Monday, February 27, 2017

Ringing In the New Year--One Ass After the Other

Chicago—New Year’s Eve, 2016

Marco and I made the trip into Chicago the next morning with ease.  We arrived earlier than expected at Rod and Brice’s house.   We unpacked.  I set up the fuck bench in their basement play area where it joined their sling, rimseat and a double bed you could get to from all four sides.  (I took pictures of the set-up last year—you can see them here.)

I nap.

It’s 10:00 pm and time to fuck.

The four us go downstairs.  We begin warming each other up.  A blow job, some rimming, and fingers in Marco’s ass.   Nine more men begin to troop through the door, take their clothes off and insert themselves, literally, into the action playing out in front of them.

A cocky leather top says he’s always the biggest dick at a party.  I make sure he’s watching as I pull out of Marco’s ass.  He doesn’t repeat that statement again.

Three of us take turns on Rod’s ass—with him straddling the fuckbench.

Bryce is getting railed by a tall Black top in the sling.

Marco is on all fours on the bed.  He has had his newly PA-ed dick in a cute blond man—and now they’ve reversed.

Men occasionally pause from fucking, take a drink and then move to another clump of sweaty men.


I am under the rimseat.  I’ve been eating out the cute blond.  Bryce arrives.  The new ass is thrust down on my face. 

“He loaded me.” Bryce says. 

I am guessing it was fuck in the sling with the big Black guy.  But I don’t care.  He is sitting on the seat and moaning every time my tongue touches his hole.  I can just taste the load.  I drill deeper.  It starts to drip out onto my tongue.  I push even deeper.

Bryce moans.  “You want it?”  He loosens his hole.  It’s a slow flow of jizz.  It slips out of his well fucked ass and into my mouth.  I groan, muffled by his hairy ass, and just let the flow continue onto my tongue.

Some one bats my hand off my cock and sits on it.  I can’t tell who.  I just concentrate on the river of jism cascading out of Bryce.  If this is only one load, I can’t believe the volume.  I plaster my mouth around his swollen ass lips.

A different man is fucking himself on my dick now.

The flow of jizz has stopped.  I clean him up.  I swallow every drop.  He gets up.  The dim room feels incredibly bright after being under him.  Brice is standing so I still can’t see who’s riding my cock.

“Don’t get up.  I’ve got something for you.”  Rod’s ass replaces Brice’s butt.  I dig into the freshly loaded hole…


Rod has gone.  (A small load after the glacier that flowed out of Brice.)  Word has spread.  Even the tops are sitting on my face to let me eat them out.  I think I’m up to at least six men but I’ve pretty much lost count.  One more unidentified man has ridden my dick as I rim.  I can tell it’s Marco on me now.  I can see even less than usual.  It’s a big bubble butt filling the seat.  I know it belongs to a Black guy.  He’s younger than the stud who fucked Brice.  He was one of the rotation-on-Rod group.  He’s moaning and calling me a dirty slut between hits of poppers.

Suddenly he stands up.  “Do you face fuck?” he asks, looking down at me through the closed seat. 

I look up past his dripping fat dick and try to concentrate on his face.  “Sure.”

Marco gets off my dick.  The Black guy helps me up and leads me to the bathroom on this floor.  “I want my face fucked.  Hard.  It can get sloppy.  Ok?”

I nod and he gets on his knees.  My dick is straight from several asses, but he doesn’t care.  Maybe even likes it.  He opens and I grab his head.  And thrust.  All the way down his throat.  I fuck it—holding him in place.  Three or four strokes until I feel him gag.  I pull off, bringing up huge strands of deep throat spittle.

“Yeah, just like that!” he tells me.  “Do it a—”

I don’t let him finish.  I am slamming my cock into his throat.  His teeth are completely covered.  For all the fucking of his mouth, I’m never scraped.  I pull out.  The spittle covers his chin and one strand oozes down his naked torso.  I mop it up with my cock head and fuck it back into his mouth.


And again.

This time he gags hard enough I think I might have pushed too deep.  But he recovers.  He looks up at me.  His eyes are wet.  “Fuck, man.  No one will do this to me.”

