Sunday, July 31, 2016

BB@ ABS, Pt. II: Not a Condom In Sight

Near Home—July, 2016

You likely should read the previous post if you haven’t.  It’s here.

Things are getting more interesting with the straight couple.  There are about half a dozen guys watching her suck her man’s cock—but the man who claimed to have nine inches is now being allowed to touch her.  She is bent over more, ass up, as she sucks.  The man’s hands are all over her.  I go in and sit down at the far end of the room—but in good view of them all.  I whip out my cock and stroke it.

“Now that’s the size dick she likes,” the boyfriend/husband says to no one in particular.  He pulls the woman off his all but micro dick and turns her to fellate the man who has been caressing her ass.  The fondler sighs as her mouth finds his semi-hard rod.  The boyfriend/husband pulls the woman’s panties aside and starts fingering her.  This goes on a long time.  The man getting sucked soon loses his hardon again from nerves and old age. 

Her partner wants to see her get fucked right here in the big room.  He says so, loudly.  I see him gesture to me.  She shakes her head.  “That’s too big.  Get Jerry to fuck me in a booth.”  Jerry is a regular here on nights when real women show up.  He is nicely hung—and, to my knowledge, has never made use of any of the men who’d help him out on other nights.  He is glad to be chosen and they all troop out to a private booth. 

The entire crowd goes with them to listen at the door— maybe hoping for sloppy seconds.  I am left with a Latino in his 40’s and an older Black man.  The Latino is right next to me.  He is barrel chested and with a big ass—an ass which he is just beginning to find out can give him pleasure.  I have rimmed him and fucked him a number of times in the past.  And I’ve tasted his load on a regular basis.  I was surprised when he told me he was married with a couple of kids.  The Black guy is maybe just a few years older than me.  There is grey at his temples and in his beard.  He has a thick sturdy frame—solid not fat.  He has had his thick 6 incher out for quite some time. 

The Latino reaches over to stroke my dick.  I let him.  The Black guy comes from the back wall and sits on the other side of me.  In moments, he stands up and his dripping, drooling fuck stick is in my mouth.   Black Guy grabs my ears and fucks my face just like I had done to the baby Latino earlier.  He is grunting his pleasure.  I think I’m going to get his load.  He pulls, roughly, out of my mouth.  My throat is full.  Bulging on each stroke.

“On your knees,” he orders me.  I pull away from the Latino’s rough hand on my cock.  I sink to my knees.  Black Guy lets me suck him at my own tempo.  Long slow strokes down the length of his super hard cock.  He has that fabulous sweat funk as I near his balls.  My tongue greedily tries to capture it.  He takes the hint—he sits and spreads his legs.  He grabs the back of my head and pulls me into his damp and hairy ball sack.  I groan.  I could shoot.  Right now.

My pants have fallen down my thighs.  My jockstrapped ass is in the air as he holds me in place slurping on his balls.  I feel the Latino’s finger playing with my hole as I go back to sucking Black Guy.

“I wanna fuck.”

He releases my head.  I come up for air, not sure if that command was directed at me.  It wasn’t.  The Latino is bending over the chair he’d been sitting on.

“Fuck me hard,” he tells the Black Guy. 

I watch as that black dick, wet with my spittle, shoves into his brown toned ass.  Black Guy does a jack rabbit fuck.  He pulls out and gestures for me in to go into the Latino.  I do.  I am pretty sure the Black Guy has unloaded—it feels incredibly creamy in there.

The door opens.  One of the white guys hoping to fuck the woman comes in.  He watches us.  And takes out his dick.  He jerks as I long dick the Latino.  I have men watching me now on both sides—stroking and making comments.

“Fuck that ass.”

“Fuck him hard.”

“Give him that big dick.”

“Not so deep,” begs the Latino.

I slow down and fuck him with just ¾ of my length.  This makes him groan.

I fuck some more.  Showing off.  I pull out.  My dick has jizz on it, and it’s not mine.  Black Guy has stealthed him.  “You want to fuck him?” I ask the new guy.

I’m actually surprised that a hairy, cum filled ass is just fine with him.  He sticks it in the sloppy hole.  He makes it sloppier in no time.  He lets the Latino know he’s being bred.

“Your turn,” the Latino pants.  “Cum in me.”

