Sunday, January 15, 2017

Thanksgiving: Hunters in the Bookstore

Northern Michigan—November, 2016

I spent Thanksgiving with family members a few hours north from where I live.  Being the horn dog that I am, I got on line to see if I could combine the family trip with another sort of fun.  It worked out that even farther north there was a fisting couple that I had been talking with for over a year.  They were doing nothing special on the holiday, so after my family obligations I jumped in the car and went North on I-75 and found two pigs ready to jump in the sling.

They had a nice set-up consisting of a sling, a play bed and a video camera that showed the action to the person not in the sling at the moment.  I watched the top’s expert technique open his partner.  I fucked and fisted the bottom.  The top got me into the sling for a good ass eating.  I fucked and fisted the top as a thank you.

We finally retired for the night and did an abbreviated version of it all again in the morning after a delicious breakfast.

When I got in the car, I was wired.  I realized I wanted the one thing I didn’t get to do:  I wanted a cock to suck.  I drove to the bookstore in the area—where I had had great sessions on my trip back from Canada and the previous Thanksgiving. This is the bookstore where you pay one admission to be let into a back area that has a straight theatre, a gay theatre and 14 booths showing a different movie in each.   I got there right at lunch hour on Black Friday.  It started slow—but built into a very satisfying send off for the drive home…

I pass the gay theatre door.  It’s half open—never a good sign.  I check.  Nobody.  I look into the straight theatre.  There is one man in camouflage.  (Is it still hunting season this late in November?)  Both of his hands are clutching his knees—seemingly determined not to touch the nice looking bulge in his crouch.  I decide to make the circuit of the booths before I sit with him.

There is one man in the arcade.  He is leaning against the outer wall of the back corner booth, watching the gay video inside.  He pays no attention to me at all—either engrossed in the movie or not interested.  I look into the other back corner booth, where a straight vid is playing loudly.  When I look at the screen I can see why the woman is being so vocal.  She has two huge cocks plowing into her.  I go in and sit, leaving the door wide open.  I get my dick out and stroke, watching those magnificent pieces of meat work her over.

I am not alone for long.  The men are arriving.  A very tall man stands outside my door.  I nod to him.  He comes in.  He wants a blow job.  He admires my cock, but won’t even touch it.  He opens his pants.  The white underwear promises a bigger than average dick.  It turns out to be an average length, but fairly thick.  Just thick enough I have to really be careful to keep my incisors out of the way.  I swallow.  I lick.  I nuzzle.  I get him off the moment I lick his balls.  I get him back into my mouth just in time.

The next man into my booth is a 30-something with a great body who I recognize from a previous visit. 

He recognizes me, too. “I need your cock in my ass again.”

Well. Not exactly what I came for, but…

He gets naked.  We just have room to maneuver in the cramped space.  He bends over, hands on bench.  I can just fit between his ass and the TV wall.  I eat his hole.  I fuck it.  I fuck it until he shoots all over the grimy floor.

I wander.

I settle in the straight theatre.  (There is still no one in the gay theatre, but three are now in the straight theatre.  Two are in hunting gear and looking for a totally different kind of buck, it seems.)
I sit in the back row.  Two of the men are in front of me.  The man in the corner takes his dick out the moment he sees me.  One of the other men leaves, then I’m down between the hunter’s legs, sucking his cock. 

He keeps stopping me, wanting it to last.  He strokes my dick, but won’t suck it.  Our play has encouraged the other man to open his flies.  He strokes his cock openly as he watches us, but it never gets hard.

The door opens as I am standing in front of the man in the corner and he is stroking my dick.  He lets it go the moment the door knob turns, as if I am suddenly electrified.  A very young man, rather scruffy and cubbish, enters.  He must be home from university.  He sits in the chair I had been in, next to the man in the corner.

“I am so horny,” he announces to the room, unbuttoning the waistband of his pants. He unzips.  He takes out an average, but very, very hard dick.

“You should let this guy suck it,” the guy I’ve been playing with tells the kid, indicating me.

The kid nods.  I shrug and get on my knees.  I take him to the root easily.

“Damn, he’s good.  You love sucking cock, don’t you?”

I grunt and take his entire length again.

“Slow down.”  I pull off and he notices my dick for the first time.  “Jeez.  Let me see that thing.”

I stand up.  He leans forward and, to my surprise, takes me into his mouth.  The two other men in the room are beating theirs cocks furiously now.

I hold the boy’s head still and pump his face.  He loves that.  He stops touching himself as I face fuck him.  I let him go and step back.  I kneel and tell him to stand up and do the same to me.  He does, thoroughly enjoying the face fucking he gives me.  So much so, that he walks around me and feeds his dick to the guy who can’t get hard.  I go back to sucking the man in the corner.

We switch again.  I go back to the young man (in his chair).  The guy who can’t get hard sucks the man in the corner.  Finally even the man in the corner relents and sucks the young man’s dick.  But not for long.

“I gotta cum.  You want it?”  He’s talking to me, of course.

I do.  I kneel back down between his splayed legs.  It’s easily 7 to 10 spurts and very salty.

“That was great,” he tells me.  “Better than the turkey yesterday.”


  1. very hot session. Love reading your 'porn'---better than a nifty story any day.

    1. Thanks. I was so surprised that two of those guys would play like that--you'd think I'd learn....