Thursday, October 19, 2017

Derrick and Jacob: Comfort and Relentlessness

West Michigan—September, 2017

Things slowly returned to normal after my vacation in Canada and my one night at the gay campground.   I did a mid week jaunt to the bookstore—and was so disappointed at the lackluster ‘crowd’ that I did not play at all.  I was glad I pretty sated from all those Canadians.

My mood changed on a visit to Derrick and Jacob.  It was a rare mid-week meet for us.  I filled them in on all my adventures in Toronto as we sat in the study.  And the next thing we knew, our cocks were out and in each other’s mouths…

My face is buried in Derrick’s ass.  He’s in the sling and I am pushing copious amounts of saliva up his hole.  God, I’ve missed this.  I had a blast with all the other men I’ve had lately, but I love returning to these two.  I hear Jacob say “Hear you go…” above me.  He is likely smothering Derrick with a sweaty pit to clean.  I spit into Derrick’s hole one last time and stand up to fuck. 

I slide in easily with all the saliva and pre-cum I’ve added.  Derrick grabs his Elbow Greased cock and jerks.  Jacob begins working on his nipples.  It’s a slow fuck.  Measured.  Letting him feel and appreciate the full mass of my dick as it fills him.

Jacob looks up into the mirror above the sling to watch my anal assault of his partner.  “Fuck…” he murmurs and renews his efforts on Derrick’s nips.  My pace is building without me being particularly conscious of it—it just feels so good.  Soon my hips are slapping into him—filling the enclosed space with the sound of our rutting.

“You should take a turn,” I tell Jacob.  I pull out and move to the side. 

Jacob wastes no time in getting his PA’ed cock up Derrick.  He grunts his approval of the wet hole I’ve left for him to fuck in.  I work Derrick’s nipples with my mouth and teeth.  Jacob is pile driving into Derrick’s open hole.  I sink my right pit over Derrick’s mouth.  His tongue hungrily licks and cleans every hairy, sweat soaked inch of it.  I give him the left to do as well.

Jacob pulls out.  He presents his cock for me to suck.  I am instantly on my knees, paying particular attention for where the piercing enters his dick.  His big dick is totally coated in Derrick’s fuck juices.  It’s a sweet meal.  And one that makes my cock pre-cum even more.  When he pulls his dick from my mouth, I stand up and instantly stick my now dripping dick into Derrick.  I fuck him.  Hard.   Fast.   Deep.  The wetness of his ass makes a great sucking sound that fills the room.

We break.  Derrick feels things shifting inside him—he excuses himself to go check.  Jacob and I look at each other.  “Let’s surprise him when he comes back,” I suggest.  Jacob loves to be bound.  I reach for the white cloth straight jacket that hangs on the wall by the sling with two or three others. 

“Use the leather one.” 

I find it and begin to fit it on Jacob.  Arms in place, I do up the back.  Then the arms are wrapped around his chest.  I buckle them in place.  We ignore the lower straps as they would cover his ass crack.  I move the rimseat out from where it’s stored under the sling and set it up in the middle of the dungeon—the first thing he’ll see as he comes back into the room.  I move Jacob to the front of it—where he will be ready to sit.  I grab a blindfold and cover half of his handsome face.    I wiggle between his legs and get under the seat. 

“Now sit down.”

He does, easily, and my face is filled with his hairy, spread hole.  He groans as I begin drilling up into him.  Within moments, Derrick opens the door.  I can only imagine how hot the picture must be—me sprawled out on the floor, eating out his helpless, blindfolded boy.  Derrick steps up, straddling my chest and feeds his cock to Jacob.  I hear the boy hungrily take it in his mouth.  He must be in heaven—immobile and having two men working on him.  I am drilling deeper and deeper into his yielding ass.  I really want to fuck him, but I am more than happy to just keep eating and getting his hole sloppy and ready.

Derrick moves so he is now kneeling between my splayed legs.  He pries my hand off my cock and takes me into his mouth.  Now I will have to be careful—getting sucked while my face is buried in a hairy, wet ass is about as good as it gets.  But Derrick reads me—he takes me to the brink of orgasm and stops.  “You need to fuck the boy,” he tells me.

Jacob stands with Derrick’s help so I can wriggle out from below the seat.  I think we’re about to unbind Jacob, but instead we just lead him to the sling and carefully hoist him into it.  Blindfold and all.  With his legs in the stirrups, he’s not going anywhere.  I look to Derrick to see if he wants to go first…but he settles in a chair to watch me fuck.  I dip to taste Jacob’s hole one last time and I’m ready to go deep.

Jacob is vocal as I enter him.  It’s all groans, very few words.   His cock is rock hard at first.  It goes down a little with the driving fuck I administer to his helpless form.  Damn, it’s hot seeing him like this under me.  I look to Derrick.  He’s hard and stroking.  He gives me an encouraging nod.  “Fill him up.  Give him your load.”

