Sunday, April 30, 2017

CLAW: Master and Slave

Cleveland—April, 2017

Friday Evening.

I went to lunch after Dustin left, and then the Vendor’s Mart.  I considered a couple of different things, but in the end came home empty handed.  As I was typing up the notes on playing with Dustin I got a text from a Master I’d met several years ago at IML.  That story is here.  I had chatted online with the Master every few months since that time.  We’d tried a meet at another IML, but everybody got too busy.  This year we hoped to make it happen—and here was his text asking if we might do it. 
The slave was back from the gym and was stepping into the shower—he could be ready for us in no time.  We chatted for another moment and found out they were just several doors down from us at our hotel.  They’d see me in 30 minutes.  I would be fucking both of them.  I set the room back up, 
getting a towel on the bed.  I had boots and harness on as they knocked at the door.  I answered…

“Let us help you with that.”

Both men are on the floor, helping me zip up the chaps.  It’s actually harder for them to do it then if I did it myself, but it’s damned hot to be served.  “Get naked,” I tell them, zipping the final zipper. 
The slave has only gotten bigger with 4 more years at the gym.  He’s now in his late 40’s.  I wrote before about this incredibly buff man:  He could pick me up and toss me on the bed if he wanted.  His shoulders are huge, his chest tapers to a trim waist and a hot butt.  He is covered in the most intricate tattoo pattern, one that forms a complete picture—done with foresight and artistic skill….He has pierced his ball sack with at least six silver rings that bounce and clank together….

I am guessing the Master is my age, maybe older.  His white hair is extremely trim and the mustache full.  The gym is keeping age at bay.  He’s shorter than I, but carries himself with great authority.  The slave asks for direction a number of times as they strip.

Then they are all over me.  They are both on their knees, taking turns sucking my dick.  I pass it back and forth.  Soon it’s just the Master on me, as the slave, redirected, is sucking his Master’s cock.

“I want to eat some ass.”

The slave is told to get on the bed.  He pushes the muscled butt towards me.  I take a long time rimming it—especially as the Master has just enough room to be sucking my dick while I do it.
I stand up and fuck.  The slave takes me with a lot of vocals.  I find it hot.  I offer the hole to the Master, but he is in his non-top head space.  I continue fucking.  

I pull out and fuck the Master.  He’s standing, holding on to his boy, as I plow him.

“We have a sling, let’s use it.”

The slave is into and deftly finds the stirrups with no assistance.  I find it so hot, that I know both these men each have a stable of slaves and boys of their own, but with me they are here to serve.  I enter the slave and work his pierced nipples.

“You can use those like handle bars,” he tells me.  “Pull hard.”

I pull on them.  He howls and his PA’ed cock erects.  It’s huge.  I don’t remember it being this big.  I lean down, and still fucking, can lick a pearl of precum out of the slit.  The Master stands to the side and watches and plays with himself.

“Move around and hold on to him.”  I get them chest to chest with the Master’s feet on the floor.  I fuck him hard.  “Hold on to him tight,” I instruct the slave.  He does, cradling the man he loves.

I pull out.  He has rushed his clean out.  I wash and go back up the slave.  I ask the Master if he wants to go freshen up, since they are so close, but he tells me to just fuck the hole in front of me.  I do.  With pleasure.

“Master, may I jerk off?”

He’s given permission.  I swear the cock gets still bigger.  And he shoots.  Howling out his cumming.  Over and over.  I slow, pull out and bend to lick it up.

“I’d really like to taste what I did to his hole, with him on the rimseat.”

I’m given permission.  It’s incredible to watch this muscle god lower himself onto my face. 

“I am a great self-luber,” he says as he opens his fuck hole to my tongue.

It gushes out.  Truly as is I’d shot a load. 

Though I’m painfully aware that I didn’t.

Suddenly he‘s up, and they are dressed and gone…and I’m stuck with what to do tonight.

