mouth than ever.

We went back to the sling—and to the moment I want to write about…

I am rampant from eating Ross’ hole on the rimseat.  I can still feel that mass of flesh when he pushed his full rosebud into my mouth.  And all the ass juice and pre-cum that came with it.  I want to get off—we’ve been playing for hours and now I need to listen to my dick and let it spurt.  Once his legs are back in the stirrups of the sling, I sit on the chair.  I re-grease my left hand.  Fingers cupped, it slides easily into his well-worked hole.

“Oh, give me that hand.  Work it!”

I give it a slow turn.  I re-grease my right.  It replaces the left in his butt.  Back to the left hand—and I stand up, working my cock with the greasy right hand.  I am still as rigid as when I got up from the rimseat.  I slap my solid dick on his balls.  I run the cock head over his sack, down his perineum and around the inner side of my imbedded wrist.

“That feels so good.”

“So does this…” I reply as I poke at the inside of my wrist with the cock head, right where it joins the cupped palm buried in his ass.  I give a slight thrust forward.  My cock joins my hand in his ass.
At first it’s just the first three inches or so.  “Look up.  Look in the mirror,” I tell him.

It takes a moment for Ross to see why he feels so full.  With his eyes riveted to the mirror above the sling, I inch the rest of my cock into Ross.  I am now completely in him.  Inside, my left hand has formed a fist around my dick.

I move it ever so slightly over my cock shaft.

“Oh, fuck….”

“Yeah, I’m jerking off inside you.  Jerking off inside your ass.”

I move again.  It takes so little movement to make him jump.  And it’s a huge mind fuck for me—fucking my cock through my fingers deep inside him.

“Are you going to cum in me?”

“Do you want me to?”

Ross is breathing heavily.  “You—you know I do.” 

I fuck my cock head through my fist again. 

“I loved going home with your seed inside me,” he murmurs as he takes a hit of poppers.

I pick up a little speed, working just my cock head through my fingers.  I am so close to shooting.
“I am going to fill you so full,” I tell him.  “I haven’t shot in six days.”

“Give it to me.”

“What did you say?”

“Give it to me.  Shoot it deep.”

My fingers skate across the hot flesh of my dick and the equally hot walls of his ass.

“Oh, fuck…” I grunt out.

I shoot.  Deep and intense. 

“Felch it.  Let me feel you eat it out!”

It takes a moment, but after I work my dick and then my hand out of him, I hunker down to taste my handiwork…

Monday, October 26, 2015

In the Shadows of Steamworks--Part II

Toronto—September, 2015 

(Continued from the last post)

And the most exotic man I’ve seen in a long while is suddenly at our side.  He’s from somewhere in South America.  He could easily be in a Kristen Bjorn movie.  Tall, cinnamon colored, with a thick, uncut cock with a wicked curve to it.  He’s ripped and carries his white towel over his shoulder.  He asks, in heavily accented English, if he could fuck this larger man with me.

St. Nick is over joyed.

We go back and forth until our bottom shoots.

The exotic one claps me on the shoulder and asks me back to his room.  His hand trails down my back and he ends up trying to finger my ass.  “Come with me, we’ll just suck each other off…”  And his finger wiggles into my butt…

What kind of signals am I giving off tonight?  This is the fourth guy who wants to fuck me.  Is my ass that cute in chaps?  I think it’s rather flat… 

I move away from his probing and he leads the way to his room.  Did I say he is gorgeous?  Fuck.  Walking just a step behind him is a treat.  He still has the towel thrown over his shoulder and I can’t take my eyes off the black fur of his ass.  He could be anywhere from 27 to 37.  His skin tone is a rich cinnamon brown.  He is hairy below the waist, but there is the merest dusting of black hair on his chest and arms.  Oh, wait, he stops at his door, turns and kisses me and I can’t help but notice the heavy five o’clock shadow on his chiseled facial features.

We go in.  “I am called Rodrigo,” he tells me and throws himself down on the bed.  He pivots round until his handsome face is hanging off the edge of the bed.  “Now fuck my throat with your big white cock.”

I don’t need to be asked twice.  Neither of us have washed, even toweled our dicks off, since fucking the man jointly at the slurp ramp.  And neither of us care.  We like the flavor of ass cum on our cocks.  Rodrigo is jerking his large, curved dick wildly as I fuck into his face.  He can’t quite take me all.  I get about six inches down his throat. 

He finally comes up for air, and I lie down on the bed next to him.  We fall into a sixty-nine position.  I am having the same issue with his big brown dick—I can’t get the last bit into my mouth—the curve makes it just too thick.  I keep pulling back so just the uncircumcised head is in my mouth.  I am all about getting my tongue under the massive amounts of loose skin so I can lap at his shiny, red cock head. 

