Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Cock Sucker, The Biker and a Hot Hole

St. Louis—February, 2016

The rest of my night at the bathhouse...

I wander the entire complex after getting Hooked Cock off on the slurp ramp with my rimming of his hole.  I stop in the steam room, the sauna and the sling area.  Nothing or nothing I want to join.  I circle the two sets of rooms.  I find a hot boy, ass up, on his bed.  His dark skin glows in the half light of the room.  I eat his ass and finally get to fuck. 

But he has not cleaned deeply enough.  We stop and head off to the showers.

I hang out in the new porn area.  I suck an older guy with lots of foreskin.  We both love it when I work my tongue in between the head of his cock and all that skin.  When I pull off he bends to take me in his mouth.  He is not a good cocksucker.  I stop him and wander to the sling room.
I hang out there, but can’t get anyone into the sling.  I go and sit on the high padded platform.  I let a couple of different men suck me as I sit there.  A young man shows up.  He is very pale and white—not much muscle on his thin frame—but he has a mouth that is truly wonderful.  He gives me the best head of the weekend so far.  He can take me to root with ease—and work his throat on the upstroke.  He has my dick dripping.

A man sits down near us.  I tell the boy to suck the new comer.  On all fours, he crawls over and does what I suggest.  The Cock Sucker’s ass is right there, calling me.  I lean over and lick down the length of his ass crack.  He groans around the new cock in his mouth.  My tongue presses against his hole.  It gives.  Quite easily.  I get him good and wet.  This makes him suck harder.

“You want to get fucked?” I ask.

He pulls off the dick in front of him.  “Yes.  But no.”

I shrug.

“Maybe later,” he says as he goes back to the wet dick in front of him.

“You can fuck me,” says the man getting sucked.

“Get your ass over here.”  I stand and pat the edge of the platform.  He slides over, gets his feet to the floor (the platform is a good three feet in the air) and bends.  I eat the hairy ass now in front of me. 

“Stick your dick in him.”

I look up at the owner of the new voice.  He’s a hot biker type—with a shaved head and with random tats covering his body.  The Cock Sucker is on his knees, the Biker’s cock deep in his mouth.  The Cock Sucker pulls off to show me the size of the Biker’s dick.  It’s a great, veiny cock.  I stand up and sink into the willing ass in front of me. 

It’s a good fuck.  And we are getting an audience.  The Cock Sucker has a second dick presented to him.  I recognize the Black kid I left in the shower, now hard and taking turns with the Biker in the Cock Sucker’s the hot mouth.

I pump away.  Slow at first.  Then build up to a punishing fuck.  My hips slap his fleshy ass.  The sound fills the small room.  There are a good half dozen guys stroking.  The Cock Sucker is on a new dick, taking him as deeply as he has me.

A tap on my shoulder.  It’s the Biker.  He wants some of the ass I’m fucking.  I pull out.  My bottom moves around and cleans my dick.  The Biker waits until I pull my spit shined cock out of the Bottom’s mouth.  He pushes into the bottom roughly.  His strokes are hard and fast.   Truly a jack rabbit fuck.

And he shoots.  In no time at all.

I take charge.  “Let me clean your cock.”  I kneel, my head right at the upturned ass of the man we’ve both fucked.  Biker pulls out—slowly.  He loves sticking it into my mouth.  I clean every drop of cum off his veiny cock.  I don’t swallow.  After the Ass to Mouth moment, I’m pretty sure the bottom will want a snowball.  Once the Biker can’t take any more of my tongue, he pulls out and watches me pull the bottom down so he’s kneeling next to me. I lean forward.  We kiss.  My tongue pushes the Biker’s cum into his mouth.  The moment is electric.  Even with him guessing it was coming, it feels delightfully pervy and makes us both even hornier.

We kiss.  We share.  I get him up and bent over.

“Fuck,” says the Biker.  “Stick your face in there and taste my cream.” 

I do.  I lap a big dollop out of him.  I need to fuck.  I stand up and push into his over lubed hole.  Oh, fuck, it’s heaven.  I fuck him hard.  I froth the Biker’s cum.  I pull out.

“Clean it.” 

The bottom is all over me.  He is hungry for every drop.  He cleans me.  I push him down and plunge in again.