But not for long…

Saturday, April 29, 2017

CLAW: Putting Him Through His Paces

Cleveland—April, 2017

Friday Afternoon.   I thought that after my post yesterday, my first line of this one would be “Sometimes things do go as planned”.  But I thought about it a little more and well, my first meeting of the day really didn’t go as planned.  Dustin, a tall sub, was to come at 2:00 pm.  A text came around noon about how excited he was to finally meet…and could we move that meet to 1:00 pm?  I agreed.

We had spoken on Recon for a couple of years, but our CLAW schedules had never aligned.  He was wanting me to put him through his paces and stretch his hole a little.  I was more than ready.

Dustin is at my door slightly before 1pm.  He’s tall, fair, and rather hairy.  He strips down to a red jock.  I am in my chaps and harness.  I motion to the towel covering a corner of the bed.  “On all fours.”  It’s inspection time.  He’s there in a heartbeat, his ass cheeks spreading naturally.  I dive in.  He sighs.  I lick the hairy crack and concentrate on his tight pucker.  Maybe he takes a hit of his poppers.  His hole lets me in.  I am slobbering all over it.

I stand.  I poke my wet head into him.  Teasing his hole.  Letting him feel my girth.  I go back to eating him out, enjoying the taste of my precum on him.  I stand up again and this time I give him half my cock.  He adjusts, sighs, and I slide home.  We fuck a short “get acquainted” fuck.

I go for the wrist restraints hanging on the sling chains.  I do his right wrist.  His left. 

“Now get on your knees and suck my cock.”  He’s on the floor, hands behind his back.  I clip the restraints together.  He takes me into his mouth.  He’s great.  I let him suck at his tempo.  Then I hold his head and fuck his face.

 I tell him to stand under the sling frame.  I clip his wrists to the middle of the X of the top support.  (The sling is hanging from only the two back chains.)   I tell him to step back.  His height gives his back the arch I want to see as his ass juts out.  He is hanging there.  Defenseless.  And I am going to use him.

I wet his hole with my mouth a little more.  I stand up, grab his hips and my cock enters him full on.  He grunts.  No poppers now.  He has to take all I have to give.  I fuck him hard.  Until I’m panting.  And I can tell I need to let his arms rest.

I get him into the sling, give him some water.  And then give him an easy, slow fuck.  Just to keep his hole open.

The blindfold is put on.  I lube up the eggheaded dildo and slip it into his ass as I slip out.  I grab the forceps.  Left nip—chew and clamp.  Right nip—tongue and clamp. Just one clip each. He grunts and takes it.  Dildo out.  Cock in.  I fuck him hard.  With my cock still in place I lean over and tighten the forceps.  I pull out of his ass and make him taste the incredible amount of lube he is producing. 
Back to his hole and another high energy fuck.  I take the forceps off.  He groans as the blood races back to his flattened nipples.  I rub them.  And fuck him some more.

Break.  We stretch and have some water.

The rimseat is set up right next to the bed.  “I want you to sit there.  You don’t have to do anything for me.  Popper up and let my tongue get as deep in you as I can.  When you feel ready, go from sitting on my face to sitting on my dick.  And you have to come back up here after you ride my cock.” 

I get under.  He sits.  He follows directions perfectly.  The popper bottle is open.  His hole is dripping with his homemade ass lube.  I lick it out and swallow.  He’s there a long time before he rides my cock.  He rides me hard, setting his own tempo.  An ass punishing ride.

I use his poppers myself as I see him stand up.  He sits gingerly and I get all the newly made lube his ass has manufactured to protect itself flooding into my mouth.  My dick goes rigid as I lap it up.

Back to the sling.  I fuck in the remnants of the ass lube.

I put the blindfold back on him.  I use five or six clothes pins on his balls—letting him pant through the pinch.

I fuck him with those in place.  For the first time he jerks as I fuck.  He stops himself from cumming.
I remove the clothes pins and lick his sack.  Suck the head of his dick for precum and shove it up his ass.

