Sunday, November 29, 2015

Plugged Hole

West Michigan—September, 2015

The very next night after the young man with so little self-control, I went back to the basement playroom of Derrick, the tall bear, and Jacob, his cute and incredibly hairy cub.  It was becoming a monthly meeting—and that suited all three of us.  We were dressed in our leathers.   Derrick lost his chaps early on as the room heated up.  I ditched my harness so Jacob had easier access to licking my pits.  I could just pull aside the strap on Jacob’s cod piece to get my tongue into his hairy butt.

We’d begun slowly—kissing whoever was closest and moving to the next mouth and back again.  I paused occasionally to just watch the other two.  How much they cared for each other radiated from how they kissed, how they touched and how they would turn their partner to my waiting mouth.  We were totally in tune.  Relaxed and horned.  At home, but on edge for the sex to come.

Jacob was soon on all fours, mouthing his Sir’s cock.  I was behind him, getting his ass crack as wet as I could make it with my mouth.  His hole gave way to my tongue easily.  I could slip right in.  So I tongue fucked him hard enough to make him pant around Derrick’s dick in his mouth.  We came up for air at the same moment…

“I’ve been horny all day,” Jacob tells me rather breathlessly.  “Ever since I knew you were coming I couldn’t stop thinking about you fucking me last time.”

I smile, not quite sure what to say.

“So I kept myself plugged while working and would fuck some toy up there into me whenever I took a break.”

“Easy access,” grins Derrick, sitting on the couch.  He tugs Jacob’s wrist. Jacob settles right on his lap, cock sliding right into hole.  I get back on my knees and spend a long time licking Derrick’s balls and the base of his shaft –well, when he pulled enough of it out of his boy’s hairy ass.

I need to get off my knees.  I get up, and move there wooden fuck bench into the middle of the room.  It is more of a padded sawhorse than my rather luxurious metal one, but we’ve never used it, and I don’t want the boy in the sling yet.

“Get up there, boy,” Derrick tells him. Jacob scrambles to kneel in place.  I dip a little to just taste how Derrick’s dick has flavored Jacob’s hole.  I am more than ready to fuck.  I sink into him.  One long stroke—and buried to the hilt.

“Damn,” Jacob all but croons.  Derrick moves around and sticks his cock into the boy’s mouth.   He lets me do the work.  I fuck Jacob hard enough that it all but impales him on Derrick’s cock on the other end.

Then we switch.   I’m in Jacob’s mouth.  He groans aloud at the taste of his ass on my dick.  That makes my cock head flare and likely drool.  I love watching Derrick fuck.  I reach across the boy and twist his partner’s nipples.  Derrick grunts his appreciation and increases the force of his thrusts…


We move to the sling.

We both fuck Jacob.

I fuck Derrick, too.

And then I am tossed into the webbing of the sling and have two mouths licking every exposed area of skin on my body.  Jacob remembers to find my mouth after each sortie into my pits…

We get Jacob back into it.  “I was hoping, with all my playing with myself, you’d try putting your hand into me.  Derrick’s is just too big.”

“I have medium hands,” I tell him, pausing in my rimming.

“I’ve only ever had one small one.”

Derrick bends down and hands me the Elbow Grease.  I keep eating, but lubing my hands under the sling, out of Jacob’s sight.   When they are covered, I stand up and insert my dick.   I fuck a few strokes.  Enough until he closes his eyes.  I work my right index finger in with my dick.  Soon I add another, and pull out my dick.  Now all four fingers are twisting into his worked out hole. 

I add the thumb. 

Jacob is panting and jerking his dick.  Derrick is beating off to the side, as he watches his boy submit.
A little pressure and I am in, his sphincter snapping shut around my wrist.

“Yes!”  Jacob grunts out. 

And sprays his jizz all over his hairy chest.  I work my hand out as Derrick mixes his cum with his partner’s.  I lean over and collect as much of it as I can in my mouth.

I spit the combined loads on my cock—managing to just get the coated dick into Jacob before I shoot where no one can see it…

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Young…and Full of Cum

My Playroom—September, 2015

He’s 22.  Way younger than my average age of partner.  And he’s nervous—online and in person as he stripped in my bathroom. 