Jacob whimpers.  Softly.

“Do you want that?  Do you want me to breed you?”

“Yes, Sir.  Do whatever you want…”

This makes me fuck him still harder.

I pull out.  I taste his hole once more.  As always—it’s the trigger that takes me over the edge.  I stand up and drive it into Jacob.  I explode in two strokes.  Over and over again.  I feel like I’m still drooling cum.  I collapse onto his leather bound chest and hold on.

When I can breathe again, I stand.  My cock is still marinating in his filled ass.  I spit on his cock and begin stroking it.  Jacob groans—loudly now.  He is ready to shoot in just a few strokes. His first blast lands on the leather jacket.  The rest of his cum falls on his balls or coats my fingers.  I lick my fingers clean—noisily—so he knows just what I’m doing.  I pull out just enough to bend and lick up the rest his load…


It is as we are relaxing on the couch afterwards, that Derrick came up with the phrase that sums up how we play—and became the title of this post:  Comfort and Relentlessness.



“We have something for you.”

It’s the next morning, just as I’m leaving. 

Jacob arrives with a British street sign that they have found at either a flea market or antique store. “We had to get it for you.”

Oh, yes.  I want to live of Felch Street.  Please…

Jacob posing with the sign—which now hangs in my playroom—above the rim seat.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Cruising in the Dark

The Wilds of Michigan—September, 2017

I left Toronto feeling, well, very refreshed.  Rejuvenated.  Sated.   It was an easy drive and an easy border crossing (for a change) back into Michigan.  At the first rest area after the bridge I pulled in, pissed, wondered about the man in the lone car at the other end of the parking lot and made a phone call to a friend.  He wanted me to join him at a new gay campground in Michigan.  It was on my way home—so why not?

This new site is just about a year old and still under construction/renovation.  I found it easily, paid a membership fee and was directed to my friend’s large, luxurious trailer—which is the polar opposite of my tiny tent.  My host has appeared in these pages, usually when I am playing at the bookstore which verges on being a bathhouse in the middle of the state.  He is my age, with iron grey hair, ex-military and with a large, cock that bulges in the middle--which makes it a terrific challenge to suck. 

We did some catching up about my trip and then he showed me around the campground. It was packed.  The campsite’s streets were lined with the big trailers that men park for the entire summer.  There were the usual showers, activity room, a pool under construction and, across a bridge and down a trail—a play area.  There was a sling, a fuck bench and a picnic table.  There were also a number of old tractor tires half buried in the ground for guys to bend over.  There was also a pretty hot blond man cruising the area.  I nodded to him, but that was it—as we circled back to my friend’s campsite and began dinner preparations.

While we were eating, a mutual friend arrived, who also makes an occasional appearance here.  He’s always been called the Tall One:  around my age, 6’5 or so, a good looking, truly versatile man.  As the sun went down, we decided we needed to revisit the play area…

It’s dark.  Really dark, as only a woods can be at night.  We use a flashlight sparingly.  As we near the play area we turn it off,  for the owners have installed a few low level garden lights to keep us on the path.  We have passed the club house, where they are having a dance.  We’re pretty sure that we will find some men sneaking away from that, looking for some action. 

Our eyes adjust.  There are some men already at the play area.  I see a couple making out by the fuck bench.  A very young man, in nothing but a jock strap, though the air has some nip in it tonight, is on his knees by the one of the tires.  The three of us ring him and unzip.  He grunts his pleasure and starts sucking my host.  Then the Tall One.  Finally me.  The first round is good.  He’s hot and his mouth is just what we want.  But by the second round, we realize he’s high.  A hit of poppers on top of whatever else he took makes for teeth on dicks, lack of focus, more time spent inhaling than sucking and times when he literally hunkers down and “goes away.” 

The Tall One and I move away.  I sit on the picnic table bench and suck the Tall One’s cock myself.  And out of the shadows emerges the man who I’d seen earlier cruising this area.  He’s dark blond, late 40’s, nicely put together, wearing an A-shirt and sweat pants.

I pull off the Tall One’s dick.  “Suck this,” I tell the cruiser.

He is instantly on his knees.  The Tall One sighs.  I stand.  My dick presses into the Tall One’s balls, so the Cruiser licks at it occasionally as he services the other dick.

I pull his head onto my dripping cock.  He’s great.  His mouth is super wet and hot.

My host utters a strangled grunt from out of the dark.   I’m sure he is giving the tweaker (or someone) a load.

The Tall One sits on the picnic table.  I lift the Cruiser off his knees and push him onto the Tall One’s dick.  With him sitting, it forces the Cruiser to bend to suck cock.  I pull the sweats down, kneel and begin tonguing the Cruiser’s ass.

