Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

Well, I’ll pause in detailing my sex vacation to wish all my readers a Happy New Year.

It’s 2018 in just a few hours.

I hope you all have a terrific year.

 Maybe your New Year’s resolution should be about trying something slightly different when it comes to sex.

Go to a new sex venue—or go to one for the first time.

If my talking about some kink, like watersports or whatever, has intrigued you, find a way to try it.

Go to a new city for a mini vacation where no one knows you.

The possibilities are endless.

And the rewards are great.

 The illustration is another by Etienne, the Tom of Finland of Chicago.

Happy New Year to you all!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Sex Vacation: A Night at the Baths

London, Ontario—December, 2017

My weekend sex vacation was here.  I wanted to treat myself after the long weeks of worry in New Jersey.  I planned to attend two sex parties (one with porn stars), hit a bathhouse on the way in and maybe a bookstore on the way home.  I was getting out of Michigan—and headed back to Toronto.  I got a slightly later start than I planned.  It was dark as I pulled into my motel on the outskirts of London, Ontario.  I knew the bathhouse in town had changed hands.  Gone were the days of it being open 24 hours a day.  It closed at midnight now, every day of the week.  But I could get there by 8pm and have 4 hours of play.  I ate lightly—and took off.

I get a locker.  I have no desire to hide in a room.  I strip down to my worn, discolored jock.  I put my boots back on and toss the towel over my shoulder.  There are more people here than I expect.  From the men I pass on the way to the wet area, I am younger than the average age.  I sit alone in the sauna a moment and soak in the heat.  When it’s cold outside, there is little better than soaking up the warmth and cedar smell of a sauna.  Just as I break a sweat, I go out, passing the unused hot tub and showers.  I find my way into a dark room.

Three bears are at play.  One is on his knees, going back and forth between the other two dicks.  I watch a moment.  The men become aware they have an audience.  The thought sends them over the edge.  One explodes in the sucker’s mouth—the other man does the same all over the sucker’s face.  They wrap their towels around their thick waist lines and leave.  My cock is plumping nicely in my stretched out jockstrap.

I wander the two aisles of rooms.  Most are closed—and empty.  The men have congregated in the video room and the adjoining, bigger dark area at the end of the main hall.

There is a padded 8 x8 platform, big enough to hold four big men in the video room.  A couch and a chair line the two side walls.  The platform is a mass of twisting bodies—sucking cocks and fingering holes.  I sit on the couch and watch for a moment.  A thick set man walks through the door.  His head is shaved.  His nose looks like it has been flattened in a bar fight.  A jungle of dark fur crawls across his chest and gut—contrasting with the whiteness of the large towel cinched around his waist.  He stands for a moment looking at me.  Then he raises the bottom edge of his towel.  It’s like a curtain going up— revealing a beer can of a dick.  A heavy piece of cock meat, with the thickest foreskin I have ever seen.  He walks over to me and sits on the other end of the couch.  He’s sure I’ve been reeled in.  And I have.  I slide off the couch and crawl between his legs.  His cock is hard—I couldn’t tell before—pointing straight down.  I can barely take him in my mouth—but I manage.  He grunts his appreciation.  My hand has to work the foreskin back—it’s not moving any other way.  Once my tongue connects with his cock head, he jerks as though electrified.  His breathing starts to increase.  He shakes in the throes of orgasm.  Not a drop of juice has come out of his dick.  He stops me.  And thanks me profusely.

I wander to the dark area next door.  There are shadowy figures standing against the wall.  I go behind a partition and sit at the gloryhole.  Instantly a man sticks his short dick through the hole.  He sighs as I swallow him down.  He fucks my face for a moment.  And only for a moment.  He gives me a thick load.  He pulls out and another, longer dick pushes between my lips.  He is a serious face fucker.  I have to stay still or he’ll hurt me.  He is pre-cumming down my throat like crazy.  The slurping sound grows louder, making me terrifically hard.

But it’s too much.  I have to pull off him.  I catch my breath.  I go around the partition and get right back on my knees.  I can control the angle now.  He grunts his pleasure and soon gives me another load.


It’s now 10 pm.  A number of younger men are beginning to arrive.  On that padded platform, I have extended mutual oral sex with a young man who makes sure to tell me he’s only here because his girlfriend is being a bitch.  He makes this statement, holding my rock hard cock in his fist and punctuates it by sucking me down to the root.