I give him another couple of rounds.  My dick is super wet.  I pull him up.  “Now bend,” I bark.  He grabs the rim of the sink.  “I’m fucking your throat slime up that phat ass of yours.”

“Yes, Sir,” he all but whispers.  “Fuck me, Sir.”

 I slam into him with all the force I used on his throat…


We drink champagne at midnight.  It’s a good change from ass juice and cum.

I count the men.  I’ve been up all but the four strict tops.  That makes me smile.

I watch my throat fuckee lead Brice to the bathroom.  I’m pretty sure he’s not going to do the same thing—but I want to know.  I follow.

I watch from the open doorway.  Brice is bent over, holding onto the same rim of the sink.  The top is savagely using his hole.  I watch until he sees me watching him.  I walk forward.  He doesn’t stop.  I kneel right by Brice’s upturned butt.  I watch that big piece of black meat slice into that hot ass. 

I look up at the top.  “Let me taste his ass on your dick.  Fuck it into my mouth.”

He just keeps fucking.

It’s my turn to use the words he wants to hear.  “Please, Sir, fuck my mouth straight from his ass.” 

Instantly he pulls out and sticks it into my mouth.  I clean it.  He rips it out of my mouth and shoves it back up Brice.  Four strokes into Brice.  One into me.   Four.  One.  Four.   One.   Four….he explodes.

I clean his drooling cock.  And get my face pushed into Brice’s leaking butt.  The top hold’s me in place.  I can barely breathe.  All I can do is lick out his cum…


(For the record, 30 minutes later I breed Brice in the sling—and have the cute blond felch out my load.)

Friday, February 24, 2017

Fucked with Cock and...

It was the end of 2016.  I wasn’t sorry to see it go. 

Marco, the muscle hole, was at my house.  We were headed into Chicago in the morning for the annual New Year’s Eve orgy.  But tonight it was just the two of us…

My face is buried in his ass crack.  I am always surprised at the sheer volume of the long, silky, black hair in his cleft, as he’s not particularly hairy anywhere else.  I press my tongue against his pucker.  He resists for a moment, then relaxes and lets his hole flower open.  I go deep into him.  He takes a hit of poppers, sighs and let’s me go to work, while he holds on to the fuck bench.  I make his hole as slick as possible with spit.  I reach down and swipe the precum oozing out of my piss slit with my index finger.  I add that to the mix of juices up his butt.  He sighs again, knowing just what I’ve done.  He reaches back and spreads his cheeks apart.  My tongue goes deeper.  I fuck him with it.

I am so ready.  I spit into his hole one last time.  I stand up behind him.  I slide in.   Deep.  Marco let’s me get all the way in before he clamps down on the invader in his ass, holding me in place.

“Fuck,” I grunt. 

Marco loosens up and I begin a slow withdrawal.

“Fuck me with that big dick.”  Marco takes a huff.  “Stretch me out.”

I build to a hard slapping fuck.  My slender hips are slapping against his upturned ass. 

I slow.

I stop.

I reach for the egg-headed dildo on the bureau next to us.  I can reach it without pulling my dick out of his ass.  I lube it up, and only then, do I pull out of his wet hole.  I press the head of the toy against him.  It disappears but for the flat base.   Marco grunts his pleasure.  I pull the end of the toy down.  I push my drooling cock into him.  The underside of my cockhead loves the ribbed shaft of the toy.  It bottoms out nestling against the egghead in his ass.

“Oh, yeah,” grunts Marco.   “Double fuck me.”

I leave the toy imbedded and begin to move just my dick into his now stretched hole.  I fuck in slow rhythm. 

All the way out. 

All the way in.

I let it build to a hard driving fuck.

I stop only to catch my breath.  And to get Marco into the sling.

Once he’s situated and poppered up, I rim him, just for a moment.  Just enough to taste the juices I’ve left behind in him.   I swallow hungrily.

I stand and insert.  I fuck.  Marco has his eyes riveted to the mirror above him.  He takes another hit.  I slow the speed of my thrust so as not to make him spill.  When the lid is back on, I build to a chain rattling tempo.

I pull out.  I grease up my hands.  My left is up him in no time.  I feel the snap of his ass closing around my wrist.  I pull out and work in my slightly bigger right hand.  Again his ass clasps my thin wrist. 