I stick it in him.  His hole feels wonderful.  I try to hold out a little, but I’m soon over the edge.  I fuck my two weeks of cum into him.  I let it marinate for a moment.  I pull out.  My flared cock head brings out a huge dollop of the mixed jizz that splatters on the dirty linoleum…  

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Brown Boys at the Bookstore

Near Home—July, 2016

I was able to take last night off.  I was at the bookstore by 9pm.  I needed sex.  It had been a couple of stressful weeks since I’d shot a load.  I parked in a lot that was three quarters full.  Got my ticket, pissed and went into the straight theatre…

There are eight men in the room.  I can feel the tension.  When they are all sitting bolt upright and not jacking, it means there is a woman in the building.  I sit in the one seat available that isn’t too close to the screen.

Sure enough she arrives with her beer-gutted beau.  She’s nothing much to look at, but the men are entranced with the idea that she may put out.  I have had three of the men who are waiting for her in my mouth and swallowed their loads.  But tonight they ignore me—hell, they might get the ‘real thing.’

She plays coy for a while, doing no more than knead her boyfriend/husband’s crotch.  I get bored and head next door to the gay theatre.  No one.  But the movie is bare and the men hot.  I’d rather jerk.  So I do.

I am into the second scene of the video.  The door opens.  It’s a very young Latino, a barely legal boy I’ve never seen before.  He is 5’ 6” or so in cargo shorts, a red tee shirt and a baseball cap.  His face is scruffy.  And his dick is hard.  He pulls out a hot 6 and half incher with a downward hook and a generous foreskin.  He pushes it right into mouth.  His eyes are riveted to my cock.  I jerk faster with this beauty in my mouth.  I slide off the chair and kneel in front of him.

My hands are all over his ass I as suck him.  I find his ass crack.  My finger hovers over his hole.  I make contact without trying for entry.  He groans.  I do it again.  I think he might shoot.  His response is to pull away.

“Stand up,” he tells me as he digs in the pocket of his shorts.  He pulls out a regular sized condom.  Does he think he’s going to fuck me?  He rips it open and rolls it open over my cock.  It’s damn tight.  I am about to say something when he sits on the chair and starts sucking me through the latex.  My horniness overrides my usual response to sucking with a condom on.  I turn his ball cap brim to the rear, hold on to his head and fuck his face.  He gasps and grunts and finally chokes.  He pulls off me, spits on my dick, stands up and turns his ass to me.

“Fuck me with that huge thing.”

I kneel and spit on his hole.  I love how soft his young skin feels to my hands and lips.  I tongue him for only a moment before my dick takes charge.  I stand up and slide right in.   He takes it like a champ.

“Fuck, you are the biggest I’ve ever had.  Bang my ass hard.”   He leans into my chair and I ‘bang his ass’ as hard as any man I’ve ever fucked.

He takes it for maybe five minutes.

A man comes in.  I’m sure the boy will pull off me, embarrassed.  But he doesn’t.  He just hides his face and lets me keep plowing.  The man watches a little, but soon the lure of the woman next door is too strong for him and he leaves us.

I pick up the pace.  I can feel the heat of his ass, but little else with the condom.  I fuck until I think he might shoot.  Instead he pulls off me.  The condom is covered in shit.  I’m thrilled for a change my cock was entirely covered.  We clean up—me a little, him a lot—in the bathroom in the arcade.  He pulls me into a booth for more of my mouth.  But a man is watching us through a gloryhole and my boy loses his erection.  I suggest he find me later.  He agrees, but I never see him again.

I go back to the straight theatre.  I stand next to the couch near the sofa where the couple sits along with a man stroking his hard cock.  She has progressed to sucking her man for all to see, though he has no dick to see at all. 

“Who has 8 inches?”  the man getting sucked asks the room.

Mine is put away and I have no interest in her going down on me.

“I do,” says the man sitting on the other side of the woman.

“Where?” cackles the husband.  “How do you measure that shrimp?”  And it’s true—it looks about 5 and a half to my practiced eye.

“From the scrotum, of course,” says the man, not put off at all. 

I go back to the gay side.

There is another brown boy there.  A college-athlete-gone-to-seed type.  Maybe 30. Jet black hair covering his cinnamon colored skin.  I sit and pull out my dick.  That gives him permission to pull out his.  He strokes a long thin dick.  Soon his big, hairy balls are pulled out and hang over the waistband of his white underwear.

“Can I suck it?”

He shakes his head.  He watches me stroke intently.  I stand so he can see me easier.  He reaches out his non-stroking hand and jerks me—so tight fisted I have to stop him.  I kneel in front of him.  I reach out to masturbate him.  He won’t let me touch him—afraid he’ll shoot.

“Sure you don’t want my mouth on your cock?”

He wrestles with this for several seconds before shaking his head.  His hand flies over his dick.

“Then let me lick your balls while you jerk.  That’s totally safe.”