We’d talked on Asspig.  He’d taken a fist once and wanted to do it again.  He was from out of state—in Michigan for a quick trip.  He’d looked at where I’d lived and saw that my playroom was about halfway home.  Could he stop for a stretch?

His pictures showed a tall man with a fairly large frame.  He could easily have played football in high school.  His cock was above average.  And his ass made my cock jump.  A cute face framed with dark hair and lots of stubble of the same color.  Of course I told him yes.

And he showed up.  He showered and cleaned.  He walked up the stairs to the playroom naked, towel over his shoulder.  I followed.  My eyes never left his full, hairy butt…

Terry is a man who knows what he wants.  He climbs right up on the fuck bench, presenting me with his glorious ass.  I fall to my knees and dive in.  He’s steamy from the shower and the hair in his ass crack is damp.  I make him damper.

“Your tongue feels great,” he murmurs. 

I stand up and slap my now engorged (and lubed) cock on his right cheek.

“And you’re huge.  Go slow.”

I do.  I do know how to fuck.  Even slow—I can tell he’s hurting.  I pull out, add more lube.  I try again.  He’s so fucking tight.


I pull out again.

Terry gets up and goes down the stairs saying, “I need poppers.  They’re in my pants.”

But they aren’t.  As I start down the steps, he has his jeans on and is headed for the door—is he really leaving?

“They must be in the car.”  He’s shirtless, so I’m pretty sure he’ll be back.  I go back and sit on the bed and look at the porn.

He’s taking forever.  Did he actually leave?  No, there’s the door.  And Terry is back in the playroom, ditching his pants.

“Can we switch to the sling?  I think I’ll be better on my back.”

It’s fine with me.  I rim him again and stand up.  He’s certainly hot to look at, laying there, stroking his big dick.  I get some pre-cum in my mouth from his cock head.  I bend and spit it on his hole.
“Hot,” he hisses, taking a hit of poppers.

“You want it raw, right?”

“Yeah.  Fuck me with that uncovered cock.”

I get the head in.  Easier, this time.  Terry takes another hit—and I slide in as his ass opens up.

I hold still.  I start a slow fuck.  I only give him two thirds of my dick.  Once I give his a stroke of the entire shaft and he asks me to back off.

I fuck him hard--controlled and steady--but hard.  He’s good with it, but constantly stroking.  I bat his hand away from his cock.

I fuck still harder.  And knock his jerking fist away from his big cock again.

We break.

I grab the speculum.  If he wants my fist, he needs more stretch.  He really jerks his dick when he recognizes what I have slipped up his ass.

I crank it open slowly.  He strokes.  I admonish him and tell him to grab the D rings at the top of the sling.  He watches in the mirror above me as I add my cock into the spread speculum.  He can’t help himself and starts stroking again.  Rapidly.

And shoots.  Buckets of cum.  All over his chest and abs.  It just keeps coming. 

I pull out and ask.   “Are you done or can I keep going?”

“I’m done.”  He is sheepish and rather contrite.  He can’t look me in the face.  I quickly crank the medical instrument shut and remove it.  Terry gets up, dripping cum.  There is even more semen all over the sling.

He showers and leaves. 

Too embarrassed in person (or later online) to talk much to me.

I look at the clock—thirty minutes from stepping into the shower to clean out—and stepping back in to wash off all that jizz.

I’m blue balled and try to stuff myself into the jock as he dresses.

After he’s gone, I find a penny on the bathroom floor. 

Ah, well—a tip of sorts…

Monday, November 23, 2015

Banging the Birthday Boy

Chicago—September, 2015

Rod sent me an email—he was throwing a birthday orgy for his partner Brice.  He wondered if I was available.  This is the couple who throw the sex party I attend every New Year’s Eve.  Of course, I’d be there.

There are the three of us: 

Rod—a silver fox with a big dick, Brice—bearded, hairy with Hebraic features, Me—thin, with my long, fat dick eager for hole.

We didn’t wait for the guests to arrive.  I had taken my padded fuck bench to set up right next to their sling and rimseat.  I put the birthday boy on the bench, ate his ass and, when I could finally tear myself away from eating his hole, stood up and worked the first dick of the night up his wet pucker. 

