Thursday, December 29, 2016

All Around the Rimseat

West Michigan—November, 2016

My first sex of November was with the leather couple Derrick and Jacob in their playroom.

I am right where I want to be.  Derrick, the tall bear, is under the rimseat.  I am sitting on it and his tongue is going deeply into my ass.  I watch Jacob fucking himself on Derrick’s dick.  Jacob is totally focused on impaling himself again and again.  Only when his legs need a break does he stand up and stick his PA’ed cock into my mouth.  It clanks on my teeth for a moment, but then the head is down my throat.  He grabs my head and fucks my face with the same intensity he’s just been taking dick.  I am feeling totally invaded.  Totally vulnerable.  Totally at home.

Jacob pulls out of my mouth and bends over to kiss me.  Our tongues battle for a moment and he wins.  He begins fucking me with his tongue almost in the same rhythm that his partner is tongue fucking my butt.  I have to stop touching my dick, I’m so turned on.

The two of us break for air.  I grab Jacob’s hips and indicate I want him to turn.  He does and he knows just what I want.  He bends, thrusting his just fucked butt into my face.  I push my tongue into his moist hole.  I go as deep as he was in my mouth.  I rim him until he babbles incoherently. 

“Take my place,” I tell Jacob.  I get up and he sits on the seat before Derrick can move.  He happily dives into Jacob’s butt, fresh with my saliva and maybe some of his own precum that I didn’t lick out.  I kneel between Derrick’s legs and take his cock all the way into my mouth.  I concentrate for a long time on the shaft.  Then his balls.  Back to the shaft.

I stand up.  It’s my turn to stick my raging dick in Jacob’s mouth.  I have to be careful I don’t gag him.   I let him take only as much as he can take.  I decide to push a little.  He chokes.  I pull out and kiss him, then stick my dick back in his mouth.

“Your turn,” says Derrick from down below.  We help him up and I lie down and close the seat.  Derrick sits down first.  His ass, even with the seat in place, is so full it’s close to cutting off my air.  I turn to the side, take a deep breath and dive into his hole. 

I feel Jacob going down on my dick.  He’s taking more of it down his throat when I’m flat on my back like this.  He gets it good and wet.  I know what’s coming.  He sinks that hot muscle ass onto it.  I re-double my efforts at tonguing Derrick.  I want him to get tongue fucked every bit as deeply as he did me.

Jacob is moaning.  Derrick is telling him to take every inch of my dick.  Eventually he has to slow and stand up.  Jacob stands astride my chest.  I can’t tell if he’s kissing Derrick or having his cock sucked.  Both maybe.  Well, now I hear the unmistakable sounds of a very wet blowjob.

We rotate again.  I stay under the seat as Jacob sits his freshly fucked ass on my face.  His hole is already ravaged and easy to eat out.  Derrick stands in front of Jacob and commands him to suck his cock.  It’s Jacob’s turn to be invaded by tongue and cock at the same time.  He whimpers in happiness as we drill his holes…

We break for some water.

Derrick is first in the sling.  I kneel and go back to eating his hole.  Jacob leans across his chest and sucks his dick, kisses him, sucks his dick, clamps his pit over Derrick’s mouth, kisses him, sucks his dick….all while I rim Derrick’s hole.  I stand up and fuck.  Jacob moves his mouth back and forth on Derrick’s nipples.  Derrick globs some Elbow Grease on his cock and begins jerking as I plow him.
It’s not a fast process, but soon, between the three of us, he shoots across his chest.

It’s Jacob’s turn in the sling.  I eat his hole some more.  I fuck him.  I pull out and work my fist into him.  He almost shoots with the intensity of the stretch.  I fuck some more.  I insert my left fist again.  This time his dick spasms and he shoots a mega load across his stomach.  I jerk one out of my rampant cock and our semen mingles in little pools around his navel.  

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Fucking with Fist and Dick

My Playroom—October, 2016

We spoke on the fisting site almost a year ago.   He wrote me.  (As a matter of fact, I always let younger men make the first contact—and this guy was a good 20 years younger.)  He explained that while he was a versatile man for fucking, he was a top only for fisting. He wanted to change that.  He hoped I had small hands.  I told him they were collapsible, but mediums.  He didn’t think that would work.  We agreed that that we should likely just share a bottom some time.  And that was that.

Then towards the end of October, I got another message from him.  He’d taken his first fist and it had gone really well.  He wanted more.  He wanted me to see if I could open him up to my size hand.  I made sure that he was fine with me starting with my dick.  He was.   Even eager for it.  Of course I said yes.

I love it when they are even more handsome in person than their pictures would indicate.  I open the door and Calvin is there all smiles and nerves.  He’s 5’10” and slim.  His shaved head is shiny.  A thin beard and several ear piercings.    We hug and go right upstairs.  He’s naked in no time, leaving on just a black jock.

He gets right up on the bench.  I lick his hairy crack.  His brand new bottle of poppers is cracked and his hole flowers open.   My tongue sinks deep into his ass.   Soon my cock.  There is a slight extra push needed to get my cock head into him.  But he wills himself to relax and I glide in.

My dick fucks him.   He’s eager for some ass to mouth action.  I give it to him. 

My eggheaded toy with the slender shaft goes up him next.  I am able to add my cock, too.  His hole is responsive and he’s loving everything I do.  We seem to intuitively feel each other’s fuck rhythms.
We switch to the sling.  I open him with the speculum.  Add my finger.  Then my dick.  I fuck him with it in place—cool aluminum sides and hot flesh on the top and bottom. 

The bigger butt plug glides into place.  It’s time to try for a hand.  I twist it effortlessly into him.
Soon it’s all about a rotation of dick, left hand, dick, right hand, dick, 8 fingers and a lateral stretch.
We break for some rimseat time.  He rides my tongue with the popper bottle never capped.