He spreads his legs inviting me in.  I lick the heavy, hairy orbs.  He loves it.  His hand moves faster.  I can feel his balls start to tighten.  He stands up.

“Cum on my face.  On my beard,” I tell him.

He looks doubtful, but in an instant his cock takes over and he fires rope after rope of cum onto my cheek and beard.  I lean in and nuzzle his balls one last time.  He is bold enough to wipe his cock head on my beard.

I scoop up some of his cum with my forefinger and lick it clean.  He smiles.  Grins, really. 

“That was so much better than just cumming on the floor.”  He is pulled together and out the door fast.

I can only agree with him as I clean my beard with my fingers.  I suck them clean and go back next door—where things have gotten more interesting…

More to come with:   Brown Boys at the Bookstore Part II:  Not a Condom In Sight

Monday, July 25, 2016


Rural Rest Area Near Home—July, 2016

I can still taste him as I type this…

Unexpectedly, I found myself with some free time today.  My work load jumps to 65+ hours a week in the summer months, so I just resign myself to little or no sex.  (And not much time to write!)  The playroom has been packed away since June for my house belongs to the company I work for and a steady stream of fellow employees are in and out all summer.  (It always amuses me when a straight married guy is assigned to the bedroom that just a few weeks before was chockful of sex furniture.  Does he like the five different mirrors all over the room that I don’t bother to pack?)

But this morning I had ninety minutes where I didn’t have to do anything.  I had not been to the rural rest area in over a year.  Well, I had stopped once on a non-sexual visit, but I was intrigued to see if there was any action.

I pull in to the shaded parking area on this sticky, 93 degree day.  There are two semi-trucks and a rather junky old car.  One semi, with a sleeper compartment, is parked to the side.  A bearded man sits on the picnic table near the cab.  He’s approaching 50, bearded and trim—dressed in an A-shirt and jeans. The other semi-truck is nose to nose with the junker.   I vaguely recognize the man in the car. He is huge.  He barely fits behind the wheel of his car.  There is no sign of the other driver. I park, get out and go into the pit toilet.  It’s a hot day—no way I’m staying in there for anytime.  I piss and leave.  I look over to the man on the picnic table.  Did he just grope himself while looking at his atlas?

I wander behind the toilet and look at the hickory trees.  The large man is out of the car and coming up the walk.

“Long time, no see,” he chortles at the top of his voice.  “I told that driver there was a guy with a big dick who used to come here, and here you are.” 


He disappears into the toilet.  I don’t follow.  I look over at the trucker. He studies the page in front of him.  This time his hand decidedly brushes his crotch.  I wait.  He looks right at me and squeezes his dick through his jeans.  But he doesn’t make a move.  I wait a little longer.  The toilet door bangs and the large guy makes the long walk to the car.  He gets in and drives off—guessing which way things are going to go. 

I wait.

He studies his map.

I go to my car, grab the water bottle and head to the pump.  I work the handle and fill the bottle with well water.  I turn.  He’s moved to the table in front of the toilets.  I walk behind building.  He stays at the table, but his left hand goes to the waist band of his pants.  He pulls it down when he knows I’m looking, exposing his ass crack.

Oh, that’s not happening—not out here and with no prep.  I go back to looking at the hickory trees. When I come back around, he’s gone.  The table is empty.  I walk back.  He’s not in the men’s toilet.  Is he in the cab of his truck?  I walk around to the back again.  I hear a noise in the women’s side.  I go towards the door.  He emerges, his jeans tented, just as I arrive.

“What’s up?” he asks.

“Other than you?”

“Yeah,” he mumbles. 

I ask if he’s seen the other driver.

“I haven’t.”

“You want that sucked?” I ask, jerking my thumb at the tented crotch.

“Sure.”  He unzips right there, barely hidden by the partition between the two sides of the toilet.  He show me a hard seven inches.  Uncut., with the foreskin tight around his smallish cock head.  He gestures towards the woman’s side.

“I think it’s safer to be out back—we can separate faster if we hear traffic.”

He nods.  We walk around behind.  I have him stand on the concrete foundation of the building.  I kneel.

He’s easy to take to the root.  The foreskin doesn’t retract.  His whole cock smells of soap not man. 

“Lick my balls.”

I do.  Medium sized and hairy.  I fleeting think how nice it would be, in different circumstances, to lick what I’m sure is a very hairy ass.

“I’m close…”

“In my mouth.”

He jerks a couple of more strokes as I nuzzle his balls.


I move up to take his cock.  He shakes like he’s having a convulsion.  I get one drop of semen in my mouth. 

He thanks me profusely, gets in his truck and is gone.