And the doorbell rang…

Rod answers and shows in a boy.   This surprises me.  These guys rarely ask young men.  I later learn this twinkish looking boy in a ballcap is actually 41.  (He keeps the hat on to cover up the receding hairline.)  Hat Boy can’t take his eyes off me fucking.  He leans over Brice to watch me ravage his hole.  I pull out ever so slowly to show off my full length.  The man’s eyes widen.  His mouth ovals.  And he strips on the spot.  His cock emerges rock hard and he shoves it towards Brice’s face.

A leather  top arrives from the changing room.  (I had eaten his hole in December and cleaned his cock of a lot of cum and butt juice.)  He smiles at me and whispers in my ear that he hopes I’ll tongue him again.  I do.  A couple of times.

His partner, a talkative mixed race man, arrives much later—but in time to load Brice.

A man in chaps saunters in behind the top.  In moments, the Leather Top is getting his dick sucked noisily by the guy in chaps.

A wiry man in an assless neoprene singlet enters the mix of bodies.   A visitor from Australia.  And a sex pig.  His first action is to clean my cock directly from Brice’s hole and spit the juices back into Brice.   I’m pretty sure I am going to be spending a lot of time with him.

The guests keep coming.

Another leather top who fucks Chaps after the Leather Top takes a breather.  He ends up using his fists the rest of the night on many willing holes.

A Black versatile is next.  Over the two and half hours, he shoots 6 loads in three different asses.  And he’s not faking the orgasms—I felched each and every load.

Dreadlocks, the Black man with at least 9.5 inches, and a favorite from NYE, comes in late.  He’s up Rod, working that huge dick into Rod’s ass at the same time Rod is fucking Neoprene.  And he’s good for 4 loads before the night is done.

A Latino arrives late.  He is window dressing.  He watches.  And strokes an uncut schlong. 
We fuck and suck and switch partners.   On the bed.  On the bench.  On the sling.  In twos and threes.  Sometimes more.  I get my cock in every bottom and versatile man there.

Two moments stand out.

Neoprene spends as much time under the rim seat as I do.  Maybe more.  He can’t stop eating my ass.  We both taste every hole at the party.   He is back up my ass, licking and squirming on the leather throw where the rimseat sits.  He is so sweaty now, he slides on the leather—out from under the seat as if he’s on one of those creepers used by auto mechanics—but his is nothing but sweat, lube and leather.  He attacks the underside of my balls with his hot mouth.  And then slides farther out and turns to suck my dick.  This puts his ass in the air.   He is loaded instantly by the short fused Black man.

“Eat my loaded ass, pig.”

We reverse.  I get under the rimchair.  He sits on the seat above my open mouth.  Cum is already dripping from his well fucked hole.  It’s an easy felch.  It slides right out of him into my mouth.   My probing tongue only makes him hornier.  He gets up and rides my rampant cock while I am still trapped under the rimseat.   Some other man sits down…and I eat the butt of I know not who as I fuck up into what’s left of the cum in Neoprene’s ass.


It’s winding down.  Chaps is proving to be every bit of a pig as Neoprene.  Brice has been loaded by so many—and I’m fucking in it.  The sling chains rattle.  Chaps is on his knees next to me.  I pull out—and make him clean my dick.  Then I push his face into Brice’s wet, puffy hole.

“Eat him out.”

Chaps grunts.

“Don’t swallow it all,” I tell him.  “I want you to kiss me.”

Chaps stands up. We kiss--a long, wet exchange of cum and spit and ass juice.

I break the kiss so I can fuck more.  Then we repeat the cleaning process.

Fuck.  Clean.  Kiss.

Fuck.  Clean.  Sloppy kiss.

I am ramping up the speed of my fuck.  Dreadlocks comes over to watch me churn his loads.  He stands behind me, twisting my nipples, his spent cock in my ass crack.  Chaps can’t take his eyes from my dick.

And I explode.   Deep and long.

Brice grunts:   “Fuck, I’m full…”

I pull out.  Ever so slowly.   Chap’s mouth is plastered to my dick, his tongue inching its way towards Brice’s overflowing hole.  I am out.  He swirls his tongue over my cock head—and dives for the cascade of cum flowing out of the birthday boy…

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Breeding of Ryan Cummings ( Part 3)

Here are the rest of the stills I now have from breeding Ryan Cummings. 

