Monday, July 24, 2017

Bookstore Relief

Near Home—May, 2017

(This post picks up immediately after the previous one.)

The parking lot is fairly full.  My cock stirs as I snap the locks shut with my car key.  I go in to pay.  I wait behind a bewildered man talking to the cashier.

“When did it happen?” he asks.

“A couple of days ago,” she replies as she puts price stickers on a batch of fluorescent sex toys.

“Was it the city?”

“Of course.”

“Jeez…what’s the point…?” he mumbles as he goes back towards the arcade.

I buy my ticket for the two theatres and wonder what that was all about.  I learn fast; it’s the talk of the place. The gloryholes have been nailed shut.  A new city ordinance. 

I sigh, as the men who had the conversation leave the room.  I rarely use them—but I know they are the main attraction of the place for many men (and many women who used them to show off for their man.)  Will the place survive?

I make myself at home on the distressed leatherette couch.  My cock is out, jerking to really good straight (all three holes used) porn. An older gentleman moves from a chair to sit next to me.  My cock gets harder as he opens his fly.  He pulls out a fat sausage of a dick.  We stroke, eyes front, with an occasional glance at the meat on display next to us.  The sexual tension mounts.

It takes ten minutes of pretending not to look at each other before his hand tentatively reaches out and touches my thigh.   When I turn and nod, his hand replaces mine on my dick.  He has very soft hands.  He strokes me gently and sensuously.  My left hand goes to his big dick.  It feels leathery to the touch and it’s engorged, but not hard.  He sighs—so I must be doing something right. 

Soon he bends over and takes me in his mouth.  Even at this awkward from the side angle, he’s giving me better head than most men.  When he comes up for air, I return the favor, slipping to the floor in front of him.  He still doesn’t get fully hard, but he tells me my mouth feels great.  Then it’s his turn to get on his knees.  This is even better.   I love his mouth.

Our activity is proving more popular than the movie.  An older Latino comes over.  I take him in my mouth for a moment while I’m getting sucked.  Soon I touch the head of the man deep-throating me and encourage him to try the new dick.  He does. Noisily and with great energy.

A young man I’ve never seen before steps up and gives me a thin seven incher to suck.  At first, he holds my head and face fucks me.  Maybe this gloryhole closure will send them all into the theatre—like this guy.  The Latino suddenly cums noisily in the mouth of the man who started it all.  The cocksucker grabs the hips of the Latino—not letting him pull out of his mouth as we watch the Latino shake with spurt after spurt.  My man gets so turned on that he spurts, too.  It’s a big load.  And creamy.  He lets me clean his dick until he has no need to wipe it before he returns it to his designer briefs.


This clears the room.  Even the older man, who I really want to kiss—each having just taken a load—takes a break.  I go off to the gay theatre.  I find a bear stroking his dick (thick with a pronounced mushroom head).  There is also an older, very distinguished looking Black man.  His dick is hidden, but you can see the outline of it in his pants.  They are both sitting against the back wall.  I walk to the chairs to their right and sit.  I open my pants again, jerk and wait to see who will make the first move.

The door buzzes and opens.  A white man enters with his young Black girlfriend.  I look again.  Is it a real woman or a cross dresser?  In this light I can’t tell. If it is a young man, he’s totally passable—but there is something off.  Maybe the jaw line. Or the wig.  I can’t see an Adam’s apple.  Then I realize I don’t care.  The man has sat down beside me and gruffly told her to get on her knees and suck his dick.  He has opened his jeans and pulled out a very regulation cock.  The three onlookers are all stroking now as we watch her maneuver to the floor in her tight sheath of a dress.  She sucks him as if it’s the best dick she’s ever had in her mouth with lots of loud slurping, panting and lady-like grunts.  I can see strings of spittle, catching the light as they cling to his dick, every time she pulls back to catch her breath.  Finally he tells her to get off her knees.  She stands on the far side of the man—closer to the Distinguished Man who has been open stroking during the blow job.

“Look at this guy’s cock,” her partner tells her.  At first I’m not sure who he means for DM has a nice piece of meat, too.  But it’s me.  She come over and looks at my dick.

“Can I suck it, Daddy?” she asks her partner.

“Can she?” he asks me.

I nod.  She gets down on the sticky tiled floor.

“Wait.  Can I film this?  Gotta see her take such a big one.  No faces but hers.”

I nod, not caring a scrap.

She starts with my balls, licking them thoroughly.  Then slowly, aware of the camera, she inches down the length of my dick.  She takes maybe 2/3’s of it.  Which makes me think she is a real woman and not a man in drag.  She knows to cover her teeth and knows some passable tongue action.  I let her go to work.  She plays to the camera with how it all won’t fit in her mouth.  And how she can’t get her breath as she pulls off it.

“Are you going to cum?  Just shoot in her mouth.”

I tell him I’m not even close.

“Damn.  I’d like to have that on film.  Sure?”

I tell him I’m sure.

“Can we go somewhere and fuck?” asks my cocksucker to her partner.  “I’m horny now.”

I was hoping that would happen right here, but they thank me and leave.


Of course I suck the Bear while DM puts his dick in the Bear’s mouth.  Then I suck DM as the Bear sucks me.  The Bear leaves and I spend a long time on DM’s cock, but he never gets off.  The DM goes down on me very briefly, then thinks better of it.  He sits and watches the rest of the night.  

The Bear comes back with a young, ginger cub.  We suck each other’s cocks.  Very quickly, I get the ginger’s load from his tiny dick.

The Bear has proven to be not good at covering his teeth.  I know I won’t get off that way and there now seems to be no one else around.  I jerk myself to relief as I sink down once more on his thick meat—with that pronounced helmet head.  It works.  I feel the mass of it in my throat—and I spew my load under his chair.


  1. Man, you have staying power! This and the playtime before the arcade! After a couple hours of start and stop play, mine needs a rather lengthy break. It's like, "okay, are you really going to finish this time cause if not I'm not even gonna try" lol.

    And you know, come to think of it, I didn't even know there were gloryholes there. Always thought all the action was in the open theatre

    1. All MY action was in the theatre. The gloryholes were always busier. I have used them in other locations, but not very much at this venue. I like to see the guy...