Back in the sling, I work my hands, alternately, into his pink hole.  “Faster,” he commands me.  I speed up.  Left, Right, Left, Right.  I am now punch fucking him.  I can’t believe he’s only taken one other hand before me.

We slow down.  “My hole is about done.  Do you want to seed me?”

“Fuck, yes.”  I lick his stretched hole and add my dick.  And a load.

Calvin had such a good time—he came back in November and we did it all again.

Near Home—October, 2016

The last Sunday of the month, I went to the bookstore.  It was a totally different crowd…

I am in the gay theatre.  I am sitting against the back wall.  A man is feeding me his dick (every bit as big as mine) while a young man squirms between my legs, giving me head.  I haven’t been the man in the middle for a very long time.  I relax and enjoy it enormously.  No one seems to be in a hurry to shoot.  We are all there to have fun—and we are.

The man pulls out of my mouth.  He kneels next to the young man.  They share my dick.  They push me back and forth with their lips and tongues—offering it to the other every three strokes or so.  It’s hot to watch.  So hot, the young man shoots on my boots.

The big dicked guy takes my dick down his throat.  He’s really good.  He tongues my cock head.  He tongues my balls.  He licks up my cock drool.  He pulls me forward in my chair.  “I really want to eat that ass of yours.” 

“Only if I can eat yours, too.”  I scrunch forward, pulling my pants down to my knees.  My legs go up and his face is buried in my ass crack.  He sighs as he buries his tongue into me.  It’s a hard position to hold, especially with my heavy boots.  He lets me down.  I stand up, pull the chair away from the wall and turn it around.  I kneel on the seat, cheeks spread for his waiting tongue.  He goes to town and doesn’t stop when the door opens.  The new man watches us, unzips and feeds me his dick from the front.  I’m back in the middle and loving it.

I soon get a load down my throat.

After the new arrival leaves, I tell my ass licker to get up in the chair.  He does.  His ass is much plumper than mine---the kind I have to pull apart to get as deep as I want.  I eat away.  He grunts appreciatively.  “I knew I should have prepped my ass this morning.  But I never thought there’d be a hot dicked fucker like you here.”

He is now stroking his big cock in time to my anal tongue assault. 

“Oh, shit.”  He twists as much as he can in the chair so he can feed me his dick.  I get there just in time.  His load is huge.  When I finish swallowing I tell him so.

“A week spent with my parents” he explains.  He gives me his name on one of the hook up sites so we can breed on his next visit.

I walk around.  The crowd has thinned.  I don’t need much attention to get me off—but I don’t see anyone.  I go to the bathroom and piss.  As I come out I meet a young college kid coming out of the arcade.  “Where are the theatres?” he asks.

I tell him to follow me as I’m headed there.  As we walk across the lobby he tells me it’s his first time here.  I point out the door to the gay one—and we go into the straight one together.  He’s definitely cute in a nice button down collar way He sits on the couch, dropping his pants to the floor.

There are two men in the room.  One is a very old man also on the couch who is jerking a penis that never erects.  The other is a mostly straight, bear of a guy who I have had in my mouth many times when he’s had no other (feminine) options. 

“Who needs head?” the young arrival asks.

The Bear is there and in his mouth before I can undo my pants.  The college kid takes me in his left hand as he sucks the Bear.  He switches to me for a moment, but the Bear turns him back to his own small cock.  I turn him back.  The college kid is in heaven—two daddies fighting over his services.

“Fuck me,” he says pulling off my cock.

This is just what the Bear wants to hear.  I know he loves fuck the women who are often in this room.  I’ve never seen him fuck a man’s ass.

The boy gets on all fours on the couch.  The Bear is right there.  He tries to push in the waiting pucker.  I watch his cock shrink.  He steps away, jerking furiously on the dick that just betrayed him.
I move in and spit on the hole.  “This won’t take long,” I tell him.

“Just give me a load, man.  I want yours to be the first load I take here.”

I push in.  All the other play has gotten me really hot. 

I fuck him hard.  This excites the Bear. 

I shoot.  I hold onto the young ass, until he’s milked out every drop.

The Bear is rock hard.  I pull out—and he sticks his now spurting dick into the young, cum-drenched hole.

And I’ve never found that willing young man again.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Up On the Housetop

It's that time of year....

So it's a good excuse to post another drawing by Etienne, Chicago's Tom of Finland.

However you celebrate--I hope all my readers have a happy holiday!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

House Party: The Professor Comes and Cums

Northwest Indiana—October, 2016

“If there is an October house party,” the Professor emailed me, “I’d like to go.”

He was talking about the party that takes place every third Friday of the summer and fall in a small town in Indiana—and where the whole house becomes the playground.  I wasn’t sure if the host, a snowbird, had already headed south or not.  It turned out that there was going to be one last party for the year.  The Professor drove up from Nashville and got a local motel room in the next town over.  I met him there.  We were both excited to see who would show up on a nasty, rainy night in October.

We are stripping in the living room.  I am putting my boots back on as the host stops by to say hello.  I introduce him to the Professor.  We chat a bit before I give the Professor a quick tour of the house.  We are there right at the top of the evening and it’s pretty quiet.  I point out the porn in the living room and the pull out bed in what is normally the dining room.  The bed in the guest room is empty.  We go down the stairs to the basement and troop past the bar where a few men sit.

“The glory holes are behind that curtain,” I tell him, pointing to the area under the stairs.  We continue on to the downstairs room where the porn is projected on the wall.  Both couches here hold a few men.  “The dark room is right around the corner there.”  I start for the dark area, but before I can get there, my f-bud Miguel, a mega-load taker, wanders out from the dimly lit area.  We hug and he instantly is on his knees between us.  He gets me hard.  He gets the Professor hard.  Soon he stands up so I can eat his freshly fucked ass as he gives the Professor more oral attention.  I can taste a man has been up Miguel’s ass, but I don’t think he’s loaded.  Yet. 