Back and forth. 

Left and right. 

Fuck with my dick.

Left then right.

Making him drool out puddles of cum and piss.

The left pushes in again.  I move closer.  I slide my dickhead down my forearm.  It joins my hand in his ass with just a little extra push.  My cock is surrounded by my fist.  I begin to jerk off my dick in his gut.

“Fuck, yeah.  Jerk it, man.”

I do.  I stop only so I don’t shoot.

I open him with the speculum.  I fuck him through the spread metal opening.

It seems like I add my cock to everything I put inside him.

I walk to where the toys are kept on the bureau.

“You haven’t had this one before,” I say, hefting a ‘flesh’ colored, realistic cock with a massive pair of balls.  It is easily 8 inches around.

“New?”  he asks.

“No, it was first one I ever bought for a guy who needed more than what I had.  I just haven’t had it out for years.  I found it as I was setting up the playroom this fall.”

“Grease it up.”  His voice has gone all husky with desire.  “Give it to me.”

I slather it with J-Lube.

“Take a hit.”

At this point in the night, it doesn’t take too much work to get it all the way in.  The big balls on the toy hit Marco’s.  He grunts as the toy bottoms out.  There is no way I’m adding my dick with this one.  But I do slide in one, then two well lubed fingers.  I move them around the entire circumference.

Marco groans.  He shakes.  His cock puddles more cum.

I pull the toy out.  My hand mops up his cum.  I slather it on my dick. 

I fuck him until I shoot deep into his muscle hole.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hello, Again

I’m not sure I have ever been absent for so long from this blog.  I am not very happy about it….

Part of it was getting the correct writing program back on my computer after the crash.  I downloaded an old version just as I left for my usual business trip to St. Louis

Once there, I found that my hotel had internet that worked only late night when everyone else was off it.  I went looking elsewhere…

The fast food establishment where I could always have a cup of coffee, write and post has set up blocks for sexual sites.  (I’m curious if it’s local or nationwide.)

My work allowed me to be online there, but it being a Catholic girl’s school, there was not much hope in getting on to this site.

And to top it off, I drove this year so it took away all the airport time I often use to write.

Still—despite all that, I managed to have three terrific sexual adventures!

But those took away from writing time, too.

I am now home.  I will buckle down and write.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Two Hits and a Miss

Near Home—December, 2016

I should have known not to go to the bookstore the weekend after my birthday bash.  How could anything live up to all that?   And it didn’t.  It really didn’t.  There were very few men there and only one had any interest in me.  He had a nice enough dick to suck, (but he would not return the favor) and was paranoid about someone seeing him getting head from a man.  I lost count of how many times we started and stopped with the door traffic.  He finally took me into the arcade.  I  got him off, kneeling in a booth where I could barely move.  I didn’t even try to get off myself.

My Playroom—December, 2016

After Christmas, I had back to back sessions that were rather similar.  Both happened in my playroom.  Both involved lots of dick, but each time, more fist than dick.

Stan had been talking to me for a few months.  He lived about two hours away—it’s no wonder we didn’t meet instantly.  But we planned.  And chatted.  We sent each other pictures.   We eventually found time when he had a holiday break.   He showed up, a few minutes late, but eager.  He’s 5’ 7 or so and in his mid-30’s.  Very thin.  His cropped hair is only slightly shorter than the hair of his well trimmed beard.  A handsome, though now, slightly nervous, face.

“You remember I told you I haven’t had a fist in me for two years,” he reminds me as he strips off. 

“I do.”  I let him get on his knees to suck me, but that’s really not his thing.  It’s all about his ass.  I get him up on the bench.  My tongue, my cock and my speculum go up him in short order.  His ass is hungry. 

We go to the sling before I try for the fist.  I fuck him and start working my fingers in him on the pull out of my dick.  I grease the rest of the hand and I slide in easily.

“Wow,” he chortles.  “You’re in.”

“Guess the toys you’ve been using have kept you open.”

In short order my cock and hand shares his ass with every black toy in my playroom:  the egg headed dildo, the medium sized butt plug, the big cone that only a few men can take. 

Stan takes it with ease.

More fist.

