Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hour by Hour -- In the Bedroom

Western Michigan—March, 2017

Hour Thirteen

I sit up in bed.  I am not sure where I am.  I’ve been deep asleep, but I’m awake now…

I look around barely making out the familiar Asian art.  I know now.  I am tucked into the guest bedroom.  I lie back.  A good dinner out.  Some rather mindless television back in the study.   Being curled up on the couch next to Derrick, with Jacob at our feet, doing his nightly yoga.  We weren’t there for long—we were all tired from a long work week and over three hours of play.

I go back to sleep, dreaming of Jacob massaging my left instep.

Hour Fifteen

I awake.  Really wake up this time.  I can hear clatter upstairs.  I check my email quickly, than go up to investigate, first donning one the guest bathrobes that hang in the closet. I am given coffee.  And a morning hug.  We all sit on the sofa in the study.  My cock is soon poking out of the bathrobe.

There is some mild oral play…and we agree we are all horny.   We all retreat to various showers to freshen up.

Hour Sixteen

We reassemble in the guest room.  We want to show Jacob Derrick’s improved throat fucking skills—which we worked on while he was away.  Derrick plops down on his back, his head over the edge of the bed.   It’s so much better here, than on that narrow bench last night.  I stand over him, astride his face, and fuck into his open mouth. 

“Fuck his face,” I urge Jacob as I step to one side. 

He pumps his engorged dick to the root.  Repeatedly.  He gives way to me.

I fuck his mouth some more.  Easily three quarters of my dick disappearing down his throat.

Jacob is sucking his partner’s dick.  I lean down and share it with him.  We love passing it back and forth to each other. 

Jacob goes back to Derrick’s mouth.  He picks up his tempo this time.  He’s really giving it to him.  Then he goes back to sucking Derrick’s dick, kneeling between his legs.  I take over in Derrick’s mouth.  Jacob rears up.  I think for a moment he might sit on the dick he’s been sucking, but instead, he raises Derrick’s legs and thrust his very wet, very hard dick into Derrick’s ass.

“Oh, yeah!”  Jacob grunts out.

“Fuck him,” I command.  “One in each hole.”

Jacob is building to a climax.  It’s been no time at all—well, for us.  He shoots into Derrick’s ass.  Shot after shot.  I can see his body contract with each dick spasm. 

He stays in place a long time.  I take my dick out of Derrick’s mouth.  I move around, just as he’s pulling out.  “In my mouth.”  I clean his cock, though he can barely stand it.  I lick every drop off his still hard dick.

“Roll over,” I tell Derrick.  He knows just what I want.  He gets on all fours and I lap up the cum leaking from his hole.

“Oh, yeah….” Jacob says again.  Softly this time, drawing the words out.

I lick his hole until there is no cum left outside.  I begin the assault on what was not pulled out by Jacob’s dick—but shot deep.  I get some, but not enough.  My dick is aching.  I fuck him briefly.  Not for the fuck but for the act of my dick pulling out cum.  I am rewarded with a large dollop, oozing down his taint.  I lick it up.  I groan, deep in the back of my throat.

“Let’s do the rimseat.  I need more of this.”

We go into the playroom.  I pull it out from where it’s stored under the sling.  I get down and get under.  Gravity does its work.  Considering he was the only one to shoot last night, Jacob has shot an amazing amount of jizz up his partner.  I lap and swallow.  I grunt in amazement as cum keeps dripping into my mouth.

I poke some of it back into him, only to let it run out again.  And again.

I don’t ever want to get up.

But I do.  For I really need to fuck…

(To be continued…)

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