I stand up and stick my cock in him.  I fuck him.  I fuck him so his body is shoved deeper onto the Professor’s dick.  A crowd appears from the bar to watch.  I guide Miguel’s head onto other dicks as I continue to fuck him.   Soon, I swat his ass and tell him to turn and take the Professor’s cock.  I watch the Professor fuck.  Men are falling to their knees to suck the dicks of the bystanders.  A third guy goes into Miguel’s ass once the Professor pulls out. 

I take another turn.  There are hands all over the Professor.  Miguel’s partner (a house party virgin) appears and takes a turn up his boy.   

We go into the back, dark area.  Ryan, the occasional blogger of Spreading My Legs, appears and fucks Miguel.  The Professor watches as I play with the hot, ripped blond from the August party who we find bent over the makeshift bed back there.  He is never easy to get into.   He finally opts to ride me to open his hole.  He’s open the rest of the night…

When I look around, I see the Professor up an attractive older man.  I leave him there and go exploring.


I play a little in the upstairs bedroom.  It’s all ass eating and cock sucking.


An hour or so later I re-group with the Professor.  He tells me he was finally fucked through the glory hole---and by a nice big cock.

“Would you like some more?” I ask.

He nods and we go into the dark area.  I bend him over onto the ledge there.  I spend a long time eating his hole before I stand up and slip in.  Ryan is there, stroking and watching us.  Soon Miguel is bent over next to the Professor and being fucked by Ryan.

“You want to switch?” I ask.  We do.  I fuck Miguel’s sloppy hole.  There’s load in him now.  I pull out and clean up the sperm I’ve churned out of him.  This inspires me to fuck some more.  The Professor and Ryan pause.  The Professor asks for a turn up Miguel.

“He is so wet,” the Professor says as he slides in.  He fucks him hard.  And loads him. 

I have been back up the ripped blond again.  I pass him on to Ryan as I go felch the Professor’s load.

Once the Professor catches his breath, Miquel’s partner fucks him.

Ryan loads the blond.

This makes the Professor hard again.  He fucks and loads the Blond, too.

I am getting close.  I eat the Professor’s now well-used hole…and fuck him deep and long.  “I’m gonna shoot,” I tell him.  I cum what feels like buckets up his hole.  I hold him by his hips, then slide out and to my knees.  I felch some of my load.  My cock is still rock hard.  I push it back into the Professor.  I fuck him some more.

Ryan is stroking.  I pull out as my cock finally rebels.  Ryan goes up the Professor and gives him the final load of the evening.

I sit on the floor, looking as all the spent, naked bodies around us.

“Worth the trip up to Indiana?”   I ask the Professor.

I’m pretty sure I know the answer, before he can find the breath to answer.

Monday, December 19, 2016


My Playroom—October, 2016

I kept the playroom really busy in October.   The next man to visit was Mikey, the Breeder’s brother.  Mikey hadn’t been out to my side of the state for far too long.  It was an intense, passionate session.  It seemed that we couldn’t stop rimming each other.  I did him on the fuck bench.  He rimmed me in the sling.  We took turns under the rimseat.  We did stop long enough for me to fuck him, of course.  To fuck and breed him. 

Mikey sent a really perceptive text about the experience, when he was about halfway home.  And nope—I’m not going to share that at all…


The next man to come through the door was the return of Judd.  (Late 20’s with a shaved head.  Pale, wtih a shoulder tat—a skull—and a forearm tat— a dagger dripping blood. Thin and lithe, maybe 5’6”, 150 pounds)He had been just been to the playroom in late September.  It was a little fast to return—but we both had the free time.  And there was an little added extra.

I sent him a text:  “Judd—feel free to say no to this, but I have a guy who wants to watch me have sex.  I didn’t tell him who you were.  Would you be ok if he sat on the bed and jerked while we played?”

“No problem.  Do I know him?”

I sent him the young man’s profile name.

“I know him,” Judd wrote back.  “He’s the younger brother of a guy I dated.  That is still cool.”

I was amazed.  They both showed up, driving separately, at almost the same moment.  They met on the doorstep.  They said no more than a couple of words to each other—and they still agreed to do it.  The Voyeur looked cute enough:  short, dark, and rather fem.  I took him up to the playroom while Judd cleaned up a little…

“You can sit on the bed.  You can jerk off if you want to.”

“I couldn’t.  I’ll be too nervous.”

“I thought that was the point”

He just shrugs.

“Just know you can’t interrupt us.  Ok?”

He nods.  And Judd comes into the room to strip.  I get out of my robe, wearing a grungy jock and combat boots.  Judd mutters a “Good to see you” to the younger man.  Then he is naked and kneeling in front of my extending pouch.  He mouths the material and gets me hard.  My cock juts out the side of the jock.

“Jeez…” mutters the guy on the bed.

I face fuck Judd.  Showing off.  The young man’s eyes never leave us.

“Up on the bench,” I tell Judd.  His ass is pointing right at the Voyeur.  I kneel and eat him out—rather roughly.  I stand and send a stream of piss onto Judd’s ass crack.  This causes a gasp from our audience.  And another as he watches me lick it off.

I stand up to fuck.  Judd thrusts back on me.  He’s showing off, too.  I realize the young man can’t see anything now—but my ass fucking into Judd.  I slow the pace, pull out and offer my ass juice flavored cock to Judd.  In full view of the boy he cleans my off avidly.  The Voyeur touches himself through his jeans.

I fuck some more.  “Let’s change to the sling.”  I move a chair around so the Voyeur is sitting so he can see everything.  Judd gets into the sling…and old hand at it now.  His feet find the stirrups unaided by me. 

