Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Breeding of Ryan Cummings ( Part 3)

Here are the rest of the stills I now have from breeding Ryan Cummings. 

You can see me in the back, still in my flight suit.  The other tops were as boned as I was to taste Ryan and the other top’s juices on everybody’s dick.

This is the guy with the cock seriously fatter than mine—the one I called Beer Can.  I felched some of that load, before driving it deeper.

This time as we fuck him again, the cumshots are starting.  The guy in the cap breeds him.  I go again.  I was load number 4.  I can’t find a picture of me shooting. 

  I took off for the piss party.

At midnight—I stopped back for the final round of shooting, now in my leathers.
Two guys gave him loads just before me.

I shot an involuntary load into him (number 56) the moment I entered him again, he was so full of cum.  I didn’t lose my hard-on, so I fucked until I shot again, giving him the final load of the shoot.

Here I am about to press the button to count the final load—number 57.

Cumming to Chicago from Bad Seed Media, 2015

And a link to the origianl write up of that


  1. Now I really can't get any work done! Woof!

    1. So imagine how I felt as I re-lived it all -- remembering the look, the feel and the taste of Ryan's loaded ass...

      (I had to add another load to the growing Devil's Dick in the freezer...)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, it was. Though it was not as full a feeling as when I fucked Jose and added the 41 loads all at once...