Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Derrick's House Party

West Michigan—June, 2017

Just before my summer work hit overdrive, I got a message from Derrick.  Jacob was away, so to keep from being bored, he was hosting a group play session—was I, by any chance, available?  I checked with the office.  I could indeed get away by the afternoon.  So I did.

I park on the street instead of my usual space under the trees by the garage.  Cars are already in the drive—and I’m five minutes early.  Derrick lets me in, gives me a hug and tells me the men are in the living room.   It’s a mixed group, he reminds me.

And it is.  There are men he knows and are playmates.  There are men he’s just spoken to online.  There are men who bareback and some who use condoms.  There are men who only suck cock.  There are no men I know.  We are all between 40 and 65, many with bodies that show the years.

I think there are five of us at first:  all a little on edge clutching our drinks and working to keep the conversation going.  Two more arrive and we head to the family room—and lose our clothes on the way there.  The usual huge photo collection of leather men is playing on the television.  We sit for a moment—watching intently, maybe making a comment on the pictures flashing across the screen. 

We start squeezing our cocks which are starting to bulge in the underwear we, to a person, have left on.  Finally I say to hell with it and get on my knees in front of the man sitting next to me.  He’s a handsome graying daddy.  I find a thick slab of beef in his white briefs.  I take it into my mouth with pleasure.

Instantly other hands reach for the cock next to them.  It’s all hand jobs as they watch me suck. 

Two more arrive—coming into the room naked and aroused.  This sends the signal to get down to business.  Everyone is coupled or trio-ed.  Hands are everywhere.  Mouths are full of dick.  We move from man to man sampling all the cock on offer. 

I suck two or three before I end up in front of the Safe Sex Guy.  I lick at his cock, but concentrate on his balls, soon letting my tongue trail down to his ass.  He has seen my dick and tells me he hopes to ride it later.  I just grunt and keep tongue fucking him as a man leans over and swallows the stubby cock I left wet.

The man I started with has now had every man’s cock in his mouth.  But for all of 30 seconds before he pulls off the dick and says “fuck me” and goes on to the next one.  This is blow job-interruptus at its most annoying.  When he grabs me a third time, I suggest we wait until we go down to the playroom before we fuck.  (He never comes near me again—I guess I called his bluff on that one….)  Some man behind me reaches around and pulls me into his warm mouth…

I hear the front door open and close.  I focus back on the new daddy sucking my dick.  I reach down and idly twist his pronounced nipples.  This caused him to re-double his efforts on my cock.

My attention is again pulled to the new arrivals.  I hear him before I see him.  The voice is Southern inflected.  “Where are the men, Daddy?”  I don’t know if he’s asking Derrick or his partner or the world in general.  And then he walks in.  A big, bearded, bear of a country boy.  A red handkerchief is tied around his neck. A ball cap with a trucker’s logo is on his head.  Otherwise he’s naked.  A bit of a gut.  Furry.  And hard.  Derrick is right behind him.  He points in my direction.

“That the big one?” he asks loudly.  Several men on the couch chuckle and tell him it is.  The man sucking my dick pulls off me “You mean this one?”  He holds me in a vise grip right at the base of my cock, flopping my dick in the direction of the speaker.

“Oh, yeah!”  the country boy all but chortles.  “I need you up this Southern ass.”

I grin at him, but my attention is brought back to the men servicing me.  A new man, who I believe is the partner of the one on my dick, is on his knees and prying my butt cheeks apart.  His tongue finds my pucker.  I bend, supporting myself on the shoulders of the man still trying to give me head…


I go out to the kitchen to re-fill my water bottle.  The company of men is on the move to the playroom downstairs.  The Country Boy is standing at the corner of the kitchen island, talking to Derrick and the man I assume is his partner.  My eyes are drawn instantly to the full, hairy ass of the Southern boy with the scraggily beard.  He’s unaware of me.  I kneel and drill my tongue into his furry ass crack.

“Lordy, I hope that’s who I think it is.”  He reaches behind himself and pulls my face into him as he bends into his partner.  This opens his hole to my invading tongue.  “Fuck, yeah!  Eat this cum whore out.”  I do my damnedest.  Over and over.  My cock loves how deep I can sink my tongue into this boy. 