The Biker is watching us.  I love the look of disbelief and pleasure on his face.  I keep fucking until I froth the remaining cum.   This time I pull out and lick it off his hole.  My bottom slips off the platform and gets on his knees.  I spit the cum into his mouth.  “Clean my dick, but don’t swallow it.” 

I know it’s hard for him.  But he spit shines my cock and shakily gets up.  We kiss.  And share the cum that was shot into his ass.

The Cock Sucker has worked on most of the spectators.  He stands up.  “I need to get fucked.  You got a condom?”

I truthfully tell him no.  He disappears to check the box of condoms that hangs on the sling room wall.  He comes back empty handed.  “Lie on your back,” he tells me.

I follow his directions.  He joins me on the platform.

“I want to ride you.”  He straddles me. And slowly sits.  “Just don’t cum in me.”

I don’t point out that my dick has a slight shine of the Biker’s jizz on it.  He takes me all.  Easily.  And starts jerking his cock as he rides me.  I just stay still.  It would be so easy to blow my load in him.  But he’s shooting before I can even think more about it.

The Bottom is right there—licking the boy’s cock (and the leather padding and my thighs).  I assume I’ll get off in him.  But he disappears fast after he gets the last drop.  As does the spent Cock Sucker. 

The Black guy who hadn’t cleaned deeply enough is still there.  “I’m ready now,” he tells me.

I get off the platform and get behind him as he leans over for me. 

“Seed my ass, Daddy.”

I am so ready to do just that.  We fuck.  The boy even gets someone’s cock in his mouth as I shoot deep into his bowels.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Waiting to Inhale

St. Louis—February, 2016

I had such a good time at the bathhouse—especially with the new renovations—I went back the next night—a Friday.  I’d thought I would just have a quiet evening at my motel—but my dick told me I should be fucking.

So I listened to him…

I head right for the slurp ramp.  I turn the corner into the new room and stop dead.  There is a big bear of a man standing center stage on the platform.  His cock, hard and shiny, is sticking through the middle hole.  It’s not long, but it’s super thick.  Obviously someone has just stopped sucking it.  I advance.  He nods at me, giving me permission.  I open wide.  I feel like I’m all teeth—it is so thick.  I concentrate, open my mouth wider yet and use lots of tongue.

I’m rewarded with some pre-cum.

I finally have to stop.  My jaw hurts—and I’m sure he doesn’t want to cum anyway.  I pull off him.
“Good job,” he tells me.  I’m glad he’s pleased.  I go off to stroke to some porn as a spectator takes my place on the thick dick.


I walk around the circuit.  I linger in the steam room, but the back corner is deserted.  I dry off in the sauna and head back to the slurp ramp.  The bear is gone.  A young Black man stands there now.  I can see his upper body above the partition.  In a word—built.  A young man is sucking him.  I move close to watch.  The sucker grunts and shoots his load on the partition and the floor.  He pulls off the dick.  It’s a beauty. Think of mine but with a sharp downward curve and in ebony.  I look up at the man.  He smirks and nods his head.  I suck the wet dick.  It pushes deep into my throat.  I love the feel of it.  My throat is full, but I can still just manage to breathe around the curved flesh.  He reaches down and grabs my head.  He holds me still and fucks my face.  Damn, my dick is dripping.  I can understand how the other sucker shot his load.

He lets me go and I pull off his dick to get more air in my lungs.  There is another man waiting to try.  I let him.  I go up the steps to the platform of the slurp ramp .  My thought is to offer the sucker a contrasting cock so he could go back and forth, but I stop in my tracks as I round the corner and see Hooked Cock’s bubble butt.  It’s glorious.  They are perfectly rounded globes.  As I stand there, he grabs the new cock suckers head and I watch his butt move and flex with each stroke.  I sink to my knees behind him.  My tongue is out and parting his cheeks.  He keeps fucking the face in front of him, but I can tell he feels my tongue and beard on his ass.  When he doesn’t protest, I pull the cheeks apart and hit the hole.  Hooked Cock groans audibly.  He stops fucking the mouth in front of him and grinds himself back on my face.

“Damn, that’s nice,” he grunts out. 

I tongue him deeper.

“Nobody eats my ass.  They just want my cock.”

I grunt an assent—how many times have I said or at least thought that?

Hooked Cock grinds back onto me again.

“Love that beard.  Eat my hole, fucker.”