We are both drooling pre-cum.  I pull off his cock and we kiss.  Tongues fighting for who’s in charge.  One moment I let him have his way with my mouth.  The next I spit into his and he says things I can’t understand—but I’m pretty sure he’s calling me a pig.  And reveling in it.  The spitting certainly makes his cock drool more.  I tongue it off the big head and make him taste it.

As we swap the viscid pre-cum back and forth, his middle finger finds its way back to my ass.  I grunt—and pull away.  Even if I got fucked, there is no way I could take this thick, curved scimitar of a dick.  I try to explain, but he stops me with a kiss and says “If I can’t fuck you, you will please to fuck me.”

Oh, fuck yes.  Please.  I really had come just for oral…

“Let me eat your ass first.”

He is now all about giving himself to me.  He gets on all fours and I get on the floor.  In seconds, my tongue is deep in him and his hairy cheeks are plastered against my face.  The sweat and my saliva all but seal me to his squirming ass.

“You are making me hot.  Your tongue is deep in me.”

I come up for air.  He turns and kisses me again.  Tasting his hole.  Our dicks are faucets now.  I mop them up with my hand and swipe it down his wet ass crack and go back to rimming.

“I want to ride your tongue.” 

Fuck is he reading my mind?  I so want him sitting on my face.  I lie down and he stands, straddling my chest.  Slowly, like a fucking stripper, he lowers his ass to my face.  He grinds the wet crack down on me.  He’s in control—and loving it.  He feeds it to me.  I can hear him jerking.  And babbling.  And then he’s off my face and sliding himself down onto my dick.  Oh, God, I twist my nuts so I don’t shoot as I watch this handsome man impale himself on my cock.  His face contorts—and he stops—but only for a moment.  Then he’s bouncing on my cock and beating his own.

“Oh, fucker, you are destroying my hole.”  But he’s doing it himself.  He is riding me mercilessly.  “I don’t get fucked like this.  Your dick is magic. I love your white cock.  Destroy my hole, you white fucker…”  On and on.

I am loving the color contrast in our skin tones myself.  I am pretty sure I will be seeding him at any moment.  I even feel my cock head grow larger in preperation.

Rodrigo feels it, too.   He pulls himself off me and lands straddling my chest with a sharp “Open your mouth!”  And he shoots.  A rope of cum falls across my cheek, my nose, and my forehead.  Some even lands in my mouth.  Rodrigo waits a moment before he sticks his dick in my mouth to clean.  “Every drop,” he tells me.  When he pulls his cock out, he leans down and licks up all the spunk that missed my mouth.  I hope I know what’s coming.  And it does—a deep kiss as we swallow his load together.

For some reason, my own orgasm has receded.  I say a reluctant goodbye and search for a hole to unload in.

The blindfolded mixed race guy is still in the sling.  I fuck him for a moment but he’s now high—there is no connection at all, he barely knows I’m in the room.

I go to the slurp ramp.  On the fuck bench in the alcove there is a white ass jutting up in the shadows.  I don’t care what he looks like.  I simply ask if he takes loads.

“Hell, yes.”

So I give him one.  A large one, I’m sure.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

In the Shadows of Steamworks

Toronto—September, 2015

I awoke feeling amazingly refreshed for sleeping in a bathhouse.  I did nap in my car for an hour or two—then went off to find breakfast and an internet connection.  And it was a good thing I did.  Kevin had a family emergency.  I knew that it had to be serious for him to cancel.  I thought about just heading out of town—and then I decided “Fuck it.  It’s Saturday.  I’m going to Steamworks anyway.”

There are three public play areas at this Steamworks:  A slurp ramp and a fuck bench in the area towards the front of the complex; a public sling (and two fuck benches that are too cramped to really use) in the middle of the dressing room area and glory holes and booths at the back.  That night, I made use of them all…

I am in my leather:  chaps, dirty jock, boots and harness.  I am fresh meat and turning heads as I walk the corridors.  I want to ease into things.  I go to the gloryhole area.  I don’t go into any of the booths, but sit on a bench that is just inside the whole curtained off passageway.   I have two cocks thrust in my direction the moment I sit down.  One is downright tiny.  The other is big. The contrast of going from one to the other is hot.  No one is eager to get off, so they eventually take off…the man with the big dick, pulling me up off the bench and fingering my ass crack—asking if I want to get fucked.

I decline.

I get my dick out of the pouch as I work my way down the dark corridor in front of the booths.  It brushes the thigh of a man I pass.  He grabs it, sizes it up and is on his knees.  The first head of a night to be filled with countless mouths exploring my cock—and he’s great—wet and clingy and knows how to cover his teeth.  When he takes me deep, he contracts his throat in a way that squeezes most of my length.  He stands up and asks if I get fucked.