I refill my water bottle and go back to work.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Timid Guy

Near Home—April, 2016

I went to the bookstore two more times in April.  One was spectacularly bad (and messy) though the man was hot.  No need to talk about that.  The other was fun.  And slightly different.  And you know that I like different... 

I am in the gay theatre.  It’s a good night.  I have had one man feed me.  Another is making himself at home between my legs while sucking my cock.

The door buzzes to let in a new man.  He opens the door tentatively.  He stands by it for quite a long time, blinking in the darkness to see where he can sit.  As it happens, the only available chair is right by me.  It’s crowded tonight.  I watch the face of the new man as he realizes I’m getting head.  The man between my legs is slobbering enthusiastically all over my dick.  I watch the new man decide to sit in that only vacant seat.  He steps carefully over the cocksuckers legs and sits down.  Gingerly.  He can’t take his eyes off the sex that is happening right next to him.

I look over at him and smile.  He is very good looking:  a handsome face and the promise of a hard body under his tight tee shirt and khakis. Rather tall, lithe and thin.  He could be anywhere from 30 to 40.  He gropes himself as he watches the man swallowing my cock.

I return attention to my cock sucker.  I hold his head in place.  He chokes mildly.  I let him up.  The cock sucker comes up gasping for air.  This makes the timid man knead the front of his trousers even faster.  The cock sucker swallows me to the root.  He gags himself this time.  Again the timid man kneads his crotch—going as far as undoing his woven belt.  I am finding watching the timid one a huge turn on.  I can feel my cock head swell, cutting off my sucker’s air.   He pulls off me again.

“Shoot in my mouth,” he whispers—but loud enough that every man in the room can hear him.

I’ve been close a couple of times.  But the announcement of the fact makes the feeling in my dick recede.  The sucker works a bit more—but then, when it’s obvious I’m not going to shoot any time soon—he declares he needs a break.  He gets up and goes.  Two or three men follow him to the arcade.  I idly wonder which one will shoot down his throat.  Or will all of them?

I look at the timid man.  I catch him staring at my wet dick.  He quickly looks away and up at the screen.  I jack.  He kneads.  No other man in the room has his dick out.

I look around the room.  I don’t see myself playing with any of these guys.  And that’s good, for with no live action, the men begin filtering out of the room.  Soon we are all alone—the timid one and me.

We stroke or grope ourselves.

He furtively watches me.

I blatantly watch him.

And the screen.  Especially once the movie changes to a bareback video.

For the timid guy, my dick now comes in second to the action of the raw three-way on the screen.
We watch a hot man get seeded by the other two.  It ends with a close up of the cum dripping from his hole.

“How can he do that?”  the Timid Guy says under his breath.

“Cuz it feels good?”  I suggest.

He just looks at me and my dick.  A new scene of an anonymous bare fuck through a glory hole has started.  He gropes himself again, really tenting his khakis. 

“Now that it’s just us, you should take your dick out,” I tell him.

“I can’t do that,” he blushes.

“You should.  You’ll be so much more comfortable.”

“I just can’t,” he says.  I’m pretty sure that means he’d cum in no time at all.

We stroke and grope.

This time the man on the screen pulls off the cock fucking him as it explodes all over his asshole.  He expertly backs up on the still spewing dick to take the seed deep into his guts.

The timid man folds his hands together.  He doesn’t dare touch himself.

I look back at the screen.  After all the breeding, it is a much tamer cocksucking scene:  two men servicing a handful of hard dicks.

My neighbor is back to groping.

The silence is heavy between us.

“Do you want to touch it?”  I ask.

“No.” he breathlessly hisses.  “I don’t do that.”

A pause.  I look out of the corner of my eye.  He is watching me now, not the video.

I turn to him.  “You know you want to,” I tell him matter-of-factly.

He waivers.  Then his left hand reaches out.  He connects with my hot, wet flesh.  Fingertips on the moist head.  Then he grips it around.

“It’s so…” he fumbles for the right word.  “Meaty,” he finally finishes.

And now his hand is gliding up and down my dick.

I haven’t agreed to a true hand job in years.  But this is hot—knowing that this is something he doesn’t do. 

He picks up the pace.

I almost stop him.  But I don’t.  I stand up.  He changes direction right with me.  He’s sure I’m going to shoot.

“Taste it,” I whisper. 

He stops dead.  For a second I think I’ve blown it—that he’ll leave.  But he gets on his knees in front of me.  My snake charmer of a dick has done it.  He opens his mouth.

The door buzzer sounds harshly.

The timid one bolts back into his chair and watches the screen.  I sit down as a man sticks his head in the door.  Seeing no action, he leaves. 