In the sauna, a hot bear and I exchange blowjobs.  We keep alternating the sucking until we both can’t stand the heat and take a break. I tour the halls again.  A door near the bigger dark room is open.  Inside are two guys in their late 30’s.  Another man my age is standing and stroking to the fucking.  The top is slightly younger and the bottom is talking constantly about the bare cock that is filling his hole.

I go in.

“Do you want to fuck him?” the top asks the first guy in the room.

The Stroker goes to it, as soon as the top pulls out.  The top turns and sees me.  “Whoa.  Look at this one,” he tells the bottom.  It’s impossible for the bottom to turn, getting railed as he is by the daddy in his ass.  “Go feed him your dick,” the top tells me.

I step up on the bed do what I’m told.

“Jeez…” The bottom starts to say more, but I cut off any further utterance by sticking my dick in his mouth.  He sucks me happily—dicks filling both his holes.  The Stroker likes the look of the spit roast, too.  He pulls out before he cums, saying he’ll be back to load him later.

“Get that thing in my ass,” the bottom crows.

I get off the bed.  I spend long minutes eating the sloppy hole.  He is a natural luber.  There might even be a load in him.  I ask.  He confirms it, rather sheepishly.  I tell him to be proud.  And try to push my tongue in deeper.

I finally stick my cock in an ass.  And a super wet one at that.  It’s great.  I plow him hard and deep.  He grunts and groans and asks for his bud to fuck his face.  He is spit roasted again.

I let his pal go back up his ass.

Then it’s my turn again.  I go in.  I am so close to fucking a load deep in his guts. 

And he asks for a break.  He goes off to cool down in the shower leaving me with the top.

“You like your ass eaten?”  I ask him.

“I’ve never had anyone do it.”  I just look at him, trying to keep the disbelief off my face.  “I don’t rim the guys I fuck, either.”

“You want to try?”

“Are you going to try to fuck me with that missile you got there?”

I assure him I won’t stick it in him unless he asks for it.  He gets on all fours.  I kneel behind his virgin ass.  My tongue connects.

“Holy fuck!  That’s hot.”  He strokes his cock as I rim him—wanting to show him exactly what he’s been missing.  I poke and prod his hole.  I lick up and down his hairy crack.  He is moaning into the rumpled bed sheet.  The bottom returns, watching me eat out his friend.

“You gonna give up your ass to him?”  he asks.

The Top pulls away from me and sits up, surprised by the bottom’s return.  “Naw—but no wonder you loved his tongue so much.”

The bottom gets back on the bed.  “Seed me.”

I lick his freshly showered hole for a moment.  Rimming the top has really gotten me going.  I fuck a massive load into him in no time.  I spurt over and over.  The bottom cleans up my cock as the Stroker comes back, true to his word.  It’s almost closing time.  “Damn this hole is wet,” he says.

He unloads into the bottom.

I move off the bed to show the boys what felching is all about…

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Spit Roast

Near Home—November, 2017

My lack of play time in New Jersey certainly hurt the amount of encounters I had to write about for November.  In fact I only had one more meet—and that was once I was home from my brother’s place. 

I arrived home to do laundry and re-pack.  I had promised myself a mini sex vacation to relieve the tension of the past few weeks.  But I was horny the moment I tossed my clothes from the washer to the dryer.  ‘Why wait for the trip?’ I told myself.  It had been forever since I’d been to the bookstore nearest home what with working out of state and then being at my brother’s for so long.

I did check the vanilla hook up site before I left for an afternoon of potential fun.  I spoke with a man I had played with at the house and who I’d met a second time at the bookstore.  (I know both are written up, but I am feeling too lazy, typing this very early in the morning at the airport, to find the entries.)  He wondered if I would have any interest in using him in public.  Perfect.  We set a time—giving him time to prepare and for me, time to drive.

I get there first.  The parking lot is busy—if not full.  I go in and buy my ticket for both theatres.  I scout the two locations.  It’s one of those days when men wander between the two rooms as well as scope out the (gloryhole-less) arcade.  It’s hard to get a count as the doors are constantly opening and closing.  I settle on the straight side, knowing he likes straight porn as much as I do.

I stroke, with only one other man in the room—who occasionally tosses a look in my direction.  Mark comes in—all smiles once he sees me on the well-worn couch.  He is my age and certainly looks younger than his years.  He is about 5’7”, wiry and turning into more and more of a bottom late in life.  There is a dusting of grey in his dark, blond hair which he still wears rather long.  He wastes no time kneeling between my splayed legs and replacing my hand with his wet mouth.  He only can take three quarters of my dick, but it feels great. 