“Fuck, yeah!” he grunts around the Tall One’s dick in his mouth. It’s a smooth hole on my tongue—just the merest wisps of hair around it.  A smooth, but puffy hole.  I’m sure that it has had dick today…but it’s been cleaned up before tonight.  I lube myself a little as I eat him out.  The Cruiser comes off the dick in his mouth.  “Do you guys fuck?”

I don’t answer.  I just stand up.  I beat my cock on his hole.  I give him a couple of seconds to tell me to cover it.  Then I go in.  He grunts his pleasure and re-doubles his efforts on the Tall One.  I begin a slow fuck.  The hot hole is getting slimy fast.  I pull out and taste it.  Then I plunge back in.  I fuck him hard.  The couple by the fuckbench appears.   They watch for a moment and stroke—then disappear back into the darkness. 

I pull out once again.  “You need to fuck this hole,” I tell the Tall One.  He goes around, spits on his dick and pushes in.  I sit on the edge of the table, wondering if the Cruiser is an Ass to Mouth guy.  He is.   He licks his juices off me hungrily.  He slurps with abandon.  I slide off the table and kiss his wet mouth.  I sit back down and let him suck me as the Tall One fucks.

From out of the gloom a guy approaches, his dick out.  Somebody who looks more business man than camper.  Has he been watching us out of sight?  He steps up on the picnic table bench and feeds me his cock.  I love having a dick in my mouth while mine is getting sucked—something that doesn’t happen often enough.  The guy is breathing fast.  I want this guy’s load and tell him so. 

“Naw, that’s for my partner—but thanks.”  And he leaves.

I change with the Tall One.  I fuck the Cruiser again as he cleans the Tall One’s cock.  Mid blow job, the Tall One announces he’s going to cum.  “In my ass,” pleads the Cruiser.

I pull out and the Tall One inserts just in time.  He explodes—holding on to the Cruiser’s hips for support.  He marinates there for a long time—I just know that the Cruiser is milking every drop out of him.  As he pulls out, I want to clean his dick—but I let the Cruiser do it—he's earned the right.  He takes it into his mouth almost reverently.  He spit shines every drop of cum off it.  I content myself with kissing him when he’s done.  We instinctively snow ball a little of the cum and ass juices in his mouth.  He swallows. 

The Tall One takes off to go back to camp and the Host.

I fuck the Cruiser some more. But he’s worn out.  He apologetically tells me he’s been out here on and off all day—he needs to get home.  I let him go.

I move away from this clearing and the moon light.  I go near the shadowy, unused sling.  I suck two cocks there---totally in the dark.  I can’t tell you anything about the guys.  The second guy gives me a salty, smoker’s load. 

All is quiet.

No one. 

Reluctantly I head back to camp…

Friday, October 13, 2017

I Can't Resist One More...

I ran out of time to write today.

So one more picture of Jon.

Oh, those yellow laces....

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Making a Dream a Reality

Toronto—September, 2017

I got out of Toronto after breakfast (more Canadian sausage!) and into the wine country of Niagara by mid morning.  I found my campground and pitched my tent.  I was not at one of the gay campgrounds.  I was there for an arts festival.  I spent four days without even looking for sex.  For I knew I had something special when I left there on Friday.

I rarely stay in a hotel while in Toronto.  This time, I had gotten online and done a Trivago deal and found a really good rate down in the gay village.  When I checked in, I got an even better rate, for the crowded hotel wanted my reserved room (which had two beds) back—so they gave me a suite with one king sized bed, overlooking one of Toronto’s beautiful parks.  I set up the sling in its own little alcove.  I pulled the spread and the blanket off the massive bed.  I covered light sources so they gave out more of a glow than strong illumination.  Finally everything was ready. 

I dined early and lightly.  I napped for a bit, showered and at 9pm, was in my leathers.  A knock at the door.  And there was my favorite porn star of the moment:  Jon Shield.

I had wanted Jon from the moment I saw him in DickWadd’s ‘Leather Fuck Pigs.’  That performance made me buy ‘Breeding Sessions #2.’  I had also watched him in his two super hot videos with Dark Alley.  But it was his instructional videos for Mr. S Leathers that revealed him as funny and smart, as well as sexy as fuck.

The sentence after our hellos were over was “Where’s your bathroom? I always walk into a hotel room and need to piss.”

I showed him, but told him he didn’t need to waste it.  Two and a half minutes after meeting, Jon had unzipped, taken out his plumping cock and was pissing down my throat.  I fully erected on the spot.  He looked at my dick and murmured this was going to be a good night…

He is naked now, but for a designer jock and a leather harness.  We kiss.   Deep and long.  We both have very active tongues.  When he pulls out of it, he asks me to sit down on the couch in front of the big windows.  He kneels between my splayed legs.  I am still not used to seeing a jerk off fantasy actually preparing to take my cock into his mouth.  I do a twist of my balls and let him proceed.