I go to the wall.  I take down the chain.  It’s about 18 inches long—big thick links that I have filed totally smooth.  It’s the hardware store version of balls on a string.  I grease my hands and work it slowly up him.

“It’s heavy.  I can really feel it in my gut.”

I get all but that last few links in him—then I begin the pull out.  Slowly.  Letting each link push his ass lips open and letting them pop shut.  I pull it all out.  Stan pants.   I push it back in.  I fuck with it in place.  I love the feel of it under my dick.  I pull it out again. 

Stan is breathing heavily.

I work him open with my fists once more. 

“I can’t take too much more,” he grunts.  (We’ve been going for two hours.)

I add the chain once more.  And fuck him until I shoot. 

Home Depot should be so proud.

My Playroom—December, 2016

Calvin, the young, mostly top man, who gave me his ass to play in (twice) came the very next day.  Last time I described him with:  “He’s 5’10” and slim.  His shaved head is shiny.  A thin beard and several ear piercings.”  He looked the same—only cuter if that’s possible…

Calvin heads right for the sling.  No oral warm up for him.  He knows right where he wants to be.   I can’t wait to bury my face in his slim ass again.  I do just that and eat him as he cracks the poppers open.  His hole is tight and needs prying open with my tongue.

I fuck him.

I use the egg-headed dildo.

I use my hand.   First time, it’s an easy in.  And he takes me just like the last time we played.  I pull out.  I go in with my fist again.  This time, he winces.

“I got fisted in San Francisco—and I guess I’m still tender.”

We go back to my dick and a second time with the dildo.

Then my hand.  I need to pull back—I can see it in his face.

We go back to the toy.   Calvin takes a huge hit of poppers.  He cums as the toy hits home.  I lean over and lick up most of it.  I clean the head of his drooling cock.

“Damn, I didn’t mean to shoot yet.”

“It’s fine.”

“I want to get you off.  But I don’t think I can take your dick in my ass.”


“Oh, yeah.”

I get him out of the sling.  We hug.  I get under the rimseat.  He closes the lid and sits.  I hear him take more poppers.  I dive into the hole above me.  The hole that was so tight is now puffy and used.  I clamp my mouth around it.  My hand works my cock.  My tongue is reaming him.  Calvin relaxes his ass and lets his loose ass lips hang into my mouth.

That’s all it takes after all the play with this hot fucker.  I blow my load all over my stomach.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Hard Drive (and not the good kind....)

I'm sorry for the delay, but my personal computer required a new hard drive.

I don't type these posts on the office machine.

It's just back from the shop.

I promise I'll get to work this weekend.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Birthday Bash -- Elbow Grease

(Continues from the last few posts.)

Jacob takes a sip of miso soup.  “Do you want to mess around this morning?”

“I do.  After all, Derrick told me to ravage you…”

“Good.  I’ll clean up as soon as we’re done here.”

I chew thoughtfully.  While I’ve played with Derrick without Jacob, it’s never been the other way around.  My cock stirs under my bathrobe.  By the next bite, I’m rock hard…


The dishes are stacked.  We both go off to shower—Jacob upstairs and me down by the guest room.  Mine is quicker.

I am tying my boots when I hear the water turn off.  My cock is still plump—no longer hard—but it’s a struggle to get the metal cock ring on with it slightly swollen.  I don’t bother with the chaps, I just slip on my jock.  That way I can tuck my lube bottle in the wide waistband.  I go into the playroom to wait.

And not for long.

Jacob comes down the stairs.  He’s in nothing but a jock himself.  He closes the door.  I pull him into a long kiss.  We grind our pouched cocks together.  Our tongues are busy.  I love the feel of his beard on mine.

Eventually, I press on his shoulders.  He goes to his knees.  My cock is sticking out of the side of my jock.  He takes me into his mouth.   Maybe a third of my dick.  “Deeper.  I know you can.”  He swallows me down to just over half.  I let him set the rhythm of his cocksucking.  He pulls off, takes a deep breath and dives down on me again.  This time a little deeper.  I push forward just slightly.  He takes me.  And there’s no gagging.

I pull out and kneel in front of him so we are face to face once again.  I pull him into another kiss.  Sticking my tongue into his mouth is making my cock drip.