The man on man action encourages the other occupant of the room to pull his dick out of his pants.  It also encourages the next two men who open the door to actually come in and stay.  They both watch and jerk, taking chairs along the wall.  I stand up and face fuck the willing man in front of me.  He gropes himself through his pants, finally unzipping his fly as I continue to plow into his mouth.

The three other men are now fully exposed and stroking.  I sit back down and Mark strips off his jacket, shoes and pants.  He kicks them over to the wall, and bareassed, gets back on his knees to now take my wet and dripping cock back into his mouth.

I don’t let him suck me for long.  It’s been a couple of weeks since I have eaten out a hot butt.  I tell him to grab a chair and to get up on it.  He knows the drill—he places it with the back towards the television and kneels on the seat.  He supports himself by leaning on the back.  I slide to the floor and dive into his hole.  He is actually still damp from the shower.  I lick the entire crack from top to bottom—ignoring his hole.  Up and down.  Listening to him moan.  Only then do I drill my tongue into him.  Hard and deep.  He jumps under me—but his ass flowers open.  One of the men stands up—watching every move I make.

“Put your cock in his mouth,” I tell him.  Mark hungrily takes him.  The man’s erection seems to come and go—but Mark gives him head as though it was the biggest, hardest cock imaginable.  I go back to opening his hole—savoring the flavor of his ass in my mouth.

“Fuck me,” groans Mark, around the dick he’s sucking.

I stand up and enter him.  It takes a moment to work the head into him—but then it’s a steady, wet glide into him.  I bottom out.  Mark grunts his appreciation.  I hold for a moment and begin to fuck.  The ED guy pulls out of Mark’s mouth.  The first occupant of the room replaces him.  He gives Mark a load down his throat moments after getting his dick into Mark’s mouth.

The last of the spectators is younger than either of us.  He’s likely 35 and well built.  He is pulling his ebony dick rather lazily—but he seems to really want to stick it in a mouth that just swallowed a load.  We are suddenly in our own porn flick. Mark has two big dicks going into either end of him.  I lock eyes with the man across from me.  We grin at each other and fall into rhythm together.  This makes us smile at each other again.

“You gonna breed him?”  he asks me.

I nod.  But offer him a chance to fuck him before I do.

He shakes his head, very happy in Mark’s ravenous mouth.  I pull out and slap my dick on the top of Mark’s ass cheek.  He takes it as a signal that I want ass to mouth.  He gets off the chair and kneels to clean up my cock.  The other man comes around and offers his dick to the cocksucker, too.  Mark has another porn moment of going back and forth:  Black dick. White dick.  Swallow one, then the other.  Hold the shafts and lick both heads pressed together in his mouth. 

Mark groans.  His cock is rampant as he orally serves both of us.

“I know you suck cock, too,” the other man says.  “Give me some head.”

I sit on the couch.  The man moves to the open side of the couch and feeds me.  Mark is happy to go back between my legs.  But soon I pull him off me and, with the pressure of my hand, guide him to lick the big hairy ball sack of the man I have in my mouth.  We both make really sloppy sounds as we work him over in our mouths.

Mark and I switch.  I’m on balls—and damn do they reek of his sex pheromones—and Mark on his dick.  I am boned.  I want to cum.

I get Mark back in the chair.  I drive myself into his ass.  The other man goes back to Mark’s mouth.  I build a fuck speed that is sure to get me off.  I look into the Black guy’s eyes.  He nods—and starts shooting what must be ropes and ropes of cum into Mark’s mouth.  Mark grabs his cock and unloads all over the chair.  I am pulled out of his ass as Mark twists away from my pounding, getting the last drop into his mouth from the man who just fed him.

And he’s done.  He thanks me and leaves.

I wait.

Not for long.

The handsome, stocky Latino arrives.

He asks we got to a booth to fuck.  We duck illegally into a preview booth.  I eat his ass, and suck his thick cock.  And as much as he says he wants me—I am just too big for his hole today.

I settle for taking his load down my throat—while mine fires out of me onto the dirty linoleum. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

I'd Like to Roast His Chestnuts...

I've let our biker say it for me.

What a good excuse to post another drawing by Etienne, Chicago's Tom of Finland.

I used to love stumbling on his murals as I roamed the halls of Man's Country or work the back room of the Chicago Eagle.