You can see me in the back, still in my flight suit.  The other tops were as boned as I was to taste Ryan and the other top’s juices on everybody’s dick.

This is the guy with the cock seriously fatter than mine—the one I called Beer Can.  I felched some of that load, before driving it deeper.

This time as we fuck him again, the cumshots are starting.  The guy in the cap breeds him.  I go again.  I was load number 4.  I can’t find a picture of me shooting. 

  I took off for the piss party.

At midnight—I stopped back for the final round of shooting, now in my leathers.
Two guys gave him loads just before me.

I shot an involuntary load into him (number 56) the moment I entered him again, he was so full of cum.  I didn’t lose my hard-on, so I fucked until I shot again, giving him the final load of the shoot.

Here I am about to press the button to count the final load—number 57.

Cumming to Chicago from Bad Seed Media, 2015

And a link to the origianl write up of that

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Locked In the Bathroom

Northwest Indiana—September, 2015

It was time for the last house party of the year.  This is the man who hosts 30 to 100 men all over his house—in bedrooms, dark rooms and glory holes under the stairs.  (Click on House Party in the Labels list for other entries.)  He was stopping a month early this year.  He was not pleased with the actual attendance compared to the number of guys who asked for an invite.  And the crowd certainly was smaller—likely about 40.  I think it made some of us just play that much harder.

I played a lot in the dark area and the back bedroom.  There were a number of men on my dick—mouth and/or ass—but I want to talk mostly about just one.  Ryan, the blogger who writes ‘Spreading My Legs,’ has talked about this man quite often.  Ryan usually fucks him at his local bookstore and had tried to get me to meet him.  The young man had come to a group at Ryan’s, but we had not connected—just watched each other have a good time.   He is a young Latino in his early 30’s. He is cute and has a thick uncut cock.  And he loves to get fucked.  Ryan has called him Juan in the pages of his blog.  It is not the same Juan, the load collector, I write about so often, including the entry before this one.

Ryan told this Juan that I was coming to the party.  And Juan found me in the dark room.  After just moments of cock sucking he was bent over and taking my dick in his ass.  But his highly vocal response to my dick gathered a crowd—and Juan is not much of a showoff.  He wriggled away from me with a “Later” and disappeared.

Ryan and I tried again with Juan in the back bedroom.  Juan led the way to the back bathroom and I did something I never do at parties like this—I locked the door.

Ryan is on his knees, watching as Juan pulls his underwear off.  Juan bends, supporting himself on the closed toilet seat and thrusts his wet ass into Ryan’s face.  Ryan eats his freshly fucked hole.  My dick comes back to full hardness as I push it into Juan’s mouth.  Ryan grunts his satisfaction of how tasty Juan’s hole is after my dick has been there.  Juan is a good sucker.   I fuck into his face—only pausing for a moment as Ryan stands and inserts his dripping cock into Juan’s now wetter ass.

Spit roasted.

We all hold still for a millisecond as it sinks in—then the two of us begin thrusting into the boy.  He is grunting around my cock in his mouth.  I have rarely seen a man more turned on than Juan is right now with a dick in each hole. 

Ryan slams into him with a hard fuck.  The closed door rattles as men hear hips smacking ass and Juan’s pig noises around my cock.

Ryan stops himself from coming by pulling out.  I drop to my knees, barely able to so in the cramped bathroom, and taste Juan’s ass on his dick.  He lets me clean it, then squeezes by me to go feed it to Juan.  I sink my tongue into Juan’s ass.   He is very wet now.  I prod him with my tongue.  Juan squirms, pushing his brown ass into my face and beard.   I stand up and insert.

Juan gasps.  I hold still.  He adjusts to my size and I begin a slower fuck.  I build it.  I can’t help myself.  Juan’s ass is grasping at my dick, clinging to it with every stroke.   I feel I could cum, too.   I slow down and pull out.

It is Ryan’s turn to clean dick.  He does.  He slobbers over the ass juice on my big cock.  We squeeze by each other, and Ryan goes back to fucking Juan.  Juan hesitates for a split second about putting my cock back in his mouth—but lust triumphs.  He does.  And Ryan’s thrusts from behind drive Juan’s mouth down until all of it is lodged in his mouth.