I do.  It’s a wonderful mix of soap and the sweat running down his ass crack.  Inside the pucker he has that slight metallic taste to which I am addicted.  I pull the cheeks farther apart.  I go deeper.
HC lifts his leg and puts his foot in the glory hole.  This opens his ass for me.  I work even harder and he’s groaning loudly.  He reaches behind him and grabs the back of my head and pulls me into his ass. 

I can’t breathe.  And I don’t care.  I am tonguing his wet hole—fucking it with the tip of my tongue.  He lets me go, just in time for me to pull air into my lungs.  And I push my face right back into his butt.

He grabs me again, smothering me in hot, muscled ass flesh.  I decide at that moment, that this is exactly how I want to die—suffocated by a perfectly mounded bubble butt.  He releases me.  I gasp for air.  I really want to stand up and pound my dick into the hole I’ve loosened. 

But I don’t.  I do round three.  I am holding his cheeks apart and tonguing deeply.  He takes his foot down and steps back.  My head hits the concrete wall.  It hurts—but not enough to get me to stop.  He presses his ass against my face.  I can feel him jerking his hooked cock.  His mound of ass has created a seal around my mouth and nose.  I am rimming him deep and needing oxygen.  

Suddenly he’s shooting.  I can feel each spasm of his ass as it clutches at my tongue.  I have to get some air.  I am just about to push his ass off my mouth when he steps away.  I gasp for breath and he turns, showing me his dripping dick.

“You want this, don’t you.”  It’s not a question.  It’s a statement. And he’s right.  I lick the final drop off his cock head.  “Thanks,” he says and moves away.  The platform is coated with his jizz. 

I lean back against the cool wall and force more air into my lungs.

More to come…

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fucking On the Slurp Ramp

St. Louis—February, 2016

Immediately after the last post.

I’m sitting in the sauna—towel spread on the hot wood.  I’m sitting in the corner.  My left leg is bent and pulled to my chest.  My right sprawls on the floor.  My cock is soft, but swollen.  And still dripping.  My head is against the rough wood.  The door opens.

“Ooh,” says a tenor voice.  “You’re my hero.”

I open my eyes and say “Oh?”

“The way you did that boy.”  The rather fey man sits down on the other side of the sauna.  “And the way your face showed everything you were feeling.  Especially when you got off.  You should do porn.”

I don’t enlighten him.  I just say “Thanks.”

I look down at my dick.  It moves—and drips the last remnant of that first load onto my thigh.


I am back in cruising mode fairly fast.  Everyone wants to suck my dick.  And I let them.  On the new slurp ramp.  On the bed in the old playroom.  On the padded platforms in the new porn area. 

Once I venture into someone’s room, but we leave the door open so he can show anyone passing that he’s giving me head.

I roam.

I stroke to porn.

I get some head by a slightly chunky African-American.  He’s maybe 30.  He stands below me on the slurp ramp and gives me the best head of the night.  I can’t take my eyes off his incredibly round ass. 

He finally pulls off me and, holding my cock in one hand, looks up at me says “You gonna fuck me with this thing?”


He lets go of me and climbs the stairs.  He wants to do it right here—none of that ‘Let’s go back to my room’ bullshit.  I move so he can stand dead center of the ramp.  It’s tight, but there is just enough room for me to get behind him.  My wet cock leaves his saliva all down his ass crack as I sink to my knees and stick my tongue between those generous cheeks.

“Oh, Daddy.  Eat this booty.  Get me wet.”

His ass is fucking itself on my tongue.  His hole is stretched—someone has been up it.  My tongue searches for jizz, but just finds his terrific ass lube.  I am rock hard again.

I stand up.  I don’t even ask about condoms.  I just slide into him.  I go easily—and he begins gripping my cock with his wet ass canal.

“Fuck me, Daddy man,” he grunts out—his face in his arms on the top of the slurp ramp wall.

I do.  I slide my entire shaft out—long dicking him on each stroke.  I am slamming into him.  The extra flesh on his ass and my hips make wet smacking sounds that fill the room.  His own hand finds his less than generous endowment.  He’s stroking like crazy.

I fuck the load out of another man.

But this time I don’t shoot.

My partner thanks me and heads to the showers.

One of the men watching us is a hot muscle Daddy.  As I come down the steps he puts a beefy hand on my shoulder and says.  “I’ll be back in room XXX as soon as I freshen up.  I want your load in my ass.”  I smile and nod.