So, however you celebrate--I hope all my readers have a happy holiday!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Rules of Engagement

Jersey City, New Jersey—November, 2017

During the last days of my Indiana contract, I got word that my older brother (my only brother, my gay brother) was gravely ill.  I finished the contract and got back to Michigan.  I did laundry, repacked my bag and flew to Newark.  He was now in the ICU and things were not looking good.  My brother’s condition was unchangingly critical for my first three days there.  By the fourth, the antibiotics began to clear his blood stream and finally started attacking the infection in his lung.  He went from a 5% survival rating to 50%.

As things calmed, my libido slowly returned—but hooking up while living with my brother’s partner and his cat made for many challenges.  I couldn’t host at the apartment.  I didn’t have a smart phone to do the Uber thing.  Calling a cab was totally unreliable (as we learned to our dismay on a banking errand.)  I needed to be able to walk to my tricks.

I was new meat.  I did generate some interest.  But seemingly every man who contacted me was 5, 10 or 55 miles away.  I did talk to one promising pig, seemingly in our neighborhood.  We set the day and the time—but he vanished, never to be seen again, before he gave me an address.
I just stopped trying.

Then one night, my brother’s partner went into the city for a rehearsal.  I got on the hook up sites with no real thought of finding anyone.  I got a hit on Asspig.  A cute younger man was cleaned out and looking for some fist.  He gave me an address three or four blocks away and a phone number to call.  The whole meet was set in three or four exchanges.  I finished my tea and went off on the adventure.

I find the building easily.  It’s a beautiful older apartment complex from the 1920’s.  I go up a few floors and find his door.  I knock.  A small dog barks.  Well, yaps.  I am let in.  He looks just like his pics—5’10” or a little less, a trim 160 pounds.  His hair is short and dirty blond.  He goes to the gym, but not excessively.  He’s only in a red jock—and his ass is magnificent, a bubble butt just dusted with the blond hair.

He shows me to the back bedroom after I say hello to the dog.  I find the bathroom and piss.  I clip an offending nail and file it quickly with emery board I was smart enough to slip in my back pocket on the way out the door.  I strip as we talk about my reasons for being in town.  I learn he has a partner in the city.  Totally open relationship.  But with a couple of rules.  No sucking, rimming or fucking.  Fist only.  I watch my absolutely raging hard on begin to deflate.

But I’ll take what I can get.  I like him.  It will be a pleasure to get at least one body part into him.  And there has been no mention of gloves.

He gets on all fours.  Fuck, I want to bury my face in those tempting mounds.  But I kneel behind him, caress them and finger his hole.  I lube up with J-Lube from the bottle he’s placed on a chair next to me.  Four fingers on my right hand easily disappear.  The same on my left.  I fold my thumb under my fingers and my whole fist presses against his hole.  He relaxes—and I enter him.  He groans and takes a hit of poppers.

His hole is great…responsive and trained.  He can push me out.  He can let me in.  He’s in charge. 
We fist in doggy for a long time.  He relishes that “pop” as his sphincter snaps around my wrist each and every time.

We switch to him on his back.  I love our eye contact as I enter him.  I can go a little deeper than up my forearm in this position.  I bend and put my cheek on his abs.  I feel my hand as it invades him.

We go back to doggy.

We switch for a brief moment of my supporting my elbow on the mattress.  He stands astride it and lowers himself on to fingers, which fold into a fist as they go into him.

“You can punch fist me if you want.”

I don’t need much encouragement.  He takes a huge hit of poppers.  My let goes in easily—then in/out/in/out/in and out.

We do it with my right hand.

He flops over onto his back. “Rape your boy,” he grunts out.

I punch now with alternate fists.  Left.  Right. Left. 

And he spurts.  All over those abs.  He allows a quick lick of his cum before he rolls away.
I am dressed and out the door.

I go home and shoot a very pent up load into the wash basin in the guest bathroom.

I wasn’t really planning this entry for Christmas Eve—it’s just where it fell. 

In early December my brother began to really improve.  He’s still in hospital—but in a recovery facility doing rehab after so many weeks of no activity.  I am back in New Jersey.  About three and a half hours after this gets posted, my brother will be marrying his partner of 23 years from his hospital bed.  I’m best man.  I need to stop writing and pack the rings.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Goodbye to Indiana: Part Two—The Man In the Dark

Northern Indiana—November, 2017

(This picks up immediately after the last post.)

I go into the cinema.  No one.  Wait I’m wrong.  There’s a man standing in the farthest, darkest corner.  I stand against the back wall.  I pull out my dick.

I hear his intake of breath.  Then:  “I saw what you did.”