It is an exquisite blow job.  And I’m not just saying that from watching that pretty face take me into his mouth.  His mouth is super wet.  And hot.  He has skills that I’m convinced you are only born with—you can’t really learn them.  He’s making me drip pre-cum like mad and he keeps licking it away with little whimpers of lust.  He takes me to the root only once and makes the sexiest choking sound. 

I look down and watch his cock worship.   I notice something on my pubic bone.  He’s lost his nose ring.  We pause as he puts it over with his clothes.  He takes out his ear lobe plugs, too.  My cock feels cool to the touch without his hot mouth on me.  Then he’s right back on it.

I take a turn with his cock, of course.  It’s thicker than it sometimes looks in porn.  I manage it all the way down, but then I tell him to kneel on the couch.  I desperately want to bury my face in that hairy ass.  He gets up on it—resting his head on his arms on the back of the sofa.  I lick down the hairy crack.  The crack of the ass I’ve seen get fucked by some of the hottest men in porn.  I can’t help but imagine how hot it would be to felch Drew Sebastian’s load out of Jon’s pucker.  I poke and prod it open.  Jon is moaning into his arms.  I spit right on his hole and drill it in with the hard point of my tongue.  And again.  I stand and wipe my cock snot down his crack.  This makes him breathe a little faster.  I lick it all up and push it into his now slightly open hole.  I stand again and work just the head of my cock into him.    I fuck him with just a few inches of my cock—as a warm up and because I’m doing odd knee bends to line my dick up with him.

We move to the sling.  It’s better here.  I eat him some more.  And get my entire length up him.  He asks for his own lube—hoping I won’t mind the taste of Elbow Grease.  I tell him I have ingested vast quantities of it with other men.  He relaxes….and I am fucking him deeper now.  Stroke after long stroke.

He still doesn’t seem to be as relaxed as I want him.  I ask him if riding me, to get used to it, would help.  He votes for going back to the couch.

Jon sits on me.  Being in charge does wonders.  He takes me to the hilt.  I caress that hairy chest.  He bounces with abandon on my dick.  I feel him milk my dick with every other stroke.  It’s a great fuck moment.

I eventually suggest the bed.  I tell him to sit on my face first.  He grinds that now super wet hole on my mouth.  He knows exactly what his fluid pig-daddy wants from him.  He feeds me all that ass lube and pre-cum mix.  Then Jon sits on my cock—facing away from me now.  I hold him by the waist as he bounces.  I can study those back and arm tats.  Yes, there is the start of a second sleeve that compliments the original.

Jon pulls off my dick.  Without my saying anything, he grinds his freshly fucked hole back on my tongue.  He rides my face as if it were a cock.  Then rises up and sits on my dick again.  This time facing me.  My hands find his nipples as he bucks up and down on my rigid dick.

We break for water.

Sling again.  I get his legs in the stirrups.  I fall to my knees and eat him out once more.  I stand, slide in and tell him I am going to load him very soon.  He nods.  He tells me to do it.  He calls me Daddy.  I fuck him harder.  He is taking it like a champ now.  He tells me he really wants my load.  That makes me moan…

One more dip to taste his hole.  Fuck, it’s slippery and wonderful.  I swallow…and know I’m there.  I stand up, insert and, in just a few strokes, I spew my load into Jon.  The ass I’ve dreamed about for the last two years… 

And a couple shots of Jon in action....not with me....

Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Night at the Cellar

Toronto—August, 2017

I stripped off my leathers pretty slowly at the end of Fuk’d.  I was beat.  And hungry. 

For food. 

I was pretty much the only one left in the space.  There was one knot of latecomers still at the bar—drinking and trading blow jobs.  I kicked into my jeans and folded my chaps. I made my way out into the fading light—it was only a little after 8 pm on a beautiful summer evening.

I began walking back to my car. 

I stopped for dinner. 

And continued on to the sleaziest bathhouse in Toronto.  No sign.  Just a black door.  I wasn’t really going for more sex—just a cheap overnight in the city.  I checked into The Cellar.

“I think I still have a room,” the clerk told me.

I was impressed.  I expected it to be pretty quiet.  I think of the Cellar as an afternoon/lunch hour venue due to the infamous Nooner.   I was buzzed in.  No one else was in evidence.  Anywhere.  I found my room in the darkness.  It was on a corner where two hallways met.  There was an open grill in the door so guys could see into the room.  The glory hole was below it—with a cover to close it if you so desired.  As I tossed my bag on the tiny bed, I noticed I had an additional glory hole to the side corridor.  And a hard cock was sticking through it…

I unbutton my black Levi’s and fall to my knees.  The moment my lips touch the wet piss slit, I am hard.  It’s not a big cock—standard issue or maybe even slightly smaller—which makes it easy for me to give it a good work out.  There is moment of the anonymous cock fucking my face before it pulls out and is gone.