I pull out of it.  “Let’s just get to the sling.”  We move farther back into the room.  “Stay right there.”  Jacob has grabbed the chains to hoist himself in.  I kneel in front of him and swallow his cock down.  He’s as hard as I am.  And leaking.  I get a tongueful of pre-cum. 

I finally stop and help him get into the sling.  Then it’s back to my knees and burying my face in the still moist hair of his ass.  My tongue slowly works through all the hair to find his hot pucker.  Jacob groans on the first direct contact.  I begin a deep burrowing.

I can hear him stroking his cock.  “Can I have some lube?”  I toss my bottle up to him; I’m not going to stop eating his hole, even for a moment.  I pry it open with just my tongue.  At one point, Jacob stops stroking and spreads his cheeks with both hands so I can get into him even deeper.

I lube my cock as I lick and spit.  I can’t stand it.  I need my dick in him.  I stand up.  Align.  Push.  Sink in.  Maybe half my dick is encased in his hot ass. I stop.   Jacob pants.  His hot, wet hole relaxes.  I inch in.  More and more.  My pubes grind into him.  I’m home.  I pause again.

I bend over him.  My face is just above his.  I kiss him, look him in the eye and whisper “I’m going to fuck you so hard…”

Our eyes remain locked.  I pull out slowly.  Leaving just the head inside.  I fuck.  And fuck.  I build relentlessly.  I need to catch my breath, but I can’t stop slamming into his ass.  Jacob stops stroking.  Finally I slow.  I bend and kiss him again, still in his ass.

I pull out.  I want to try something that I learned last night.  I grab the Elbow Grease.  I whiten both my hands with the creamy lube.  Jacob is sure I am about to fist his well fucked ass.  But I don’t.  I grab his bare right foot in the stirrup.  My hands glide over it.  My thumbs work the sole.  They scoop up to the ball of the foot.  Every inch is covered and massaged.  My slick fingers separate his toes.  Jacob reacts as if I am jerking him off.  He is bucking and thrashing in the sling in sheer pleasure.  I re-grease and do the other foot.  I idly wonder if I can make him shoot by doing this.  I do the sole, the ball, the toes.  I go back to the other foot.  I suck his toes.  This makes him pant.  I grab a greasy foot with each hand and work them in tandem.

I fuck him again.

I re-grease my hands.  I worm it into his ass this time.  Slowly.  Steadily.  I’m almost there—and then his sphincter snaps shut on my wrist.  I keep it there.  I lean down and suck his cock, my right hand still in his butt.

I slowly pull it out.

I go in again.  I’m pretty sure this time he’ll blow his load.  The sphincter snaps again—and he shoots.  I twist my hand out of him with each convulsion—and his ass all but pushes me out.  I start jerking my dick, too.

 I let him recover a moment.  “Can you take a little more fucking?  I really want to shoot in you.”

He nods, not sure, but I tell him I’ll stop if it’s too much.

I don’t need to worry.  I push into his used hole and my cock erupts.  Over and over.  I lean forward and hold on to him.  His arms press me into his chest.

Jacob’s lips are right at my ear.  “Happy Birthday.”


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Birthday Bash -- Rimseat

(Continued from the last few posts…)

The Cub is shaking from the force of his cumming.  We all hold on to him as he comes down from his explosion…

I help him out of the sling.  He goes and sits on the couch, his knees still weak.  I ask Derrick if he wants to give me a birthday rimming.  I am pretty sure of the answer—he seems to love to rim as much as I do.  We haul out the rim seat and set it up in front of the couch.  Jacob takes the Cocksucker into the back corner.  The Cocksucker wants to be fucked.  I can hear Jacob giving it to him behind me, as I sit on the rimseat and let Derrick tongue my hole.  The Cub watches us—until he gets another erection.  He moves off to the action behind me.

Derrick is making guttural sounds beneath me—letting me know how turned on he is.  I check out.  I stop paying attention to the others in the room.  I let my mind wander, enjoying the sensations in and around my hole.  I even stop stroking my dick and just float, for lack of a better term.