I eat his hole.  I stand up.  The Voyeur eyes grow wide as he watches my bare cock slap Judd’s balls then poke its drooling head into his ass.  “You like taking me raw, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.  Fuck me with that naked fuck stick.”

I bite my lip to keep from laughing at his bad porn talk.   But it’s working on the Voyeur.  He is actively kneading his crotch now.

I fuck.

I pull out and send an arc of piss onto Judd’s chest.  He rubs it into his pec and treasure trail, taking his piss covered hand to jerk his dick.  He flails his hand on his cock faster and faster.  The Voyeur is squeezing his crotch in tempo with Judd’s hand.

Judd’s cum flies—hitting him on the chin and the rest puddles between his pecs.  I fake an orgasm…I’m nowhere near ready to shoot.  But I know Judd won’t be able to continue.

“Well?”  I ask, turning to the young man—leaving my dick in Judd’s ass.

“That…that was intense,” he falters.  His hand is covering his crotch which looks darker than the rest of the pale denim.  I’m pretty sure he’s shot a load. 

The Voyeur thanks me and scampers out of the room.  I follow him downstairs, my cock swinging, to make sure he leaves…but he’s out the door before I get down the steps.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Travis' Initiation

My Playroom and Near Home—October, 2016

(I missed posting yesterday.   Michigan is in the middle of the polar vortex and my fingers refused to work properly…)

Sometime in the middle of September he began talking to me.  By the middle of October, he was ready to meet.  He told me what he was looking for…and I started making plans...

I open the door.  There are not many men I have to look up to look into his eyes.  Travis is tall.  At least 6’4”.  He’s thick, too.  Not football player thick, but really nicely stocky—the opposite of me.  His hair is short and sandy colored, with a few ginger tints.  We greet each other and go right upstairs.  He’s slightly nervous—but eager and ready.  He strips off.  I’m already in my jock and boots under my robe.  I hit the button to start the porn. 

He’s naked in no time.  He gets right down to sucking my dick to hardness.   He’s good, too.  Easy deep throat and no teeth.  I take a turn fucking his face.  I pull it out and slap his cheek.  I look down and notice that this has made his dick rock hard.  And dripping.  I pull him up, get a quick mouthful of his dick and save the juices in my mouth.  I point to the fuck bench.  He gets up on it.  I kneel and push my precum coated tongue into his ass.  He groans.  I put into words what I just did to him—this causes him to groan again.  I settle down for getting his hole super wet.  His cheeks are big and furry.  He’s loving what I’m doing.  He reaches back and pries them apart so my tongue can go deeper.  I do.
We are just concerned with tongue, dick and ass tonight.   Nothing fancy.  I begin to fuck him.  It’s slow going on this first entry.  But he wills himself to relax—and he does.  He opens and lets my full length bottom out in him.

I fuck him.

I eat his hole again.

I fuck him harder.

We move to the sling.  A first for him.  I eat his wet hole out.  It’s easier to get in now.  I fuck him harder yet.  The chains rattle.  And he’s vocal—which I love.  He tells me to fuck his man ass.  I slow down and build it back up again.

We break.  “What’s that?”  He’s pointing at the rimseat.  I explain how the seat pulls his cheeks apart so my tongue can get deeper.  He’s eager to give it a try.  I get under and he sits.  His ass is meaty enough that I feel like I could suffocate.  My dick rages as my tongue enters him again again.
Finally, I have to stop or shoot my load.  And I don’t want to do that.

He gets up and I get out from under.  The movie has stopped and is annoyingly playing the menu card over and over.  I can’t believe we’ve been playing for 90 minutes.

“Let’s get dressed— if you still want to go,” I tell him.

“I do.”

So we do.


I caution him as we park in the lot of the adult bookstore, that it’s a week night—who knows if anyone will be here.  We pay the admission and settle in the gay theatre.  We are alone.  Travis surprises me by stripping off the moment the door is shut.  I help fold his clothes and tuck them in a cleaner and out of the way corner.  In nothing but his socks and running shoes, he bends over the arm of the chair and asks me to fuck him.

I enter his wet ass.  The moment I bottom out, the door buzzer sounds.

A tall, thin African-American comes in.  He’s new to me.  The man likes what he sees.  He sits, so he can watch us and not the film.  He takes out his dick and starts stroking it.

“Why don’t you feed him that cock?” I tell him.

He stands and brings it over to Travis’ mouth.  Damn, if the man isn’t being spit roasted in the first ten minutes of his first visit to this place.  I fuck him hard, making him take more of that regulation sized dick into his mouth.

I pull out and eat his ass a little more.  Then back in.  The guy in his mouth is whispering to Travis how much he likes his” cocksucker mouth.”  How he’s going to feed him a big load.

The door opens—it’s been cracked not locked.  The cute, short Latino man I often see here—and play with—comes in.   The first guy pulls out of Travis’ mouth.  The Latino walks over, unzips and feeds his bigger, uncut cock into Travis’ mouth. 

I alternate again between fucking and rimming.

The Latino looks over at the first guy.  The African-American walks back to us and starts playing with the Latino’s nips through his t-shirt.  Travis reaches over and pulls the first dick back towards his mouth.  He alternates on the dicks.  And does that obligatory both heads in his mouth at once move.

The door opens.   A rather doughy regular comes in.  He has the smallest dick, but he pulls it out and joins the men getting sucked off.  Travis rotates from one to the other.  I can’t believe our good luck and the diversity of the men feeding him.

The white guy is the first to shoot.  Travis takes him to the root.

This cum shot sends the African American off.  His first shot hits Travis on the cheek—but the rest is swallowed down.

I greedily imagine fucking the Latino again—but he seems very happy to be the only man left for Travis’ oral attentions.  I increase my speed.  I suddenly realize I’m there, too.

“You want me to load your ass?” I grunt out.