I start to the sinks to wash up a little.  “Please,” says a voice behind me.  “Let me taste his ass on your dick.”  I let him clean me up. 

When he’s done, I have no need to wash at all.

I see that the Muscle Guy’s room is right by the entrance to the new play area.  I hang around.  And here he comes.  Trailing him is a hot college kid.  My mind goes into overdrive—picturing us sharing this lucky kid.  The Muscle Guy smiles at me, opens his door and steps in.  The college kid steps in.  I start for the door.  The Muscle Guy shuts it in my face.

And my evening never quite recovers.  It’s late on a weeknight and guys are leaving in droves.

I check the rooms.


The new play space.


The steam room.

One man I won’t touch.

The sling.


The raised mattress.

Yup.  An older guy with a willing hole.  It’s no frills.  

It’s all about getting off.  

Both of us.  

Me first and then him, jerking, as he fingers my load in his ass.

Two loads lighter.  A good night.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Bent Over at the Baths

St. Louis—February, 2016

The bookstore scene from the previous post was my last play for three weeks or more.  My life was all about Dad in the hospital, and then dealing with his death and the funeral.  I only mention all this again for I was aching for good anonymous sex when my job took me to St. Louis during the third week of February.  I went to the bathhouse—I didn’t want someone coming to my hotel room.

There were big changes there.  The last time I was in the place, there was a public sling, a public mattress and two booths with a glory hole between them tucked in a back corner.  They were all still there, but now the gleaming gym had been ripped out.  In its place was a wooden slurp ramp with several public gloryholes.  In front of that were a series of cubicles with countless gloryholes so you had access to the booth next to you in any direction.  The last new additions were a couple of  padded platforms where you could sit as you stroked to three big screen televisions—all showing different (and raw) porn.

My cock was aching for release, the moment I stripped and locked my locker.  I was in a fairly new jock sent to me by a reader.  (I was to get as much precum and ass juice on it as possible.) I tied my boots and tossed my towel over my shoulder.  It was a Thursday night.  And the place was much busier than last year—men must be liking the improvements…

I stroke on the new padded platform.  I suck a random daddy who stands next to me.  I’m hard.  So hard my cock ring feels smaller.  I tour the new area.  No one on the slurp ramp, but a cute college kid is in the hallway by the new cubicles.  He fumbles with his towel as I pass, tightening it around his waist.  He is close to 6 feet tall and nicely built.  His dark blond hair is damp from his shower.  A dense patch of curly hair covers most of his chest, too.  And he’s drunk. 

I sigh and continue my tour around into the older sling room.  But there is no one waiting in it.  I circle back.  The college kid has lost his towel.  He bends, showing me a glorious full butt, covered with the same dark blond curls.  I kneel and shove my tongue into his ass.  He grunts his appreciation and grabs for the wall to support himself.

“Eat me out,” he grunts.

I look up at him.  He has no idea who is rimming him.  My cock is out and I’m stroking as I tongue fuck his hole.  Finally, he looks around and sees who is in him.  He doesn’t pull away.  He grinds back on me.

“Eat me, Daddy.  Fuckin’ breed me with that big dick of yours.”

I just thrust my tongue deeper into him.  He groans.  Loudly.  Guys hearing us, fill our hallway to watch us.  Two stroke.  One tries to crawl under the bent over college kid to suck his dick.  My boy doesn’t want that.  He stands up and I think we’re done.

“Suck my dick,” I command.  “Get it wet for your ass.”

That keeps him there.  He gets shakily to his knees and gives me head.  It’s nothing special, but it doesn’t matter.  The watchers have swollen to a good dozen.  Most are stroking themselves or tweaking the nipple of the man next to them.  The would-be cock sucker, who nearly ended the scene, finds a dick to suck.

“Spit on it,” I tell my boy.  He does.  I pull him up by the forearms.  “Bend.”  He does—supporting himself on the wall.  “You want this dick in you?  You want it raw?”

“Fuck, yeah.  Knock me up.”

I roughly push into him.  He’s tight.  He grunts—and so do I.  But he sucks me into his guts.  I hold. 
The crowd surges forward.  “Fuck that fag boy,” someone tells me from behind my back. 

The boy may be no cock sucker, but his ass is heaven.  And he knows how to use it.  Even drunk.  He is milking my dick like crazy.  I am working up to speed—plowing into him.

“Give me your load,” he grunts out as he grinds back on me.  My hips are slamming into him.