I say no.

Still in the GH area, I eat the ass of a shaved head daddy.  I’m sure I can taste a load or two in him.  He asks if I fuck.  I tell him yes and he gives me his room number.  I never see him again—nor does he ever answer his door.

I suck one more cock—and get another proposition to bend over for him. Really?

I am so ready to fuck.  I head to the public sling.  A beautifully sculpted young Latino is in it.  And no one is even touching him.  I set my water bottle down and kneel between his upraised legs.  He’s all but hairless—naturally—save for his pubes and ass crack.  I lean in.  My tongue connects with his hole.  He jolts the sling chains.  They rattle.  He groans in the back of his throat.  And says just what I want to hear:  “Daddy, fuck me raw.”  I stand up when his hole is good and wet.  My cock, drooling, rests on his balls.  I bounce it there once, then begin the slow process of getting it up his hot hole.  It takes time, but he’s as determined as I am.  When my pubes are smashed against his ass, he takes a deep breath and flowers open.

I fuck him.  Long and slow.  The moment I begin, a crowd begins to form.  There are hands all over his worked out chest, his hips, my ass, my balls.  I pick up the tempo.  The chains rattle.  Cocks are now slapping on his chest.  One is in his hand.  He jerks a load out of it—cum shooting across those gym built pecs.  I smear some up with my left hand and re-lube my cock.  This makes a couple of twinks gasp—and work their own dicks harder.

I only stop fucking when the Latino, breathless, asks for a break.


I mount the steps to the slurp ramp.  It seems like there are more men here than anywhere.  There are three or four men on the top platform getting their dicks serviced.  I find an empty hole between two gym rats and stick my cock through the hole.  It takes a moment, but then I get a series of mouths on it—some good, some adequate.  I notice the young man getting his dick sucked next to me is also getting his ass fingered by a man standing behind us.  Soon it is his dick, not his finger, in the young man.  The young guy forgets about his dick, and grinds his cute young butt back on the guy fucking him.

I pull out of the mouth sucking me—the first one who is a little toothy.  The boy getting fucked sees my dick.  He grabs it and strokes it—as the man behind him grunts and shoots up the ass he’s been fucking.  The boy pulls off him, and turns his butt towards me.  I am instantly on my knees and licking up the semen dripping from his hole.

“Fuck, that’s hot!” says the man who just shot.

It is.  It’s a truly fabulous butt, dripping a huge load.  I lick it clean and stick my cock in his cum lined ass.  I fuck him hard.  You can hear my churning of the cum throughout the room.  I fuck the bent over boy until he gasps and shoots a load all over the floor.  I pull out and clean up all the cum I’ve pulled out of his butt with my fucking—and his own cum off his dick.

The first guy up his ass is still here—still watching—still hard.  “You are such a pig,” he tells me.
I nod, taking a long swig from my water bottle.


I fuck a hot Asian on the fuck bench near the slurp ramp.  He insists on a condom—and I’m fine with that so I can get my big dick in his petite butt.

I go to the sling.  A mixed race guy is in it—blindfolded.  He is taking all cock.  I wait my turn.  I’m the only one to rim before I fuck him.  Cum and ass juice cover my tongue.  I fuck him—trading off with several other men.  No one shoots.  The blindfolded man finally calls for a break.

I go back to the slurp ramp.  I consider washing my cock, but bet someone will like the ass juice on it.  I find him.  A big bear of man—with a St Nicholas beard.  He cleans my cock with abandon.  He looks up at me and says “You’ve been busy.”

I nod.  He goes back to sucking me.

Soon he climbs up the steps and joins me.  “Would you fuck me, too?” 

I nod and bend him over the railing.  I eat out his butt.  Loaded?  I can’t quite tell…

I fuck him.

And the most exotic man I’ve seen in a long while is suddenly at our side.  He’s from somewhere in South America.  He could easily be in a Kristen Bjorn movie.  Tall, maybe 30, cinnamon colored, with a thick, uncut cock with a wicked curve to it.  He’s ripped and carries his white towel over his shoulder.  He asks, in heavily accented English, if he could fuck the same ass with me.

St. Nick is over joyed.

We go back and forth until our bottom shoots.

The exotic one claps me on the shoulder and asks me back to his room.  His hand trails down my back and he ends up trying to finger my ass.  “Come with me, we’ll just suck each other off…”  And his finger wiggles into my butt…

(to be continued…)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

In the Darkness of the Cellar

Toronto—September, 2015

I have been going to Canada at the end of summer for years.  It is a relaxing way to end a season of stressful work.  While I end up at one of the art festivals, I always make time to spend a couple of nights in Toronto.  The hot muscle boy I had christened Canadian Kevin in this blog, wanted to meet up at Steamworks again on a Saturday night.  I was more than eager to play with him for a third time.  (If you need a visual reminder of him—click here.)