Juan wants a break.  He stands up.  Ryan turns him towards himself and kisses him.  I take the chance to tongue fuck him again.  This makes him bend right back over.  My dick is up him.  I pound him hard, as Ryan supports him and kisses his neck.

I think about loading him right now and going home.  I am sure I am not going to find a better ass.  I am only stopped from doing so by another person trying the bathroom door. 

It makes us all stop.   Ryan and Jose put their briefs back on.   I fight a hopeless battle trying to get my hard cock slightly covered by my jock.


Much cock sucking later, I do find Juan in the back bedroom with Ryan and a 20 something blond.  Juan sits on the Blond’s dick, then the Blond holds Juan in place for Ryan.   Then it’s my turn back in the hot hole.  I fuck him hard, building to the moment I thought I had an hour ago.

I announce I’m cumming.

Juan pulls off me…and I spray a mega load over Juan’s ass and the Blond’s cock and abs.

Ryan's take on this party is here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Adding Seed

My Playroom—September, 2015

When I think of Juan, I immediately think of his small, tight brown ass dripping with cum.  He loves to get seeded—and he really loves to load collect so he can feed me.  If you hit his name in the topic cloud of this blog, you’ll find reports of his load collecting at sex parties and bathhouses, feeding them to me and then going out to collect another round.  While we usually play in his home city of Chicago, he occasionally has business in northern Ohio—which means he has to all but pass my door.  He stops by whenever he can on these trips to get a good fuck—and for me to send him on his way full of cum.

In the middle of September, he had just such a trip.  This time he could do an overnight.  He wondered if I would be up for a group of tops to breed him while at my house.  I gave him my usual response:  that while I loved that scene, it is always next to impossible to do in my rural area.  He went ahead and advertised--getting half a dozen responses.  Not one of them showed.  Thank goodness I had contacted the only two reliable men I could think of in my area.  I knew they would love his ass.  And they did show.  I had to work until 9pm, so I had the men arrive to fuck him while I was gone—and I would get to fuck in their cum when I got home.

I walk into my house and find Juan relaxing in the upstairs guest room.  He tells me he has had a great fuck from the older top.  The younger man was so excited by the idea of being second, that he came in Juan’s ass the moment he stuck his dick in first man’s dripping load.

I laugh and Juan asks if I want a taste.  We go next door to the playroom and I get his hot little ass up on the fuck bench.

I plunder his hole with my tongue.

And my dick.  I can feel the smoothness of the cum, but it’s not particularly pronounced.

“I have my frozen loads in the freezer.”  I tell Juan.   “Do you want them?”

“Of course.”

I go and get them.  When I come back into the playroom he has unpacked a tiny cooler.  “One of my favorite tops gave me this for you.”  He hands me the slowly thawing container of cum.  “He started jerking off in it and then had some of his bottoms shoot in it, too.”

“How many loads do you think?” I ask hefting freezer box.

“He told me it was 24 loads.”

“Nice.”  I set the frozen block of cum down since we can’t do anything with it until it melts.  I open mine.  I have one random load from the bookstore and 17 of my loads shot into a condom that is lining a shot glass.

I pull out the anonymous one first.

I snip off the knot and push it into Juan, turning the condom inside out.  I push the frozen chunk of cum into him with my finger past his sphincter, then with my cock to get it deep into him.  It melts over my dick head instantly.  That makes me fuck him harder.  

I move around and feed him the unknown jizz, mixed with two loads already in his ass.  He licks them off me hungrily.  I bend and we kiss.

I go back and take the condom out of the shot glass where it has been stretched open. 

My 17 loads go up him.   I fuck them in.  I feed them to Juan off my dick and I hunker down and felch myself out of his over flowing hole.

The other loads are beginning to melt.  I suck them up in the lube syringe and inject them into Juan’s ass.

I fuck and feed and kiss.

I inject another into him, leaving one last chunk of cum in the container.  I fuck in the just melted cum slop.   It makes my dick terrifically hard. 

Juan cleans it.

We move to the sling.

Now we just fuck in the mammoth amount of jizz in his ass.  My best gangbang got 17 or 18 loads into the designated boy.  Juan often can get 10 to 14 at a night in the baths.  We have more than doubled that tonight.  I finally stop fucking and kneel.  I stick the frothy cum back into his hole with my tongue.  The last of the frozen mass has melted.  I suck it up with the syringe and add it.  He now has 42 frozen loads in him and the remnants from the two men who started off his evening.