“Jeez,” says a man in the crowd.  “Breed that boy for us.”

I slam home.  And my bottom boy starts shooting all over the floor.  His ass contracts with each spasm.  I don’t want to cum so fast…but I am shooting up him.  My face contorts and I grimace with each sweet spasm.

The boy slips off me and sinks to a pile on the floor, smearing his cum across his chest in the process.  My dick is dripping jizz for all to see.  I close my eyes and lean against the wall trying to breathe. 

When I open them—there is no one there.  No crowd and no boy.  I look down.  My cock is dripping—and I know I didn’t imagine it.

More to come…

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Well Used

Near Home—January, 2016

I need to get back to writing.

After coming home from IML, I have gone right into my busy summer where work takes huge amounts of my time.  I’ve also been unsure where to start back up with my unwritten adventures.  I certainly have a few stories from these last six months I want to share.  I’m not sure they will be written in order—as they usually are—but I’m thinking I will write whatever I feel like talking about at the moment. 


This is the oldest one.  It’s January, right at the end of the month.  Before January got bitterly cold and before Dad died. 

I’m in the bookstore. I’m on the couch in the straight theatre.  I’m here on, of all things, a Wednesday afternoon.  And it’s working.  I’m seeing new faces.  This month has seen a fair amount of fucking:  New Year’s Eve, Dean at the hotel, Derrick and Jacob in their playroom.  Now I’m hungry.  I want dick in my mouth. 

And cum to swallow.

I stroke.  I twist my balls.  I feel like I could blow a load any time. I twist the hairy orbs again.  My dick settles down.  I stroke.  Back in control. 

The door opens.  Two men come in—both about my age.  The overweight bear sits on a chair near my couch.  He looks at me and my dick, not at the screen.  The other man sits next to me.  He’s as thin as I am, quite distinguished looking with short, dark hair, greying at the temples.

He unzips the moment he sits down.  He pulls out a bigger than average seven-incher.  Hard and dripping. 

He knows what he wants.  He knows what I want.  He reaches over, grabs the back of my neck and guides my head down to his erection.

“Suck it,” he whispers.  “Suck it slowly.”

I take most of him into my throat, but it’s a bad angle.  I pull away from his guiding hand and slither around to kneel between his splayed legs.  I have the perfect angle now to deep throat him.

But he pulls me up and off him.  “I said slowly.  Don’t rush it.”

I take an excruciatingly long time to let my mouth travel the full length of his shaft.  My tongue flicks at his balls as I bottom out.  He sighs, holds me in place and then guides me back up his swelling column of flesh.

“That’s it.  Slow and hot.” 

I go down on him again.  Almost in slow motion.  I can hear the bear jerking off behind me.  I am now being held by the ears and being used as a living Fleshlight. He is moving me up and down his wet cock at his tempo.  For his pleasure. 

And it’s all so slow.  I have to keep swallowing and breathing through my nose—though he’s not so thick he cuts my air off totally.  I am pulled up so just his dripping head is in my mouth.  I swirl my ever-moving tongue around the wet helmet. 

The door opens.  I can’t turn my head to see who it is.  But someone else witnessing my servitude sets my top off.  He grunts and begins to cum. 

He pushes me down.  Slowly.  I can feel every jet spewed into my mouth.  I swallow and swallow and still he’s shooting.  I’m only halfway down his cock. He’s still spurting—totally in control of me and my ever moving descent down to take his full shaft.  We bottom out—his last spasm is shot deep in my throat.

He holds me there.

“Now that’s what I needed,” he whispers—leaning forward—and slowly pulling out of my mouth.  
“Thank you.”

He leaves.  I start to stand up, rather shakily.

“Where are you going?”  It’s the new man.  I know him.  He has fucked my face many times—usually in the back corner of the gay theatre.  He never gets hard.  But he always delivers a load.  He pushes me back down to my knees.  “Suck this big dick.”

Of course it’s not.  Not even if it were hard.  But I suck him as if he were the biggest stud ever in my mouth.  The bear stands up.  He brings his cock over for a turn in my mouth, but Mr. Softie will have none of that.  That is, not until the bear shoots his load all over my cheek.  The man pulls his flaccid dick out of my face and scoops up the load with his right hand.

“Eat it.  You know you want it.”

I lick his fingers clean.  And again.  And again until there is no more cum on my cheek.  Or on his fingers.

