Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dueling Rimmers

My Playroom—February, 2017

My last play date of the month was with an old friend.  Mikey, the Breeder’s older brother, was making the trip out to my house.  We don’t see each other very often, but we both look forward to the times we can make it work.  We found one of those times as February drew to a close.

I open the door.  He looks rested.  Well, more so than I have seen him of late. We hug.  I nuzzle his graying hair—which is cut shorter than I remember.  I like the way he doesn’t want to let go of me.

We go up and he strips off.  I just have to take off my bathrobe and I am naked but for my jock and my boots.  He comes over from stowing his clothes in the bureau and drops to his knees in front of me.  I am hard.  Achingly so.  The jock is pulled aside and I am treated to his well-practiced mouth and tongue.  He knows not to forget my balls.

We trade off.  I love the size of the cock head in my mouth.  I take him to the root.  Repeatedly.  I get up and kiss him again.  Without a word he gets on the fuck bench.  I kneel behind his ass.  My tongue connects.  I always forget how hairless he is everywhere but his stomach and the ass crack I’m currently making sopping wet.  I poke into his pucker.  Mikey grunts and mutters what I take to be “Eat me.”

I must be on his ass for ten minutes.  We are in no hurry today.  Almost reluctantly I rise and poke my cock into the tight hole that is now slack and open.  He grunts again.  It’s a ‘welcome in’ sigh.  I hold.  And begin a fuck.  I tell myself to keep it easy.  But my dick has a mind of his own.  I am soon battering his ass with all my strength.


The moment Mikey gets up from the bench he asks if it was time to rim me.  I get in the sling.  He helps me in and hunkers down in front of my exposed ass.  He licks my balls, my thighs, my perineum, occasionally my shaft, but mostly it’s my hole. 

I never know what to write at this point.  My mind goes elsewhere.  I float.  I stroke myself—and sometimes I stop doing that to just luxuriate in what he is doing down there.  I look up in the mirror.  I see the look of determination on his face to make me feel good.  I know he really wants to fuck me, but he never brings it up.

We aren’t done.  I am ready to fuck as I get out of the sling, but “I want to taste you deeper.  Get on the rimseat.”  He gets under and he does just what he said he’d do—go deeper.  Even that is not enough for him, he puts me on all fours on the bed and eats me out until I have to make him stop.


I am still on the bed.  But lying flat on my back now.  Mikey is riding my dick.  I know he loves the sling, but he wants to feel my whole body under him.  And I am more than fine with that.  I also know I won’t likely be able to shoot this way—I need to be in more control of the thrust.  And he’s asking for my load now.  He wants part of me to take home with him.

We go to the sling.  I go back to eating his hole the moment his legs are in the stirrups.  Again, I have no way of knowing how long I go at him with my tongue.  But it’s such a different hole now—battered and puffy.  I stand and let my cock head push against those swollen lips.

I fuck.

Then it’s back to my knees and to taste my handiwork.

My tongue goes in extra deep—and my orgasm is there.

I stand.  I make it into his hole just in time to explode.


He has often sent me a text after he’s left, telling me how women and dogs on the street know he has been well fucked— how they can tell my smell, my seed, my essence is inside of him.  Both women and dogs look at him quizzically, reacting to all those pheromones. 

This time the text was more of a story…

“So I made it to just outside Ann Arbor and had to stop.  There was a guy there when I entered the men’s room showing off a beautiful cock, but he freaked out and left.   While pissing, a 6'5" ginger with a flat top, combat boots and army fatigues came in with a very large cock like yours, and I took his load in my throat, Daddy.  While I was washing my hands, looking in the mirror, this big fucker proudly stepped back to display his wares so I thought it best to do my part for our country.”


  1. Oh lord, "Dueling Rimmers." I'd like to think you wrote this just for me. Two men lost in each others asses. Pleasuring and being pleased and lost in the process...time having no meaning. It just doesn't get any better then this.
    Thank you.

    1. I did think of your comment you'd just made on a long ago post as I typed.

      I don't know how else to describe it, when I rim, other than losing track of time. I'm very focused when I suck cock--even more so when I fuck. But having an ass in my face makes me let go of all that and I truly get lost....

  2. Since Rob hasn't posted in months, and has posted nothing about Mikey in a very long time, it's good to know he's still alive and well and doing what he does best. A very hot story. Thank you!

    Paul, PS

    1. Thanks. I hadn't seen Mikey for quite awhile. I was good to re-connect. I'm glad you liked it.