Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sex Vacation: The Men Of Fukd Toronto

Toronto, Ontario—December, 2017

I was back in Toronto for Fukd, the party hosted by Zack and Chase Acland, where I had so much fun in August.  They are often on a Sunday in the late afternoon/early evening.  This one was a late night affair on a Saturday.  I checked into my hotel (within walking distance of the club) unpacked, and made notes about my bathhouse night in London.  I chatted with some men from BBRT who I hoped might attend.  I ate an early, light dinner and napped.

I was up before my alarm and packed up my gear.  I refilled my small lube bottle.  Finally it was time to put on my thick winter coat and go.  The cute man in the ticket cage took my money and asked for my frequent fucker card.  I told him I didn’t have one.

“Oh, a virgin.”

“No, I was here in August.  I got to fuck both our hosts—when Chase came back from his camping trip.”

The ticket taker looked at me for a moment.  “Right at the end.  I remember.”  He stamped a card for me with two admissions checked off.  “You have fun tonight with that big tube steak of yours.”

I go up the stairs to change into my leathers.  The description of the space from August is still true:  “It is an intriguing play space.  It is the floor you come in on and one more floor above—but the middle sections of that second floor have been cut away.  You go up stairs forming a Y on the side wall.   If you stand on the second floor to the right, where a pair of slings is located, you can look across at the other side where more slings are set up—including some booths, and the bathrooms and a coat check.  You can also look down and see the entrance, a bar and a dance floor.   (There is a raised area next to the dance floor with a couch—I assume this will be the performance space.)  The wall on one side of the dance floor has three large holes cut in them where a man can lie with just his ass exposed for anonymous fucking.” 

The only changes I can see are two additional slings near the bar.  And the couch is gone off the platform.

I dress.  I check my bag and my winter coat.  I look around.  There are a few pigs hanging around the booths.  I go into the bathroom and fill my water bottle.  I hang out a little by the booths.   I get some warm up head from various men.  I’m slipping—I let someone else get their dick out to be sucked before me.  I settle for being number 2 with a wet, hot mouth taking me to the root.

“Hey!”  A man in red jock comes up and begins working my nipples.  He soon is sharing cock sucking duties with the first man.  Then he replaces him.  He is every bit as good.

Red Jock looks up at me, my dick resting on his lips.  “You gonna fuck me?”  It’s the exact same pose as of a picture he has on his BBRT profile (although there it is with a cock of a much darker hue.) 
I nod.  And help him up.  I may have been the second getting my dick out—but we are the first couple to christen the slings.  He hops in, needing no help—a practiced hand it seems, even getting his feet through the stirrups unassisted.  I kneel.  It’s not the most rounded ass, but the hairy crack is extremely inviting.  I tongue him until he super wet and he is in a popper haze.

“Fuck me!” 

I stand and insert into my first ass of the night.  He’s slick and occasionally remembers to milk my dick.  A good warm up fuck.  I only stop drilling him when he repeatedly asks me to breed him.  In the first 20 minutes of the event.   I finally stop and ask if he wants to stay in the sling.  He does.  I look to his left and see why—a hot bearded Daddy is stroking a PA-ed dick and who is looking hungrily at the guy in the sling.  I pull out and watch the Daddy enter him.  I take a long sip of water and go to the other set of slings.


I lean on the rail with a group of other observers.  The performances are gearing up below us.  It’s not just the Aclands, but Jon Shield, Andrew Hardy and three others.  At the moment all of them have formed a rim chain—each bent over rimming the ass in front of them while their own is being eaten.

I don’t stand on ceremony.  I fall to my knees and begin eating the ass of the younger man next to me watching the performance.  He’s surprised—but pleased.  He arches his back and grinds his crack into my face.  I eat him out.  He leans over to the man next to him who seems to be his boyfriend.  They kiss.  I hear him telling his boyfriend how much he likes my tongue.

“Have you seen the size of his dick?” the Boyfriend asks.  Then the BF turns to me and tells me to fuck his partner.  “He loves big dick.  I want to see you fuck him.”