I use the dildo again.  And begin to add my dick along the thin, ribbed column.  I don’t get more than my head in.  I pull out and remove the toy.  He’s pinking. 

I use some paper towel to see how much.  It’s just enough that we agree that we should be adult about it and stop.  It’s not how either of us wanted it to end, this hot, fun session.

But I know we’ll meet again, if not this year than another.

Friday, April 28, 2017

CLAW--Never Plan Ahead

Cleveland—April, 2017

Marco went off to do his volunteer shifts and, after I set up the room, I went to register.  I grabbed a sandwich on the way back to the room and got online to see who of the people who I’d talked to through the week were actually here.  The answer—not one.  It is always the way.  There is so much potential here, guys are easily side tracked—even with the best intentions of honoring a hook up.  And it’s why I’d insisted on making no concrete plans.

So I talked to brand new people.  Marco was to work until 11:00pm so I had the room to myself.  There were numerous choices, of course.  I discarded anyone not within walking distance—I wasn’t getting the car out of its valet parking, after an over three hour drive in.

The man who seemed the best choice was at the host hotel around the corner.  He had great ass shots and said he wanted to do more than just get loaded.    First he was coming here, but then he said he really wanted to get fucked doggy.  So I countered that we might as well use his room if he didn’t want my sling.  He agreed—he kind of wanted that “walk-in/ass up” scenario to begin with. 

Marco walked in as my targeted ass and I were chatting.  His volunteer shift ended early.  I learned my man was a fisting top—we could all do something together.  We talked a little more.  I would go do a preliminary fuck with the new guy and bring him back to the room for fisting—and Marco would ask a man he’d been chatting up over for a little group fist action.

So off I went the few short blocks to the host hotel. 

I go up the packed elevator.  I get off on the 11th floor.  I text the man that I’m here.  He answers with “Ready.”  I find his room easily.  The door is not ajar.  Locked.  I text again.  He curses the duct tape he used.  I walk away so he won’t see me as he fixes it. 

I approach the room again.  I push open the door.  Loud music is playing and it’s very bright.  But the ass on the far bed is worth the trip.  It’s perfectly framed by a leather jock and chaps.  I look down at the blindfolded man.  He has an intricate tattoo that covers half his back.  I kneel and without a word stick my tongue deep into his slightly open hole.

He gasps and grinds back on my face.  His hands reach back and spread his cheeks.  I go deeper.  I use my chin.  I lick and spit and drill for a good five minutes before I undo my jeans.  My cock is slow to rise—I worry my blood supply is busy digesting that sandwich and not doing what I want it to do.

The man under me groans and pushes back.  His hole is leaking.  He’s a self luber and it is dripping out of his ass.  I lap it up and my cock gets fully hard.  I insert and fuck a little.  Not very deep and not very hard.

We break and I strip down to jock and boots.  I go back to rimming.  He can’t stop telling me how no one has ever eaten him out like this.  I fuck him again.  I glance over my shoulder and catch my naked backside pumping into him.  Maybe my ass is cuter than I think it is…

We  go back to rimming.  The blindfold comes off.  He really has no interest in any other position.  But he has told me he wants to rim me, too.  So we try that—for some variety.  I’m on all fours—his position of choice, it seems.  The first 30 seconds feels great as he licks my crack.  Then he burrows into me.  Painfully.  I can take a good tongue assault—but not like this.  I beg off—citing my knees hurting.

We fuck a little more.  Does this man not suck cock?  No ATM?

I am rimming as his roommate arrives, collects things and leaves.

I do get him in one other position.  I lie on the bed and, keeping his feet on the floor, he sits on my face.  He claims to like this—and has never done it this way— but it lasts for only a minute.  We are back to him ass up and me fucking.

And I’m now, frankly, slightly bored.  I mention joining Marco.  Now he’s not sure he’ll go.
He asks for my load.  I decide to let him have it, if I’m fisting for the rest of the evening.