I stand back up—but the spell is broken.  He jerks me from a seated position, but he won’t try sucking it.

I let him stroke my cock.  I really want to shoot all over his face—but I settle for turning front and spewing all over the floor at his feet.

Only after the fact do I see a stray dollop of my cum on his khakis. 

He’ll have a souvenir of me after all.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

“Use Me...Any Way You Like.”

Northwest Indiana—April, 2016

I came back home from St. Louis totally sated.  But in the days to come, the death of my Dad certainly caught up with me—and I didn’t play much in March, except for the motel party which I have already written up.   (It’s the one where there were plenty of cock suckers and not one man thought he could take me up his butt.)

After months of no contact, I got a message from the man I’d worked over a few times in his farmhouse in the cornfields of Indiana.    He told me he had found the blog and figured out which entries were about him.  He wanted some more—and thought I might like to get rid of some of my tension on his ass.

I agreed and one early evening in April, I headed west.  I found the farmhouse.  I went in the side door and straight down into the basement.  He was in the sling hanging from the thick, old rafters.  Toys were laid out on every available space.  There were three kinds of lube for my pleasure.  The tarp was under the sling.  The man lying there was in his early 40’s, dressed in his neoprene jock and harness, with tall work boots.  He was blindfolded with an ancient red bandana.  He was very aware I was in the room, but said nothing.  I stripped down, got into my leathers and put on the rank jock I knew he’d like.

I crack open a bottle of Gatorade that he has set out for me in a cooler.  I take a long swig.  I put it down.  Noisily.  I watch him listening to every move I make.  The tension is building.  He’s wondering what I will do first.  Where will I touch him?  I pick up a leather paddle.  I massage my cock mound with my other hand.  Once I’m half hard, I pull it out of the smelly pouch.  I advance to the firm ass on display in the sling.

“This mine tonight?”  My index finger makes a light pattern on his left cheek.

“Yes, Sir.”

My hand brushes lightly down his ass crack.  He shivers.  Without warning I give him a terrific whack on the right cheek with the paddle. 

He grunts out a “Thank you, Sir.”

I smack him again.  I begin alternating cheeks.  They are turning a nice rosy red.  Just as fast I stop.  I kneel and stick my tongue between the hot cheeks.  I find his hole and tongue him deeply.  Moments later, I stand back up and smack him loudly and deliberately on each cheek. 





I can tell that it’s bordering on hurting now—not just getting his blood going.  I do two more than cover the red cheeks with my piss.  He gasps in surprise.

“Feed me some, Sir.”

But I don’t pay attention to his request.  When the stream is done, I lick some off his abused ass and push some of it up his hole.  Remembering how tight his ass can be, I lube up a medium sized dildo from his collection.  It opens him up easily.

I replace it with my raw cock.  He squeezes down on my dick.  He’s still blindfolded and the idea of not knowing what is going to happen next is turning him on.  I go back to the dildo.  Then my cock.  I think about using the toy with my cock, but I know it’s too thick.

I pull my dick out of his wet mancunt.  I bring it up to his face.  “Open your mouth.”

He does.  I let him clean my dick.  I turn his head so I can fuck his face if I stand on my toes.  I go deep enough that my jock pouch brushes his nose.  He groans around my dick.  I pull my dick out and, using my hand inside the pouch, fuck his face with the fabric covered fingers.

“Suck the juices out,” I tell him, as if he wasn’t already doing it.

Once it’s sopping, I go back to his ass.  I am in him deep enough to grind the now wet pouch against his hole.

“Oh, yeah,” he croons.

“This jock belongs to a Canadian reader of my blog.  He’ll love your ass juices all over it.”

The boy makes a sound of uncontrolled lust.  I keep fucking and do another round of ass to mouth.  And jock to mouth.

I need to piss again.  I pull out and rest my cock on his lips.  It takes a moment, but suddenly I’m flooding his stomach with my piss.

I grab a slender toy off the table.  I lube it quickly and push it into his ass.

“Use me...any way you like.”

“Like this?”  I add my hard dick alongside the toy.  It’s tight.  Almost too damn tight, but I keep going.  His hole finally surrenders and loosens around the twin invaders.  I fuck like that until I could easily shoot in him.

But I want to try one more thing.

I grease up my left hand—the smaller one.  Fingers and thumb slide right in.  A push.  And the bridge of my hand is almost in.  I add lube to my knuckles.  The man takes a huge hit of poppers and pushes his ass towards me.  I pop through the ring and his ass slams shut around my wrist.

I work it for a moment.

