Saturday, April 30, 2016

CLAW: Friday Night Asylum

Cleveland—Friday Night, April 2016

I had bought a ticket for FlexxxAsylum—the big pig party in the warehouse space of Flex where there are countless crosses, slings, etc.  Marco told me, sometime before he left to go teach, that he had invited a number of men to the room at midnight.  He hoped I’d be there.  We hadn’t played the night before—this was a chance to actually spend time with him, so I stayed at the hotel.

The first young man there (45 minutes late) was hot and ready for dick and fist.  He was blond and had a hairless ass made to take tongue and dick and my fingers.  He snapped a couple of pics of my hard cock to entice some friends to come.  I was dicking him down on my bed, when a man who stopped playing with me years ago arrived.  We were both wary and distant, but he is a friend of Marco’s.  I ignored him as they got to fisting in my sling and I concentrated on the boy in front of me. But the temperature of the room and gone from hot to frosty.  It plummeted even lower as two very young men arrived all hair gel and smart phones. One stripped, but the other couldn’t put his phone down.  The naked one literally pushed me aside, telling me the boy on the bed didn’t want dick he wanted a hand.

That was more than enough.

I pulled on my Air Force flight suit over my leather and got the hell out.

It’s late. A huge portion of the crowd (I presume) has gone.  But I instantly find what I need.  At the nearest sling, a daddy I recognize has his dick in a gorgeous young man.   He waves me over.  “You will love this ass.”

I hope it feels as good as it looks.  It’s a true bubble butt.  It is lightly haired, like the beginning of stubble on his face and his worked out chest.  I sink to my knees and tongue his hole.  It is incredibly pliable.  He’s been fucked a lot tonight. He moans as my tongue massages his used hole.  I am tasting load, I’m sure of it.  I stand up and insert.  He’s had his eyes closed.  He has no idea of my size.  But he knows now.  He whimpers.  But he’s hungry for it.  Wants it.  And that’s just what I need.  I fuck him in long, slow strokes.  He starts jerking his cock.  I pick up the pace.  I am soon rattling the chains of the sling.

This brings over the stragglers left in the room.  Soon there is a man bent over on either side licking each of the boy’s nipples.  I push the better looking one from nipple to the bottom’s cock.  He sucks it as I thrust.  I am sure it can’t last long.

It doesn’t.  The bottom pushes the sucker away to finish the job himself.  He shoots a huge load all over his hot chest.  The sucker cleans him up.  I pull out, bend and suck his cock clean.  I stick some of his own load into his thoroughly fucked hole.

And so it goes.  I fuck a stocky man on a fuck bench.  Until he shoots.  It’s that time.  Guys want to shoot a load and get home. 

I look around.  The warehouse is pretty empty.  I go into the main part of the bathhouse—(this year our ticket price covers both).  In the main playroom I find another man in the sling with a ring of men around him.  He’s obviously just been fucked.  The bottom is sucking a Black man, in the awkward way you do while lying in a sling.  I take the position at his ass and stick my tongue in it.  Yup.  Creamy as hell.  I lick and swallow.  I stand up and insert my cock.  He groans around the dick in his mouth.  My fucking excites the Black guy.  In moments, he cums down the bottom’s throat.  The man chokes and sputters—and he needs to take a break.

I wander.

I fuck in the dark room.  I can’t even see much about the man.  And I don’t care.  His ass is wet and used.  And that’s what my dick wants right now.

Then I hit pay dirt.  A Black cub bends over.  I eat out his hole and fuck.  A Black daddy with a dick about the same size as mine, but with a slight upward curve to it, shoves it into the boy’s mouth.  We spit roast him.

After a bit, I pull out.  “Turn around,” I tell him.  And he does.  The daddy takes his ass.  “Clean my cock.” I shove my ass juiced cock in his mouth.  We both fuck into our new holes.

And we turn him again.

And again.

We turn the cub until his knees are weak and he begs off.

A much better built young Black man is right there to take his place.  At first I can’t get into his ass.  I’m obviously his first.  I eat him out until he opens his hole.  I stand and this time I am sucked into his guts.  My fellow Dad nods in agreement.  I can see in his eyes he can’t wait to fuck this one. 

“Turn.”  This boy hesitates.  You can see on his face he knows he shouldn’t—but he does.  The other Daddy drives it home.  He fucks—building to a cum shot.  I pull out of the young man’s mouth and kneel, holding his cheeks apart.  The dad knows what I want.  He pulls my face so it’s between his thrusting pelvis and the hot ass.  My tongue snakes out and I taste the dick for a moment.

It sends the Dad into overdrive.  The sound of the two of them rutting fills the room.  The Dad shoots.  Fills that ass with cum.  I watch every contraction.  He doesn’t stay in the dripping ass.  He pulls right out and shoves his cock in my mouth.

“Clean it, you perv.”

I do.  Every drop.  I then taste the hole.  Oh, fuck.

“I’m going to fuck it deep,” I announce to the room.  I push my cock into the creamy mess I just tasted.

Our bottom is shaking, trying to pull away.  I realize he’s shot all over the floor.  I reluctantly pull out and go off for the next hole. 

I find it in the main playroom.  Cowboy Boots—a name that hasn’t appeared in this blog for a long time—is in the main sling.  And yeah, he’s wearing his boots.  And his hole is damp.

I tongue him deep.  “How many loads?” I ask.


I groan.  I redouble my effort to get more of it on my tongue.  Finally, I’m ready to fuck.  I sink into the creamiest hole of the night.  It’s heaven. 

I fuck.

I lick up the jizz I pull out.

I fuck.

I lick.

I fuck.

I finally stop.  To catch my breath.  He gets up.

I realize this was the hole I should have filled.  But he’s gone.

I fuck one other—he’s good, but gets off himself before I can load him.

It’s almost 4am—I need to get my stuff from the coat check before they close.  There is no one left to unload in.

A cocksucker who was watching the last fuck, asks if he can take me.

I let him suck my over stimulated cock.

And wonder of wonders—I give him my load.


  1. Isnt it wild how one person can ruin the atmosphere in a room? I am happy you got it back.... with a vengeance.

    1. You are so right.

      When the first guy arrived and could barely bring himself to speak to me, my cock literally went soft. I had to really work to get back in the headspace--and just ignore him. I was back in the zone, doing fine--and then those other two arrived...