Saturday, February 4, 2017

Birthday Bash -- Rimseat

(Continued from the last few posts…)

The Cub is shaking from the force of his cumming.  We all hold on to him as he comes down from his explosion…

I help him out of the sling.  He goes and sits on the couch, his knees still weak.  I ask Derrick if he wants to give me a birthday rimming.  I am pretty sure of the answer—he seems to love to rim as much as I do.  We haul out the rim seat and set it up in front of the couch.  Jacob takes the Cocksucker into the back corner.  The Cocksucker wants to be fucked.  I can hear Jacob giving it to him behind me, as I sit on the rimseat and let Derrick tongue my hole.  The Cub watches us—until he gets another erection.  He moves off to the action behind me.

Derrick is making guttural sounds beneath me—letting me know how turned on he is.  I check out.  I stop paying attention to the others in the room.  I let my mind wander, enjoying the sensations in and around my hole.  I even stop stroking my dick and just float, for lack of a better term.

I have to admit the next bit is not clear in my mind, now.  I think Derrick shot as he ate me out.  I think the Cub fucked and loaded Jacob out of my view.  I am almost sure Jacob fed me the load out of his ass as he jerked off.  The Cub got the Cocksucker off—and shot himself for a third time.  But I am really not clear about it all…

We went to dinner—all together.  I know that.  I am also pretty sure I never got off, and I didn’t care.  The five of us had a great dinner.  The Cub has to get home, and the Cocksucker decides he might as well go, too.  I am staying the night. 

We settle down and half watch a documentary.  Jacob is doing yoga as he watches.  He strips my sock off and begins pressing pressure points on the sole of my foot.  I have had this done before, but not for ages.  It is great.  When he's done, I do Jacob’s feet.  He loves his toes spread.  I am happy to do that—especially when it results in a neck and back massage in return. 

Good sex, good food, good friends.  I am the most relaxed I have been in several years.  I go off to bed in the guest room a very happy man.


It’s morning.  Early.  Just a hint of light outside.  Derrick comes into my room.  He kisses me good morning.  He has to go to work.  “You should go upstairs and climb into bed with Jacob.  He’d love that.”

I tell him that I’d love that, too.

“Feel free to ravage him this morning.  I want to hear all about it.”

Derrick goes off to work.  I surprise a half asleep Jacob by sliding into his bed and wrapping my arm around him.  We spoon happily and drift off to sleep.

We are eating breakfast.  I take another bite of egg.

Jacob takes a sip of miso soup.  “Do you want to mess around this morning?”

“I do.  After all, Derrick told me to ravage you…”

“Good.  I’ll clean up as soon as we’re done here.”

I chew thoughtfully.  While I’ve played with Derrick without Jacob, it’s never been the other way around.  My cock stirs under my bathrobe.  By the next bite, I’m rock hard…

(One last one to cum...)

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