I turn to look at him.  I can’t make out much in the gloom.

“I’d like to be sucked like that…”

I kneel.  I’m at that point I don’t care who the speaker is…

I jerk.  I hear him undo his zipper.  He advances, cock first…”Suck me!”

A thin young man emerges.  Deep ebony skin, a knit cap, an open coat which shows of a tight white t-shirt and the hot chest beneath it.  His baggy jeans are open.  A long, slender cock with a sharp downward curve bobs in my face.  I take him in my mouth.  His cock fits perfectly in my mouth—one of those curves which you can deep throat effortlessly.  I swallow him down only pulling off his entire length to work the dripping piss slit.

I swallow him again.  He sighs.  “That feels so good,” he whispers.  He begins the slightest pumping action…just the merest rocking motion of a face fuck.  My hand wriggles under his balls and finds his hairy ass crack.  My finger prods at his hole—just like he asked.  “I’m tight.  Lube it up.”

I do better.  I pull his pants down with a swift jerk.  “Bend over.” I pivot around behind him and have this perfect bubble butted ass shoved in my face. 

“Ooh…” he croons as my tongue connects with his hole.  “Oh, yeahhhhh…” This last is a long hiss as my tongue pokes deeply into him.  “Daddy knows how to eat me.”

I pull back long enough to say “Daddy loves to eat ass.”  I go back to getting him good and wet.

“You fuck with that big white dick?”


“Let me feel it.”

I deliberately ignore him and keep reaming out his tight, young hole.  He moans again.  And begs for it—just what I want to hear.  “Please fuck me.  Please.”

I stand up.  My cock is rock hard.  I push against him.  His ass resists.  I drool some more spit down on my dick head.  I push.  He relaxes.  I start to enter him.  A man walks through the curtained entrance.  “Damn,” he says.

The boy straightens up, pulling off my cock.  “Come with me,” he whispers, pulling up his pants.  I do likewise and follow him to a booth on the other side of the store.  A booth with no glory hole so he can have his privacy.  He totally strips down once I lock the door.  I suck him a little more.  He loves it, but when he’s close, he pulls out, turns and bends, holding onto the seat—shoving that glorious butt back in my face.  I slather a ton of spit into him—making him groan.  I can’t wait to get my cock into him.  I stand.  I slap his ass with my wet dick.  I poke at his pucker again.  I slide in.

“Wait.”  He pulls off me.  He hands me a condom packet.  I sigh.  But I’ll do it.  I look at it more closely.  It’s labeled slim fit. 

“You have anything bigger?”  I ask.


“Well this is perfect for your dick, but for me…” I leave it unfinished.  I take it out.  I try to unroll it.  I can fit into a standard condom—which are still way too tight.  This one, I can’t get it unrolled over my thick cock head.  He tries to help.  Finally, stretching it wide, he covers my cock. He releases his hold on the latex and it snaps like an elastic band around my dick.  It hurts.  I get my cock into him, but the condom is so tight, my hardon begins to wilt. 

I finally pull out and pull the latex off.  I apologize.

“You should be proud it’s too small,” he grins.

But that’s it for fucking.  Dammit.

I bend him over and go back to eating his ass.  He strokes.  “Just feed me your load when it’s time I tell him.  I totally get lost in his butt.  I love the feel of those prominent ass cheeks—having to pull them apart to get as deep as we both want my tongue.  He strokes that long cock—concentrating on just the first few inches of it.

He turns around and feeds his dick to me.  “Get me wet again,” he murmurs. 

He doesn’t let me suck him for very long.  Just long enough to get some of my deep saliva on him to make his jerking more pleasurable.  He shoves his butt back in my face.  He’s more aggressive now; grinding his ass onto my tongue. 

And suddenly…”Shit!”

He spins around and plunges his dick down my throat—so deep I can’t taste his cum on the first spurt.  I pull back off so the rest of his sweet load coats my tongue.  He shakes and shudders, but he lets me clean him up.

I get up as he dresses.  We chat a little.  He kisses me good bye.  Tender.  Sweet.  Totally out of character of the sex we’ve just had.