I cum.  But it certainly doesn’t make the earth move.  I put a Sharpie hash mark on his ass as requested.

I text Marco I’m coming home alone.

I needn’t have bothered—no one is there. 

His plans had all changed, too.

Thursday, April 27, 2017


I will arriving in Cleveland for CLAW just about the time I have set this to automatically post.  

Once again, I will post daily from this weekend: a celebration of  men, leather and kink.

Marco, the muscle hole, and I checked in.  We set up the sling before he went off to volunteer.  It fit right into an alcove in our hotel room, like it was made for it.  I’m taking this as I a sign for good sex to come.

I’m off to register.

And see what trouble I can get into…..

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hour by Hour -- Return to the Playroom

Western Michigan—March, 2017

Hour Seventeen

I grunt in amazement as cum keeps dripping into my mouth.

I poke some of it back into Derrick, only to let it run out again.  And again.

I don’t ever want to get up.

But I do.  For I really need to fuck…

I pat Derrick’s thighs letting him know to stand up from the rimseat.  “In the sling, please.”

The Boy curls up for moment on the couch.

I get Derrick into the sling and spend even more time tonguing his ass.  Jacob picks up the phone and snaps a picture.

He watches us for a long time before he gets his second wind and comes over to work Derrick’s nipples.  I will myself to stop rimming and begin to fuck him.  Derrick jerks his dick like crazy.  I am slamming into his hole.  I froth what little cum remains in his ass.  The sound of my hips on his butt is the only sound in the room.

I stop.  I want to lick up the jizz I’ve pulled out of him.  I bury my face into him.  I grunt and gurgle my pleasure.  I stoke my super-sized dick.  Felching makes me bigger and harder than anything else. I am dripping precum.  I reach down, smear it on my fingers and wipe it on his puffy ass lips.  I dive in again.  I eat my fill

And begin to fuck him again.  Harder.

Jacob smothers Derrick’s mouth with his fragrant pit.

That does it.  Derrick shoots and shoots.  I stay still, buried in him, until Derrick’s breathing returns to normal.  He swings out of the sling.  “Now, how do you want to get off?” he asks.

I vote for some rimming in the sling as I stroke.  I get in.  I suddenly have two mouths on me.  One on my ass and one all over me.  Jacob kisses me, sucks my nipples, let’s me lick his pits.  I keep stroking, sure I’m close.

Derrick tongue is as hard as my cock and he is drilling me relentlessly.  I jerk.  For what seems like forever.  But I’m trying too hard—the orgasm recedes.

“Get on the rimseat.”

We re-position, Derrick beneath, me sitting, my cheeks spread and vulnerable.  Jacob stands astride Derrick’s chest and feeds me his cock which is coming back to life.

I suck and jerk.  My ass is awash with every nerve on edge as Derrick ravishes me.

Jacob moves slightly to the side, so he can kneel to suck my dick.  On the way down he kisses me.  He replaces my hand on my dick.

It’s too much.  I’m sure I’m about to cum.  Finally.  And instead I tear up.  I am sitting there, being totally service, as turned on as I can be, and for the next 20 seconds I’m sobbing.  I can’t speak and I can’t stop.   Jacob comes up and holds me, whispering in my ear.

The moment passes.

And my erection comes back full force.  “I want to shoot in your ass.”

We re-group once more.  Derrick in the sling.  I lick his hole for a moment, but it’s all about my getting off.  I shove it into his abused hole.

And I coat it—glob after glob.

Hour 19 – Hour…

We go out for a big meal.

We shop at a deli.

We have afternoon tea back at their house.

I know I should go home.  I look at my phone.  Really?   I arrived 23 hours ago.  I can’t believe it.  I say as much as I put on my coat.

We kiss.  Individually and in a group.

I sit in my car for a moment and let the whole thing wash over me.

I look at myself in the rear view mirror.

I smile.

I shake my head.

I can’t quite believe my luck.

