Friday, October 28, 2016

Feeding the Felchers (Idle Hands, Pt III)

Northwest Indiana—September, 2016

This final piece about the Devil’s Workshop takes place in the same porn palace—where there is an arcade on one side of the store and a theatre on the other.  And on a day towards the end of my time in Indiana…

“Miguel wants both of us.”  The text came in from Ryan—the author of the blog Spreading My Legs.  “You up for it?”

I assure him I am up for it.  Indeed, just the thought of it gets my cock to jump.

We are all available in the afternoon and agree to meet at this particular bookstore.

I see Ryan just getting out of his car as I pull into the parking lot.  We greet each other.  Almost instantly he gets a text from Miguel. 

“He’s a having clean out issues—running a little late,” Ryan tells me.  We go inside and separate.  I get some warm-up head from an eager, anonymous cocksucker through a glory hole on the arcade side.  When I come out of the booth, there they both are in the hallway.  We go off to the theatre side.

The space is empty.  I step into the standing area.  We all unfasten our pants.  Ryan pushes Miguel over to suck my dick.  He also pulls Miguel’s trousers down around his ankles.  Ryan kneels and begins hungrily eating the hole we will both soon be fucking.  Miguel, even at an odd angle, is taking me to the root.  And loving it.  It feels great.  I pull back a little, hold his head and fuck his mouth.
I turn Miguel.  I want to taste his hole.  Ryan stands for head and I kneel to feast on the spit slick hole Ryan has prepared for me.  I delve in.  Miguel’s ass is already slightly puffy from Ryan’s tongue work.  Miguel opens it for my invading tongue.  I lose track of time as I devour his hole.  I want to fuck it, but I can’t bring myself to stand up and do it, his hole is so hot on my tongue.

I do of course.  I stand up and insert my dick.  Nothing like starting with the bigger one.  I glide in easily.  My bottoming out in his hole, forces Miguel down to the root of Ryan’s cock.  My hips start a noisy fuck rhythm as they slam against his hot, brown ass. 

I finally slow down and tell Miguel to turn around.  There is no question that my cock goes directly from his ass to his mouth.  Ryan slams into him.  “You opened him up good,” he grunts out.  I turn so Miguel can clean every inch of my cock covered with his ass jizz.  Ryan bucks into him.  I finally pull out of Miguel’s mouth and just hold onto Miquel’s shoulders as Ryan pummels his ass.

Ryan stops, just short of cumming.  I turn Miguel around.  I don’t see him go down on Ryan, but I can hear Ryan’s dick being cleaned as I sink to my knees to taste what that hard fucking has done to Miguel’s hole.  If he was self-lubing his hole before, it’s now awash with his juices.  I happily clean him up.  I pull back Miguel’s hard cock and take the dripping head into my mouth.  I let the drip of his pre-cum accumulate on my tongue—then shove it into his ass.  Miguel grunts around Ryan’s cock.

That makes me stand up and fuck him.  I drill him.  Hard.  Faster and faster.  I stop and all but pull out.  I let drop a huge dollop of my spit, spiked with the remains of his pre-cum and ass juice, to fall on my hard cock.  Ryan bends across Miguel’s back to lick it up.  I pull all the way out and let Ryan clean my dick.  I shove it back up Miguel.

I fuck him, my hips slapping that bent over ass.  They have to be able to hear us in the lobby, but no one cares.  I feel it building in my balls.  It’s not like me to cum this fast.  I just let it happen.  I shoot into Miguel’s ass with a low grunt.

I marinate for a minute, then pull out.  Ryan spins Miguel around and sinks to his knees.  I watch him feast on my load out of Miguel’s hole.  I sit down and lean against the back wall, watching the sex show in front of me.  Ryan’s face is plastered to the darker skinned butt.  He has to be getting every drop he can reach.  He’s there a long time, grunting each time Miguel pushes and delivers load into Ryan’s mouth.  Finally he stands.  He shoves his cock into Miguel.  He fucks in quick jack rabbit strokes.  In moments, he’s convulsing, bent over Miguel’s back.

I stay right on the floor.  My hand reaches out and guides Miguel to turn his ass towards me.  He does.  He backs slightly and seals his wet, sloppy butt onto my face—pressing me against the wall.  I can’t escape.  Not that I want to—I tongue deeply, tasting the heady mix of two loads of jizz and his ass juice. 

I stroke as I eat him out.  My cock has never gone down.  I realize I could shoot again.  I move enough so somehow Miguel knows to stop holding me against the back wall.  I stand and insert into that moist butt.  I fuck just a few strokes before I shoot a second load into his still sloppy hole.

I bonus shot of me fucking Miguel at Ryan's a few years ago.

Miguel now has his name in the label cloud at the right.  There are more pictures on one of those earlier posts.


  1. That was a hot time....I know Miguel now spends quite a few weekends there collecting all the loads he can. He is always a great fuck and I enjoy sharing his ass with you!

    1. It was. He has made many, many men happy in that part of the state. A truly talented ass.

  2. It's always nice to try something new but sometimes nothing beats feasting on an old fav. Rarely does a double load come from a first time fuck for me; that rapport and chemistry usually isn't that spontaneous. Nice post!

    1. I agree about "feasting on an old fav." And this was sort of best of both worlds--we knew we were getting a fun guy with a talented ass AND we had the potential of the wild card of other men joining us that ramped up the play.