I stand up and keep getting out of my clothes.  The jeans go in the locker next to the bed.  I add the shirt.  Another cock, thicker and with extra skin, is in the side glory hole.  I kneel.  The moment my mouth touches it, I hear the man on the other side of wall sigh the most contented sigh.  I dig under the foreskin.  This produces a gentle murmur from the gentleman.  He begins thrusting into my mouth, too.  This time I’m rewarded with three or four blasts of cum.

Well, damn.  Dessert.

I finish stripping and put my boots back on.

Another cock appears.  Or it might be the first one again.  I can’t tell in the dim light of my room.  And I don’t care.  I suck it for a bit.  I only stop when the man withdraws it from the hole.  I hear him ask “Do you get fucked?” 

I open my mouth to answer and realize he’s talking to someone out in the corridor with him.  I hear two sets of footsteps disappear.  I put on my jock—reeking in the best possible way from all the ass it’s been pressed against at Fuk’d.  I add my bottle of lube to the waistband and step out the door.

On the first circuit of the rooms, I see all of two people, both in their rooms.  There is absolutely no one in the back corridor where there is never any light.  I do find one young man who wants to get fucked.  He comes out of his room to accost me in the hall.

“You look like you have a big one.  Please tell me you’re a top.”

I tell him I am. 

He pulls me into his room—and gets right back on his phone.  “I am organizing more men to join us here.”  Another man sits on the bed, waiting.  He smiles at me rather wanly. 

I listen to the bottom boy prattle on and on about all the men who are likely to come and those who won’t come and those who won’t even answer his messages.  “I only wrote guys who’ve told me they want this ass.”  He stops for a moment.  I look to the other man, thinking we should start something. 

Instead I get a new stream from the bottom.  “Do you guys have 420?  I smoked all mine with the guys who fucked me earlier.”

“I don’t…” the other top begins.

“Or G?  I love G.  It’s the only thing I use,” he tells us, looking at me. “Unless there’s other stuff around.  One of the tops said he had some E he’d bring along…”

At this point I’m almost out the door.  But the other top stops me and says “We need to fuck you now—not wait.” 

The boy puts his phone down with a sigh and drops his towel as the other guy opens his.  The bottom bends over the seated top and starts sucking him.  I bend and rim his ass.  Which makes the bottom stop sucking and start talking again.  This time about how much he loves to get rimmed, though you won’t find him eating anybody’s ass. 

The top vainly tries to push the talker back on his cock.  I stand up and enter the boy who is surprisingly open.  Now we are treated to a litany about how big my cock is though he took bigger ones this afternoon.  It’s a terrible angle and I pull out to re-position him.  And he’s dirty.  I tell him so.  He denies it.  “It’s impossible.  I got fucked so much today.”

“Seven hours ago,” the other top says rather testily.

I leave quickly to wash.

And never see either again.

Once clean, I make the rounds again.  Doors are closed where they are certainly men—some even with another from the sounds of it.  I go to my room and leave the door open.

I get one man.  Hot enough.  He doesn’t speak English.  He sucks me and keeps twisting my cock with his hand.  If I hadn’t had four hours of sex, it might have been fine—but right now it hurts.  I stop him. 

I close the door.  I set my alarm, put in my earplugs and tie a yellow bandanna around my eyes.  I am asleep in no time at all.


I wake up before the alarm goes off.  I head to the shower.  A 30-ish, rather tall, blond is sitting watching the porn in the big common room.  He smiles.  I smile.  He opens his towel.  I open mine.  He leans forward and takes my cock into his mouth.  His dick erects the moment he takes me to the root.  I harden in his throat.  He pulls off me.

“Want to go to my room?” he asks.  “You can fuck me if you like…”

I nod.  He grabs his towel and leads the way.  Bare assed.  And it’s a beauty.  He sits down on his narrow bed to suck me a little more.  I let him—but only for a moment.  I really want that ass.  I tell him so.  “I need to eat that butt…”

He flips onto all fours.  I kneel on the tile floor.  “Eat me out.”  My tongue connects.  “Oh, yeah…” he croons.  His hole is soft and pliant.  And damn tight.  He’s wonderfully different from the asses I’ve played with all night.  He begins jerking his dick.  I leave his hole and let my tongue go down to his tightening ball sack.  I pull his rather sizable cock out of his hand and bend it enough to let my tongue capture the pearl of pre-cum he’s produced.   I poke it into his ass.  He whimpers. I re-double my efforts to get him really wet.

“Raw?”  I ask. 