I get off in some anonymous mouth on the other side of a gloryhole.  I spew down his throat the load I wanted for the bubble butt which I can still taste on my tongue.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Goodbye to Indiana: Part One--Cock Sucker

Northwest Indiana—November, 2017

I was winding up my time in Indiana.  I managed to sneak away from work and have a final afternoon bookstore session.  I went to the closest one, as I was pressed for time.  It was busy…

The parking lot is quite full.  I pay my admission.  No one is in the cinema.  I cross the store and head into the arcade.  All the doors are locked and occupied with at least one person—except for my favorite.  I go in.  There is an eye plastered to the glory hole.  He watches me drop some tokens.  His eye is unblinking as I undo my belt, unbutton my fly and haul out my hardening cock.  I sit and find a better channel of porn.  I look back at the hole.  The eye is gone.  I’m sure his finger will be beckoning me to stick my dick into it at any moment. 

Nope—a short, fat dick pushes through the hole.  I fall to me knees and go to town.  He groans as my tongue works his piss slit but he pulls it out of my mouth before he shoots.  “Come over here,” he hisses through the plywood partition.  I far prefer to suck cock in person, so I shove my dick into my jeans and go over.  The door is unlocked.  I have no idea about the type of man who is waiting for me—other than he has a thick, meaty cock.  I find a daddy—maybe 10 years older than myself sitting and watching his monitor.  He is dapperly dressed, wearing clothes far too good for this venue.  He sits with his feet wide apart to make sure that the suit pants never touch the discolored, sticky linoleum.  He smiles at me.  I smirk and kneel in my old clothes, now happy to be able to take him to the root. 

Moments after I’ve resumed sucking him, he taps my shoulder.  I pull off him, and look up into his fading tanned, lined face.  “Suck that one.  Let me watch you.”

From the booth I vacated, a really thin dick is sticking through.  I turn, lean across my Daddy’s leg and take the new cock into my mouth.  “Suck him,” the man I’m taking instruction from whispers.  “You’re such a good cock sucker—make him cum.”

I re-double my efforts on the man in the gloryhole.   I’m rewarded with a load and loud groans as he shoots.

“Don’t swallow it all,” my daddy of the moment tells me.  I pull off the softening cock in the hole.  I turn to daddy—still kneeling between his legs.  I’ve not swallowed anything but the first spurt that was so deep I couldn’t help it.  “Now show me.  Open your mouth.”  I do.  Wide.  But making sure not to dribble any. “You’re a filth boy,” he whispers, bending and touching my dick.  Is he going to kiss me?   “Stand up,” he tells me.  I do.  My cock is at his face level.  “Now swallow a little at a time while I suck your dick.  Tell me when it’s all gone.”

I let him blow me.  Every once in while I swallow some of the man scum in my mouth.  My own saliva is working over time, making a ton of liquid on my tongue.  He sucks me quite nicely.  He can hear me swallow—and he touches his dick, giving it a slight jerking, every time I do it.  Finally I tell him my mouth is empty.

“Suck my dick and fill it up again.”

I kneel and instantly he blows an even bigger load in my mouth.  Instantly, he’s all about getting out—no more instructions.  I stay in the booth after he leaves.  Swallowing a little at a time as I stroke.


My third dick is in the cinema, against the back wall.  A nice sized dick on a man my age with a shaved head who is dressed in hunting gear.  But he’s taking forever.  He loves it.  His dick is drooling.  But he can’t cum.  I finally wet my finger and stick it in his ass.  Bingo.  He groans.  He fucks my mouth, impaling himself on my third finger on the back stroke.  He cums noisily.

I notice a man has been watching.  “Follow me.”  He leads me across the lobby to a booth.  He turns his back to the glory hole and drops his pants.  I drop to my knees.  He chooses some lesbian porn.  His dick is much, much smaller than any I’ve had today.  And it’s not getting hard.  No matter what oral tricks I try.  I’m about to make my excuses and leave when he says.  “Use your finger like you did on him.”

I touch his ass.  He’s even pre-lubed.   I slide in.  He hardens.  I pump my finger into his butt twice.  He grabs my ears and begins a face fuck.  Three, maybe five strokes and it’s all over.  He pulls out of my mouth and turns away to do himself up, not saying a word.

I get up and leave.  I tour the parade of doors—some open, some closed.  I go into the cinema.  No one.  Wait I’m wrong.  There’s a man standing in the farthest, darkest corner.  I stand against the back wall.  I pull out my dick.

I hear his intake of breath.  Then:  “I saw what you did.”

I turn to look at him.  I can’t make out much in the gloom.

“I’d like to be sucked like that…”

I kneel.  I’m at that point I don’t care who the speaker is…

I jerk.  I hear him undo his zipper.  He advances, cock first…”Suck me!”