I then try my right hand.  It takes the poppers—but I again have my whole hand in him.  I work it around every so slowly in his hot ass.  With my left hand, still a lube smeared mess, I stroke my dick to full hardness.  I slide my hand out.  My dick goes in.  There is quick jet of piss—and then I’m shooting my ten day load into him. 

I leave him, still blindfolded, a dripping, sodden mess.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Return of the Rivals

Near Home—February, 2016

My final sex for February was right at the end of the month.  I went to the bookstore nearest to my home.  It became all about the return of the Rivals.  (If you don’t remember the post about them fighting over my cock, you will find it here.)

I am alone in the straight theatre.  I am stroking to some particularly sleazy porn.  I am on the couch.  I drink from my water bottle as I watch the three men on the screen rotate holes on the petite Latina they are making airtight. 

The door opens.  Again and again.  Men are streaming into the theatre.  I recognize most of them.  They pay little attention to me, but haul out their dicks and stroke to the group fuck on the screen.
The door opens again.  It’s the cock sucker, Cap Boy, from my post about the Rivals from November.  He sits next to me on the coach.  He looks longingly at my cock.  He turns his hat around, sure I am about to give him my dick.  And I am just about to nod to him, giving him permission to suck, when the door opens again.  It’s Bubble Butt of the Rivals.  He stops dead in the doorway looking at me with a smirk.  His face then contorts to a look of scorn as he takes in the man next to me.

“My ass is ready for that thing,” Bubble Butt says in a loud whisper.

Cap Boy slides off the couch and envelops me deep into his velvety mouth.

Bubble Butt looks daggers at him, but says nothing.  He moves closer to me.  “He any good?” he asks, with a sneer.

I grab Bubble Butt’s tee shirt and pull him down so I can whisper in his ear.  “He’s getting my cock wet for your ass.   Deal with it.”  I let him go.

Bubble Butt straightens up and smirks again.  He watches Cap Boy for a moment, gives me a quick nod and goes back to the arcade—likely to get fucked while waiting for me to use his ass.

I concentrate on the man between my splayed thighs.  He is certainly working hard.  My cock is wet and dripping pre-cum.  Cap Boy comes up for air.  He looks up at me appealingly, hoping for praise.  I take off his hat and ruffle his hair with my right hand—the pleased Daddy.  He smiles, relieved.  My hand goes down to his neck and pulls him back down on my wet column of flesh.  He grunts—loving to not be in control. 

I hold his head still, stand up and fuck this face.  He’s in heaven.  And he is taking my full length with ease.  My face fucking has attracted the attention of a rather overweight daddy.  He wanders over, he stands to the side, stroking his not much better than average dick as he watches us.  I pull out.  I slap my cock on the Cap Boy’s face with a wet sounding splat.  I slap each cheek.  “Open,” I tell him.  He does and sticks out his tongue.  I slap his tongue twice and go back to fucking his face.  The look of pleasure at his submission radiates all over his face.  I stand still and let him take over at his own rhythm. 

I decide to test him a little more.  I pull Cap Boy off my cock.  I look him in the eye. 

“Suck this man’s cock.”

He looks panicked.  I push his head onto the overweight guy’s dick.  He sputters…but then he goes to town on the new dick.  I’ve given him permission to be a slut.

“He’s a good one,” the man says as Cap Boy services him.  And Cap Boy is hard as a rock under his jeans. I’ve liberated him from making decisions on who he should service.  I wave over another random jacker.  A younger guy I’ve seen before, but never touched, comes over.  His dick is long and thin.  He moves behind Cap Boy.  I turn Cap Boy back to my dick for a moment.  He still doesn’t know the new man is there.  He sucks my dick with even more gusto, if that’s possible.  I let him swallow me fully.  As he comes up for air, I step aside and the new guy steps in.  Cap Boy can only see new dick, he has no time to see what the guy looks like who he’s about to suck.  Cap Boy takes the new dick deep into his mouth with no protest at all.

This young guy grabs the sucker’s head and starts pumping.  He drives it deep into Cap Boy.  He shakes and grunts.  Jeez—he’s cumming in just a few strokes.  Cap Boy tries to pull off the spurting dick.  Does he not take cum?  I can’t believe that.  It doesn’t matter, for this young guy’s dick is long enough, it’s certainly shot it straight down into Cap Boy’s gullet.

The young man pulls out.  Spent and deflating fast.

“Oh, fuck…”  It’s the overweight guy.  He has been jerking.  He steps in and sprays his load all over Cap Boy’s nose and chin.  The look of disbelief on Cap Boy’s face is priceless.   I gently push the big guy out of the way.  I swipe my cock down Cap Boy’s nose and cheek, collecting his cum.  I stick it in the panting mouth of Cap Boy.