Travis just nods—not wanting to take the hot uncut dick out of his mouth.

I fire a big load into him. I grunt unintelligibly and clutch at his back.

The Latino pulls out of Travis’ mouth.  He starts to put his dick away.  I sink to my knees between Travis’ ass cheeks and begin felching my load.

“You perv,” the Latino chuckles.  He comes around, stroking his dick, to watch me.  I pull back to show him the amount of cum oozing out of Travis.

“Fuck.”  His jerking picks up. 

I bury my face in the hairy ass in front of me, moaning deep in my throat.

The Latino just makes it back to Travis’ mouth before he shoots…

Monday, December 12, 2016


 I had a trio of good play dates.  They made up for the last two…

My Playroom—October, 2016

Ross returned to the playroom.  Tall, blond and tanned.  If you saw him on the street, you’d never guess he was such pig.  He’s everything I want in a play partner.

I love working him over.  (His last session in the playroom is detailed here.  I am not writing it up in detail, as our play was very, very similar.)  Just like the last time, we did a little of all sorts of things:  piss, toys, fist, ass to mouth, cock and toys in ass, the speculums, etc.  We did it sometimes in the sling, sometimes on the fuck bench or the bed.  The rimseat is always used with that hot ass.

I came for the first time in a week—deep in his guts.  I knelt and Ross pushed out his cummy rosebud into my mouth. Heaven.

I only wished he lived closer…

Chicago—October, 2016

The piss party for October was a small affair.  My cute otter from the coat check was not there. 
There were a few new faces—always a good thing—and I made sure that my big dick welcomed them to the group, one way or another.  I had a fun, wet time—though it proved to be all mutual drinking and mutual oral.

I believe I shot my load when I was eating a newbie’s ass—and an old reliable bud pissed down that ass crack as I was tongue fucking it.

Near Home—October, 2016

Kurt, the man who has taken my arm up his ass and who proved to be such a pig at the bookstore the last time we met, wanted to go back to the scene of the crime.  It wasn’t as wild—but I got to see him in a slightly different light.

I am on the straight side, waiting for Kurt to arrive.  I am stroking, watching the porn and watching the two men looking at the big screen TV. It’s a weekday afternoon, the crowd is definitely older.  The man on the couch is one of those who can’t find his dick for the sagging stomach.  I pay more attention to the man who sits directly across from me.  He’s about my age, short, shaved head, wiry—and is stroking a short, fat cock.

Kurt comes in.  He nods at me.  He stands by the door and gets his own sizable dick out.  He watches me watching the man across from me.  I can see him get the idea.  He walks to the man.  “Suck my dick,” he says.  It’s not a question.  It’s a command.  Fat Cock leans forward and takes him to the root.  Kurt grabs his ears and face fucks him.

I am liking this—I rarely see him in this role.

“Get on your knees and do it right.”

The man slides out of the chair and to the floor, never letting Kurt’s dick out of his mouth.  He is stroking his own at top speed.  Kurt holds his head again.  The face fuck looks brutal, but Fat Cock doesn’t let out a murmur. 

“You want me to fuck you?” Kurt asks him, in as voice that fills the room.

Fat Cock nods. 

“Over there.”  Kurt points to chair next to me.  Fat Cock drops his pants and kneels on the seat of the chair.  Which puts his head in my direction.  “Suck my friends cock.”

I stand and stick my dick into Fat Cock’s mouth.  It’s velvety and he has great tongue work.  Kurt spits on FC’s pucker.  I watch as Kurt lubes his dick.  He beats it against the up turned ass and shoves it into Fat Cock’s waiting hole.

FC groans around my cock.

“He has a great hole,” Kurt tells me.  “You gonna let my buddy fuck you with his bigger dick?”

FC grunts assent.

Kurt pounds into his ass.  I think he’s showing off for me.  Fat Cock is loving it.  The sounds of fucking fill the room.  The other man is stroking wildly, watching us, not the movie.

Kurt pulls out.  “Change.” 

We do.  Kurt shoves into his mouth, not waiting to see if the man will suck on a cock pulled from his ass.  FC is totally turned on by being used.  I push into his butt.  It’s juicy enough that for a millisecond I wonder if Kurt has loaded him.  I fuck him—giving him every inch.

We trade again.  I bring my cock to his mouth.  He cleans it.  I pull out of his mouth and watch Kurt fuck his hole.  I go behind Kurt and stick my cock into him.  He grunts and tells Fat Cock that he’s now being fucked by me.  I stand still and let Kurt do the work.  He fucks into FC on the thrust and impales himself on me with the backstroke.

It can’t go on long.  It’s too intense.

“Cum on my dick,” Fat Cock pleads.

Kurt rips out of him and Fat Cock turns and sits on the chair.  Kurt shoots his usual mega load all over the jerking man’s cock.  I move into place to shoot myself.  I am beating myself hard to get there.  Kurt goes from firing all over the man’s dick to his knees to catch the load Fat Cock is about to fire.

FC strokes his cum soaked cock and shoots a load that spatters Kurt’s face.

That is enough to set me off.  Half my load land lands on FC’s cock and half goes into Kurt’s wide open mouth…

Friday, December 9, 2016

Left Wanting

My Playroom—October, 2016

After all the hot play I had in September, I shouldn’t have been surprised that I had a couple of less satisfying hook ups at the top of October.

The first wrote me from Detroit.  He was willing to make the trip to west Michigan if I would dominate him.  “I am ready for my first piss experience.  I want to try your piss down my throat and all especially some CBT.  We agreed on a day and time.