“Get on your back.  I want to fuck you that way.”

I do it.  On my back and head over the edge of the couch—my legs splayed on the back of the couch.

“Oh, yeah.”  He pushes his soft dick into my ovaled mouth.  He grinds into me.  A couple of thrusts and he’s over the edge.  Another big load.  Swallowed. And the even limper dick licked clean.


There’s a big Black dick next.  He stands next to the couch and uses my mouth.  But he wants ass—reaching down and trying to feel my hole.  When I shake my head, he goes off to the arcade—where I’m sure he has a choice of butt.


After all the men, I get a boy.  He’s barely 20, with coffee colored skin, and from Pakistan. He’s in and out of the straight theatre for a good half hour.  Restless.  A man tells me he’s never seen the boy do anything.  Well, he does something today.  When we are finally alone, he lets me suck his long, thin cock—a cock that has the most generous foreskin I’ve ever had in my mouth.

Well, he sticks it in my mouth.  He cums in mere moments.

I go home.  Well used.  And happy.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Cumdump on Twitter

Dylan, the boy in video who took so many loads during IML, told me that he is quite a well-known west coast cum dump.  He loves to post pictures and videos of his well-seeded self on his twitter account.  He invites you to find him as wetnwildbb1. So please, enjoy him as much as I did!

Click Here.  Scroll down a little and you'll find a familiar cock fucking him.  This is a video from his phone that I don't have.

Here’s another couple of pics for you to peruse—and a second video of our play.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

IML Sunday. New F-Buds and Old. The Old…

Chicago—May, 2016

(There are some pretty graphic pictures below…)

As soon as Dylan was gone, I got dressed and headed out for a sandwich.  On the way downstairs, I stopped at Jack and Joey’s room.  Joey let me in.  I found Jack naked, blindfolded and with hash marks on his ass.  He’d taken something like 6 loads from seven cocks.  The thought of that got me hard. 

Of course I tasted them and fucked in them.

And I invited them up to our 5pm playtime.

It was a good thing I did.  Our numbers were dwindling.  One guy had to work later on his IML shift.  Another had to work until the last minute and couldn’t clean out.  A top didn’t show.  Dylan couldn’t get back to us after all.  I knew it was bad, when Rod was feeling poorly and sent Brice without him.
But there was still plenty of fun to be had.

I am balls deep up Brice the moment he’s naked.  Marco had played with him while I was at the piss party.  Now it’s my turn to luxuriate in his warm hole. 

A knock on the door.  It’s Jack and Joey.  We regroup.  I get Jack in the sling.  I’m back to eating his loaded hole and fucking in it.  Marco and Brice can’t wait to see if Joey’s hole is really as “fistable” as I told them.  Marco starts working it.

One hand.  Then the other.  And both.  Brice snaps the pictures—and I keep fucking Jack.

The boys trade off.  Brice’s much bigger hands love the warmed up hole.  In no time he has both of his fists in the hole in front of him.

Jack needs a break.

It’s my turn up Joey.  I fuck.  I add my hand.  I stroke myself inside Joey.

This turns Brice on even more.  The moment I pull out, he’s hard and wants to fuck.  He does.  He fucks Joey until he loads him.

I want this cum.  I get Joey and his easy access ass on the rimseat.  He sits.  He stuffs his beginnings of a rosebud into my mouth.  The act of pushing out the cum also makes his bladder spasm.

“I’m gonna piss all over you.”  

As the cum drips into my mouth, his piss gushes all over my chest and the tarp below me. 

I eat and swallow.  Joey is shaking.  I finally have to stop.  We towel off and I see what Marco has done to Jack. He has tied him up in an intricate pattern of ropes.

I get behind him.  I am rock hard from the cum eating and blown out hole. 

I fuck my load into Jack.

I add a hash mark.

And we do one more stunt shot.  I have to contort my body, to keep my dick in Jack, while I stick a paw up both Marco on the left and Joey on my right.

And that was IML 2016.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Picture Preview

I am going to take a night off from writing the rest of Sunday at IML.  Some of the pictures of it are still on their way to me.  And I need to sort through them all.  Here are a few of them that will give you some idea of our final, more extreme, play time with fuck buddies we know well.

Jack, bound by Marco, gets the fucking he needs.  That is Brice's hot cock behind us.

Joey gets my dick and my hand.