And I turn on some Bellini for the drive home.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hour by Hour -- In the Bedroom

Western Michigan—March, 2017

Hour Thirteen

I sit up in bed.  I am not sure where I am.  I’ve been deep asleep, but I’m awake now…

I look around barely making out the familiar Asian art.  I know now.  I am tucked into the guest bedroom.  I lie back.  A good dinner out.  Some rather mindless television back in the study.   Being curled up on the couch next to Derrick, with Jacob at our feet, doing his nightly yoga.  We weren’t there for long—we were all tired from a long work week and over three hours of play.

I go back to sleep, dreaming of Jacob massaging my left instep.

Hour Fifteen

I awake.  Really wake up this time.  I can hear clatter upstairs.  I check my email quickly, than go up to investigate, first donning one the guest bathrobes that hang in the closet. I am given coffee.  And a morning hug.  We all sit on the sofa in the study.  My cock is soon poking out of the bathrobe.

There is some mild oral play…and we agree we are all horny.   We all retreat to various showers to freshen up.

Hour Sixteen

We reassemble in the guest room.  We want to show Jacob Derrick’s improved throat fucking skills—which we worked on while he was away.  Derrick plops down on his back, his head over the edge of the bed.   It’s so much better here, than on that narrow bench last night.  I stand over him, astride his face, and fuck into his open mouth. 

“Fuck his face,” I urge Jacob as I step to one side. 

He pumps his engorged dick to the root.  Repeatedly.  He gives way to me.

I fuck his mouth some more.  Easily three quarters of my dick disappearing down his throat.

Jacob is sucking his partner’s dick.  I lean down and share it with him.  We love passing it back and forth to each other. 

Jacob goes back to Derrick’s mouth.  He picks up his tempo this time.  He’s really giving it to him.  Then he goes back to sucking Derrick’s dick, kneeling between his legs.  I take over in Derrick’s mouth.  Jacob rears up.  I think for a moment he might sit on the dick he’s been sucking, but instead, he raises Derrick’s legs and thrust his very wet, very hard dick into Derrick’s ass.

“Oh, yeah!”  Jacob grunts out.

“Fuck him,” I command.  “One in each hole.”

Jacob is building to a climax.  It’s been no time at all—well, for us.  He shoots into Derrick’s ass.  Shot after shot.  I can see his body contract with each dick spasm. 

He stays in place a long time.  I take my dick out of Derrick’s mouth.  I move around, just as he’s pulling out.  “In my mouth.”  I clean his cock, though he can barely stand it.  I lick every drop off his still hard dick.

“Roll over,” I tell Derrick.  He knows just what I want.  He gets on all fours and I lap up the cum leaking from his hole.

“Oh, yeah….” Jacob says again.  Softly this time, drawing the words out.

I lick his hole until there is no cum left outside.  I begin the assault on what was not pulled out by Jacob’s dick—but shot deep.  I get some, but not enough.  My dick is aching.  I fuck him briefly.  Not for the fuck but for the act of my dick pulling out cum.  I am rewarded with a large dollop, oozing down his taint.  I lick it up.  I groan, deep in the back of my throat.

“Let’s do the rimseat.  I need more of this.”

We go into the playroom.  I pull it out from where it’s stored under the sling.  I get down and get under.  Gravity does its work.  Considering he was the only one to shoot last night, Jacob has shot an amazing amount of jizz up his partner.  I lap and swallow.  I grunt in amazement as cum keeps dripping into my mouth.

I poke some of it back into him, only to let it run out again.  And again.

I don’t ever want to get up.

But I do.  For I really need to fuck…

(To be continued…)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Hour by Hour -- In the Playroom

Western Michigan--March, 2017

Hour Two

Derrick looks at the boy—then at me.


I grab my bag—as I’ve brought some toys—and we head downstairs…

I’m the last one down.  By the time I close the door to the playroom, Jacob is already in the sling.  Derrick is fastening his wrists to the sling chains.