To Be Continued…”The Man in the Dark”

Monday, December 18, 2017

"Thank God for PrEP.”

Northern Indiana---November, 2017

My last hook up in my hotel room while I was working in the area happened at the top of the week before I left for home.  I had been talking to this man online for a couple of weeks.  He lived on the east coast—but also had a home in the biggest city here.  He was coming to town just before I left.  Would I be interested in a fairly vanilla hook up with a sling virgin?  I told him I really enjoyed giving men their first sling ride—and that I had the rimseat with me too.

“I can only guess what that is—but I love the sound of it,” he answered.

I looked at his profile again asked if I needed to go buy Magnums.  He answered that he was now on PrEP and couldn’t wait to feel a bare cock in him again after all these years of latex.

We set the date and time.

The knock on the door is to the minute of the agreed upon time.  Clive is a good looking, late 50-ish man (though his profile suggests he’s a little younger).  He has found the gym since his early retirement and is very well toned.  He’s about 6’ 1”.  His hair is blond and, as he sheds his clothes, I find that he is naturally hairless.  As we step into a kiss, there is no furry ass crack to slide my fingers through, but there is no stubble either.  Arms and legs are smooth—a few wisps of hair grow in his pits and there are severely groomed pubes over his above average cock.  It thickens as we kiss.

He falls to his knees and takes me into his mouth. He has to fight to cover his teeth—but he finds the way to do it.  His tongue is active.  I pull my cock out of his mouth and push my balls onto his tongue.  This feels great.  He licks them ravenously, leaving them wet and dripping.

“Up on the bed.”

He gets up on the bed I’ve stripped down to the top sheet.  I never tire of seeing a man on all fours—thrusting his ass towards me.  Clive pants a little with the anticipation.  I kneel.  My tongue touching his hole is electric.  He jumps, pants and grinds back on me.  My tongue slides past his tight pucker.

“Wow, you know how to eat ass,” he tells me, his voice a bit muffled as his head is cradled in his arms.

I concentrate on getting him as wet as possible.  It’s a tight hole and I’m going to need a lot of lube.  He groans again. I spit one last time and stand up.  My wet cock head rests against him—poised for entry.

“Stick that raw cock in me,” he whispers.  The words make him shiver.  I push.  His hole resists for the first two attempts.  On the third he relaxes and my cock head pops in.  “Whoa, that’s thick,” he says—but he’s not complaining.  His cock has only gotten harder each time I poke at him.  I pull all the way out so he can feel that pop once again.  His ass lets me in on the first try this time.  I add another two inches.  “Wow, that’s the biggest cock I’ve had in ages.”

I pull out again.  I re-enter.  This time he takes over half of me.  Once more and I’m balls deep.  He’s panting and telling me how good it feels.  I hold for a nanosecond and begin a slow, sensual fuck rhythm.  Clive grabs a pillow and begins twisting it.  He stuffs his face into it as I begin to accelerate the fuck.  Without thinking I slap his right cheek.  His head flies up with a grunt.  But he’s loving it.  “Fuck me!” he grates out.  “Fuck me hard!!”  I increase the speed of my drilling once more.  Clive sticks the pillow into his mouth and babbles incoherently.  I slow down.  I finally stop but keep my dick in him.  I pull out in one swift movement.  Clive flattens out on the bed, exhaling all his air.  He rolls over.  “That was great.”

I grin and suggest the sling.  He agrees and we go to where it stands in the corner.  He figures out how to get in like a pro.  I suggest the stirrups and it takes a moment to get them around his ankles.  I kneel and tongue his freshly fucked hole.  It is so much looser after the pummeling I just gave it.  He is also a great self luber.  He concentrates on the feelings my tongue is giving his hole.   He groans again.  I hand him the bottle of poppers the old man gave me after I blew him.  He tries them.  I stand and enter him at the height of his buzz.  “Whew!  Fuck that’s good.”  He turns into a babbler, just like I do, as the blood vessels open.  “I can feel every inch of you.  Damn.  Fuck me…”  On and on he prattles. 

I fuck him.  He takes another hit and starts chanting the word ‘Fuck’ again and again.  Suddenly his voice drops.  “Do you have people next door?”

I tell him I don’t care if I do.  I fuck him hard enough to make the chains rattle.  We pause as he takes another hit.   I build from a slow fuck until I am suddenly slamming into him, with the smack of my hips against his upturned ass, on every stroke.

We pause.  I have a sip of water.   I offer Clive some, too.