“Don’t you dare put on a condom.”

I spit in my hand and smear it on my cock.  I poke into his opened hole.  “Fuck,” he mumbles into his pillow. My entire cock begins the descent into his butt.  “FUCK!”  He yells into the pillow.  “Don’t stop.  Split me open!”

He pushes back on me—giving his ass no time at all to adjust to my size.  He wants it rough?  I can do that.  I begin bucking into his upturned ass.  His hand is flying over his dick—jerking himself like mad. He groans again.  “Plow me.”

I am in full rut.  I need to blow this accumulated load.

We fuck.  He matches me—grinding into every stroke I make.

He actually shoots first.  All over the floor.  This triggers my dick to explode.  I grunt and shake and tell him to take my load.  I collapse, spent, on his back.  I stay there for a long minute.  Then I slip to my knees, kneeling in his puddle of cum and lick up a big dollop of my jizz oozing out of his ass.

He turns his head towards me, desperate to taste my cum on my tongue.  We kiss.  And I go back to his dripping ass for more, so we can snowball it again and again…

Friday, October 6, 2017

Fuk'd (The Conclusion)

Toronto—August, 2017

(This post picks up immediately after the last.)

I get up.  Zack Acland is leaning on the bar, talking to the bartender.  His bare ass is pointed right at me.  I walk up behind him.  I drop to my knees and stick my tongue into his hole—the hole that has been so thoroughly fucked by Andrew Hardy.  It is wet and even more inviting.  Zack keeps right on talking, but arches his back to give me better access.    The bartender moves away.  Zack sighs.  He presses his ass farther onto my tongue.   Has he even looked to see who it is?  Part of me hopes that he remembers me from my earlier tonguing.

I finally rock back on my heels.  “I really wanted to taste you after you got fucked.”

“Nice,” he murmurs. 

“Did you want to try my dick out?”

“I want to—but I think I need to be opened up more.”

My answer to that is to bury my face in his furry butt once again.  When I stand up, I let my cock head touch his sopping ass crack.  He shivers.  And says to find him later. He goes off to do the third and last performance.  He’s all top this time.


I go and find my new Japanese friend.  We use the other sling on the far side.  I find that his hole is well used and wet to the touch of my tongue.  We fuck, but the sling is way too low—I am doing deep knee bends to line up properly.  We end up doing much better with him bent over the railing, which means we can fuck and watch Zack fuck some young otter-ish boy down below.


I find the top who I’ve shared hole with on and off all evening working over a young, dark haired man.  The young man is good looking and in a blue Nasty Pig jock.

“You need to get up this one,” the top tells me.  “He’s loaded.”  To show me, he pulls out of the young guy’s ass.  The top’s cock is covered.  “Well, clean me up, fucker,” he tells me.  I don’t have to be told twice.  I’m there—licking all the cum clinging to his uncut dick.  I use my tongue to dig under his foreskin, too.  Once again, he reaches down and guides my face into the hole he’s been fucking.  It’s as frothy as his dick.  “Lick up all that cum I’ve churned.” 

I groan.  And lick.  And swallow.

“Fuck him,” the top commands.  Only then does he let go of the back of my head.  I stand up—my lips and beard are totally coated with the loads oozing from this young guy’s ass.  I stick my dick into him and begin churning what’s left.  He feels incredibly silky.

“Let me taste your dick,” the top orders.  I pull out.  He bends over and cleans me.  I fuck some more.  This time I pull out and feed the boy some of the remnants of the loads he’s collected.  While I’m doing that, the top goes back into him.  He fucks him far harder than I have.  I lean over and kiss him, tasting the loads I’ve fed him.  I move to his very hairy nipples.  This makes the boy knead his cock in the pouch of his jock.  I can’t wait to get back up him.

We trade off on him until he begs for a break.


I cruise the bathroom again.  I have not been in the right place at the right time all night.  It’s still empty.

I go down to the bar.  I find Zack at the bar.  We chat.  I eat his hole as he hangs onto the shoulders of a friend.  “Go slow,” he asks.  I stand up and slowly insert. I can see Zack telling himself to relax.  I hold for another moment.  I begin to fuck.  Slowly and deliberately. 

“Fuck,” he tells me.  “Not today.” 

I pull out, disappointed but glad I even got to do that much.

And suddenly Zack’s boyfriend, Chase Acland arrives.  Just as cute, just as tatted and just as much of a ginger.

Zack tells me Chase was camping and wasn’t supposed to be here at all.  They embrace.  And organize an impromptu performance.  Chase wants to top.  He seems to know the loaded boy in the blue Nasty Pig jock.  Zack and I are to feed the boy our cocks as Chase drills him.  We go down to the performance space.  The boy gets on the couch, on all fours.  He takes me in his mouth as Chase begins a spirited fuck.   I pull out and let Zack take my place.