I arrived on Friday.  I wanted some fun, but lower key, so I would be more than ready for Kevin.  I went to the Cellar. 

You have to know where it is…there is no sign—just the street number on the door.  Down the stairs.  It’s already dark, as I check in.  And it only gets darker as I try to find my room.  I’m in the farthest corridor from the office.  I locate my room by the illuminated letter above the door and get the key in the door by feel, not sight.  I turn on a dim light over the bed and open the grill in the door, so men can see into my room, even with the door closed.  I undress to my once white jock and lock my clothes in the locker.  I put my boots back on and head out to see who I can find.

I walk through the much brighter video era.  They are showing some mid 90’s pretty boy condomed flick so I don’t linger.  I move into the gloryhole area, where open framed cubicles sport holes to all sides.  There are a few men here—but I’m still taking the tour.  I pass the showers and take a piss in the bathroom.  A man on the toilet, the doors wide open, watches my every move—but he does not seem to truly want my piss.

I make the circuit past all the rooms.  There is only one man ass up and waiting.  But it’s early.  And I know where the men are congregated.  I turn the corner—and I’m there: the back corridor.  It is pitch black.  I can’t see to move.  I inch forward.  Hands are instantly on me.  Some come from men kneeling, guiding me to their open mouths.  Others are standing against the wall and brushing, kneading and squeezing at my pouched cock and bare ass.  A pair of impatient hands can’t get my swelling cock out of the jock.  I pull the face of this anonymous man into it, making him tongue the stained cloth.  His spit reactivates the smell of the last ass it was pressed into while I fucked.  This new cock sucker, recognizing what he’s tasting, groans and makes the fabric sopping wet with his spit.

I get my cock out.  Instantly, he takes me to the root.  His mouth is wet and velvety—the perfect way to get me fully hard for a few hours of play.  I fuck his face.  Long strokes, in and out.  I bat away a finger trying to get up my ass.  Someone next to my unknown sucker is impatient.  He pulls me out of the first mouth and swallows me down.  The difference in mouths is frighteningly pronounced—this guy is all teeth.  It feels like he is lacerating my dick.  I stop him, turn around and make my way to out of the blackness.

I inspect my cock.  No damage, but it’s very red.

I decide to give it a rest for a moment and do some sucking myself in the glory hole area.  I hunker down in the cubicle at the end of the row.  Guys mill around me.  And a biggish uncut dick in pushed through the hole.  I swallow it down.  I work my tongue deep into his foreskin.  This elicits a vocal response from the other side of the plywood wall.  And makes him drip pre-cum.  I swallow and grunt my appreciation.  And he pulls out.  I fall back on my heels, disappointed.

Instantly, he’s around the wall and I am sucking him in person.  He’s nicely defined and I love the way his fingers brush the stubble on my shaved head.  In no time, I have his load.  There’s a lot of it.  I won’t let him pull out of my mouth again until his cock head is completely cum free…


I suck off a barrel chested man, an onlooker from the previous encounter,  in the middle of a dimly lit hallway leading to the glory holes.

I stand up when I’m finished and a hot, late 20’s Black man sinks to his knees and sucks me down.  Ah, it’s my first cocksucker from the dark hallway.  We break, with a promise to return.

I fuck a French Canadian trucker type who is not as deep cleaned as he claims.

A cute young man, the youngest there—likely just 18—takes me to his room and gives me the most indifferent head I’ve ever gotten.  I finally excuse myself and go back to find the Black man with his great skills.

I find the all teeth guy again, too, this time in the lit corridor.  I don’t let him get anymore than my head in his mouth this time.

In my room, resting for a moment, a thin man comes in and asks if he can lick me.  I uncover my dick.  “No, Sir.  Your ass.”  I look at him and roll over, getting on all fours.  He kneels on the floor and eats me out until he shoots all over the cracked linoleum.  

The young Black man pushes into my room as the rimmer leaves.  I start to turn over, thinking he wants to suck my cock again.  “I bet you could use a back rub—you look tense.”

I agree and lie down flat.  He straddles my ass, a cock every bit as big as mine, flops onto my ass crack.  His hands are as wonderful as his mouth.  He kneads my shoulders, my back, my ass cheeks, my thighs.  I melt.  He gets off me, so I can turn over.  Only then do I see how hard his dick has gotten.  It looks exactly like mine, but in ebony—the big head, the perfectly straight shaft, the big balls—oh, not quite the same—he has a foreskin.  I want it in my mouth—but he isn’t done with me.  He works my chest, my biceps and only then does he give me the blowjob I’ve been expecting for the last 30 minutes.  It’s sheer heaven.