I bottom out in the back of his throat.  Cap Boy spasms.  I’ve done it.  Cap Boy is coming in his pants.  Not even touching his crouch.  He pulls off me and collapses in a heap to catch his breath.  I sit down on the couch again.  Cap Boy looks up at me from the floor.  Is that a ‘thank you” on his face?  He scurries out without making any further contact.


It’s not too long before Bubble Butt shows back up.  He pulls a chair around and drops his pants.  He bends over the back of it.  I get to my knees and eat his hole.  I’m positive he’s had a cock up him, but I don’t think he’s loaded.  I eat him out, but want to fuck and load.

I stand up and enter him.  I try to be slow, but it’s my dick head in control.  I fuck him hard.  He takes it nicely, with lots of vocals.  One man leaves, seemingly not happy with the gay anal action happening in the straight theatre.  I reach for the bottle of ancient poppers—which still have just enough kick to make me blow my load.  Before I can unscrew the cap, Bubble Butt is shooting a load all over the back of the chair he’s leaning on.  He pulls off me with “I can’t take it after I cum, man.”


I’m alone in the theatre.  I’ve moved the chair to the side of the couch.  The porn has restarted the same video, but it’s so hot I don’t care—and this first scene is new to me anyway.  I want to get off, but I don’t want to waste it on the linoleum. 

The door opens.  A hot, young Latino comes in and sits in the chair nearest me.  I’ve never seen him before (or again).  He divides his watching between the screen and me stroking.  In moments, he’s pulled out a nice, thick uncut cock.  It’s soon hard.  He’s as excited about the three men working over the young (now Asian) woman on the screen as I’ve been.  His cock stands up, the foreskin retracted, and displays the red head beneath.  He strokes his dick hard.

There is that great tension between us—who will speak first.  I wait.  He finally breaks the silence, with words that surprise me.

“You top?”


“Fuck me?”


He stands up and drops his pants.  He moves the chair, bending over it just like Bubble Butt did.  I don’t ask about condoms.  I just move in and drop to my knees.  I taste his hole.  He’s had no action there tonight.  I lick down to include his balls.  I take his dick out of his hands and pull it back so I can lick the entire underside of the shaft.  I go back to his hole.

“Fuck me, guy.”

I stand up.  I lube briefly and push in.  I hold still in his hot, clinging ass.  I start to fuck.  I don’t get more than a few strokes.  The hot boy cums all over the back of the chair, adding his spunk to the Bottom Boy’s dripping jizz.

“Take it out,” he grunts.  “Please.”

I do.

He mops up and I sit on the couch.  He leaves.

No one else is around.

I have been responsible for getting five men off tonight…and I’m going home blueballed.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

House Party: Every Bottom's Fantasy

St. Louis—February, 2016

After two successive nights at the local bathhouse (and shooting three times) I took Saturday night off from sex.  I went to bed early with a good book and some excellent memories of the men I’d met in the play areas.  I might have gone back for a third night, but I knew that on Sunday evening, my f-bud Will was throwing a sex party in honor of my being in town.

Will and his partner Brian have done this for the last few years.  Last year I wrote up the following description.  It’s still true—except that the fuck bench had been moved to be in front of the television:
“Will and Brian live in an older, Victorian section of the city that looks like it is straight out of the film ‘Meet Me In St. Louis.’  We play on the second floor of their beautiful house.  There is a large room to relax (or fuck) with two couches in front of the big screen television showing porn.  There are three bedrooms.  One has just a sling.  Another has a large, ornately carved bed and a brand new fuckbench.  The last bedroom has both a bed and a sling.  I made use of the bathroom on this floor, too…

Will is a barrel-chested hunk.  He has classically handsome features.  The hours he spends in the gym are apparent.  And his ass is one of the most talented I know.  Brian loves to fuck as much as I do.  He invariably shoots more than once—and makes sure I get to felch and fuck in his seed.”

This year they had about 14 guys show up—some new to this group, and some eager returnees.  I sucked cock, felched other men’s loads, drank one load of piss and fucked and fisted Will.  But I mostly want to talk about how the party started.

I am sitting in my boots and jock on a large ottoman in the television area.  About 5 of us have arrived at the designated start time.  The wooden fuck bench is right in front of me.  The 5 of us are all watching the porn and slowly stroking ourselves to hardness.  All the men in the room are likely 5 to 10 years younger than I am.  They are mostly naked now.  One or two have left on a jock or ass-less briefs.  The other men are sitting two to a couch.  Finally I see a hand reach out and stroke the man’s cock next to him.