Duncan shot me a text as he left metro Detroit as requested.  I had two hours to tank up on my usual mix of Gatorade, hot tea and water—more than enough time.  He arrived right at the appointed hour, always a good sign.  He was around my age, but a good deal shorter with a lithe body and a shaved head.  He knew just what he wanted.  We stripped.  He sucked me to hardness, begging to try my piss.  I wanted to test it first.  I got him on the bench.  I ate his hole, pissed on it and licked it off him.  It was strong—strong like I had done nothing to prepare.  I did not want that to be his first taste.  I finished cleaning his crack with my tongue and fucked him.

I drank a lot more.  Fucked more.  Pissed more, but couldn’t make my piss clear.  We did it all in the sling, too.  I pissed more.  Still strong.  At that point, it became all I could think about and that made the hardness of my cock problematic.  I pulled out, pissed on his crack and balls, licked it up and stroked myself back to full strength.  I fucked him until he came.

I pissed his ass crack again.  And had him sit on the rimseat.  Still strong.  He got hard again as I ate him.

I beat his balls in the sling. 

I stretched out on the bed and let him sit on my cock.  He rode me until he came again.

With no more piss.

He left—without me getting off.  And my piss cleared, two hours after it should have. 

And I pissed clear all night.


North of Home—October, 2016

He’d talked to me for two years.  He was a deer hunter who came to this area from Detroit. He wanted my cock, but was concerned about barebacking.  While I didn’t say “ no,” I didn’t try very hard to mesh our schedules.  The next year he thought he was ready to take me raw, but we truly had major scheduling problems—so it never happened.  This year it worked out…

I meet him at his hotel.  It’s an older, 50’s style motor court.  I find his door.  It’s cracked open. I go in.  I can just see him on his knees, naked, right at the edge of the double bed.  I close the door.

“Welcome, Sir.”

It’s dark.  Really dark, now.  I undo my fly.  My cock goes into his mouth.  He gives good head.  I begin to see a little better.  He’s bearish/cubbish.  Dark hair.  Early 40’s.  I reach down his back and my finger connects with his hole.  He groans.  I pull my spit slicked dick out of his mouth and tell him to get up on the bed.  I get out of my boots and pants.  I leave my shirt on and slip back into my boots and do a quick tie of them. 

I kneel behind his proffered ass.  My tongue runs up and down the hairy crack.  I find his hole and drill into it.  “Fuck, that feels good, he groans, grabbing a pillow and stuffing a corner of it into his mouth.  I spit and stand up.  My drooling cock head hits his hole.  His head shoots up:  “Fuck me raw, but don’t cum in me.”  I grunt ascent with a sigh and keep pushing in.

He takes me easier than all his talk of being so tight. 

I bottom out. 

I hold. 

I fuck.

“Wait, please.  Let me sit on you.”  He bends forward and off my dick.  I lie down on the unmade bed and let him mount me.  He slides on just like, I can only assume, he does with his dildos.  He rides me for a moment.  I reach up and tweak his nipples.


And he shoots all over me.  It’s a hefty load.

“You should never have touched my nipples.”

“Can you take more?”

“No.  I’m done.  And I need to get out to hunt anyway.”

I clean up and leave.

Less than 30 minutes.

Not even close to getting off.

Left wanting…again.                

Monday, December 5, 2016

Fucked In Chastity

West Michigan—September, 2016

We had it all planned.

Jacob had been posting tons of pictures on his tumblr account of men in all sorts of tight bondage.  I talked to Derrick online.   We agreed we wanted to make it a reality for him.  I also said I’d bring my padded fuck bench to give us a surprise place to fuck in their playroom. 

I switched to Jacob’s profile.  I begin sending him messages hinting at his being used hard the next time we met.  He began peppering me with questions—but I repeatedly told him I wouldn’t answer anything about what we had in mind…

I send a text from exit ramp.  “I’m ten minutes away.”  I arrive and park in front of their beautiful home.  Derrick lets me in.

“All set?”

“Yes.  He’s been hooded for the last fifteen minutes.”

I bring in the bench.  I silently move through their dining room where Jacob sits.  He is in tight leather chaps and a harness.  I can see the barred cock cage on his dick, preventing any kind of erection.  He has a Neoprene hood on with an open mouth.  A gag is in place.  A leather blindfold adds constriction over the hood.  His hands and ankles are hand cuffed to the chair.  He must be able to hear me, but he does not let on.

I go downstairs and set up the bench with Derrick.  I get dressed and go upstairs.

“I see he has the cage on,” I say.

Derrick grins.  “I made him take a Viagra so he’s really feeling it.”  Derrick unlocks the cuffs.  And takes off the gag.  Totally at our mercy we guide Jacob down the stairs.  We stop him in front of the bench.  He knows basically where he is—normally there is big beanbag chair there.  I move him forward.

“One leg up and kneel.”  I guide his leg into place.

“Oh!”  His breath becomes excited.  The other leg goes up.  We help him into classic fuck bench position.  “This is nice,” he murmurs. 

The straps come out.  We secure his ankles in place.  His wrists.  Two go around his mid-section securing him down.  His glorious ass is right there.  I kneel and ram my tongue into him.

Derrick takes pictures.  I eat Jacob out.  Derrick goes to the head of the bench and gets his cock into Jacob’s mouth.  I stand up.  I enter the ass I’ve left sopping wet.  I bottom out.  There is no slow easing into him tonight.  I bury my engorged cock in one long push.

“Argh!”  Jacob grunts around the dick in his mouth.

Derrick pulls out of his mouth to take more pictures.

“Fuck me. Fuck ME!”

I slap Jacob’s ass.  I look to Derrick and nod.  I pull out and he goes in.  I move to Jacob’s mouth.  It’s awkward but I get my ass-flavored cock into his mouth.

We rotate on his holes.  I fuck loudly.   For a moment I think I could cum this early in the night.  Just thinking the thought makes my orgasm recede.  I pull out.

We rotate.

And again.  I am up his ass.   I fuck at full speed. 