I move around and we sixty-nine for a moment.  I work his big dick, his balls and keep going to his hole.  His butt is a perfect bubble and I have to hold the cheeks apart and it is awkward being under him.  I get him on all fours.   I pull his cheeks apart and spend forever licking and spitting into his ass.  He jerks—edging himself.  I rise up and run my cock up and down his crack.

“You’d split me wide open,” he whimpers.  “I could never take that.  Please let me get off as you tongue my hole.”

I am fine with that.  He gets on his back and puts his legs in the air.  I dive into those mounds of black ass flesh.  Swiftly, he brings himself off—spattering his cum load all over his abs and chest—the pearly white liquid looking twice as white against his black skin.

I taste it—and think about jerking myself off all over him.  But I don’t.  I decide to save the load for Kevin the next night. 

I close my door after we kiss goodbye.  I know I won’t find anything better—and the back rub has made sure that I’ll sleep even in a bathhouse.  I have just enough energy to set the alarm in my phone and push in my ear plugs before I fall asleep in the Cellar.

Monday, October 19, 2015

A Bookstore Full of Show-Offs

Near Home—August, 2015

There was one last foray into the bookstore in August.  I had a good time, but what I remember most from that night was this rather Felliniesque moment…

I am in the straight theatre.  It is business as usual for a weekend—well, for a weekend where women accompany their men.  In a far corner, there is a hetro couple showing off.   They are just looking for guys to watch and jerk as the man and woman go back and forth performing oral sex on each other.  And they have quite an audience of active strokers, as they are very attractive. 

One of the jackers is the good looking bi man I have written about before.  (Early in the summer we had had mutual oral sex--all while he told me about his girlfriend.  I got him off by fingering his wet hole as he told me how much his girlfriend would love my dick—the dick he was sucking between stories.)  He keeps eyeing the door, where I am standing.  At first I think he’s eyeing me.  I would be surprised if he were eyeing the older Dad type on the couch—balding with a big gut.  Or the anything but passable drag queen or cross dresser on the other end of the couch.  He is in go-go boots and a print dress from the Carnaby Street era.  He keeps brushing his wig, a cheap synthetic blond pageboy bob, off the thick stubble on his cheeks where it sticks if he moves his head even a fraction of an inch.

The door opens.  A pretty young woman comes in.  She glances around the room and sits between the two men on the couch.  She just fits between them.  The Dad is very aware of her.  He takes his dick out from his pants and strokes it, making a point of looking at the screen and not at her.  I decide the other man is a cross dresser, not a drag queen as his longer dick emerges from his now bunched up dress.  The woman pays them no attention at first.  Then she whispers to the Dad.  He turns.  He’s allowed to fondle her rather small breasts, which are in some sort of tube top—that soon is around her midriff.  She turns to the CD.  He’s allowed to touch them too.  Soon he tries his mouth on her left breast.  That seems to be with in her limits.  Dad tongues the other as the men stroke themselves.  The CD leaves a lipstick smear on her nipple.  He tries to finger her, but she stops him.  She goes under her short skirt herself for some hand manipulation.  Dad tries that, too, but she stops him as well—though her hand, shiny with her juices, comes out from under and strokes the Dad’s cock.  He grunts his pleasure as his mouth goes back to her breast.

I glance away towards the other performing couple, idly stroking my own cock.  Though that couple is closer, the Bi Guy is riveted to the action happening within inches of me.  His cock is rampant and looks huge from across the room.

I notice that the woman is aware of his gaze.  She holds it as the Dad and the CD are now openly stroked by her—one in each hand.  Dad comes fast—pulling away from her to shoot on the floor.
Bi Guy signals her.  She stops and goes directly to him.  Of course—she’s the girl friend.  He is getting turned on by watching her feel up the other men.  She instantly bends and takes her boyfriend in her mouth and is soon straddling and noisily fucking herself on his dick.  

Dad has gone.  I offer the CD my dick, but he seems to be truly straight.  He adjusts himself and, rather wobbly in his boots, saunters out of the room.

I wait until the Bi Guy shoots deep into his girl.  I want to eat it out of her—but they are ready to go before I can get across the room to ask.

I move to the other theatre.  I fuck the local man I usually meet here.  We gather a small crowd of gay men. It's our turn to show off.  My fuck bud finally stops me, his ass worn out.  I pull out and he shoots in my mouth.  I suck off three of the onlookers before I feed another my own load.

A good, if odd, night…

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Breeding of Ryan Cummings (con't)

Chicago--IML, 2014

Here are some more pictures I found of the porn shoot with Ryan. 

