Wednesday, January 4, 2017

“Well, Hell, Fuck Me Then.”

Chicago—November, 2016

It was piss party day.  I drove into town, this time with the sling in my trunk.  I got it set up in the back corner of the bar.  I stripped down, paid my entrance fee and handed my bags to the cute otter who runs the coat and bag check.  He grinned at me.  I was hoping he was remembering my fucking the cum out of him in September.  He turned back from putting my bags on the highest shelf, grabbed my neck and pulled me into a kiss.  Yeah, I think he remembered…

I fill my now empty Gatorade bottle.  I sit and watch the porn as the crowd slowly filters into the bar.

I get some head as I sit there. 

I return the favor with a regular.  We agree to do that again when we both have some piss to share.

I refill my bottle. 

I suck a newcomer’s cock in the dark corner by the sling.

I offer my dick to the man who always sits on the brass footrest that runs along the bottom of the bar.  I lean over the bar and talk to the bartender and drink up as the man below me sucks me deep into his throat.  I let him work over my cock, feigning no interest in the intense sensations he is giving me.  Finally, I pull all but my cock head out of his mouth and begin pissing a massive gusher down his throat…


It’s two hours later.  I have had continuous oral fun, but no one is ready to get fucked.  I saunter over to the coat check counter.

“I don’t know if I should have bothered to bring the sling.  It’s gotten no use at all.”


“I know,” I tell him.  “I must be losing my touch.”

“Well, hell, fuck me then.”

It’s my turn to say “Really?”

“It’s kinda quiet tonight.  Let me just tell the bartender to keep an eye on this and I’ll meet you back there.”

I head off to the sling.  In moments the Otter arrives, having shed his clothes but for a designer jock.
“Go slow,” he reminds me as he hops into the sling.  “I don’t get fucked much.”

I find this all but incomprehensible, but nod and drop to my knees.  His lightly haired ass is right in my face.  I drill right into his hole.  He groans.  I eat his hole.  I poke deeply with my hard, pointed tongue.  I lick his crack from top to bottom.  I stand up and piss all over the ass crack I’ve just licked.  This makes him take his dick out of the jock and start jacking it.

I go back on my knees to lick his now dripping ass crack clean.  It feels like I wring out every hair on his butt with my tongue.  My cock is swollen and red.  I have to fuck.  I stand up and spit still more saliva on it.  I begin to worm my cock head into him.

“Hey, can I fuck him when you are done?”  I look at the speaker—a man to my right and just behind me.  He’s a newbie I don’t know—somewhere between 35 and 45, well built, with sandy colored hair and a very hard, but significantly smaller dick.

“He’s really tight,” I tell this new top.  “Why don’t you open him up.”  I look at the Otter.  “You want him to fuck you?”

“Fuck, yes.”

I pull out and move to the side of the sling.  I bend and find the Otter’s mouth with my own as the new man glides easily into the ass I’ve prepped.  I can feel his jack rabbit fucking of the Otter as we continue to kiss.  When I pull out of it, my one hand strokes my cock, the other rubs his nipples.

“Oh, fuck?!?”  The top sounds genuinely surprised.  “I’m coming.”

“Fill me, stud,” the Otter grunts out.

The top’s full body shakes as he thrusts the last few times.  He grinds his dick into the Otter as deeply as possible.

“Don’t pull out,” I tell him.  I move around until I am next to him. I kneel.  “Now pull out and stick it in my mouth.”

He does and I taste his cum and the Otter’s ass juice.  I clean every inch of him, then all but push him out of the way so I can bury my face into the Otter’s dripping ass.  I felch for long minutes—but I’m too boned not to fuck.  I can’t believe my good luck:  Not only am I going to fuck him, but I’m fucking him loaded.  And I know that this time I’m going to shoot my first load into him.

His hole is slightly puffy from the fucking.  I enter him easily.  I watch his eyes go from locked on mine to rolling up into his head.

“Fuck me. Fuck ME.  FUCK me!”  he chants.

I do.  Long slow strokes—the opposite of what he’s just taken.  My cock is gliding on oceans of cum and spit.  I pick up the pace. 

Now I am fucking full force.  A chain rattling fuck. 

I pull out.  My dick slaps his balls.  I give one squirt of piss that arcs up and covers his chest.  I plunge back into his steamy ass.

I am building to my own orgasm now.

I pull out one last time and taste the cum dripping from his battered hole. 

That does it.  I stand right back up and drive into him.

And explode.

I grab the frame above my head and hold on.

The Otter gives his dick three strokes and his cum shoots out and mixes with the piss on his chest.  I bend, swab up a mixture of cum and piss on my tongue and find the Otter’s mouth…

And in December, I just bent him over his work station and fucked him there!


  1. I'm so happy to see the otter's return appearance. Otter's are the best especially when they're enthusiastic bottoms. Thank you to you and to him!

    Paul, PS

    1. Thank you, Paul. I'll tell him next week when I head in!