I get under. I tell him to bring the poppers.  He sits, gingerly.  My tongue goes deep into him on the first thrust.  “Oh, my God….”  He takes the poppers…and is in total bliss.  He tells me I am a pig.  He tells me how good he feels.  He tells me he has never felt like this. For my part, I love how his frothy ass lube is dripping into my mouth.  I tongue him as actively as I know how.  I want him to remember this moment.

Finally, my jaw is tired.  I have to stop.  We get up and move back to the sling.  I give him another pounding.  He is actively beating his cock this time.  I do one more tonguing of his ass—and I’m ready.

“You want me to breed you?”

“I want to feel you shoot in my ass.  Do it.”

I push into his puffy lipped hole.  Three, four, maybe five strokes and I convulse.  I grab the sling stand above me and hang on as I shoot rope after rope of cum into him.  When I recover enough to focus, I know to stay in place and let my dick marinate.  Clive is now rock hard, beating it and on the edge of explosion.  He lets go and showers his chest and abs with his cum.  I lean down and lick some of it up.

“That was terrific,” he tells me.  “So good to have it in me raw after all those years of condoms.  Thank God for PrEP.”

I can only agree.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Traveling Again

I was packing for longer than I wanted to be today--as once again I'm on the road.  I promise a post for tomorrow.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Western Indiana—October, 2017

This is the second of two posts about a couple of bookstore moments which don’t merit full entries.   They happened on two different evening trips.  Both were at the bookstore closest to where I was staying in Indiana—with the cinema on one side and the gloryholes on the other.

Another October evening.  Halloween, to be exact.   A Tuesday night.  I think about the bookstore.  I know it will be a small attendance night being a holiday and a week night.  I mentally list all the things I could catch up on if I stay in my hotel room.  But I listen to my cock—a louder voice— and I get in the car.

No one in the cinema.  I always prefer to play where there is more room.  I go to the other side and make the circuit of the booths.  Two are lit and locked.  One, I know has no glory hole.  The other does.  I go to the adjoining booth.  I put a handful of tokens in the machine.  I unbutton, stroke and wait.  I look at the hole.  I don’t kneel down and look to see who is on the other side.  I don’t run my finger along the rim of the hole.  Nor does he.  Instead, the perfect cock pushes the hole.

Perfect is a big word.   But the perfect word.  He is thick.  He fills the hole.  But not so thick I have to worry about my teeth.  He is long.  But not so long I can’t take him to the root.  It is a beautiful dick:  pale, pale skin, one prominent vein,  a beautifully sculpted mushroom head.  And he is a pre-cummer.  I take him to the root—well, as close as the partition will allow me to take him.  He begins fucking my face.  His need is great.  I have no time to show him what a good cocksucker I can be.  He explodes in my mouth almost instantly.  But he stays in place and lets me clean up him up.  Maybe it’s the hand I’ve clamped around the base of his cock that won’t let him pull out.  I finally release him when I can’t find another drop.

He grunts a “Thank you” and disappears from the hole, from the booth, from the store.


There are a couple more guys around. 

A man stops me in the hallway after I exit my booth.  “Stay away from the guy in the flannel shirt.  He reeks.”

I nod.  I move on to another booth.

I watch a piece of a movie. 

There is movement in the adjoining booth.  I look through the hole.  It’s flannel shirt.

A thin dick pokes through the hole.  I wait a second.  I do an experimental lick.  He doesn’t reek.  His dick smells of need.  Of having jerked his cock.  I suck it.  He sighs.  He pulls out of my mouth.  
“Can I come over?”

I nod.

He comes in.  His clothes are not new and wrinkled.  They don’t smell, either.  “Great cock,” he says, hefting my dick.  He falls to his knees and sucks me, jerking his own.  When his knees get tired, he stands and we reverse. 

“Take my cock,” he grunts.  “You swallow?”

I make an affirmative noise.  He unleashes an amazing blast of pent up cum.  I can’t clean him up—he’s out the door, before he even puts his cock away.


I’m back in the same booth after a quick tour of the entire place.

I use the tokens I have been gifted during my other times here. 

There is movement at the gloryhole.  A thick black cock starts to poke through—then is withdrawn.  I see the man looking at me.  Satisfied, he pokes it through again.  I go to work.  I stroke my own.  I want to get off and go home—and I’m pretty sure this man is not going to suck me in return.

Once again—my face is fucked.  I can only stay still and let him use my mouth.

He cums—heavily and noisily. 

I splatter mine against the wall.

My mouth feels as empty as my balls…