I think he needs a break.  We undo the straps.  Jacob is helped, shakily, to his feet.  “That was great…” he murmurs.  We let him stretch.  Derrick removes his hood so he can get some air to cool down.  Then we put him back on the bench without the straps.  I eat out his superbly fucked out hole.  I stand.  My dick starts to push into him…

“I have to piss.  I need…”

Derrick helps him up.  Jacob starts toward the door.  Derrick stops him.  “Give it to the man who wants it.”

Jacob’s need is so bad he can’t argue.  He’s successfully fed me before, but there is no way we are getting that cage off in time.  I kneel.  And get my mouth under the cage.  Piss flies everywhere—a good portion of it onto my tongue.

I swallow.  I mop up a little (myself and the floor).

“This cage…”  He doesn’t finish.  Derrick unscrews it.  Jacob’s cock pops out and grows instantly into an erection.  “Let me fuck…Please,”

Derrick gets on the bench.  Jacob pushes roughly in his man.  He fucks him like an animal. In no time, he is holding onto Derrick’s back and pumping his load into Derrick’s guts.  I hold onto him from behind as he shakes with his gut wrenching cumshot.

I finally move Jacob off to one side.  I clean his cock of the last drip of cum.  I felch Derrick’s hole.  I know it’s a big load—but it’s too deep in him.  We get out the rimseat.  I get under it and soon huge dollops of Jacob’s jizz are sliding down my throat.

We re-group around the sling.   Derrick is in it.  I want to use the remnants of Jacob’s cum as lube.  I fuck Derrick until he shoots all over himself.

In moments, I mix my jizz with Jacob’s inside Derrick.

Friday, December 2, 2016

"Cumdump In Local Hotel"

My Hometown—September, 2016

I was on the vanilla hook up site while I was cooking dinner.  I often use that time to chat with f-buds who I know or others wanting to join that club.  I basted the chicken breast in the oven and came back to the computer.  A new message was flashing:

Cumdump in local hotel.  On all fours after 8pm.  Tonight only.

My tiny town rarely has men in the local hotels.  I answered. 

Pictures were exchanged.

I told him that if he was the type of cumdump who wanted a top to shoot the moment he started to fuck, I was not the right guy.

I liked his answer:  “You can fuck me all night.”

I assured him that if other men showed up, I’d be fine with that.

He told me no one else had answered him.  (Not a surprise in this area, though he was a handsome man.  All those cheating husbands around here can’t get out at night.)

We set a time in a couple of hours so I could eat and digest and he could clean up…

I text him:  “In the parking lot.”

Two words come back.  “Door ajar.”

I walk into the deserted lobby.  There is no one behind the desk to be impressed by my walking in as if I own the place.  I take the elevator up to the second floor, taking a healthy swig from my water bottle.  I turn right.  His room is right there.  There is a tennis shoe stuck in the door.  I push it open and enter, letting it lock behind me.

There are two double beds.  He’s on the far one.  Naked.  Lying on his stomach.  Looking over his shoulder at me.  He’s early 40’s, short and thin, with dark blond hair.  It’s his ass I can’t stop looking at:  small, but beautifully rounded.

He smiles at me.  And turns off the bedside light.  Only the lamp on the desk, across the room, is now illuminated.  It gives me enough light to see him move onto all fours—his ass pointing right at me.
I strip, but put my boots back on.  I kneel behind him.  I sink my face into his ass.  He’s still warm and damp from the shower.  His crack is lightly haired.  The hole itself is pink.  And he’s slightly pre-lubed it.  I use the sheet to wipe it off.  I want to taste him—not petroleum products.  I grind my tongue into his hole.

He groans.  “Eat me out.  I haven’t had a tongue in my ass for months.”

I spit into it.  He groans again.  I dig into his now open hole.  His hole is juicing all on its own.  I stand up.  My cock head prods him.

He spins around.  “Jeez—that thing is bigger than it looks in your pics.”  He spits on it and turns back, wiggling his hole.  I ease the head in.  “Damn!”  He grabs a pillow and clutches it.  “Just push it in!”

I do.  I don’t stop until I have my full length in him.  I hold a moment.  Then I start the slow withdrawal.  I begin to fuck.  He is pounding a fist against the mattress.  He buries his face in the pillow.  Panting. 

And suddenly his ass opens.  He arches out of the pillow and begins fucking himself on my dick.  
“Fuck yeah.  That is one hot dick, stud.  Fuck me.”

I do. 

Hard and fast. 

Slow and long.

I pull out.  He’s spotless.  And he knows it.  He swivels around and cleans my dick.  He takes me to the root.  He pulls off me.  “Ass to mouth is so fuckin’ hot,” he pants. 

I nod.  He suckles me down again.  When he pulls off me, he has left globs of spit to fuck into his butt.  He turns and I shove it into him.  And fuck some more.

He cleans my cock.  I suck the precum off his dripping dick and spit it into his hole.  This causes him to groan again.  I push his precum into his ass.  “That is so nasty.”  I push his face into the pillow and hold him in place as I fuck him hard.

More cock cleaning.

I flip him over on his back.  I eat his well fuck hole.  I push back into him.   I lean down and kiss him, letting him taste the mix of juices I just tasted in his ass. All the time we kiss, I am undulating in his hole—never quite keeping still.  He latches onto my tongue.  And sucks it hard.  I fuck.  The hardest yet.

We break.  I flop on the bed beside him.  I take a swig from my water bottle.

“Sit on my face.”  My unknown man scrambles up and sits his juicy ass right on my mouth.  He grinds down on my tongue.  I know he is watching himself in the mirror across the room.

I tongue fuck him with the same ferocity as with my dick.  He bounces and grinds down on me, snorting poppers.

He flops off of me.  “Fuck me.”

“Where do you want my cum?”

“Up me, man.  As deep as you can shove it.”