I speak up.  “We should blindfold him.”

Derrick points to where the blindfolds are kept, atop a high shelf by the leather sofa.  I get it, and put it on Jacob’s handsome face.  He looks totally helpless as he settles back into the sling.  And totally hot.

Derrick gestures for me to go first.  I kneel and start eating Jacob’s ass.  Jacob moans.  It’s no secret which of us is rimming him.  Derrick works his nipples.  It’s so easy to go deep with his legs splayed out and in the stirrups.  I make his hole incredibly wet.

I stand up.  My cock finds his just-beginning-to-gape pucker.  I push in.  Jacob begins to tremble.  I hold for just a moment.  And then my hips are pounding into him.  The sound of our coupling fills the closed, rather dark room. 

I pull out.

I taste his hole.

And fuck him again.

I give way and let Derrick have a turn.  He sits on the ottoman and begins rimming Jacob hungrily.  I move to the side and bend over Jacob.  I suck and chew each nipple.  I clean his exposed pit.  They have become incredibly fragrant.  I look to Derrick, he’s just stood up and is fucking.  I kiss him deeply, letting him sample Jacob’s pheromones on my tongue.  He groans and fucks Jacob all the harder.

I go the other side of the sling.  I repeat with my tongue:  nipple, pit, nipple, pit, Derrick’s mouth. 
I move around and replace Derrick between Jacob’s legs. 

It’s my turn to taste the now thoroughly fucked hole.  I lap up all the ass juice Jacob has been producing.  My dick drips as I go into him again.

I fuck him.  Trying to keep it slow this time.  But I can’t.  I just want to pound that beautiful, upturned butt…

Hour Three

I take a break from the fucking.  I’ve been up him three times, Derrick twice.

Derrick has found a glass dildo from the overflowing baskets of ass toys.  He lubes it up and begins worming it into the still blindfolded Jacob.  It has to feel incredibly cool after all the hot flesh.  It’s a good 6 inches—maybe more—of clear glass of inside him .  Jacob sighs.  He loves the difference in feel—how hard and how cool it is.  Derrick pulls it out.  He turns it around and pushes the thicker handle up his partner’s accommodating ass.

Derrick releases Jacob’s arms but keeps him blacked out.  I go to my bag and grab the toy I brought.  And a condom. 

It’s a vibrating bullet.  I drop into the tip of the condom and roll the latex down my shaft.  I insert.  Jacob thinks I’m just fucking him again, but then I hit the control button.  The tip on my penis begins to vibrate and throb.  Jacob groans and asks what it is.  I don’t answer.  I just turn it up a notch.  My cock loves it, but not as much as Jacob’s ass.  I fuck him slowly vibrating all the way in and all the way out.

I kick it up one more notch.  Jacob grabs his cock and begins beating it.  I slow the power down a notch.  Then off and pull out.

I grease up my hands.

Jacob gasps as he feels my Elbow Greased fingers begin a lateral stretch.  I work my right hand up him.  His ass pops shut on my wrist.  Jacob stops jerking, so as not to shoot.

I pull out and work my left up him.

I am able to begin a slow back and forth with my fists.

With a huge grunt and a massive spurt, Jacob coats himself with jism.  I pull out carefully and bend to lick some up.

We help a panting, spent boy out of the sling.  Jacob sits on the couch as I help Derrick into the stirrups.

Hour Four

I kneel and begin to eat Derrick’s ass.  We’ve been sweating.  I clean his pits as well.

I fuck him as he jerks.  Jacob come over and smothers Derrick with his armpit.  Derrick tongues it—jerking even harder.  Jacob moves around to the other side.

I pause. Derrick looks at me quizzically and I nod—our need for food is greater than our need to get off. 

We clean up and head out to eat…

To be continued…

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hour By Hour -- In the Study

West Michigan—March, 2017

Jacob had been away.  Far away.  But he was home now—and we wanted to celebrate.  I went over late Friday afternoon.  I didn’t come home for…well, a very long time.