I have to twist my balls not to cum too soon as I churn this massive amount of jizz in his ass.  Juan is unable to talk coherently as I fuck him.  The slurping sound each time I  pull out on the backstroke makes both of us precum like crazy.

Finally, I have to stop.  I’ve been fucking for over an hour.

“Are you going to let me feed you?”

“Fuck yes.”

I get under the rimseat, with a hit of Jungle Juice.  Juan sits.  He is clamping himself closed.  My tongue loosens his hairy hole.  He opens.  I expect a waterfall, but only get a few drops.  I poke into him again.  And a third time.

The lava flow of jism starts.  With a drip, then a stream, then a gush of viscid fluid.  I swallow hungrily and stop jerking my dick.  Juan is groaning like he is shooting a load. And it just won’t stop.  I swallow and swallow.

Finally, it slacks off. 

“I need to shoot my load.   Fuck bench.”

Juan gets up.  And right into place.

For all he's dumped into my mouoth, his hole is still feels full.  In short order, I add the 45th load of the night into his ass.

We both sleep soundly that night.

Juan sent me a text in the middle of the next day:  “I still feel coated.  I love it!”

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wet Denim

Chicago—September, 2015

The September gathering of piss aficionados was unique in my experience:  I did not fuck anyone.  I saw no one get fucked by anyone else either.  There were simply no anal bottoms there—tons of guys to piss on each other and suck, but there was no fucking at all.  I was stunned.  I still had a fun time but it was just very different.

What guys wear for the party is as varied as the people who attend.  Naked is good.  Well, naked with some sort of foot wear—for, after all, it is the wet concrete floor of a bar.  Many opt for a jock or an ass-less brief.  Wrestling singlets of Neoprene or rubber, usually crotch-less or ass-less, are popular.    A few leave on their brilliantly white cotton briefs—which are a yellowed sopping rag by the end of the evening.  There are men in just t-shirts with a hard dick jutting from below.  Often the tee shirt is a neon yellow or proclaiming he’s been to Wet ‘N Hot or it is emblazoned with the international symbol for recycling.  There are a smattering of harnesses, some leather, but mostly Neoprene.  Lots of wrist bands and lanyards holding a bottle of poppers.  Boots of all sorts, tennis shoes, sandals and flip flops cover the feet.  I am almost always in either a yellow jock or a yellowed jock, the black Neoprene harness with the yellow piping, a wrist band of black leather on my left wrist (the leather code for anal top), a yellow and black leather band on my right wrist (coding that I am versatile for piss play) and my original pair of combat boots which are saved for just this party.  But the man who wore something different got all the attention—but more about him in a bit…

I am hydrated.  And have been.  I actually have to piss in the blow up wading pool before anyone else is ready to play.  I refill my water bottle from one of the large thermos jugs on the bar.  I don’t have long before a regular in a yellow jock is on his knees and sucking my dick.  I let him get me hard.  I concentrate and piss, still hard, down his throat.  He pulls off me after the first few moments, grabbing my dick and spraying his shoulders, chest and backwards ball cap.  When I run dry, he goes back to sucking.  Another man  moves in behind my sucker.  He pisses down my sucker’s back.  The pig on the floor is sopping wet in just the first 15 minutes.

More men arrive.

A ripped Black man in nothing but athletic socks and white running shoes is leaning against the bar talking to the bartender.  He is the most muscle bound man in the room—all the hours at the gym show in his pecs, biceps, abs and thighs.  The beautiful bubble butt is jutting right at me—but I know he’s all top.  Sitting on the foot rail under the bar is an older pig.  He is suckling on that black beauty of a dick.  I hear him grunt deep in the back of his throat as I approach.  I can only guess that the piss has started to flow down his gullet.