I get him on all fours again, right at the edge of the bed.  I’m standing there, stroking my dick, just looking at his round butt.  And the pink, now slightly puffy, hole.

“Breed me, man.”

I plow into him.  Rather roughly.  It’s about me at this moment.  I want to load him.  Now.

I pump.  It takes very few strokes.

I explode in his hole.  I collapse on his back and hold on.  He whips his hand over his growing dick and shoots into the sheets.  His ass clenches around my still imbedded cock with each cum shot.

I get dressed and leave him lying in his own cum—and with mine leaking out of his ass…

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Ann Arbor—September, 2016

We thought we were going to meet last fall, but he had a stomach bug which stopped that plan.  It took another year for us to get together.  However, since that time, we’ve met once a month.  Here are some highlights…

He meets me on the front porch of his beautiful, large house.  I bring in my bag of leathers.  Then we go outside in the fading late afternoon light to see his massive garden.  It is a work of art.  It’s late fall—I can only imagine what it must look like in the spring or summer. 

I let him lead the way.  He’s worn his leathers—but we are in such a secluded place, the city feels far away.  His eyes come alive as he talks about his plants.  (I soon learn that having sex causes that same spark.)  He has a mischievous smile.  A shaved head.  I stand next to him—I size him up at about 5’ 10”.  He’s very slim and fit from all the yoga.  And once we are inside (having grabbed my rimseat from the car) he shows me the intricate tattoo on his back.  It is of two coiled snakes—one with his mouth right at his ass.  He explains (and I know I’ll get this wrong as I write it here) about how his meditation and yoga work has released all the coiled primal energy at the base of his spine.  The symbol for that force is the serpent.  He is deeply in touch with that energy—and warns me he usually has explosive anal orgasms.

We end up in the uppermost level of the house.  One area has a Fort Troff sling hanging on its red frame.  The other area has a large double bed.  I get into my leathers as we talk some more.  I learn he’s on PrEP.  He asks about why I chose FelchingPisser as a screen name and tells me it conjures up so many great images.  He wonders aloud about what his name might be.  We come up with SpiritHole.

He is on his knees before me, getting my dick hard.  We don’t spend too long there, I can’t wait to sample his ass.  I bend SpiritHole over on the bed—his feet spread wide on the floor, his chest to the mattress.  I kneel between his splayed legs and sample the pucker highlighted by the snake’s open mouth and forked tongue.  I connect for the first time.  I go deep.   His hole flowers open.  I spit and massage it.  I stand up and enter.  He begins shaking as I bottom out.  I fuck him with slow, deliberate strokes.  I begin a build to a good fuck tempo.  He shudders and mumbles encouragement into the bed coverings.

I flip him over.  I want to see his eyes as I enter him.  I am not disappointed—our eyes lock as I push into him.  But they roll up into the top of his head as I build to a hard fuck. My hips slap his upturned ass and are the only sound in the room besides his guttural exclamations of pleasure.


We’ve moved to the sling.  I am eating his fucked out hole.  SH is a great self luber.  His ass is awash with the juices that make my dick drip. 

I rim. 

I swallow. 

I insert. 

I fuck.

We take pictures.


I get him on the rim seat—a new experience, I think, for SH.  He literally drips ass jizz into my open mouth.

We are there a long time.  Until I have to get up and breed him.

My Playroom—October, 2016

We start on the fuckbench.  I always seem to start there…but the ass is spread so perfectly for my tongue.  I wash his ass crack with piss (his first experience—at least with me.)  I kneel and clean him up.  

We fuck—with plenty of ass to mouth as I bring my cock, fresh from his hole, to his mouth.
And back again.



In the sling now.  And I’m fucking.

“I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to piss up my ass.”

I stop drilling him.  “You mean like this?”  The warmth of my piss is spreading through his gut.  His eyes glitter and, as I start to pump, still spurting, they do the roll up into his head.  “Take every drop.”  I pick up the tempo.  I am splashing piss out on the back stroke, soaking the towel beneath us.  I churn my piss for a few minutes before I slow, pull out and taste the mix of piss and ass jizz. 
He’s so damn wet…But I don’t get the mouthful I expect.  I dig deeper.


Later that session, I unwrap a wintergreen Star Brite candy and fuck into his wet ass.  “Now, let’s get you out of the sling.  I want you on the rimseat so you can feed me that out of your hole.”  I get under.  He sits.  I tongue him.  He’s wide open.  But his ass is so wet and hot, he’s already melted the Star Brite.  I eat out his newly flavored hole. 

I eat him—until I need to breed him.

Ann Arbor—November, 2016

We play on the bed.

We fuck in the sling.

“This time,” SH tells me, “I want to eat your ass on the rimseat.”

I have gotten in the sling for him to spear me with his tongue each session we’ve met.  (And he’s offered to fuck me with his uncut cock each time.)  SH gets under the seat—another first for him.  I sit.  My hole spreads.  Both of us are very happy to be there for a long time.


We are on the bed.  I tie a bandana over my eyes.  I work my cock ring off—he wants to lick me everywhere.  I open my legs and get my hands under the back of my head.  He’s on top of me, then to my side, then between my legs.  He licks my cock, suckles my balls, licks my pits and spends a long time with his mouth plastered to my nipples and my mouth.

SH rolls me on my side and bends my legs.  His body is pressed to my back as his tongue invades my ass yet again.  I am warmed by his whole body. 

And I don’t feel like moving at all…

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

To my readers in the USA, I will wish a quick Happy Thanksgiving.

Wherever you my live, it is not a bad day to take a moment and think about the things for which you are thankful.

My list includes:

Having a job I (mostly) still love.

Good health.

My readers.

The true and lasting friendships I have made with many of the men who invite me into themselves—and into their lives.

And that the cock still works….

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am off for a brief family meal.  And then visiting a new couple who are more interested in my hands than my dick…