I was the first in the room.  After getting his hole wet, I was the first to get my cock in him.  The moment I did, the door opened and the gangbangers walked in.

This is the picture I used when I wrote one other time about Ryan—the only picture I’d seen at that point.  You should recognize that my dick has gone from Ryan’s ass to his mouth…

And from another angle…

Waiting my turn for another shot at either hole...

More to come...

Cumming to Chicago from Bad Seed Media, 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015

Round and Round the Rimseat

West Michigan—August, 2015

We were all more than ready to meet again.   Derrick, the tall bear who had emerged from my past, and his cute Cub of a partner, Jacob, had invited me back to their playroom.   It felt slightly like carrying coals to Newcastle, but I packed my rimseat, as it was the one thing they didn’t have in their well-stocked playspace…

We are all in our leathers.   Jacob is in chaps and codpiece.  They perfectly frame his hairy butt.  He is kneeling in front of Derrick, who sits on the sofa, his leather cod piece pushed to one side.  Jacob has Derrick’s cock deep in his mouth as I enter the room from where I have put on my chaps and harness.  I move right behind him.  He raises his butt slightly, so I can just manage to hunker down and work my tongue into his hairy hole.  He grunts and works with even more energy on swallowing his boyfriend deep into his throat.  My tongue makes his hole very wet.  I maneuver around, so my cock head grazes the sopping hole.  Jacob groans louder around the cock in his mouth. 

He pushes back against me, but Derrick has other ideas.  He pulls Jacob’s hips toward him, and then down, so with just a slight grunt, Jacob is sitting on Derrick’s cock.   That’s fine by me.  I crawl forward and start licking the base of Derrick’s cock as it fucks up into his Cub.  Now they both groan.  My tongue catches the juices seeping from Jacob’s well fucked mancunt.

“Let’s use his rimseat,” Derrick announces.  I get under it gladly.  Jacob takes the seat.  I immediately begin licking out his fucked hole. 

“So deep…” Jacob murmurs.   

My cock goes from hard to rigid.  This makes Derrick kneel between my legs and start lapping at it.  He can only get about half of it down his throat.  Soon, he stands up, and feeds his own dick to Jacob.  Jacob squirms on my tongue, now with both holes filled.  He grinds down on my face.

“Your hole wet, boy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Then go sit on his big dick.”

Derrick steps back to let Jacob get up.  I watch the cute Cub begin to lower himself on my wet cock.  But my view is blacked out by Derrick taking a seat.  My tongue seeks out his equally hairy hole.  It’s my turn to grunt as Jacob bottoms out on my dick.  He clenches his muscles, sending an involuntary spasm through my entire body.  I let him ride and I work on getting Derrick’s hole wet.

I hope I know what will happen next.  And it does. 

“I’m going to ride his cock,” Derrick tells his boy.  “Sit back on the seat and let him clean your ass.”

They change.  My mouth is filled with Jacob’s ass lube and my own precum.  I suck and swallow as much as I can.  Derrick is taking his time on my dick.  When I feel my full length in him, I tongue Jacob even harder.  Derrick lets out a deep breath and begins a slow fuck of himself.  He feels totally different than his boy.  It’s slow, rhythmic, and not nearly as wet a fuck.  I let him be in charge.  He fucks himself, until his legs can’t take it anymore.  Than he gets up and feeds his dick to the Cub on the seat.

“Let me take your place.” 

Suddenly, I can see light again.  Jacob and Derrick are kissing as I get out from under.  I join briefly the battle of tongues, but Derrick is eager to get in place.  He tells me to sit on his face.  I do.  I watch Jacob ride his boyfriend’s dick as I squirm with the tonguing I’m getting from Derrick.  He loves eating hole every bit as much as I do. 

Soon we change up.  Jacob’s freshly fucked hole on Derrick’s face.   I’m down between Derrick’s legs, sucking the ass juice off his cock.  When I’m done, I stand up, spit on my dick and make Jacob taste all of us on my cock.

We rotate again.

And again—the two tops just as eager to use our mouths as our dicks.

Finally, it’s sling time.

Jacob is so turned on from the rimseat action, that the moment I start a hard driving fuck into his hole, he shoots.   Big.  All over his hairy chest and his hairier pubes.  Derrick scoops up the cum and spreads it on my cock.  He takes Jacob’s place in the sling and I slip into his ass with the best lube in the world.

We fuck hard. 

He shoots.

I lick at his cum frothed hole—and get my cock back inside him just in time for my own explosion.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Getting a Taste of Things to Come...

My mouth is watering all over again…

While hunting for something else online, I found a picture of me from the video I made last year with Ryan Cummings.  Here I am—the very first moment of his massive gangbang.