The Ripped God smiles at me.  We have spoken at other parties—and have sucked each other’s cocks.  I think I have swallowed his piss in the past.  I want more.  I move around behind him.  My arms circle his chest and work his nipples.  He grunts his approval—pausing in his conversation to turn and give me a grin.  My cock is grinding into his ass crack, standing straight up.  I hear the gurgle of swallowed piss below him.  When it returns to cock sucking, I give his nipples a twist and let loose a torrent of piss on his ass.  It bursts up like a geyser, hitting the small of his back and sluices down his ass crack.  It’s not a lot, but enough to make him tremble.  I slide to my knees and get my face between those incredible butt cheeks where I have just pissed.  I relish the wiry hairs brushing my lips, his smell, his taste.  The guy on his dick picks up the pace of his cock sucking when he sees me rimming opposite him.  The Ripped God has had to stop talking.  He leans so his chest is on the bar, his head on his forearms—giving me access to his most secret spot.  My tongue works carefully all around his hole.  And then I poke at it.  He’s so damn tight.  But my tongue is now a battering ram.  He opens and allows me in, groaning into his arms, “So damn good.”

Someone, I know not who, takes advantage of us and sends a stream of hot piss right to the top of Ripped God’s ass.  It cascades over my tongue.  I work some into his butt.  Just as suddenly, the Black man straightens up, pulling away from me and the mouth on his dick.  The moment is over. 

But I can taste him on my tongue and beard for the next hour.

More men have arrived. 

At the far end of the bar is one of them.  He has a shaved head and a tightly trimmed goatee.  He’s likely mid-40’s.  His hairy chest is bare.  Around his left bicep is a red and black arm band—a fisting top.  He has left his 501’s on.  The mound of his crotch is generous and pronounced against the worn denim.  He is sipping his beer and sizing up the crowd.

There are men everywhere on their knees in front of another sucking or getting pissed on.  There are groups of threes and fours.  A couple of pigs are wallowing in the pool—where three men are covering every inch of them with piss.  Many guys try to do something with Mr. 501, but he nods at them and does nothing.

Waiting.  And tanking up.

Our eyes meet.  I get no more than the rest from him, and I go off to play in the back corner with two regulars.  We take turns sucking each other.  We all get to drink.  Easy, relaxed, not trying for orgasm—just in giving and getting wet pleasure.

They leave to get more beer.  I stretch and turn to survey the crowd.  Mr. 501 is standing right there.
“You’re hot,” he tells me.  “And a pig.”

I shrug a thanks and certainly don’t argue about the other.

“Will you wet me with that big thing?”

I smile.  There is little I’d like better.

Then the surprise.  He steps in and kisses me.  He’s a great kisser—the amount of tongue and the pressure are just right.  And he is wetting himself.  A massive stream of piss must be streaming down his leg from how dark the denim is turning as we grind together.

We pull back just as he finishes the flow.  His left leg is soaked.  “Now do the other.”  My cock is rock hard from the kiss.  I’m not sure if I can piss.  I swig my water and it starts the juices flowing.  He half leans, half sits on one of the oil drums which serve as tables.  My piss spurts out.  I aim at his crotch and begin painting the dry leg of his jeans turning the fabric dark blue.  As I reach the knee, he unbuttons his jeans and I see the sodden, once white jock bulging with a tool straining to stand up.  I direct my stream back up and finish off flooding his crotch.

“Stay there,” I tell him.  I get on my knees and start licking his cock through the drenched fabric of his jock.  He groans and, now that he’s wet, a string of men come and piss on his jeans as I suck his cock.   Ten minutes and countless piss loads later, the denim becomes so heavy he has to slowly peel them off.  The moment they hit the puddled floor, I have my face buried in his hairy, wet ass.

We exchange blow jobs, kisses, and ass eating.   Each of us revel in the taste of the other and the added hotness of piss.  Soon we incorporate a cute little cub into our play.  Now whoever is sucking cock gets two insistent dicks slapping at their face demanding attention.  Or the third is pissing on the one you are sucking.

We grunt and piss and suck and lick—unaware that the party is breaking up around us. 

The cub comes first in Mr. 501’s mouth.  He snowballs it to me. 

I get Mr. 501 off—so deep in my throat I can’t share. 

I get off—just as deep in Mr. 501’s mouth, while the Cub works his tongue into my piss soaked ass crack.

The moment I shoot—the lights come on.

We see his forgotten jeans, a sodden, twisted mess, next to us.