I stroke harder.  I am almost painfully erect.  I hear someone coming up the stairs.  It is a cute cub.  He’s a ginger—and there is hair all over him.  He’s nicely worked out.  I guess he’s in his late 30’s or maybe just 40.  He looks at the five hard cocks in the room.  He climbs onto the fuckbench—his ass pointed right at me.  His head moves back and forth from watching the television fisting video to the fists around dicks on the couch.

I can’t take any more.  I need to taste that hairy ass in front of me.  But I’m too slow.  One of the other men has moved behind the Cub.  He doesn’t eat the Cub’s ass, he just sticks his hard, raw cock up him.  The Cub takes it with the sexiest of groans.  I go around to his head.  I kneel and stick my tongue into him in a demanding kiss.  He groans again, this time around my tongue.

I lean over so my mouth is right next to his ear.  “Take that raw dick up your ass,” I whisper.  “I can’t wait to taste what he’s done to your butt.” 

“Feed me your dick,” he says.  Let me get it wet for my ass.”

I stand.  I let him slobber all over my cock.  It’s not the best angle, but we are both so turned on, we don’t care.   

I look at the older man fucking.  He catches my eye and smiles broadly.  “Let me see what that big cock of yours looks like up him.”  I move around to the business end of the bench.  The first top pulls out.  I bend and get my first taste of the Cub’s ass on his dick.  I have to twist my balls to slow myself down as I do it.  I finish cleaning the cock and bury my tongue in the freshly fucked ass.  It’s damp.  He’s a self-luber.  I don’t spend nearly enough time eating him out, but I know I’ll be returning to this butt all night.  I stand up.  The first top stands just to the side.  He grabs my wet cock and guides it into the wetter hole in front of us.  I am being squeezed by the Cub the moment I begin the entry.  I push into him—it’s a delicious bottoming out as my pubes smash into the ginger fuzz on his ass.  I hold. 

The top lets a low whistle.  “Now that’s a dick,” he murmurs. 

I begin a slow fuck.  The top watches mesmerized.  Another man from the couch comes over and sticks his dick in the Cub’s mouth.  I pick up my pace.  The first top moves behind me.  I can feel his hardness on my ass.  His arms encircle me and he begins working my nipples.  I hit his cock on every back stroke.  I concentrate on slamming into the up turned butt. 

I finally have to stop or shoot.  I motion the man in the Cub’s mouth to come around and try out his ass.  He does.  A swift  business-like fuck.

Then the First Top goes back up him.  The other men from the couch are now ringing the Cub. 
The First Top stops with a “Damn, you could make me shoot, boy.”  He whacks the Cub on the ass playfully as he pulls out.  I clean his cock. 

A new man sticks his cock into the well fucked ass.  The Cub is living every bottom’s dream—he’s taking every man in the room.  I am still on my knees, sucking the cock of the fifth man who is waiting his turn for a fuck.  The fifth guy pulls out of my mouth and all but pushes the current fucker out of the way.  In two strokes, the fifth cock up the Cub erupts.  The cummer grunts loudly. 

He lets me clean his dick.  The First Top pulls my head off the wet dick with a “Eat the cum out of his hole.”  I revel in licking clean the puffy ass ring.  The First Top knows me from previous years.  “Felch him,” he grunts out, pushing and holding my head in the Cub’s ass.  “Eat him out.”

I grunt my pleasure.  The Top finally lets me go and I come up for air, my beard full of jizz.  I stand up.  The First Top kisses me, cleaning my beard. 

I fuck in the newly spunked hole.

I pull out and the First Top cleans my dick. 

The fourth man goes back up the Cub. 

I fuck again, covering my dick and take it to the Cub to clean while a new arrival, the sixth dick to fuck him in 30 minutes, fucks the cummy hole.  The Cub is as piggy as I guess.  He licks me clean—groaning in the back of his throat.

I kneel and kiss him.  There are only traces of jizz in his mouth.  He’s a great kisser.

We finally break off.  When I look up a seventh man, a man I know as a bottom, is fucking the Cub.  Is there a hotter compliment?

This new top speaks up.  “Come slide that dick of yours in me while I’m fucking him.”

I walk around behind him.  He holds still until I’m inside his velvety canal.  Then he does all the work.  Fuck the Cub.  Impale himself on me. His hips move back and forth, giving all three of us pleasure.

And more men stream into the room…

For the record:  I fucked over half the men at the party—sometimes alone, sometimes in groups.  I fucked and fisted Will--and being a good party guest--made sure the host took my load.