I have to admit the next bit is not clear in my mind, now.  I think Derrick shot as he ate me out.  I think the Cub fucked and loaded Jacob out of my view.  I am almost sure Jacob fed me the load out of his ass as he jerked off.  The Cub got the Cocksucker off—and shot himself for a third time.  But I am really not clear about it all…

We went to dinner—all together.  I know that.  I am also pretty sure I never got off, and I didn’t care.  The five of us had a great dinner.  The Cub has to get home, and the Cocksucker decides he might as well go, too.  I am staying the night. 

We settle down and half watch a documentary.  Jacob is doing yoga as he watches.  He strips my sock off and begins pressing pressure points on the sole of my foot.  I have had this done before, but not for ages.  It is great.  When he's done, I do Jacob’s feet.  He loves his toes spread.  I am happy to do that—especially when it results in a neck and back massage in return. 

Good sex, good food, good friends.  I am the most relaxed I have been in several years.  I go off to bed in the guest room a very happy man.


It’s morning.  Early.  Just a hint of light outside.  Derrick comes into my room.  He kisses me good morning.  He has to go to work.  “You should go upstairs and climb into bed with Jacob.  He’d love that.”

I tell him that I’d love that, too.

“Feel free to ravage him this morning.  I want to hear all about it.”

Derrick goes off to work.  I surprise a half asleep Jacob by sliding into his bed and wrapping my arm around him.  We spoon happily and drift off to sleep.

We are eating breakfast.  I take another bite of egg.

Jacob takes a sip of miso soup.  “Do you want to mess around this morning?”

“I do.  After all, Derrick told me to ravage you…”

“Good.  I’ll clean up as soon as we’re done here.”

I chew thoughtfully.  While I’ve played with Derrick without Jacob, it’s never been the other way around.  My cock stirs under my bathrobe.  By the next bite, I’m rock hard…

(One last one to cum...)

Friday, February 3, 2017

Birthday Bash -- Sling

(Continued from the previous posts)

The Cub is now in the sling and the Cocksucker is bent over him working on a nipple as Derrick sits on the ottoman and rims him.

Jacob and I go to the sling, too.  I move around to the far side so I can chew on the other nipple.  Jacob bends to kiss the Cub. 

The lucky fucker has all four mouths on him at once…

The Cub is jerking.  I bat his hand away and sample his dick again.  He’s leaking precum.  I use my tongue to smear it over his cock head.

Derrick stands up and shoves his dick into the boy.  The Cub grunts, but he takes it.  The Cocksucker disappears under the sling.  I can only guess he’s watching Derrick’s cock plow into that young ass.  Or maybe he’s licking Derrick’s shaft on the back stroke.  I go back to chewing on a nipple, and tweaking the one left behind with my other hand.  Jacob smothers the boy with his armpit, muttering a “Lick it” as he covers the boy’s mouth and nose.

 I watch Derrick’s face as he fucks.  It is a great mix of concentration and pleasure.  He grins at me and, moments later, tells Jacob to take a turn up the Cub. 

We rotate around the sling as the Cub gets his second dick.  Derrick is bent over, kissing him.  I stand behind the top of the sling, a hand on each of his nipples.  I can’t see the Cocksucker, I can only guess that he’s enjoying his own private porno under the sling as he watches a second raw cock go up the Cub.

“He’s nice and wet,” Jacob pants, mid stroke. 

“You better go taste his ass,” Derrick tells me.

I let Jacob pump into him a little more, then I move around to take his place.  I sit on the ottoman and look at the puffy hole.  It is very red and slightly open from all the abuse.  I lean forward.  My tongue connects.  It goes right into him.  The Cub gives a muffled groan.  Does he have Derrick’s armpit in his face?  I don’t bother to look.  I just concentrate on slurping his hole.  And spitting.  Getting it even wetter.

“He’s big…” I hear the Cub say.

“You can do it,” Derrick reassures him.

I stand up.  I let my dick slap his balls once.  I line it up with his hole.  “I know you can take me,” I tell him, “after all that other fucking.”  I inch into him.  “Your hole felt nice and open on my tongue.  Did you like me licking your hole?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Well, now you are going to take me.  How much of my dick do you think is in you?”

“I don’t know...”

“You just took it all—when you weren’t worrying about it.”

“No way.”