Cumming to Chicago from Bad Seed Media, 2015

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tyler Loosens His Limits

My Playroom—August, 2015

I have written about him before—in the entry I called ‘Blindfolded’—where we had a threeway with a muscle guy we both know.  I like him.  He’s a little older than I, but in good shape and neither of us look our real age.  He approached me about a one on one.  “I want to add more kink to my play.  I know you think I’m nothing but a vanilla softy.  But remember, I rim.”

I reminded him that I thought rimming was a basic skill.  But he signed off Adam4Adam before I could get out of him what kinks made him curious.

And I didn’t hear until he arrived at the playroom.  “I really want to try some watersports.”

I sighed and told him I would drink up, but that I really would have preferred to have been hydrating for a full hour before he got here.

We played on the fuck bench.  We fucked in the sling.  And I had nothing in my bladder for him—certainly nothing as clear as I would like it for a first time.

“May I rim you?” Tyler asked.

“Of course.  Where?”

“The sling to start.”

I got up into it.  “Okay.  I know you love eating my hole.  So here’s a tiny kink to add.  I like the taste of my hole, too.  Make sure you kiss me.  And you can lick my pits—and kiss me after you them wet.”
I watched the light bulb go off over his head, as he knelt.  Baby steps…

I look up into the mirror over the sling.  I watch Tyler kissing my ass cheeks, slowly getting nearer and nearer my hole.  He knows to tease me—so close but no tongue on it yet.  Then he does something that surprises me—he spits on my hole and pushes it in.  Well, well—someone has been paying attention the rimming I gave him….

And up he comes, his damp face finds mine.  We kiss.  Deep and long.  I can barely taste myself, but it’s there.

He returns to his knees.  He’s the most excited I’ve ever seen him down there.  I watch him in the mirror.  He goes deep and I grunt my appreciation.  He brings his tongue up to my mouth.  Now there’s the taste that turns me on—my sweaty-from-a hard-fuck-ass-crack.  And again he surprises me.  He spits in my mouth.  That taste of me again. And my cock drools.  He notices the precum on his way back down, swabs it up with his tongue and sticks it in my hole. 

Fuck, he is a damn fine pupil.

He is really turned on now.  His tongue is working my hole.  My balls.  My hole.  My ass cheeks.  And then he’s back to my mouth.

I raise my arms and hold on to the chains over my head.  He knows what I want—and I can see the indecision on his face.  But he moves to the side of the sling and licks at my arm pit.

“Oh!” he mumbles into the hairiness there.  He likes the taste of the fresh sweat.  He goes from tentative to rabid pit licker.  He rears up and feeds me the acrid taste on his tongue. 

Finer than poppers.  Both our heads are spinning.  He leans across me and does the left arm, too.  And my mouth again.  And back to the right—he can’t get enough.  My under arms are now sopping with his saliva and my own secretions.

Another barrier crossed.

He sinks back to his knees and won’t stop eating my ass until I tell him he has me so turned on I have to have his ass.

So we fuck.  But the Magnum keeps me from cumming.

We use the rimseat…me under first.  But he replaces me.  He whimpers at how deep his tongue sticks into my hole…

We go back to fucking in the sling.

And this time, I fuck the cum out of him.


“Oh, wow…”  Tyler’s head is still spinning.  “I loved that.  Not just the fucking—you always do that.  The other.  My mouth.  Your mouth.  I mean…”  He stops in confusion.  “That was so simple.  And so hot.”

I lean down and kiss him in agreement.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Power Failure

Near Home—August, 2105

It was the Saturday, the night after the house party with no real bottoms.  I’d gone home on Friday without getting off.  I was more than ready for good sex on Saturday night. 

There was not a nibble to be had online.  Off I went to the bookstore…pretty sure I’d find at least one guy to fuck and unload in…

And here he is.  He’s just walked into the straight theatre where, up to this minute, I’ve been the only occupant.  Young, blond and thin.  He sits in the back row and can’t take his eyes off me.  He kneads the mini mound in his jeans.  I make a show of stroking my cock.  You can feel the tension between us.  I am sure he’s about to get up and kneel in front of me.

The door opens and a man of about my age walks in.  He looks at the young one, unzips and pulls out his cock.  He stands in front of the kid, hands on hips, silently demanding a blow job.  And the kid leans to his right to see me around the man, then leans forward and takes the new guy’s dick into his mouth.

I sigh.   But I’m willing to wait my turn.  And for all I know, I might get an ass full of cum to fuck in. 