I finally have to get off my knees.  The four of us head downstairs.

The safe sex guy is in the sling and getting a fully latexed fuck.  I bend the Country Boy over the end of the fuck bench next to the other fucking.  I continue rimming his hole until it is frothy with my spit.  I stand up and work the head of my cock into him.

“Whoa, whoa—give me a moment!”

“I’m not moving,” I tell him.  It’s true—he was pushing himself back on me the moment he felt me at the entrance to his hole.

“Daddy come watch me get fucked.”

His handsome partner comes over and holds him as I insert.  I get about half way in but it’s just too crowded where we are—what with all the men not fucking watching us or the guy in the sling.  I stop and pull him over to the rimseat.  “Let me eat you out again—then you can ride my cock when you’re ready.”

I get under the rimchair.  I watch and my cock drools as that full, hairy ass sits on the rimseat.  I stroke as I eat him out.  I chew on his hole.  I can’t get enough.  My hand is knocked away from my cock and I am treated to some great head by who knows who as I continue to eat the hole on my face.

“I want to ride that thing.”  The Country Boy gets up and I see it is his partner giving me head.  CB lowers himself onto my super wet cock.  With him in control—there is no problem.  He sinks down my entire length.  He has as talented a butt as I suspected.  He squeezes me and works my dick expertly with his ass muscles.

“Sit down,” I tell his partner.  “I’d love to eat your ass.”

“You would?”  He sounds so surprised.  But pleased too.  I can’t imagine who wouldn’t want to lick out this handsome man.  He does.  Gingerly.  And then relaxes as he feels my tongue enter him.  I work open this hole that I suspect rarely gets attention.

CB is whooping and shouting his pleasure now—announcing to the room that he is riding the monster.  He is pummeling himself on my spike of dick.  He bends toward his partner on the seat.  I can’t see it, but I’m sure they kiss.

CB fucks himself until his legs need a break.  His partner gets up with him.  CB is taken by another top towards the sling. 

“Do you get fucked?” I ask the partner.

“I’d like to…but…” He leaves it unfinished.

“Go ahead.  He’s in good hands over there.”

The handsome man grins and kneels astride me.  He spits into his hand and covers my cock with it.  He re-positions himself and I enter him.  Slowly.  Carefully.  He guides me into his rarely used hole.  As wild and acrobatic as the first fuck was, this one is as slow and sensuous as we can make it.  And I can’t stop looking at the exquisite pleasure registering on his face.   We lock eyes and he impales himself on me again and again.

We stop only when we hear the Country Boy demanding to be bred by whoever is fucking him.  His partner thanks me with a kiss—and goes to participate in the load taking of his boy in the sling.  I get up, hungry to felch.

I walk over to the sling.  I am rewarded with a creamy mouthful. given from a man I can’t remember now at all, in the Country Boy’s hole.

I fuck in the remains, of course.

I ask if he wants my load.

I look at his handsome partner, standing behind his head.  “Can I load your boy?”

“Tell him yes, Daddy.  I want his load.  Let him load your cum dump.”

I only half hear all that.  My eyes are locked on his partner.  He nods at me—giving me the permission I seek.

I fire a massive load into the Country Boy. 

And his partner just smiles.


  1. Can't help but like that Country Boy with all his unbridled enthusiasm. (I've always had a weakness for southern men) But I tend to think his handsome partner was the true prize. I loved it when you two shared that sensuous fuck and I always appreciate how considerate you are asking permission to load his boy's ass. Many men would not be that respectful.

    1. They are quite a pair. I enjoyed both--for very different reasons. I think the real test will be when I play another time with just them--and the not the distractions of other men.

    2. And we should do that again soon I think I was the country boy.

    3. Well, well....I didn't know you'd found this...

  2. What a great ending to the party! Or at least to the story. :)

    1. You're right--there was a little more. Derrick was next in the sling for a couple of guys. At that point I could just use my tongue on his hole to warm him up for them.

    2. Your tongue is a perfect warm-up, too...I'll just imagine I'm Derrick for a while in that scenario!