Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Spit Roast

Near Home—November, 2017

My lack of play time in New Jersey certainly hurt the amount of encounters I had to write about for November.  In fact I only had one more meet—and that was once I was home from my brother’s place. 

I arrived home to do laundry and re-pack.  I had promised myself a mini sex vacation to relieve the tension of the past few weeks.  But I was horny the moment I tossed my clothes from the washer to the dryer.  ‘Why wait for the trip?’ I told myself.  It had been forever since I’d been to the bookstore nearest home what with working out of state and then being at my brother’s for so long.

I did check the vanilla hook up site before I left for an afternoon of potential fun.  I spoke with a man I had played with at the house and who I’d met a second time at the bookstore.  (I know both are written up, but I am feeling too lazy, typing this very early in the morning at the airport, to find the entries.)  He wondered if I would have any interest in using him in public.  Perfect.  We set a time—giving him time to prepare and for me, time to drive.

I get there first.  The parking lot is busy—if not full.  I go in and buy my ticket for both theatres.  I scout the two locations.  It’s one of those days when men wander between the two rooms as well as scope out the (gloryhole-less) arcade.  It’s hard to get a count as the doors are constantly opening and closing.  I settle on the straight side, knowing he likes straight porn as much as I do.

I stroke, with only one other man in the room—who occasionally tosses a look in my direction.  Mark comes in—all smiles once he sees me on the well-worn couch.  He is my age and certainly looks younger than his years.  He is about 5’7”, wiry and turning into more and more of a bottom late in life.  There is a dusting of grey in his dark, blond hair which he still wears rather long.  He wastes no time kneeling between my splayed legs and replacing my hand with his wet mouth.  He only can take three quarters of my dick, but it feels great. 

The man on man action encourages the other occupant of the room to pull his dick out of his pants.  It also encourages the next two men who open the door to actually come in and stay.  They both watch and jerk, taking chairs along the wall.  I stand up and face fuck the willing man in front of me.  He gropes himself through his pants, finally unzipping his fly as I continue to plow into his mouth.

The three other men are now fully exposed and stroking.  I sit back down and Mark strips off his jacket, shoes and pants.  He kicks them over to the wall, and bareassed, gets back on his knees to now take my wet and dripping cock back into his mouth.

I don’t let him suck me for long.  It’s been a couple of weeks since I have eaten out a hot butt.  I tell him to grab a chair and to get up on it.  He knows the drill—he places it with the back towards the television and kneels on the seat.  He supports himself by leaning on the back.  I slide to the floor and dive into his hole.  He is actually still damp from the shower.  I lick the entire crack from top to bottom—ignoring his hole.  Up and down.  Listening to him moan.  Only then do I drill my tongue into him.  Hard and deep.  He jumps under me—but his ass flowers open.  One of the men stands up—watching every move I make.

“Put your cock in his mouth,” I tell him.  Mark hungrily takes him.  The man’s erection seems to come and go—but Mark gives him head as though it was the biggest, hardest cock imaginable.  I go back to opening his hole—savoring the flavor of his ass in my mouth.

“Fuck me,” groans Mark, around the dick he’s sucking.

I stand up and enter him.  It takes a moment to work the head into him—but then it’s a steady, wet glide into him.  I bottom out.  Mark grunts his appreciation.  I hold for a moment and begin to fuck.  The ED guy pulls out of Mark’s mouth.  The first occupant of the room replaces him.  He gives Mark a load down his throat moments after getting his dick into Mark’s mouth.

The last of the spectators is younger than either of us.  He’s likely 35 and well built.  He is pulling his ebony dick rather lazily—but he seems to really want to stick it in a mouth that just swallowed a load.  We are suddenly in our own porn flick. Mark has two big dicks going into either end of him.  I lock eyes with the man across from me.  We grin at each other and fall into rhythm together.  This makes us smile at each other again.

“You gonna breed him?”  he asks me.

I nod.  But offer him a chance to fuck him before I do.

He shakes his head, very happy in Mark’s ravenous mouth.  I pull out and slap my dick on the top of Mark’s ass cheek.  He takes it as a signal that I want ass to mouth.  He gets off the chair and kneels to clean up my cock.  The other man comes around and offers his dick to the cocksucker, too.  Mark has another porn moment of going back and forth:  Black dick. White dick.  Swallow one, then the other.  Hold the shafts and lick both heads pressed together in his mouth. 

Mark groans.  His cock is rampant as he orally serves both of us.

“I know you suck cock, too,” the other man says.  “Give me some head.”

I sit on the couch.  The man moves to the open side of the couch and feeds me.  Mark is happy to go back between my legs.  But soon I pull him off me and, with the pressure of my hand, guide him to lick the big hairy ball sack of the man I have in my mouth.  We both make really sloppy sounds as we work him over in our mouths.

Mark and I switch.  I’m on balls—and damn do they reek of his sex pheromones—and Mark on his dick.  I am boned.  I want to cum.

I get Mark back in the chair.  I drive myself into his ass.  The other man goes back to Mark’s mouth.  I build a fuck speed that is sure to get me off.  I look into the Black guy’s eyes.  He nods—and starts shooting what must be ropes and ropes of cum into Mark’s mouth.  Mark grabs his cock and unloads all over the chair.  I am pulled out of his ass as Mark twists away from my pounding, getting the last drop into his mouth from the man who just fed him.

And he’s done.  He thanks me and leaves.

I wait.

Not for long.

The handsome, stocky Latino arrives.

He asks we got to a booth to fuck.  We duck illegally into a preview booth.  I eat his ass, and suck his thick cock.  And as much as he says he wants me—I am just too big for his hole today.

I settle for taking his load down my throat—while mine fires out of me onto the dirty linoleum. 


  1. So close to a “just right” ending! May 2018 be filled with way more just right for you—I hope you had a good Christmas. :)

    1. I hope 2018 is "just right" for every reader!

  2. If only you had loaded Marks ass as he was swallowing the other load. But that's just a fantasy scenario. My own in particular!

  3. There are times that I wish it was easier for me to get off--that would have been fun. On the other hand, I rather like lasting longer than the average guy.

    1. We on the receiving end like it, too!

    2. Amen to that! Nothing more disappointing then a fuck that's over in 15 minutes.....