The daddy is now face fucking the kid.  I decide to join them.  I am thinking he’ll welcome two dicks.   The moment I stand up, the movie sputters and dies and the lights go out.  An emergency light comes on over the door, throwing an eerie light over the three of us.  The daddy stops face fucking for a moment.  We can hear the female clerk in the store telling others to go outside until the lights come back on.  Daddy puts his dick back in the college kid’s mouth in an effort to hurry up and cum.  The clerk is now knocking on our door, telling us we need to leave.  The daddy zips up, grabs the kid by the arm and takes him out of the room.  I take longer to do up my pants.  When I make it to the parking lot, I’m just in time to see them drive away together.

I wait around for a little.  Our whole block is out.  No line crew in sight.

Thirty minutes later, I’m across town in the bookstore I usually only use if I’m meeting someone and need a public space.  I rarely find foot traffic coming in here.  It also has two theatres—straight and gay.  There is also a third room that contains three booths with no doors--one showing straight, one showing gay and one showing trans porn. 

No one is in either theatre, but I find guys in the booth area.  On a couch outside the door of the gay booth sits a man I recognize—a daddy I have often traded blow jobs with at the other place.  He is watching a rather scruffy man jerking to the porn.

I walk past them and peer in the empty trans booth.  They make no effort to cover up.  I take my dick out and stroke, watching the trans porn for a moment.  As soon as I’m hard it is in the daddy’s mouth.  He stops jacking to give all his attention to me.  He swallows as much of me as he can, and does some fancy things with his tongue.

He stops.  “Suck me, guy, like you always do.”

I kneel.  He’s drooling pre-cum like crazy.  I swallow his smaller cock easily.  The sound brings the scruffy guy out of the booth.  I make sure he sees me take all the cock in front of me. 

“Suck him, too.”  The daddy pulls me off himself and pushes my head toward the scruffy guy’s crotch.  Scruffy pulls back his hand and shoves a thick uncut beauty into my mouth.  I have to really work to cover my teeth.   Daddy slides off the couch and takes me into his mouth.

And then the traffic starts.  

A hot Black Daddy saunters by, watches and leaves.

A Business type stops for a moment.  His face wrinkles into a sneer at the cocksuckers littering up the hallway.

And a Biker, tats and all, unzips his worn denims and strokes to what we are doing.

I take the Scruffy Guy’s load.  He shoots noisily—loud enough for the Dad to stop sucking me and watch the other man shudder and shake as I swallow it down.

The next thing I know, I have been moved by the Dad into the Gay booth.  I am on my knees.  And the doorway is blocked by the Black guy, the Dad and the Business Suit.  The Biker is behind them, still stroking.  I am sucking the Dad.  The Black guy beats his big cock on the nape of my neck.  I turn to take him into my mouth, but he pulls up and away.  I do connect with his balls.  I lick them—hairy and smelly from a day in tight underwear.

My head is pulled away.  The Business guy has decided a mouth is a mouth.  The sneer is off his face.  It’s blind lust now.  He wants his dick sucked.  This minute.  I hesitate, but the Dad pushes me down on him.  This makes the Biker push past the Black guy, so he’s in the booth with me.  I suck the Business guy with every trick I know.   I am buried into his bush, my nose smashed into his open fly.

The Biker pulls me off.  He is only semi-hard, but he gets it in my mouth.  I suck him.  But he never gets fully up.  He soon pulls out of my mouth and strokes himself relentlessly as I go back to the Dad.
Bingo.  Load number two.  Thick and ropy.  I slurp noisily.  I am only afraid, the Businessman won’t put his dick into a mouth that has cum in it.

Yeah, right.  He all but shoves his cock into me and I start swallowing load number three. 

“Take it.   Swallow me all down.”  He holds me in place, thinking I’ll pull off and spit it out.
This is too much for the Black guy.  He shoots across my shaved head. 

When the Businessman lets me go, I make a show of wiping my head and licking my fingers…but my only audience is the Biker.  The others have turned away to pull themselves together.

The Biker sits down in front of the gay porn.  I stand up, thinking I know what he needs.  He’s a cocksucker not trade.  I offer him my swollen dick.

“I…I don’t do that,” he mumbles.  “But cum on my dick.”

I stroke lightly.  In moments, I shoot out geysers of cum, coating his semi-hard cock.  As the first spurt hits, it stiffens.  By the time the last spurt hits, he’s cumming himself, onto his hairy belly.


The clerk smiles at me as I leave.

“Thanks,” he tells me.  “I got permission to stay open later with all of you here from that power failure.  I wish they’d have one more often.”

I smile at him and have to agree.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pictures from the Past

A new reader suggested the blog would be a lot hotter if I had more pictures.  I pointed out that half my sex is done in places where it’s impossible to take a photograph.  Imagine me pulling out the camera at Cum-Union—the mind boggles.

However, as I have no time to write, here are a series of me from about 2006….already indulging, if you look closely, in some piss sex…..

(Not sure about this ass shot,  
But I can think of a couple of men who will like it....)