Hour One

The guys are horned.  There is some small talk about Jacob’s travels, but not much.  I am ushered into the study where the television has a kaleidoscope of hot men (most bearded or in leather or both) playing on the big screen.  Jacob helps me out of my boots.  My jeans.  My underwear.  The boots go back on.  Jacob laces them up.  I sit and let him serve me.

And then I’m enveloped by men.  Jacob takes me as deep as he can in his throat.  Derrick has his tongue in my mouth.  My cock was semi-hard before—now it is rock hard.  And making Jacob gag.  He pulls off, takes a deep breath and then shows me he has been working on his deep throat technique.  Derrick kisses me a second time, a hand on my shoulder, pulling me closer.  Our tongues push into each other again.  I suck his as though it were a cock.

I push Jacob’s head over onto his partner’s dick.  I break the kiss and suck on Derrick’s nipples.  Then I slide to the floor.  I pull Jacob’s ass up so he is on all fours—while still sucking.  I spread his furry cheeks and find his hole.  He groans around Derrick’s cock and as I hit home.  My tongue goes deeper and deeper. My cock is dripping like crazy.  I rear up and poke it at his wet pucker—more tease than wanting to enter.  Derrick reaches down and pulls his partner’s ass apart.  I give the slightest push and I am in.  Jacob pulls off Derrick’s dick and pants like he’s in labor.  I give him a moment, then push him back down on Derrick’s cock and just let my cock sit in his hot, throbbing hole.

Derrick stands up.  He grabs the narrow bench we’ve used before and places it so it’s perpendicular to the sofa.  “Get up on it so he can fuck you.”

Jacob does as he’s told.  It is slightly precarious to be on all fours on it, as it is so narrow.  I get behind him.  I kneel.  It’s so much easier to get into his ass now.  He squirms and presses his butt back onto my face.  Derrick moves around to feed Jacob his dick.  I stand.  I enter him slowly.  
Deliberately.  I inch into his ass.  Jacob pulls off the cock in his mouth and pants again.  I bottom out.  I don’t move.  I wait until Jacob goes back to sucking before I begin fucking his ass.

I mix up the stroke length.  One minute it’s long and slow.  The next I am hard driving into him—pushing his whole body towards Derrick, making sure he swallows every inch of his prick.

I pull out of Jacob’s ass.  Derrick bends and sucks off the juices. 

We kiss. 

I go back in and fuck.

Pull out.



I fuck some more.

This time, after he cleans my cock, we switch sides.  I have Jacob suck me and Derrick fucks him.  I bend to taste Jacob’s ass on Derrick’s dick on his first pull out.

And again.

We give Jacob’s knees a break.

Derrick lies down on the bench, his head hanging over the edge.  I know just what he wants.  I begin a slow face fuck.  I am almost as deep as when we did this on the bed.  Jacob watches at first, stroking his engorged dick.  Soon, he replaces Derrick’s jerking hand with his mouth. 

The room is alive with the noise of extremely wet cock sucking.  I have increased the speed of my fucking.  I’m giving him at least half my length on every stroke.  Often much more.  It’s making me breathe hard.

We break for Derrick to slightly readjust his big frame on this tiny bench.  His head is now on the flat surface.  I turn around and sit on his face.  His tongue finds my hole.  He snuffles like a pig and digs in.  I let him eat for bit, then turn around so I’m facing Jacob.  I sit again and let Derrick get his fill of my hairy ass.  Jacob comes up for air.  He straddles Derrick and guides that spit covered cock into the hole I’ve opened.  As soon as he has it in place, he leans towards me.  We hug and hold onto each other as, each in our own way, we  ride the man beneath us.

It can’t last.  My legs are screaming from being bent in a plie’ for so long, Jacob is having trouble keeping his balance and Derrick has been smashed into the thin bench.

We break. 

We hug.

We laugh.

Derrick looks at the boy—then at me.


