Monday, March 6, 2017

Derrick and Jacob Visit the Playroom

My Playroom—January, 2017

Jacob sent me a text—he’d had been in Ohio over the New Year.  He was coming home today, he told me.  He had two routes possible, one of them all but passing my front door.  Wouldn’t this be a good time for him to see the playroom?  Maybe he could time it so Derrick could meet him there…

Of course I said yes.  Two more messages and we were set for the three of us to meet late in the afternoon.  I started to mull some cranberry juice and to fold the playroom towels which were still in the dryer...

I am in the middle of a group hug.  Arms are everywhere:  on shoulders, bare asses, around necks.  I am kissing Derrick then Jacob,  Back and forth.  Mouths are soon everywhere:  on nipples, beards, mouths again, necks and finally, dicks.  We are all in leather and we grind it against each other.    

“I recognize this bench,” says Jacob.  (He should.  He was tied to it when I took it to their playroom.)  He gets up on it.  I kneel and begin feasting on his hairy ass crack.  Derrick moves around to feed Jacob his cock at the head of the bench.  I slurp noisily.  The sound fills the room, over the sound of the space heater droning away.  I spit in his hole.  It hangs from the hair surrounding it.  I push it inside him with my tongue. 

Spit.  Push.

Spit.  This time I stand up and push the load of spit home with my damp cock head.  I know to stop a third of the way in.  Jacob has stopped sucking for the moment and is panting.  I know to move deeper when he goes back to sucking his partner’s dick.  I bottom out.  I deliberately grind my overgrown pubes into him.  He whimpers around the dick in his mouth.

I begin to fuck.  Slow and steady. Deliberate.   Almost all the way out and all the way in.  Derrick looks down at my dick entering the fuzzy ass of his partner and nods approval.  Jacob is squeezing my dick like crazy.  I begin a slow build.  Soon my hips are slapping against his upturned butt. 

I slow.

I pull out.  

Derrick and I reverse.  Derrick opens his mouth to say something, but I don’t let him.  I just stick my dick into him.   Derrick samples Jacob’s wet ass with his tongue—and soon his dick.  Jacob is again having both holes plugged.  I pull out and let him just concentrate on the fuck.  I stroke my super slick dick.

“Take over.”  Derrick pulls out.  His cock is shiny with all of our juices.

I clean his dick. 

And go back into Jacob’s even wetter hole.


We take a break; water and more mulled cranberry juice.

“Come here,” I tell Jacob, making him get off the bed where he’s been curled up, with his head in Derrick’s lap.

I unclip the sling so it hangs straight down to the floor, by just the top two chains.  I take a wrist restraint and fasten it tightly around his left wrist.  “And the other.”  He offers the right.  I pull the strap around and fasten the buckle so it hugs his wrist. 

He’s sure I am fastening him in the sling, but I’m not.  “Here.”  I clip his arm to the top of the sling frame, right at the middle, where the support bars meet in an X.  I clip the left.  Derrick sits up on the bed.  He strokes his dick, not quite sure where I’m headed.  “Now step towards me.  Give me a nice wide stance.”  He follows directions and moves back a step, his legs splayed.  He is bent over, hanging by his wrists, his ass arched out and open for all.

“Look at that,” I say turning to Derrick.

“Fuck, yeah…” Derrick mumbles, continuing to stroke himself.  “Use him.”

I fall to my knees and stick my face into his thoroughly fucked ass.  It makes my dick so hard.  I stroke and eat.   Eat and stroke.  Spreading my precum all over my rigid cock.  I stand up and enter him, rather roughly.

“Oh, shit…”

“Take it,” I bark out.

There is something about fucking in this position that makes me use a boy like a piece of meat.  I hold onto his hips and slam into him.

“Fuck him,” growls Derrick.  “Use that boy.”

This makes me fuck Jacob even harder.

I finally slow down and pull out.  Derrick is on his feet and ready.  He pushes into Jacob’s puffy hole.  He’s so tall it’s not as good an angle for him.  He keeps at it for bit, then motions me to go back up Jacob’s ass. 

I do.

I fuck—a little more gently this time.   I fuck for another few minutes.  I can tell Jacob’s arms could use a rest.  I stop.  I unfasten his arms.  He stretches.

“Like that?”  I ask.

“That was hot!”

“I’m not done yet.  Here.”  I have turned him around and clip his arm up at the corner post of the sling frame.  The other arm goes on the other corner.  Jacob is on a make shift cross.  I get the blindfold over his eyes.  For the next 15 minutes or so, Jacob has four hands all over him.  We work nips with fingers, teeth and clamps.  We suck his cock.  We finger his ass.  I grab the paddle.  The first blow on his ass surprises him.  But it makes his dick harder.  Derrick plays with Jacob’s erection.

I bring the paddle down again with a smack.


And again.

I dive in between the heated ass cheeks with my tongue, soothing them.  I pass the paddle to Derrick.  He plays with it, lightly using it on Jacob’s hard cock and on his ball sack.  We continue until we are ready to fuck again.


I’ve put the sling in place.   We let Jacob rest for a moment and I fuck Derrick.  Our eyes meet and we know what the other is thinking.  Derrick gets out and we put Jacob onto the stiff leather of the sling.  I blindfold him again.

We take turns on Jacob’s well fucked hole until he loses his load all over himself…


  1. Your mastery with all the tools of your playroom is awe inspiring

    1. As the song goes...."You got to use what you got, to get what you want..."