“How does it feel?” asks Derrick.

“I feel so full,” whimpers the Cub—but it’s a good whimper, not a painful one.

Jacob comes around and leans across him to suck his dick as I begin to fuck.  I do a slow and easy stroke.  The Cub is making the hottest noises as he abandons himself to the sensations of dick in his hole.  He has to tell Jacob to stop sucking his cock or he’ll explode. 

This makes me start a really hip smacking fuck.  Derrick is bent over, whispering obscenities into the Cub’s ear.  Jacob has moved to his nipples.  The Cocksucker has emerged from under the sling and stands to the side, his eyes never leaving the sight of my dick disappearing into the Cub.

I pause.  My cock is totally buried in this boy who an hour ago was afraid of it.  I bend down so my chest presses into his.  “You’ve just had every bottom’s dream,” I whisper.  “Three raw cocks back to back.”  The Cub groans.  Derrick laughs.  “Now take my dick.”  I straighten back up and fuck into him at full force.

“Fuck!”  he grunts out.  His hand finds his rampant cock.  He strokes it.  I touch his tightening balls.
And he shoots.

All over himself.

I lean forward.  My tongue swipes through a huge puddle of jizz.  It’s creamy and thick.

The Cub is shaking from the force of his cumming.  We all hold on to him as he comes down from his explosion…

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Birthday Bash -- Fuck Bench

(Continued from the previous post)

 “Wait a minute,” says Derrick.  “Let’s take the fucking down to the playroom.”

The five of us troop downstairs.

“This will be a treat for the Cub,” Jacob tells me on the steps.  “He’s never seen the playroom.”


“Oh, he’s been in it a lot—but we’ve always kept him blindfolded.”

And indeed, the Cub’s face is pretty priceless as he walks into this dark room where every surface is full of sex toys and lubes.  Leather gear and bondage equipment hang from the rafters and from on hooks on the wall.  Porn plays in the corner.  There is a big leather couch, the sling hangs from the rafters and my fuck bench is right inside the door in front of the couch.

“Wow…” he says, thinking it’s under his breath.

“Birthday boy brought the bench,” Jacob tells him.  “It’s great.  Get up on it.”

The Cub is very good at following directions.  He gets comfortable on the bench.  Jacob feeds him his dick and nods for me to go for the Cub’s ass.  I kneel and start to rim.  This boy is tight.  I concentrate on getting his hole extremely wet.  Derrick settles on the couch with the Cocksucker between his legs.  He watches me open up the Cub.

I rim.

I spit.

I tongue fuck.

The Cub is responding.  He is pushing back on my face.  Jacob reaches across the Cub’s back and spreads his full ass cheeks for me.  This allows me to drill deeper.  It’s the perfect birthday present.
I stand up.  I beat my engorged dick on the Cub’s butt.  I have no clue if I can fuck him raw or if I need a condom.  I am about to ask, as I slap my dick once more, right on his wet pucker. 

The Cub pulls off Jacob’s cock.  “Can someone smaller open me up?  Please?”

Derrick gets up.  “Come here, boy.  Jacob, get on the bench.”

The Cub gratefully goes over to the couch, where he instantly goes down on Derrick’s dick.  Jacob is more than willing to give me his ass.  I go back to my knees and start eating the familiar butt in front of me.  The Cocksucker comes over and it’s his turn to pull butt cheeks apart.  I tongue fuck Jacob’s hairy ass.  Deep.  I slather his hole with saliva until I can’t stand it anymore.  I have to fuck him.

I stand up.  I insert.  Slowly.  Jacob is panting, willing his hole to open.  It does.  The Cocksucker comes around so he’s behind me.  He presses up against me.  I can feel his rock hard cock against my naked ass.  He twists my nipples. I bottom out in Jacob.  I hold, pressed into him and with the Cocksucker pressed against me.  I start the backward motion of the fuck.  The Cocksucker steps away.  And then he’s squirming under the bench from the side.  He cranes up so he can lick my balls as I fuck.  Damn, that’s nice.  He licks my balls, my taint and then moves to Jacob’s dripping cock which is hanging off the bench.