“Let me suck that,” Chase grunts out, never missing a stroke.  I move so I can straddle the boy’s back and feed Chase my dick. 

“I couldn’t take him,” Zack tells Chase.

“I can,” Chase says.  “Fuck me.”

We re-position on a flat surface.  Chase is still fucking the blue jocked boy on all fours—but on his back stroke he is impaling himself on me.  He takes me deep into his ass with the merest grunt.  He drives into the boy and back on me with equal abandon.  I look up to the play areas.  Men are certainly enjoying the show.

I take control for just a moment.  I take over the fucking with enough force that Chase is still driven into the boy.  They both grunt out their appreciation.   I slow and let Chase reclaim the fuck.

A member of the crowd comes to feed his dick to the bottom.  I think he uses him merely to get off and go home.  We keep right on fucking…


I would love to tell you that’s how I shot.   But I didn’t. 

I did a couple of other things—a goodbye fuck with my Japanese bud and a man who later told me he was a visitor from Michigan, too. 

In the end, it didn’t matter if I blew a load.  It was all about the incredible men—and the kind of play I love.

Zack sucks Chase.  

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fuk'd (Part One)

Toronto—August, 2017

After I got off at Cum-Union, I slept for the remainder of my allotted time at Steamworks.  At 4:00am I trudged back to my car and slept there for a bit, too.  A good breakfast (with Canadian sausage!!) at my favorite Toronto diner—and I got out of town with a minimum amount of traffic.  I wanted to find a motel on the outskirts of the city which was cheap. And, frankly, I knew if I stayed in town I would do something else sexually that night and I really wanted to be fresh and very well rested for Sunday.  For you see, I was headed back into Toronto for another major sex party.

I had read about Fuk’d online. It is more of a bareback sex party than Cum-Union can be.  It is held in a club that I did not know which sounded like a great playspace.  It is hosted by porn stars who give performances. So I stayed out of town, slept, wrote a blog entry, read and came back into Toronto early Sunday afternoon with plenty of time to find Club 120.

I go upstairs.  I pay my admission.  I think I’m the third in the door.  It is an intriguing space to play.  It is the floor you come in on and one more floor above—but the middle sections of that second floor have been cut away.  You go up stairs forming a Y on the side wall.   If you stand on the second floor to the right, where a pair of slings is located, you can look across at the other side where more slings are set up—including some booths, and the bathrooms and a coat check.  You can also look down and see the entrance, a bar and a dance floor.   (There is a raised area next to the dance floor with a couch—I assume this will be the performance space.)  The wall on one side of the dance floor has three large holes cut in them where a man can lie with just his ass exposed for anonymous fucking.

I change into my leathers.  I begin hydrating.  I go downstairs and up again to the other side.  I check my bag and explore.  I start in the bathroom.  A very attractive man in a red harness is just getting his dick back in a jock.  I piss and continue my rounds.  More people have arrived.  No one is on the side where I started, with just the two slings.  I check out the booths that are behind the slings on this side of the divide.  In one of them I find a man bent over getting fucked by the man with the red harness.  I watch a little.  I even get to clean his cock when he pulls out.  While I’m doing that, three Latino friends fuck the bottom.  They are so turned on by watching each other fuck, they each load the man.  Fuck!

“I bet you want to taste my hole,” the bottom tells me as the last Latino squeezes out of the cramped room.  I am instantly on my knees.  I slurp noisily at his hole.  He pushes out a dollop of the combined sperm.  I swallow hungrily, stand up and push my cock into his slick ass.  “Fuck, yeah!”  the bottom all but crows.  “Fuck me.”  I do.  Hard and fast.

“Clean my dick,” I tell him, as I pull out.  He spins and gets all the stray strands of semen off my meat.

“I’d love for you to piss either in my mouth or up my ass,” he tells me.

I agree to find him later when I have some piss. 

I am stoked—all that in my first 20 minutes.


It’s the last time I’m not out in the open for the rest of the four hours.   The crowd has doubled.  It’s up to 40 now or so.

I go down and up to the other side.  I watch a man get fucked in the sling by the guy in the red harness, stroking my own meat.  Only after he pulls out, do I realize he’s Andrew Hardy—part of the porn star entertainment. 

“Well, hello.”  A cute, tatted, bearded and furry Ginger is beside me.  It’s Zack Acland come to find Andrew.  

But he kneels and gives me great head.  He’s in no hurry and I let him lick me for as long as he wants.  When he finally stands up, I return the favor.  I spend a few minutes on his hefty dick.  Then I push at his hips, so he turns.  My tongue sinks into his extremely hairy ass crack.  He bends—letting me tongue the ass that is going to get fucked repeatedly by Andrew as part of the entertainment later that night.  “I’d let you fuck me—but not now,” he tells me.  “We need to get downstairs.”