I stand up.  The Boyfriend kneels to be eye level.  I slap my dick on the wet hole I’ve been eating.  I poke it.  I hear poppers open.  I wait.  And push.  The BF’s eyes widen as he sees his partner effortlessly take my entire length.

“Fuck him hard!” he grunts—now pulling out his own bottle of poppers. 

I do.  But have to slow down—for the BF leans in and begins to lick the shaft of my cock as I plow his boy.  Soon he is under us, pigging out, licking up the ass juice I am pulling out of his partner on each back stroke.

I pull all the way out and let the BF clean me.  His own cock is now rampant.  He stands up and gives his Partner a blistering fuck in the hole I’ve left so wet.



I need to piss.  I go to the men’s room.  Jon Shield is standing at the next urinal.    He greets me by name and asks about something I was working on when we met.  I get a glow in my stomach—much like when he fed me his piss 4 months ago.  He tucks that big dick away and goes off to fuck on stage with the youngest of the porn performers.


The guy from BBRT is following me from sling to sling wanting another go—without asking me for one.  So I go down to the fuck wall.  No one used it in August.  Now a hot, full butt is poking out of it, the rest of his body hidden by the wall.  No one is around.  Someone has nicely gotten the man’s legs in the stirrups and left him waiting for totally anonymous cock.  I’m happy to oblige.  I move up to him silently.  I slap my hard cock on his large ball sack.  He grunts in surprise.  I lean down and kiss his balls.  I kneel and tongue his ass.  Now I get a whimper from him.  His ass is pre lubed—but it’s not a bad tasting lube.  I’m pretty sure I’m the first man to avail myself of his hole.  A few men, with drinks in their hands, gather to watch as the wall is now being used.  I stand up.  I poke around his hole, deliberately teasing him.  I line up—and push.  He groans in excitement as he feels the mass of my cock enter him.  He accommodates me easily, but snugly.  I begin a languid fuck tempo.  A slow, rocking in and out.  I build it, slowly, into a hard driving fuck.

His ass muscles go into overdrive.  I wonder if he takes fist—he is squeezing my dick like crazy.  I let him know how much I like it by swatting his ass.  He clenches down on my dick in response with a “Fuck, yeah.”  I do it again.  He clamps down once more.

A handsome, tanned man with a salt and pepper beard steps forward from the crowd.  “Fuck my man.   Give him that big dick.”

I nod to him and begin to long dick him.  Pulling almost all the way out of him and slamming back in.   Over and over again.

The tanned man is right next to us now.  He holds on to the suspended ankle of his partner as I fuck.  Suddenly the man in wall, without getting fully hard, blows a massive load all over his stomach—with one shot hitting the wall above him.  I slow the fuck.  And pull out.  A man in the crowd cleans my dick.  Then I help the tanned man get the bottom’s legs down.  The man slides out from behind the wall.  He thanks me and embraces his partner.  Then the partner thanks me for fulfilling a fantasy they’ve had since they began coming to Fukd.  I thank them and take off through the crowd— who are now watching porn boys on the raised area behind me.

I go up to the level with just two slings.  I take a long drink.  One sling is empty.  The other is being used.  I move towards it.  I need to catch my breath.  The man doing the fucking is nothing special—actually not good looking at all.  The man in the sling is stunning.  Either Italian or Greek, with curly dark hair that is now matted from vigorous play.  His body is sculpted just like an ancient statue.  The body hair is trimmed.  A plump, uncut cock lies on his chiseled abs.  He makes eye contact with me.  First my dick—then my face—then my dick.  He turns and looks at the man fucking him.

“Does baby see something he likes?” asks the Daddy fucking him.  “You want that dick in you, baby?”

The Greek God whispers a “Yes.”

The Daddy turns to me.  “You can fuck him if you want.  Load him if you want.  But I have to watch…”

Next post:  Fucking the Greek, cleaning up Jon, and leading Zack to a sling…

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