Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Four Months of Derrick and Jacob -- Part Two

West Michigan—February, 2016

I am back with Derrick and Jacob (without the rimseat this time) in their crowded playroom.  There is gear and apparatus everywhere—and a huge mixture of odd objects d’art…

I am sitting on a low bean bag chair in their playroom.  I’m watching.  And stroking. 

Derrick is sitting on the couch across from me.  Jacob is on his knees and blowing his partner.  His furry butt is pointed right at me.  It’s an open invitation.  But I just watch.  And stroke.  And wait.
Jacob comes up for air.  Derrick tells me that Jacob is working on deep throating.  Jacob pants.  

“Now go suck our guest,” he’s told.  Jacob swivels around and takes half of my bigger dick in his hot mouth.  I fuck another inch into him.  He gags.   I pull back, let him sputter then do it again.  He takes about three quarters of my dick this time.  He finally gags and pulls off me.  He goes again.  Is it deeper?  I can’t quite tell.  He pulls off.

Derrick is jerking at the show going on. 

I slither down into the bean bag.  “You did good.  Now sit on my face as your reward.”

I don’t have to tell him twice.  He grinds his furry butt onto my tongue.  I get his hole deliciously wet.  “Now on my dick,” I mutter into his ass.  Jacob moves down and impales himself on my spit slick rod.  Derrick strokes faster.  Jacob takes me like a champ.  He barely pauses as he settles down on my full length.  A momentary pause as he bottoms out, grinding against my bush.  He begins to fuck himself.  He pounds himself down on my cock.

Then his legs give out.  He gets up, fisting his aroused, PA-ed cock.

“Feed Derrick your dick.”

Jacob clambers up on the couch, straddles his partner’s thighs and thrusts his cock into Derrick’s mouth.  I get up behind him and enter his wet ass.  This causes Jacob to collide with one of the many decorations over the couch—the sword of a swordfish hanging from the ceiling.

“Ah!” he squawks.  “I’m being attacked.”  He turns to me.  “I want this moment in the blog!”

You got it, baby…

(For the record, I later fisted Jacob in the sling and he got off in my mouth—my hand still in him.  I shot in Derrick, also in the sling.  He jerked off with my dick marinating in his butt.)

West Michigan—March, 2016

Derrick is alone.  Jacob is out of the country.  It’s the first time I’ve played one on one since Dad died.  It couldn’t be nicer.  Tender.  Then rough. Tactile.  Wet and good.  Derrick rims me in the sling until I cry.  Not cry out.  Cry. 

It is cathartic.  And I’m so glad it is with him.

I later fuck a load out of him that leaves him a giggling mass of endorphins…

West Michigan—April, 2016.

Jacob is home and in the sling.  We are taking turns on him.

Maybe a picture  (or  four) will be truly worth those thousand words I could write about his ass…


  1. Can't quite articulate the sweet empathy for that moment of one on one fun with Derrick except to thank you for sharing everything that is you.

    1. Thanks. I wrote it without thinking about it. But I have to say, it moved me when I proofed the post.

      It also caused a nice moment with Derrick. As we were chatting, waiting for his new hotel room at CLAW to be ready, he told me he'd read that post the night before.

      "That was sweet," he tells me. "What you wrote about the two of us."

      "I just wrote what happened," I said, deflecting the compliment slightly.

      "I know," Derrick says, much more seriously. "I was there."