The party is done.  And so are we.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bottled Up

My Playroom, September, 2015

Kurt was coming back to the playroom.  This is the man who takes the largest toys with ease and my arm up to the elbow.   He is an insatiable piss drinker.  I knew there was one thing he wanted—that I had yet to give him:  being able to piss while he ate my ass in the sling.  Try as I might, I could never get the plumbing working with his tongue in my ass.

I began to hydrate.  I always do at least an hour before a piss hook up—this time I started a full two hours before he was due to walk through my door…

He’s here.  And stripping off, stowing his stuff in the tall dresser reserved for the trick’s clothes so they are out of the way.

“I want you to use me as hard as you can.”

I agree with him.

“And I brought you this.”  Kurt pulls out a small bottle from his pants pocket before he shuts them in the drawer.  “It’s about 12 cum loads of mine.  Use it for lube.”  Without waiting, he crosses to the fuck bench and gets up on it.  I move behind him.  My bladder is so full my cock won’t stand up—even with a hairy butt asking for it.  I wait until he’s huffed some poppers—then I unleash my piss all over his ass.  He groans and calls me a dirty fucker.  I don’t rim much with Kurt.  It’s something about the dynamic we have.  I reach for his bottle of cum and open it.  It’s pungent and fills the room.  I am guessing it came out of the freezer too early in the day and has slightly spoiled.  But it’s slick.  It makes my dick go into his ass with ease.

I fuck him.  As hard as I can.  Hips slamming ass.  But never as hard as he wants.  I pull out, wondering if he will clean my cock with the slightly off jizz.  No issues there.  He swallows me down  ravenously.  I fuck his mouth, pull out and go back to fucking his ass.  This time I apply the leather paddle as I ram my dick into him.  This does the trick.  He loves the sting and the sound of the leather meeting wet skin.

He cleans me again.

I pour more jizz on my dick and fuck it into his slowly gaping hole.  He is not the muscle hole of most of my fistees.  When he relaxes, it’s harder for him to tighten it back down.  The paddle is helping that.  He contracts his hole involuntarily with every thwack on his ass.

I bring my dick to his mouth.

“There’s so much cum on your dick…” he mumbles before he takes it deep into his mouth.  He takes me to the root.  I stand still and clench my ass muscles, making my cock head expand so it fills his throat.  I hold it for a moment---then pull out and go right back to his ass.

I stop mid fuck and add the last of the cum from the bottle.   Twelve loads have now been fucked into his ass and mouth.  I slow my fucking and bend to taste the frothy cum around his hole.  Actually, I don’t—it’s just soured enough I don’t want it on my tongue—but I’m glad he does.  He cleans me again, expertly.

I tell him to get in the sling.  Kurt loves to watch me fuck him in the mirror above the sling frame.  There is no need to re-lube him. 

I fuck.  The chains rattle.

I pull out and send a huge arc of piss straight into his face.  He’s caught totally by surprise.  I’m surprised I have that much force, but love watching his mouth fly open and get as much as he can.  The rest mats the hair on his chest.

“I love your piss,” he mumbles as he takes another hit of his cheap poppers.

I go back to fucking.


I need a break. “You want to eat my ass?”

“You know I do,” he tells me as he gets out of the sling.

While he gets some water, I grab an empty Gatorade bottle.  I piss into it.  I fill it completely with the very pale yellow liquid.  Only then do I get into the sling.

“Start easy,” I remind him.  “Now, eat my ass.”

I let him lick all around my butt—he’s good, he’s teasing me.  I unscrew the bottle top.  Just as his tongue is finding my hole, I pour a large dollop of my still warm piss down my ass crack.

It takes a second for him to realize just what I’ve done—but the effect is electric.  He is galvanized into cleaning every millimeter of my ass crack of my piss.  It doubles his hunger.  I let him get his tongue into my hole before I pour more onto my ass, his tongue and face.

He lets out a groan that if I didn’t know him better, I would be sure he was shooting his load.  He can’t stop licking me.  But he does…just enough to say “I’ve dreamed about this.  I…”

Kurt doesn’t get to finish the thought.  I pour more piss down my crack and he stops talking.  He is at his best—so turned on he just can’t stop.  I stroke and stroke.  Wet and happy.


The cum and the piss weren’t the only things bottled up.

When I was done fisting him, Kurt lay on the tarp under the sling and jerked out a load that shot over his shoulder.  I’d say he needed that…