They take off.  A man who’s been watching us comes forward.  He is a nicely toned, hairy, Asian bottom I have spoken to on BBRT for the last two years or so.  Last night we agreed to meet here.  We kiss.  Lingeringly.  We christen the other sling.  I get him into it.  I am incredibly turned on by the long, silky hair in his ass crack.  My tongue finds his hole in this forest of hair.  It opens easily under my pressure.  He groans.  I eat noisily.   When I come up for air, I see another Daddy and his boy are watching us intently—the boy’s hole being fingered as they stroke to our play.  I insert.  I have to go in slowly.  Really slowly.  But once I’m in, it’s incredible. My man is really adept at stroking my cock with his inner muscles.  I can stand stock still and still feel like my cock is moving thanks to his squeezing of his ass around my dick.

I eat him again.  I let the other Daddy fuck him.  I go back up him again before we break.

“You want to fuck others, don’t you?”  he asks.

I tell him I do—and that he better share that hot ass with others, too.  We both agree to look for each other again in an hour or so.  The crowd is now big—close to a 100.

The Daddy has gotten his boy into the sling we’ve vacated.  He is instantly buried in his boy—a dark haired gym rat.  He politely asks me if I’d like to fuck his boy.  I do, after a moment of rimming.  I don’t go long—returning the boy wetter than I found him. 

The performance has started on the couch below us.  Zack is taking Andrew’s long dick all over that couch.  I don’t stand and watch it all below me.  But I am very conscious of it as I let a number of men suck my dick—all types and body sizes.

I find the first guy.  He’s still in the same cubicle.  He tells me he has ten loads in him now.  I bend and taste his ass.  I don’t think he’s exaggerating.  I ask him if he really wants some piss— that might wash all those away.  He does.  “I can always get more,” he tells me confidently.  

We go to the bathroom.  I fuck him a little, bent over the toilet seat.  It feels incredibly sleazy and hot.  I love the squelching sound we make as I fuck in the loads deposited in him.  “You want my piss?” I ask—a little more loudly than I meant to. 

“Give it to me!”

I start pissing.  And I can’t stop.  I can’t just let some out and give it to him in small spurts. The tap is open and I can’t shut it down.  I just empty my bladder into his cummy ass. 

“Holy fuck…” he hisses as he feels the weight of it all.  “Shit!”  I finally run out of piss.  I am rock hard the moment I stop.  I fuck in his ass.  Some piss splashes out of him on the back stroke, coating the toilet seat.  His piss filled ass is even hotter, literally, now.  I fuck and pull out.  He cleans my dick and I leave him on the toilet seat—deciding if he’s going to expel it all…


I find the same leather daddy at the same sling.  It’s a different boy of the moment.   This one is maybe 38, not as fit, but still in good shape.  “He’s a toilet pig,” the daddy tells me.  “Got any piss for him?” 

I tell him I have just emptied my bladder.  But I take a swig from my water bottle.  We share the man’s hole.  First the Daddy, then me.  Back to the Daddy.  This time he announces he’s going to piss the hole.  He holds stock still as he pisses.  I kneel.  I lick at his balls.  He finishes his flow—then slowly pulls out.  He pushes my face right into his boy’s piss filled ass.  He holds me in place.

“Push,” he commands the boy.

I get a squirt of his piss blasted into my mouth. 


And another.

I’m achingly hard.  I twist free, stand up and fuck in the remains of the flooded ass.


I fuck a lot of random hole.  Often in the sling.  Sometimes leaning on the handrail looking out over the rest of the club.

I watch another performance—Andrew fucking a different young man—maybe someone pulled from the audience.

I go down—my cock flopping out of my jock—thinking to see if anyone is using the fuck wall.  A drop dead gorgeous young man in leather is sitting on a bench on the landing of the stairway.  Our eyes meet.  He beckons me to him.  He stands.  We kiss.  He leads me off the landing, where we have stopped traffic.  We go to a vacant bench in the bar area.

“I need to sit on that cock of yours.” 

I sit down.  He kneels—only when he looks up at me from the floor do I recognize him from his Rentmen pictures.  He’s a high-end escort.  He gives me great head.  Then sits his perfectly shaped butt carefully on my cock.  He’s in control.  Fucking himself with long strokes…

Then he rests his legs.  I get his cock in my mouth for a moment.  Then he sits again—facing me this time.  It’s a harder position—so he can’t go as long—but we both want to kiss.  Deeply and passionately.  He jerks himself—but it’s not about getting off for either of us.  His legs are soon tired.  He wanders off after one last kiss.

I get up.  Zack Acland is leaning on the bar, talking to the bartender.  His bare ass is pointed right at me…

(to be continued…)

The Fuk'd Webpage is here