I grab my bag—as I’ve brought some toys—and we head downstairs…

To be continued….

My aim is to write a little of this session up each day before I head to CLAW….

Thursday, April 20, 2017


This is from the post I'm working on...

One of those 'lost in rimming' moments with Derrick...

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dueling Rimmers

My Playroom—February, 2017

My last play date of the month was with an old friend.  Mikey, the Breeder’s older brother, was making the trip out to my house.  We don’t see each other very often, but we both look forward to the times we can make it work.  We found one of those times as February drew to a close.

I open the door.  He looks rested.  Well, more so than I have seen him of late. We hug.  I nuzzle his graying hair—which is cut shorter than I remember.  I like the way he doesn’t want to let go of me.

We go up and he strips off.  I just have to take off my bathrobe and I am naked but for my jock and my boots.  He comes over from stowing his clothes in the bureau and drops to his knees in front of me.  I am hard.  Achingly so.  The jock is pulled aside and I am treated to his well-practiced mouth and tongue.  He knows not to forget my balls.

We trade off.  I love the size of the cock head in my mouth.  I take him to the root.  Repeatedly.  I get up and kiss him again.  Without a word he gets on the fuck bench.  I kneel behind his ass.  My tongue connects.  I always forget how hairless he is everywhere but his stomach and the ass crack I’m currently making sopping wet.  I poke into his pucker.  Mikey grunts and mutters what I take to be “Eat me.”

I must be on his ass for ten minutes.  We are in no hurry today.  Almost reluctantly I rise and poke my cock into the tight hole that is now slack and open.  He grunts again.  It’s a ‘welcome in’ sigh.  I hold.  And begin a fuck.  I tell myself to keep it easy.  But my dick has a mind of his own.  I am soon battering his ass with all my strength.


The moment Mikey gets up from the bench he asks if it was time to rim me.  I get in the sling.  He helps me in and hunkers down in front of my exposed ass.  He licks my balls, my thighs, my perineum, occasionally my shaft, but mostly it’s my hole. 

I never know what to write at this point.  My mind goes elsewhere.  I float.  I stroke myself—and sometimes I stop doing that to just luxuriate in what he is doing down there.  I look up in the mirror.  I see the look of determination on his face to make me feel good.  I know he really wants to fuck me, but he never brings it up.

We aren’t done.  I am ready to fuck as I get out of the sling, but “I want to taste you deeper.  Get on the rimseat.”  He gets under and he does just what he said he’d do—go deeper.  Even that is not enough for him, he puts me on all fours on the bed and eats me out until I have to make him stop.


I am still on the bed.  But lying flat on my back now.  Mikey is riding my dick.  I know he loves the sling, but he wants to feel my whole body under him.  And I am more than fine with that.  I also know I won’t likely be able to shoot this way—I need to be in more control of the thrust.  And he’s asking for my load now.  He wants part of me to take home with him.

We go to the sling.  I go back to eating his hole the moment his legs are in the stirrups.  Again, I have no way of knowing how long I go at him with my tongue.  But it’s such a different hole now—battered and puffy.  I stand and let my cock head push against those swollen lips.

I fuck.

Then it’s back to my knees and to taste my handiwork.

My tongue goes in extra deep—and my orgasm is there.

I stand.  I make it into his hole just in time to explode.


He has often sent me a text after he’s left, telling me how women and dogs on the street know he has been well fucked— how they can tell my smell, my seed, my essence is inside of him.  Both women and dogs look at him quizzically, reacting to all those pheromones. 

This time the text was more of a story…

“So I made it to just outside Ann Arbor and had to stop.  There was a guy there when I entered the men’s room showing off a beautiful cock, but he freaked out and left.   While pissing, a 6'5" ginger with a flat top, combat boots and army fatigues came in with a very large cock like yours, and I took his load in my throat, Daddy.  While I was washing my hands, looking in the mirror, this big fucker proudly stepped back to display his wares so I thought it best to do my part for our country.”