I slap Jacob’s ass with an open palm.  The sound fills the room.  And I begin to really fuck.  Slow and steady.  All the way out but for the head of my drooling cock.  All the way in.  I glance behind me for a second on a back stroke.  There is moaning coming from the couch.  The Cub is riding Derrick’s dick.  I grin.  I feel so incredibly lucky.  It makes me fuck Jacob even harder.

“Damn,” says the Cocksucker, still under us.  “Split him in two with that dick.”

I am really pounding into Jacob now.  There is a wonderful moment when all the grunts and moans in the room form a little fugue of desire.  I slow down.  Still under the bench, the Cocksucker comes back to my balls.  I really slow my stroke to savor the attention.

The Cocksucker crawls out.  He leaves us as I pick up the pace on Jacob’s ass again.

The Cub is now in the sling and the Cocksucker is bent over him working on a nipple as Derrick sits on the ottoman and rims him.

I slow the fuck.  I stop.  I help Jacob off the bench, hug him and we go to the sling, too.  I move around to the far side so I can chew on the other nipple.  Jacob bends to kiss the Cub. 

The lucky fucker has all four mouths on him at once…

(More to come…)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Birthday Bash -- Oral

Southwest Michigan---December, 2016

(I’m doing something a little different this time.  There are many sections and different moods to this encounter.  I am going to break it into a number of smaller pieces…but publish daily.)

We were all lounging, post cumshots, in their playroom.  (The play is detailed here.) Derrick and I were on the couch, his arm draped on my shoulder once again.  Jacob was on the rug, nestled between Derrick’s legs, his head resting on Derrick’s thick thigh and his right hand idly playing with the calf of my left leg.

“You know,” Derrick said, giving the base of my neck a squeeze, “we should do something for your birthday.  When is it exactly?”

I named a date about two weeks away.

“Maybe we could celebrate with some group play.”


And not much more was said.  I even wondered if it would happen.  But, then, the Sunday afternoon nearest my birthday, I was parking in their driveway and carting in my fuck bench to augment the playroom…

Jacob lets me in.  “One of them is already here.  He’s a cute cub we play with.  He’s been sucking our dicks for the last hour.”

I go into the study and say hello.  The young man is indeed a cute cub—blond and pale and hairy.  He’s in leather and barely looks up from sucking Derrick’s dick.  Jacob helps me cart the stuff downstairs.  We set it up and I send him back up to play while I change into my leathers.

When I get there, I am introduced to the other new arrival.  He’s naked but for socks and a cockring.  My guess is that he’s about my age and in pretty good shape.  He is boyishly enthusiastic about all things oral—having come out only fairly recently.  This new arrival, who I’ll simply call the Cocksucker says hello and instantly leaves the man he is working on and starts sucking my dick to hardness.

“Wow, they said you were big,” he blurts out as he pulls off me the first time.  “Fuck, man, now that’s a cock.”

“Keep sucking.”  I tell him.

I look at the couch.  Jacob is fingering around the Cub’s hole while the Cub sucks Derrick. 

Soon we all shift around.  I go to my knees to take turns sucking both Derrick and the Cocksucker.   Jacob is pumping into the Cub’s mouth.

We rotate again.  It becomes about ass eating.  Every ass is fair game for a hard tongue.  Derrick licks me while the Cocksucker sucks Derrick—and then me.  The Cub eats out Jacob. 

Soon, I rim the Cub and Jacob, side by side, as they kneel on the couch.  Back and forth.  Hairy ass and hairier ass.  Derrick and the Cocksucker give each a cock to suck as I tongue fuck the two holes I know I will soon be fucking. 

But not yet. 

We rotate again.  Derrick is sitting on my face.  Someone sucks my cock.  I think someone is in Derrick’s mouth as he rides my tongue.  I am being smothered by his ass.  And I don’t care.

Derrick gets up and helps me up.  I drink some water, but soon I’m back on my knees and sucking the Cub’s dick.  He likes it—for a moment—then gets embarrassed and pulls away.

I watch the Cocksucker get up to stand on the couch.  He feeds the Cub his dick.  Jacob’s lubes up and starts into the Cub’s hole.

“Wait a minute,” says Derrick.  “Let’s take the fucking down to the playroom.”

And off all five of us go…