Friday, November 11, 2016

Return to SteamWorks

Toronto—September, 2016

I packed up the tent and got all my other gear stowed in the car right after I got my host off at the outdoor slurp ramp.  It was Friday and I was sure more campers were arriving for the weekend, but it had turned cool enough that I wasn’t eager to play outdoors at night.  I’d been speaking with a piss pig online—but of course he vanished the moment I suggested we set up a meet.  I decided it was just plain easier to go back to SteamWorks.  So, I did…

It’s a calm and pretty vanilla crowd, this Friday night.  I am certainly the odd one out in my leathers.  I get some good head on the slurp ramp.  I feel up the lubed hole of a young Asian on the fuck bench.  He hands me a condom.  I use my own Magnum and fuck him until he asks me to stop.  “Too big to be first,” he tells me.

The communal sling is empty.  Lots of very young men are groping each other in the maze, but not much else is happening there.

The gloryhole/booth area is packed.  I have to be careful not to trod on toes with my boots.  I get groped from many hands.  I step into the alcove the booths create.  A young man follows me.  He feels my bulge and pulls the pouch aside as he goes to his knees.  He groans and takes the head of my dick into his mouth.

Ouch.  I pull back and get out of there.  I swear every tooth in his mouth has raked across my cock head. 

I circle again.  Nothing.  I go to my room.   I leave the door open.  I find some decent porn on the television.  I check my dick to make sure the would-be cocksucker didn’t draw blood.  Satisfied, I put my dick away.  I don’t stroke.  I just knead.  My cock swells.

“Do you need help with that?”

I hadn’t even noticed the man at the door.  He’s under 30, Arabic, about 5’ 10”, thin but toned.  His white towel looks that much whiter next to his darker skin.  His hand is squeezing his dick under the towel.

I nod.

He steps in and drops his towel.  A long, thin and curved dick springs up.  He crawls up on the bed and between my spread legs.  “Daddy needs his cock sucked.  And I want to worship that thing.”  He swallows me in one gulp.  Nary a tooth.  And he looks so damn hot doing it. 

He comes up for air.  I pull him up into a kiss.  He’s good at that, too.  We kiss for a long time.  We can’t get enough of the other’s tongue.  When we finally pull out of it, he looks me in the eye and breaks into a smile that makes me melt.  He runs his finger through my beard, tracing the outline.  He grins again and goes back to sucking my dick.

I lie back, but cock my head so I can look at him doing me.  Occasionally he’ll pull off my meat and make eye contact again.  Then it’s right back at it.

He pulls off once more, this time with a question.  “I have to ask, do you fuck with this thing?”

“What do you think?”

“Oh fuck, yeah.  Will you bury it in me?”

“Sure.”  I sit up and slip around him to the floor.  “But first…right here.”  I pat the edge of the bed.  “On all fours.”

He does just as I ask.  My tongue connects with his hole.  “YES!”  He is loud enough for the whole hallway to hear.  “Eat me out.  Nobody ever eats my ass.”

Is everyone in Toronto mad?  It’s perfect—a true bubble butt, with smooth cheeks but with a huge tangle of jet black hair in his crack.  I eat and lap and spit.  I grind my bearded chin into his hole.  He grabs my pillow and twists it. 

“Please put it in me—but...” he grabs a Magnum off the bedside table and places it on the small of his back.  I take it and redouble my efforts to open his hole as I grease up and slide it on. 

I stand up and enter him easily.  He’s a good milker.  He knows how to work dick in whichever hole it’s in.  His hand finds his own cock.  He strokes in time to my thrusts.  I fuck him hard and fast.

“Can I flip over?  I want to watch you fuck me?”    How do you say ‘no’ to that?  He flips and I re-enter him, his legs on my shoulders, me with one knee on the low bed and one leg on the floor.  I know from his jerking it will be over soon.

And it is.  He sprays down his pecs, very white on the cinnamon colored skin.  I lean in, still inside him and lick up every drop.  He lets me.  I come up, my mouth full of cum.  And he pulls me into another kiss.

We finally get around to exchanging names.


I make the rounds.  I pause at an open door.  A ginger cub, in his ’30’s.  Marvelous intricate tats on one shoulder and stretching down for a full sleeve.  He is lying on his bed, remote pointed at the television.  He changes the channel—the waves me into the room.  He reaches up and hefts my jock pouch.  “Nice one.”

He gets it out and into his mouth.  Eventually, I lie down on his bed and go down on his dick that is damn close to my size, just not as thick.

We pull off each other at the same time.

“Fuck me.  I want to feel that thing in me raw.”

I get him on all fours and eat him out.

And fuck.  It’s electric to go in raw after being covered earlier.  I fuck him, slamming against his upturned ass. I finally have to pause or shoot.

He rolls over and we hold each other.  “You feel so good,” he whispers.  I kick the door shut and he goes on.  “I used to tell myself I was straight and I only fucked girls—I was so afraid of HIV.  Now I’m on PrEP and I can’t get enough cock in my ass.  I mean, I still top, too.  Do you want me to fuck you?”

I thank him, but decline.

He asks about me.  I tell him a little about my life, about my deceased partner, about my trip.

“When was the last time you got off?”

“Two days ago.”

“Then will you breed me?  Fuck that big load into me.  And I want to fuck someone else with your load still deep in me.”

I eat his fucked out hole and know I can give him just what he wants. 

And I do.


  1. I love the way you draw such different reactions from guys, from the guy that wanted it but couldn't take it, to the eager one that wanted to please, to the intimate banter in the middle of play. And oddly enough, it's the mid-coital confession that most compels me.

    1. Well, of course I agree. I've had more than one man confess how PrEP has changed his life. Always for the better.

      My eager boy was LESS than half my age...coming to terms with that could be the subject of a whole new blog....

  2. So I guess it was worth the price of admission at Steamworks! It sounds like a perfect visit -- hot sex, intimacy, a terrific kisser. It was a quiet pleasure to read this account, if that makes any sense.

    Paul, PS

    1. Yes, it was a good trip to SW. Actually both trips in were good.

      It is a very different head space when I'm corraling men to play with Kevin--but our personal fucking was great. And the crowd was eager for sex that night.

      The second trip, with no agenda, felt more relaxed. The crowd was not nearly as sexually driven that night--but for the right two who found me.